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THE GAME CHANGER:- My new Nobel ( Part- XXV )

may be made to take pain to come here; and may be there can be a good settlement plan for the professional specialists in Basar town someday also.
                      As the climate is so good and place is so beautiful the good Medical clinic may end up good for them also.As Baba Ramdevji told a nice thing positive energy attracts positive persons possessing this energy only; and so will the drunckards will befriend a drunckard.Today it is highly improbable that the Publics will like persons who play lots of cards.
                 See the question of grave concern today is,why in Disturbed Dist. Of Tirap and Changlang the Poor Publics scheme is seen to be more successful?Is it not better to stop the poor Publics compulsion to make daily round of Itanagar for a work which does not materlise also?
                            As honesty is the best policy as leader need to sit near Publics like Arvind Kejriwalji;see the leaders in some place have atleast prepared there Publics for challenging time as this.As they have been seen as like father and brother and had pity on the Publics as budget is very less in small state like Arunachal Pradesh which is yet to harness its potentialities.And amidst this limitations the earlier clandestine rubber plantations are seen helping Publics now in place like foothill areas.
                   Though there may have been no direct involvement of the leaders

also;but those leaders may have no character like unless I gain something I will not make any interference; which unfortunately seems to be the common phenomenon of the uneducated and redundant leaders in nearby areas.Is it not time for them to voluntarily pave way for others?
                  And in some place we have some leaders who see the Publics with eye wide opened;as if trying to say those who will disturb my contracts work will suffer.Those who seems to give a face of reserve leaders like earlier Communist leaders and seems to have spread a reign of terror.There days are honestly numbered now as the clock is tickling back for them.As it was time the contractor should have been seen to do tender work in other part of Country also but they refuse to budge as if this town is there personal property.
                 And they will also question does Togo not belong  to a rich and powerful family also.But I am obliged to my poor man as they seems to have already prayed for me for which I am surviving till now.And like the Jodha was saved by the prayer support of the Publics for which Akbar the Great change for good.I seems to have got the kick for my life also.
                             The powerful persons and party like RSS may now need to change itself also;may be from now on they need to be confined with the national making only.As the agenda have changed now and the Publics now

only want deliverence.In fact all appreciate them and feel like they have already done something more meaningful and now should dissociate itself from one party.As they have to be seen belonging to all the good Indians as tomorrow they may be seen to be Modijis own enemy also.
                   And see the top leaders from whom the aam admi have great many expectations; they also are not supposed to have made a secret satting with the newer rich candidate and are seen to sell political ambition before going out.As this was the chance of the civil society to make a leader who will clear there agenda.  
                       The same haves class supremo scarred of me who want to bring this money issue to catch me offground may have spread the notion for my need for the rich relatives support.And some are so cunning that may want to bring this virus of mistrust in even my party forum.But this should not work any more;as all the senior PPA comrades have seen so bad time together;and already some friends have laughed at outsiders trying to pock at my areas affairs also.Having said that the repenters are also welcomed.
                       Though some haves class they are seen to be trying to change very lately also;but harm already seems to have been done.As the Basar town could have been better. The Basar area could have been good place for propagating the idea of large tea garden plantation by making Private Companies to invest.And see if there is good income the youths may have 

also worked; provided the distractions from powerful contractors and rich sons easy earning sources are stopped to some extent.
                    And the leader himself lives a God fearing and descipline life to much extent and this in fact may have been the only point for attracting others respect.As opening creative door for the Unemployed Youths and support this kind of initiatives,is it not the leaders real duty,then to eat around in large party and sending Karate kids to do the needful in election?
                          The man who keeps good information of the ill and diseased person that is also a good work; but he should have been today seen a good leader in all front.Not seeing threat in any move like the Stewards in Holy Papal`s time did  in the Leonardo Da Vinci`s genius work; and see the mankind had to suffer for it isn`t it?
                 And so the time may have also come for the Public to also give no excuse of getting the blame in  future;as enough of blame game.As it will be naturally there in genuine case also.In this new world where the history may soon question some;non will hopefully like themselves to be seen in the wrong side of the fence this time.Even if this is also common phenomenon to love his own dog also which have been tied in the house for long.
                        The time may have neverthlessly come to shoot at the mad one.Hope this time Peoples understand the upright leaders genuine


problems also.And even if they want to take money from non delivering leader will take for atleast five years which non will give also.Specially the close relatives of the genuine leader who will be target more also need to know that there pampering is for there famous relative also.
                    See why Tata and Birlas had they not become M.P`s also?As every one is gifted by God in his own field and this seems to be now known by them also.Thus those persecutors I warn them;have they also no service doing wifes and sons and after they are down and out who will give them Police protection and stop there transfer also?
                      And those who did not accept this justifications may be now engrossed in numerous scams;as Publics have understood now the money stakes are rised by the corrupted to keep the meritious out.And they may now fall down for there vindictive nature only;as today Publics awareness have increased ever more.
                           And today it is also difficult to make money as easily also; see the coal scams and its consequences.As it also takes lots of money to package,market and propaganda for seniour leaders ;as it have lost much of its charm also.And for the overimposing posters of the fatty leaders in strategic points;the divine God is there to make the opposition leaders


Subject of discussion always for good or bad reason told a critic.And this will make the Publics to Automatically come to the leader like in Narendra Modijis ralley even if there is snooping report about him.
                      And some poor leaders seems to be made to fear for there media conncetions as against odds they have come as light to be loved and respect also.As if some one is blessed in future to be loved by all the world body also;is it not a pride for that area also to back that kind of leader;questioned a friend?And thus this may have been time for the fatty Arunachalees to make natural realization as some may have become like Jacobins in the French revolution time and are jeopardizing the interest of all the haves class.
                 And this will be for there numerous Building and property which is now living testimony to there excesses.And whom they are fooling any more;feels many as the Lok Ayukta Bill may be going to be the last nail in there coffin.And even not then the Poor Publics are in fact not happy to see them as leader.And have to be told the fact that there genuine leaders have not sold themselves also.See the King of Khetri a small leader of a Princly State is atleast remembered today for pulling swami Vivekandajis chariot.
                 Thus hope ultimately better sense will prevail for some as the

knowledge is also gift of God and for long knowledgable persons seems to have been chastisised in this State.And may be there recognisation time have come;after all oneday every thing have to be changed for the future welfare.And for the Publics maximum goodness there have to be sacrifice;and see I have also made it.As fact is also that all is also not purchasable.
                     As most of the rich man in A.P have earned from surreptious work only;honestly it was only in the Aalo,Basar and pasighat town where earlier there where genuine rich forefathers and fathers.See having said that not all the officers and politicians are excessively corrupted and some are victim of circumstances also and have been personally good man`s.
                   And this is right time to show where he stands as brow beating will not do.See some enterpreuners like-Tugo Gankak Proprietor of the Siro Rijo tea Estate, Tiling Doleyji doing Orchid business,Sri Komkar Riba travel agent proprietor of the M/s Givvon travel and Sri Tsring Wange proprietor of M/S Himalayan tours and travel.
                 And Mrs.Binny Maya proprietor M/S Oju mission etc.are also to be appreciated.For not siding with the loot and mahem is it not praiseworthy? So nothing like appealling the concience of the Peoples this days with

absolute honesty;but before apealling to others for help the introspection that am I also worthy to be respected this pondering is also important.In fact one need non to be promoted also as one`s good work will ultimately attract all.As there is 6th sense in everyone and he can make out who is good or bad.
                      And thus ultimately in right time all will definitely flock to right person.As there is different between the THA and HAI.As the Peoples also accepted the Bandit queen they will also may accept the present leaders more who may come from 21 days fasting also.As is there is any other way then to show there sincerity;as so many workers takes risk for there leaders.As mithun sacrifice some leaders they can easily organise;but it is also tentamount to taking innocent animals life.
                  Thus for the civil society members even if they want to give 2nd chance to the leaders the joint monitoring group to oversee this repentance and fasting may have to be organised.As you don`t the pathetic condition that have befall in Tirap and Changlang for this chalega attitude?One thing good about the sardarji are they even make the punished person even if Hon`ble C.M to polish shoe in the Gurudwara also.

                         See how long the poor person will be always criticized for seeing a big dream?And mind it if we are not given chance there may be no any more hope left for this Society also.As this time the league of the extraordienery Gentleman`s have gathered now to make most scintillating and coordinated attack against the untouchables like the Akhira Kurusevas movie 5 Samurai.The good Publics of A.P and world will automatically know who is the best also;but much needed corpus fund to start a new business is also a important matter;this is no exception in politics for a new entrants also.
                  As the society have been really spoiled to great many extent in this part of the world;and the good man are made to be ashamed of there goodness if they have no money.But the political miracle have been also shown in our own society also.Last time after the spectacular success of the Congress in the Karnataka Bye election the Congress workers where flamboyent.
                     But the great Publics of the Siang Dist of A.P even managed to make 3 PPA ZPM candidate successful in Panchayat election.And even ASM from the Darka village;mind it this Galo land is the centre of political revolution in this State of Arunachal Pradesh North East India also.And now seems to have developed immunity against the fearing the ruling party also.
                     It is heard one Galo prominent leader Ex-Hon`ble cabinet

Minister Doi Adoji  was once having meeting with his workers; all of whom where boosting there contributions to let him win.But one oppossition leader Sri Domar Soraji who was present there said he knows only one man who worked for Doi Adoji.And it was Doi Ado himself; need not to say Adoji was exalted at comment of Domarji and is heard to have replied –`Domar you are right`.
                                   And perhaps this is the way it works also; as he may have slogged more as he has to win ;and the Publics wanted to meet him more also and he did that.As once indomnitable will power alone take one ahead and God`s blessings comes to an Individual according to positive karma also,which is heard to come from his forefather`s good work side as well.
                 Thus there is seen overnight political change sometimes in some place also if one is surrounded with psychopants.As not necessarily what he thinks other also will think,as the clever Publics have also learnt to act to be polite in front of the rich leaders.As the hidden agenda seems to be now,decive them like they do to the Public`s and there party.Yet secretly vote for a person if his family have a good track record.
                    In the place like ours the common Peoples seems to be now also liking the man next door and seems to be also rejecting the professionally successful peoples also.Thus more money is needed to severe this holy

Relations specially if there is matrimonial relation.And in todays time where in the mainland area also the leaders landing in choppers is not materlising .
                    The good innocent Publics of this area is seen to be more smart and seems to be ready this time to punish the conglomoration of the vested interest leaders,officers and bussiness man who are seen to be advocating the theory that through the illgotten money only one will be successful.
                      But the Satanic forces are also very smart and deceptive and one cannot take chance.As here the officer lobby is also very strong and they seems to see there own interest.This is so far but they also seems to be changing now.But as all the technics have made the rat in the laboratory also very smart and careful; then how can be Arunachal Publics can be undermined also?See the charity is very uncommon thing in this part of the world,though it was time for the rich and powerful leaders to start living an aesthatic and philantrophic life.
                     As in the old age in all the religion the salvation is most imporant point and the old Hindu kings is heard to have gone to jungle also in his last time of life.But for some Congress man in this State they seems to be willing to die in there chair also jocked a friend.As donating there 50% property to the GRK may have salvaged some of the leaders fate to certain extent.As some are seen as a through Banian then  a political leader also.

               And see more oppossition to them is in fact is seen from Yuva Congress brigade itself;thus who to blame?Rahuji may get dividends in long run but right now Congress party have become like two Bee hive boxes with two different Queens kept near by in a small garden which will perhaps die fighting.And as for my great face book friends of the State and Delhi Congress leaders.They also may have no problem if this seat of mine  is also left in respect to divine wishes.As why shamness in doing good work also?
                  As are the Congress Highcommand are they now also in verge of accepting that one have to be like Ravana in power politics?And if it is so then is AAP not there own creation also?So in this era of coalition when the prospective 1st front and 3rd and may have to be appeased in the future why not appease in the first place?       
                                                                 God alone knows the truth,as sometimes you can`t blame a innocent Publics who are living from hand to mouth and made to reject and insult the deserving leader.As we have limited resources and yet did many right things to open up the corporate world`s eye to adopt some of us also.As if profit alone is made the criteria for Companies investment and sponsorship then this nation will never grow.
                        So like the reported joining of Infosis Co.Ltd. in AAP after its electoral victory.But the pertinent question was why AAP`s credibility should

have been not apprecated in the day one?Thus some local God fathers/top business man are also accepted to come for our aid now.As one helping in need is the real trustworthy friend also as I may atleast help them in there business advertisement in my blog.
             See this challenges in life may have been reason where so much emphasise have been made of the introspections by the Hindu Philosophy.As what comes out of the atma  manthan is amrit.Thus contradictory thinking should be seen as positive development only the best one suiting to all should be taken; as all is ours and for our own benefit only.As all of us can never live with the believe that we are never going to die and thus we must prefer for future in positive way.And thus who also change according to new situation is to be respected.
                            And mind it this is always done in private life also.As many want to admit there sons in St.Stephen,Loyola and St.Xviers college;and many have become big man from this institutions only.And even in case of grave diseases the best choice is it not Christian Medical College Vellore?Who like his son to merry a Decoits daughter?
                   Thus we have to stop living a duplicate life.Please stop trying to make a false Baptisma card to admit your childrens in reputed Christian Colleges.We have to  think rationally;see the Samaritans a short of idol worshippers even managed to servive in Jeruslam the Lord`s own city

because they where probably good Samaritans-friendly and quick to learning.
                           As it is impossible to fight the will of God unless one is humble,down to earth as for God he can finish any religion also if He want to,and can also make a new religion also.This is heard to be written in Holy Qurran also,so for mare mortal man should he not think many a times for a big act?And from this doctrines one need to learn ,see it is illogical to observe what a Christian leader eat or drink.It should be sufficent if he accepts the invitations and shows his love and concern and this is vice versa.
                     I appreciate the other religious followers to come in X Mass and many a times our own Christians seems to be not as good as others also.But in the place like this in worst transition period the fault also lies on both the community for communication gap.And for this I have always tried to act myself first.
                                  As what a leader eat or drink in the festival alter place should be small matter for all.God is a great God and may be wanting all to have a big heart;and thus we should not see what a leader eat or not in festival and think of compare it to other believer.As this is Childish act;if it so the person concern have no believe in his own festival also;as a priest who is easily distracted to the Christian persons presence is he a good priest also?

               Thus even the Village Keba hall should it be not opened for all religion as it is not for the whole villagers property also?And this magnanimity have to be shown by the majority Publics in letter and spirit.See all this may be made to be written by me for countering one man`s secret desire and power obsession.
                         As for us we are also silently trying to cooperate with the majority sentiment.As in Umpir Uyu pooja the Galo Christians also keep the Are/restrictions like them.And I think the other religious followers themselves need to take initiatives to remove the Indiginious faith bill also as mark of respect to Christians.As it will remove by itself if it is not removed now also;as the Christianity is seen to be thriving more where there is more percecution also.A man who falls to such low in observing each moments of others will never progress as there is clap from two side so there is sound.
                So one cannot blame each other as easily for communal tensions;but we have to be also firm in our believe also and not easily change our stand as easily also.As non of the Arunachalee is a true religionists as of now; as we are in worst transition period;and there have been also acute lack of good Christian leaders also,accepted including myself.But nevertheless one have to continuously trying types.As it is initial periods so we must encourage each others and see others as our own as best one wil be our common asset after all we all are from same community


only.And if through some one God bless nothing like it, we have to think that way.
              See the dreaded terrorist also want to die in the God`s man`s presence.Thus we must stop the blame game and may be we immediately need a common platform to even unite all the religion also.As evolution of world religion based on humanity seems to be needed now.And like WB may be a new spiritual Head Quarter may have to be set by UNO.See 90% doctrines are same only,difference is only 10 % which is spiritual basic rituals which have to be respected.
                 By a good fusion only this world may become a better place to live in.As some privacy scope have to be also given to other religion followers; but barring that there is some beauty in all the religion;and only due to the communication problem the misunderstanding seems to be there.As see for a non serious Christian what difference he will feel even if he take baptisma in the Holy Jordan river of the God`s land of Jeruslam?
                             Actually this sermons I am making on the prophesy also of a Hindu Sadhu who told me last year no matter what others thinks just go ahead.This time God is speaking through you.And may be also as this kind of role was also prophesised by a Christian prayer warrior also.Thus should I


not be loyal to Him first.As the Assamese version of Gita /Burunjis said to be used by the Shanker Mahadevas followers in the Namgarh are also said to  be defining the symptoms of Lord Christ saying-
                   `we will worship those who come in the name of the God and born to a virgin`,the savior who will be born have been said to have been predicted as associated with the wood and blood.This Pandu Lipis written long time back is more reliable as the North East part have remain virgin land for a long time.And seems to have treasured original vedic mantras/chants.
                        See too much intimacy is bad as our less resource which is now refusing us to meet our Public`s may later prove as fruitful;as everything is good if the end is good.And if God blesses everything will be eventually good only as He is Jehova Jire I have to believe it.In this new world of limited resources and dreaded diseases we have to be choosy now.So we must change according to time also as God have better answer to all the questions.
          Thus I am committed to also work for this understanding so that the persons can choose best from there point of view.And try to use it for

overall development; non should disturb a person and respect his likes and dislikes.And even a good Donyi Polo friend was saying even they have some followers who are allergic to certain meats.Thus good that unnecessarily pocking into others affairs is diminishing everywhere.In fact you are reading this blog on your own also and if you hate this message stop reading just now.
                    See what the Public ultimately want is delivery only and non will like to follow a man with no story of life testimony also;as looting others it is never a good lessions;thus after a leader change his calendar is also changed as easily also. Thus knowing the truth and receiving blessings and good will from all seems to be the secret of success;who knows if half of Donyi Polo doctrines are practised in true sense of terms which must be loving and caring for others also.
             The great Priest kachi yomchajis great spirit may again born in one family also;as this is the main doctrine and harder part in all religion to be good till death do us part.Thus there is need for the Christians and the Donyi Polists to show there real goodness in coming election.As for me till now honestly Donyi Polo brothers have been shown to be more upright in helping me.
                      And in fact that is the main doctrines as the positive karma of the family seems to have been the reason for blessings of the family from

divine power in one form or other.Thus even the rise of great Philosopher and spiritual leader in a family may be also due to goodness of father and forefather also.After all everyone is God`s creation only and must be accountable to Him only thus never stop good work by thinking here credit will be taken by someone else.In my life I have also helped many other leaders thinking God will give me best reward.
                     So for a new Christian also he need to respect other unless he have that power to interfere in others life.And the Power is also accepted to be used judiciously by a good Christian also.This can never be used for unnecessary showing or later for his own well being there may be no more blessing left.Mind it this Noble was written also after thousand times thinking as my own enemy will be also myself.And if I want to save someone to stop him from making a grave blunder am I not right?
                        May be burning others deities before  convincing a person to be a born again person may be also wrong.See for the RSS and VHP sympathizers also they need to know that better not to poke in a matter which is in divine list.But in the State of A.P the congress man is seen as greater villain in breaking secularism agenda.
                 As for the pseudo religionist in any religion they will be naturally exposed oneday and may get greater torment in hell also.And this days is God`s direct action days and He was not seen as vocal after the corrupted as

it is now in all the whole world?Thus based on the Budhist Philosophy of depending on Bixa/alms  I am appealing to you all to donate me.
                               See the person who is living an aestathic life is himself a missionery and it is previlaged to help him.I am asking you to prey to God and if your heart only permit then do this.

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