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THE Rockfeller and Carnigie of the Arunachal Pradesh:-

                                                It is said America was not discovered it was made by a few man. Tomorrow when the history will discover who built Arunachal the name that may come more prominently is Sri Tugo Gankakji.As till now there is not a single industrialist like him after all everyone is a leader and not necessary a politician will deliver.I have a feeling that it is time all the rich man instead of waiting for LOC and Govt.contract should go the Tugo Gankak way.As that is the right way to liberate our Peoples from dependency and slavish mentallity.`LAGE RAHI YE TUGOJI PPA AAPKE SATH HAIN`.His Siru Rijo Tea Estate is said to be a wonderland in the Yomcha village of West siang Dist.of Arunachal Pradesh India is result of his hard dedication.
                         See this was time the rich man only used to make huge buildings and wanted to become MLA to become more richer to do more contract works.But he was before time and felt the need for a Industry which can benefit the poor Publics of interior place as also they are still short of slaves of customs and traditions.And still resort to Jhum land and thus it is imperative to bring new better things to them.And why not an innovative person have to be also respected after all love for other is it not the main theme of spiritualism.
                          And I am sure Tugoji will show his magnanimity to purchase the tea leaves of local publics and enterpreuners also.As the unemployed youth`s should prefer this Tea plantation in there backyard as it is a good respectable opportunity then Jhoom cultivation.But now there is also acute need for making a coordinated approach by all; as something now need to be done to control the loitering animals like-cow,Goats  and Mithun`s which need community involvement also.The Yomcha area should rather completely shift to tea business after this Siru Rijo success story.unfortunately in this part of world everyone wants to do everything and fails to gain nothing.
             I have never ever met that great man nor accepting any help to my PPA in phase –II Tirbin Panchayat election.Yet one who is a  genuine person  is genuine.He is said to be a very down to earth man.And the visitor to the Siru Rijo Tea Garden in the Yomcha village can stay in the 2 Star hotel build by him.His title song on His Siru Rijo Tea Garden  is a famous Galo song sang by reputed singer Sri Moge Dojiji.Hope both continue to show`s the true Galo values in future also.And yes unlike others who invested more in shops and malls ;his much property and business interest  is not in fear of demolition now; after the proposed four lining of the Banderdeva to Itanagar Highway road of papum Pare Dist.Arunachal Pradesh India is soon going to happen risking the demolition of shops near the roads.Surprisingly in India worst seems to have hit the unrepeated haves class; see the dangerous flood in the Uttarakhand and Delhi devouring rich man`s building.
             And rise of pro-poor parties like JDU which have seized the excessive corrupted building`s of rich man to make it as School and Colleges.And after so much organized  crime and persecution  against the rise of genuine opposition party; is this step also will be not repeated in other State also? It is time now for pondering for other rich heartless and cunning conglomeration of officers,politicians and business man.May be for them time to be thriving for Public respect like there colleague Sri Tugo Gankakji also.As even if the money may be diversified if there is a witch hunt but it will be not easy also and this days with the increasing corruption awareness against it have also increased more.
            After all there is acute need of more Industrialist like in Ranch and Tourism sector.And mind it time is ripe for that as NH 52 Highway is going to be broadened and Bogi bridge is going to be finished;which will link Dibrugarh and Tinsukia town of North Assam with Likabali very soon.And many educated ,dynamic and non contractor doing young leaders are accepted to take the post in political dias this time in A.P.And like Narendra Modiji`s single entry procedure for Investment willed to be planned by the new leadership is accepted to facilitate rise of more crore patis in A.P.Hopefully with PPA the publics can accept feel good factor for all.Instead of present leaders whose tactics of 10% commission  in every projects making the investors running away or investment slow and making lame excuse in election`s is harming the society.
               The hope is with new breed of leader`s who only want to sacrifice for society after all the love of region and regional /indigenous party alone will it not trigger introspection of highest order?As in era of only limited 1crore MLAD we now desperately need creative, visionary and statesman leaders like opposition ruled State in- Sikkim,Nagaland  and Gujrat.And as most of the old Leaders motive have been exposed to save there own skin from anticipated powerful law against corruption to be passed soon.The Tirbin Publics are supposed to give devils its own dues in coming Panchayat election.As for Poor and destitute of this place golden chance now to give a resounding and magnimous kick to someone living in fools paradise.
                 As even if used of word is regrettable but even not making football fields in many village when there was adequate fund and Publics were not objecting to part with there land is a great betrayal to future generation.And so the Public`s are openly daring the Congress man to spend more money this time.As they are now aware of Hon`ble Supreme Courts strong directive in anti defection law which alone was earlier potent tools for the redundant leader`s to run to new greener pastures in election with whom everyone is truelly fed up now. The prodigal sons of the soil who want to change this time in good occasion  are accepted to join the coming kurukshetra of Arunachal politics in PPA`s support on 24th june 2013 where the PPA candidates will file there ZPM,ASM and GPM nomination in the C.O office Tirbin of West Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh.The donation can be also submitted to  Block President PPA Basar Block in name of  Sri Pelin Lombi Basar SBI Bank Basar Branch Account no. 11877808768.The foreign donators can send gift by mentioning  Swift Code No.SBININ   BB  159 and IFS Code - SBI   N0006032 before the A/C N0.


                                              May God bless the Uttarakhand of India which is now flooded with water and surprisingly the rich man` building on the river bank is seen as maximum causality now.The rampant MOU seems to have its toil with the divine power also seems to be angry with the Govt.which was so much desperately waiting for a good monsoon for it`s coming Lokh Sabha election good result. Yet nature seems to have washed all its plans after all the river like Ganga,Yamuna  and Alaknanda are considered as divine and pious  by Hindus since time immemorial.The Pilgrime also need to take a lesson that -MAN CHANGA TO KATOTI MAIN GANGA.
                          As the Holy Bible short of  says -The Kingdom of God is in your heart and it is now time to re- look inside the heart to know the real  Shiva also who is truth and which is beautiful also.As said-SATYAM SHIVAM SUNDARAM.See this are akin to the old religious doctrines of Holy Bible-`Love thy neighbor,`and as said by Rishi Ved Vyasa-`ASTADESHU PURANESHU VYASASYAS VACHANA DUYAM,PAROPKARAY PUNYAY PARPIDNAYAY PAPAY.`This means that the summary also of the 18 Hindu Puranas is helping  other is most pious of all activities this is like Biblical -Love thy neighbor advise only.The Congress ruled state of Uttarakhand and Delhi seem`s to be its victim and target now for its lust to make innumerable dams over it.As the free flaw of water alone seems to be making the river soil strong;as the huge dams used to control water for fairy long time making the soil loose.And when there is need for water in lower riparian area`s it will be stopped but when not needed in rainy season it will be released.That is the real danger says many critics.
                    Some critic`s are fearful of the bad omen for the Congress party and definitely the pale face is seen on the face of top Congress leaders after this act of God.The politics apart it is time the country unite for the congress man` folly and man made disaster as in election time we can talk politics. But now humanity command`s our maximum cooperation to those unfortunate Peoples who are victim of human greed and lust .And this have been always congress parties forte making all to cry for its earlier misdemeanor`s.On my part also I am exhorting my Basar area public's to pay some amount in the P.M relief funds even if the PMO office is itself under target in coal scam.As the Congress man should also not fall to such low in the time of disaster.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What can be done to deal with China:-

                     Will it not be prudent for the toothless central Govt. which have already lost 30 billion rupees deficit in business transaction with China to make them also invest in the border areas of Arunachal Pradesh ?If China really consider Arunachalee as there own brothers ;or why it is allowed to play freely  in the business capital of the country-Bombay?Thus I am for giving staple visa to Chinese visiting Arunachal Pradesh also as this is need of time.And not only that opening of border post for business transactions in Mechuka and  Tawang may be a better option also.As what China need from India is Maize and Soya bean alone which is found amply in Arunachal.
                Thus this way alone the nation may be benefited. And in fact this will benefit the China as well as the major pro-Tibetan lobby of the Arunachal is based in the Mechuka and Tawang area and the border trade may also change the way they think.Thus Hon`ble P.M in his proposed Arunachal visit should ponder upon it.See if the China will`s is it now not  in position to take our countries land as easily also,and after Hydropower projects we have to accept that Chinese side is in vintage position; thus other then the friendship  is there other option left now for our country? As it is foolish to go for Chinese badmouthing without any intention to take a concrete action against them.As the remote place like Arunachal Publics need bread and butter and having said that is still loyal to the main land India.Thus why it should be also made to suffer for Countries unnecessary growing egoism or does Govt.want to hide its weakness?
                    Will the good  relation with the China through border area Public will it not benefit the more poorer area; as if this Naxalism can happen in Chatisgarh area , then imagine what will not happen when it begine herein A.P?As this positive engagement  with China may also benefit the nation as there are lots of stakes in the Hydropower projects now.And it will be in every one`s interest that for it one time atleast the regional party is allowed to flourish in the State of Arunachal Pradesh also.As this is equi-distant party.To not allow the Publics to use democratic mechanism to ventilate there grievance sometimes,how it will auger well for country, as for now the rich congress party proves to be too strong in election but failing to win the body and soul of the Publics.Thus will there be no side effects from this excessive manipulative congress party to country also?
               Thus something need to be kept above politics like the China India relationship in context with the Arunachal Pradesh region.The fact is biologically we are akin to Chinese but spiritually bonded to this country only ,a doubt on us will be really very bad .Thus our motive can never be doubted and we alone want the benefit of the poorer section of society who should not be allowed to go berseck tomorrow by cosmetic changes only after recent Bastar incident.As what the poor and destitute are fighting for is there pride and identity.And mind it Modiji`s poor background may now rather benefit him now.Like once Chinese followed Bruce Lee.And also the central may be also directly damped in to the poor Public`s hand as Rahulji also envisages.As everything should be done for human welfare and ultimately the victory will lie as God want only.
               The Arunachal can never be allowed to be made as the battle ground of the Tibettians,Chinese and the Americans and it is time Govt. must come open with a good vision; without seeing Arunachal Pradesh as a colony for filling up the Congress parties coffers only.As why only the uneducated  rich man seems to be prepared by the congress man as there candidates , who are only given prime posts.Why so much hunger for money?Now this time have come for introspection of highest order for national interest.
                  And the BJP atleast have a edge in this as they never play politics against national interest that has to be atleast accepted.Even if much fuss is made about there Hindu origin which is not a major deal from our perspective if they can really deliver and take us with them also and show there magnanimity by giving the Arunachal West Lokh Sabha M.P seat to PPA as it is a coalition era.And it will also be good for the BJP to concentrate in there Hindu belt as also Congress is also seen focusing in its strong hold area also.Best of luck to both to come successfully alive from coming Kurukshetra political battle. 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The threat to the nation:-


                                             The threat to the nation is from lack of spiritual awakening only as Swami Vivekanada said and more from lack of love by rich and powerful from my perspective.As Holy Bible say`s-`You seek thy kingdom and glory first and every thing shall be added unto you`.As human desire is the reason for all the agony but desire for good have to be respected also as it will eventually benefit all.As as long as the critics can also not guarantee that this society will also not go Bastar way where many Congress man were killed by the Naxalites we the  opposition leaders are not inclined to be silence also; as for few good man only this society seems to be now surviving also.
                                    As howsoever the Congress man hates us e,i- the members of the opposition party we are also saving there neck they need to know as this day`s ,the anger is too much in the street.And we are also acting as perfect sock absorver.As if there is too much class disparity this days and so this anger is but natural which may burst anytime.Thus it is imperative to also know others point of view and not develop prejudiced mind against any one,every one is needed here in his world.
                 See for every action there is equal and opposite reaction,this also  seems to be case with the attack on the Congress parties convoy by the Naxalites; as this party have become unfortunately rich man`s party and epitome of poor man`s enemy from some critics point of view.And definitely danger bell for the earlier most powerful party; if this can happen when they are in helmn of power what not if tomorrow they are no more in power?As this party have been seen to be extra manipulative and using divide and rule tactics to its optimum level in interior places ,so anger seems to be more against it.See even the press release of particular opposition party seems to be knowingly allowed in media to divide and stop other genuine opposition party like PPA in State of A.P.
                  But even then the rural areas are naturally liking this party PPA party with difference ;like they are liking naxlism in some place; this is making the party like Congress party here all more arrogant.Thus it is time the opposition party is seen with some respect as they are also democratic stop gate to stop the coming of more redical groups.And today large gaps between haves and haves not even in the Urban areas seems to be making this Congress  party unpopular,as seen by recent opinion poll.So there one time debacle may atleast give inner peace to all.The future survival of any party may lie in giving more emphasize to friendship with opposition were they have been earlier persecuted more.As every action has opposite and equal reaction.
                           See everyone seems to be fed up with price rise this days and  the more adamant nature of the Congress leaders may be making them as seen as power mongers.And definitely the family dynasty theory which Congress man shamlessly and openly accept  seems to have been also reason for Countries bad time to some extent thinks some.This is even if Rahulji may be a good man personally,but mind it what the Congress party in fact need now is procurement of more lie detectors and machines for narco analysis testing to test Congress man`s real loyality .As mind it this time if Congress party falls down in centre the Congress party may well desentegrate itself.As after pinnacle of success comes one`s down fall and unfortunately Rahulji a right person may have been born in the wrong time and in wrong family thinks many.As Congress man themselves seems to be not taking any Gandhi lession seriously;as if seeing there leaders as one who have themselves never seen bad days and out of this planet.Or may be  seeing them only as symbol of business logo ,see the lack of enthusiasm is evident with the poor facial expression of many Congress leaders speech.The critics claims his is like watching Krisghi darshan programme.
                   As also now what Congress party seems to be interested is only in amassing large party funds only this way or that way.And the Public have an impression that Congress is shielding its wrong doing as if there is more skeleton in the Congress Party cup boards.As it is always seen to be in defensive regarding issues like Independence of CBI ,Political party under RTI issues etc. And in fact as if the Congress think thanks seems to be only after seeing there own interest or is not the flooding of the Chinese goods not ploy to finish the small Dukandars considered as mostly the BJP sympathizers ponders some.After there opposition of the FDI bill for allowing the  multinational companies to open retail shop here the Congress have also reason to be angry with the small Dukandars also.But the worst blunders the party is doing may be unknowingly taking panga with the divine power itself cementing there position against thy will in some place where spiritual prophets have also foretold of political change as Lord wish.
                   As the party seems to be too much arrogant and prideful and like an elephant seems to forget that even the ant have been made by God and need to be protected.See from God`s perspective small place like 29th Assembly Constituency in Basar west Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh where phase-2 Panchayat election is going to happen very soon may be mattering more; if there have been real sin committed here by the haves class.As the responsible missionaries and prayer warriors will have  never make unnecessary comment if there have been no real Lord`s programme coming to them also showing leadership change .Ironically here Christian community have been never ever given chance for top political post till now also.Even if they have been instrumental in the congress party electoral victory so far.
                  As now for every congress man the agenda seems to be appeasing the Gandhi family by hoock or crook while not following there advise on fighting the corruption issues as they say. See even the top family seems to have never asked there workers to pray Lord more then them also?As every Congress man seems to be wanting  to eat like some of there senior leaders earlier did; and as such the senior`s seems to be unable to advise there junior`s also for that matter;after all barring Gandhiji eating money only seems to be the congress culture now.And now after this shootout at  Bastar of Chattisgarh even the juniors may avoid going to the risky zones which earlier used to be Congress strong holds as earlier oldest  national Parties modus operendi seems to have been targeting the innocent place.and like the way Amuay Company operates only benefitting the boss in the higher position the aam admi have learned the futility of following the congress leaders.
                       And choosing the crooks from those backward regions to see the party affairs had been the earlier Congress guru mantra;but now may be time for operation Valkyre seems to have come for the Congress party as its citadel is crumbling.As finally after all the allies unitedly attack the Germany finally in  2nd world war where surprised to see only the young and old Nazi army inside the Berlin Bunkers.This may be the final congress fate as some young NSUI cadres alone seems to be now emotionally motivated to party.As for majority they are only waiting for Lokh sabha election and mind it most of the Congress man may remain neutral in coming historical election. 
                    But if the Akbar the great have been alive he would have visited his constituency in disguise,unfortunately now there is too much mystery around Gandhi family and they seems to be now prisoner of there own name.Some critics thinks even if the Congress party promise to now change in remote place it will be still a cosmetic step only.Probably only a richer and more crooker candidate alone will be choosed specially in backward areas by Congress party;as all the vested interest lobbies like Hydropower developers in A.P and Coal syndicates in Chattisgarh will only like there own blue eye boys who are perhaps relatives of there corrupted patners  only to be in the chair to see there interest thinks many.But this days the awareness have also developed more and God gifted persons like Modiji is also searched by general Publics though initially they will be need to show there guts.And see in place like Chattisgarh and Arunachal non have been born in rich family, only in a excessive corrupted family only if they are exra rich now.And the Congress strategy of telling the importance of rich leader may not work in coming time.As the opposition party like PPA is now filled with great persons of all walks of life.The visioneries,professionals,technocrats and rich every ones joint contribution will what make the party deadly.
                  But Publics have been also earlier wrong in waiting for Helicopters to land where the corrupted one`s could alone could have landed majestically to pay satisfactory money to large ponu party.As what it will produce Jindal type leaders only isn`t it?Thus Congress how long it will fool the Publics of following the Nehruvian Socialism by changing a rich candidate with other worser one.The fact is that today this Congress frankestian have been created by the Gandhi family unknowingly as earlier they have never been as careful as it is now, but change seems to be too late now.As the conglomeration of the vested interest officer,politician and business man created by them seems to have outlives there utility; as  said power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. And the party have become slave of haves class jeopardizing the Gandhi family interest itself and keeping them in wrong side of history as the party stand seems to be against change for good.So it is time the Gandhi family come open and may be even should not only be instrumental in passing the strong Lok Ayukta.
                      But should be also if necessary should be step ahead in making a constitutional amendment towards Presidential form of Govt. like Americans; as strong federation alone will make a stronger nation.Some of the critics are alleging that by going for parliamentarian form of democracy Nehru loyalists ensured his family political monopoly.But the nation moral seems to be hard hit by this ethopian ideology only;as Peoples need to bow to God more then to a particular family which Congress man always seems to be trying.As today in the era of vigilant publics it is difficult to work with the havala transactions also; so nothing like coming open says some critics.As the long rule seems to have made congress party as adda of crooks.And in this era of strong regional satraps this earlier Congress culture will be never accepted.
                      Though Gandhi family may be good peoples but there is now opinion which is now gaining grounds that earlier more black money seems to have been used by the Congress party only. As that doubt is in some Public mind here in this State that whenever the Gandhi family land in Helicopters in election there will come large party funds with them.This impression also is not auguring good for the Gandhi family;as the local leaders instead of working only seems to be banking on this notion only. But this is honest truth as so far less right persons have been given party ticket in A.P.Still one option the Gandhi family can do and really change the nation for good may be taking salvation /nirvana seriously.This will be not out of fear of future but out of love to a dying nation.And for one thing only Gandhis can also do something spectacular and many publics also respect this family genuinely also.
                             Even if they are against political monopoly by Gandhi family also.See as long as there is power even Congress man themselves is with them.Thus it may be time to bow down like the British royalty before being guillotined like King Luis VII of France.As there political outcaste will be no less shameful for them;as the world is seen to be changing this days so future is shaky. As in fact the Congress party is Gandhi family only and thus danger bell for party as the party have failed to develop its institutions and ideology and will go heyward post Gandhi family exit.And the secularism card is also not monopolized by the party as there is also other party to cash on this ideology .Thus finally Jai Ram Rameshji have to ultimately accept what Congress man have paronia/mass hysteria regarding Narendra Modiji.
                         See the divine kingship theory was practiced in  feudal age in Europe ,today you can`t expect others to be obedient to you cine die.The Makre Ki Jaal around 10 Janpat seems to be venishing now.As non can be that rich and popular to always win the public opinion always; and today only richer and more corrupted seems to be influencing the Gandhi family;this is but natural.As the bees wants to swarm around the sugar.But the demand and supply have to be same and definitely Rahuljis enemy is his own great family predecessors.The case like Dronacharya Guru of the Pandavas asking for the finger of Bhil boy Eklavya who wanted to learn Dhanur /archery vidya will not be tolerated now. So the haves not class even in the Congress party seems to be very upset of injustice and may prove to be major force in the coming election;this is specially in remote areas.Also as the change in democracy is inevitable and as it will be always against the establishment and to stop this Public mood the corrupted will try more sinister tactics instead making the party more unpopular.
              And it is definite to effect the Gandhi family credibility after all even the Gandhi family are they now not in the top of the political hierarchycal chain to refuse to take any responsible of CBI and Police excess ask many now?Thus the Congress party is now in fact in worst of transition period as scene for them is like between deep See and devil.As the Publics looks Congress only as source of instant money and the party may have to be so increasingly bank on the Bansal type leaders one like it or not believes some critics.The politician`s who are really good will be seen retiring in the fake end and if not will face this Bastar kind of situation this seems to be inevitable fact.As being a congress leader is also like sitting in tiger other was telling as Public`s this days are increasingly restless and seems to be hating the siphons of cream layers.But good for all will be also looking to Lord Christs teachings as said-`those who fight with the sword will also die with the sword`.Thus time to talk substance which will benefit all.As transition should be also made as smooth and bloodless after all we as a whole have also failed if there was injustice by a person or family.
                          As initially non want to struggle this makes the lazy and corrupted worker`s in remote areas basically  to choose the Congress party a critic was saying; to get psychological satisfaction of dreaming having its party funds.Though they should have knew rolling stone gathers no moss.See some loyal Congress man may say- what the egoism to bow to the descendants of father of the nation.But the increasing obedience to Gandhi family more then divine power may also now not auger well for the party also.As God also always makes sure non is above Him and good also as non of human being is perfect also;thus all need to be taught a lession.This is natural process also as political fatigueness is also sure to stuck an old party;after all even Indra Bhagwan was dethroned by Raksas Raja Jalandhar.And see non of the Publics will be also as patienceful like us for trying hard to give peaceful transition a chance; so that some of the old leaders also don`t feel hurt here in A.P.As the present establishment may be  an impediment to coming of better one`s from God`s perspective also so more persecution on opposition and he comes back becoming more powerful. So as Britishers where removed so they must be need to be removed; as Public deserve better leaders;as  good request also to step down in line of there earlier promise some prideful leaders seems not to be caring.Even if there is prima facie case against them in violation of office of profit and tomorrow see we cannot be blamed for there fate.               
                             As like the expiry date medicine `s they may be about to be thrown by the Publics they need to know as lately after opposition pressure some amount of MLAD funds are tried to be used.But still unable to woe the private enterpreuners like Modiji.So we can understand the rise of Naxalism in some places also where gaps between rich and poor have become too much.As PPA have good vision for the Publics so why it should not be given one time chance also?And even the Modiji also after all he have deliverd?See the great Americans never searched the descendant`s of Abraham Lincoln as leaders; did they?The Gandhis may be seen as desperates to save some of secret if they still show there political power obsession to stick to power.As honestly the days of congress man getting blind obedience inherited as legacy is gone.And to slog in the modern era are they ready for this?As to show there brutal honesty to nation they are yet to show there best as UPA is yet to pass the Lok Ayukta bill.As the UPA need to know that burden of delivering is now on them only,as others have been hardly given chance till now.And that too within one year only they have to do this;and what we can`t only and always see now is there lame excuses .
                                               The solution to haves and haves not problem is only in talking out a solution with humantarian approach and I am sure the 29th Basar assembly constituency leaders of the Congress party will also show a path to peace and reconciliation.As the Galo region may also become hot bed of terrorism in future if this chance is missed out now.As how long the elite`s will also fight by Gandhian method when some haves class refuse to budge; as see Galo`s are very intelligent lots and will never like the ofdated,illiterate  and redundant leaders to hang on or put similar one like them before going out.See this are natural process as everyone will after all like to always ride on Donkey back only,and will not like to carry them?And this is honest truth about present leaders even if they may be good human beings and trying hard ;but they are definitely non delivering and  in the wrong side of history many will believe it now. As in this world of internate educated leaders may have been a boon in disguise.
                           And Public now also seems to be ready for them and mind it is need of time also.And like North and South Korean Publics refused to take outside help for reconcialation great Galo`s specially the rich haves class should have shown there magnanimity.As whatever manipulation they do now is premature as real drama is yet to come.And definatelly the Public at large now hate the conglomeration of excessive corrupted and uneducated A grade contractor.Who are living best of life for themelves and make all short of excuses.see even if earlier they lost in election used to manage tree permits from Tirap and Changlang Dist.And used to recover the money instantly so there all crocodiles tears is meaningless;and only question is why they have been they tolerated for so long and our society made to suffer for there contractor and visionless nature.


Wednesday, June 5, 2013


                                                       Sometimes it will sound too boastful but for the interest of the Peoples of place like in Maharashtra who are longing for water this may be a more prudent to divulge out some of my unique family secrets. As there have been always rumor of rain fall whenever there is celebration/pooja  by my family members who are descendents of forefather(Ato) Marli  and hence called Marli Aaos of Galo clan of West Siang Dist. Of Arunachal Pradesh India.As the Galos are good at remembering the forefathers name like from Great forefather Marli my subsequent forefather`s have been Likar,Kardak,Dakto and Togo myself.And on close verification this  age old myth/ saying of rain fall in Marli Aao family events  is not found wrong either .As this is even acknowledge by great man`s,like-  Sri Tabom Bamji I.A.S. presently working under Home Ministry and Sri Tope Bamji D.C Seppa Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh close relatives.
                     As sometimes the divine power blessed family have seen to have control over nature also as almighty God seems to have given some special trait to all the person and family which most of them may have forgotten; and see mystism was earlier not taken seriously in this part of the world for which possessing this divine power was a common thing.As Publics here in Galo tribes of West Siang Dist. Of A.P claim one famous priest called late kachi Yomchaji even used to become a tiger and hunt.And even fans claims he defeated P.C Sarkar`s father in magical show in presence of earlier Lt. Governor of Arunachal Pradesh K.A.Rajaji also.As even if politics was there since long time but the divine power seems to have been ultimately blessing the honest heart also.See even the Tansen the Mughal court singer is heard to have sing Megh Raga making the rain fall.
                         And the Mongols as we are also,we may have inherited some of our Mughal relatives characters also.Though in this new world this things won`t have been believed much unless the Magician Dynamo happened, who is now openely walking over the river,flying and vanishing in thin air.And this definitely non can  do so today openly unless blessed by God.As  the magicians before him earlier used to treat the  stage beforehand for memorization/hypnotism upon the audience ,a particular type of lights where used,but  there all tricks are exposed now.So as some critics says today Satya Yugh I,e-the age of divine power is again coming back so some great man`s seems to have been blessed divinely also.
                                       Recently Sri Mikom Basarji in GRK society review meeting in my Gori Village  have said that the Marli Aao family members need to be evacuated in the Rajasthan to solve the water problem there.And this is also worth trying project as this can be a gift from Arunachal Govt. side to help the State like Maharashtra now longing for water.And for this the according to some beliefs ,Marli family members of Basar clan of Karko Aao of Galo have to be made to perform there pooja there.And often I have personally found this rumours to be right also as whenever any festival was performed within my family there is seen instant rainfall.And seeing the waste of rain fall here in our State  it will be prudent to take some of our rains in State of Maharashtra by organizing pooja of my family in rainless areas.And if it is found to be truth it will be good while it have to be seen if the divine power have jurisdiction also.May be for this unique gift of god/Uyu/angels/family totem  given since ancient times for this my family members may have been able to appease them also.Unfortunately others don`t appreciate our Christian powerful gifts of prophesy also. I have found the unique dedication of my family man in old rituals ,sacrifice ,festival ,prayer and celebrations etc. 
                              This may be making them to possessing  this unique rain inviting power till now. Plus they are seen to be good man without any ill will to others always trying to  do good Samaritan work,and this is even if they have not accepted Christianity so far.And I being a Christian used to jock them even if one have all the richness and all power of world; but salvation is what is more important.The Publics here have believe that my  family is blessed by the Bire Nyite a short of a benevolent god may be  one god  like Indra Devta the Hindu god of rain.And incidently recently from the chronicles of the Lombi clan of the Tirbin circle of the Galo tribe I come to know that.Before 8th generations of there forefathers of Lombi tribe during Ato Kato Lombi ,that may be during my forefather Ato Karsen Basar`s time.It is said there was a ritual ceremony/Yagya organized  by the Basar and Lombi atos/forefathers by a good priest  in the present Nyodu village area.And he is said to have predicted that soon there will be a white elephant and who sees it first his family will be always rich and powerful.And it is said that my forefather show it for a fraction of second`s.The pertinent thing is white elephant is called as Eravat in Hindu philosophy and termed as the favourite animal of Lord Indra.
               Thus now the latest thing the Marli Aao family is accepting is the invitation from the Maharashtra Govt.  along with there family priests to perform the local Galo pooja/ritual  in Maharashtra to let rain fall for couples of days as per there State need.As like in the fake end of the movie Guide after rain man Devanand  arrived the Poor Public's got rain and redemption ,the Poor Maharashtrians are also longing for water there future  cannot be left to there fate.And for the Maharashtra Govt. also what the harm in trying this also?
                    And I mean this as power must be for a good purpose and what the harm in taking a chance now.Hope this message will be conveyed to Maharastra any man who feels for humanity.And I may also get an excuse to meet my old friend Arjun Rampal Ex-Hindu College room mate who have now become a big movie star.Hope in case of this programme  the Maharashtra Govt. will also arrange this meeting with old pal if they also want to reciprocate my goodness.As this trip is worth taking risk  for the Poor brother and sisters sake who are waiting for the rain and crying in there heart `Ullah Megh De Pani De` like the title song in ,`Do Bigha Jamin`.But this is equally truth that this days a very good priest is really hard to get also.