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THE GAME CHANGER- Part- VII ( My New Nobel ,the Corrected version)

the good work himself and the God seems to see totality of goodness in all the circumstance not only inside the temple, Maszid or Church.
                      And this is same for any religion follower depending on where he is posted and in what circumstances.So there is seen more blessing in the minority and persecuted area as they are committed to what they believe in there odd time also.As for one good man the divine power may interfere also;as His views may be different from others as God`s view is.As the voters see the Bank balance the Lord may be seeing the heart and soul of the person.And so even the malevolent and benevolent god is seen to have refused many rich man`s prayer request in Donyi Poloism also.
                                  As tell what a Poor man`s leader should also do if in his good time alone he is planned to be invited by a rich person?And in many ways the thinking and writing in all the religion seems to be same.And the religion trying to play hatred and loveless card will never flourish.
                     This will alone make the religion of gossipers and alcoholics to spread who believe in hearsay and talk only when addicted to wine and whisky.And this class of man will doom themselves and there family members also.But the perseverance have always pay for the truthful one in the end.                 
                  And so indirectly the Galo have been always seen to be praying

unseen God in words and deeds and God also was seen to be close to us ;so if He loves even if there is initial misunderstanding everyone should ultimately love you also.As now my relatives also seems to love me and respect my stand;as the initial misunderstanding have gone.As today  for a father like me what else he wants if after lots of wondering; he is bestowed with a wonderful self look alike daughter like Miss Goshen Basar.
                   As the love have the ultimate power to heal all from all maladies may even fill the haves class society will love for the haves not also.That is also truth of the life as after so many troubles ultimately goodness and happiness had to come in the end.And for one who have never seen initial unhappiness his end time may not be good this seems to be the divine work and natural phenomenon also.
                  Thus greatest power love have to be shown to own Peoples and Publics.As the rich man could have done what Bill Gates have done in the end;and as many Public question if they are not coming in politics for money and power for what they are coming?
                 The excessive past glorification is communal ism and is bad but history also repeats in itself thus we need to learn from it;as telling the truth to new generation to fear the divine warning is it not good for that chap also?The Lord /divine power have worked from long time back,and still works so it is wrong to consider old story as foregone conclusion also.

                     And to see one who talks of spiritualism always as a weak or escapist person is worst;as warning other is loving other more,we have to see the Prophets from that angle.Thus many have no illness and grave problem even if they have no much money.But as all have one stomach and bally only so why to worry?
                      But being in the society the best way is middle way of symphonic between all the philosophy as same goal but different outlook seems to have been made by us.But need was for following the God`s calling as eventually what matter is what He feels and wills.Thus both the God and good karma seems to be needed.
                         Nevertheless some are definatley called one`s and deserve respect not for his own individuality but for Him.As said by Lasky the political thinker -`Between the thesis and anti thesis best is synthesis.`this seems to be needed more now in the cock tailed society like Arunachal Pradesh in its worst transition period.
                     Thus this modern political reversal of fortune seems to have today favored AAP and may favor its cousin PPA in this State also;as this is eventually a middle way also.As the AAP sounds like sending the haves class to galows. But.But PPA believes in giving them chance of repentance.See the God is source of untold miracle and gracefulness ;if He wants to may make all the political party also revolve around His favorite disciples He will do so.

                        After all He is the boss and master.As the Delhi High command makes the A.P leaders to dance like monkey`s and yet was not made to bow down to AAP?And sometimes this feeling that all this political development was it not for fulfilling the prophesy of Evan.Christopher in the Aalo Healing crusade years back.
                              And honestly even for me I need to fear the future also as God may even forgive my enemy also;after all in Christianity saying goes those who come first becomes last also.But as long as I am doing His work and shameless in writing in blog even if I have no money I think a way will be opened for me this way or that way.As so many Peoples are poor and suffering and hate the rich shameless man who have jeopardize there future.As being themselves lacking entrepreneurship have finished creativeness in others.
                          Thus intentions should be never to even harm the opponent also in good time;as one`s own sin will ultimately doom himself.And besides in others position can we also remain to be honest also?that have to be also pondered upon;but the haves class also need to see that they have been already given enough chance in this State.
                                                           The writer will have loved the scenario more when the giant Goliath have repented and have left the Dias for the

king David.And the Hindu fundamentalist may be amused at seeing our leaders doing this Suryanamaskar to the central High commands ;as there is no referring of Mongols in the Hindi Varna system.
                        And who knows we are seen as the descendants of the vanar Sena by some may be some critics opine tomorrow.As leave aside the Hindi Cow belt given chance even the Assamese neighbor`s cannot be also trusted.Thus those ready to die in war like as usual which don`t belong to us for them best of luck to support Delhi high command leaders;some regional minded Peoples will have good reason to say this.
                    Thus we need to be also sensitive to what others think specially the poorer and the more minorities within ourselves also.Thus even if I am trying to be a good Christian but I was always trying to see the liberal angle in my practical life also;as there have to be minimum suffering to other.But as for me I am extra fast as I feel soon something must be done for the poor brothers.See the consequence of lack of vision by earlier leaders.The power grid post is now again needed to be uprooted for extension of the High way.from where additional money will come?and why so gross misuse,the electric power generator in many place is seen to be painted and dented and supplied again and thus is now seen out of order.
                            But in fasting and prayer you have to be also like a fundamentalist worshiper also;as then here you are fighting against the principalities of dark forces which is called as real enemies for a Christian.Thus the warrior in you may have to be also showed some where.In fact for a true Christian there is in fact no enemy for him as Lord will fight for him.And many a times the jealous supporters will ensure that they will make the Lord to rest after giving command.why stage have reached this situation where some leaders and there supporters may be see as Raksas in future.As some spiritual leaders warning can it be neglected also?

                      And thus the Christian believer should be very peace looking like the Buddhist brothers also.But having said it will be wrong to see them as soft target as there is also unseen force operating as its Guardian angel also. PPA party the middle party I choose, as it is the path of Reconciliation for all of the State of Arunachal Pradesh as it advocates for giving pride and honor to all.
                           And thus for all who want to bring a new change in our outlook is most welcome in the party.And for the advocates for the glorification of all the culture, tradition and communities of all the Arunachalee of all region; which will be good for all should also should join this party;as this State belong to all states Public's who have pride in its roots will truly show this brotherhood and peace ;as our real enemies to be fought is poverty and ignorance.
                         As all Peoples of A.P have so far lived like brother and sisters with peace and tranquility and this is its beauty which make the tourists flock here so we must maintain this spirit.See in religion also commandment is said to be keeping love above everything;so there is no scope for communal ism in religion and if it have to be shown then show in most needed place where other not dare to go;or the cruel leader is tormenting the co-believer directly and indirectly.As in one`s own place there is no need

to be scarred isn`t it,but there are helpless brothers and sisters in some place.
                          Thus before eloquent speech in religious matter this angle have to be also seen.As many a time even the rich co believer is seen insensitive to the genuine need of co-believer in tough places.As many seems to think as long as I am o.k why the need to interfere;as that man is he not good to me?
                      As for a true Christian his principles and values should not be effected even if he is in top position.As the religion also means introspection of highest order to come at right conclusion;as man will do something good even if the People recognize it or not.
                     And the PPA should work more in that line also as fortunately we are now filled with good Peoples and those seniors who have suffered have to be respected.And as long as this party is seen as party with difference respecting the Publics sentiment also,then it may be better isn`t it?But this not should be a movement started by a few vested interest Peoples.
                        See in future there may be many ticket seekers of PPA if its good time come.But will it be prudent to neglect the other contribution;the party like Congress only see the money angle and will it be good for the PPA

also to do so which claims itself to be party with difference.Thus hopefully this team of PPA will never cross the Laxman Rekha.
                         As the initial allegation that this party is poor itself may oneday make it more popular.As right now the civil society member seems to like someone who is there own.As they seems to have now accepted that the haves class representatives is after all after tender work and will never given time to the Poor man`s work.
                      And even if some of the uneducated leaders may have no bad intentions they seems to be inadequate to deliver in todays e-governance political time.And see I have also helped in making of this PPA party with difference from my own side from day one ;least others cannot blame me tomorrow.
                         And for one who is laborious also,all the party and world should be friend; so I hope no much to worry for me.As I have already done my Home work and whatever my critics say the Lord is there for me that I have to accept as He is the best thing which everyone have to accept in private also.As in the place like Africa where there is banana republic the political power is suddenly usepered there.
                And this may soon happen here to the peril of the senior leaders if they don`t repent now.The politics seems

to be the final test of human conduct;as times comes when one have to chose the dharma.As the deities also don`t bless a person only for ability in purchasing sacrificial lambs.Thus holy bible have also refrained a person from selling his right.This one see in the story of the Jacobs son.The King have been refrained to even take wine;and see the divine warning first comes against the powerful person.As the common man are helpless and in many times compelled to say what the rich and the powerful leaders want to say.See for me at least fortunately I have no black money or white money.And have non to be feared,neither I have joined politics to save any relative.
                               And those lobby who are always looking for the sacrificial lambs the coming election may have been last chance to show there new avatar.As the coming election is accepted to be different unlike in other time as in times like Mahabharta the good man where automatically compelled to choose the right camp.See the love of the poor and downtrodden should covers ones all other weakness.
                          So the PPA leaders who have always stand for what they believe have to be respected.And they have to also withstand many pressure and interference as this Arunachal Pradesh is place which is good at seeing other with jelousy and disrespect by some family thinking political power as there family property.
                        The Trozan Horse anti Virus against the political opponent may have to be activated against the virus and bugs after all the big leaders is seen to join the PPA.The latest being the earlier labor Union president Jelly Sonamji who wants to remove all the fabricated  myth against his clan.See all the religion including the Donyi Polism in fact advocate good conduct in all the time.And one who don`t peace a try first is against his own religion.

                         As the divine power also seems to see the characters  of worshipers more then there rituals and sacrificing ability also.Or the rich man can easily perform ritual to appease the Uyu;but even the big sacrifice chance to Uyu/god like Togu sacrifice comes to previlage few who really commands Peoples respect also.
                   So there must be a mutual respect between all the religious man of this State ,country and world as the God,god,goddess,angels and man seems to have been living together in this society since time immemorial in peace and harmony also;that is also one angle for a lay man who just want to remain as voter.
                         But for a religious man he need to fight against the principalities of dark force also because God can alone save a person in physical and spiritual way that is after death also.And for it he have to develop a separate mindset also;and initially so he may be not liked for his brand of style.Even some Galo saying believes that after death there is other three more death`s in life.
                                   And dead person rather are said to be crying for alive ones thinking that they have left them and have died.Thus this are confusing subjects and must be taken up seriously when well prepared only and right now the Public's only seems to be interested in immediate gain.But it is also

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