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THE GAME CHANGER :- My new Nobel ( Part- XXIV )

                             And interestingly there are top rulling Congress supporter from Christian community also;but why kept in lurches?As for one only to my knowledge he have earned his success being settled in Naharlagun.And so the truth have to be not told or why?Because I don`t then it may be business as usual.And as this have become the Civil societies awareness time now there need to be action.And mind it some seems to know this language only.
                        Mind it the Christian brothers have also given there utmost contribution to this society;and yet have been never ever been so far also given political leadership chance in 29th assembly constituency Basar area.And now the burden of proof of love and magnanimity is definitely on the others to show that they are also part of Galo;as this is the true gospel of any religion to love all.As honestly the balance of developmental benefits here is definitely not good in Poor man`s favour;howsoever one tries to justify his stand.
                   As taking liquor and doing all short of shady deeds to appease the leaders seems to have been made as the secret of success here.So far in transfer and posting also this Christian community have been seen to targeted more.And not only that the Poor are becoming more poorer;so


how long few syndicate and large family with less vessions will be given chance?As the present leadership seems to have exposed there face/mukutha now.But have to accept that lately the old leaders bravado seems to be bit toned down.
                      And so in the coming time the justice is accepted as it is bad to see when there is open lambast of the new Christian converts by even the close relatives;and he cannot visit his sick relatives for declaring as taboo by the Priest/Nyibo.The case of the educated and qualified Peoples like us is better;as non say something openly in our face.
               Today also the loafty promise inside the temple and Holy Church will also not work;if the disciple buckles under pressure in right time of God/god to clean this dirt in society.As this is wonderful time in election to do so;and those relatives who will like my political carier to be bind by there whims and caprice I give a damn to them any more.As for maximum benefit some one have to sacrifice also.
                     Thus it is better to be with all in the festival time but to be with a good leader alone in election time as it really matter.As this is question of life and death for many poor brothers and sisters now.Specially the unemployed Youths;as they may have to be given a job commensurate to there standards of academic degree.

                             And cannot be accepted to toil the farm;yet I have also tried it to feel the real pain of the Poor brothers.And so I exhort all to be brave in doing good work.As see all the earlier PPA leaders childrens are also seen to be prosperous now as God really ensures that the good work never go invain.Thus for one who want to receive real blessings time for them to change now.
                                   As opportunist person he may have money but he will never carry that pride in him to inspire his own son also;and so there is many broken families this days.And today in this time they may again commit more mistake to fight the civil society when it have risen now.As there seems to be destiny for all;may be some haves class is now needed to be sponsorer`s,Philantropist`s and godfather`s for the meritious leaders.
                      As games seems to have changed as previlage few cannot seen to be always enjoying the power for themselves as it will be devils and East India Companies character.And for some man this Noble may be a reason for great anger and mind it is better then getting bullet like in some place.As this may be  better to be told them the truth of coming danger.
                        I am really thankful to Miss Doken Dokeji and  his family,Miss Chihum Riba ASM,and Sri Yomke Doke and family for there Guardian angel character and helping me in Quarter final in Panchayat election.They have


proved that all the Donyi Poloists are not bad.Only the siphons of the creamy layers are;but we need to be vigilant as some one are also seem to be brainwashed in communal and religious line specially in the Basar town area.
                     And even if they are not then they must be affirmative in great movement as they are gods man only who clean the society.As God only interfere when there is real grave situations;thus it is wrong to blindly support one;as that sitation may have come now.As the real aim is serving the poorest of the poor in any religion.And person who can give this have to be respected even if he is from aleign planet.So true;time to show the world we are different now as a true disciple of a religion show his goodness in letter and spirit.
                              This example of  good will is what this society and world is needed most now.As there is also places where Christian cooperation may be also needed for others thus there should be no crusade by others unless dire need.As beyond a point my powerful Christian friends in other place may also be not amused if my group is illtreated again and again directly and indirectly.As this Christianity is also a forrum which importance will never diminish even if the Govt. changes in centre also.

                            And thus never make someone as subject of secret laughter and hate speech in his absence;do like I am doing then only world will appreciate.As atleast I dare to say what I want to say openly.Make yourself as a Urdu Shayari goes-`KHUD KO KAR BULAND ITNA,HAR INSA SE AGE; KI KHUDA BHI PUNCHE BETE BATA TERI RAJA KYAN HAIN,`.This means make yourself so strong even the God have to ask son what is your ambition.As outspoken person will be always happy and benefit others truelly thus why playing mediocre role;as more greatness is in you.
                       And mind it that religious man he have also magnanimity to forgive more also.But there is limit to ones forgiveness also; see in God commissioned mission there have been war also;as when it comes to Him see Israil give a damn to UNO also telling the God have given the promised land jeruslem to there forefathers.Thus there may be difference of view also.
                                   Thus religion is a complicated subject and you like it or not the solution to world problem will lie on it only;that is also fact.Why can`t all Peoples talk and write like us openly?as coming at the logical conclusion is best part of human civilisation.And who don`t believe it is a despotic and have perhaps some DNA of Raksasa is still with him.
                         Thus when God`s warning and punishment also comes it


comes against an Individual  person only; as His own way of thinking matter a lot.As human being are always seen to commit mistakes;like making investment in wrong place and later cry and try to learn from his own mistake.
                      And thus great are those who have a greater and reliable master and philosopher as friend and guide.And when you enquire why few man is against a good person then you will find there is personal axe to grind.And that is due to that angry man`s own mistake.Thus it is now time to get the best by all.The best Philosopher,best Book and best Noble which helps to bring out the best in one.If I am successful of doing even 1 % of this then my sacrifice have not gone invain.
                    See according to the Hindu mythology the Eklavya was refused to be taught by the Guru/teacher Drona Charya in the archery.Neverthlessly he made an idol of Guru and become the super archerer;and see the one who knows the philosophy of life and act on this he is also a great man.
                            As for lack of knowledge one may loss a wonderful opportunity in world; so when one goes out to seek a friend he will like to go for best.And there is time for everything as this life is limited overs;Or mind it the forefathers soul may harrass the present Publics soul when they go in

hell also.If they don`t work for there welfare also when they can do so here in this world.
               So use the hand ,mouth,ear and brain for His glory only.As truth is in the end there will be divine court martial.As all the ACR are being recorded now and when one is dying there is seen to be flash back of all good and bad things done in our life.See in my operation theatre I have been made to see this.And fortunate for those who have not endured this pain like me to know the truth.
                                    Thus for God`s shake feel my pain when I was dying and struggling for myself in an operation;as you may be awaiting worser pain then me also.Yet imagine the pain and suffering when Lord Christ was dying for everyone and who want`s to save you from from this pain for ever.Yet you have become heartless.See even if some may have some reservation initially and as the victory belong to God eventually.
                                  So for interested persons to do good work and achieve something tangible they should not wait.See by money and political power alone even the Congress Party in the vintage position in Delhi can it save itself against the AAP?Thus for salvation and future problems even the richest man cannot save himself.in fact this days they seems to be in greater mess.

                        As everything is said to be for  showing the glory of God;not that some one have sinned.Thus there is hope for everyone.See this is foolish to think that the politics is line for crooks;see there is no place in world of which Lord is not master and He will not want to clean anything for our own good.So it is seen why Holy Books have emphasised more for the need of the divine inspired leaders.And as such seems to have picked up right person to lead the society;as God alone knows the future.
                    And mind it the man with hard work have more apetite and relish his food more.As money can come by any means but not the chance to become immortal by working for Him with some initial discomfort.As even some of your wife may initially not support the idea of sending us helping hand also.But the real litmus test is helping the thing where it is needed most.And so may be I be made more upright in life to also encourage you all;as we need immediate help.
                   As tomorrow you will be perhaps deserve to enjoy the result of hard work by investing now.And even in the Donyi Polo believe system earlier the divine will was always incurred before starting a big project also.So for doubting Thomas kind of person they can pray and ask God about our credentialities.
               I am not saying something different and mind it this spiritualism is

only answer to all the solutions.As with lots of stakeholders in Hydro Power bussiness in this state of Arunachal Pradesh the Dam button if pressed by a spiritual leader;then Peoples may have a better hope of secured State also.
                          As howsoever society develops will God importance subside also?only earlier He used to communicate through one`s own conscience and priest may be.And with change of time through prophets for sure.Those who will hate this comments may be the one who may have surreptiously made a MOU with the Hydropower developers and sabotaged the interest of the innocent Land owners.We have been silence to speak good issues so far;so this world have become a poorer place.If the world reach a understanding point in good issue,then perhaps we can even conquer the universe also.
                                 And become the adventurers /alleign in other stars and planets also as right now empty mind is allowing the devil to open its workshop to rise numerous theories of origin of human being`s also; latest being UFO and Alleign theory.See in the end of the Ramayana was the Devta treasurer Kuber did he not come with the Puspak Viman/flying chauser to help Lord Rama.
             Thus non can be compared to the power of God as everything else is His own creations.This God may be willing to give to all;as soon the resources of the earth will be finished then what?So by His grace only there

is accepted to be a way out.And thus when He works through one then there is a purpose;and only His choosen one will also help us.
                        And perhaps in the Arab land for sure tomorrow baring Dubai every Musalman may be seen killing each other if the Petrol reserve finishes.Thus time to show that God exist;and time for all the good Peoples to be in His camp.As he will give a new way out and those who grumble now may jeopardize the interest of there future generations also.
               As the positive energy one get in the prayer is the greatest motivator for doing great work.And earlier even the Islam`s Sufis is also heard to get this divine inspiration feeling;as Lord seems to have worked any way,anywhere and everywhere since ancient times also.And after these political revolt in Arab land best may come in the form of religious understanding also.
                            As see the innocent Muslim Guys are only get shoot while crossing the Indian borders.Thus stopping this terrorism for the shake of near and dear ones is it not important?And thus who don`t need God every true Pakistani and believer in humanity will accept Him.Today also the one who seeks devine will perhaps alone can deliver also,and see a leader is not

only a political leader; one practicing nicely in Hon`ble S.C can be greater asset to the Publics also.
                         And mind it the proffessional life is also not less  rewarding also more so in this Lok Ayukta times.So this blind craze for the political post with business interest as motto time have also gone now;and Publics now even the Donyi poloists,Buddhists and Hindus now need a spiritual leader more which mind it is very challenging.As the nuclear button cannot be given in wrong hands as they have made great sacrifice so heaven also recognize them.
                         See for a good man he can atleast bank a leader with spiritual background more.As man is after all bundles of thought and it matters more.As all the spiritual leaders invoke His word only to heal a person;as one`s thought may even strike some person and change him.And that person may alone spread this valuable message in the whole world for maximum gains.As directly or indirectly He is behind all the great thing even the medicines have been made by the good prayerful students who later become great scientists.See unless mother Teresa was said to have been not hurt in his love to that extent may have not given her best.

                     And it is worthless to talk her shady past.The need is to see the benefit she gave to the world.As if He does not give a 2nd chance then every one will have no place in earth.Thus we must give a peace a chance;and must not be filled with superiority complexion.In my place this spiritual achievement is heard to be seen as meaningless by whimsical leaders.Or have they changed lately;let us see the coming time?
                       The best may have not come for the world you can be also a superstar.Thus the choice is your`s at this is point of time when you have to affirm your qualities.Commit suicide or take up a cause which non did;for human being there seems to be no other way;as in any case he is going to die.
                    Thus the great man are worthy of our respect as they have burnt themselves to give light to others.As among the human beings non are that great that they accept goodness on there own.I am no exception so I seems to have been trassed by the goldsmith.See in place like ours People seems to see the familiarity also so my staying in a remote place should also matter.
            And my family connection with the local villagers through matrimonial relations seems to be of great blessings also.As my wifes


grandfather,grand mother father and mother also seems to be praying for me always that makes the matter more positive.
                       And even though they are also poor what else you want when your wife also seems to see accurate visions sometimes.As covetiousness have been never our aim;but to serve and glorify God through our work;and for one thing there are better believer and missioneries in my place also.And for them also I may be also used;as there condition is really seen deplorable here ;basically seen as victim of economic injustice.
                     See the man with the bad intention will get mad if he pretend to be a spiritual leader also;as you can cheat world but not Him and your own conscience also.And see I have written this Noble with great responsibility thinking hence forth this world is my family.Every poor and destitute man and not only the biological relatives.
                              As God can see a man inside out;and even if after doing something bad if one man is also seen to fights back ;this also means that man is basically not bad from inside As sometimes even a good person is he not crushed by a bad truck driver also;thus importance is continouslly seeking the master and preying for forgiveness and protection.Thus best is dying with good thoughts as this last rites is what is considered as special in all religion also?

                               As sense will be ones last friend and for it Lord will be alone last hope.The good Hindu in fact may be like a good Christian also and vice versa;as he who is accepting God`s ways is he also not like praying Him also?As love covers all other mistakes;as good Christian will naturally have this love for even enemies also;thus they also need to immediately come to them and talk.
                                Thus need of hour is leader with a spiritual gift of bouncing back like football;as every one is so desperate now and want permanent solution to the growing illness and economic problem`s and this Lord alone can solve.As one decision matter for whole the society;and it have to have no deadly consequences;thus the matured leader thinks many times to come at a conclusion.
                And mind it the great man`s are helped by the divine power for sure as even if he may talk and write long but he is talking substance beause it is He who uses Him.See some leader`s may be thinking that due to his corruption and stealing ability he is serving the Publics better, but this will have a terrible impact as it will fiddle down to the lowest lebel.Thus this should be atleast not have been official stand like statuatory warning written in cigarat.
                     Thus the sin from the top seems to be the main reason for making all to suffer also as Baba Ramdevji says -`JAB MUL MAIN HI BHUL

 HON TO` e,i-when there is lies in root itself then?Thus need is to seek purity in all beginning from the top.As corruption in the top seems to be stopping the man`s will to develop enterpreunership.The logic that with the corruption money with the  person in top`s hand and  with him alone help will come is absolutely wrong.In fact he only uses this position to make more corruptions and everyone is suffering for this.
                             As he have reached that position because of his bad attitude.And even after becoming Hon`ble C.M he may want to become again one time more.Thus there is need for all to restrain now and need to support the good leader.As God will automatically bring out an opportunity for a good person.Mind it non of the matured man will like to take panga with God`s scheme of things also.
                       And the mark of the good leader is when you once read his article or hear his speech you will make a instant connection with him.See as the world is seen dying to get the visa from the USA and UK Ambassy; for the man in divine mission it may be other way round.They may themselves comes to him.As see for a country also it is said it get blessed after a great man visits.Thus I am accepting all the great man to visit in my place and also bless me and my place ;as the coming Lokh Sabha april 2014 election is


 important for us.
           We need a honourable vote share for future interest;and nothing like request and down to earthiness as I am also a small man.As right now pot of money seems to have been sabotaged by someone else and Guys must be laughing secretly.Had it been in other place there may have been kidnapping also.Thus for maximum goodness few man`s anger may be considered.As many a wonderful chance for peace talk seems to have been missed by some who may be thinking money is what it matter for them.
                                        So the Publics unless get 5 yrs.quota of money as bribe in election should wait for the divine inspired persons;as meeting him may be a better options.As the Lord`s unseen  angels may go in advance to open the divine blessings also;as Peoples bank so much in good harvest in there life,leave aside disease and illness.And for this all to spoil only God`s small anger is needed.As health ,life and other important portfolios still seems to be under Him and man we need to fear this.As it is wrong to be only good in temple or Holy Church or in the New year or in X-Mass.And for this Lord seems to have been always angry with the humanity.
                       As there is reason for Him to be so;as he may have never wanted the rich persons to spread this gospel of corruptions and


nepotism.And who knows in the interior place cut away from media the devil will like to make his atom bomb in his own private Laboratory,secretly.God seems to be wanting to give so much and now seen to be hell bent in removing the corrupted leaders this days may be only for siding the devil too much.
              As all devilish act is associated with negative characters;as more then others the poor brothers of the Donyi Poloism seems to be suffering.As doing excessive corruptions and justifying that he is gifted by Donyi Polo to do so even the Donyi Polo followers I suppose will be not amused now.
                 As the excessive greedy one have no religion for them everything is there tools.I feel for a good leader also may be 3 terms should be more then enough;unlike Publics really like him he should not reconsider his position also.As the fact is also that directly praying the devil in there name is more or less obsolete in other part of the world now;and this also seems to be aggrasively practiced by the corrupted ones.
                 Who seems to be the real advocate of the evil force to the peril of others this is also point to ponder.As for the Poor man they are themselves seen to be fed up of the evil force and some is seen to be also content with the lump of meat when sacrifice is organized by a rich person.And for a

critics the living evident Uyu have to be first defeated as they are the ones even tarnishing there deities name also.
                     And they may be not wrong also as in great Galo civilization there have been always warning for excessive corrupted and manipulative leaders.But having said that the galo community have also its inherent beauty and greatness.As there is also quick repentence in Galo society.
                      In fact disrespecting any one was never our plan;had it been so good if the social relationship and peace and tranquility have been naturally given a chance also.As the blessings of the elderly person was also needed by us.And for this Galo age old custom and tradition hope our new generation misdenemour`s will be also forgiven.
                    As initially there is also problem in accepting some truth as well.But nevertheless for ones own interest why all will like to go to hell?Today time may have come to discuss all the outstanding issues.As in the State like A.P all the issues like-social,spiritual and political seems to be intermingled and nothing can be seen as separate from each other.
                      And thus today all are compelled to be dissected and postmortemed.As today ultimately for poor man`s interest even the Uyu

may have to be caste away if there is definitely no need for them.As the great Galos if we don`t make a new thinking who else will?As the badness in the society is the outcome of negative energy where even the good ones are trapped.
                       As the devil seems to know in advance who is going to be used by God.See a true person will always cry for true God and will like someone to call spade a spade.Tomorrow in death bed I don`t want to be seen myself as hippocrate by telling the right thing in wrong time.As our Peoples are in so much problem as the unimportant things seems to have been prioritise by our leaders.Thus there is need of new introspection and prioritizing.And if one is human being he have to do so for the interest of the future generation.
                               But the trademark of a believer is ultimately surety of salvation and intention to do good.And one who have shown both the option to his beloved Peoples also should be respected.As religion have been also made unnecessarily complicated for leadership`s lack of knowledge only.As the more shops have stopped price rise ;thus religion needed to have have been seen just like that a beneficial item for all.
                      As it have been send for human aid by God.But as the leaders have imposed themselves as most important thing;and here in this State his comment matter a lot.And for those leaders who have no open views on

many controvercial issues seems to be really sending a wrong message in this era where all want leaders clear opinion on many issues.
                             As the future is more bleak and the Publics have to be prepared for there future challenges as mortals have utterly failed.Thus a good leader have to also take risk and the Publics have to also respect some of there weaknesses.And ultimately they have to see the motive of a person.See I can easily dupe others in the name of communalism as I belong to largest community.
                   But if I really love some one I must tell the truth no matter what the price isisn`t it?And the haves class will always see there own interest and this was the reason I was never ideologically happy with them.As they want to keep the society in the old fashion way for there own interest.As they have best medical,college and Insurance policy with them. 
                                       So today we may need popular well educated leaders to explore all short of avenues;may be there is need to invite foreign professor`s also for medical camp in our place itself ;so that Peoples problem are removed.See atleast a move in that way have to be started now.As all cannot go to place like Itanagar also; thus the political power can be used more meaningfully.As atleast the  spiritually inclined professionals

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