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THE GAME CHANGER:- My new Nobel ( part- XVIII)

Commission mission then can anyone stop it?As it is highly probable that His will be done in earth as it is in heaven;and as some Arunachal Leaders used to shamlessly join a rulling party with much fanfare then why shy on bowing down to God`s will also?
                             And like Arjuna in Mahabharta this time it is hoped even the general Public of the Basar will be surely unhesistent to shoot at there own also for greater good.As does other Poorer section have no belly and stomach?And how long this conglomeration of the A Grade contractor loot this society?
                                        And the Publics have also understood that selective joining ceremony of the top contractors in front of political masters are tectics to mislead all the Publics to show as if all there villagers have also joined a leader with the A Grade contractors.While it is not so and the poor villagers have even no chicken to cut to show there displeasure also.See it will be wrong to try to do all short of further sinister act without making an introspection.
                         As even the powerful god fearing persons in the Congress and BJP party have to think thousand times to fight against the God`s will which the Publics also have reason to now accept after witnessing all this

Miracles.As the Lord alone can now save BJP or Congress also;as future is now so unpredictable.
                         As Lord have already opened everyones eyes ;what else He could do He have already openly used good man Like Arvind Kejriwalji and team to triumph amidst odds.That too in the centre stage of Indian politics;and this poor leaders cannot be supported myth should have been broken by now.
                         I will still respeat that great man who accept there mistakes,as among human being non is Mr. perfect.But the interest of the Public is foremost and for it what egoism and pride also?I will be more happy if all the Peoples rich and poor alike bless me with there core of heart.As we have same atma in all of us thus this was time to forgive each other and make a new beginning.
                                     See my writing may make the Publics to feel like I am obsessed with power.In fact in my last fasting programme I have completely left everything to will of God and He definitely seems to use me also.Even the other religious man`s who predicted about my good future have credibility also.As same sage who predicted about my younger brothers wife that she will soon become a leader.She have definitely become ZPM and that too was elected unopposed by the Basar Publics.

               And this is even if in todays time atleast 2-3 crores are needed for this job also;but she got it freely.Thus for one man interest it is wrong to give untold misery to the general Publics;as if there is real sincerity why not make factories and Industries by the local leaders who have become very rich kudos to silence of good Publics.
                                  But by there own stubbornness they may jeopardize there own future security also as world have changed apart.As today honestly many don`t want to become a politicians as it`s reputation and credibility have been lessen to great extent for few man.But one have to call a spade a spade and come to put bell in the neck of the Cat.
                        See the Congress man is seen sulking in Delhi and have to unmindfully   make the AAP they hated most as the ruling party.This is the mechanism of God He is above all and God of wonder and need to be revered by all.And even if one don`t follow everything of His command  in toto,but something non have been ordered to be condemned.Like the work of the Holy Spirit ,see the time is precious this world is for a moment so we may all have to think seriously now.
                            And duty of the Human being is to glorify Him and those who does that even if there is initial thousand accusation against a good believer non will succeed.So it is futile to jeopardize everyones interest for one man`s

 own interest also.As what richness is of use of unless if he does not come in name of Lord?As non is that rich to satisfy all.But having said that I also will be continue to need everyone`s prayer support ;least given chance I also become like them oneday.
                     As for me more concern is be able to be continue to deliver when tomorrow I am also in that position also.As if Lord`s mercy goes aways from me then I may be also a common man.But since I have seen so much misery in life even if there was world of opportunity for me and yet have tried to be loyal to Him.
                      Atleast in His open glorification I seems to have not failed ;so the Lord seem`s to have like this innocent character of mine also in advance when I was dying inside the  operation theatre itself.And saved me so friends it is time to make real promise without any vested interest.
                                        See it is only man like Abraham who is instantly ready to sacrifice for Lord who get His blessings.As it is ones unflinching loyality that is going to take him forward though initially he may have horrible life.As God is the master He have to be kept above everything;this I have learnt in my life.And to reach that level of faith journey is also not easy.So other man of little fate have to be also loved as unless God calls also great realization and repentance is difficult stuff.

                       It is better to be a good human being then a bad Christian also as being a believer one is compelled to choose a narrow road and the rule is same for a rich or poor alike.And many take time to prosper because it is there own temptatios that make them double mind and get destract from the focus and purpose in there life.Thus here is a chance to get commulative blessings now.
                    But oneday you are compelled to support the Lord`s will against your weakest temptations that have dogged you all your life also; and to overcome it is the funda of successful Christian life.Then everyone will respect you as this world respects the achievers and in any field you have to be successful only isn`t it?
                       After all even many voters may need healing touch of Holy spirit possessed persons also;as many even suffering from chronic illness may be not knowing there real problem also.As for them what they need is to get cure of illness.Thus all the top Basar Publics are expected to camp in the coming election to share the blessings which seems to be going to be associated with the opposition party.
                           For me if I have been commanded to do missionery work also;I may have heard that divine command more happilly.And so in future also His commandment is awaited as it may come more clearly to me also

according to new circumstances.
                      See interestingly it may be possible the most despised persons called terrorists may have more sentiment then the so called Christian leaders also,many of whom may owe direct obligation to Lord also.Thus every one can work for the glory of God and this loyality alone cross all the boundery.
                           Thus in this era where the 2nd coming of the Lord is anticipated by some believers it would have been good for all to change.As this may be reality this time as extraordinary things are being witnessed in this world this days and for His loyalists He have always promesed in (Psalm 91:9-10)
                   If you make he Most High your dwelling-
                    even the Lord,who is my
                    then no harm will befall

                    no disaster will come near
                    your tent.       
                             And out here in this most corrupted State for a oppossition leader life was really hell ;and have I been not bit spiritually inclined then I may have also buckled under pressure.As one by one all the oppossition leaders joined the ruling Congress party.
                           But for the never say die person like me the Lord have send timely help in the form of the social network cite and Lok Pal Bill also.Thanks Praise the Lord,God Tuz Si Great Ho  and so this story need to be told for the humanity to accept His greatness and sing His praises.
                       Then only then this Country will perhaps become like Switzerland the Paradise on earth;for the good persons in all the religion who believe in Supreme and Sovereign God and its creation Holy Spirit.For them more important is giving more emphasise on goodness then the negative gospel in the film and T.V`s.
                        See  my advise is let us truelly follow all great man who advised us to reach the pinnacle of spiritualism;to drink the nector then the poison.As said by Swami Vivekanadaji growth is life retardation is death,so we need to grow.

                         See even if the flying Buddhist monk ;though he cannot fly as much as brother Dynamo he have atleast begined also doing something like this.And what he says always keep your mind open;always learn;this so called CHETAN AVASTA /conciousness state is the trademark of a good religious person.
                    Only the called one can perhaps gain enlightenment or state of Bodhistava and for this one need not meditate also;understand yourself you alone know your weakness and positive side.And change and change with mass for a good cause.This is more important then taking part in kumbha Mela also.
                                    For the Publics my word of advise,` even not think of taking money of corrupted leader, as God have already rejected them and he will fall down this way or that way.And even if he manage to win by muscle and money power he may face a greater goonda person in other place also.
                     The way a cruel person always uses his wealth for his own interest you use it for the interest of the world.As you have also seen my testimonial life and have to accept that surely God is there.As the powerful words inside a person`s brain is what is making him to suffer with illness;as he seems to be always willing to use it for himself.

                        And thus continue to talk good and listen positive things talk for the least poor voters.It is the time like election where one is accepted to be more good to be seen good by the God and spirit of justice in this challenging times.Than everyone will see you as your own and will be benifitted;as it was previlage to meet great women like Mother Teresa when she was alive those who met her may be feeling this now.
                                 As how long after a man is no more he will be recognized.Thus the great man like to meet other great man to get divine inspiration to do good work also;as he knows there is need for accumulation of positive karma.This historic meetings are spiritual food for the soul;as also one have to believed in our Galo tradition philosophy where there is saying;both goodness and evilness in inside a man.
                          And it is upto you to feed which side to make negetive or positive energy more powerful.And for the one who is living life devoid of God can they also control the bad character to develop in there sons and daughter also?who are our future property.
                    Which will be the greatest curse living vagabond/charlatan life in young age or suffer later;as real life is old age from critics point of view.See there have been terrible price also to be obedient to Him as worst allegations,gossif and slanders where concocted against me and even if powerful friends where there who may have come at my command.

                         But I had to be focused in divine mission only as it is suppossinly His commission and programme.Hope Lord will have pity on the man who have sacrified more then me also,as I have to appreciate them;as good writing not necessarily make me the best person.But the divine commission to tell the truth is also not easy as future may go this way or that way if I commit a silly mistake also.Let us see what God have plan for me;but the wordly fear how long it can also stop me to do good work right now?
                      After all by writing all the good staffs I also don`t become the good man and the present successful persons they are also worthy of our support and praise and many may have also helped Poor man also.And also Publics they may be also pressing them genuinely by seeing the money culture as the order of the day also.
                    So please prey that God`s will alone is respected by all as it is highly probable that it have really come in my favour this time.As I have been earlier mightily being used also.And see there may be no enemity and ill feeling if there is a consensus candidate also.
                                              I want a Society which is free from all the fears and


there is scope even for the poor boy to grow.And for it justice and equality has to be fully maintained.And the leaders should not directly do contract work and spend his time and energy more for the welfare of the Publics.As if only emphasise is making money and Blitzkreizing in election then the Publics will grumble and the complaint will reach the heaven.
                    And it is right time the A Grade Contractors are help to do there business in other place also.There is need to help the Public to develop in there area of interest and the lower rungs of leaders must be also given chance to rise up,so is the class B Contractors and enterpreuners who need break.As for long they have been lied as lions share is seen to be eaten up by the leader and there family.Thus the new leader  with genuine vote Bank alone will be able to do something for the contractors.
                              And mind it more the A Grade Contractors also they will be better bet;as in place like Delhi I have seen the finance Dept. and planning commissioner officiers are seen to be in great respect of the personality of the Sikkim and Nagaland leaders.As there they see the personality of leader;which is how they behave-write and read.Not how much they eat and drink like we see here.Thus the Publics need to know this also.
                          They will have no two things one who can appease in there election but who can`t deliver in reality.And will later make excuses of highest order.See even no football field are made in many villages this is

when there was earlier no dirth of finance also?Thus this is time to tell the facts to the Villagers as the Poor leaders have also limitations.And the way others are using there money an opposition leader is compelled to write this also.
                                 As the innocent Villagers are made to believe that the developmental money is money of the ruling party leader.And as rich leaders are seen eating nicely in there house and drinking more poka in there house;they will also tomorrow give more development.Whereas this is a false and the leaders are seen as becoming brand ambassador of wine,wisky and poka for which many have died.
                      See some senior leader may be really afraid of the poor leader but may pretend as if he is afraid of other rich one like him.Thus for the poor brothers this is time to be cautious as the society here have been initially made to believe only rich man can serve.And for the good rich haves members who are also afraid of the consequence of the large gap between the haves and haves not.They also need to support us;as they can meet the Public of Tirap and Changlang to know there life.As the faltu money given in election brings greater problem in future.
                   There is in fact need to harness the local resources like -tourism,Horticulture and agriculture which can be a good avenue for the Youths.But for all this I need a team of good Peoples and hopefully many will come now as time have come for sacrifice.

                        The GRK is a God send NGO for me also.As I respect and trust there commitment for the upliftment of the Basar society.As future is definitely agriculture revolution which my father Sri Dakto Basar understand long time back.And late Sri Tomo Ribaji Ex-Hon`ble C.M whose soul need to be given standing ovation.As some may have hurt the great man when he was alive.See he was our own and have set a precedent and that ideal have to be imbibed to make our society more great.
                                  And for the development of the Basar area,if necessary a expert committee have to be made to see how best to develop the Society;as earlier the tourist building seems to have been made in wrong locations and no architecture seems to have been discussed.And there is seen lack of coordinated move to harness it;as from local to global there is need for cordination.
                    Given the chance I will like to continue the good work of earlier leaders also.There is need to prefer Basar town as a tourist destination place as heart have to be made good first so Basar Bazar need to be rebamped.May be best of everything have to be brought in Basar from other place.The poor farmers are seen not to get the good variety of seed in time;this are serious mistakes.As the best Govt. have to go to the least.
                               The election should be time to prefer the Publics for good future to come; so there have to be a meaningful conversation and question

hour given to the Publics.And that the new able leader should be is given free hand atleast for three terms as they have also not questioned earlier leaders.The emphasise should be also in beautification of the town and surrounding area.
                     And also same roof painting concept that we see in the place like Simla where we see red roop tops have to be perhaps implemented first in Govt. building of Basar area as common model with preferable white colour in the wall.As this will enhance the Basar`s scenic beauty as the building pattern should match with local topography.
                            The good work of the GRK is really appreciable there is acute need of coordinated approach with it.As the corporate house may want to invest through a good NGO thus any person who becomes leaders must support it.Friends there is now absolutely no way out then this ways as the MLAD is so meager now and our population is so big in compare to other part of Arunachal pradesh.
                   Thus our land may have to be preferred to be given as lease to Investors also;and the lake and beautiful park may have to be developed.And in this regard my elder brother is already developing a big lake on his own;we may have to work with Gangi brothers to study how best

we can sell our culture and tourists like in the line of Si Donyi festival of Daporijo.This way our Ponung party can be helped much better.
                            The family interested to celebrate the Togu, unique Galo marriage system can also be marketed by contacting the tourist officers who will tell the tour operators in advance regarding the date of the Togu in advance.The Company interested in the Organic crop procurement may also be facilitated by us.As after FDI there is going to be future demand in this organic vegetable which is find in abundance here.
                         The Company interested in vegetables may have to be encouraged.So that those Peoples less interest in WRC field ,and having irrigation problem can make partnership with them.The GPS can be used to make LPC of the land so that there is quick survey;as the land may be shown to Tea Garden developers preferably in the road side area to make Basar area more beutiful.
                        The nearby road areas house need to be indirectly encouraged to make beautiful house and garden by keeping best house award.The school development should be given priority and the teachers work should be evaluated by seeing the success of students.There seems to be a need for a spell bee competition as our childrens spelling and grammer need to be enhanced.

                     Thus this can be part of the festival of Basar which should be tried to be organized in Basar town in each year in between the January 5th-7th of each year.As in other date there is transportation problems.But this will subject to Publics response also;as many things may not be easy to start simultaneously.
                       The feasibility of the area need to be studied as all Village cannot be made to develop in all the fileds.Say in rocky place Gottery may be better.And there is need to do the market through a local NGO so there is need to help GRK to club up with all the smaller NGO.As through them perhaps the Villagers products can be sold outside.There is acute need of making a old age centre;as the Old Peoples seems to be spending horrible life here.
                       There the old man can make traditional artfects and this can be a visiting place for the tourists also;thus we need to move in this line with the help of GRK.But honestly this will also depend on the Peoples cooperation and some strict rules may have to be also framed after all like China we may not be able to undertake comprehensive old age centre policy.
                   The Poor man seems to suffer more due to the presence of the Mithuns/Bos fontalis loitering and encroaching there farms;thus it should be

tried to be tamed in a Ranch and one Private party may have to be given a requisite support.As our land is fertile but only for the loitering animals it is not been used to optimum level.See unless better sense previle there will be no development thus Publics awareness will be tried to be generated for it.
                               One reason for the Mechuka Peoples to develop seems to be phasing out the Mithun and rearing its offspring with Cow called Temen.As the Mithun is too primitive and wild and difficult to rear and seems to be periah now thus this need clandestine discussion and opinion to atleast phase them out slowly and slowly if all wish so.As today question seems to be what is more important?
                  There is need to do everything possible for the unemployed youths and they need to be informed of there job opportunities;dozens of unemploy youth need to be  engaged to do all the needful for facilatating all the unemployed Youths employment.And meanwhile for those who cannot afford to go to Itanagar also;they need to be tried to be given small interesting work here in Basar town itself.
                                                               There is seen of need of a single exit point for all the Investors.And also for the daily labours in each morning, so that the uniform rate is fixed for the labours.As there is seen no uniformity in the daily wage.And also in regard to the market rate there is need for by-

annual meeting with all the stakeholders.As there is no uniformity and there is seen fluctuation in market rate.
               The GRK should be the official as well as unofficial patner and there plan and policies should be tried to be imbibed by any leader who comes in power.Unless exceptional circumstance there should be no transfer and posting on political consideration.There should be annual meeting with all the stake holders like PRI members,officers and Publics leaders.
                       The previous report should be heard;New idea should be heard and plan for next year need to be made.The terminal natural disaster prone place like Taba Village may have to be given more stress in terms of logistic support for making pacca building.The Games and sports need to be also emphasized as the Youths are seen to be very much distracted this days.
                     The Basar town need a emporium the new house buildings if made need to be supervised by the town development committee members if there is adequate funds.And same should happen to any building made from Govt. funds.The communalism should not be not tolerated the unity and integrity need to be encouraged.The Basar town need to be developed by making it as Mechuka and Daporijos towns transit camp;the local leader`s of those place need to be taken into confidence in making a coordinated move.

                                 The Basar as the tourism destination need to be aggressively marketed;all the occupied land need to be given to the occupier without any question.As the Govt. may have to soon increase the land tax also and may need the clear report of the land occupied by the Publics as paucity of fund is accepted to increase in future.
                      The loitering Pig and the Bamboo in and around Basar area township may be needed to be cut for greater interest as to avoid any dreaded disease.The strict action need to be taken against the one who disturb the avenue plantations.
                   The land records need to be seen to see what can be done regarding the proposed Horticulture college land earlier donated.The Tai river of the Tirbin can be identified for advanture sports;the Late Jikom Riba Park need to be stressed in the Ego area;as he was a great man.
              See through love and love alone everyone can be won;as if there is love then there will be no communication gap.There is also good part about the other party; it has to be also accepted.For example the China is right now the fastest Christian growing State and Late.Abraham Lincon American president used his enemy Stanton as war minister.But many feel Basar areas enemy should be also worth respectable with a good ideology and vision.
                                  And should not join politics only to increase his

business.After this Hq.mess many are seeing this haves class with much suspicion even if they have now money with them .See the Arunachal Peoples apathy against the ruling Congress may be also the reason the other Country is undermining and tresspassing this countries territory in this part also.Thus now there is need for change in every thing our outlook and behavior also.
                    Thus few rich persons seems to have even jeopardising the interest of the whole country.See this outstanding border issues can be also solved if there is more God fearing person in both the border and are allowed to mingle as cultural exchange can be one point to make all close with each other.
                                As the China side also seems to have same philosophy like Taoism,like Donyi poloism here.And there is also lots of Buddhism and Christians also;so the Govt. can make an initiative in this Peoples to peoples interaction.And as such what about no visa also to the border Peoples of both the side?As may be time for the country man to evolve from 1962 hangover has it not come now.
                  As it was in forefathers time that war with China happened.And as such the regional party now perhaps need to be also given chance and also

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