Monday, August 25, 2014


                               See we all must live like a good neighbor as all the great religious doctrines commands. Do unto others what you want others to do to you.Thus the majority Hindu brothers their views and sentiment`s must be looked into also.
                   After all their roll for future well being of nation is invincible as population does count in the democracy also.When you appreciate  others good part then you have reason to love them also.
                      See the Hindus brothers custom and tradition of touching the feet of the elders in respect is it not respectable and novel act also?
                      Thus their need to be mutual respect and regards as saying goes while in Rome be Roman.Thus why much brouhaha on what a Hindu brothers does.See this mindset to always criticize each other is bad.
            The Vedicjis visit to take interview of the most wanted terrorist-Hafid Sayeed in Pakistan as a journalist also seems to have been a not much important issue.
                  It should have been seen as a personal;in all the issue trying to rope in the BJP and the Hinduism may be a bad precedent.
                     As this things itself seems to be the reason for the polarization of the country.The core issue is governance the talk should be for bringing economic growth which our Hon`ble P.M is trying his best.
                              It is time we see our own mistake first.As one have to accept that unlike in the lousy Pilgrim place of many other religious place.The Hindu brothers are not seen using  lousy P.A set in the temple of worship in the town area and are seen very understanding to the Public's displeasure and annoyance also.
                      And for the nation to be made great we have to also introspect our own weaknesses also.After all after Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modijis elevation have the image of our beloved- India has not increased also ?And thus in the small way also each one have to try what our great leader is saying.
              And is the image of our country now not that of a powerful nation whom all have reason to fear?Thus hope the neighbor State will not play hide and seek with our country beyond a point also.
                     Thus the cross border fire must stop soon and also undermining of the nations credibility by any outside power.And if it does not stop then we have to stand as one nation and give them befitting reply.
               And only after Hon`ble P.M is perhaps given another atleast two terms ruling chance only,can he be now immediately accepted to do the Chuck Noris stunt  to send Delta Force in the Pakistan to bring back ones like Hafeed Sayeed the most wanted terrorist?
                            Thus we must trust in our leader and give him chance also.After all unprecedented  natural disaster have recently hit the nation.And had it not been for a praying and fasting by a Hon`ble P.M the things may have worsened.
                   Thus before the adequate power comes in the nation in the appropriate time; why not also peace be given a chance also?As one day the rogue State like the Pakistan may finish from the civil war if it does not take lesson from this country.

                      As one can heap all the allegations against the BJP forgetting their own mistake.But one have to also accept that it is the only neutral Peoples like us who can be the best judge in all the controversial issue.
                         Thus for all the lesion to learn the Party who sees the real Problem of the Poor,destitute and minority have always seen to progress also.
                     As for RSS it have ensured the goodness of the party and nation by identifying Modiji in his nascent stage of political career. And for it perhaps Lord Shiva`s third eye is needed.
                   Thus it is hoped the Hindu blood running in the veins of the top BJP leaders will make the leaders to hear the voice of the voiceless. As their forefathers  and family elders must have educate and warn them not to do injustice as written in all the Hindu Sashtras also.
                 As honestly under INC rule the saying and the doing was always seen to be different. Only the richness was seen as criteria for giving the party ticket and so even many Congress man specially the Elites,sportsman and the spiritual inclined persons seems to have been unhappy with it.               
                    Yet their might be also good Public's who will like a honorable solution for both the country also.And right now many may be trapped in a corrupt system also.Thus let us hope something better comes up from the present impasse in the Pakistan.
                    See the one who also repent in the time  have to be appreciated also.Was Binova Bhave not instrumental in rehabilitating one like Chambal Daku Malkhan Singh? After all many senior and elite in the Pakistan may be also respecting great man like Baba Ramdevji also.And may be wanting him to bring a lasting solution also.
                Babaji  should now honestly be seen as great man of our sub continent now.Was the great masterpiece-Ramayana  was not earlier re-created by Rishi Valmiki who is earlier said to have been anti social elements in his is initial years,if I am not wrong?
                           And some charlatan takes politics very easily that is really unnerving. It is time the Muslim brothers in India also realize that only in this country their can be peace between all the Muslim inter denomination group also.
                        But unlike the Pakistanis our focus should be on our own country as their are some demonic forces to be stopped.As we must have the passion that our great leaders have for our nation.
                                                     See in the epic Mahabharta / Bhagwad Gita the Lord Sri Krishna /Vasudev blamed the trio –Bism Pitamah,Guru Dronacharya and the Angraj Karna more then even the Duryodhana also.
                      See finally even the karna had to accept that the real problem lies in non action by the good man and joining the wrong camp.
                          And this the top Congress man have the reason to accept in the State of Arunachal Pradesh.As when great man look other way in the time of excessive sins.They seems to be given more curse.
                             Thus today also the man in good mission with good intention even with the weapons can be also equated with the Lord Rama`s en-devour and in His mission to fight for the dharma. 

              As since time immemorial their have been always clash between the good and evil.Mahabharata is happening today also for sure and the old knowledge will help us deal with the present problems also.
               So the few knowledgeable ones must be respected as they are blessing for whole.See the great man like Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji is ones in a life time case and must be respected.
             You are the Arjun and you are the karna and when you side with the truth and justice you are the Vasudev.And for man like RSS they are always seen in divine side.
                  See to deviate the nation from core issue e,i-corruption the few good Samaritans  have been always postulated badly by the rich class.
         And thus in the Puranic age there is seen the continuous war between the Devta and the Raksas.As the Ashuras the demon who took Sura seems to have been despised for their evil deeds.
                        See the Sharab the hindi word of the wine seems to have come from Shar= the devil`s and Aab = water that is the water of the devil.
                     Thus the earlier Hindu seems to have been after saving few righteous ones left in the Ashuras camp also.See the story of the Prince Prahlad.As the evil doer may be later threat to others also so the Devtas seems to have been after them always.
                    As the attack is the first defence and this seems to be the one of the secret of the success of the Americans.As they seems to be filled with the sense of divine duty.
                     Thus their is need to have a CIA kind of thing for protecting sharma in this Country also.And for the national interest some State or society may be needed to be bailed out from the excessive corrupted leaders.
               Like by specially developing a new technology in the EVM which will reject/identify the voter who have already caste their vote in other polling Station in election.
                                         This may be needed to be made in some State where the democracy is seen trampled by the goons who are made to vote again and again by the money and muscle power of the few leaders.
                     Imagine the day the best one disillusioned of the Democracy join the outfits? Thus system have to be cleaned from the highest level. Or later it will be meaningless to cry over the spill milk.
                And see the sense of responsibility of Modiji he need not be told of what is happening  in other part of the country and seems to be knowing everything before hand.And is already heard to have closed the door for the INC leaders of this State who wanted to join the BJP . 
                                  A friend was writing in Facebook the difference between the Bhagwan and Devta is first is minister and the 2nd is bureaucrat.May be they worked under God to fulfill His will.Today also their are persons who are very noble and honest like them.
                      Thus for whom you are working?A true Hindu one who is as pure as Sindhu river will definitely like to make this country Devlok.
                       As singing lousy Kirtans will it help?I suppose the Rashtra Guru Baba Ramdevji and RSS brand of politics may help better in the nation building.Though initially their was many misgiving against them.
                     See the story of the  Lord Vishnu Bhagwan had he not take Narsimha avatar to save a good disciple from even the Asura clan ?Thus from the Puranic times also it seems any pious person from other religion is also a Hindu/righteous.
                        Thus it is time for all the good Peoples to unite see Lord Sri krishna have also emphasized to save the righteous ones not the Hindu only.
                     See in fact their was perhaps never any religious name in forefathers time.It was I suppose just good and evil Peoples .See Taking care of bad and evil is like rearing snake which after looked up nicely can go out and bite anyone.
                 This Sashtras are also interesting and if used nicely and their meaning nicely decoded can be used for the benefit of the humanity.
                      See finally the Angraj Prince Karna was convinced to accept his fault after Lord Sri Krishna told him the story of the Parsuram who took his own pain as the source of the power to fight for the whole society.
                       While Karna also blessed by God in his own way blamed the Society for his Orphanage,show his own interest ,and worked for the friend Duryodhana who also used him for his own adharma  acts.
                       Thus it seems the good God gives freedom of choice to all.Yet without knowing other I suppose one cannot also get the real meaning of the scriptures. See the Holy Bible says -`If you have faith as small as a mastered oil seed you can remove the mountain.
                    Yet it was Hanumanji who practically displayed it in Ramayana.Though the spiritual meaning of the mountain may be hurdles also.
               And the great forefathers of the Hindus seems to have been also always warning to do away with the unrighteous from the day one.And interestingly Karna finally accepted to die /commit hara-kiri for his sin in the battle field.
               And other interesting thing we see is for the shake of Dharma the Devendra Indra the king of the Devta guised as a Sadhu begged for Karnas kawach and Kundal also which was then  short of the Bullet Proof.As said to be given by the Sun god to his son.
                     Thus the highest power is really bothering for the weapon falling in wrong hand.After all can the Hon`ble P.M without any sensible mind can be given nuclear button.
                    Thus  good for the nation that a great Gyani like Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji is now in helmns of power who will be not mislead by bureaucrates. 
                  See even if one is not Hindu this great sashtras  need to be revered; as they are treasure house of knowledge.See the advise of Bhism Pitamah in his death bad for becoming a good King is it not like the advise to King David and King Solomon by their great parents.
                   And an interaction with one like Rashtra Guru Baba Ramdevji is really blissful as if meeting Prophet like Issiah in our time.
                          And the man who meet them alone benefit;and who knows they also like meeting good man from other community and religion also.
                     As for me when I meet Rashtra Guru Baba Ramdevji he was really filled with the love and effection.See if your intention are pure hopefully the great man will be more then willing to help you also.
                           As their will be instant chemistry as positive energy attracts each other.And in all the Holy man of any religion their is power.And they need each other it is like joint naval exercise to increase the power.
                         As great P.M Narendra Modiji seems to have arrived like Taizo Sakamoto of Japan the CEO of the Yamamoto Company to change the Indian nation for good.Like the laters passion for the nation building and connection with the Samurai culture.
                       The Hon`ble P.M`s RSS roots also seems to be now helping the nation.And thus we have reason to appreciate the RSS also for trusting in him when the other richer leaders where also available.
               And interestingly sometime the enemy within the nation may be worst also as they are the reason for the confidence and muscle flexing of the enemy of the State who are always observing us.
                As when the majority Public's are hungry and angry due to few ;they can also do any anti country activity also.And honestly this danger seems to be now looming large in this sensitive border State.
                        See if repeatedly undemocratic activity is committed by top leadership then what not will happen of the State?And for removing this real Hindutva one as espoused by Swami Vivekananda is guarantee to save this nation who says- `DARIDRA BHARAT VASI,CHANDAL BHARAT VASI ,SABHI TERA BHAI HAIN.`
                      I am not kind of person who even enjoy attacking the enemy.But leave aside earlier mistakes recently also in one top leader`s official victory celebration in his home town in his presence there is report that the  20% voters who did not voted him where warned to surrender to him on the communal lines by his top workers.
                See this are punishable offence and time seems to have come to rise this issues as enough is enough.As some seems to be taking silence as our weakness as just after it some more then 30 Govt. servants is heard to be either transferred or threatened with it, on the ground of non support their leader in the previous election. And even few B grade W.C Staff is also heard to be not spared also.
                                     Though this short of vindictive politics is even not heard to be practiced anymore in the U.P and Bihar also.See where is the freedom of expression/ fundamental right?So that the much respect will come in the nation from the Publics side.
                        Thus all the argument of the UPA seems to be meaningless as if a small State like Arunachal Pradesh also they are governing by muscle flexing how can they run the whole nation?Say may be after 5 yrs. they may have some points to make.
                      Thus it is time every true Hindu support us in this fight as I feel one with concern for others may be having the real knowledge of the Mahabharata or Ramayana.
                       It must have been written to help the man in destitute as still now some Panch Pandavs may be suffering.As if this emotion/adrenalin  is not rising after hearing an injustice ,then the Hinduism may be meaningless also.
                            And what perhaps is difference with the INC party and the RSS is this only.The former have so far always played politics for their own interest.But from later something still can be accepted.Had they not interfered the ACHA DIN hope for nation  may have not been their also.
                    As for the INC party which seems to have been given image of the haves class by few leaders.See earlier what they where doing when they had power?
                                                 But our Hon`ble Cabinet minister Transport Nitin Gadkariji he is still heard to be driving the scooter in the Pune.And with bare minimum state support is heard to have completed the Pune to Bombay express highway.

                              When he was the Hon`ble State PWD Cabinet Minister of Maharashtra and first time through the PPP mode.The private Public partnership mode and was first to brought the Foreign Direct Investment in such project and made profit within 6 month also.
                   See at least the PMGS road should be now converted in the name of the Ex-Hon`ble P.M -Atal Bihari Vajpayji thinks many.As he was instrumental to pass this projects.See if the Hindutva stands for good performance what is harm?As after all the belief system of a person makes him do a great thing.
                           After many years only a great man like Modiji have now come who is seen doing Herculean task that is motivating the Indians.See of all the blessings of God changing the Publics is perhaps like making the tail of the Dog straight.
                           And the great man like Modiji have always shown humbleness and talks of the interest of the majority Publics.Thus it is time the BJP is stopped seen as one community and religious groups once and for all.As he talks of all encompassing development.
                All the endeavor of the co-Indian should be to bring a unity and sense of pride feeling for all.Honestly for long the Hindu brothers have been directly and indirectly also brought in poor light by some vested interest Peoples that is also wrong.
                         Whereas the understanding of ones own religious sashtras will make a person more nationalistic.As the man who is selfish to the core have been put in the category of Raksas in the Hindu mythology.
                  As by checking the name of the fastest growing richest man in this State one can surely feel there is something

grave injustice in one place.And need not to say Hon`ble P.M  Modiji and his team seems to be already concerned of this places.
                And many critics are already saying this State of Arunachal Pradesh as the 2nd Switzerland for all the bad reason. And thus for cleaning this mess of corruption,nepotism and hawala transaction all has to be united now.
                     It will be wrong to make a single community or religion only as the escape Goat for this mess.This are few Peoples creations. Who are so smart that will always try to see their own survival.
                    As for long few corrupted one seems to have use the divisive tactics for his own end.See their seems to be some leader here who give a damn to all the warning of the civil society in his place.And using his propaganda machines to profit himself.
                        Even the PMGS roads are heard to be made to be decided by the villagers to be made by the local leaders own firms.Giving damn to Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modijis compulsory guidance of e-tendering of projects costing above one crore rupees.
             Thus soon some may bring doubt upon Ram Rajya module if this practice are not stopped.As at least for this State central Govt. can be the controller.As some may be thinking that all can be purchasable but how long the elephants in the class room can be ignored any more.
                            Thus this was precisely the reason in my last election I wanted to set an example by refusing to take crores of money offer from my adversary as some have to call spade a spade.

                    And many friends believe one Congress leader can be Secretly doubted to be behind the postponement of the previous Panchayat election in my assembly constituency also to suit him also.
                                 And doubted to be behind provoking his supporters to beat up his opponents supporters in election time in name of communal ism and regionalism.As seldom in a place one leaders family have become 26 times more richer in 5 yrs also.
                    And seldom in some neighboring village of a leaders in this country their have been seen 90% and above vote casting.And in a victory rally after election a leader mischievously is said to have said that in the next time it was time for the Publics to make him a Honourable C.M.
                while he was seen begging for three letter word only for one time in his first election this he seems to be now forgetting.How long the democracy can be undermined by a power obsessed maniac`s?As if he wins by good means we will be happy to lost to him also.
                 See when there is excessive injustice even the Brahma,Vishnu and Mahesh had to also intervene.See the story of The Raksas Guru Muni Sukracharya when angered by Devraj Indra he was about to make a parallel heaven also.
                See all the creations in the world is interlinked and only it seems to be joined by love,justice and equality.And the enlightened ones will never be happy after not hearing the appeal of the righteous Public's of this State ,whom I am now representing.
                          See the day the God really appear we will be unable to face His power and glory.Thus we should not allow this short of things to happen again.As when we all have been already blessed with His greatness we must manage this truthfulness and holiness to face Him with our own capability.
               And never ever allow the divine power to be bothering for the injustice in one place.As let Him also take rest and when that is done then only our prayer in the temple and Holy Church will be perhaps meaningful.
                     See the ancient Hindu King Dadichi`s sacrifice; and  I am asking for what is Public s due in my constituency from the present king in this State whereas Modiji prefers himself to be called as Pradhan Sevak.
                       See if one have been blessed with the writing power given by the God in his 40 days fasting programme.Should he be sitting ideal ?May be for the benefit of the Humanity also he have to be shameless also isn`t it?              
                                     As when there is too much oppression also the divine power seems to choose a person to also expose this evil practices in some places.This we see in all the religion. And not only that all the religious leaders warning seems to have happened after the civil right was disturbed in a tiny place like ours.
                                 As all the Gentleman who have been against thy will seems to be now seen suffering.Thus the Congress party workers need to ponder.And the greatest miracle have been thumping majority for Hon`ble P.M who is really seen to be iconic in its fight against corruption and nepotism.
                This manipulation ,nepotism and brow beating are serious questions that cannot be allowed to be happening in sensitive border area like A.P.But unfortunately this seems to be happening now, increasing the frustrations of the Youths.
                    And mind it we should be united now as a Country as Bismarck the war general have ones said-`never fight in two battle front.`And thus the internal turmoil must be stopped.
                         And the CBI and the Judicial activism can be really taken help of to nab down the black Sheep in the State.As if tomorrow their is war with enemy they are the ones who are perhaps going to sabotage the national interest after bringing so much of ill will.
                                             And thus  to bring Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modijis ACHA DIN promise to all;it will be each BJP cadres duty.But perhaps real challenge will be bringing this hope here in this State.As it is in place like this alone where it is really needed most also.
                                          So Swami Vivekanandaji traveled in the unheard of places and secretly also.And the blessing God gives for secret deed is seen to be more then what you do openly also.
                             That too in far away places as He seems to be dwelling in the poorest of the poor area.So I am soon expecting some Guardian angels  to help us and  I am real hopeful about it after all who will like to miss a great work commissioned by God.
                    And the real test for a true Hindu leaders sincerity will be seen  in Arunachal Pradesh by next election time opines many.Thus the BJP party ticket incharge of the Arunachal Pradesh in the coming election his credentials will be going to be most important in the eye of perhaps the god and man also.
                    As he will be representing the whole Hindu Samaj as the ambassador to clean the mess here.Accepted this will be difficult but their is great expectations from the Arya Putras as the man from the BJP usually from the RSS background are programmed to do great things.

                         See going by the Hindu sashtras it seems the Holy Ganga mata seems to have liked her son Bhisma pitamah also for her keeping a great promise.Not mare taking dip in the Holy river Ganga.Thus this Modi Govt. can alone  at least do something as great man Swami Vivekanandaji have wished.
                This result many is waiting with finger crossed when it comes to the State of Arunachal Pradesh where there is thousand reasons to put Presidents rule for economic mismanagement by the havoc created by the INC party.And who still seems to be unrepentant after lots of law and order problem.
                   And as the condition of the unemployed youths and the villagers is seen to be still horrible in this State of A.P.And the promise made in election to them is heard to be made to be forgotten by putting liquor in the innocent villagers throat each time they come in the Itanagar.
                               That`s by few leaders who seems to have no shame left and are seen to be lair in letter and spirit.Imagine how it will cost  a poor man if he comes to Itanagar?Thus will anti country feeling will it not increase for few in coming times?
                   In official paper records also senior INC leaders their lie have been exposed and the INC party in the highest level have been seen to be making false promise in election. See in previous two successive election  the Basar area have been promised of Dist.Hq. if it voted the INC and till now nothing happened. 
                     Interestingly some leaders in their own life he was even helped by his opponent also.And his opponent who had reason to file numerous RTI and PIL against him and his relatives also but have already given them ample chance.Even then they are tried to be suppressed directly and indirectly forgetting their all the past help.What is this?
                       And this is perhaps seen as their  weakness then the goodness by some leaders who by now have perhaps reason to make honorable exit from politics also.And it may be for his own interest also.But when there is no shame for power ,then some can`t he be compared to an animal as a poet says –

                As in this era of e-governance will uneducated and technically shabby redundant leader will he be able to help the Public`s any more?
                         This question is also increasing.Specially after Modijis promise of 100 cooperation to the multinational company in FDI in the Infrastructure development.
                   After all with the nation the awareness of the Public here in the state is also increasing.As the Arunachal public's have also come of age,kudos to the Dish T.V,Mobile and intern ate service in the interior village also.
                    The transferring of opponent `s supporters who are Govt. servants to make it as an example to others who are against you.
                                 And non performance in the main place like dozing in the State assembly,seen filled with the speech fright here and reportedly being filled with air fright also.
                                     Thus the BJP alone have the power to make a new resurrected India rejecting the man with dubious and nonperforming record.Only few man who seems to be like in the powerful position like the Arab dictators by virtue of historical benefits.
                    See I have no personal vendetta against any one but if one Gentleman is time and again disobeying the civil rights of the society specially in election time; to humbly bear it like a Holy Cow is also sin.
                    And the history is proof that even the great Hindu forefathers have appealed for help to the man far and near for the shake of Dharma also.                                                       
                           This are accepted to be reciprocated now in letter and spirit after all the kind of person Hon`ble P.M is he not like God send?and will he not like his good ideas to be fiddle down also?
                   And surely seeing his Akbar the Great kind of secretly seeing all the development below he may never like injustice to happen below also.Thus it is heard he personally Vetoed the request of this State leaders to let them join BJP.And many Publics here are liking Him for this.
                         And contrary to earlier view some of the local Guys have become famous outside and whatever happens to them that may be known soon in the Delhi also.
                          As the divine power also seems to have become sympathetic of some young leaders.And thus seems to have send social network cites for them also as here some is not doing bad.

                      Thus the next time the INC have to think thousand times before harming a BJP worker also.As earlier the INC taking help of the Peoples innocence and non understanding of the system seems to have enjoyed power,this is now thing of past now.
                   After the sin of Guru Dronacharya of cutting the disciple Eklavyas thumb who was an Adiwasi son this sin may have come to the Aryans.This curse perhaps is still needed to be cleaned by them e,i-the Hindu descendants.If one U.P Behenji statement have to be believed.
                 And so what better place is Arunachal  to remove this cast-ism,racialism and inequality ones and for all, so that in future an example is set.As lately this place seems to be the Laboratory for all short of experiment and have been earlier left in ruin by this Guru Dronacharya`s mentality by some INC central leaders who only seems to be knowing use and throw policy.
                      As in Kalyug also new inspiring stories is needed so that righteous is seen flourishing.And so the coming assembly election in the Arunachal Pradesh is very important from that angle.
                          As man great man accept the challenge and make his own destiny.See what would have happened if Baba Ramadevji buckled under pressure after the Ram Lila ground incident?And thanks he have succeeded and perhaps for it our prayer also helped.
                                                See special place need special plan. As if there is now truly a Holy place /Devlok then it is some part of Arunachal Pradesh,this to believe it one can see the Mechuka town.And so this State may be need to be purged of all the sin and impurities as this was earlier place where the divine power seems to have lived.  
                                                                   As the Galo tribe we are said to have climb down may be from the Kailash Parvat /Mt.Everest area which is also in the Tibbettian side.Thus who know`s as some critics say are descendent of Lord Shiva.Thus helping us may be also source of divine bliss isn`t it?          
                    And thus during the next election time their will come the real test of the credentials of the BJP Highcommand in the center.As habituated with the INC cheating and deceit the Publics here seems to have developed a fear psychosis/distrust to the center/nation.
               As the notion that all the High command are purchasable spread by the syndicate of the vested interested powerful lobby of officers,bureaucrates and politicians in this State needs to be removed immediately now for the national interest.
                      So by 2019 election the State of the Arunachal Pradesh is seems to be all set to become the Kurukshetra of the nation if there is no drastic metamorphosis by then.As saying is easy but to avoid the adharma as Karna finally did before death in Mahabharta is not easy task also.
                     Thus all the great man are accepted to join us in our favour.And to my critics my appeal-Why not change before it is too late also?
                This is warning for all as in the death bed the kind of pain one goes through is too much.I have seen this in my real life when I was dying in an operation theater once upon a time.
                        The great Hindu forefathers seems to have wanted their descendants to at least get one of this-Vaikhunt,Devlok or Brahmalok after they die.Joining the Holy war have been always seen as one great chance.
                Thus many in the BJP and the corporate world need to be like Yudhistir who took the worldly charm as temporary.As the INC party filled with the crooks and fools had the audacity to even insult Baba Ramdevji and  laugh at the prophesy of the Holy man.
                    The real Arya putra are not accepted to do so.And he is supposed to make an experiment with the truth like Ramakrishna paramahansa advised even if their was doubt.As unless a man is blessed also non will be that convincing in his argument isn`t it?
                        See unlike the man the divine power will I suppose never see the religious background but see his inner thoughts.See the man like Hon`ble P.M like Modiji have not happened overnight.He must have lived and interact with many great man to reach this stage.
                                And must have also faced many initial hardship.And even rejection by his own in the initial period.As others where after all mortals.
                  Yet Modiji  must have tried to see the world with the Lord Shivas 3rd eye.As the real Hinduism will he be not thinking like Lord Rama also in real life also?In fact the good virtues Lord Rama have is He belong to all.
                                       See sometimes there is a feeling that only to remove the unparalleled lies and deceit in the State of Arunachal Pradesh under the INC misrule; the God seems to have given chance to the BJP leadership in the center also.As He is great thus His will is best.
             As so many challenges have to be faced by an opposition leader here and the Public's woe and sobbing finally seems to have reached the heaven also.
                 So the time for the ARYA PUTRAS to show they really mean business when it come to keep their faith as the saying have always gone for them-
                     `RAGUKUL RIT SADA CHALI AYI PRAN JAYE PAR VACHAN NA JAYE.`And to start a Mahabharta and join in it whenever their is injustice is it  not true Hindu Philosophy?

            As by doing good in a most volatile place they may prove that the RSS and VHP mean business when it come to do real good work.As see why Lord Rama eat fruit from Sabri?And why the Kewat was befriended by Lord Rama?
               As he had to also set a precedent isn`t it?To show that the –DARIDRA DEVAY NAMAH and VASUDEVAY  KUTUMBAKUM in true sense of term isn`t it?Thus all the man are they not asked to follow this Raj Dharma which seems to be trumple here?
           And did Lord Rama did not shoot Bali the monjey king even if they have no much axe to grind only to satisfy the patner.One thing that makes the Americans different is this nature.
                 And unfortunately in this State so far the haves class have even been able to make the co-party man hate a friend on the financial ground which is real bad.
                   After all positive Karma have been shown as the way to take one to the salvation also.That too committed when one is young.Not when one is seen doing overdose of Kirtans and pooja in old age.
                  In the Modis era the righteous are accepted to be encouraged as in the recent national council BJP meeting also he have invited the good peoples in the BJP.And recently roared that the corruption is more then cancer.
                                    Neither I will eat nor I will allow other to eat-`NA MAIN KHAONGA NA KISI KO KHANE DUNGA.`This rhetoric of Modiji should be a warning to the political leaders in this State who have been earlier using politics as the best business entrepreneurship.
                  For a real believer if he is unable to move now due to oldness should sponsor an epic battle for the safeguard of the dharma.Thus from now we have to remove this mindset of throwing down dirt from the window which will harass the Peoples living in the lower portion.
                             As so far all the big dialogue seems to have become irrelevant in dealing with a Poor State.Hope such practice will stop with Modiji.And hope in next election he will send all short of logistic support for us.
                                     And hope he will join the Maha dharma yuddh to remove all the sins ones and for all.As the Chinese looking Peoples here are your own Bharatvasi brother only.And who knows your own Hindu gods and goddess are also fighting with us.
                                          See even if we get nothing we must join in for a good cause.This was the reason I challenged the INC when Baba Ramdevji was insulted.See in the Mahabharta also their may have been many good peoples who may have joined the Dharma Yudh silently.
                               And get heaven and this alone matter also so hope even the INC cadres and Govt.servants some of whom may like to be guardian angels for us.And if so they are most welcome for a good cause.
                          And thus I am now just becoming a facilitator also to give that chance of lifetime to do great work to some.Who may be feeling missed out in the Baba Ramdevjis last abhiyan.
                 Which seems to be the real philosophy of the Hinduism and all the denizens also.As if one have to he need to fight a tiger in the jungle.
                  See getting heaven is not an easy task isn`t it?it may be  not all about making a temple only.It is not all about Ganga Snan also.It is for Hindus also to perhaps following Veda Vyasas directives in 18 Puranas seriously namely-

                   The Rishi Ved Vyas says to help other is pious and to harm other is sin.And Lord Krishna -`..... PARITRANAY SADHUNAMA.`This slokas means the righteous have to be helped.See the Ganga snan may purge sin of person for one time but if he continue sinning then?
                   Thus the positive Karma seems to have been given main emphasis in the Hinduism.May be time to take bath in the nationalism ideology taking everyone as own and join in the nation building.As to help the righteous voters of this State may be more blissful act.
                  And thus for a true Hindu and BJP vichardharak`s/ideology followers also; to save the destitute isn`t parties real philosophy?As the religious doctrines /Sashtras have to be seen in totality.Only plan to Ganga snan after committing injustice will it do?
                         See how poor the State like Arunachal Pradesh is and yet  for how long this will be made like colony by our own country man?Non seems to be interested in the taking up the Fishery and Horticulture in big way and triggering other for self sustaining schemes.My blog could have helped them in advertisement.And leave aside the charity which is doubtful from their side.
                               Specially the top politicians and the officers and tomorrow by this lust of making Malls and super market they may be digging their own graves. And this dependency to the centre have been made basically by the INC leaders and their blue eyed officers and beaurocrates ,they must rectify it now.
                               The State sometimes looted in the  name of party High command also who only seems to have been interested in money.That can be at least told of the previous INC leaders who have only pampered the corrupted leaders so far.
                      To get the double benefit first to sell the party ticket at an exorbitant rate and 2nd to make them sign the project`s without murmuring.Thus the Uneducated ones seems to have been chooses to finish the State interest with precision.
                                         Who knows if a nice leader is given chance he may benefit all and may be more also.Plus their will be Peoples true respect to him and his friends also.So this seeing of the short time interest seems to have harmed all.
                        In fact the redundant and old vision less leader have no short and long term plan.They have only one trick to tell lie and deceit and using the Public's short term memory.And 60% voters who are lied upon are equally guilty at least who take money is better then them.
              And so see the look of frustration in the voter after each election.The top leaders who again seems to persecute the Public's by taking political vendetta against them.
                 May be only for the reason that they have no means to engage the majority supporters and the Public's in the positive field after election.How long this pathetic vicious circle can be tolerated?          
                        Thus it is in the place like Arunachal Pradesh where man more like Baba Ramdevji Maharaj is needed to be given party ticket.
                     As this is possible with the BJP party also;as they seems to be willing to make the Dharma Chakra continually move by respecting all the religious Peoples of all the religion also.  
                   See for the Arya Putras for them their idol Lord Rama was always busy with the bow and arrow to fight the Raksas to help the spiritual peoples.Yet he is worshiped this time seems to have come here also.
                      Thus in the coming 2019 election or in the mid term poll before it in the State of Arunachal Pradesh everyone is praying for coming of a good BJP Highcommands/Incharge of the Arunachal Pradesh election.Who is well expert in stopping all the manipulation of the INC by hook or crook.
             As when there is too much evil in one place divine power seems to be in command  of the war in the favor of the destitute like Lord Sri Krishna did.And who knows the present BJP leader for NE  is already one of this kind.
                            As in each election the newly transferred S.P and D.C with mischievous smile in their face seems to be speaking from their face that all the match is fixed.This have to stop now.
              A friend was strongly suspecting that even the EVM box was also changed as he claimed one in charge of the Lock up room his fingers where cut down by some drunkard chaps.And was asking how so much co-incidence in the criminal act timing?
                  See for the wrong policy of the earlier Govt. the NE Public's cannot be also denounce as beggars.Had we have been also given right development and right leadership was  chance to flourish ,then this States may have developed more.And thus loving and caring good BJP leaders are now need of hour.
             And so the chance for immortality is also a life time opportunity and hope whoever is in-charge of this most corrupted State will show his sincerity in showing the true Hinduism this time.
                          And thus unlike other times the local workers will hopefully be not instigated to recommend the rich leaders to be sold the party ticket for their own benefit.               

                       As when the place where the Sun god makes his first appearance is cleaned of all the impurities ;then imagine the showers of blessings the whole country will have soon after also.As will only doing Surya Namashkar yogic posture will help specially Publics from this State?                
                   Interestingly two Hindu  Sadhuji /religious man was also very categorical about me and said that - in coming election even if I want to climb up the Himalaya mountain to become a Sadhu; the Publics of the 29th Basar (ST) constituency will pull me down to make me as a Hon`ble MLA.
                Let us see how far a Hindu Sadhus prediction becomes true also?Interestingly one of this Sadhus claimed to have also prophesied my relatives and on verification interestingly she have also seen to become politically successful also.
                 There seems to be something in all the religion prophesy also.And as for me as I have been also instrumental in making of one Shiva Linga in my Gori village of Basar town.
              So the blessing of Hindu god may be also their upon  me though it was much before I accepted my present religion which I am practising.Interestingly in the end in the Ramayana ;did not all the Devtas also joined in to fight for the Lord Rama?
               See one who is fighting for the justice and equality today also he may be representing Lord Rama even if he is from other religion also.
                 As if a leader is seen to be a chronic power obsessed person and a habitual offender then will their be no divine anger also?
                And for a great man he may see this as an opportunity to connect with Lord Ramas spirit by joining the fight for a good mission , then to read the shastra also.
                  See the day our country is truly liberated of all the sin and injustice their will be non left to challenge us.As the enemy try to use our internal weakness.
                              Thus for a manipulative leader who I suppose have already maximum number of record of changing the party to their credit also, this time I hope the things won`t be easy also.
                     After all unlike the  Congress Seva Dal view of seeing Gandhi family as god,the BJP vis-a –vis RSS seems to be truly thriving on the divine ideology itself.To see the motherland like a heaven.
                  And may be not amused by any argument by the redundant leaders who always seems to be propagating the need of money in election forgetting how they have looted the society also.As things have become from bad to worst here and may have effect on the national security also.
                 And when there is a feeling that the BJP alone can now keep dharma in the nation.The other religious Peoples of the India should be also be understanding and sensitive to Hindu brothers emotions and sentiments also.
                   As why they can be also not given a good one time concession from our side?After all we are all members of same family.
                                               And thus we must also try to broker peace for them in the issue of grave concern for them also like-in issues like Cow slaughtering and the Ram Janma Bhoomi by speaking in their favour.
                         As have peace negotiation have been not  commissioned to be undertaken in Holy Bible also?See the 95% of the religious doctrines are seen to be same only.
                 As the peace makers in great religions have been assured the Kingdom of Heaven .And as the Constitution of India have really given all religion something to be secured about their future also.
                        Thus why feel insecure about rise of Hinduism and BJP so long as they do good and goes in line of dharma also?
                                        Thus I am writing this journal purely out of love for the Hindu brothers who have also many good qualities.And hope they will surely this time also use the good part of the Sanatam Dharma philosophy for the maximum goodness- e,i- for bringing Laissez fair for my Society.
                     As I have already benefited from the love of brother like Sri Tarun Vijayji Hon`ble Rajya Sabha M.P.And all my Hindu sisters who earlier tied me Rakhi.
                       And this article is only an attempt for future well being of everyone by trying to fine tune relationship of all the community of India.As the message that if you are good others will be also good need to be told.
                I feel for the national interest there can be open debate on all the controversial issues that is not seen helping the unity of the Country also.
                      And for it first the brotherhoods feeling have to be brought in.And as everyone is hungry for love so how long we can be stopped from coming near to each other?
                   As our India is a religious place and this things are material as their should not be an iota of doubt left that all the religion want strong nation and through mutual respect alone a solution will come.
                            See the divine power is something if it is not understood then we may not be able to use it nicely also.And for it we must remove our personal egoism.Non is superior or inferior only the man with the vested interest likes to create this rift.        
                            See as a man from  a neutral body if we interfere in certain sensitive subjects then it may be appreciated; but when the Muslim or Hindu brother say their may be war cry.
              And so this silly misunderstanding need to be removed ones and for all.And other must give their helping hand in bringing peace.When other religion is seen at loggerhead.
                           Specially in context of controversial issues like-Cow slaughtering and Ram Janma Bhoomi issue.As the good man must not be silent in trying to solve a human problem.
           Thus the burden will be more on the elders of the society to think before hand in the coming time.As the spark neglected should not burn the house.And for this we have to think as an Indian as a good man placing oneself in others position also.
                 And contrary to the doubts we must also appreciate the work of great man like-Yog Guru Baba Ramdevji.As the Yogasan seems to be the only exercise for the brain and mechanism to connect with the environment.
                    And since time immemorial seems to have been practiced in all the religion in one form of other.Even inside the mothers womb the baby seems to have been doing yogic postures.
               And lately this joint Yoga exercises have united all the religious man.And in our country this is best cheapest form of substitute for exercise for the poor brothers and sisiters also.
              Thus by mutual love,regards and respects alone we can survive.Interestingly today even the Americans is seen doing this Yogic exercise also.So why we should be not praising our own like Baba Ramdevji who is seen doing great work.                   
              And good to now hear that the Christian country like Switzerland have also shown its magnanimity to help the country in the Black money issue.
                 See with love to God with all our might and by loving the neighbor alone we can appease God this is as said in Holy Bible also.And the Western Countries must show it in the letter and spirit also.
                       As the quantum of the civil right alone today show the greatness of a country.It is only in a jungle Raaj created by few where the Publics are seen to be suffering.
                 And this love to divine power is in fact will be following His doctrines which is definitely against keeping others illgotten money,This is If I am not wrong also.Thus I have been always appealing the Christian countries to refrain from doing this practice also.
                            As being Indian I must be of help to my own Country in my own way and sing-`HAR KARAM APNA KARENGE E WATAN TERE LIYE, DIL DIYA HAIN JAN BHI DENGE EH WATAN TERE LIYE`.Thus all please think of being an actor for the nation not a villain.
                            And see when there is too much manipulation and monopoly against the poor and destitute then God use someone like Rashtra Guru Baba Ramdevji also.
                          And it is our duty to show our respect to a great man who have a midst hopeless have shown it is possible to fight with the dark.
                 As their was time non was saying anything so same burden seems to have now felled on me in this State also.And as I am a small man unlike Babaji thus your all help is awaited.As if a man have clean heart all will ultimately take him as their own it is ultimately it is hoped.
                     As what country need is real fighter and inspired by him alone many helper may come to the State of Arunachal Pradesh also.
                          This is the power of great man, he creates a ripples in society and this helps in spreading of goodness.Till others are filled with love for his mission which becomes others also.Thus I appeal all the great Peoples to help us.
               The place where the knowledgeable and Scholars  have been not respected that country will never flourish also.See what kautilya said in Arthasahstra - `RAJASYA MULYAM DHARMMAM,DHARMASYA MULYAM NITI,NITISHYA MULYAM VRIDHAM,`
                    I am proud to be associated with Babaji in his thick and thin times also.And even though I am a poor leader hope his blessings will help me.As after my life testimony  non of the BJP High command will like to stand against the divine warning this I fervently hope also.
                 As in earlier election also the INC seems to have get the setback for meddling with the divine plan in my 29th Basar (ST) Assembly constituency State election.After all the religious Peoples prophesy cannot be undermined also.
                               As most of the religious persons of all the religion was short of opining a divine will was their for having leadership change in small Basar area which the INC party seems to have objected in toto.
                      It is possible when in an small area also if there is too much injustice then the God will personally intervene and if some stand against it.The world have seen the consequences also.

                        See what is now the condition of the INC Party in whole country?Is it not like in the I.C.U?So the critics need to see when the root itself is dried up how long the branch and the leaf will be green?
                     Thus the INC cadres worst nightmare seems to have come.As in the end bad things happen to the unrighteous ones this seems to be poised to happen to old leaders here in this State of Arunachal Pradesh also.And yet still they have some times to repent also thus they need to introspect.
                  This divine warning from religious Peoples was earlier also conveyed to all the top brass of the INC party also so non can complain now.Even in the letter,verbal and in the Facebook this was published before election.
                 See non takes hard stand against the divine warning specially the sensitive party like BJP and god fearing persons like RSS.
            Thus may be the INC top brass have to again go for long meditation if it want to get the divine pardon also.After all that have been the earlier practice also as seen in the olden Kings time.
                     Unfortunately the worst INC members seems to have don was by first trying to exalt Gandhi family as godly persons.
          And fill so much evil in the society for their own selfish gain.See non of the Arunachal leaders are that rich to gift a party observer/ticket Incharge with a Helicopter also.
             So why so much lust for money by the earlier senior Congress man of Delhi also?They seems to have finished their own party for hurting this God`s chosen and beloved Peoples;as He seems to love the more desperadoes.
                         Thus why not be selfless in coming time by all the stake holders.As this State truly need is one time political revolution to ones more have faith in the God and nationhood also.
                     This can be at-least talked of place like Tirap and Changlang where the frustrated youths seems to have taken up weapon`s also.And it should not spread to other place also see every action have equal reaction and how can the centre can alone blame the outfits for bringing this mess?
                  Thus for the nations interest best will be keeping the Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modijis promise and following the divine will.As non will like the violence and desperation is passed on to the new generation.
                              It is pertinent to mention that still now Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modijis fans are upset with the INC ruled Govt. in A.P for initially not allowing Modijis chopper to land in Itanagar in 2014 election.
                    And worst they will like is tomorrow giving away of party ticket to defector from the INC specially who where in helmns of power at that time.As for long a few group`s who have abused power in this state can be tolerated ?
                     And it is perhaps  time to do away with them also.As how long off dated and redundant leaders can be given chance for their shamelessness?
                    As making them to further rule here will be completely sin.As some of them seems to have become divine curse for INC and may doom the BJP also if they are taken in this some believes.
                See the great man`s and parties likes others also to excel like them, unlike some of our State redundant leaders who seems to don`t like the good persons to come up in life.
                And some will perhaps surely be after me like wild dog specially after this disclosures. Yet the French revolution have happened in any case isn`t it?
                    May be my own relative may be promised ticket next time and shown day dream and used against me.Never mind for truth some have to take bold stand also.

                   As all the country man is now with me and the word of encouragement in the e-mail I receive daily is really encouraging.And see can I have not also taken up the weapon for which many brothers and sisters are dying?
                       And one political leader who even cancelled the appointment with him before election ,now can he blame me for not talking also?As from my side I was always ready to discuss anything inside the sun and today also.
                 But God have unique plans,soon their may establish a family relations with some of the powerful regional satraps also,who may be right not vying for my head`s.
                                  As one never know the future and also if my critic if he is also a good man.One never know soon he may also send olive branch to me.
                      And fortunately already all the man who matter in this state are my friends also.And many personally conveyed their request to me also stating please don`t attack them personally.
                          As a Hindu pracharak was ones telling me-`See in the end the good things eventually  happen to the good person.`As soon the Hindu brothers have also reason to declare me and as their most favored friend.I have to be hopeful of future.
                               Not that I am writing now but when the Gandhi Raj was surmounting the Ram Rajya also, I had even then the audacity to criticize the INC excess.
                           And this many Hindu friends seems to like about me also.And hope this bonhomie will continue as if I have stood by them in the worst of their time they may also feel inspired to help me also.

                     After all for a Hindu when a Bhrahmin is illtreated he was suppose to lodge a protest.And in earlier times all the God gifted person seems to have been originally called as Brahmin also.
                               I am really grateful to one Shiv Bhakt Miss.Doken Doke for her out of the way help in my previous election.The great lady have allowed her shop to be used as my party office in the 2014 State election.And it is pertinent to mention that she have given her top shop building in Basar town for Shivjis temple also.
                        That`s the true devotion from my perspective. As for the Mohan Bhagwatjis controversial remark like should the India be called as Hindustan also my stand will be surely depending on the kind of the help RSS gives to us in the future.As for now I have already become fan of disciple of this shiv Bhakt.
                           As if the Hindustan means love for justice and equality from true sense of term well and good.And the coming election will be their to be seen.
                     See when their have been prolong injustice to Public then I have a reason to say this also.See with a visionary leader prosperity will be more for all perhaps for even them who are called as outfits now.
                             And see everyone will like goodness to come to all it is wrong to think that others are not thinking same.Even some of my enemies whom in fact I don`t see as enemy only may be misleaded lots.They may finally realize their folly also.And man who have never committed any sin?

                   As for Hon`ble P.M in his Ladakh visit he made categorical statement-`neither he will eat money nor allow others to eat`.And this is the real issue which the Public's want to see in their leaders ,specially in the party ticket distribution time in election.
                         That too in the State of the Arunachal pradesh.In the coming time the BJP should openly ask the Publics in the facebook and the websites so that Publics view are taken in giving party ticket.
                              As this may satisfy us even if we miss it;as for one time sake the political revolution is need of hour here in this State.And the divine power may never pardon the BJP if it also don`t do something like this here.
                        As in fact critically seen this BJP seems to be gods and goddesses party and many have terrible expectations from it.
                    As the real anger against the RSS and VHP by the INC and the haves class seems to be; they are seen to be in mood to bring a change which middle and lower classes always wanted.
                    And this the top rich class always prone to omission and commission in Arunachal Pradesh in particular and the nation seems to be hating most.And as the writer of the book –the trilogy of the Shiva says the N.E Publics mostly as descendents of the Lord Shiva who lived in the Tibbetian plateau thus the Publics of this area need to be sympathetic by the mainstream believer in the Hindu ideology.
                    And as Modiji have very much raised the stake for the nation.The Arunachal brothers must be also rescued and the best leader must be given chance to evolve.
                     And honestly my open lam bast against the Gandhi family after the Ramlila ground incident happening after Rashtra Guru Baba Ramdevji was insulted seems to have made me also Gandhi family number one enemy also.As kind of money felled against me in 2014 election God knows from where it come?
                     My being ex-student of a Hindu school`s- Ramakrishna Mission School Aalo Arunachal Pradesh also seems to be helping me to know the Hindu sentiments.And thus at that time when Babaji was insulted in Ram lila ground perhaps made me unable to witness that injustice.
                    And as Baba Ramdevji is one of his own kind also and as the great man show his real nerve in the bad time.He truly bounced back becoming more stronger also that only Babaji can alone do also.And I am truly privileged to be personally addressed by him.
                 And this seems to have made him more adorable also.And as  for the Swiss Bank less money disclosure contrary to Babajis claim the Swiss bank is heard to be deducting 5% money from the depositor annually and so most of the money may have been already consumed by them.Thus can Babaji can be blamed for his earlier wrong figure?
                   But for me the million dollar question is-will Babaji remember his promise made to me to put me in his close friends list.As this was presumed from his comment made to me.As in his Itanagar Arunachal Pradesh visit before Ram Lila incident Babaji had put his hand in my head and said lovingly-
                          `Togo Beta you are in my hit list`.Hope Yug purush/Yog Guru/Rashtra Guru Baba Ramdevji will remember what he said in presence of brother Tsri Naksang PPA State Gen.Secy.As now I am really waiting for his Kripa Drishti also.And the great man may keep his word also.
              As Modiji is now seen sending Brahmastra missile against the excessive corrupt practisers.

A.The Cow should be respected for its utility:-
                        I am supporting for the banning of cow slaughtering in India barring in exceptional cold place like N.E where the Peoples are very poor and have been eating Cow since ages.
                        And here beef eating may be needed for increasing the body temperature.So the Public's have to be made aware of the ill effects of the red meat.And seldom we have seen the discussions on this points and which seems to be needed more also.As this things seems to be really effecting the health and psyche of the nation.
                       See a very different law-Assam Frontier Act made by Britishers guide the law here.And Beef eating can be also excused to the North east Peoples to some extent for not taking much Cow milk.Besides due to lack of much agriculture field the Cow is also not used for tilling the agriculture land.
                      However I also appeal to the NE brothers that God have made better meats more testier and suiting to today's time.Thus this substitutes like Goat meat can be can be considered.In fact this is more testier also.I find all the red meats all the more same.
               As doing anything to breach the gap between the north and south is in our interest.As for so many years we have remain cut of from the mainland. Geographically and emotionally and this need to be removed by any means and removal will be in our own interest.See we can`t now leg behind the development.
                     And the mainland Indians should also respect the local sentiments of the N.E and have to accept that lately that gap is diminishing from our side also.Hopefully after the release of the movie-`MERRY KOM`, hope  the co-country man will appreciate the NE views more.
                    It is pertinent to mention that in my Donyi Polo custom and tradition also earlier Cow was not sacrificed randomly also.Unless their was demand from spirit; the Priest seems to have not advocated for unnecessarily  cutting of Cow in sacrifice also.
               This process must have been similarly practice earlier in the vedic era by the Hindu forefathers,as reported in Vedic era/ ancient India's time the Aryans are also sometimes alleged of taking this beef meat sometimes.
               But after seeing the demerit of the beef and its ill effect the great Rishi Munis seems to have advocated for abolishing it.And the learned forefathers must have seen something faulty in this.
                   May be the Holiness of this place don`t make the beef meat fit for human being.After all we are living so near to the Kailash Parvat.The abode of the Lord Shiva.
              See earlier the Aryans and the Mughals our co-Mongolians where so tall and strong.As interestingly this was the era where basically the Deer and Goat seems to have been the main source of Protein.
            The Cow besides seen as sacred for its milk seems to have been also respected for its association with Lord Shiva by Hindu brothers.As Nandi Bull was said to be favorite of the Lord Shiva.
               In fact the Bharat Varsha culture seems to have fused many beliefs and ethos since time immemorial.And it is our duty to follow the best existing system as every forefathers role seems to be their in its making.And something now practiced by the Hindu brothers and sisters that culture may have originated from our forefathers also.
                      See even if not worshiped but is the Cow giving 30 Ltr.milk in the foreign country not form of the Kam Dhenu Gai/divine Cow?Thus who will not regard a cow that lays golden goose?Thus reverence of Cow have been always their directly and indirectly everywhere.
                        See even the Arab Muslim man  who are supposed to be more relishing in the Beef meat seems to have been not bestowed with Cow in Arab land where the Holy Quran originated.
                       Thus this random killing of cow is seen to be wrong even in Muslim house.After all Islam originated in Saudi Arabia and the practice their ought to have been followed here more, this is accepted by many.
                     The fanatics their also seems to be more interested in hunting the oil field and propagating terrorism. Rather then relishing the beef meet which only seems to be the good pastime here in this Asian Subcontinent by the Muslims.
                                It even seems; in earlier occasion also their was really no Cow in the desert area also.As the land must have been desert since long time.Thus identifying the Islam brothers with the Beef eating may be wrong.
              The confrontation of the Hindu and Islam after partition of the India seems to have made Cow as the symbol of Muslim vendetta against the Hindus as human being cannot be harmed this a friend opined.Another theory is a poorer person will go for cheaper meat only.
                   See I am writing this with utmost regards to the Islam belief and practice which is also very Holy religion .But no where in the Holy Quran I think the slaughtering of the Cow is ordered also.And if it is their I may be pardoned.
               And this introspection is with good intention so that the Muslim brothers also flourish.And if it is not appreciated , then very bad as hate will beget more hate and finish the person and community itself.
             The Chinese Peoples seems to have better substitute for channelizing the anger by keeping punching bag in their house and practicing Kungfu.Thus may be time to give more importance to other physical exercise.
                    And another interesting Biblical story is- the Abraham the first common forefather of Muslim and Christian, when he was tested by God and asked to sacrifice his son-Ismail.
                       And when he was about to do what Ullah commanded.He is said to have been presented with an animal as substitute called as Ram to stop from sacrificing his son.
                      This animal called Ram seems to be more like a Goat not adjectly like Cow also.This is the Biblical version from which this matter`s comes and is reliable story.And as such the slaughtering of the Cow seems to have no religious roots in Islam and Christianity also.
               I think it is not hard and fast to eat the Beef meat in the Islam and Christianity also and I think can never be seen as part of Lords Supper.And see today also desert is not agile place for Cow to live.Thus it seems the Cow have become substitute of a Biblical animal called Ram in India.
               And all the form of animal sacrifice is nearly finished in other religion also.As have you been an animal you may have also cried and may have said when Pakistan or India lost Cricket why I am made as escape goat?
                       See in all the religion the hunting of animal more then the need is seen as evil.As the manifestation of perfection of good character to get the attraction of the God and human being seems to be time taking exercise.
                As the Human being have been commissioned to love other animals also.This we see directly and indirectly in all the religion.And specially in case of Cow we have reason to love it.
                           Yet the picture of loitering Cows in Street is also too much.The human interest will be always more then anything else.As the Devta also is heard to be dying to be born in the Human form/Yoni.

                              As the Rome was not built in the day thus we all must thrive for spiritual perfection which will ultimately cover all by love.And see If I had no great purpose in the life I may have been not saved in an operation theater 20 yrs. back.
                      Thus may be saying for even the dumb may be not a bad thing as this great Environment is our legacy and we need to preserve it for the future generation also.If you eat more meat.You will invite more gastric and Piles diseases only.
                             As when you love the most helpless creature also,then why God will not also help you?After all He have made everything and will love those who will love His creations also.

                     After all who don`t want appreciation of a good work.And for God its our duty to praise the master and His creations also; in deeds and  word which He seems to prefer also.And this seems to be secret of success of the Buddhist brothers and we need to envy their good characters.
               As one who love animal about him think why he will not love the human beings also?And to be closed with the divinity you have to also fill yourself with His character of loving His all creations.Or my dear brother putting war cry Aajan of Maulvi in the P.A set to give other mental trauma will it work?
             As unless one is in peace with himself he will have no peace and will not give something good to other.See even the Muslim Country in Europe side-Turkey is it not doing well?See in the growing days the Macho man image may work but ones you are grown up the spiritualism is your last refuge.
                      And so seems to be the case of a nation as it grows also.Thus it seems the time have come for the Arab countries also to grow up.As if only the strong law is used in State will it be able to bind the Subjects?
            An Islam expert may be in better position to explain it.But for a layman like me even the Bakrid festival meaning sounds to be the day of sacrifice of Bakri = Goat.Thus the reckless cutting of Cow seems to be wrong even from the point of view of Holy Quran also.
                As to love all may be the true motto of the great festival like-Idd.As earlier their may have been no other source of entertainment and war and hunting animal was perhaps alone the time pass.
                           In the new world of other way of entertainment we should not invite disease like Piles for the excessive meat eating in festival.Plus the new generation seems to be not that hard working and thus need simple diet.
               And unfortunately lately the Cow slaughtering in the plains of India seems to have been symbol of Hindu hatred also, that unfortunately seems to be also true in some case.Thus we need to try to be apprehensive of each others sentiment.
                       And interestingly many Indian Muslim fails to realize that their forefathers may have been converts from Muslim only.As earlier the persecution of other religion seems to have been also established facts during Mughal rule specially when Aurangzeb was the emperor.
                  And many in Muslim community may be not digesting the cow meat also, thus this eating  of beef even still practiced need to be done silently as much as possible.As the dietary manual seems to be effecting the performance of a community.
                      And any Muslim who really want his community to grow may not be averse to make any introspection which have been said as the most important thing of any religion.
              As hurting other`s religion sentiment,that may be not  right? But eating habits seems not to be the main tenat of the Islam also.This is also fact that the good governance may make the Poor Peoples to very soon shift to other delicious meats also.
                    As God have in fact made better substitute for Beef also like-chicken and its real value will be seen when suddenly there is dirt of Chicken in the market.
                                      See their seems to be relations between dietary habit and wealthiness of the Public of that locality also.As one day Arab Oil wells will be dried up thus may be for them also preparedness is needed.

                           Now Poor Indians seems to be compelled to eat cheap Cow meat and at least in the NE this is evident.More so in the State of Arunachal Pradesh where the very corrupted.
                And seems to be propagating beef meat in the election by feeding the Villagers in their election campaigning by cutting cows randomly and feeding Apong a form of cheap local liquor.
                  As the corrupt leaders  seems to be needing crowd by hook or crook. Thus political,social and economic  revolution should be also RSS Guru mantra.And then only they may get more result in the issue of action against Cow slaughtering.
                As for long some have monopolized power in this places and this seems to be the reason for the Peoples harping on cheap meat and doing other bad things.As only a charismatic leader who is a terrific orator can be able to hook the audience spell bound.
                      And so far this have been found absent in this State.Barring Kiran Rijiju and few BJP leaders this seems to be less  here.But in coming time the Publics seems to be ready to hear the BJP young leaders versions also.
                  As the redundant uneducated leaders seems to have no charisma and guts to face the Public's headlong unless fed them with good amount of liquor.And obviously the chatni have to be also provided.
                    Thus for RSS they may be also satisfied to be done away with this corrupt Govt. in Arunachal Pradesh where there is right now genuine ground for putting President rule on Economic mismanagement front and the law and order problem also.
                   As the present INC led Govt. is yet to give white paper on the alleged mismanagement of Rs. 3000 crore overdraft.And the public is very agitated for it.Some are opining that their should be at least 2 -3 yrs. president rule in the State to bring much needed behavioral change.

                          As if the Arunachal if it change for good it may end up as the role model for whole NE for removing corruption also which is going to eat the nation sooner or later.
                     Thus RSS should also support one time political revolution in N.E especially in Arunachal Pradesh,where the new batch of good leaders if come up may can make every house afford the Boiler Chicken which is better for health also. Instead of going berserk on the Beef meat which seems to be now the delicacy of the rich haves class.
                 See the biological benefit or demerit  of taking a particular meat will be seen by any rational man.And some times this is truly more important then the religious views also.As the need of hour is eating a meat which gives cool attitude.
                  As taking anything directly inside the body, regarding it one must be careful.See why the Israelite are seen as the healthiest and strongest Peoples in the world?
                     Because Mosaic/Old Testament Law also forbade eating most of the four legged animal with hoof`s in the legs as meat.This is inspite of the fact that Israel is one of the worst place with less fertility and place devoid of Oil reserves.
                     And honestly in hot place the Beef seems to be making one very much lethargic and lazy also.Thus even if someone still take meat must secretly take it as their need to be overall change in our character, for the Children` s to learn from us.
                        As their seems to be direct effect of what we eat or what we don`t on our children` s future also.As already the Asia Sub-continent is a hot place and here non want to work much.
                         Thus more then effecting others, is this meat  not effecting yourselves adversely first?And thus it is up to you what kind of Child you want him to be.I think this benefit and demerit of beef need to be properly told also like the statuary warning in the Cigarette.
                      As lately in this State their have been many report of the increasing illness  like- High pressure.And I wonder is their some relation with the Beef eating with this diseases?As lately the new generation seems to have stopped doing hard exercise as the life have become more comfortable.
               So better to save money by not being ill and this can be happen by eating good things like –fruits and milk products which the Old Sages advised to us after making good introspection.                   
                         And was not even many Arab nation also where earlier Idol worshiper or not and was the Cow not a secret animal to them also? As even from the Biblical perspective the Cow seems to have definitely helped the forefather Nua in the 7 month flood by its milk and hence is it not legacy for all the world?
                 After all what makes Human being different from animal, is it not his pity,love and thankfulness character?See we may have been made by the God to love all.As when the echo-chain is broken we may all also die.
                   And truly Cows milk which is like nectar and it  is our forefathers co-race members.The great Mughals who were very tall created Mughal Empire and history after perhaps taking lots of milk and wheat only.
               Specially those who migrated to Samarkand in Pakistan from Tajikistan.And we the other Indo-Tibetian Mongols where we are?Thus the dietary habits may also have to be changed to make ourselves and nation great.
                            And for religion teachings or not many Peoples have today forbade taking the Cow meat here in our State also-as first it is test less,2nd the read meats are very bad for summer as it excessively increases body temperature.
             I feel the Indian subcontinent is not fit for its consumption, as this meat may make one lethargic. I myself don`t take this meat and this is very hard to digest also.
             And I am thinking day and night how to start a project to protect great Indian Shahiwal Cow Breed and mountain Cow called Bala in our large areas with abundant water.
              As the Investors can make Ranches to protect and start Dairy projects in our place on partnership basis as our place is agile for its survival, as soon their may be problem in other part of country with lack of water ,cheap space and fodder for Cows.
                 And my west Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh is the perfect peaceful place,centrally located,where the Investors need to die to invest now in this and other projects.And that way I may have employment problem solved for our Youths.Which problem seems to be now more challenging to us.
                 As here in my District alone two kinds of climate exists  in this State- tropical and alpine; thus perhaps all the Cow breed can be reared here.
                     And the Narendra Modijis single entry policy of clearing the file within 24 effect may have by now also come to our Hon`ble Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh to some extent.
                    But the success also will come ,provided  the en devour for Investment is made through us and our help is taken.Not like earlier using the brokers/ dalals of the Arunachal Bhawan some of whom earlier seems to have promoted the insincere company to only share the subsidy money.
                         The Hindu brothers also need to really take this mission in war footing if they really think Cow as mother.As my village members of the Gori and Soi Village have started a very good NGO called-GRK.Gumin Rego Kigo Laju to help any one in such projects.
                  Today games have changed ,as in the day of social network cites the opposition leader`s are in better position to influence the policy decision`s.And generating Public awareness also to make the Investment easier.Thus the really interested Persons  can contact me in also.

                      And hopefully after little effort the 2nd Generation mainland Cows and Buffaloes from Haryana and mountain Cows will survive here for sure.As in the country of its origin there is soon going to be no place even for human`s to dwell also.
              And the China can be also good market for milk export from our countries side if tomorrow border trade also starts up.As the balance of the payment of the trade deficient have to be reduced.
                            Thus there is profit from Business angle also if the Cow is saved ;thus we should not see any thing from one small angle.As the NE Peoples also need to think for our future generations.
                    And the value of the Cow for milk will make the natives slowly to realize it`s importance  also, I fervently hope so.As today the Public's have really opened up and seeing everything from a logical view.
                     See it is also inhuman to think of eating the meat of the Cow after it have served the master so much.But honestly in this regards forced closure of selling of meat may be counter productive also. Especially in place like our`s.
                    See do unto others what you want others to do for you.But this is barring to some kings who have been kept in the category of Raksas.In fact they should have been in fact kept in the list of TADAN KAIN ADIKARI as said by great writer Tulsidasa who wrote Ram Charitmanas.
                       As there is reference of bad Peoples not long ago killed and removed from this society also.But unfortunately the beauty of Democracy is.
                   It have also given scope for the criminal minded Peoples to excel in their life much to the peril of others also who have many good ideas.As they seems to make sure to cut lots of cow in their election meetings,unmindful of Election commissioners order also.
                     But this time the Hindu brothers more particularly the BJP may be in a formidable position to help their favorite leaders in this state.Who think like them and talks like them.As for long such topics have been considered as meaningless in this part of the world.
                   But this seems to be really talked now as unemployment have reached dangerous proposition. And this Dairy business can be a very good substitute for the job seekers also.
                    Thus even the animal has to be loved as in our Donyi Polo custom and beliefs also even the excessive hunting of animals have been forbidden.And I myself seems to have suffered one time for this also.As this is true story which I am writing below and have happened in my own life.           
          As long time back when their was once 10 Mithun cutting marriage ceremony in my house called Togu sacrifice in my elder brothers marriage party.My father disobeyed the priest and sacrificed more then ten stipulated  Mithuns at stretch.
                  And made sacrifice of about 16  Mithuns in the alter; and see I was about to die in the operation theatre just after it.The animal called Mithun is like Buffalo but it is semi domesticated then the Buffalo also.You can say their family tree as-Bison,Mithun,Buffalo and Cow.
               And in that marriage celebration one of my relative who was sleeping in my house in the night of the Mithun sacrifice later told me-In his vision one old man with white hair had come.And was saying that he was very upset with my father for cutting beyond ten Mithun`s.

                          As it is Galo belief that whenever there is a pooja the spirit of the dead great grandfathers souls use to visit the house. To witness the Pooja along with his other dead friends and relatives.And they also seems to be angry with this meaningless murder of animals.
                 As after the Pooja I nearly died in an operation theatre. And.And as I was the favorite of my father I seems to have been picked up by the U.L.O e,i- Unidentified living Object.
                 And it is pertinent to mention that today Galo Bane keba the Apex body of the Galos have banned cutting of above ten mithun`s/Bos Fontalis.
                  And Sri Tumke Bagra hon`ble MLA BJP from 30th Aalo West (ST) Assembly Constituency have been really instrumental in passing this Bill.As today this is seen as symbol of displaying wealth and pride and considered unnecessary.

              So out of fear of fine today non of the Galo tribe members  is seen officially cutting above ten Mithun animals .And even if someone have to cut more then ten Mithun it is unofficially sacrificed  outside the sacrificial place and is not officially counted.As some meats have to be also given back to old friends thus for famous Peoples this need also seems to be arising.
                 This reformation shows the greatness of the Galo Society to evolve with the new need of time.As the Mithun can be kept in the category of an extincting animal and is only now found perhaps in the State of Arunachal pradesh.
                         This is a very good example of the Publics and Galo communities increasing concern for the animal.The Mithun e,i –the scientific name being-Bos Fontalis is seen as divine animal in our Galo tribe.And in the mainland India also Buffalo its look a like is considered as Yamas carrier by Hindu belief.
                   See who knows the Tsunamis coming in Japan years before leaving lots of death and destruction's have something to do with excessive whale hunting in the coastal areas also?
                         As the Galos belief that there is angel to look after all the Gods creations.And they hate the excessive hunters.And bless the preservers thus the Environmentalists may be also doing gods and angels duty.
              Thus all the animals equally seems to be lovable to God and seems to have been made under our command to be protected. Thus unless we rear some of them we have I suppose no right to kill them as well.
                          As a good man will be automatically filled with all the virtuousness  like the Sidharta who later was called as Lord Budda.As he also used to love animal from initial stage.
                    Even the stealing the cattle's by the school boys is its bad result is seen in the future also.Thus the reckless hunting and fishing is detrimental to oneself and society.
                As eventually when one try to rear it when he is grown up it does not happen.This is the Galo customary belief and seems to be truth.
                    Thus the angels and gods also seems to be for the preservation of the Environment.Recently few Gori village Public`s in my 29th Basar (ST) Assembly constituency of P.O-Basar West Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh started an organization called GUMIN REGO KILAJU-GRK solely to protect this animals and fish.
                     And today Publics can see beautiful fishes from the Basar Sie river bridge to their delight.As beyond a point the Public will be fed up seeing T.V and will enjoy with the nature only.
                  And on each year on 31st December only the Villagers is planning to take fish in the traditional way along with the visitors in the sea river.And till then all short of fishing is banned.

                    And interestingly in Galo custom,culture and tradition for any animal hunting there is equal exchange  of domesticated animal to the Jungle Uyu e,i-angels in charge of the Jungle or else hunter is believe to suffer in future.
                   Thus even the locals here have highest regard for the environment and have to be respected.And this practice is followed since ages.Thus the love of the flora and fauna really make us to think we are half descendants of the god.
                As the Galo tribe in particular and Abo Tani clan in general is heard to have originated from the daughter of the sun god.As the forefather Abo Tani is heard to have married Donyi Mumsi.
                   So much so fearful the local is of the ill effect that some local use to fear that when they open up the butchery the butcher will held them responsible in prayer while killing the Cow..And they being the owner will die quickly or get the curse.
                           I remember when I was in PPA we where  one of the first to ask for Green and peace bonus from the member of the Planning Commission few years back.For the State of Arunachal Pradesh which have been so far protecting efficiently the bio-reserves of the nation it deserve a special package.
             And see in our place even if the hunter gets the chance to go to jungle specially in case of Tiger,elephant and python he have to think thousand times to hunt this animals.But some young hunters seems to be not following this custom.Many believe they will have future problem`s also.
                    As according to Galo custom and traditions this animals have accepted to have been bestowed with same power like human beings.And one  is seen to take lots of pain to purify him of the sin of hunting this big animals.
                      Thus there is ifs and buts in many things and one need a priest in all the religion, even in the Islam it seems only in Bakrid the Cow sacrifice seems to be allowed.Which may have to be seen as an exceptional case .
                    See the Buddhist brothers and sisters seems to have been blessed with more business opportunity for taking this philosophy of loving the animals very seriously.
                     And I have been always saying have the country have been not hotter place to live in.The Tibetans may have captured all the markets in the cities also.
                   Thus unless one sacrifice his old character which need to be really sacrificed, then nothing doing seems to be the philosophy for success in life.
           I still remember my mother who was also a successful shopkeeper had a very special Cow called Rutu.And we where fed milk from her breast thus;so I also feel that I have obligation to my 2nd mother - Cow.
                And honestly in comparison to others her siblings seems to be doing well also as at that time seldom other children`s where fed with the cow milk.I seems to have missed this when I was put in the boarding school.The Parents need to know that only till 15 yrs the good food need to be fed to the Children.After it nothing doing as their will be less result.
                     This love and pity for animal also is needed as when we pray God for ourselves then we may have to be sympathetic to His other creations also whom he also loves.The love have to increase until it covers all the animals and  plant also,this may be the peak of divinity.
                And one like Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji even if he is  not a spiritual leader is seems to be feeling this need.And this seems to be today his secret of success also.See if today he says anything why it should not be followed by the BJP workers also?
             As after all he have been instrumental in parties elevation and is now directing others to respect the animal also which at least Hindu should have liked.
               As you can`t torture the innocent animal also and cry the God for help.This may have been also lesion for  my father to learn as I was his most favorite son and nearly died after large animal sacrifice.As when I nearly died in an operation after the sacrifice of Mithun he really felt very bad also .
                             As those speechless animals they are so much dependent on us  that we may really need to do something for them also.This must have been the lesion I was given in that operation theater where I nearly died long time back.
               As they are part of the world and part of Eco-chain.And perhaps some had to write for them.And Buddhist brothers and sisters may be at least seen appreciating this article.
             Having said that the eating meat can never be stopped and utmost this appeal can be made.Specially to the non Hindu brothers and sisters who may be needed to be made aware also.
                 And also to the Hindus who believe in incarnations and will  definitely not like their one time father and mother`s meat in their plate also.Will perhaps send their willingness to make a partnership in this regard in namely-animal preservation .I am waiting for a friend in this regard.
                     But having said this loving the God with all your might and loving one`s neighbor is still the greatest divine commission mission as seen in all the Shastras and religious books.
                   And the Hindu brothers have natural inclination to take all the goodness for which they are appreciable. And seen to keep their forefathers promise also.
                  After all the great Hindus are descendents of great forefathers of which the saying goes-`RAGUKUL RIT SADA CHALI AYI,PRAN JAYE PAR VACHAN NA JAYE.`
                     Thus there is again need to make rapprochement as all is our own as there is common atman in all.And this true realization of oneself is needed now for the making of great nation  India.It will be so when there is bonhomie and feel good factor with all and in all.
             When the majority Hindus have so much concern for the Cow we should also ponder upon it.Honestly I personally don`t take the Red meat as this is worst for the Piles and gastricites patience for which the NE Peoples are seems to be worst sufferers also.
                          And some may despise me for this audacity to write this piece of article.But some may also stand by me for my open views which will at least give an option for Intellectuals to ponder upon a subject which seemingly is less important.But in fact may be very important also.
                The Govt. should also stop giving licence for making factories for leather items based on cows.As one of the reason of the pollution of the river Ganga seems to be this factories only.
                               And see in that compare if a substitute is searched ,the Mithun which look likes cows and most of Hindu also don`t mind eating it should be allowed to be  used for this leather factories.
                      As a middle way have to be find out,as the sportsman seems to be also needing this beef substitute for physical growth,stamina ,speed also.Besides there is need for leather goods and fertilizers also.
                      As this animals called Mithun-Bos Fontalis are in abundant in this State of Arunachal pradesh,and roam freely and are self dependents. And will be cheaper to rear.The interested corporate house can contact me for further discussion in this regards.
                     As the Govt. of India Ministry of Heavy Industry may be not be averse to this idea also after all country cannot afford to buy leather items from other country also.As more money will be needed that way.And Divine power may be also not against the need based killings also.
                        And so central Govt./ministry of Heavy Industries should perhaps start giving Tinan Licence for Mithun meat and Skin treatment plant specially here in this State.As it is pertinent to mention that Great United States of America have once upon a time prospered from number of Ranches only.
                      As nothing like taking out middle way in all the controversial issues as their cannot be my way or Highway also.And the whole nation have to be developed based on the potentialities of  typical features of particular place also.
               Thus a very mature and sensible step is needed to be taken in this regard and this is something which cannot be imposed forcibly also.See each  communities need to be convinced logically in this sensitive issues.
              And definitely person like me from a neutral religion may have been used in the better way to handle the national media in this matter of grave concern also.As in this regards more then the issues some Peoples seems to be more allergic to the face that rise that issues.
                       Interestingly the North East person have been so far above any group ism also.As one trying to be a good Christian may can be also a better middle man in brokering middle way in this regard`s also.

B.Regarding Babri Maszid Vrs. Ram Janma Bhoomi Issue:-

                  See we have to be sympathetic to the cause of the Hindu brothers also.After all we  have studied  in the Ram Krishna Mission School Aalo.As such we have some of the understanding of the Hindu Philosophy and have great respect for them.
              Though Islam must be also a great religion and yes some followers may be bad.Who without verifying the facts may be always angry which will be a bad ambassadorship of his own religion.
                      As non of the religion will ask for butchering other and unfortunately few zealots is seen trying to defame the Islam.And to remove that mindset many great man have been born earlier and thus their soul must be respected. See the nector have also come up in the Islam in the form of the Sufi song`s.
                       Thus it is time to have a liberal view on everything as in this modern world one can`t afford to antagonize other unnecessarily unless there is a valid reason.
                  See in the Shastras also it is seen that sometimes the Lord Shiva,Brahma and Vishnu also needed each other.And sometimes seen to be praying each other also.
             Thus all the religion heads should discard egoism and pride which seems to be the real enemy.And all need to sometimes work together as who knows tomorrow who will be in the greater need of others?
                           Many a times the Ram Rajya concept is misunderstand by few that there is no place for others in it.But this is a philosophy which represent an ideal State.And if brought in use will be perhaps good for all.I am sure about it,though even some Hindu may be thinking otherwise of its meaning.
                  And this must have been same and original meaning of the Cali-phat Raaj under Sharia rule.As if I am not wrong the innocent and other religious Peoples have been also refrained to be harmed in Quran.
                       As for Holy Bible in Old Testament it is categorically written not to harm other religious peoples also.And Modiji have shown new sincerity after winning also and is seen talking of all encompassing India.So his new avatar should ally everyone’s fear.
               But initial problem may be nevertheless seen in the coming immediate election for the BJP also.As UPA have perhaps still lots of funds and the NDA is seen channelizing all the make it more productive  to do away with the source of the political fund also.Which it may have used in election.
              Thus this daring and courageous act of Modiji need to be appreciated.And some wonder weather his friends will also like his approach.As for the Poor section his zero tolerance on corruption seems to be making him more popular.
                      See even in the Hinduism it is not said that when there is harm in the world from the unrighteous Hindu Lord will take avatar.This is the promise of the Lord Sri Krishna in the Mahabharata.And for some Modiji is no less a god send person.As earlier thing was real bad in some place.
                 See even the Brahma ,Vishnu and Mahesh seems to have been representing the different culture and race.This is if the theological research is to be believed.And they all seems to have lived in the different places.Thus this difference of opinion like we have now must have been their also during their own days.
              Yet for good cause all seems to have united-Yaksha perhaps UFO,Devta,Manushya,Kinnar and Bhagwan-God.And see today also the difference will be perhaps be always their.And mind it this different religion,culture and tradition which seems to be the real beauty of the country.
                  As when you are old then only you will perhaps know the importance of the peaceful co-existence of everything.This diversity is the best reality show of the country.As soon one get bored after too much watching same T.V show also.
                  Thus when the real war had to be waged against the poverty we must try to bring a rapprochement between all the religious community.In case of the Ram Janma temple Vrs. Babri Maszid issue also.As there cannot be any hidden agenda.And scope for mistrust.
                I feel all the religious members specially the neutral members like Christians , Buddhists and Jain etc.should appeal the Islam brothers to allow the Hindus to make Ram temple as they wish.
                       As after closing this chapter alone both may perhaps go ahead in life.And from the historical records also it seems Babar our Mongolian forefather was not an staunch Muslim also.And only in Aurangzeb time who seems to have been not of pure Mughal family tree also he seems to have developed fanatic Islam religion.
                    As Akbar the great grand father of Aurangeb seems to have adopted Abdul Rahim Khan Khana as his foster son in between.The problem with our country is no proper research is made and even soon the T.V serial -Jodha Akbar may present Queen with a new born baby.
                        Thus the temple seems to have been not destroyed by a Muslim ruler like Babur the first Mughal who invaded India.And neither their seems to have been anti Hindu feeling while destroying it also.The destroy even if was done , seems to be purely coincidental as earlier the temple may have been political power centers.
                 Thus the Muslim brothers should not be also mislead-ed into believing that the great monuments like Taj Mahal,Red Fort and Babri Maszid was made by their forefathers like Babar.As in fact they seems to have been nominal Muslim in their time.See in Akbar the Great`s own time many a time Sharia law was not followed.

                          As the fact is that even if their was earlier maszid it was not made by Muslim Kings this was most likely made by our forefathers Mongols.And we are the ones who should have been  reacting for alleged demolishing of Babri Maszid by Bajrang Dal and RSS.
                      As it was made by Babar our forefather`s relative.See the little knowledge is always dangerous thus this problems seems to be coming up for ignorance of history.Thus an small issue should be not made a mountain from mole hole.
                      As the Mughal dynasties achievement can seldom be equated with Muslim glorification.As Akbar the Great hardly heard the views of Mullas,Kazis and Maulvis also.And always wanted to unite both the religion.This is trait of a great man and we all should have this view as did he not removed the Zizya Tax?
                     The problem with our cinema is why the truth is not shown in black and white? may be I should have been  roped into playing  Akbars role in the movie Jodha Bhai with Ashwaraya Rai as he was of our face and so Joda Bhai may have waited for long to accept him also;as still now are we N.E not called as Nepali by some.
                    In fact to some critics even the Joda Bhai is suspected to be his forefathers wife.Thus the history need to be evaluated in its true form.After all the foreign Jury for the Oscar award cannot be fooled as they know history so much then us.
                  Then only may be our cinema can perhaps win an Oscar award also.As the problem with some of the scholar and film directors seems to be of murdering the history. And so we are still waiting for the Oscar and under Modiji we are waiting for the Bollywood even to surpass Hollywood.

                     The Persians did not know how to pronounce the Mongol`s and start calling them as Mughal.And see when Babar invaded India he was accompanied by his war General Kirlug Rumi. Interestingly there is still Rumi clan in our Galo clan.
                                    And the word Ullah seems to have been also our forefathers gift to Islam.As the Abo Tani clan members of this State of Arunachal Pradesh  still use it as grammatical word of acclamation.
                      As whenever there is pain the word Allah comes up naturally in our mouth and is part of our vocabulary. As interestingly the Arab`s also seems to have addressed almighty God as Illohi only.Thus how come it changed to Allah in India? thus the cross cultural interaction need to be understood.
                 And the Indian Muslims who may  be basically the grandsons of  converts from the Hindu forefathers persecuted by the Muslims.That anger seems to have percolate down to the descendants also believes some.
             That is other matter that now it seems to have been manifested against their own.See what is happening in Iraq?This many have reason to believe also as even their was  earlier seen  war between the mecca and Medina public's also on the same theme.
                As the Medina where seen as Idol worshipers and the black stone in Medina is heard to be its final resting place.
                  And this introspection should be taken as a friendly advise by one who really like to see the Muslim brothers and sisters interest.As for now other who are goody goody now are after their  Oil reserves.
                      But all the religious man all living in this great Bharat Varsa now need to accept and understand each other.As this is truth that this country now belong to all of us.As we have a common destiny.
            And by mutual understanding and love alone all will prosper.I am dreaming a day when the organizations like I.M will invite the RSS brothers in the great festival of Idd.And vice versa in the Holy and Diwali and promise to work henceforth for Bharat Mata.
                          See this may have been the scene if the peacemaker may have been given political leadership chance not only to develop his own constituency but fuse whole India into one thread of love.Honestly I have many Hindu Rakhi behen`s/sisters from my RKM school days.
                Thus in heaven I will definitely want them all to be their and thus hope that by positive Karma they will also reach.And as sometimes change is needed in the matter of grave concern for the country.
           I think given chance we may not be doing bad in giving peace lecture one day in the India Today conclave also.As soon the movie Merry Kom made on NE star is accepted to be a new change for the movie buffs also.
                    As now there is nothing we can do about each other with the interaction being inevitable and also the mutual cooperation.Thus there is need for friendship and meeting points and free discussions to remove any iota of doubt.Accepted initially some hearts may be burnt, but soon their will be nice fusion which will make this nation great.
                         Why some are filled with so much emotion for a false history is beyond our understanding. Thus the Child must be brought up in truth and honesty and thus the Madrasas need immediate up gradation and modernization.And also our endeavor to understand the Muslim brothers and sisters also.
                And I appreciate Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji for sanctioning crores of rupees for  up gradation of the Madras's.As this shows he really love other`s.See wearing Topi is not important.But making other smile which he is seen doing now.
                    The Govt.must give priorities to good schools in Muslim brothers locality.As they really need this also as mind it non of the Muslim will like to have that terrorist tag on them.
              And  they should not be always seen over reacting also if they really love their community as most of them seems to have grown up in different environment and need to be patience.As if the elder and senior member of society is peace loving so will be his children s also.
                   But this time the Muslim brothers are also appreciable for voting Narendra Modiji and showing their new changed  avatar.That is really appreciable as beyond a religious doctrines it is karma of a person which alone will lead him ahead in life .
                       And this is no exception for all; so there is seen real development with few laborious Muslim brothers.And they need to be appreciated also.Specially one like Shah Rukh Khanji and Salmanji who is first of all our own Indian.As they have earned their name by hard work.
                     As other Muslims they always are seen to be living in pack that seems to be harming them also.Face the world alone compete with it is the new Guru mantra.Today time have come for all to choose their destiny themselves and avoid living lonely as more one interact with other more he will prosper.
             And this positive thinking alone will come when you trust others also.See not all the RSS are bad or the IM or SIMI members also; it is time for national interest the dialogue is started.And even the political leaders they have to be very labourious.
            As our real enemy is poverty and price rise.That have to be fight together after all when the BJP have come in power today only can they be blamed for forefathers problem?Unless it is given a good time at least may be another 30 yrs. also.
        And thus in Country like India one have to make self restrain of oneself to exalt in life.After all this is a Democratic country.The recent goodness of India have been in it there is now seen  new found confidence and trust between all the community.
                  And hence forth all cannot be taken for ride any more for sure by a cunning politician also.Thus it is time to leave the turbulent past and look forward for a new beginning .As there is now a win win situation for all.   
                            And thus it would have been still better also if the Hindu brothers makes  all religion conference hall in the Ayodhya in the name of the Lord Ram.
               Perhaps that will alone have been greatest tribute to someone of the Lord Rama`s stature who never discriminated others on the ground of the caste and creed also.As now that the BJP vis a vis Hindus are in vintage political position it may have been their time to show magnanimity also.
              But if the Hindu brothers still persists we must also respect their sentiment also.After all this seems to be their lifeline which someone of them  rating it above politics.Both the way may not be bad but at least in this regards I am with them after all Hindus are also native of this country and from time immemorial also they have been praying Lord Rama.
                      And it will be always improbable that the Hindus who stayed back in the Pakistan will be nicely treated also.So the Muslim brothers may have to also accept the truth.
                     And as mahatma Gandhi father of the nation said-`SATYAMEVA   JAYATE`.Hope a better way will come up; as for now let us live together with peace giving our leader the prerogative to decide in the matter of complicate where they have been blessed with more prudence to decide.

C.We are birds of same feather`s :-
                   The Christianity or any other religion should not be seen as threat by some as all are like birds from same branch-`HUM PANCHI EK DAL KAIN`.As religion  is made by man but avatars say-Lord Christ was send by God for all.
                     And He alone should matter for, as He have always wanted goodness for all.And the true religious feeling is from above.And a good RSS seems to be doing more better work then some of other religious followers also.
                               Thus this may be possible from God`s perspective , He may be seeing the heart then the outward action of a man.Thus as Holy Bible says -Judgement belong to God.Thus may be also time to appreciate the good work of RSS brothers also.
                       See when the body part is cut the same blood comes from all.And the Nana Fatekar kind of the dialogue by the Hon`ble P.M seems to have captivated all the audience irrespective of any religion background,why?Because we are made of same material and all want to change for better.
                        And Human being is programmed that way;and one who uses dubious means have limitations.And which is super or inferior is non of our concern as Judgement belong to God,and so issues like conversion be left best to the heavenly list.
                  So from the nascent stage the teaching to the son should be my country man is the best in compare to one from other country.See when we have more love and concern for other from country when we are abroad.
                           Why this can`t be practiced here when we are near.See danger is more from a person who is living closely also thus we as Indians may have to evolve from this hypocrisy ones and for all.
                    And see this distrust and criticism is basically due to lack of love and affection,knowledge and confidence in ourselves.See the real meaning of the Holy Baptisma and Ganga snan seems to be  transformation/Parivartan from the old self.
                          Like Parsuram took Holy dip in the Parsuram Kund and the river Ganga was said to be brought down from the milky galaxy by great Hindu ancient King Bagirath. 
                                Who knows the source of the river Ganga and Jordan river may be same also.But from the spiritual angle they seems to have originated from the God only.
                      And only their seems to be difference of language and this absent of Holy river seems to be replenished by the Muslim brothers in the Roja time also.
        See each seems to use somethings as his catalyst for seeking Him.Hope one day each one will be given permission to choose religion of his will, like one wanting to eat different fruit thus the freedom of choose is ones own.And man should be given freedom to choose his own destiny.This will be the final concept of religion.
                 As if there is religious discourse then it is unending and tomorrow within Hindu also their may be misunderstanding. Thus we should be concerned with eating the mango then counting its seeds also.
            As for us our living angel we should now think that he is  is one like Rashtra Guru Baba Ramdevji who is a perfect tyagi/sacrificer. As.As man in today's world also he have managed the righteousness so his character need to be saluted.
                       As the one who sacrifice in life is worthy to be respected so what he is from other religion.As a truth can be alone told by a man who practice it also.Thus as even the Mother Teresa was she not praised by world?So we also need to praise the genuine Hindu leaders also.
                    And from the Islam also such kind of leaders are accepted very soon.As this is the main thing accepted of a religion. As unless great man inspire by the Holy book inspire  the society what`s the meaning of their life?
                     And also the  good man in all the religion is also our own. But definitely there is a communication gap and  today  many pseudo- religion followers are also there in all religion also, who may have become the impediment between the human being and God also.
                            Thus their will be black sheep every where and we must pray for the Islam brothers also to overcome this worst transition period also.As who knows their best man are not allowed to come forward by the manipulation by few crooks or a wrong dogmatic view.

               This introspection is alone need of hour as Article 370 of Constitution of India governing the State of Jammu and kashmir is mare excuse,as if there is love and respect no amount of challenge can stop us.
               And have nature have recently did not gave us a good opportunity to know each other in the form of the flood where the Indian army acted as Guardian angel.Thus why wait for greater fury of the divine power?
                                            See this religion is the strongest point of the country and cannot be made its weakest point also.I appreciate Baba Ramdevji Maharaj  for trying to fuse all the Indians through his Yoga.
                                    And what have you done for the country?As destroying is easy real challenging is building.So even after independence was given to Pakistan see what they are doing now?
                   Thus may be now for some time is still left for some for sponsoring this book and get forgiveness from Babaji and nation.I will love to give one space in my page for their commercial advertisement also.
                        As this nation is also a forgiving nation and from my side also I will definitely give chance to the repenters also.As what the harm in mutual benefit for a good cause?
                        And great man like Baba Ramdevji have truly effected all the nations also and have really benefited the BJP also.As ours is a poor nation and we all cannot afford to go to badminton court and Gymnasium so what an idea his Yogasan  is?
                      Only because one Hindu Sadhu is leading a great revolution is it have  become less important?Thus for the INC man may be they have to come with a better plan to win the nations heart in next election.
                            See it will be few who without reading my whole column will start hating me.But for general Muslims also ,this introspection may also help them to focus in the productive life's.
                  As in all religion practice  initial moment is dangerous as there is lots of ifs and buts.As we tend to be more governed by our emotions.But we need to think we  have crossed that class L. K.G and now is doing graduation course.
                    So better blindly follow the nationalism agenda which will be good for all as this is indirect manifestation of the love thy neighbor theory as commissioned in the Holy Bible.See due to communication gap we have already wasted so much time.
                  See  you can`t rear snake in your house and accept it to always bite the neighbors.And when the Python is hungry the nearest person is his number one pray also so beware of bad leaders in any field.
                    See more accommodating character one have with others more he will prosper also.I think this is God`s gift or natural phenomenon also.Thus all this religious gatherings and Kritans are good.
                        But it is time instead of hearing the religion of hatred one also joins even Baba Ramdevjis Yog Shivir.Or best will be work for humanity which is service to divinity.And as their is less leader who does what he says Hon`ble P.M Modijis importance become all more important.

                    Many ask what you gain by propagating for Baba Ramdev freely?And it is also fact as perhaps 2-3 yrs ago,when I had started writing for him.Perhaps their was no English writer also writing positively in his favor and one who also linked him in his Facebook where perhaps educated from the Hindi medium only.
                         The Peoples need to understand that God have given something to all.And by using it diligently selflessly one gets the real happiness in life also.By associating with the positive energy one get maximum happiness.It is also time for the Muslim brotherhood to come from their lonely life and join us.
              We all want to see them regain greatness in their practical life also.Like brother Shah Nawaz Hussain from BJP and cine star Shah Rukh Khan and  Salman Khan etc.See non is above other or below any one.The chauvinism is against humanity and divinity and for long some in the Congress Party seems to have duped them.
                       See the success can be every Muslims fate also ,after all they have also something which others don`t have same gene like other great man.I found  them very well built and some seems to have still original Aryan gene in them.Thus here in N.E all can live peacefully.If others intention is good their should not be problem from our side.
                                   But regarding the border dispute the Assam Govt. being the bigger one must be also sensitive to others neighboring State;as why it is also seen making confrontation with every neighbor?
              Thus the bigger one have to be also understanding.As when their is injustice within the nature how the nation will grow as a single  entity?         

                   Thus Hon`ble P.M Modiji need to search the root of the problem here.We all from now on have to remain focus in good work in our life and be freed from old dogmas and superstitious views.See initially it is difficult for a man to change,but remember their was and is price for great man  to succeed also.
                  There need to have a liberal view and critical observations in all controversial issues. In fact who knows Lord Christ may have been also a divine incarnation also ;as foretold by Lord Krishna –
                `Yada Yada Hi Darmasya…….Swambawami Yuge Yuge.`And from the God`s perspective who knows He alone belong to the world not particular religion or community.
              And may shift his blessings where there is better performance tomorrow and  from the UNO may make the Bricks more powerful also.One never knows His work as quote popularly in hindi-`RAM KI BATEIN RAM HI JANE.`
              See the 3 Magi who discovered the place of birth of Lord Christ are alleged to have come from eastern side of Jerusalem and where perhaps well versed in Astrology expert in star movement like Hindu astrologers.
             Even their was earlier no reference of Christmas tree in Holy Bible and it makes us to wonder is it not representing, -`KALPA TARU` miracle tree concept of Hindu mythology?
                  Thus who knows the Hindu philosophy have come back to us packaged in western style also.Thus even in religion there is scope for reconciliation as all seems to have come from common origin/ancestor and as such all is our common legacy.
                As the great Rishi Ved Vyasas writing also seems to be akin to Christian main philosophy of -Love thy neighbor.Thus the religion of hatred may be harming us all.
                As Lord Christ Himself priorities loving God and neighbour as the highest doctrine also.Thus friends marketing of the Christian God like a foreign God may be wrong.
                     The main point for checking the good Christian may be is that believer have a life testimony?And is that believer is giving thanks and tide regularly.And if it is not so atleast confess sin like us.
                    Rishi/Sage Veda Vyasa  also write in Sanskrit -`…………PAROPKARAY PUNYAY PARPIDANAY PAPAY.`This meaning is same as –Love thy neighbour.Thus all the great scriptures and literature are our common legacy .And this vast treasure house of knowledge alone will what make this country great.
                      And truth need to be told to the world for the peace and prosperity which is God is one,He is truth and He is alone beautiful. As in the end you have to be able to make amrit in yourself and be able to drink it to achieve Bodhisattva/Nirvana/salvation.
                     But if you are chosen one then you are also exceptional case and have also right to say what you believe to the man like yourself.
                    But their is different level of personal relationship with God.As you have earned your position with great respect even if you want to share with others out of emotion you can`t.This can`t be done even by Dynamo who can fly and vanish in thin air.
                  As the day the divine power become easy commodity non may value the God also.Thus sometimes the preacher seems to be unmindful of the limitations of the common man. Just Pray for them to evolve if you love them will be my suggestions.
                                              And for common man to be motivated perhaps we have to make them re look back  our past glory; and  this mostly BJP leaders seems to be doing also.But present and future greatness can be accomplish by us all together only.
              And here the political leader is also a catalyst for change sometime more then the religion also.As he is the practical aspect as the good God seldom seems to interfere in everything.
           By listening to great motivational speech we will excel ,as presently what we do good will be accumulated for the future.It will be like future generation will run on auto pilot.
                    And besides we may be needed to push each other up like when we climb the mountain. And the surmounting present and future problem seems to commanding our cooperation also. See after two three terms righteousness may become a habit under Hon`ble P.M Modiji.
                       And soon this state will be good for all the religion to flourish also.As tomorrow only the truth will be started to be searched if this justice and equality continues.And this have been the dream of all the earlier great leaders.
                   Thus the true business man will only see this great benefit when he invest in a project.See the King of Khetri what name he did not made for himself by pulling the chariot of future great man like Swami Vivekanandaji?Did other imagined Swamiji will become such a great man one day?
                As a  good Christian is naturally a good Hindu and vice verse so we should never allow this communication gap.First with our own neighbor and country man.And as we have born in this country and in it their must have been God`s plan so we must be patriotic.
                  Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji have really taken right step in this regards.And see now he is basking in glory for his good intention and earlier sacrifice also.And see the son of God can give more to any one who works more then him also.As the right attitude can make one cross any altitude.
                                               As though some may think some  old great teachings as immaterial; but this are the real need of hour now.See Vir Abhimanyu in Mahabharta he only knew to went inside the Chakravyu; but did not know how to come out from it isn`t it?And what was his fate?
                  This things are still happening so it is better to know all the scriptures as the little knowledge may be dangerous.
                So man in the worst corruption and bad cases may be also needing advise from us also.As one may get 2nd chance after associating with a great cause and a great man in his mission also.
             Why because all is needed to learn more in his life as the knowledge alone will save him.See their may be 11th hour source of of bringing sanjivan Bhuti /life saving drug today also.
                     And the great enlightened Narendra Modiji did he not managed to come out of this Chakravyu in previous election for his knowledge of great forefathers sayings?Thus what I am writing may be not meaningless also.
                      And perhaps Namos triumph card may have been for his opening his own eyes and ears to knowledge and advise coming from others also, which really seems to help a person.
                  Thus life is a learning process and one have to continue learning if he want to survive in his own Kurukchetra which all have to face in life.
                               But when one make tall claims in name of religion his credibility have to be also seen ;and how ones  credibility can be judged?That is by how he basically reacts under pressure or keep his commitment.
                Or for what he stands for humanity or himself.To question his motive in the prayer and fasting will be the best way.Or who knows some modern prophets may be also used by evil spirit also?
                 See how Baba Ramdevji come back more powerful after insulted in the Ram Lila ground also?This makes him different from other so he is worthy to be regarded.
                  Besides he used democratic way which seems to be divine commissioned and acceptable practice of a good human being to fight his lone battle.And lately seen retired from active political comment after achieving his target.
             And Sri Ram Krishna Paramahansa did he not jumped up after sitting over a paise put beneath his seat by Swami Vivekananda?As Swamiji wanted to see weather his guru was really irritant of money as he claim.
                      Thus the Guru/teacher which have been addressed as Brahma,Vishnu and Mahesh may be tested nicely as he really matter in life.
                See there is definitely feel good factor if there is a good deed.As for me I have been always standing for my Baba Ramdevji even in the Ram Lila episode.

                          In fact my vocal stand for Baba in Rahul Gandhis face book also specially after Babajis insult seems to have brought me under INC target also.But to stand for good is life time opportunity also.
                        See the Bhisma Pitamah of the Mahabharta had the divine power to live life as he wanted ;but after siding with the Duryodhana he seems to have accepted death out of shame.
              Thus the narrow road in the life is way to hell.Thus we need inspiring leader like Modiji who avoid us to go from the broad road.Their may be initial pleasure but in the end he will also noose dive.
                    As the present Congress led Govt. in the Arunachal Pradesh is seen suffering. And tomorrow the present leaders should be also personally held accountable for mortaging all the State properties to rule further with the fund crunch without the central Govt. blessings.This seems to be the majority view.
                    The problem with the common man is we tend to take the literary meaning of the scripture.But we have to see the religion from the view of life testimony.The world is  the Holy Church we may have been asked to clean it outer as well as inside.
           Thus Hon`ble P.M is appreciable for taking up the drive to clean the country in the war foothing.Thus the RSS and VHP also deserve to be packed in the back also as they have also withstand worst political persecutions before becoming successful this time.And I was one of the first to predict the BJP success in the last election also.
            The truth need to be told the truth which is important to make this world a better place.The truth that winning is not important but to do always what you say.
              As more then anything the Judgement from above is more dangerous.And those who may be best professional also if they are in the wrong camp then nothing doing have been always the result.

                       Thus all the religious man and true believers in whatever profession need our respect and reverence.And one who have respected all the religion alone have enriched themselves.And see while one is dying in the death bed in the end his devotion  prayer, Kritan,bhajan and closeness with God alone will matter.
                              So better do good work as much as possible when one is alive.As you will be personally held responsible even if many don`t now dare to say openly in your front.As the wordly success is temporary.
              And even if one is alive the good vibrations with all alone will only  help him.See was Bhagwan Ram not eventually helped even by the Devtas and Raksas in the epic Ramayana for his positive relationships?So everything is good if the end is good and for a good man end must finish in a good way also as  he respect all.
                   As in old age one is compelled to be religious naturally also but it may be too late for some to reach this stage also.Thus let us see the true meaning of Holy scriptures.See if it says hate the idol does it say hate the idol maker?Thus we need to be real pragmatic isn`t it?
         And do you also want old servant in your service?Thus why not give the best to God when you are young?And to your loved ones.As many a times we also forget to reciprocate to some special Peoples who have loved us;this may be wrong also.
                 Honestly earlier short of praying Gandhi family seems to have harmed all the nation.As they can never take the place of great man and women before them; who have lived like god and goddesses also,and who have left us a legacy. And who knows their spirit is still their to guide us and willing to take us all to new heights.
                 But at the same time the Gandhi family have also contributed for the national growth and need to be respected for it even if they are rejected to misfit to rule.As the Congress  ideology may be offdated now.
                             It is time all play pro-active role for the national growth and don`t want to sabotage the national interest .And see for the national interest also the majority Abo Tani tribe of the Arunachal Pradesh to which we belong; some leader`s from here  have to be perhaps given chance to come forward.
                            As the majority community can also be not left in lurches and if the majority Publics are happy the nation can be sure of its security.After all this State is in strategic locations of the Country.And the border dispute with China may be always their and for it we need preparedness.And for this the patriotic man cannot be sidelined.
                 After all don`t this country also belonged to dead spirit of great man  and freedom fighters  also.In fact perhaps it belong more to them.
                  And thus when one is inside the temple and Holy Church he is at least accepted to be more dedicated to Him after all He is the creator.And he is also accepted to pray for the nation`s well being.
                  And may be some power is making me to write this book also which some may right now call as meaningless .But one day this work may help a bit in nation building also one never know the future.
                           And for one like Narendra Modiji and team who have lived an aesthetic life themselves; they may at least hear some of my view point also.
                            As some are seen obsessed with minting money and breaking the nation.The Modi camp seems to be obsessed with the nation building as if the Britishers are still their to be fight.And for this peace and tranquillity to prevail in the country.We must also reciprocate to the  theory of –
                     `VASU DEV KUTUMBAKAM` the clarian call of Hindu brothers e,i- world is one family.Thus my work should not be seen as an act of cowardice but of love as many Hindu brothers have also loved us.
                  And see if China always try to muscle flex then soon their may be internal turmoil for itself also.As said in the Holy Bible those who fight with the sword will die with the sword.As is Tibet and Honkong also not its weak point.
             And as the International boxer Merry Kom have said I have eaten the salt of this nation time for us to say this equivocally also.And hope soon with the football League poised to start we may have many national football star from the N.E.And the Lazol club may soon produce many national star.
                             But few BJP members should not also tomorrow think of crossing the Laxman Rekha and like to doom like INC party which some now call them as the Pseudo secular Party.As real responsibility of the party starts when the ruling power comes to it.As the mother nature fury is also seen looming large on the country for while and party need to pray more for it.
              It is wrong to always cry for spill milk and see others with suspicious.One Behenji of the U.P politics have been always seen badmouthing and polluting the nation.It is always bad to be always filled with the Inferiority complexion and blame for past.
             Thus I appreciate His Holiness Dalai Lamaji for his willingness to talk with China also.And hopefully this peace talk will bring mutual benefit to two nation and will pave the way for opening of much needed border trade in Mechuka post of the West siang Dist. of Arunachal Pradesh.
             As after seeing the Hollywood movie -`Seven years in Tibet`, I come to understand that some section of Tibetans seems to have been interested to make truce with China during the exodus also.
                       As at that time the Chinese Govt. is heard to have offered 50 yrs. autonomous status to the Tibetan also.And as His Holiness was small he seems to have been represented by a senior Rimpoche in all his decisions in young days.Was his refusal was for good or bad God alone knows?
                                 Now that he is a world figure His Holiness should take a bold and mature decisions. See it is heard the Buddhists in China are also heard  to be happy their.And the border trade will perhaps help the Tibetans and Buddhists brothers settled in this border State of Arunachal more to prosper also.

                 Thus it seems time have come to overcome the hangovers of 1962 war as this have also helped the Buddhists Tibetan brothers to get International refugee status also.This is also the positive side.
               After all for the countries interest also soon the large Hydro power prospects in the Siang river basin may be needed to be tapped also.
                                     And the Chinese side may be also taken into confidence and made to sign a river water treaty.But they have to also realize that the Indian nation have also other option.And friendship will be in their best interest also.
                               And the CIA should also wait for the God`s choosen time for transforming China into a Democratic country and stop using India`s shoulders to fight them.After all the Christian and other religion missionary work is heard to be very active in Chinese side and will surely make the democracy to come their also.
                                          As in all the religion the justice and equality philosophy is in grieved and soon it seems to help the nation; thus the contribution of the missionary have to be also appreciated in the nation building.See all the problem in the N.E can be also solved by taking help of the Holy Church like we see the positive side in the Mizoram.
                                   Now the Tibetans need to also see the countries interest and interest of the Buddhist brothers living in border areas like Mechuka and Taksin.As for this Himalayan blunder by Nehruji.
                The INC party seems to have been always confused to deal with this great Chinese  neighbour also.And Modiji is all set to open the rout to the Holy Kailash Parvat /Mt. Everest the abode of Lord Shiva.
                          And if the Chinese understand the main Hindu sentiment the liberals in the China must be also given chance to evolve.As unlike other countries historically background barring few incident China cannot be seen as rogue nation.
                    And this need for the friendly relation the Chinese also  need to understand and should vigorously pursue issues like opening border trade with this great country from their side also.As the friendly relation will alone benefit both as the Panch Sheel violators may be long dead.
                               As both has to accept that both are great nations.And it is time we should stop reacting for small issues for the sake of the poor Public's living in both the border areas.
                             As for us in the Arunachal Pradesh  ultimately we will be with what central Govt.says.And if it is yes in case of opening border trade then good and if no then there is need for heavy Industrialization  in this remote State also.
                             As for nation to really survive there is need for more development in more desperate places like this.And this we will always say with war cry.After all the internal democracy is beauty of India and BJP.And yes their is also need to bring more accountability here.
              As for the Arunachalees their nationalism can never be doubted also.Specially with Late Mohd.Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar`s everlasting  songs still now mesmerizing the Publics here.

                  See there is at least Wagha border in between the India and Pakistan and this seems to be at least helping the communication Channel between both the country for good or bad.Thus this short of outlets are needed between the India and China also to ventilate the frustration and to become the meeting place of the Publics.
                              As I think engagement alone will help both  the nation may be Mechuka town can be best place for opening this trade post.As this has same rural area picture like the Switzerland this friends who have been to Switzerland is saying.
              And can give image of the nation and may also become a tourist attraction point.See in the modern world their will be seldom a war and the engagement will be our compulsion as if one country want to harm another who can stop it?Thus let us not live in the make believe and the hypothetical world.
                 See earlier the country under the INC may have been feeling complexion of countries poor State of affairs.But with new good leader in our side we should be able to face the Chinese boldly also.And should not shy away from interact with them.After all their border area villages are also heard to be very poor and need the border trade also.
               See Lord is for all and from time to time seems to have manifested his love for the mankind.Thus way He loves us we must love each other also as He belong to all.And so unless one is despised by a spiritual force we should not hate a person or party as easily also as he have also some of His part.
                  But the violators of His philosophy and will we may have to finish  him like Duryodhana the way his team was done away with in epic Mahabharata  in our own lifes Kurukshetra.
                   And specially some one in important post and in important area can he be found wanting the good character and many may truly be unhappy with them.May be for them also time to repent.As undeserving man in a top post may be what hurting the nation and derailing the good plans of Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji.
                        As if he is allowed his ways soon many company will surely give their CRF to the good NGO`s working in this State like the GRK-Gumin Rego Kigo Lazu.The Galo meaning of which is -Let us tell good thing to the motherland.
                   This is started by the Villagers of the Gori and Soi Village of the Basar area of the West Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh.And its Ambitious adhoc President is Er.Tomo Basar Chief Engineer PHED,Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh.
                                  And we have to always try to first advise and pursue the foe also before other means is applied. As there is same atman in everyone.And see the real meaningful thing is to work for glory of God and work for His will by following the life style  like mother Teresa.
                             As love and hard work will eventually draw all nearer and this is now needed more here.As by opening up and showing our good character alone we may be able to serve this society and country better.
                                       See non is so bad or good always to be able to influence others,only earlier it was difficult for a good man to market himself  so their  may have been less supporter.But time have come for us all to now change and help others to change also.This is the true motto of the GRK.

                   For one thing in this new world where lust for excessive money is the source of all the evil, one who can bring a little change in Peoples attitude may be also appreciable from God`s and Publics side also.
                                And in the Mahabharta times also advertise and invitation was made to call the sponsors and mind it was always not difficult at that time also.But if God is really on our side who knows all may lend their helping hand.As the Indian Publics deserve the organic food which alone can be exported from our side from true sense of term.
                Though initially there is always critics who make brouhaha,which later prove to be much ado about nothing. This things all the great man faced in their life.
                         See the INC spokesman`s earlier repeated hacking of Godhra Kand to pin Modiji whenever he tries to speak for developement. Did.Did it not boomeranged?As the positive energy will ultimately attract the positive Peoples.
                  And Narendra Modiji only humble reply through his delivery by removing red tapism and putting red carpet for the Japanese Investors in Gujarat.
                   See NAMO obsessed with  cleaning everything for good may be atleast he may end up as your admirer if you are also a man like him.And will he not alone matter also?
                             As that man seems to have penchant for working like Emperor Akbar the great keeping tab on all the activity going around in the country.
                      And when one in top is selfless and truly feeling for nation he may like the right person to work with him also.Thus their is still hope for right doers who may be despised in his place for having not so wealth with him.   

                       But definitely He have something which others don`t have that patience and hunger for national building someone may seldom get again.See adopting Brahmacharya is no mean job.
                          Only a great man can sacrifice his lady love for the country.Seems divine power takes good test of a great man before ultimate success is given to him also.
                 As when for some he could have accompanied his beloved to the Europe and America, he have preferred to choose to serve the Poor and down trodden.
                      Then definitely he will have initial problem also God alone seems to keep record of great man`s  earlier pain.Thus please for God`s sake all the co-citizen love that kind of man.
                And for the genius and genuine persons also it will be his privilege to work with him also.And like Hollywood movie that man  may ultimately get the P.M`s choppers to pick him up also if he is the best to assist him also.
            As what South Block need now is Pentagon kinds of personals as  members of his think tank group.Who are before time and can be used as asset for nation`s interest  also.As the need of hour is preparedness as their will be very soon multi dimensional problems for the country.
               And honestly all the BJP cadres have definitely something to cherish about themselves as it is privilege to work with a great man.The voters surely must have been satisfied in voting Hon`ble P.M Narendra Damodar Das Modiji in 2014 election also.
                 And true to his name he is a servant of nation pradhan Sevak as he calls himself.And that man may have already become immortal like Abraham Lincoln in the history of Indian Politics also.But the BJP also seems to be only party which can create many good leaders.
                  And for this great things to happen the nation need to be also obliged to Hon`ble Cabinet Minister Rajnath Singhji the man who took the risk and Hon`ble Party President BJP Sri Amit Shahji.
                            And someone who may have silently accepted to have played the Luca Braci kind of character in Godfather noble for Narendra Modiji elevation.
                             And ironically for this great League of extra ordinary gentlemans , the Gandhi family may be the first silent admirer.As for me also I have also vehement ally advocated for Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modijis elevation as the fit person for the prime ministerial candidate in the crucial time.
                        This was with heavy laden heart for national interest.As I was earlier personally obliged to L.K Advaniji who have also helped my family in troubles  few years back.
                This he helped on request of friend Tarun Vijayji Hon`ble Rajya Sabha M.P from Uttrakhand when my father who was greatly ill and distressed was suddenly  lost in the street of New Delhi.
                  Advaniji had personally taken pain to call the Moris Nagar police Station.As my father was real sick at that time and finally with the God`s blessing we finally got him back.
                   But when it come to national interest some hard stand have to be taken and I become member of Modijis camp by campaigning for his coronation. My all the previous writings in the blog is their to be seen to see the authenticity of my claims.

                    Not necessarily it was due to me alone this decision to give the reign to Narendra Bhai was  taken by BJP also . But this was definitely my small contributions also as national interest  have to be seen first.
                           As one like Sri Anant Kumarji Hon`ble Union Cabinet minister and a very good person have definitely conveyed his appreciation for my work to my uncle Sri Komjum Ribaji State BJP Gen.Secy of A.P.He confessed to read my blog and liked it to him and invited me in BJP also.
                     Honestly when I had started writing in blog long time back I have been threatened with death warning from some quarter  also.As in this part of the world the Public's prefer to remain silence.
                      And accept one-day their leader will help if they are blindly followed.But it proves to be waiting for the Godot.But today my kind of politics also seems to be appreciated now.
                  And at that time Baba Ramdevji and myself where perhaps alone seen making lots of barking,and as such perhaps may have been seen as mad man by some non Hindu and non BJP members also .Honestly I also felt the divine responsibility to cry out lied which non bothered to care at that time.
            As the beautiful mind is the real need of the world as ultimately it may make all come running to him.And can he be silent when the nation is going through worst leadership crisis?As the positive energy cannot remain silent for long if their is injustice.
                     As some have to call spade a spade.Is it not so?had we all have raised this issue ,then more black money had perhaps  been  not shipponed away in the Swiss Bank?Thus may be some have to make sacrifice and drink the Poison like Lord Shiva.
                And so Lord Shiva was rightfully and truly called as the -SATYAM SHIVAM SUNDARAM for saving all.And so is the one who does so still today.For a man like him does he need to go to Kedarnath also? As there is already fear of landslide and flood also?
                 And interestingly though  all the great religious books have nearly forbade the idol worship, the Shivalingam`s seems to be happen naturally in the nature.And cannot be said to be in stricto senso made by man which have been forbade to be worshipped by religious books.
               Thus Lord Shiva is sometimes called as Shambu the one who appears naturally.And recently in Ziro platue of Arunachal Pradesh also perhaps world`s largest Shiva Linga have been find.
                            The knowledge of Shahstra is important to know and appreciate each other.Thus Atal Bihari Vajpaiji was very popular.As he could convincingly give lecture in all the topics.
                   Did he give anything to any body personally ?I mean an Individual development which the Arunachalee Publics expect from its leaders more which is perhaps impossible in today`s time.
              May be my achi Tomo Nomukji now living in U.K who was like his family member may have atleast taken lots of dinner with him.This specialty Galo clan member seems to have a special quality to mingle with big Peoples is seen.
               And definitely our Hon`ble M.O.S Kirenji may laugh thoroughly at this report.As we all are close from days of our youth`s and mostly know about each other.
                       But interestingly the 9 point rise in the countries GDP during Atal Bihari Vajpaiji  is still seen as the highest per capita income rise so per.
                     A distant relative of mine now settled in Denmark said to my elder brother that their country is right now going through reverse  -5 GDP.And he was really surprised by the Indians 5-6 GDP rise.
                  He was even surprised how the country managed this also.And see the new rise after Modiji is given reign it may soon make record high in all the world.
             Thus need of a leader is who open up the environment for good investment as ultimately this will create job opportunity and well being of the Publics and this is also not seen coming in this State of Arunachal Pradesh under the present leadership.
                       Thus Modiji is seen as good disciple of Lord Shivji as he is seen ready to sacrifice. It seems the nature have also respected a great god like Shivji who made an unparalleled sacrifice by drinking poison.
                   Thus He seems to be appearing naturally in the form of the Shiva Linga and many other religious Peoples also seems to be adoring Him.
          Who knows after taking Samadhi Shivji have transferred his power in the Himalaya`s Kailash Parvat.This area is also heard to be earlier the place where our Indo-Tibettian Mongolian forefathers lived.
                Thus from the nascent stage all the religion followers must tell good part of their religion to the growing up kids.And try to bring a reconciliation with all the race.

                    And thus appeal to all the Publics to envy the Modiji who have made his mothers life a grand success.Who perhaps no more need pilgrim programme of 4 Hindu Holy place for borning a great man.
                     And for some they may never understand how much sacrifice he and his family have also made?As this is also one world and one life to enjoy it also.
                          And only few can resist the temptation like Lord Shiva did.Thus who is SATYA-truthful  he is SHIVA-god and he is more SUNDAR-beautiful.
                         I also beg apology to some who may have lot many personal expectations from me; whom I cannot give time in spite of my special love and concern for them also.But lately the Peoples over here seems to have also learnt to appreciate me for what I am.   
                  See when the good, righteous and knowledgeable are disrespected then  that society will never progress also.As an English saying says –the educated person who disrespect another educated one is committing insult to his own education.
               And out here unfortunately the Peoples seems to have been made to believe that through corruption and nepotism alone society will flourish.But hopefully soon this thinking will be over here also.And also need to be made to be finished by all.                  
           See the great man like Baba Ramdevji unless they were also great man and truth followers,they could have never pointed fingers at other as easily also.Thus great man need to be respected as after they are gone it is meaningless to take their name also.As for few great man this world may have been pardoned by God so far.

                In fact good man  are needed more for societies sake and mind it they are few in number also.And need to be helped as they are God`s representatives on earth; but as for smaller rising stars like them they may be needing more help.And it will be perhaps more meaningful also to help a man when he is not so popular now.
                       See If good man are absent everyone will be living in hypocrisy, I cannot understand when the child loves his father in the burial ground only?So their need to be a paradigm shift.I found the old man and women see great hardship in my place also this is really bad.
                          But everything can be perhaps improved by putting a good leader in the helm's of power as he matters most.As he is the icon and is hope for all thus those who disturb the society in the political transition period may be all will be unable to forgive themselves in the future.
                 Thus after relative is long dead the valuable presentations is in burial ground is meaningless.Why not all the new clothes instead of going to the grave yard can be donated in orphanages?
                  In  my belief also the Shrad e,i- the sacrifice/pooja made in favor of the old man and women during alive is alone seen to be taken in the heaven.Thus feed them when they are now in a position to eat.
           Once on repeated request of the old grandma I purchased an animal and sacrificed it for her.Later I heard after her death his son sacrificed a large Mithun animal.But one village man told me in his dream he show she was taking the animal sacrificed by me with her.
          So it is better to get the blessing when one great man need you more this is also same like your parents have to be looked after well when they are alive.As one day you will be also old.And you may be also not looked up well even if you have a son now.
              See the good leader is your own it is you to make what kind of future you want for the area.See my greatest regret is loosing my mother.Please let us don`t loose the motherland also as later regret is meaningless.
          See  the great Hindu political analyst Chanakya also ones told-` RAJASYA MULYAM DHARMAM,DHARMASYA MULYAM NITI,NITISYA MULYAM VRIDHAM.`
                        That is the enlightened one is most highest in order more then the State,religion and religious Doctrines also.This is like the senior elephant who lead the group after it is hunted all the group disintegrate.
                            So even the animals is seen to respect the experienced ones as it is needed.But only ones old age will not necessary ensure that he is the best.See he should have good testimonial life and urge to always learn good things.
              The ancient Hindu Vedic philosophy  have also heard to have kept the Idol worship in fourth place.Thus the great man like Baba Ramdevji and Mohan Bhagwatji must be appreciated.As they are perhaps more result oriented then the idol made by the human also.
              As after all the man will alone be of use to another man and I am sure if nice plans are told to them they will definitely go out of way to help.And good things have to be told as we all are members of planet Earth and have to protect it.

                           Then only perhaps one will get Brahmatva /salvation/nirvana after all God/Brahma is heard to have created all and will like us if we take good care of it.
                  Thus the God in the Old Testament also seems to be against the Idol worship.And may have indirectly wanted human service more as Swami Vivekanadji also said –Service to humanity is service to divinity.As He seems to have been willing to left no excuse for doing other then this.
              Thus I am now appealing all the great man to hear our problem as sometime all the world may have to unite for a good cause also.As here in Hindu mythology some of the more powerful beings mentioned as Asuras in mythological books seems to be against us.
         See many can prosper for themselves but few can serve others.See had Swami Vivekananda started the Law practice seriously, have not all the clients flocked to him?
                          Thus why not the RSS now zero in for the same person like him to lead the future India.As this may be best standing ovation to him.
                         As everyone where hypnotized by Swamiji`s persona in his own time also.And the King of Khetri didn`t he become famous for pulling his Chariot only?And mind it one like him alone can lead this country to pinnacle of success which our forefathers may be accepting from us now.
                    And I am sure by love if RSS  are also told the problems of other religious Peoples, then they will definitely do something about it.
                  As only a great man like RSS supremo Mohan Bhagwatji can ask for the head of the most wanted enemy of the State operating from Pakistan also.

                                Telling something which all want to but cannot is also a great thing.I also appreciate Sunny Deolji for Pak bashing in his movies.See we need modern brave heart Peoples also and they are real MARD.How long we will see Hindi movie and live in the fools paradise?
            As their was time when the actors seems to have been afraid of doing this scenes for the fear of Islam fundamentalists.And after saying all this good things I may also accidentally get some admirers to wait for down willing to send the help like Indian Air Force.
                     Which was waiting for dawn to send support in the battle of the Longewala where only 250 Indian soldiers fought with the 3000 Pakistan intruders.
                            The semilier situations here is now faced by us by all the BJP members in this State.And when you do good work this may be natural consequence also.Yet out of millions their may be only a few person who will feel the necessity to help us.
                           As our victory in this sensitive post is very important for the whole state and millions of the believer in the truth and justice also.And hopefully this can be you who will grave the opportunity like Modiji for thinking something different then others.To be also remembered like him in the annals of history.
                         Never in the history perhaps a small man like me have not praised a big political leader such vociferously also.Yet unless the good doer is also not praised how the others will be motivated to do good things?

                     In coming election in our State hopefully the BJP good candidates will perhaps also get some good sponsors also.As motherof all the battle may be surely waged in the State of Arunachal Pradesh.
                    And it is said to fight for truth and justice in Hinduism is more then the-`DHARSHAN OF THE CHAR DHAM KA TIRTH` also, by the Hindus.e,i- the pilgrim for four Hindu Holy places.

                              And that man Sri Narendra Damodar Modiji who even cared for the dead freedom fighters ash in Geneva will surely care to liberate this State of INC party misrule also.
                     See hearing his clarion call for help Tata have decided to give 100 crore in school toilet projects.This money could have been perhaps taken by personally for  bailing out the Tatas in the Naino project installing in Gujarat.
                           As this INC Govt.have lost direction and need to be immediately removed for this many Publics seems to be praying for here.The important mouthpiece of the Arunachal Pradesh Bhawan in Delhi have become the Dens of middle man,thieves  and robbers according to some.
                             As for emotional relationship with local leaders everyone is seen suffering now ,as we have leaders who can`t even speak decent English and Hindi.Many as reported is heard to be alcolic and addicted to playing cards etc.
              And how come they can serve this Society this way? while one like Hon`ble MOS (Home) Kiren Rijiju is a class apart and an eye opener who is seen delivering  the responsibility nicely.Only after he is send as Hon`ble C.M in coming time may be their is acceptance of change in this Society says many.
                         See this comparison is natural as time have come for change.And earlier I had helped all the religion followers also,even have made one Shiv Linga in Gori Village field and helped the Donyi polo brothers to get there  Gangi land for constructing temple in Basar town.
                     Though it was made before I was a not so perfect Christian.But today also the Raj dharma to love and respect all is important from my side.And it was for it alone that we are still waiting for a political leadership chance. Nothing else the day their is seemingly better leader then me also I will love to stay back.
                 Thus for the sake of majority neighbors happiness we may commit not sin when we do something wrong also.Thus may be also time for others to stand by me.As together alone we will flourish.As why and for how long we will shout after their is a bad work ; and their is miscarriage?                 
                                       Honestly in my last election campaign in my assembly constituency in  predominantly Christian dominated place I have seldom gone also.In this State all short of the excuse seems to be made to save the rich candidate.But every dog have his own day.
                                          And thus it become more imperative for the BJP to save the poor and the destitute leaders.See even the Hon`ble P.M Modijis Chopper was also initially disturbed to be land in the last election in Itanagar.Then imagine the condition in the interior place?

                      One must read or hear every speech of leader in totality and if there is effect on ones sentiment must convey  me for correction also .I am also not 100% o.k always and need advise also.And is always welcoming my critics for healthy debate.And as I openly write and say thus also  want open view of my critics also.
                    As their is only few leaders like Modiji who can spell bound the audience for a long time with his speech.See this is a no mean job to give a big lecture without hurting other yet speaking something new in his all the delivery.
                      And eventually the Publics will chastises a leader who have no views and want to use the evil and undemocratic way only.And tomorrow some crook may stand chance to make a movie on his whimsical character like the movie made on ex-Chambal Dakus.
                      As sooner or later the small kids may spell all the bean how that leader used to command in election.Thus it is time the Modijis method is alone applied.And even for the CEC may be American mode of open election campaign sponser by the State may be better option.
                      And one have to appreciate the BJP that this party will be never be against this will for modification in the Peoples Representation Act.As hardly their will be ill motive from its side.
              And the BJP party members seems to be feeling that they have gone too far in providing good governance ;and good governance concept is now irreversible.And it is alone the way to make the BHARAT MATA great.
              I humbly apologise if their is an inadvertent mistake from my side.And their is a feeling that I mean to attack a Gentleman.But if their have been cyber attack then I can`t be blamed also as the hackers are always seen to be after you when you start doing good thing.
                     And thus their may be omission and commission in my article also for which my poor eye sight may be also responsible.The interested Publication house can do the needful correction also.
             And I may be made aware of this correction also. And some who even thinks that I also take the content from other web site;this is ridiculous. Neither I do and neither I accept others to do so as much as possible.
                   And I believe even if there is seen manifest writing of hatred even in the Holy book`s,this should be checked and thoroughly discussed also. So the recent report of plan to make –all religious community of India have been long felt desire of myself also.
              As tomorrow their may be need to make comprehensive study of all religion to search the similarities to bring peace and tranquility in the country.Or to try to find the real meaning of the doctrine which seems to be harming the nation.It is possible some religious doctrines may be misquoted and seems to be spreading hatred.
                                See in the recent days even within the Hindus there is seen argument on the issue of doctrine`s.Thus there is need to anticipate all the nations future problem in the micro and macro level.
                  Thus religious discourse is good but some great man must ultimately sit together and bring a acceptable solution to all.As unless their is meeting of mind by clearing all the difference the country will never progress.
                             As some smart crooks seems to create issues for their own political gains and worst will be if the religion is used for the bad reason.As some even the enemy need to accept that this is an exceptional case in one part of the world when they make an appeal.As when everything else was resorted then only the Pandavas go to ask for help from other in Mahabharta also.
                Today honestly if I have attained higher spiritual realization then it is also due to my strong foundation.At least that credit must be also given to ones earlier religion and his also.
              If we try to respect each other their will be an understanding,and if there is real calling of God then ones faith cannot be doubted also.And that devotion will be displayed in ones character also this way or that way.   
                  But as the nation building as great Swami Vivekanadaji envisaged is the main issue now.And good for the nation that great man like Baba Ramdevji and Narendra Bhai Modiji have come up.
                       But having said that the importance of other good leaders have not diminished also.And a simple man who follows the laws is as blessed as others also; and this even the Modiji seems to be accepting.And this down to earthiness seems to be making him different from others.
             But same cannot be told of some misleaded INC leaders in Arunachal Pradesh who seems to have narrow view.And in last election also INC cadres seems to have displayed their superiority complexions also.
                  But see using power to suppress other is it good?What other Individual quality the leader have this is perhaps now time to question this.As even if some crooks want to mortgage all the state property they should be individually tomorrow held responsible.
            And what I have find bad about some INC man is they are always unmindful of Peoples emotion while wanting their own view point to be always accepted blindly.
                                 See can Modiji stop the hooding of the Hon`ble INC ,C.M in his meeting?Why don`t they develop this brand of leadership also ,who is popular with the Public's instead of using criticism alone as via media?
               How long the INC cadres will act as if India belong to them; but closely if seen they are seen as conglomeration of the vested interest officers,politicians and business man.This is specially in this State of Arunachal Pradesh.
                                       Thus many Public's today honestly wants this INC  party to be finished and liberate this State for good.As the good leaders have been never allowed to  raise here in this State.
                         And given chance may have been asset for all.See was Sunil Dutta Sahab was he also not appreciable leader in the Congress party?Thus one should not feel that all the earlier frustration have been released on the INC cadres.
                  And political change this seems to be all set also, as many BJP cadres are dissuading the High command to take the present INC leaders in the BJP by saying-` why to take all their financial arrears`s and loan with them also`.
                                           As it is heard they are questioning.`even if they are taken, will their be no future legal and political complications also?But as for now some also seems to be wanting the INC to die a natural death within 2-3 years time.

                           Though many Publics seems to be saying now-Better put the president rule here for financial irregularity let the defaulter face the law of the land.And let a new team come up who can make this State a dream land.
               And some one was doubting that some amount of the trans Arunachal Pradesh Highway money have been already misused.
                     And if it is so, will be very sorry State of affairs of the Govt.And it  must release white paper on this and if today the State Publics are seen indiscipline in compensation matter then who is also responsible?
                      Thus the central Govt. may have to take a different step in this State after all Article 371(H) gives a special status to the Governor of this State.As with the delay in the implementation of the work the project coast will also escalate.
                      And the Chinese boundary with the country will remain at the arms distance.As earlier their was also report of purchasing and threatening of all the central leaders and vigilance officers  also who wanted to take action against the ruling Govt. and contractors. If this things are made to continued then real bad.
                         The funny scene will be one fine morning the top INC leadership in the State of Arunachal Pradesh  automatically rise their hand also.Thus why not now also questions some?
                    And to some ones points of view they now need to give olive branch to opposition leader also.As soon their may be many corruption case against many INC leaders by the CBI ,by the result of the internal feud and the Hon`ble S.C`s judicial activism also.
                                  As to work for the betterment of the society where have that promise gone with the senior leaders?See in this ground even the paid goons must refuse to  assault the journalist and civil society members like in earlier occasion.
                  And many thinks Modijis real test will be escaping the Arunachal leaders lucrative offer of bribe.Who think some of the INC leaders of this State will even trick the Yama also and may soon even have photo with the Modiji hanged in their wall , right or wrong in this days of computer ,God alone knows.
               But after recent incident in Delhi where a top Union Ministers  son reprimanded for bribary. Modiji seems to shown his will once for all to clean all the evil of the misgovern i,e-corruption and nepotism.
                     And  honestly bad days for the INC leaders in this State may have begin.As most of them seems to have been made addicted to the whimsical culture.
                 In  coming time it is hoped as the HINDI saying also goes- SHER BHI SAW GHAI, KHANE- KE BAAD MAR JATA HAIN.That is even the Lion dies after eating one hundred Cow this will happen to some Arunachal Pradesh leaders also.
              As the curse of the Rural area publics and the unemployed Youths will it not be effective?After it has so far bear so much.
                        A friend was telling that even if a Hon`ble C.M from INC is from our same religion,but  even if God appear also they will see their own party interest first.
              May be coming election is last chance to repent for some of them also.As many senior leaders have reason to say we have really seen good time let the young generation come up in politics.
             And if they reject this arguments then their real time have come to show their loyalty to their party ideology this time.As within very soon they may show their shameless face in the BJP party office also this many believes.
       And if they do so they will expose themselves as bunch of the greedy Peoples;this can be atleast talked about the present cabinet minister groups.Thus this way that way they seems to be all set to be the curse for themselves their own family and State.
                  Specially in this State of Arunachal Pradesh where the INC Govt.need to reply where have all about Rs.3000 crore rupees given as  central aid have vanished? And why so far the State is like in stone age?
           Thus the critics are saying if Narendra Modiji also accept them in the BJP party fold then they will think that he have been also given slice of cake.But great man like him will never do so which he have already displayed.
                        But some of the good ones from the earlier INC party may have to be accepted also.Who will be barring the Cabinet minister level and if they are welcomed they should not be assured of the cabinet birth also.
                      And see some of INC crooks may soon be even seen point finger at the Gandhi family also.And see when one rear snake in his house, it is always not accepted to bite the neighbors only isn`t it?This the Gandhi family may themselves  learn soon also.
                     And even for the BJP if this short of Peoples are accepted; in the bad time of the BJP they may again elope.Thus the record of the jumping from one party to other may be needed to check in ; if some MLA have to be even invited in the BJP for the political shake.
                  See a Hindu person was once heard saying the Galo clans to which I belong are descendants of the Lord Shiva and Karna.And later was the son of Kunti born from the Sun God according to Mahabharta legacy.
                And this same philosophy is also seems to be accepted by our Galo clan`s also.As the mythology story of Galo clan to which I belong also says Abo Tani the first forefather of Abo Tani clan married the daughter of Sun God-Donyi Mumsi also.
                    And some experts says that the Lord Shiva the Mongolian forefather have married Parvati the Aryan Princess and we may be the descendants.And the man of Sikkim and Uttrakhand like the Bandaris may have been the result of the cross breed.As Bhole Nath/Lord Shiva  is also called as Bhola Bhandari. 
            And even the great Karna of Mahabharta is he not depicted as an Orphan and seen as son of sun god?Thus when all the religion is seen minutely there seems little resemblance.
                          Thus may be real worship of the Hindu god and goddess may be serving their descendants also as N.E Publics may be also their own gods descendants.Thus the Arunachal Publics cannot be kept in lurches.
                       As all great civilization of the India must have been the contribution of all the forefathers of all the religious and community background.As I interestingly found some resemblance in the Old Prakrit literature with my own language also.

                        Like here in my Galo language Ma means No the meaning is like our own language in prakrit language also.It is pertinent to mention that the Prakrit was used even before the Sanskrit was used also.Also the brother(English) =bratha ( Sanskrit)= buro ( Galo word) is it not sounding same?
               Thus our custom,culture,language  and tradition of the Abo Tani clan seems to be treasure house of the anthropology.As the civilization here seems to have remain unchanged with time and seems to have retained its virginity.
                                            Thus for researchers this is an ideal place to know genesis of all the religion.The truth and purity alone was the way of life earlier and seems to have been the source of all the mystic power of the Priest.
                            As all the malevolent and benevolent gods seems to be still  living here cordially with the human beings.And thus State can be built up as a good religious place like Modijis favorite spiritual place like Kyoto in Japan.And a good leader from here can be really a unifier of this nation.
                And here the honest worshiper seems to be still being able to call Him for divine blessing as their must be something about this place.Interestingly here in Galo there is seen resemblance with the Old Testament Holy Bible language also.
                   As see Abba in Holy Bible is same as Abo in my own language.And not only that the sin confession practice of Christianity seems to have originated with the Galo`s only.
                  As in the death bed the confession was made in the front of the priest; by the sinner by counting number of  stick kept in the front of the dying person by the priest .Each stick will resemble one secret sin which was earlier never brought up in the Public do mine.
                        And one by one the stick was removed based on one sin and thus the sin confession was completed gradually in the front of the priest and village elders.See their also seems to be resemblance with the Dravidian language as the Anna means same as mother in Dravidian.
                 And I have interestingly noticed local festival like- Mopin as the fusion of the Holi festival of North India and the Pongal festival of south.And the earlier mode of punishment seems to be like the retribution laws of the Islam.
                And need not to say like the Panch pandav style the polygamy was practiced few years back in the Galo society also.
                    Thus it seems to be place of the sangam/fusion of the great civilization.As the laughing Hindus must see the Kunti and Draupadi story also where also the polygamy was earlier practiced in their Society.

                      Thus the Vedic practice which is lost in other place is still now practicality seen here.And the person interested to do research need to read the English translations of the mantras/chanting of Priest translated by great scholar Sri Tumpak Eteji of West Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh  Aalo.
                              And this may help the person who have aptitude for knowing the treasure of knowledge of all the forefathers.Thus this place of mine have lots to give to the nation also and with all this gift we also wonder weather we are really not related biologically to Lord Shivji as some researcher says.
                               But whatever be the past glory the real need is inspiring leader who can really bring a change all believe in. See the thief in right side of cross who was also hanged with the Lord and Savior he also repented and was taken to heaven.
                Thus Lord  is for all and all can be forgiven also and endeavor for all should be change for good.But more responsible seems to be in the top leader.
                          Mind it all the religion seems to be helping to come to that higher spiritual realization. And who knows by helping us the Hindu brothers and sisters are helping the Shivjis descendants also as mentioned above.
                               This should be the spirit of all the Peoples to try always to do good.Unless we respect other`s religion we can never make this country grow leap and bound.As only all fear the supreme power and through Him alone a final solution can be find for betterment of all.
                Thus the leader must have the knowledge of the scriptures of all the religion also.But the Vedanta philosophy also seems to be very rich and all encompassing
                This things is important to know the religion - God is for all and other also; there is always time for change for any one.And lastly we all are about to be crucified one by one weather we want or not.
                      So the Individual fight is meaningless as greatest enemy is within us only which needed to be fight to get salvation/moksha /nirvana in whichever platform you are.
                          The real democracy may one day make us near to one goal of one world.The bid for separation of the Scotland from the U.K through democratic means is an example.
               Thus for the nationalist and separatist alike the solution is peace, prosperity and good sense which is synonymous with good democracy. And in highest form of its achievement alone their will be the perhaps human fulfillment of all the desires.
               In fact everything moral is related to spirituality.Only because one is now in a vintage position he seems to be supporting the undeserving one for his own chair which is wrong.Gandhiji sacrificed his law practice thinking that he cannot use lie.Was he not an example also?
                          Thus do good thing before meeting the master.Thus I salute the friends who unmindful come to support me in last election, even if they were from other religion also.As they are greater man who come without any motive to help for a good cause.
                              May be they where motivated by God`s spirit.Thus besides hearing regular gospel we may have to accept ourselves as sinners in the temple and Church.
                  And at-least show repentance and join in instantly when their is great thing at work.As who knows the God is passing by in one place after a long time?And thus an small event in someplace sometimes becomes a historic turning point.
                  And the helper of the divine will they may  also get free heaven for being part of God`s will and His scheme of things.As prophesy or no prophesy by any religious man, it was always duty to help a person in a good mission also.
          This is as told in all the religious doctrines.And in day of Judgment some of my relatives and friends may not be able to challenge you for not warning them before hand also.
                After all the great man taking birth in one family should have been seen as privilege. Though prophets are disown in their own house.
                As many relatives have not supported me in previous election and critics see them as real villain also.As said in Hindi-`GHAR KA BHEDI LANKA DHAYE.`After all the Ravana was defeated by his own this is the moral lesson of the Sampurna Ramayana also.

                         See Bharats repentance after the Lord Rama`s vanwas/excommunication punishment this is also history.Thus in coming time the close ones should take immediate chance of repentance.
                     As brothers their is few time to love in world and sooner the opportunity is taken the better.It is high time the Muslims also start a jihad for love; not the love recent marriage jehad as shown in the T.V to dupe the wife.
              See man who hate a person or community just like that man is finishing himself first .Even the so called great man have also many regrets from past mistakes .All learn from the past mistakes.And more he learns the better also.  
                  And  the interesting part here in this State is many is also heard to be repenting now; as the much accepted fund did not come from the center also. And it now seems that the present INC leaders are now unable to help the Govt. servants  also.Thus sometimes man proposed God disposes.
              And see for the man with spiritual inclination that divine test time to see the right man of the God may not come again also.As in the coming time if God will`s their may be also cat walk for the genuine BJP leaders who may have been so far sidelined.
                As the the day of injustice may be really gone after Modijis elevation.As the country is now filled with the positive energy.And the day of respecting the rich leader alone may have gone.
               See like the real source of strength of tree is its root which remain hidden beneath the soil.So the power of God may be also manifested through some great man only. He being unseen working through them.You are in which side?

                       May be He also felt the need to keep something secret to find the real good man by their deed also.And greater man from my sight is one who vote freely based on merit of the leader also.
                   As a midst odds it is also difficult to support the more righteous by a common man.And see more the powerful one is more burden on him to support gods man also. 
              And see the good man will naturally come to aid for a nice work, I fervently hope more so in the future.Where the INC cadres wordily god Gandhi families roots is now seen to be dried up.
                May be for targeting poor man like me whereas it was time to love me at least as I was in the neutral zone -PPA at that time.Such audacity even to make head long collision with the God`s will?
                  And even if many criticism are levied against me in my absent but did the divine power was not helping me when I was made to prophesies the future of two Hon`ble C.M and three Hon`ble Cabinet Minister?
          And for  my earlier equivocalness political character also I should have been appreciated.As when one is tried to be pressed he may have to also execute his right to not remain silent also.
                  See lots of misunderstanding seems to be spread against the RSS and VHP brothers also as may be they are not silent when others are seen silent also.RSS brothers are seen to be silently working for the nation and they must be appreciated for this.
                                    And filled with the sincere and knowledgeable persons they may also like similar man like them from whom at least they can share knowledge for the countries well being.Thus not necessarily the Arunachal style will be liked in other place also.
                                And it is heard that they keep a tab on the countries incidents and are heard to be eventually never allow injustice to happen.The lower level Public's real desires are heard to be seen by them.
                               And here the Congress seems to have messed themselves.As it was an insult and warning for  them if the divine prophesy also warn their leaders in some place.
               The BJP outfits seems to be against the anti national persons not any religious followers.See one stray incident don`t give us right to always criticize others.And they will definitely prefer the new friends who have better ideas also.
              The same RSS and VHP may be soon seen to compel the corporate house to invest in far plunged areas of country like Arunachal Pradesh to bring more Pan Indian feeling also.
                       This I am sure will happen soon.As for them family/nation comes first as this will be also perhaps only answer to china also.  
                       As God is definitely sitting in the above and his punishment is lethal so his workers have to be respected isn`t it?And thus a man who make others to make a spiritual introspection have to be appreciated isn`t it?
                   And he is possible to do great things as He may be with him isn`t it?As can Modiji can have alone captisize the Japanese with his divine  and eloquent speech as usual also?There seems to be some silent missionaries of God also. 
            As one who sins will alone suffer for his own mistake in appropriate time. As by feeling good about himself ,one living in day dream  can he  escape death and destruction also?
              And above all will he inspire any one in his life?The time may not be far when the earlier INC leaders previous work are evaluated.So brother politics is not an easy task.
                             In the olden time also the King used to sit for long meditation in the jungle to ask for the answer from the God.And today also this is practiced in every religion in one form or other.
                 Thus the whimsical leaders will harm themselves first.If I am wrong what is Asmedha Yagya as referred in the Hindu Sashtras? And today also the Donyi Poloists asks the Uyu/angels  for an important work.
                And if I am saying this justification`s convincingly then take it that I have been also perhaps commissioned by almighty God to warn others also.
                    As I have been perhaps earlier saved from death bed perhaps to only tell others to prefer for worst also.May be some amount of little blessing I have also received for associating with good peoples like you by this means also.
                               As perhaps their is need for someone to cry from the roof top that we all are going to die one day and must prefer for heaven.And this we will definitely not get by also making our society as hell and by silently siding it also.
                      And this issues the BJP party seems to be also taking seriously; as this higher spiritual realization alone perhaps God want from us.As Swami Vivekanandji have exhorted us-`Up Indian`s and conquer the world with your spiritualism`.
                          See their must be God`s plan on each persons life.I was also one who could have been interested to enjoy this world to its fullness.This is had it not been for sudden developments in my life which was beyond my control also?
                     But today nevertheless for this social degeneration the majority are not perhaps responsible also, as the top leadership seems to be directly responsible for this state of affairs. So may the God of justice have to interfere this time,may be through some prophets /guardian angel to warn them of future of consequences.
                  And surprisingly this divine warning seems to have come against Individual leaders.And thus blaming the Public's seems to be meaningless as many top leaders and their top workers have been already punished amply.
                     See I also need tremendous amount of prayer support;least I also not rise to expectations of Lord and Public in future.See in some interior villages in the  circle level, even the Villagers  voting right is heard to be forcibly caste by some one else.
                 This is too much and some innocent villagers are made to feel that by this they are doing good.Only for helping them in small matters and making them to be dependent on the small medical cases.They don`t know how some  are harming the future generation.
                  And just in time of casting of votes the Polling agents are purchased or harassed this report also keep coming.And in that ground can I be called as talking too much also?and as looser.After all should I not become voice of voiceless? when others where seen as fearful?
        Yes man is priceless for Lord .He seems to be willing to re-affirm that always in some special places where He alone is answer to some problems.As man need to believe in Lord and himself to excel in life.

                            And for this one of different one may have to be trusted and given chance as well.After all the same spirit is seen to be working in Hon`ble P.M Narndra Modiji also who is seen really different.And in micro label also their is need for action now.My elder keeps on saying the lump sum work will not do now; all need to be professional.
                   As God will help those who will help themselves but in some place Modiji was needed so God seems to have send him for all.As loving and caring God seems to have no time for all.
                             And as see the Swami Vivekananda is heard to have said that-`the fear of future is insult to your own religion also`.Thus may be time for all to support any one in a good mission irrespective of his background.I am sure eventually the Modi brand will be good for all.
                            Thus trying something different in the politics may be more result oriented also.See religion is not only praying but is working for development of human values,pride,emulsification ,increase of overall well being, dignity and personality etc.
                 Their can be only development and growth through it only in true sense of terms.See the GDP and Sen sex is raised and raised by Him alone.Only the belief in the political bosses riding in vehicles with the Syreen making lousy sound will not do.
                                  The corrupted leader who dint on Public money may try to show that opposition leader is good for nothing.But unless a good idea is given chance how the society will develop?
                      It is time the Arunachal Pradesh publics becomes smart and try one like Namo also as their leader.As it is high time to change as non helps from their own purse the Hon`ble MLA`s have a corpus fund.And if a genuine leader is given chance he may not do bad also.
                                       Thus one should be envious of one like the Hon`ble P.M  Narendra Modiji who have been good ambassador for his family and religion background also.As man should always try to be result oriented.See there is difference between the elected leader and peoples leader.
             Only talking and writing itself is meaningless.And I am saying this to me also.So may be I have to perhaps start ground work from now and win others support on merit also.And this already I have started with my little resource.
              The peace and tranquility and development of the State of Goa is basically due to the pro-active role of the Church this many believes.Thus this days it is unfortunate to see that in other non BJP ruled State even the religious institutions have been buttressed by corrupted leaders directly or indirectly.
                                      This is barring in Mizoram where the Congress party is also sharing and result of the Church pro active role in politics. But as for the BJP since filled with the honest leaders in the contrary they seems to have no problem with the Holy Church also.
                     And so the amalgamation of the BJP and the Christianity is seen to be a grand hit in the BJP ruled State of Goa and format may soon be applied in other place also.As both have in fact single mission to make this world a better place.
                                    As the Hindu brothers have so much hunger for God also and as we are atleast in same boat this have to be the feeling and vice versa this have to be think.Thus they must be treated as spiritual brothers from the Christians side also  .
                      And was not King Solomon and King David was choosed by God also?like this we see in other religion also.Thus the Holy Bible and all religious books have to be seen in totality.
                             And thus the pious peoples alone will become a better leader.And will pave the way for the repented ones of other religion also.As first defeat the evil in yourself to much extent this have been done by great leaders.So they are heard.
            And this time the new resurrected India will I suppose give a damn to excessive corrupted leader`s to trying to bring difference between the Hindu and other religion also.
                 And who try to bring rift between haves and haves not and all the class for their petty money.Thus see Lord Christ did He not valued the small coin donated by the old women also?Thus the central party observer must see the integrity of the candidate.
            Thus the Church,temple,Gurudwara and Maszid must play proactive politics specially in some place like ours where there is seen too much injustice.As the real enemy the poverty is not tried to be fight here.
                         Rather it seems to be used as weapon by the corrupted leaders.Had the money have been earned by the creative means also that would have been different case.But out here their is seen open corruption and nepotism.
           As the excuse makers and corrupted leaders will definitely first like to influence all the  Institutions.As they seems to be spending  large corpus fund for their lobby and as religious place and big brothers camps this are influential centers.
                   Thus next time all must unite now to be with God`s side in the poorest of the poor place and beginning from this powerful institutions.And it is seen more punishment is seen to fall on elite if he is silent to injustice.
                 See this days the persecutions can be indirect also;the incapable of leader may doom all;this is a slow poison. We cannot afford to have disturbance in our side also which may be  basically due to adamant character of the present leadership.
                     As they have become redundant some of them also may be knowing this themselves.As the enemy of the nation should not be given chance to take advantage of this situation here.
                         As see in the heart of the heart of this powerful man in bad mess they will also like good future for their children`s.Thus for bigger man official stand should be always good.And may be time have come to set a higher goal as the violence will be in nobodies interest.               

                         Unfortunately some senior leaders refuse to pave the way for good leaders; may be their stock files of misdeeds may be making them to think-`SHER KA SAWARI KAR RAHA HOON ,UTREY GA TO WHO MUJHE KA JAYEGA`.
           This means riding a tiger if I climb down it will eat me.This notion is self made and for whatever excuse why all the Public will doom for one man`s fear?Why egoism,pride and prejudice for future well being?

                       In fact only few are now seen trying to bluff about this arguments; but had they been poor may also have accepted our view also.The practical graph is there to show the gap between the rich and poor in this place which is now too much.And Govt. have been so far under their leadership can they deny it?
             And mind it this sermons will rather protect the haves class interest more in future.As they have also come up from the poverty and now seen spreading the poison.Of which they may be the number one target in future also.
                      As their is now acute need of good leaders in the State who make environment congenial for investment,brotherhood and peace which will be good for all.
                            And due to lack of opportunity for all if there is local insurgency and political revolution of highest order,then there post is going to be most vulnerable of all.And this may soon jeopardize every bodies interest also.
                        See most of the Arunachal leaders are nova rich and critics see them as one who have even stopped the good man to prosper from their right business also.
              The problem here is there is seen to be feudalistic kind of society. And though my family members are also in top position in local Basar area;but they are also accepted to be best among worst.
                 So I seems to have been unnecessarily rejected for my Modiji kind of ideology which some feel is before time.But being Human are we not duty bound to work for best?
             But when the leaders from other area is lauded for his creative thinking.Why the Galos and the great publics of the N.E have failed behind?It was time here in this State also the honesty and good heart of the leader is respected.
                                       As Modiji seems to have now gone too far and the change seems to be now irreversible. And for some sooner the retirement the better also.

                   But the fact is the leaders have brainwashed the innocent villagers to be very materialistic in the election by portraying that this society have no good hope left.
                     Whereas we have also great names  like- Hon`ble M.O.S  Kiren Rijijuji,Merry Kom,Baichung Bhutia and Denny Denzongpa etc.who have come up against odds they need to be respected.
                         Some redundant leaders are the main source of problem to many and seems to be refusing to accepting this.And in the coming election they may be unable to contest for the world of lies and deceit created by themselves also.
                 So I felt there was need to break this feudalistic character so honestly I choose this line of being a Poor man`s leader. As People fails to realize that fighting for justice and equality for others itself is the main  philosophy of the religion.And only the light can fight with the dark.So in last election also I refused to take crores of money offer by my opponents.
                                    Thus I salute them who did not see me as the brother of a rich man.And appreciated my earlier sacrifice;see it may be last chance for all of us to think for the betterment of N.E.To make it as developed as Gujrat  or to make it the Waterloo field the decision is your`s.
                                     As the God gives freedom of choose why not make a democratic fight which institutions seems to be commissioned in all the Holy Book?As those who fight with the sword have to know its own consequences also.
              Thus for God`s sake for His own doctrine why still to have egoism.And thus from my side I am ready to discuss with any one for a better understanding.
                                       Accepted their is minor cultural difference with some ,but the first step of the trust and mutual respect alone will make our all future secure.As the State of Arunachal Pradesh may soon face most economical recession for the poor Public's if they fail to change with the time.And remain unfaithful to their own poor leaders.
                             Though as for now the Peoples accustomed with age old custom and tradition seems to be unable to accept my point of view also.But the real problem is with the ruling class.The leader fails to accept that whenever a minority groans in any place be it in Jammu and Kashmire ,the divine power will be angry.
                         And thus this adamant of the senior leader is really frustrating as I want a new resurrected Public's, so that in future any Poor Guy can also see a dream.As how long excuse can be made?
                      As all have no right to excel in life?As the poor are suppressed by the more richer so their prayer may be also not heard?And more it is done more blessing the BJP will have.This may be the sum result of my life testimony.
               But for this all the poor villagers of remote area also  need to be also told of our good mission that’s one of the reason I am writing this.After all unless your point is told how it will be heard also?And our own have to come first then only may be others will follow also.
                              As odds are also against  us as some  Publics here may be thinking we are very high profile or showy types without knowing how much we want to see them and hear their problem`s also?Only if we had a  sponsor and one business friend also like Industrialist Adaniji for Modiji.
                  But all have to lend their helping hand in some special case ,as in my constituency there are honestly less educated Public's.And they have been manipulated from the day one.Thus here the divine power may be real agitated and may be making me to write this.As everyone is His own.
                           As if Modiji is seen sounding telling the truth then he must be in the divine cause.And can any one now afford to sideline him.How long the N.E Public's respect the great man like Bhupen Hazarikaji when he is no more?And chastises their own when alive?
                  Hopefully my contesting in last 2014 election will pave the way for future realization in this part also.As the good part is certain section of this society is now also looking me as a hero also.
                     Thus some of the rich man who seems to have been seen making Gospel  for devilish thinking may never forgive themselves also in future.As soon the  voice of dissent may come from all the angel as may be the game changer have arrived in you .
                          As the Publics have lately also  understood that instead of giving them promised work and jobs; they were lied upon for number of times by some leaders.And instead they are used to transfer their own brothers and sisters making their own future vulnerable.
              As some old leaders they seems to have been making the situation as messy like all the crabs trying to come out of the Plate.And when they are using common criminals to win election they are undermining any one on their way also.
                                   Thus  for greater good also soon the good leader  may be compelled to choose the best among worst elements as friends.After all their is also mobstars- Yakuja operating in Japan,if the things continue to go that way in this society this group may suddenly come up also.
                                  And thus in the new political circumstance some have the reason to see themselves in the wrong side of the coin.One Working Without any vision and viable plan and are whimsically sticking in the post;the history may perhaps never forgive them if they don`t repent and still tries to disturb the new world order.
                As earlier many of them have been seen only good in winning elections with surreptitious means.And some seen escaping the important budget session of State assembly for poor language on the pretext of seeing a medical patience.   
                               And honestly some of them themselves seen to have a poor opinion of themselves also as their body language seems to be ditching them now.
           And their own self and their family members may soon also not also respect them.Not to say about their Party man who may see such man  as cursed person believing in religious leaders warning.
                             Thinking  for them INC party must have seen drubbing in last Lokh Sabha election.As perhaps non will like this cheating practice in election , may even the God above also.
                   As many believes now ,an uneducated leader see his immediate interest and for this is seen creating chaos.And seems to be surrounded with persons like him for his uncomfortable with educated ones.
                      And are seen again making the situations more messy. But if one repent and is ready to give back all the looted money then Public have to perhaps also think in line of forgiveness also.But how the Public's who have been cheated many times earlier can they be convinced now?
                But everyone is our own and any one can commit mistake. And had been there was peace and reconciliation in the day one I may have not written this also;as this is only thing which I can do also from my own side to write a book.
                              As the senior leaders are not seen in a position to change themselves also and heard to be terming us as worthless in every opportunity.
                  And seems to be believing in unhealthy competition which whole world should criticize.As if there is cancer in one part of body sooner or later all may die due to it also.Thus should it not be removed?Thus this S.O.S.
                    Thus in the coming election with the ample time in our favor to expose all the shady deeds of some senior leader; and hopefully in coming election their family members may be also compelled to lock up some of this kind of leaders in election time ,who seems to be jeopardizing the family interest also.As you can`t accept every one in the family as bad also.

               After all we all are the family members from one country point of view and cannot allow someone to evolve as a Frankenstein of the highest order as its indirect effect have been already seen in some part of the N.E.With too much death and destruction.
                              See if all the man with the lamp make a one step forward all the dark will be vanished. 

                       ............. Note- The rest to be continued in the next book to be published by me if their is a suitable sponsor who want to also make name and show his repentance for his also Bharat Rashtra cause.