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GAME CHANGER :- My new Nobel ( part-XX )

is better human being.And mind it this will work more then the propaganda and blitzkreiz.And why this lawlessness be allowed to be passed to the future generation also?As Peoples are so much unhappy and earlier disease like pressure and stroke was unheard of.
                         Thus howsoever a religious man is despised he alone may be able to bring a true reconcialation in all.See the God fearing person fears non else;so the present leadership when there is tension in the Itanagar area is seen to run first.As he may be made more insecure of large property in Itanagar.
                                Thus the richness if made as the yardstick of election then this will be the only consequence.And mind it all the rich man settled in the Itanagar side they are the one who are really going to feel the pinch more as if the Hon`ble escapes then what to say about others.So is it not time to throw out the redundant leader? And stop living in make believe world;I am saying this because this was the time I along with FD Sri jumdo Riramji visited Itanagar.And visited all the prominent Galo leaders house.And not only that attended the peace meeting in the Ashoka Hotel.
                       For the Civil society activists of other part also; unless the Congress party in Arunachal Pradesh is also defeated; the Congress party may soon come back to power also,this many critic believe.As after Switzerland this is called as the 2nd Switzerland as the oppossition and media

is still pressurised to certain extent here and this interior place is said to be place to convert black money into white.Thus the AAP should guide the PPA in its tryst with its destiny as on its own both have limitations and mind it both have same ideology also.
                                                 But for official patnership we leave it to the prudency of our convenor of North East Regional Forrum Sri Neipo Rioji Hon`ble C.M Nagaland who will have better wisdom.But many critics feels by seeing present scene very soon the NDA may be replaced by AAP and its allies.And so all the Civil Society members are appealed to help in selling of this Nobel which may be only source of earning for me; as unlike AAP appeal it is improbable we will get any direct aid also.
                           As we have no national media connection and I am a small man with less courage and godfather;so this story needed to be told;as we have the national treasure of environment with us;and is safeguarding the nation.And for its protection the man with right idea may have to be protected also.
                         And we the PPA have been earlier never ever given chance by the corrupted Congress regime.And also given chance we have potentiality to make a big impact in world.Sometimes it is better to do charity in

 unknown place also as God is heard to bless the Publics living most troublesome life in interior place.As everyone need divine blessings it is no exceptions for Baba Ramdevji,VHP and RSS also;as everyone in right cause is our own that have to be the attitude.
                      As for Hindu growth also they may have to get help from other religion also;this Lord have himself done in His life and me in my own way also.As earlier I helped making two temples of other religion of course it was before I took Baptisma;thus hatred is religion of the devil put in human being`s mind.So when I have sacrificed so much for my own Poor brothers and country man please don`t let my sacrifice go invain.
                             See the AAP is a apex lookalike party of PPA and there must be a covert or overt understanding if we have to clean the country.As it will be impossible for them to come here so they must help us;and already our delegates Sri Kaling Jarangji and Naksang Tsringji have reportedly met the top AAP leaders in Delhi also.
                         As we need a short of spiritual relationship kind of thing as they are definitely our Guru.Though God have been really kind to me even making Baba Ramdevji know me personally and making cine star Arjun Rampal my one time College room mate.
                  But the friend in need is friend in deed and I am accepting new

friends from surprising place also ;to give there helping hand in this mission which may change there life also.As I have to also believe that there is also no dirth of good man in this world who probably will not think like some in this part of the world.And those here also if I hurt them directly or indirectly I really beg my apology also.But as I have also reason to be felt cheated so I may be pittied by the elders.                           
                        Its bad to see some refusing to budge by saying so many money have been already been spend for campaigning.And for it whom to be blamed, was many prophets where earlier not heard warning them to quit politics?There own stubborn will kill them as this time many may be reduced to pauper.As this days earning money is not easy and for the local Aam admi leader who are now in PPA even if non openly campaign for them they may give a majore blow everywhere.As the Publics know that they deserve to be given chance.But if there is true repentance we can all still talk for peace with any one.
                              Let us today unite for a better future;as new challenges should be also seen as better opportunity;see the new generations have much expectations from us;and will be happy if the rich Peoples have also blue print for them.See God is definitely there and sees the good work below.This fear of future should again be not the ground for permanent exit by the haves class in fact the philantrophic work in the rest of there life will

be there own true repentance to this society from which they have earned to much.
                         As we now need to be proud in one who bring hard cash from outside through his own merit;as for this man with no money have to be alone voted.As when intention is bad then in any project the profit making will be the motive alone.
                            Please Pray Lord so that great man like Sachin Tendulkar is also born here;as for one man whole society may also prosper.As the haves class investments in the outside company seems to have made the money circulation minimul in this state.And the lions share going to them and there family seems to have jeopardize the local economy; have they now heart also?
                            And they talk as if Public are depending on them;and forget that they and there family is seen as parasite on this society by some critics.How long the innocent voters will be blamed if one have little bit of shame he should hide his face.So good Peoples should also need to be shamless; as for long some have used it as weapon;as perhaps this is greatest sin to see someone and his family and few close ones looting this society.As for the sake of more weaker ones we may have to be vocal now.
                As some innocent man seems to be always made to hunt for the Gold in wrong place like misleading Publics to search worthless Lizard`s in jungle ;and critically if seen this is seen to be a cruel and cuning ploy to make all Publics helpless voters.As making other to have retarded mind seems to be end game.                

                    As main thing was voicing where MLAD and MPLAD is going?  And for this now I prefer to be with the majority interest this time.As haves class are only utmost 5 % in todays time and already by now enough warning have been given to them.And the effect is also heard to be seen in the sensitive place like Aalo where the Publics are heard to be refusing to let go the LARSO Incharge of Land allotment in transfer.
                         And this is reported against the Govt. interest to transfer him also.The irritated officer is now heard to be compelled to keep two sword/daws in his own office to chase away the complainant`s by saying why he is alone blamed.The money as bribe was eaten by other one; thus this is afunny situation now.Thus even the Arunachal Pradesh is never same again and have woken up.This remind us of funny story called –How Quit India movement come to Alipur?
                                                                     Even if I was a mare opposition leader whose role and scope was very limited in the place like this.As in the Arunachal kind of place no leader like to be in the Oppossition party as everyone is seen to be against him.
                                                                                                        And today I really appreciate great man Like late Tomo Ribaji the PPA pioneer as life must

have been more tougher at there time.Though shy but being a politicians I am compelled to jot down my work for the Basar area;and many friends accepts that it is a great work within the limited capacity being a outspoken opposition leader who was always under target:-
1.Helped the Kargu Gamgi brothers in getting there temple land from outgoing SSB.
2.Helped the procurement of the Urban Guest house land of Gori Complex from ITBP.This helped in cementing the position of the Kolpo Villager.The Ministry of Home affirs file movement was dealt by Sri Tabom Bamji I.A.S.
3.Helped the Publics in number of natural disaster occasions like-Nyigam and Nyobum with the help of the CBCNI in Nyigam and RKM in Nyobum.
4.Helped the progressive farmer of Basar through ICAR;made the distribution of 50 Nos. of Ban Raja variety of Hen possible with a officer friend.
5.Helped miss Ipi Basar get national recognisation for her bravery in saving an Old lady,
6.Made number of ralley against the price rise and rape and murder of late Bompe Kali

7.Was the first to exhort the Bazar Publics to start the seeling of vegetables in the market.
8.started this blog called http://togobasar.blogspot.com about 4 yrs. ago to help advertise my Place also;and pressurising against the corrupt practices.
9.Worked for the Publics to best of my ability as an advocate until it become tough for me to serve further.
                                So should the educated person like us should not be also given chance?as in place like A.P it is sin to make a non delivering leader.As the leader who can talk in State assembly,go to Delhi to attend the planning commission meeting without any air freight.
                    And one who can bring Investors for his personality and knowledge of new world is it not need of time?As the only about Rs.50,00000/- ( Rupees fifty lakh) MLAD is bit not less for place like Basar area with large population in comparison to other areas of A.P?
                                            And thus does this area does not need creative leaders?And even this MLAD and money from the Special package seems to go to few Peoples.And so point to ponder is this minimul development work may can be done by any one.But creativeness and connection does matter

in todays time to bring in much needed investment.
                         Who knows if a power and position is given to me I can also rope in a cine star as my States brand Ambassador;like Amitabh Bachanji have benefitted Gujrat.As it is now new demands to have master plan politics with political will to make our place tourist destinations by hoock and crook.

                         See those supporters making bombastic comments are seen to be making U-turn later.As they are the ones dating many leaders at the same time.And the God fearing good man are accepted to be good all the time;as see even the large corporate house with the BJP and the Congress party have also failed to finish small party like AAP party this time.
                              Thus it is time to show great Individual dicesion taking no excuse; as now best will be siding with the truth come what may as small party have made sudden surge in nick of time.As the hugeness of the party like BJP and Congress seems to have made it slow also.
                                                                                        Mind it seeing ones own interest is always better and the writing on the wall is clear this days.Enough

is enough of of this corrupted lobby more they support someone more there leader will suffer from Public`s side believes many now;as things are not same like earlier;the Public perception have changed more.As majority who never come to leader there view only matter;son in politics it is said undecided Publics decide the politics.
                     And this days they are seen to punish the one who resort of blitzkreiz in election;as they seems to have enough of this.The boy next door living near the Poor neighbourhood is seen better now;and mind it this is all India phenomenan now.Thus Oppossition leaders have no reason to be panicked on others campaign report also,as right persons will always give right decesions in right time.
                       As initially what will happen is drama only.And now everywhere all feel; there is need for a political revolution then only best will come.And the coming Lokh Sabha election is that perfect time for the opposition leaders to come open in the Public domine.As this days the saying goes,`JO DIKHTA HAIN,WAHIN BIKTA HAIN.`e,i-what is advertise alone sells.
                   And when the work will speak then the Publics will be compelled to change there views.As the Oppossition leaders have done no mistake to fear any one thus they can speak what they like.Thus there is a saying in

Galo tribe philosophy that-`the Dog running before the Deer is meaningless`.Thus in right time many Oppossition leaders stars are ready to shine as they believe in coming open in what they believe and the Publics only like this.After all they have sacrificed for this society and have right to speak for what they want to also.
                             And see what Dhuryodhana prefered to take from Lord Krishna,wordly richness isn`t it;which proved as reason for his own nemesis eventually?Thus human beings are ultimately programmed to make the truth triumph eventually ;but there is seen initial problems with the God fearing persons also.Thus who think themselves to be Yug Purush/ great persons in this historic occasions will support us;as they will instantly understand the value of this historical time.
                 As for long even the honest man have been criticized for there honesty by the vested interest in the top level.But in fact all know that it is few who make this loose comment and thanks for those persons who are siding with truth even if we are unable to meet them.And hope Lord and Saviour will be always blessing them for this goodness;as great are those who have a genuine concern for the Young generation.
                 And mind it many senior leaders are now trapped in the Congress party and they have no other place so now they are calling for support to this party.And is now trying to change and making all the excuse because

they have no other way.As the Dist.Hq. Promise to Basar town seems to be a flop show now.
                      And Basar area Publics may be now showed of  dream of better time that the present congress top leader may be  soon made as Cabinet Minister.Thus in this historic occasion prominent Public leader who is found in the wrong side of the camp may never forgive himself also.As soon the future may give demi god status to the present opposition leaders.                       
                                                               Honestly after loitering hither and tither for help from many Peoples Lord seems to have himself show me this way now to gain others favours.It was  in X-mass where I was shown manna in form of fruits in my dream,and feel like this is the outcome;it is time for all to be in positive sides as there is really God, have been proved beyond doubt by many geat man also.
                     See there is pain in carrying the burden of cross but neverthlessly there is blessings with it also.And the showing of purpose to a man in life is also a grace of God.And right now it seems to be reason for appealing for help from you for thinking nicely in the coming election as this is your battle.

                             And soon the history will point finger at you as they pointed fingers at the Peoples who where with Britishers when country man needed it most.I am hopeful even the rich candidates are not that bad man but may have never knowned that things are going to go so bad this time .
                       As I will do what I have with me;the feeling of God with me and hope of more goodness in your heart is what is making me to write this.And honestly the liers will lie as they are good at it only.And what I can do is write as I am a educated person.And when one who have looted is trying to be postulating him as a mahatma then why I should not also write also?
                       And see there is need to play a machivillian politics for the shake of the unemployed youths who may be in the brink of frustrations here;as I have myself tried to see the poverty to see the poor brothers pain.And some may be thinking Togoji have atleast his rich family members as his last line of defence; so clarification is needed in this front.
                    As I being the Aam admi leader is depending on alms only as this alone will be the way to stop the present goons who want to continue there monopoly.See there is desperate need of good ideal in our Society;as only the focus in the contract work seems to have finished of this State.And the foolish outlook that a man with contract work experience will alone help the society have made the same family in powerful A Grade contractorship position.

                     And in fact other top leaders will also not like those kinds of leader`s also.And this seems to have been accepted by a top leader himself by criticizing his top Congress leaders openly by person concern himself also.
                            They seems to forget that there browbeating and threathening may succeed in lower level.And not in the upper lebel and the Public have so far respected there positon not them.And many officers have also earlier contributed to Publics which they alone seems to be taking benefit.And thus this probable chance of Cabinet Minister promotion can it be accepted by the Publics when they know that there are more probable youth leaders with dynamic future?
                     Thus how long some haves class members can be tolerated?And an extent of the Public insult will be a top corrupted haves class member joining the AAP in the State of Arunachal Pradesh.See that will be the extent of the mockery of the civil society.This will be as if shark and crocodiles have promise to never eat fish again.See time is crucial more we criticize the plain Peoples of the country to mistreat other Peoples more we have to see is injustice not brewing not in our society also?
                 Friends nothing come by sacrifice thus for the future generations we must fight.To remove the misconception of the mainland country man about us for which they themselves are seen suffering.See why Indian

 movies are not gaining Oscar award as they never postulates the fact.See the Akbar the Great was a Mongolian if an Indian face is made as actor will the more knowleadgable western judge will vote for Oscar awards.
                         Thus this mass media and the NCERT book have been used nicely.Once Tarun VIjayji National Spokesman BJP have promised me that if BJP power comes in centre one of my article will be put in the NCERT book.May be more of this magananimity is needed to remove this barrier and till then there will be never national reconcialation.
                       See Political ideological division is meaningless there have to be national reconcialation in important matter also.And all the leaders even in the regional party should have pan Indian view also.The personal enemity should not be always tried to be scored and mind it what I am writing is a small thing in my area the time have come to throw stone at the Congress man.And some leaders who will be shamlessly ready to shift to other party and with them perhaps the band of looter.Or will this time there conscience will also curse them?Only time is to be seen.
                   Some top leaders may be hoping probably there grand children also should be secured of this A grade Contractor status also;and this is ground reality.As this society is it belong to only A grade contractors?Thus this facts needed to be exposed;as after declaration of possibility of the Lok Ayukta Bill also how someone alone can be seen to go with bare chest open.

                     As earlier there was no time limit for solving the corruption cases so the serious peoples did not filed the RTI and PIL.As unless one goes to logical end then there was fear of suspicion from the Publics sides.As here many charlatans have used RTI and PIL as money easy earning source also.
                   Thus my appeal to all the stake holders why prefering to be in wrong side only for unwillingness to leave your comfort zone as this question is for all and more so to one who  is still much younger and dynamic leaders also.As if there is serious thinking to change the system there has to be sacrifice also.PPA don`t believe in eating ourselves but given chance sharing with others also and;and so this leaders can be trusted.
                        Honestly there is seen too much monopoly in this State and the audacity of the monopolistic leader when he address the general Public is surprising.We the new generation hope to bring much more development even from Private Investors and so we must be given one chance.
                    And see as most of our leaders have no godfather so the Publics should get more facility if we win.As those who lie more are seen to be having a more lobby behind them like Shark fish.And it is also possible some rich persons son have good heart also;in that case also they should give us helping hand to show they have also loving heart.
                       And one can well forget all short of slander as the poor class

and unemployed Youths have so far never gain any good news.As for us greatness happiness will be when the youth will be secured of there future.And honestly in many case the senior leaders fails to understand that they are digging well in wrong place.
                       As today you can`t fight the enemy with the 2nd world war weapons.In fact this need to be told by all as when the main duty of the leaders.Like fighting for good bill in the State election is not seen to be done then for what reason he should be tolerated for any moment.In fact this writing a Noble need should have not arisen also.
                    The Congress Highcommand seems to be obsessed with waiting for the Arunachal money in election time for selling party ticket.And this need to be stopped for ever this time and already this seems to have happened also as there is heard to be few ticket applicant of the BJP and Congress party.
                          And for this I appeal all the Lokh Sabha M.P PPA ticket applicant and there supporters even if the ticket is not given to one group.They now need to show there supreme sacrifice;as they have come in the party with a belief.And should show there discipline now.See originally few had sujjested my name for M.P candidature also.
                            And even for the Presidential post;but one have to accept his

own limitations and above all respect thy will.And so always be happy with what little you have.Thus best is leaving it to God/fate /destiny.Believe that something good will come only,if not for candidates but for the Poor and helpless unemployed brothers who have so many expectations from them.
                          This State need now is sacrifice and we have already done so many in our own life.And mind it if the senior PPA leaders want to contest they also want to show supreme sacrifice as they have to do politics like a missionery.As all know it will take lots of spirit to clear the dirt in the Arunachal Politics.And see that is our prime concern of most of the senior PPA leaders also.But the Publics should also not harass the leaders whom they respect and for this respect there need not be any big feast also.As the leader who works in office after 5 P.M may be seen as -`DAL MAIN KUCH KALA HAIN`, e,i-there seems to be something fissy.
                    And for a close friend who is my own reflection in many ways ; he need to just realise that I am yet to ask for his Guru Dakshina from him also;as he himself accept me as his guru.As that friend and his relative himself accepts that he have really benefitted from the English lession I gave to him in College days.He sometimes jock that like a Chinese kungfu master I may have still not thought him some of the secrets.But sometimes ones own also seems to be impediment;lets see what the future is stored for me.
                              After all I have also certain limitations and even if last time

left the dias for some but cannot accept that all will reciprocate also.As the arena seems to be filled with Jackles.In the last election though I had heard one great man`s request and stopped my plan to contest also; but did not supported his party as I was not sure of this parties political promise manifesto for Basar town in election.
                             See sacrifice is not easy I could have become a successful professional man even if I had contested and lost last time and have not sacrificed for others number of time.But accept that last time I gave my unconditional support to my student; he should have contested as within the poor leaders there have to be love and respect also.But he seems to have been bind by his Congress party discipline also and as Congress party ticket was denied to him he quite.
                              And for the winner also honestly my not contesting may have been a better gift also;as some thinks we have more or less same support base.And that should be more then indirect help to him from my side also.And thus I supported Smty.Dakter Basar as MLA candidate from TMC ,even if I was sure she was loosing.As sometimes you have to give no scope to your own clansman/clan members to complaint in future.
                           And this sacrifice was initially even if great man like Eken Ribaji Ex-Hon`ble Cabinet Minister was openly saying my praises also.That if other candidate is pushed up then another one have to be again pushed up

from Tirbin Circle to divide the voters from that place.But in case of Togo majority Christian in Tirbin may be continue to be loyal to him.
                   I apologise to my supporters for last times wrong decision as the Dist.Hq.issue was something which was used as blackmail against all of us.And I had to also to show my loyality to motherland also;and this is time to punish some crooks who seems to be shamless and crooks to core.
                  And may be again ready to jump to other party or may manipulate the Publics to press for other candidate like them.See the day we start making the campaign it may be difficult for someone.How long the Publics will be cheated.I was incidently present in the lunch party where I feel like overheard this plot to dupe the Basar Publics by top Congress man.
                         Thus God seems to have given me all the reason for contesting this time; hopefully those whom I helped in my life should not atleast ditch me like my father faced in his life; in the coming time which may be my right time from all the angle as one Sadhu predicts affirmatively I will be considered eventually as friend and consensus candidates by all the stake holders.And interestingly his other prediction have also come correct.
                                          As the party descipline in place like this have been earlier shown to be jock by the seniour leader’s themselves.And if it so also this was also time for them to make supreme sacrifice for Gandhi family.As

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