Thursday, March 28, 2013

The last chance for the dying Basar area Publics to realize :-

                       The Publics of the 29th assembly constituency Basar have perhaps the last chance to fight for its name and pride. As the Publics here earlier have a great legacy of making great leaders ;yet for moment it seems to have forget its great past.The Publics here in Bam and Sago Village for instance cannot forget its strong contribution to history when earlier they used to be seen with the great leader like-Tomo Ribaji and his PPA party.And today when the time for PPA ideology have truly come with the rise of Gangi believers who are also looking for indigenious/ ethinic/regional belief.The Basar Publics cannot be seen to foolishly miss out this wonderful opportunity to take the credit for this PPA parties success when they have earlier showed its seed in its earlier hard days, and today time have come for them for reaping its benefits they need to now know it.As great Tomo Ribaji happened long time even before Anna Hazareji and his ideology is so relevant now.
                            Yet why this mad rush to be used by an offdated and redundant leader`s, as mind it the ZPM Congress candidate may be this time hated for eternity for siding with the cheater and liar of the Basar area Publics in Congress parties great betrayal in Dist.Hq.issue.As the recent drama engineered to show that Congress ticket is important is soon going to be proved mistake by the vibrant Basar area Publics of 29th assembly constituency Basar.As Publics only see Congress party as one which gives money to voters in election without real delivery and unless paid in lakhs of rupees in advance will only praise the Oppossition leaders; as only the money seems to be also offered to the vocal opposition supporter all have known now.And critics doubt earlier corrupted leaders ability to purchase all the resurrected voters.

                           See today the clanism and all form of indirect communalism is now meaningless; as it is only who are going to be standing against the Congress party for its earlier lies in Dist. Hq that the Basar area Publics should be now truly going to be respecting,and as such soon pressure is expected to mount on congress ZPM candidate from respective villagers to support principal PPA opposition leaders for sure.As that is the true spirit of democracy,as for one man whims and caprice why all villagers good name will be tarnished .As this was time tailored made for great village man of Bam and Sago in particular to show that they are Bravehearts.As the historic and decessive battle time have come for the Poor brothers to be liberated from the Congress Party misrule.And all are needed to be doing something for there clans glory or soon history is going to judge all. And as such non of the great clan member of Basar,Riba or Bam should be get itself to be used by the Congress party ;whose some off dated and redundant leaders is now trying to make a secret back door entry playing with emotion of innocent villagers who are rather going to be used to make Himalayan blunder in this historic decisive battle time.

                            As some of leader need to be thought that there days are gone as they have to save there own home turf and citadel now,as most scintillating opposition attack is reported to be waged against Gojenjis own bastion in Tirbin now . And as the Hon`ble MLA Saab is going to be facing waterloo in his own Tirbin area of Basar assembly constituency this time due to steep opposition to his own ZPM candidates his absence from Basar area in nick of time is inevitable.Thus financial and any logistic support to the congress ZPM candidate is now highly doubtful now from his side.The Basar area ASM members will be foolish if they accept any financial help this time from Congress Party and choose this capsizing party,and amidst this anti incumbency of price rise and Head Quarter mess best will be contesting from PPA in Panchayat election believes many.As it is a coalition era and time for regional party have truelly arrived.And also it will be foolish to be trying to standing from Congress party as the party ticket candidate is more and even the BJP may not like to antagonize its prospective ally PPA by giving party ticket to any charlatan who could not manage the Congress party ticket this time. Besides non today respect any leader who plays shifting culture politics and will rather prefer principal opposition who have atleast a clear cut stand in all the matter where Congress Party have failed.As the good political platform now is with PPA alone as it is a rising party with future.And the regionalism mindset in Arunachal Publics blood vessels will make for its all other shortfalls.

                       And congress may fall in the centre itself this seems to be making the future all more uncertain now for the aspiring party ticket of the congress party also; as such in the poor place like ours the interim arrangement of temporary shelter in opposition party at least till Lokh Sabha election is more advisable now tells many Arunachal political experts.And even if there is bifurcation and no bifurcation of the Panchayat ZPM in the Basar area there is going to be no problem for the opposition party,but for the Congress future seems to be dangerous as there candidates are not only sure of ticket but in case of women reservation in lottery they may be helpless with top congress leaders having Govt. service doing wife`s.It seems Congress parties earlier cumulative sins have today suddenly come now to hunt itself.As the whole cadres are now in disarray, as in fact in State like Arunachal there is nothing called Party discipline earlier ruling phobia is gone today; and todays leaders themselves need to be apprehensive of future consequences of his own power abuse.

                        And even if aspiring candidate gets a Congress ticket along with it tons of money can it help him from overcoming this large anti incumbency feeling?As the majority poor Peoples who left this Congress party cannot show there anger from the party like the A Grade contractor who joined the party with much fanfare and mithun sacrifice, as if many along with them have joined this party.As in place like ours the large ponu party are like mercenaries ready to attend any political rally who pays money,so can they be trusted? Thus it is time to say bye bye to the Congress ASM tickets and jump out from sinking leader and party and associate with a great mission and great future which is only with the opposition leader like PPA this time; interestingly with reversal of fortune as Congress parties dooms day seems to have come everywhere with top State leaders joining PPA on its Office opening ceremony in Borapani Naharlagun on 23rd march 2013.It is time to now realize and repent for the Basar area Publics that there interest now rest best on PPA.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Oh my beloved Basar area Publics:-

                                           You don`t know how much I have cried for you night and day, not only for your over all development; but for your good health and souls well being as well .But you seems to overlook me howsoever truth I speak now.As in fact only almighty God choosen leader can fulfill your aspirations now.And  this main point also seems to be tried to be criticized by some vested interest persons who will definitely think in what way they are also inferior? But as the Galo area Publics now see the Bank balance of leader, but the Lord still seems to sees the heart of a person only.After all is He not the real boss and politician of the politician.
                         The degenerated Galo society have even made elder brother as younger only because he have lesser money,there is no respect to scholars, elders  and spiritual persons. And this all seems to be due to rise of exclusive class ten drop outs dynamic contractor leaders, who seems to always trying to control the society and killing it from within as there is no creativiness with them.Need not to say more this evil is happening, more the Lord seems to be using me to expose this misdeeds also,to once again make Basar area as powerful and promising like earlier. Is it not time for the contractors to go back to there own profession and leave this leadership post to Statesman think many.  
                                                      And when  in earlier times sages used to guide the king to go for deep meditation for the Subjects interest in jungle, but where is that now? And not long before even in the Donyi poloism religion  in my State did not believers also not used to perform Gene or Peka rituals ( short of yagya)  to ask the fate of important mission from malevolent and Benevolent Uyu/spirit?But today that same community will doubt if the prophesy come from some other religious community. Why ,was  it not in most desperate place like this ,Lord Krishna earlier also not promised to send great Avatars and prophets to bring a new change all believe in.As the backbone of the Poor Peoples here  is now broken never as before. And thus this days it is wrong to deny this divine act by few self centric leaders, who may be considering himself in right side and position from his angle, but by making unused buildings and filling his coffers by doing tender from his own and family firm, have he any more right claim  to make a more prosperous Tirbin area before he retire, unless he sell of his all ill-gotten money who will now believe him.
                         Can he still will a dream of seeing his shining  hometown before retirement, when the economic injustice have been used to develop dependency on him during sickness and illness of poor Publics. But Gentleman in helms of power may be now cut away from reality, but the section of Publics are also to be blamed for this.As the Publics should be now not amused by feeding of large poka,wine ,whisky and bear only during election and should now genuinely want accountability. As it is only few section of addicted alcoholic who are seen doing the round in the house of the corrupted and unproductive leaders; who can`t even speak during Public gathering and have always escaped all important meetings. As the senior redundant leader will try to divide the vote bank of opposition leader, will it serve the purpose now? As the evil plan seems to have boomeranged earlier also.
                     As Gojenjis suspected  sponsored candidates may say two things at time,one why earlier they were not stopped to contest as ZPM and again to Opposition leader they may say-why they always talk politics in there life?Which means they were not unaware of genuine Opposition leaders to stop there political boss/godfather .And even if some of them were good Peoples but it is bad if they are rumored to be secretly funded by the present leadership to cover even the BJP seat for there leader.As even if the leadership was good to me but need was for some one to sacrifice for the Poor and down trodden. This a committed opposition leader alone have shown in there life.And for the ex-APSU members the PPA was best ideologically close party,but why this after congress ticket when there was earlier option to get genuine opposition PPA party ticket. As is revolution not only option now  and they are now not standing in between the God and devil? And if there is little bit of goodness still left in them is it not time for them  to exhort there  youth supporters  to still change the track .And yes non can alone today claim youth or united congress party support specially by one who may have been good earlier but today seen fighting indirectly for a fallen angel. And amidst this backdrop of there leaders repeated failures may finish there future political prospects also.As what also is guarantee that congress party will also come back after 2014 Lokh Sabha election. Thus need is to support who have passion for the Poor brothers and sisters and specifically Unemployed youths and for there benefit it is time to hear the voice of the concience.As sometimes sacrificers become greater in eye of Publics and self when the future is brighter that way.
                               Honestly  for that long sacrifices in my opposition political  carrier which was real difficult journey which Publics ought to have appreciated, my genuine concern for my Basar Public was  the only motivating factor.As some had to tie the bell the Cat on present Basar leadership who are like loose canon ,and as some silently says some of them who are even not fit to be made as Chawkidar.And as  there are very less sacrificer’s  in today’s time, specially in my kind of place, and as such I had to initially run the extra mile. And yes,I am a mortal man and will have also certain limitations also. Unfortunately today  many have fallen  to such an extent that only want to join me after I give them success. But in a way Public are also right as such I promise never to betray them by changing my party as easily after I am given mandate also; and will myself personally try to refrain from doing excess contract work myself, rather I will like to avoid it also.
                               I honestly managed my long odious political carrier  due to my close one`s love, blessings and appreciations for me, as they seems to  know I am not much bad in heart also.And as a  honest person and passion of love for his Publics can alone make a true leader deliver, the day I find a better person then me I am ready any time to leave this leadership  position. As I am with a mission now which I think non can give justice other then myself only. Specially if I  have earlier shown my sacrifice and have deep rooted grass root connection being staying in a rural area myself and distancing myself from rich and powerful relatives also as much as possible, how long I can be rejected also? And so far I have tried to do good things always for village area development besides my other commitment `s. Thus my love for poor is natural probably inherited from my parents and  as such I have now right to ask the general Public`s favor also.As my father Sri Dakto Basar was instrumental in donation of SSB and ICAR land in Basar area.
                                   As it is now question of Publics own betterment also ,and so even sudden arrival of any CD,Video and mobile circulation to defame the genuine leader should not now deter the Public.As what Congress party is expert is in this things only instead of fighting face to face, specially in this part of the world.As all the Congress Party tricks have been exposed by now after Varun Gandhi’s acquittal from Honorable Court also.And mind it the Congress party better do away with this poisonous think thank groups which may antagonize the God also who want to make the party make headlong collision with God`s specific programme in my area as coming through some prophesy.
                            As village is where our State is and there is now urgent need to now do something for Village and poor man`s benefit, as best Govt. is one which serve the poorest of the poor Public. As lately many dreaded diseases like –stroke and paralysis seems to be hurting the poor community for may be frustrations mainly due to economic injustice. See I have seen the urgency to do good work in this life after near death experience in operation theatre long time back. And am really frustrated to see injustice to poor in Basar area where Poor villagers like from interior Sibe Siru Village of my locality is yet to get even a decent road and play grounds. And while there is unused abundant shopping malls in Basar town ,but no cheap Inspection Bungalow to sleep for the poor customers and villagers who have no relatives in town.Then why I will not shout for my brothers and sisters, as after all I am there leader first?And they should also not accept too many rich man supporting me also,after I have been after there well being.Though I have also promising plan for rich club also,which they need to explore also.
                          Some of my rich and good relatives thinks today non will appreciate one`s goodness and least reciprocate it also,some of them have real concern for me and are appreciable also. But some may have seen dream to become political leaders themselves also.But I hope it is time for the great Basar area Publics to prove it possible the impossible dreams,as need of fulfilling vision was never as urgent as we have now here in 29th Assembly Constituency Basar.As we have a great legacy of prideful history of late Tomo Ribaji Ex-Hon`ble C.M and M.P and Late Todak Basarji first Hon`ble M.P and Cabinet Minister PWD who were great man before time.And those leaders who are now appealing for calm they should know that they are misfit now,and have once upon a time themselves criticized there predecessors there own  godfather and betenoir also,and today if situation have arisen more for that why all People should not rise up now.
                      And see today the Publics are fed up of price rise, corruption and nepotism, and as such no amount of Congress misleading can now hoodwink them .As this Party have been tried enough and have been found insincere and callous to Basar Publics genuine demand. As life was never as demanding as it is now as we are standing in door of history where we the Basar area Publics can be cumulatively be immortal in our own right fighting for our right and can be tomorrow called as-`EK THA TIGER` . Brothers I fervently hope this is only surreptiously earned money and  resource at the disposal of the Congress leader that make him accessible with the general Publics and make him popular. And as his earlier opponent`s where not as dynamic so some of the present ruling congress leader they seems to be still thinking themselves as smart. See non can boost of his permanent success and ability and laugh at others when earlier they as a good business man had to only appease a top politician and officer to come to power. And besides in old age many may have become lethargic to hard work also,thus Publics should also have no much expectations from some of old leaders whose time have definitely elapsed, and in new world must be themselves be thinking themselves like off dated Dynasores.
                              As are they dynamic contractors and compounders only to wait for Patience to only look after them ? As Kargo Ribaji of Pagi Village aspiring for the ASM post says virtues speech is also asset of general leader in today’s time,and this may be proved fact by new kind of young leadership. As political dynamism change with the time thus there will be definitely new political equations which may upside down many sitting leaders candidates in coming Panchayat ZPM election believes many.As only animals or vested interest persons alone will talk against this new change happening world wide.And are fully knowing the secret plan of old redundant leaders to make back door entry through there sponsored ZPM candidate,as the Publics are fed up of there direct presence now.
                            As the congress cadres of my area also fed up with corruption and nepotism and after seeing the new prospect of new political equations of power in centre is seen to be boldly planning for contesting in april Panchayat election. As this now gives them courage to contest from any party they choose even if he miss the ticket,but Public will alone trust the genuine opposition leader now. As more respectable is seasoned players and  Brave heart leaders who have been serving from opposition platform like  PPA,as today Public will never respect the jumping jackals. As the certain groups within the Congress party itself are now heard to  be more vocal against their  local party leadership and saying that -more then waiting for the diseased and ill Publics to arrive in the Itanagar hospitals by their present leaders, whose property have interestingly multiplied suddenly they are  good for nothing. The contractor, uneducated and visionless leaders are now liability for whole society, they are like expiry date tablet, this comment within the Congress party itself shows how secured today the Congress party house itself is ? As divided house can it fight any one?
                     In this scenario is it not better for the genuine leaders to be given chance and allow them to make economic opportunity for all Publics, so that there is no disease and infirmities itself suggests many? As is it not better to stop the fire itself in villages  instead of sending the fire brigade?Thus why not leader live more selfless life and expedite the Public good work and be able to talk with much conviction on any topic. As it will be foolish for a leader to only hear the chamchas speaking to them who can never talk without help of wine and talk rubbish and big thing inside the house without having guts to go out.As excessive corrupted leader is the root cause of red tapism and slow movement of file for Investment. And honestly there days are gone,the world want a leader who have open views on many challenges now.
                       It is easy to criticize new aspiring genuine leaders, but does not true love to Publics covers ones all other weakness? Also as some new kids in block are really selfless and earlier have been so good to there adversary also,are they not respectable also?only because they have less money can there contributions be negated, and how long we will not exploit our educated and enlightened leaders also?But more full proof formula for development is alone with them,as they have seen the world, why others are not seeing that? As can a right person once after getting angry can he be stopped, as he will speak same thing everywhere and only fear God? As he gives damn to the enemy of society so time to make friend with him.
                                  As the truth is with the deserving leaders as in this new world of e-governance time some redundant leaders are themselves speed breaker to development. And as they have been earlier impediment to development , any way still made by the Publics for there manipulative tectics; some serious Publics of Basar area is planning to organize Political Platform Speech this time before april 2013 Panchayat election to find the true leader, this is a wonderful and most welcoming news also.Hope all the Publics who want to ask question will bring there venom this time to select the best which area demands now,as the clock is ticking backward  for some redundant leader this they should have realize long time back .
                                 And this may be best answer to manipulative and power obsessed leaders in election this time to attack them with all short of questions to account them for all there earlier misdeeds, or they will be still planning to put large hoarding and banner with there fat face peeping down yet one time again? See blaming a my great relative of opposition leader  to make first move  by some top officers suffering from chronic escapist tendency personality syndrome  who have never sacrificed enough for Public in there own life , is it not wrong? As if the Public interest does not lie on all of them also? while it should have been privilege to support a honest leader, who have clear vision for over all development. Specially in this historic occasion, Please learn the lesion from the Hollywood movie-`Saving Private Ryan`is it not time for society to recognize the family who have earlier also always stood by the society.That too in historic occasion the cowardice of big Peoples are not appreciable.
                           But eventually as Lord Shiva was also seen siding Lord Rama against Ravana, thus hope for Poor Publics interest all other commitment if any made by any great man to redundant leader and his ever increasing ambitions  will be today seen as meaningless by them also.As they have to see Lanka may have been made of gold but Poor there may have been still unhappy with Ravana, so it doomed isn`t it? And see should we tomorrow only accept outside great People like Anna Hazare to clean this mess created by all?that too in this historic occasion when the critics doubts the divine power is all out to bring a lasting political revolution this time to bring justice and equality, as the Poor and haves not are now pressed like anything in this part of world.And mind it the haves class adamant may tomorrow pave the way for coming of more radical leaders, if today liberal view are now rejected. Thus it was time to get divine blessings by all by siding with divine will this time, and this will be in everyone`s interest also.
                                                   And good to hear that the smart villagers have also now learned the trick that corrupted once alone give money to the anti establishment groups and as non are that shrewd in Village, so they want to better stay calm this time.As the town voters inspite of all the drama and brouhaha,are even not sure of whom they will vote also thinks many. See if you accept Lord`s and almighty Donyi Polo`s will to support leadership change this time , one day eventually everyone will praise you and eventually become once again your friend only if you follow His dictum. As worldly friend have certain limitations, they can utmost give few bucks but Lord may shower his choicest blessings to supporters of His will this time.
                                          Mercy on them who wants to be against this divine mission to bring good leadership in Basar area ,for reason they know best,as there name may be lost in oblivion in history of Basar.As this  world is also filled with Lord`s disciples who may be also not amused by the local congress leaders manipulations plans in coming Panchayat election to serve there own interest and who will like to disturb thy will. And neither a good high command congress man will like to get divine curse for one single local cadres whims and caprice also.Those leader who will even like and try my own relative to go against my interest also,but mind it more secret and poisonous plans are made hopefully more it will boomerang.As this days God seems to be very evident in making direct intervention against political injustice,as corrupted regime even in Arab country is also seen falling now.
                         And see after appealing for financial help in my earlier article what I get was not a single penny. Yet the tons of prayer support seems to be doing the tricks as the present Hon`ble MLA` Gojen Gadijis own bastion Tirbin area is heard to have ruptured beyond repair. As anti Gojen groups are benefitting from two unguided missile`s like Doke and Gadi clan which can now burst any where.As the the anti MLA groups have decided to field up there ZPM candidate Miss. Yaken Doke and Sri Gede Gadi against his candidate. And critics is citing his debacle will be from his own Gadi clan member in the form of my school friend Sri Gede Gadiji as ZPM candidate, which also shows that not all Gadi clan brothers are also that bad.And the same is accepted from my own Basar area as the Publics seems to be fed up of the inefficiency of Gojenji in handling Dist. Hq. issue,ANM issue,the non creation of additional ZPM seat in Basar area whereas in his Tirbin block where population was three times less then Basar area yet it was bifurcated to make seat for two ZPM why questions many?
                               And for all this exposures he himself is responsible, as he tried his best to suppress the Publics and from one crore his property rised three times within 5 yrs.excluding his relatives this is as reported in Times in Arunachal news paper.As his contract files is heard to be cleared within few days by Govt. Engineering Departments, thus this repeated failures is really condemnable.As he was alone the General and cannot blame any one else. And other Gojenjis wrongs is seen in  -non transparency in using MLAD and Special package it not completely against the Congress manifesto also?though he may still show more dreams to innocent Publics of Tirbin Block,whom he considers as his personal property.
                       And above all trying to take the pond of Basar area as his personal allotment was perhaps last nail in coffin of Gadi Sahabs political carrier ,as it was farmers future asset for training in fishery to make themselves self reliant. So fact is most of the Publics are already angry with him for above failures as most of them was his election manifesto. And he is made by Public mandate to serve only not try to become king ,thus this demand for changing him is now heard to be more stronger in Gadi Sahaabs own bastion also,who are fed up of most of the tenders got by his own family members and rise of there sudden  richness in the place of famine.
                   But the Basar area Publics also need to realize next time that the time of exclusive contractor profession doing leaders days are gone, they may be used for immediate need but not for long time interest of Publics .As they will never have know how of modern developmental activities and will have less time to serve the Peoples also.As the contractor job itself is a big subject so better they give time to itself.And some critics even doubt the present leaders  last minute change of heart to give some contract work to villagers as a big ploy to take others also with them, if tomorrow there is strict law against corruption. As truth is bitter initially so better for all to clean the mess this time,as future is also unpredictable and this repentance alone may help all.As God seems to now the hidden potentiality of present Oppossition leader.See many projects in the Basar area is in unfinished condition or budget there have crossed all limits. The educated leaders like Hon`ble Cabinet minister Setong Senaji and Tako Dabiji have been seen to be more better in all this faculty, not only more job given by them.But even seen to have preferred there Publics for this hard time like this by clandestine rubber and tea plantations. And see some other leaders family members may be compelled to lock up by there own top relatives this time  in room before election to save there family interest.
                       As Devanandji was last seen obsessed making new film after another even if non liked to see it any more,this seems to be condition with some of our present leader now,who may finish themselves to keep there fiefdom as all know now that there continuance is not good for society also.As all looted Public money will have to be given back this also there own close supporters is heard to be saying secretly.That way also as they are in worst transition period and as such Gadi Sahaab should have instantly heard the Lord`s will conveyed to him  secretly earlier , before it had to be made wide popular to invite godly Peoples in this mission to accomplish Lord`s will as come through the CRC believers and two Hindu Sages.
                        As God sitting above alone seems to recognizing about those earlier sacrifices made by a good persons trying to be Peoples leaders; who is at least more better in this probity in Public field sector, which is today`s most pressing problem even if they have certain limitations which is humanly natural.But they are peaceful and comfortable lots and God is mightily using them in there own way also;as for one biting in the bush heading in life directionless, will he be not getting himself worn out oneday? This Peoples does not sees as in the end good thing will happen to a good person or a leader also.
                          So non of Person should now fall to the clever trick of some crooks who seems to have outlived his utility. And as reported  some also seems to be questioning my political contributions so far also,as leaders will be always tried to be criticized this way or that way,but hopefully not right  in my case.But honestly I have always tried to never criticized any one in my life without any reason or basis or without giving adequate opportunity for making peace also. But once commissioned  by Lord I even don`t hear any one .
                     Though I was earlier never ever given any political position and post by the Publics of Basar , yet had I not helped you all earlier as much as possible in this projects which  I am telling now? And this only needed God gifted natural common sense and presence of mind to do this,thus how spiritualism cannot be not associated with politics when it have been precedence since ages as divine inspired leaders like King Solomon and King David alone have done wonder, and by criticizing this mission for shake of criticism mind it whole Congress may fall in centre?See the more success of spiritual Buddhist area like Tawang in my State also.The members of the Kargu Gamgi temple need to ponder  did I not helped you all in procuring your temple  land for  Gangi Building by requesting earths wile outgoing SSB DIG?This was also witnessed by  Sri Gomar Ribaji senior leader of Gangi temple.
                                     See did I also not helped the urban Dept. to get the building from ITBP by making friendship with Commandant 13th ITBF Shaha Saab.And did this not helped the Kolpo villagers to get there land secured free from fear of seizure by the ITBF ,as is it not humanly impossible to get back land from Army once donated to them? And this I did with help of Hon`ble Chief Engineer Er.Toli Basarji and IAS Tabom Bamji when he was Hon`ble Chief Secy. by making Urban Circuit House project and urban Office.And did I not helped the fire victims of the Nyigam Village in getting some help from CBCNI to the tune of above Rs.500000/-? And have I always not tried to tell about my area interest  in my Blog and roped in couples of tourists in connivance with travel agent friend Sri Komkar Riba of Gideon travels .
                               And did I not also requested the Director ICAR S.V. Ngachanji a personal friend to help the progressive farmers of Basar area ,who complied it with distributions of about 50 chickens of Van Raja variety each for interested farmers? This can be verified from  Joint Director Bhagwatiji.And not only that I am right now trying to work on to sell the  vegetables of the marginal farmers with immediate guarantee of payment of there price within one month from there sell. In this time of e-governance had I have been also not  instrumental in sending the name of Miss Ipi Basar for Presidential bravery award to Sri Jarpum Gamlinji who forwarded this to higher connections.           
                                   Though I never liked to say about this works ,but today since this seems to be the questions by some Publics who are unaware of my contributions I am writing this. One have to accept that in place like Arunachal where earlier every power and position was with the ruling congress party my little contributions cannot be neglected also.As resource is also very limited here.Least some will criticize me of using Lord`s name only for my own selfish political end without doing anything substantial for Basar area,so I am telling this work. Honestly unless specific Lord`s programme had not come for leadership job from some missionaries ,I didn`t liked to harm anyone also;like my elder brother Er.Tomo Basar so good man never tell the name of person whom he helped also; and once told me that does not want to help me,only because  Publics will think he gave help to other only to make his brother a leader.
                         I salute my elder brothers goodness; see League of extraordinary Gentleman clubbed in same family  will have initial hiccup a friend jocked.But whatever critics say majority Basar area Publics opinion is more important and they also now seems to accept that I have made a image for myself in the society; in spite of danger of being overshadowed by great personality of my elder brother Chief Eng. Saab, a better man then me also.But dear big brother mind it  as Edmund Burke said -`Rise of Evil is due to silence of good Peoples’, so please see this angle also,as majority is well aware of Gojenjis manipulative skill and say openly this man only used to jump in to take unnecessary credit in any important happening;which was in any case unstoppable.As missing Lord`s mission is something unthinkable and see enlightened one like Bhism Pitamah was seen dying a guilty death in the fake end of Mahabharata also.
                                                                   As Gojenji may say many excuses that- why earlier  I did not remind him his promise made to me to leave the Political dais for me this time ,but this itself shows my family values of not wanting to hurt someone unnecessarily isn`t it.As he being the promiser should have made the first move isn`t it .And as for his justification that he have already invested much money in Publics now,man to give development to Public is it not his political  duty also?And in a way this may be also God`s plan or he may have single handedly finished off all the MLAD and Special Package thinking that he have to not contest in next election as promised, if he have this attitude in life.Thus hopefully my Basar area Publics will give me justice this time as Christian leader also now need to be shown one time magnanimity in political post.As it was never done so far in this part of world where recently in Nyodu Vilage also the Nyodu Baptist Church land is tried to be grab for Panchayat building.
                   So Gojenji why you still try to lie and make excuses in this old age also,after all you are General now and every thing will never happen without your knowledge? And see even after this I have prayed for you only in fasting programme in Jipu prayer centre,but your own pride and adamant seems to be going to doom you now.Even if you also had hard life,did I also not earlier stood by you in bad time without taking penny till now?And so why you hurt me,see what about my prestige when I did not contest last time on your request? Did your man did not started the rumor that I was paid hefty amount for staying down last time ?Are you the owner of Basar Public`s life as to dictate there life.I am ready to argue with you in any platform, good that recently the Basar senior citizens are planning to start open debate from coming ZPM election.
                                       See if I have done so much for my Basar area even without power and position if given more power and position had I would have not done more for Public?See for one man`s egoism and his few unenlightened supporter, can whole Public interest can it be jeopardised?And see today when this beloved Basar area have been deprived so much due to policy paralysis by the lack of creative and dynamic leadership in the era of e-governance. Is it not time to rise genuine Public issues, even if I am not that rich and powerful ?As more honest leaders education qualification seems to be inhere tent advantage in today time; and is it not now need of time to try them also?As we need someone who can at least speak in State Assembly. As for me I have already even short of sacrificed my carrier for Poor and down trodden man, as some one had to after all tie the bell on the cat.
                         And as truth is most powerful weapon one day all have to accept this that majority Publics have been cheated for long by few business /contractor leaders, who by trick earlier come in power,or why groups called Taliban operates in Tirbin circle in each election to suppress mainly poor Christian voters.Do other also have no greater powerful lobby to do this things? And so who does not believe in democracy should he be not kicked out?since I first tried to pave way for Gadi Sahabs  best honorable exit trying to reminding him the earlier promise with great respect;but some like him just seems to be undermining one`s goodness,as such I have no any guilty feeling now.See history can never blame me tomorrow for Gadi Sahab and his teams  doom for which there own pride may have been responsible. As I did everything possible in my capacity to make them understand today’s youth leaders potentialities and new changed world where Publics interest can be best served by them only.When contractor leaders are now perennial threat to Public interest by hiding developmental files in this era of open debate and media pressure just like there contract work, who will like there justifications any more to avoid media? As is it not there inferiority complexion , stage fright and critical questions from Publics that they want to avoid and still preferring to live in there own make believe world.
                          See Basar areas  all love and trust is my greatest supplement and reward, and for this I have even sacrificed crores of bribe offer by powerful persons, this bribe givers name Kembom Ribaji of Pagi Village alone knows.And even ready to make enmity with Hades for Poor brothers in whose name alone all leaders swear only in election time. See it is also not easy to sacrifice in life, I had also relinquished free MLA offer during Apangjis regime by some of his family members, sacrificed my proposed land allotment plot and my property for more poorer friends and relatives also.This is told not to show that I am a greater man but to motivate others to do goodness as there is feeling of more power and happiness in it,and very less time in this world also to do this.As greatest asset of a good leader is Public trust alone,and soon many senior leaders will miss this attention for there own earlier failures.
                                    And as I have been always ideologically committed to the Poor brethren, why my rich relatives first move is being awaited by some even from my poorer and minority community also? As I have gone through untold  pain and endurance to know the real problems of the poor and desperate who are now fed up of the rule of the conglomeration of the  A-Grade contractors, politicians and officers. And thus all the Poor class should now also despise the society being destroyed by crooks in election for there own interest by hiring the best of speakers and manipulators  to defend them.And those spoiled haves class who are now living in glass house must not throw stone at others.As they have only seems to know to exert pressure on the helpless officers relatives of the opposition leaders,they should also see if Govt. suddenly change in centre and State,does have they have also  no relative of there own also doing Govt. job.
                                       For some may be last chance to do good mission in there life also one never know; so must not make any further excuse and must come forward to help the deserving leader.As world is changing so quickly this days that there may be tomorrow no greater chance to do greater work then this to finish off redundant leader this time who are in verge of extinction. As best is society interest which should be kept above everything else. As the scholar says that most important point in life is to choose the right God and right leader;as it will really effect human being. It seems even Duryodhan was also tried to be warned by friends before final doom`s day.There is a strong feeling within me that in the coming election as it approaches , for the first time it will compel everyone to think to vote for the right candidate. As the gift of bad visionless and full time contractor leader have been only scene of market filled with -wine shop,card,Zandi Munda  and poker games festivals, increasing paralysis and strokes which seems to be rampant with Poor Publics this days in our society which seems to be due to lack of opportunity and  never ending price rise.
                                    Being part of conglomeration of the vested interest officer and politicians groups who have never earlier sided with the Opposition Party and the Poor Publics for there selfish reason; and still trying to act smart the Poor class open question ought to be, whom they are fooling now?As the judicial activism and civil right pressure may soon doom them as they are now in wrong side of history; and if tomorrow due to there heartlessness more radical leaders come up then what they can do then? Thus it is now in rich clubs interest also to appease this conglomeration of haves not class which have also all the right to fight back now. Thus in this modern era where even foolish Arab country have been liberated from tyrants, is it right to still think Poor Publics still as cheap, and see them as purchasable commodity in election here in great Galo land?
                       As this time the village level voters also refuse to go in line/procession in support of rich and powerful even after  some money is forcibly put down there throat in election by some crooks. As they know earlier villagers where lied to attend the congress political rally/procession to collect money but never given also,to the detriment of there own poor leader and there community.Thus  hope this time they will also avoid going for it for peanuts. And as this time there poor brothers blood is in there redundant leaders money thus they are not going to be as easily convinced as usual also,it is hoped. And as the future seems to be more challenging for all poor man`s,this have also made them more matured now the critics accept this now.Thus is it not sin to stop the coming of more meritious leaders by all this time ? As this change is now need of time this great man like Eken Ribaji Ex.Hon`ble Cabinet Minister also seems to be accepting now.
                                 And this dilemma is danger even for some of great Peoples of my society also, as what will have happened if Lord Shiva had finally refused to  support Lord Rama before the Lanka invasion in Ramayana. Probable scenario even then Lord Rama will have won and Lord Shiva would have been reduced to be an ordinary men.Thus political comment become meaningless in front of your own wellbeing.Thus danger bell for all who are as of now non committal to support my candidature in spite of so much demand from lower class, as one day history will also soon question them .And when Lord Himself is said to be angry with one leader then why still this neutrality by some famous ,respectable Peoples?
                                            This was time that the great legacy of Late Tomo Ribaji and Late Todak Basarji who were before time from our own 29th assembly West Siang Dist.constituency of Arunachal pradesh; there great legacy should have been continued by giving the dais to more deserving one who are inspired more by there spirit then by genetic connections. Already some friends are joking after Tomo and Todak now Togo,hum a good election slogan. But to reach this level also Did I not worked with catena’s of senior leaders like- Late Tomo Ribaji Ex- Hon`ble C.M,Late Todak Basarji Hon`ble Ex-M.P,Sri Omak Apangji Hon`ble Ex-Union MOS,Sri Jobom Basarji Ex-MLA,Sri Gojen Gadiji the present Hon`ble  MLA,Smty.Dakter Basar Ex –MLA Candidate etc. and now do I not deserve their blessings and support also from core of there heart?
                                 Thus is it also not time to also favor a new leader with the mission of changing Basar area for good, who is more apt to deal with current challenging situation? Even if he belong to a minority Christian community also? And for this I hope the apartheid kind of evil attitude will never be allowed in the great Galo heart land for sure; for there is still part of God`s goodness in all I am for sure about that.And if the great Galos  does not give chance to one leader who can fuse the best part of the Modiji and Chamlingji Style which community else will also do so?
       And for this hunger for this Public service, if I commit a silly mistake by appealing for financial help from by blog reader,is it not pardonable? But time to also learn for me that the God will send right help in right time. And even if some notorious high central command tries to experiment on our society as ever; it is hoped it will not materlise this time, as they will antagonize Lord Himself further. As funnily as a critics says the Central Party High command of Congress party seems to be more aware of the bank balance of the State Publics leaders to be dragged them  in politics to be sold there party ticket at exorbitant price. But I honestly hope in appropriate time as said in Holy Ramayana after war truly begin the Puspak Viman was send by the devtas treasurer Kuber for Lord Rama`s victory. As the Poor man`s cry must have been too much for Devtas also to deny Rama so also hope I will be helped by all the great man of our time my great relatives being no exception.
                     As it will be there loss if they miss this time as I am myself searching for one leader who have more passion for serving Poor and downtrodden then myself.As the goodness is imbibed in the human body and we are ultimately programmed to side with truth and justice only, howsoever initial brouhaha from critics thus hope more richer one will also like to share this divine mission this time.And will not only take GRK and other NGO`s as escape rout  .And for the senior leaders who wants to still distribute money in election; hopefully the latest technology like mobile Camera will make the old leader helpless to continue there style of functioning this days ,I am for sure.Today Publics are discussing truth more openly and mind it this will act as deterrent against earlier excessive corrupted one`s who used to thrive in dark age when non dare to challenge them.
                            And to there peril some elites are also planning to organize platform speech also.And on my recent Pagi Village tour Sri Mei Riba a poor driver openly offered to drive my car freely in april Panchayat election if I contest, where I want to make a humble beginning. This also shows that all the village man are also not bad and for me there will be also secret admirer as I may not have much  open supporter lacking money being from opposition party.And as my cadres may be purchased immediately by Gojenji also so I had also prepared to play Modijis card also .As  Narendra Modiji seems to know he is one man Industry, thus  was also unable to be harmed by more richer Congress party also isn`t it?As the groups also make a leader slow,and just blust before one month before election and defeat the rich congress by speed and agility,by targeting there strong points as Modiji is doing is going to be my guru mantra.As can a divided Congress house can fight me now?
                            As the congress party cannot also send every Publics for Delhi tours;and even if some of villagers they have been send earlier it was long time back.Mind it Publics have also short memory and will support the best leader who will open economic opportunity where oneday they can make England tours as well.And I am still yet to start my campaign and most in my town perhaps also don`t know`s about this regular article in my Blog.But this open promise of support by a poor man  is really appreciable, and hope soon this will pick up also.May be outside prayer support is now coming for me after so much hard labour also,as this is really difficult to write a single article also and my earlier brain invested seems to be helping me now.
                      Even the Uyu( Benevolent and malevolent god) hears priests good persuasions in ritual ceremony to go back. So hope one Gentleman who is hell bent on depriving us of our societies pride and honor also ,will take a 2nd thought this time in overall Public interest I am still hopeful.As he should know that he have  been given enough chance earlier even if he don`t merit this,and earlier benefitted from slow opponent and may be this time make enmity with whole world for his power obsession. As non know the quantum of power of ones true prayer support that may pour from whole world, the day genuine leader files his nomination paper.If one is really well connected and respected then why Public should not also give him chance; as ultimately it is he who is going to bring more development for society isn`t it? as unless one is given chance how he can be also criticized in this part of land where Christianity still seems to be made as taboo by some smart crooks to continue there misrule.                  
                                         Thus time to remove a redundant dynamic contractor leader who in fact may have very less close friends now.But may be for his some earlier good work also like in medical case helping some patience. For this case alone the divine power may be also send him warning  to make a honorable exit this time through some prophets. This he should have taken advantage  long time back,but one is never late to do good work in life and hopefully can still explore this chance and continue his philanthropic work after he is no more in this MLA political post. As why egoism in bowing down to God`s will?Thus my good friend once upon a time Gojenji who also deserve prayer support for taking right decision in this historic occasion. And as he is still luring Publics and citing there interest specially of his Tirbin town to make it more developed.But which in fact have only seen unused buildings and rise of more contractors from his same family.
                                         This all today I have to also say ,after all  I have to also make best use of gifts given to me by God as Gadi Sahaab is distributing money.He have to also understand that one has right to think himself as smart ;but not to think other as fool also.As today Publics are seeing everything and even will not like to do business with a ill reputed contractor leader, apprehending that the Gentleman in helms of power in apprehension  of future danger from strict action against corruption done by him may also like to take the innocent villagers with him in jail. And as the leaders want to justify there obsession and so telling all  short of lies and telling the need for Public leadership experience and forgetting there exploitation which seems to have been there main agenda.
                                      So  hope this time all my readers will also forgive me for being too open in this article for the interest of Poor brothers who are right now voiceless and want a way out towards a better life where they can live with dignity, honesty and transparency. As in election time alone everyone seems to be once again seen leing;and also after all we are alone accountable to God isn`t it and His will? And so let His will be done in earth and heaven , for His Judgment will be always best also,so welcome to become the member of League of Extra ordinary Gentleman to be tomorrow called as –EK THA TIGER Praise the Lord ,Bhagwan and Donyi-Polo amin.