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THE GAME CHANGER :- My New Nobel ( Part -XII)

a better life.And as every good things comes from God thus He have to be known.I am writing this so that in future many dare to trode in this path where we were earlier insulted,rebuked ,jocked and looked down upon.As then only this world will be a better place.
                       As good man influence other to become more gooder.From my experience there is certain things which highest God and His Holy son alone is seen to do this days.As a matter of fact as I was operated alive;as the anesthesia failed and was so much suffering that I cried to all gods to save me.
                                       But I get no reply;again I cried all the gods to even kill me.There was also no reply still.Than I suddenly felt that I have committed so much sin in my life and was going to hell .And I was compelled to repent and after that felt like a power of Lord Christ touched me.Friends the experience in death bed is horrible.My concern for all of you is making me to tell this facts also and for the betterment of the mankind.As prior to this operation I never knew the Jesus Christ so closely.And each time we hear some one have died forget to think that our number is also coming.
                      I am telling this so that there is real love and effection when there is life and one desiring to work for the God may do so;as it is previlage to do so when we are alive this need to be known by all.As see the wordly richness and happiness have dire consequences also;and thus rich and poor

alike cannot escape problem and death.Those who have sinned and have made no confession they need to be told of the facts.
                  As some who have power to pardon this is only Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.As other may have also some power but by denouncing Him we are denouncing the creator only.See having said this elonquet comment I don`t claim that I am the best.But in the day of Judgement I may be atleast forgiven for some of my misdenemours.
                           See the Country will be alone great and gained super power stardom by making truth as way of life.Actually some one like Subash Chandra Boseji may have been needed as leader in initial years to make the country like Singapore.Soemetimes we never understand how the countries fate was disturbed by one whom we think was good.As this was time when there was blind obedience to leader.Thus the devil and the divine power earlier first seen to be targeting the leader.But may be as at that time there was too many evil spirit so they got backslide?
                      See the extent of the devils interference in life he does it by trying to attack the main thing e,i- election;here the Publics are seen to cry more louder for there political master then there real God also.Even the Lord Shiva was compelled to drink the poison even if He knew that it was

bad.Thus the God the father was compelled to send His best to defeat the devil.
                     And you will find everything about the Lord Christ different;he healed a dead one.Himself died in the cross rosed up after three days;stayed with about 500 desciples for 40 days and went to heaven in everyones presence.This great stories are always told but there will be only aptitude of hearing this facts by the few man.Thus the God seems to choose and call a person.But those who seek Him in there own may be a better man.
                           Why many good Persons are still left out in other religion also and called by Him personally?And to my point of view God may be giving time to the top sinners before saving others and thus leaving others under the security of good persons.As the saying goes the fileds are many but the workers are few.
                      The Lord is still now seems to be restless for us even in heaven he seems to be not happy and may be more concerned for coming danger for all.And see many of my readers will even laugh at me for writing this stuffs.Thinking this is worthless but some have to be obedient to Him.As He have been truthful to His promise and have saved in Operation theatre when I was a lump of meat also.
                         And was it not better for me to write His glory then to rote in

hell also;as all of us have been made by Him helped at one point of time and have never say thank you God.As inspite of all the problems you have still made me to pull on.And even in our nearby place the political leaders calendar are said to be kept above the calendar of the God`s son also.
                          And the Hindu brothers seems to have been brainwashed by the movie to think that godess is one who come with laddu full of plate when he is cried for Darshan like in Santhosi Maa film.But honestly non of this is going to happen atleast with this generation.As we have become so stubborn and even the Yama seems to be scarred with this youth driving bike so fastly.See my family is perhaps more conservative then many Hindus and as such eye brow rising on my comments is unfounded.     
                As still now rain is seen to fall when there is my local family pooja/Havan this is even accepted by Ex-hon`ble Chief Secy Govt. of Arunachal Tabom Bamji I.A.S also.But heart is what Lord sees and He uses some as He wish so He seems to be the one who chooses.And in fact His calling have to be waited by Human being.As even if one have all the power in this earth.
                        But not recognized by Him then it will be meaningless.As He can alone give immortality to soul,rise you from death and do all short of

things which other power on earth can never do.On the death bad I had promised to commit myself to do God`s work in the rest of the life;and so for many years after I was healed was loitering hear.I perhaps wasted this time so far as I was disloyal to Him;and most logical thing I can still do is praising Him only.
                           As in my days of troubles this may have been time where I needed a good Holy word of God or psychatrist for counselling.After all imagine what will be the condition of man if he is operated alive.And to make the matter worst my relatives asked me to not become a Christian also.As at that time Christians was really not liked in our society;still now many openly say that they have poor opinion of the Christians.
                     And as my family is a close nit family I had to also see there view points also.But today feeling that the devil is also using the weakest and emotional point sometimes to confuse a believer.So ones you join the congregration give a damn to any ifs and buts.Be like a fool in following Him as Lamb follows a Shephard as He is the best Shephard.
                                                  And thus sometimes when one is going to take right step he seems to be distubed a lot and sometimes by using his own also.And slowly and slowly I regrouped myself; honestly initially even going

to Church was matter of shame as if every one was looking at me.But life was never same again once I thought the life and death belong to Lord.
                   I went through many hardship like the other Christian beginners;the bag with the Holy Bible was in my shoulder for many years like the new converts in our Village;and in a place where monetary gain alone is the reason for respect I may have been an and till now also embrassement to my rich relatives also.
                            The Peoples started avoiding me as I may have been useless for them and it is also natural as being a new State everybody seems to be after Roti,kapda and Makan here.But I hardly missed a fasting programme and Healing Crusade and gospel chance.There was time my concience also started questioning me.What you have gained?as my friends where very much successful and established.
                        I could have got what my heart have been always longing for earlier for someone also.But I was controlled by a power from where I could not free myself also.As I belong to Him now as He saved me it was as master wished that I have to live henceforth.As once you are saved by him then you cannot escape Him also.
                            After all I was saved by Him and I was in His command.And finally frustrated and helpless once on the prophesy of a CRC member I went

to 40 days fasting programme in Chate which is in Medziphema Nagaland.And by that time as my family members seems to have been fed up of me.But Lord definitely opened up my way for the fasting programme as it was His programme.On reaching Chate prayer centre I decided even if I have to die I will come back with the answers in my life.          
                     The main prayer warrior of Chate Prayer centre-Sister Neipu Kri was telling me God was commanding me for 40 days fasting programme.Initially she was about to say 21 days and after seeing my happiness in face I suppose said 40 days;with great pain I had to accept His/her verdict.As till then I have already sit for 3 days,10 days and 21 days and all was real taugh;and honestly 40 days was really to much for me also.Neverthless I thought it was better for me to die in lord`s programme then to live a purposeless life.
                           My ordeal begine ;see the fasting and prayer is not an easy thing so the one who have finished this have to be respected.First 5 days I did not took even water though I was supposed to sit in that stage for 3 days.I was being told that I am not opening up my own and family members sins in my prayer confessions to Lord.
                               And mind it this Roman Catholic confession system is also good;as for a Christian one like it or not oneday he have to sit for a tiresome

confession and fasting if he neglect God`s programme.As a more a person is outspoken more there seems to be a Fasting programme and if there is avoidance then there seems to be a great temptations sooner or later.
                      As ours is a new Christian growing society thus all the burden of others seems to fall on the new converts.And honestly in young age non is interested in this spirituality;but by the age grows there is a natural inclination to the spirituality.But this days also feel sorry for new converts as if they have no deep connection with Lord they will have lots of problem for sure.Thus this is also not good to speak bombasticly in the pulpit and show only the hunky dory side of the Heaven.
                          As Christianity is not a fashion but promising to carry the burden of cross.And one if accept this he is compelled to carry it;thus the new converts should be also preferred to be a born again person.But neverthlessly Lord is also there for a better Christian also in each moment of life.But in the end this religion is really and finaly find to be result oriented;as the Holy Spirit is really felt so close.
                     And in the end the fear of loosing and the happiness of winning don`t matter any further.And honestly in the fasting programme I was asking and thinking why on earth have I committed any sins also?But after 5 days of gruelsome sin confessions the past sins sponteniously started coming into my mind and they asked me to write it down.And soon the diary

was filled up with all short of sins big and small done by me.This was as shown in vision.
                            Thus this vision and prophesy are truth and only who have faced this will believe it.But those who will slog will alone gain is the mantra here also.This was the most pathetic experience in my life as you have to give focuss to the daily bread of Lord that is His Holy word and avoid the body/wordly need.And mind it unless God calls and one have strong will power he cannot make it happen also;as hunger seems to be the reason for all short of sins for sure.
                         But God` mercy have been there that made it successful and  finish my 40 days fasting programme without rice and meat;only magi and fruits after every two and half days that too in lunch time.Only we were made to do was prayer and more prayer basically intersessiory prayers for other`s even personal enemies also.
                              In the last three days we were made to sit for three days secret fasting in the closed room and asking for His blessings.My partner was my Hon`ble PPA Standing President Nick Kaminjis mother who also sees me like his son.Honestly on the final night God show me a hand in vision which was writing; today I feel like this writing skills have been given by Him.


                     Today also I feel that unless I was blessed with this writing ability I may have been never been writing in my blog.And this Noble in this tense time also , as writing also need lots of patience;I myself don`t consider as a good writer but honestly this is something which one will never have much aptitude.
                         And as I may have been also so closed to God at that time that once a Arunachalee couples from the Gensi Mihuk Taipodia and wife also asked me to prey for them.And God showed me live vision in the broad day light.Snakes like shadow in his face;Mihuks wife was surprised and accepted that after killing three Pythons his husband have become short of foolish and speechless person.As in the Galo belief system the big animals are also forbidden to be killed.
                   Thus the Holy spirit work theory is not wrong;but it takes so long to come in one person that most of the Peoples think it is pigment of one`s imagination.As non want to leave there comfort zone and does not want to share the cross of Lord who died for our sin for a second also.See when Lord Christ made supreme sacrifice He never took 2nd thought.Thus is it not bad when we make lots of ifs and buts,and even question His credibility?
                          So God is for sure but till one reach this stage of facing the

truth it is very difficult to know and feel His power also.As the God want is unflinching loyalty to Him above everything else;after all He is master and this was really difficult for late converts like us.And as for the Sunday school Church goers it may be easy thing.
                      As even the most loved one may be your loss for price of being closed to Him;but today seeing this all as the temptations by the devil also.As he may have been also aware of God`s special purpose in my life from day one.
                      After all many peoples is waiting for Him and praying days and nights for years and only best of best alone will reach near to Him.And will Perhaps receive personal programme from Him also and are they not blessed Peoples also? Having said that there are much better Christian`s in Arunachal Pradesh then me also;I suppose I am still the worst.As I have still medical problems and genuinely need everyones prayer support in each moment of my life.
                      Thus the Peoples does not realise the importance of working for His will as some may get His grace easily also;if they support a man in His mission.And see even if you don`t come forward to help that man with His mission ;someone else may also.And it will be your loss;as after a age non will be perhaps satisfied with this wordly pleasure also.

                       And this the Jacheus the tax collector may have felt as for him you see money was a common thing.Thus the time of choosing a right step is also very important for a man to get salvation.As he was a smart man so seems to manage both the greatest blessings wordly pleasure and after it salvation also.
                           See as the living God His power is so spectacular so I am writing this testimonies and every bit of this claims are right.And on fasting programme God showed me two great persons of my Galo community in there death bad to be gospelled.One house gate of richest man of our society;and other the house of a  neighbor; where a long Dipe/decoration of the alter for sacrifice to deity was shown.They should have heard and accepted the Lord`s and Saviour as there savior and then may be there life have been enhanced.
                                               Sometimes it is not right to tell the name of dead persons as they where not politicians and did not owe anything to the society. As it is real fact which I experienced that made me think that the Holy Spirit possessed persons specially from the prayer centres don`t come to one`s house without any basis unless command by master so respect them.
                                    And as I have to respect the name of the dead persons who are no more and not Christians so there name have been not referred.And many more miracles where made to be done by me.But

Basically I seems to have been bestowed more with little bit of the political prophesy power by Lord.
                         See I suppose the good God does not make one a bigger person for his divine blessings also;and after committing many mistakes I also did not developed and today after great repentance I seem to have been again forgiven.See what People have to appreciate is that they stand to gain much from a truthful man like Arvind Kejriwalji also.But he again is also due to God`s inspiration only;as this days God seems to be more foccussed in bringing right kind of leadership who have suffered in there life which may be like sitting for long fasting also.
                         See the Poor voters may be made to suffer more for despising there own leaders by the divine power also.As in many case even the haves class society members may be mislead by a vocal supporter also.Thus for some family members who want long life may have to give a 2nd thought also.As for them most important will be living in God`s side.See by criticizing a leader in his back one does not become great man in fact he is a cunning person and will doom his own leader by this sin.
                       As the justice and equality have been seen to be main guideline of Holy Bible also.And for one who is avoiding this doctrine in there divine life Lord may not fogive also.See it is possible for saving a small desciple like me Lord may spoiled the Congress parties’ prospects in whole India also.

                      As the mother of all the sin is said to be the neglect of the Holy Spirit`s prophesy.As I have been promised of great future of respect and appreciation by few Holy man as blessing to come from His side.Lets see what is the future stored for me?
                     As some of the power obsessed Congress man may dare to even challenge the God`s power; as all the prophetic warning concerning my life I have always tried to give the information to the stake holder some even top Congress man who are my face book friends also.Thus the local lebel leaders may have to ultimately hear there Highcommands order.After all for long the party discipline have been used in the leap of the local Congress leaders.
                       Now when this is time to make supreme sacrifice for the Gandhi family who is the real master of Congress party.Hope the local leaders will be ready to sacrifice also.As it is important to know your purpose in life as told by God and just go ahead,eventually Peoples will flock to you this I feel will be the true experience of a Pilgrim on his way to final journey.After all world belong to the master and any one who lives here have to accept the masters voice isn`t it?Even the Gandhi family isn`t it?
                       As after the Congress drubbing in the Delhi also is it not time for the Congress man to study this reports seriously?See the local Congress leadership in the Basar area have long enjoyed cooperation by the Christian majority voters;thus the reciprocation should have been spontenious isn`t it

on that account also; leave aside the promise conveyed to me to help this time by a common powerful person in establishment?
                       As the fact is the Christians have been discriminated here so far and even the other religious house have been helped more by the Govt.In fact this is a common phenomenon here in this State as best of the Park land in the side of the road have been occupied by the temple developers.Though I am not against the temple but atleast park and Garden should have been kept it is.
                              And see the Gandhi family and the seniour Christian leaders of the State have been given terrible amount of prayer support by the poor and downtrodden Christian brother and sisters of A.P.Thinking they have Christian roots and still then why this insincerity in some place.And they boast of secularism;and see this I am not saying because I am willing to be in the political prey now.But there seems to be a hidden agenda of discrimination and this may be due to the contractor leaders taking easy way of only appeasing the top class.
                      As those Godly persons who are also suffering in this part of the world inspite of the divine prophesy of Evan.Christopher also in the healing Aalo crusade;will God not send His angels to help us?As his 2nd prophesy in

the Aalo Healing Crusade is yet to be over where the State of Arunachal is going to be made as God centric State which may mean that most of the political leaders next time will be God fearing Persons only.After all the prophetic visions and proclamations will it not be good for all?
                                   Thus the Modi Phobia may be Congress parties own making also.As all the politics starts stopping when the Lord`s will come;and today where the falling of the Congress party in the centre is more or less fate accomplish.Have they something other plan then to atleast pass a strong Lok Ayukta in State of Arunachal pradesh even if there is difficulty in taking other steps also?
                  After all will it not be eventually the member of the top power corridor who will be accountable if the injustice is allowed in lower level?As the Contactor leaders mostly in the state of Arunachal Pradesh seems to have hurt the divine power also by there power obsessions.And worst trying to justify there position still.                           
                         See unfortunately the critics may never realize how I had to also suffer and sacrifice in life also;but this God alone keep record of a person`s earlier good deed and pain.Though many Publics here seems to see the bank balance of leaders only and make a younger brother an elder brother if he have more money.

                         And misconstrue the Company Bulldozer kept in ones house front as how he have become very rich?And this attitude in the Publics spread by the vested interest groups seems to have now made all unhappy here.And which instead may be taken advantage by the negetive energy also,the principilaties of dark force which Lord want us to fight in life.
                    As this gossif is meaningless the God will perhaps not help the Poor Publics if they don`t love there own poorer leaders.As there seems to be great many expectations from the alive one`s by the dead relatives also.This hopeless scene may have also made forefathers soul like dracula needing blood and will never like the society to change for there reluctance to face the day of judgement.
                     Thus we have to make a big step forward in all the field and thus election should be a time to change for better.Willing to vote for the future we believe in as need is finding real solution to all the problems not white washing.
                           And worst part is if we don`t change now many Childrens tomorrow may end up like us.As Holy Bible says of gnassing of teeth in burning sulfer in hell for the excessive corrupted and selfish rich Peoples.And as this may have been pooh poohed so I may be given a chance in life to arn other.

                         And see if top change many Publics below will also change;and even after my warning if top People still try to act smart many temptations may directly come against them also.This Poor Publics seems to neglect that many rich Peoples are also so poor that they have no decent sleep as well.So even if not from materialistic way one need to feel that he/she may is a very successful person in his/her own way.
                         But today if I am in a authority to advise and convince the haves class also then I am true son of God also.As good God will also not like to miss them in heaven.See even 5% of there manipulative tactics they use it for God`s kingdom`s extention  then this world will be a better place.As interestingly unlike in the other place not a single rich man is seen joining Christianity in Galo clan barring brother Gokar Lombiji who also joined Christianity when the believers in thy mission needed him most.
                           There is common feeling here in our Galo society that only a poor person join this religion.And they need to repent and realise there folly after seeing the success story of the Nagas and the Nyishi brothers.And so we also soon need to have a role model of perfection which can perhaps satisfy the Publics imagination here.
                                   Thus I am also praying to Lord for giving us richness so that the Missionery family also can be helped;as they are preying so much


for others and non is caring for them.As all the religion shows that the good deeds of the son and descendents help in the journey of the father and forefathers soul also.So time to now accompany and help man in God`s mission least your soul also get ragged by previous family members souls now in hell.
                       So there is lots of expectations from all quarters from God`s desciples this time to help us; as what ultimately one need is 6mtr. by 2 mtr. Area after death.And this seems to be needed to be teach to our co-inhabitents this way or that way.
                                 And for some may be it is now too near also and thus should not make this issue a controvercial issues;as my motive is pure and I really mean business which is everyones well being.And after writing this I have now feeling that I have been truthful to Him so your criticism will be of no concern to me also.
                   As many have resorted to more sinister way to earn money also and I am trying the way which God seems to have given me.But I have tried to tell the truth,the truth that will liberate all.As if there is fear of God then alone this Society will prosper or all the election manifesto and ideology will be meaningless also.

                            See if God blesses every road will be opened.And if I really want to become my peoples leader how I can tell them lies in the first instance.As nothing will be in my hand and everything with Him;and I will be always also needing your all prayer support also and you have been secretly given me that so far so I have reached upto this position.See in the old practise of Galo and Aryans as seen in Vedic period  ,there was natural presence of the divine power.As addressed as Brahma,Vishnu and Mahesh.And after this the law was blessed by God to command Humanity thus come Manusmriti,Ramayana and Mahabharta.
                  As at that time sin was perhaps less but soon the law was seen helpless and seems to have been redrafted by human beings to see there own interest.After all it is upto God to send right avatar in when,where to whom.And today due to the haves class policy of pride and prejudice and hizzacking the Godheadness only the prophesy seems to be coming now.Sometimes we fail to understand the greatness of time we live in.
                         Today God He  seems to have now send the better options in Lord Christ avatar this is plain and simple.He is the one which have been asked to be wait by all the religion and prophets also.But to understand it one have to read all the Shastras and religion doctrines with absolute respect and neutrality.See if there have been no Lord`s forgiveness doctrine

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