Monday, November 26, 2012

The time to call it Day by A.P Officers :-

                         It is time to call it day for the Officer class from being used as the B team of the ruling congress Party like in earlier election in the State of Arunachal Pradesh believes most of general Publics. As they have made enough property for themselves and it is time for them to do some philanthropic work this concept is not wrong either.As for ideological pro-poor committed leader`s with rich relatives also this is genuine demand to be supported.As it is important to remove Publics any iota of doubt regarding there leaders rich relatives sabotaging the pro-Poor ideology.As so far like the conglomeration of the vested interest groups in the Goa here in Arunachal Pradesh also both the Politicians and the officers class have been so far seen as the apex predator of this society. And as some joked like the demon Tarkasur in the Mahabharata some ensured even eating thela wala live along with all the food intact carried to deliver to him ; until the Bhima the warrior killed him to give salvation to others.Thus leaders with there rich officer relatives also have to be appreciated if so far they have managed to live like swan in water. Remaining untouched by ill earned money,after all someone have to tie the bell on cat isn`t it.And this step have been really painful also for me unless I have not seen near death situation in an operation theatre this would not have been possible to fear God.See prioritizing divinity over money is more enjoyable in life.Though there was some initial reservations.

             Thus time is now fit for scene like Akhiro Kurusawa`s movie-` five samurai `,for Guardian angel type leaders to arrive to rescue the heavy laden publics who are waiting for a messiah to rescue them.As the recent developments and fear of the God have lately also seen to change some of haves class which is also very healthy development.But it should not be crocodiles tears. As the PPA honestly like to broker a honorable exit for them also. Unfortunately for some of them when they want to change it is too late as they may remain as unpopular as ever.But here is a last chance to correct themselves also, as some good officers are making serious thinking of amending there past misdeeds. By organizing a short of promising in there circle like in face book and social cite promising to be never ever being used by the ruling party.And I really appreciate it ;even more then enough should have been some good Samaritan Officers initiative to motivate there Officer fraternity also to henceforth undertake good Samaritan work only; like promoting the NGO and Self Help groups. Till now may be all the Officers where also not bad ;some of them may have earlier have also stood by the justice and equality in previous election also, they now deserve societies standing ovation.

             But some may never be able to live with there head held high if they don`t do something tangible within this  limited period before civil society takes control of everything as coming election is going to be mother of all election.And in future there may be no better occasion to do a good work also this expert seriously believes also. The evil nexus between the Political and Official class is now even hated by the animists /Donyi poloists who seems to now think they are in fact more villain then the Christian Preachers also,keeping other`s Poor and prompting them to join Christianity out of poverty and using Loss of Culture is Loss of identity to shield there guilt; which off course will be hardly true also,but good that this discussion is coming up as the introspection shows the liveliness of society. But the top class have to believe that they have no genuine friends now.And the smart Publics are preferring to give devil its own due in coming election by preferring to eating up there money in ensuing election. And the Person who thinks the common publics are still fools in Arunachal ;only time will now tell who is more smart. As history is witness when one only dare to contest by money and muscle power only Public have always teach them a good lesion. And today the gift of social cite have truelly blessed the Opposition leader.

            But also real interesting is seeing the readiness of some officers who are not even relatives of Opposition leaders for helping them especially the genuine new young, educated and dynamic leadership like never before. This is a surprising element with new Officer class also especially the young one`s from spiritual background who seems to be a mark difference now and take charity seriously . And I feel it is from there core of heart that they really now want to help us;as some have also promised to help us covertly as they accept the genuine Opposition leaders is now needed and deserve bare minimum sponsorship also. And encourage by this by coming January many prominent Leaders have promised to join PPA.And this time genuine one`s are coming who are of the opinion that PPA seems to have a divine blessings with all its enemies having a surprise problem. And probably why not also after all PPA earlier stood with persecuted Christian brothers in late 1970`s. And its maize symbol is gifted by godess Donyi when our forefather Abo Tani married her daughter Donyi Mumsi.Thus critics believe this party if in power alone can truly bring peaceful reconciliation in State for all.

             See genuine leader will also never like his genuine election victory to be hijjacked by the family member who is in top officer post also.As the main aim for him is to fight to bring a change for the Poor and destitutues.To bring a new change every one believe in and for this harder way he has choosen which is difficult. Thus all need to sympathies for him and pray for his success as mind it sacrifice is also not easy.As what difference he makes if old ways are followed,as unless we endure pain we can`t change our society. As for truthful mission God and Publics will ultimately support it that`s my personal honest view and for this appreciably many new Kids in the block are ready by next election. And PPA is committed to give chance to young, honest and educated leaders. As one will only get training in NSUI,ABVP and Congress Seva Dal but not party ticket especially here in this State. So it is good to hear that this time some officers have decided to say enough is enough of becoming the man Friday of the ruling Political Party in the successive election.As after all who will enjoy working from his heart with a leader who is even not fit for a chaprasi post and earlier take benefit of silence of good publics. As now all realize that uneducated leader will never inspire future generation to study nicely and seems to be the father of all the mischief in society directly or indirectly.And hope in coming time for the first time the Public can really vote from there heart and will have leader of there own choice. As earlier the officers used to mislead the villagers for there own interest and used to blitzkreiz in last minute for there Political bosses. So much so that earlier I had appealed the PPA cadres not to campaign to Officer class in election time when the more reliable Publics can be appealed.

            And surely this seems to have been more beneficial strategy also; as the earlier PPA leaders won with thumping majority by speaking ill of suspected crooks before hand instead of trying to appease them.As the Officers used to eat up all the valuable time of Oppossition candidate ultimately going to ruling party,this is unfortunate fact and now burden on some avoid going to hell.And from my friend Dotum Sorajis word in this world only every one get punishment according to his Karma,no need of facing day of Judgment also.Thus this is historic opportunity to change as coming election will be completely different earlier when Public used to vote Congress Party only for muscle and money power. This time already silence magma is boiling and in my Basar 29th Assembly Constituency already Publics have started there revolt in many issues in many front. So beware one day some vandals may decimate even grave yard of some top Officers after they die , and may write-`Here lies the great man who for his own interest never left the ruling party in his life`.As in all the earlier election time in the nick of time some shrewd officers always used to play a clever tricks ending up as the perfect Narad Muni types, sabotaging the prospect of genuine pro-Poor party like PPA with ideologically committed leaders.Thus Khabardar this time for them better to go to Pilgrim as worst future is awaiting you.

             Thus coming time is perfect time for them to change and to side with this positive development`s happening around us.Even the PPA party will like to work with genuine officers in this good cause for social reconcialation.The other area can be bringing peace and tranquility between various community by identifying worst indirect persecuted area as of now to any religious and minority class to make open declare of the candidate one likes it or not.As already some senior Congress man also seems to feeling the need of adjusting taught opposition leaders to make fertile grounds for coalition in this days of unpredictable political scenario.Thus days of Congress party dadagiri is gone this is now new era of accommodation,magnanimity,creativity and friendship. But for some born again and repented once who will see the coming election as the last decesssive historic chance to show there new avatar by siding with the opposition and Publics ,they may be also be unstoppable this time. As some overzealous repented one are already heard to be openly advocating direct declaration of support of atleast educated and minority leaders in reputed place like Galo belt.As non like to go to hell and live with guilty mind for ever ,as the world is poised to change for ever, as it is also important that way as who knows God may also curse a community for its own poor record against the poor and minority. As in decisive epic battle like Mahabharata which also seems to have come after 1000 yrs.good Peoples are exploring everything critically. And critic accepts, as coming election inch closer and closer every one will be seen panic in the eye of the new resurrected Publics.

          See on one wrong decision the great Bhisma Pitamah he also had to die a repented and frustrated man.Thus the new repented heart of some of the Officer class also is very much appreciable and we need to pray for there success also. And it is high time they stop aiding some redundant leaders who have become like stale food now,this is at least what unemployed frustrated youths are believing. But will there APSU leaders also repent? thus time to stop blame game. And pray for a down of new Arunachal Pradesh where it is hoped every officers of all the clans even relative of the present leadership will like to set a good precedent for future generation. To bring a change we all believe in and to stop the more radical leader`s to take chance of this chaos created by unrepeated haves class who are hell bent on remaining stubborn and discouraging even the liberal leaders, who can in fact bring peaceful reconciliation for them also .As this is year 2012 and so shame we are still coping up with Bourgeoisie and Jacobins type high class of French society like in French Revolution time. Thus God save this State and its subjects who want to sleep in broad day light with there eye wide open by not accepting once good work also.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Doubt on the super man:-

                                                               My personal opinion on the great man like Magician Dynamo who can even walk over water is unless he is blessed with Holy Spirit he cannot at least do that doing like  one of the 12 Apostle Peter did long time back following Lord Jesus Christ in water.As the greatest power on earth only the Holy Spirit can give and He will only come to one who is a real changed man from inside and want the power for goodness of humanity. And wants his power for betterment of everyone and as the love have the greatest power to make heaven bow down ; So see the time when the corruption and nepotism is at its zenith like in Roman Emperor`s time, some worldly  great man are also seems to be blessed to finish the injustice once and for all.
                                      And those in helms of power will reject them only because they don`t toe there line, as they will take time to accept there greatness especially if they are there relatives. As some shrewd ones of them  also will be  trying to enjoy there own share of publicity by criticizing them. But ultimately things will happen as God will`s.As for the present great man like Dynamo the magician he have successfully kept his privacy of his family relatives  to develop more mysticism around him.For down to earth man like himself, his own miracle seems  like illusion for him ,this was his own comment after doing one of the greatest miracle on earth. But the truth is seeing fact from once own eye and God have been never as vocal about giving His maximum blessing to some one as it is now. 
                  Thus time to acknowledge the power of God which seems also to have come to save the righteous even if they are doubted now,by the prideful persons who thinks that they have become rich and powerful by there own might.As for the most benevolent God giving  victory in election is an easiest thing ;see the miracle like was this walking above water ever fathomed by any one? As said in Holy Bible if you have believe as small as a master seed you can also move the mountain, this also seems to be highly probable now after this scene. Now in spite of this direct action of God through Prophets even if the peoples don`t repent then the Holy Spirit have all the right to go back to Israel as written.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


                                              From time in memorial from when the common forefathers tried to make tower of Jeru Babel to challenge God.And the infuriated God made everyones language separate to finish this plan for ever.The mankind seems to have been trying to go to heaven through deceitful means.See from the story of the panch Pandavas when the Yudhistir tried to go to heaven through a ladder made in Himalaya which remain is still claim by the Hindus still remnant seen  near the Kailash mountain.This belief have been given more strength by this similar believe in other religion also.Even the Old Machu Pichu civilization seems to be emphasizing this claimbing towards heaven as they make a big ladder in there pyramid kind of structure.And this was also may have been essence for making the Pyramids for the Pharoahs soul to go to heaven with ladder made in between the pyramid.           
                           Even the Donyi-Poloists practicing pre-vedic era ritual `s have termed the power to save someone in critical condition  in stage of  last hope as Tuhi Bal.The tuhi seems to means divine power  and Bal seems to means ladder,as per as Minyong interpretation. This name surprisingly also seems to be the continuation of ancient Bal god prayer mentioned in Holy Bible also.Even in the Japan the old parents where reportedly taken up in the highest mountain in there final journey.But in the this  Bal practice even there where much despised human sacrifice earlier; in Donyi-Polo practice also there was human sacrifice to Sun god.So also human seems to have been sacrificed in Incas Machu Pichu alter contructions.Though later in Galo society it become secret sacrifice of spirit of a hated person by priest as the Govt. banned this.As this was like witch crafts only,thus soon with the coming of new religion it become taboo .This ritual called Donyi Bonam e,i-sacrifice to sun godess  was also later banned during the time of the Deputy Collector R.N.Haldipur when he was posted in Aalo West Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh India. 
              Thus when the Lord and savior have come down to shorten this journey to heaven ;the People seems to be still looking the hard old way.As when Yudhistir managed this was in Treta Yug but in this era of evil even the rocket cannot even reach heaven this is my firm believe also.As when science stops working God`s power starts to work.So it is better to search the kingdom of God in our own heart first as God is a spirit and one must worship in spirit to get Him.And thus by a good karma alone one will get salvation but in kalyuga this good karma can also be done by accepting son of God as saviour.As in this Kalyug may be our soul only will get the chance to go to heaven as we have become number one sinners.And blessed are those who atleast accept this.