Sunday, September 13, 2015


                        `DOSTO, CHORON KALKI BATEIN , KALKI BAAT PURANI NAYE DAOR MAIN LIKHENGE MILKE NAYI KAHANI HUM HINDUSTANI , HUM HINDUSTANI`.Friends the time have come to sit together and talk for peace and reconciliation for making the nation great.But intention must be good with the holistic approach in life and does the burden of the sincerity not lies on some who have so far enjoyed the life to fullest at others cost?     
                As I could have already disturb my adversery in earlier occasion also ,thus can my intention can be doubted?As telling something with conviction is gift of God only isn`t it?And He and His will can alone change this country for sure,as He have changed country like USA and Australia.It is heard that it was originally filled with the deposed criminals.And today I have no regret in telling anything against any one as in God given time only a better time will come.Or non will come in bad time to help you this is my experience in life.
                        As for the doubtful persons of my earlier claims of divine power at work in the Basar area of the West Siang Dist. Arunachal Pradesh Basar in last election.The present fate of the Congress party in centre in India is the living example of the bad consequence of having audacity to standing against thy will .What better example of greatness of God and His will when He can make unthinkable happen,in fact I have more witness and proofs to substantiate my earlier claims also.
                  And today after lots of laughing on the missionery like Evangalist Tojo Ribaji who prophesied this with much elan .The Congress party is it not seen suffering for its own audacity to stand against the programme of God?As the condition of the party in the center and State in India is it not in serious problem now?Perhaps for making everything pro-human master centric, and thus increasing the Human apathy by demeening the position of God.
                With the present Congress Govt. in the State of Arunachal Pradesh divided and ready to crack up any moment  after lots of time in ICU.And the worst may come also ,the Peoples need to know that loosing power and position is a small thing when one have audacity to stand against the power of God, and tomorrow what about having to face the disgrace for some powerful ones after power and position is no more?
                More so for a Christian leader in the Congress party who have failed miserably in this epic test and oneday may bring disrespect for whole the family also.And for the doubting Thomas kind of persons , will the BJP will be foolish enough to invite such leader in its camp.
             After all the Hindu brothers are seen to be more God fearing and seems to have been blessed for it also.As this is also fact that BJP is mostly backed up by the Hindus and many of them really take VASUDEV KUTUMBAKAM e,i- love thy neighbour divine philosophy very seriously.Honestly could someone have accepted the fall of the Gandhi family from the political main stage of India before the last election specially man from this State.
                  Thus this story is a lesion to learn for everyone isn`t it? see the prayer warrior with close contact with the Lord and savior will alone matter not the elites from the Cambridge and Oxford return in the think tank group for any political party.Interestingly 3 Hon`ble Chief Minister  and three Hon`ble Cabinet Minister of this State of Arunachal pradesh must have been indirectly directed by supernatural force about whose future I accurately predicted should have changed in time.
             And regarding this great testimony I have written even the witness name in my previous article also.And see those who look to the worldly rich and powerful friends and supporters and did not helped me ,again show drubbing.The fools fails to see that howsoever the problem is they have to only look to Lord and Savior and His prophets for help.
                      And in this story, more so exposed have been the pseudo secularism policy of the Congress parties stand as the warning of last election was officially conveyed to the top brass of the Congress party.And this party talks secularism, see Holy Bible says never insult Holy Spirit and its work. I think the BJP cannot be blamed for issues like Beef as this issue is more better then the terrorism helped indirectly by some,and one definitely in the Cow belt need to be understanding to the Hindu sentiments also.
              As they are great community who have many good points also and in fact most of the Plain Muslims are heard to be the descendants of the Hindu converts who become Muslims during the Invasion of the Mughals.And I am sure earlier even the Arab invaders were not as aggressive as converting others to Islam forcibly and bringing Beef meat with them.
          The Mogolians the race I am also belonging to alone must have perhaps spread this meat test in India sub-continent as still the carnivorous character of the race is felt in our community also.With penchant for Savoring everything under the Sun.But holistically seen this red meat is the number one source of – Gestric , Piles and Intestine cancer even for the Mongolians who are supposed to be immune with this beef .As the co-race members seems to be taking Beef meat since pre-Vedic era thus can be forgiven to some extent.And out here in the N.E seldom take milk also.
           See the Western Peoples are very hard working Peoples , place is cool and they have no much emotionalism attached with the Beef and so their seems to be less problem in digesting it.In India in every bodies mind the GAO MATA is god theory  is imbibed in everyones brain in their sub conscious mind , this is one likes it or not.This is called as auto programmed process , as psychologist have discovered that the point which is not memorized rather get imbibed inside the brain permanently.
               Thus this a every sensible persons issue, I think a holistic approach can bring a better solution, as the poverty is main enemy and our difference should never galvanize into 3rd world war only for a dietary manual.After all the Israelite are seen to be most physically fit and intelligent Peoples for healthy diet.Thus clean India may have to also touch this most important subject after all when God have given so much better meat then why after this very hot meat which make one lethargic and sleepy.And even pork is also very dirty meat this have been also proved scientifically.
            As such the  Mithun /Bos Fontalis red meat can be a good substitute which meat the Hindu friends also seems to be relishing in the form of the Buffalo meat.As unlike the Buffalo the Peoples seldom milh this semi domesticated animal.Thus middle way may be a best for all even the local Arunachalees seems to be fed up of the Mithuns encroaching their farms and agriculture land.
                As for the allegation of the marginalization of the Christian leaders in BJP ,I think this accusations are meaningless.And seems to be the rumor which have been created by some corrupted leaders from the Congress party in this State of worst political manipulation .The party like BJP which have fought for justice and equality all this year will hopefully seldom do this in future.
                           The Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modijis every religion is same approach is very good.Or their may be still some fringe elements who may be thinking others are align. See will after the avatar borning in ancient India with the PITAMBAR dress colour in the treta Yuga ,the son of God with white colour will not come in our new Kalyuga era?This is as foretold by our own Hindu Sages also, thus understanding is needed.As enmity should not be out of ignorance or you may unknowingly lost a best opportunity to serve Lord when we are alive.
              In fact through the doctrine of the Holy religious scripture only one can know and appreciate each other.See the Nuas story of saving all the animals in the Boat as commanded by God when the world was flooded.Does this story does not resemble great Hindu forefathers Manus story of being saved by Fish?And is it not highly probable that all the animals and human being was saved by the milk of the Cow mother / Gao mata in that epic flood during Nuas time during the month flood inside the boat. Thus when we critically see all the religion seems to be our common legacy.
               Thus who knows the presumed western God may be everyone's also?And thy will everyone's duty also to comply ,thus hope my claims will lead all to love each other more by making all to think that He the supreme God really means business and controls anything under the Sun.As you can`t accept excessive injustice to happen in one part of the world and accept that you will be remained unaffected if you keep mum.How long poor State like Arunachal Pradesh can have been used as colony by some.
                   Thus the doubts against my claims after seeing my last article by some readers is sure, but I really meant what I said .As by praising Him alone we can accept blessing to this country also.And when He seems to be still backing me ,then what the worry and so Praise the Lord.And for those rumor mongers and my personal critics who have no guts to come open like me for them also my wish is.
             Let them  from  now use their  shameless quality for power and position for doing good work also.Not that they are not doing but criticizing the Holy spirit is said to be the worst sin in the Holy Bible.Thus what is the need to doubt His will specially when it have already manifested.Will you look to a man or the omni powerful God for help?
                   See the time to work for His glory and kingdom when we are alive is also very short.And this time His majesty He now seems to be ready to be overhauling  this unrelenting society by first bringing attitude change in top hierarchy ,so that justice and equality comes to all.As though the apex predators always seems to be blaming the poors for asking money in election it may be vice versa .Thus time to work with His side may be a golden opportunity for all as soon someone else may make history at your cost.
                See Bibhisana alone is remembered for good deed in Ramayana and perhaps his descendants survived.And who knows got free heaven also.See power and richness gives journey but not the destiny. And did many realized post Ramlila incident that His Holiest of Holy His Holiness Rashtra Guru Baba Ramdevji was making history, as for me I was lucky to meet him during the time of his tryst with the destiny in his Itanagar visit.
            This Sri Naksang Tsring of the PPA still accept`s this great meeting.In fact great man have to also face challenging time but they fight back.The worst Congress blunder seems to have been insulting great man in the Ramlila ground.And I had also criticized this incident and perhaps this was also the result I came in the Congress hate list.See winning election in Arunachal Pradesh is not hard but when you also lie then what difference you are from them, whom and their family members perhaps history is not going to forgive.Even if now with the help of power the others feelings are buttressed.  
            See even if non knows and reciprocate a good work,but God knows and your conscience, thus accept the truth, support the truth as much as possible.Most of dreaded disease are when wrong step  is made.The conscience never permit a bad work even to the worst man ,and accumulation of the negative juice ultimately result in the tumor and cancer.
              See contrary to some Peoples view, I am sure even the truthful Advocate will flourish more, as the art of cross and argument on point of law  which need extra intelligence is in fact gift from almighty which is besides fact of case about which some Hon`ble Judge may not take much interest also.And forgetting that there are some worst crooks then Advocates ,everyone seems to be falsely blaming this community which is wrong.In fact the Advocates are also usually very respectable persons.
               And out here in this poor State with some rich leaders and officers since their proud was unrelenting thus it seems the top was attack first by divine power for other to learn a lesson.And more then that the Gandhi family is today heard to be given perennial headache and worst punishment by the same conglomeration of the vested interest groups of this State from whom both may have benefited also.
            And the innocent Arunachal Pradesh Publics earlier only used and abused with the slogan for need for dependency with the center now want a pro BJP Govt. in the State.And honestly even the Bihar poor result for the NDA may not effect the Publics view here.As the tsunami called Modiji have already effected all and he alone is the winning mantra here also.
                  As we have seen the worst here in this place  now some top brass in the INC camp is also seen facing the same problem now.With the cases going on against some of them in Hon`ble High Court and Hon`ble Supreme Court of India also and some perhaps redyeing for Land Mark Judgement with their name going to be immortalized in corruption matter .
          And the Congress party High command may be now perhaps also confused to weather save some or not ,after seeing the long history of betrayal by the Arunachal Pradesh Congress unit in its time of crisis.In fact the conglomeration of thugs can they be any use to each other in times of crisis question`s some.
                 As unless a narco analysis test is now made of top Congress leaders some of them may be secretly planning to even elop to BJP in future believes some and now case seems to be undergoing  – JAISE KARNI WAISI BARNI,I,e- what do you plant so shall you reap.
           As who knows the spirit of ancient dead god King -Indra Devta  may be driving some mad and they are not hearing the Public proclamation. Namely -SINGASAN KHALI KARON KI JANTA AB ATI HAIN. And in this State the famous Tulsidasjis saying is needed to be added in this Ramdhari Singh Dhinkar`s writing namely ………AB LAAT MARNE AATI HAIN.
           As the tradition and custom belief goes ,prayerfully if request even the demonic power /Uyu goes out of some man and house.But that is doubtful in matter of some Gentleman here . As while had it been in some other State by now some may have been already assaulted for regular dose of lies which alone seems to be their triumph card .Some of the top levels are still seen doing their best to mislead the innocent Publics, but their days seems to be over.

               As the RSS is hating Love JEHAD ,therefore the  Publics need  to be confirmed that non of the senior BJP leaders will have evil nexus with the Congress leadership trying to dating the BJP leadership as this is worst then this.Which if real to many will be like –seeing Horror movie -`Return of the Dracula Part-II`, and for the critics the secret and innocent place like Arunachal Pradesh is the place where secretly the People unfriendly Congress party will again try to regroup if the place is not politically nuked now.
              Some even question is this secret relation practice if still prevalent now is it not like espionage case of Pakistanis in India?This is time to love and respect our own leaders.But this may have also adverse effect on the sr.leaders who are trying to get double citizenship as in the end they may be no where.
             Hopefully the culture which have been practiced in the Congress will be perhaps not allowed here in this State by the BJP.The problem with some Congress leaders is even if they may have changed but till the last movie the villain in a good actors role cannot be taken for granted isn`t it?
                    See as today the generation gap have increased so much so abruptly, specially after the coming of intern ate in this part of the world.Thus time seems to have come for standing for the truth,ideology and principles in true sense of terms as all the glitters are not gold have been exposed now.
             As non can be that rich and lair to dupe all that too every time , and some of the INC top supporters in their heart is also seen unhappy with the present Govt. and leadership.And what to say about the two camps that is in loggerheads with each other.
             And why only will a true God fearing person can alone not bring some good change in true sense of term? not one who is pseudo religionist and from a pseudo secular party like Congress.After all I had personally conveyed the last prophesy of the missionary alleging coming from  Lord and savior against a top Congress leader before last election.And even if I can be criticized a lot only because I am poor but can his warning coming from above be still neglected ?
              The Congress think tank filled with the Chap loos and psycho pants of highest order counted as the Gandhi coteries seems to be confident of finding anti dot for all the solutions.Let them find one for this divine salvo was the earlier open challenge of Holy man of most of the religion regarding the 29th Basar Assembly constituency.
              And did Gandhi family did not show drubbing for using everything in their power to make a helpless person like me lost the election.After all there is extent of ones adamant character was I was needed to be atomised in last election.As so much money was thrown that is real crazy.
                 And it is also highly probable that after three terms in power some become very whimsical.Thus the USA pattern of election to give only power for 15 yrs. term seems to be good for everywhere, as the present leadership have so far only seen to have thrived on the Public innocence and their crookedness more so in this innocent place.And interestingly out here in this State of Arunachal Pradesh North East India some is in power for more then 25 yrs time.
            Man this  is like doing Govt. job and honestly most of the old timers seems to be using State machinery brazenly to come to political power.And some still now seems to be unrelenting and still seems to be not learnt a lesson.See bringing a curse from the divine power even upon master what greater mistake a man can make?
           And what use that servant is , and what pathetic position for the party when now that man cannot be dropped also?This is the irony when one is called by God to do His work and does not cooperate in time and later it is meaningless to correct the mistake.Many have reason to think that for this small incident in small Basar area constituency whole Congress party house was pull down.
            See even if you criticize the character of the messenger but can the message could have been sidelined?if it had come from the most powerful ones of heavenly realms.And how long some missionaries and god man can be seen as mad man.

                         And when critically seen the senior leadership with more richness is ironically seen with more cowardice in taking leadership issues in real occasions like- tackling corruption and communal ism etc..Thus contrary to view that man with lots of shops in the place like Itanagar will help the Publics .
             That myth is now changing and many Elites now wills to adore the Tirap District module where the Aaam Admi with down to earthiness character have been chosen as political leader.And they are delivering also making more rich come up as a system change which is real need of time can be alone aggravated by  a more honest man.

                   And the educated man already in the vintage position for all the season even if oneday he lost power also,atleast he don`t move around with haughty eyes and chest bare open feels many now.This makes some wonder weather the terrorist infested place of Tirap and Changlang District is it not better then other place also?
           Thus there is always seen to be two side of coin,thus Hon`ble P.M`s latest dialogue with the NSCN- I.M is a welcome move.As some who indirectly nurture them seems to be worst enemy of the State as they are perhaps the output of the ones who talk differently and does differently in different place – man with two taunge`s.And critics say out of 125 worst corrupted officers to be given VRS by the Hon`ble P.M`s plan first fifty will be reserved by this State denizens.
          And recently it is heard 5 officers have been given prosecution sanction in disproportionate case by the Congress Govt. of this State.The question is it is really so, or is it also not a ploy to blackmail some? The real sincerity will be to give VRS to 5 richest officers he/she be from any community.
              In this State even the corruption action is accepted to be on line of community.That if it is truth then it will be really pathetic.And some Beaurocrates must be also accounted for their earlier excess for not allowing the Audit team to reach Itanagar.By reportedly taking help of the goons and Ultras and spreading communal ism for their own gain.
             Thus some heads must roll but their must be a white paper dossier on the top 5 officers huge property before taking action .Which some believe that may overtake some Corporate house asset also.The Publics have right to know how some have become filty rich.And if we don`t object this now then this State have no future.Why alone Hon`ble C.M be blamed for corruption case in the Hon`ble S.C.This voice from some corner is also not without merit.  
            As in many District of State the haves class consisting of the conglomeration of the corrupted officers , politicians and Business man have become like mafia and syndicates and may reserve  1-50 position of Hon`ble P.M `s plan to search 125 worst corrupted officers to be given VRS in the Country.And many are directly and indirectly in the verge of making other Insurgent groups sprung up like KUKURMUTTA`s.
                    Compelling the Aam admi /Publics to support them by hook and crook thus there is seen vicious circle where the apex predator like some Haves class members can be seen as the real villain; and interestingly this way and that way they all seems to be united.In this backdrop the Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modijis clarion call to clean India of all maladies is important.
                  However the helpless majority Publics of the Arunachal Pradesh feels that only the Hon`ble S.C, His excellency Governor and CBI Director can only do something to ameliorate their pathetic condition; as the haves class in this State is seen to manipulate everything to their favor and some even seems to be feeling that ultimately even the BJP top leadership will be managed by some.
                                    But in fact the majority was and is always good only the good ones need to be affirmative in claiming their rights.And when the Publics become united in this matter then non can undermine the Public`s power.Atleast be ready to become the goalkeepers I,e- the Polling agent in election time for the change one believe in and from now on one should show his commitment for it.
             And youth who have been the worst victim of poor leadership should come up now as what they need to do is saying openly in all platform what they believe.Specially those who have to relative in the Govt. service post, whom they have to fear?As this present time may be also last chance to make name like Freedom fighters.
                             As for BJP specially Hon`ble P.M he have been always categorical of his Zero tolerance of the corruption and nepotism.As the beauty of modern democracy is you need not shed your blood but join in the genuine opposition party like BJP in this State, and surely it will not fail you and even if it does I am sure it will give chance to a better leader then you also.And what else we all want a good leadership isn`t it?
                            Though from my past experience this things like righteousness seems to be immaterial in election time, yet is it not our duty to fight for the better future?And in view of the present historical time the future is really promising.As Hon`ble P.M have in many of his historic speech promised to appreciate any good man in any religion which is definitely an encouraging word.
                    Hope similier disease and illness that the Congress Party is seen infested with does not come to BJP party also, as in future when election is near some rich and powerful may try to seduce it`s high command also.As the present jock is in this state even the Angel in charge of this place will become corrupted ones posted here.
            Good part is against this worst practice alone great man like Hon`ble P.M have stood up and the things will ultimately happen according to his will only.But  right now one need is one who is bold and fearless and seen standing for the Publics.
                   But accepted even in circa 2015 some powerful persons are heard to be trying to hijack the work by not allowing tendering of the work also.Is PMO listening ?And what Hon`ble C.M Tukiji did was a small thing some crooks are directly still heard involving in the business from their own firms, and there is report of prima facie proof of corruption and nepotism of highest order.
                     This shows the continue need of man like you in this society isn`t it?Only you have to be more vigilant and only you have to do more is write more assertively atleast in the social network cite against the injustice,pliz atleast do what you can.As being a politician also we are seen indirectly by some Publics with suspicion ,and may be seen like having personal axe to grind ,and in the PIL case the opposite side may get benefit if the case is fight by a political adversery.Thus there is unfortunately also limitations for us.
                The Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh have constituted a Special investigation Cell to hear the corruption case.But in fact in many case it is seen to even not issue mandatory prosecution sanction against the blue eye boys beaurocrates .And seems to be not even not allowing Police officer of the case to file charge sheet within mandatory 90 days time due to which the merit of the case is seen  suffering.
                In this eye of miserable life here the Centre should have given full green signal to the CBI to interfere in the State of affairs here on special ground.As under Art 371(H) the Law and order Power of this State is seen to be with His Excellency Governor of Arunachal Pradesh, and regarding this constitutional expert should have been consulted to explore using this to rope in CBI  to save the poor Publics here.
            The State where the corrupted and lazy junior officers who seldom come to office are alone seen rewarded with promotion benefit, here in this State a drastic step can alone may have brought a respite from true Jungle Raaj.And with the Congress party with the top to bottom itself in the poor light atleast in this front; the cleaning process under its rule is improbable.
            It will be honestly a true lie thus how long the elephants of corruption and nepotism inside the Rajiv Bhavan the party office of the Congress party can be tolerated any more?The worst insult to the Publics will be if the innocent officers in the planning post are charged with corruption to take out political vendetta. And previous Hon`ble C.M is blamed of looting the State as if he was from other party.
                                           As one uneducated leader cannot carry the PA and P.S with him cine die, as this days in the Helicopters and plane also Hon`ble P.M Modiji is seen to be still working with his files.The Old generation need to know that the days of active manipulation in local level is gone, and it is time to call it a day as aptitude ,creativeness and vision and penchant for justice and equality is seen more with educated and enlightened chap.And unless given chance to them they cannot be criticized just like that.
                  This is even if the Older folks may have also good intention and may have been good for their time and may be still enjoying some comfort with the Publics for their long time association.Yet can you rear snake in the backyard only because it is familiar?See today ignorance is a curse, and after perhaps 15 yrs. when a new technology also comes up other then intern ate we may be also then a misfit and off dated leader.
                Yet the fact is that new educated leadership have been seen to do better in this new world and the critics are now even questioning Nehrujis work also.See the work of the Pasighat BJP Hon`ble MLA Delhi educated Sri Kaling Moyongji did he not brought Smart city to Pasighat?see the educated and enlightened leaders will perhaps never like to win election atleast by  manipulation.
           Though lately puzzled with the new developments some leaders seems to be trying to change fast by showing smiling face.But lack of confidence is reflected in their face.After all today in Delhi in the view of the active AAP members in look out for some suspected person ,some may be caught and end up in Tis Hazari Court if they try to bribe planning commission officer`s as usual.
             See this may be things of past in future like- putting money inside the JCB tyres in election time to ferry it to other place , and driving the non tribal voters away from the D-day of election in fear of their vote going to others,putting CCTV camera in peaceful place,making  groups like Taliban ,and kidnapping the election agents, making only one polling station for the opposition leaders village and using all this evil tactics to win election which have been also reported in some place.
                 As the conscience and fear of divine power seems to be more with the educated elite he will surely never do this bullshit and use his all energy for deliverance. All the justification of the Congress party seems to be stopping in this State of Arunachal Pradesh.
                And for it truly it seems to have got the divine curse also as only because one have excessive surreptitiously earned ill gotten money how long he will enjoy at others cost ?And the God of justice how long will overloo the injustice ,for the Public's please for God`s shake don`t kick the dead tiger tame them while they are alive.
                 And for the great civilization also will it not be insult when its own educated one`s who have better ideas are not used for the State well being and the uneducated and criminally minded peoples are allowed to sabotage the future? and some who are seen to be nonperforming in most important place like State assembly is used time and again in name of communal ism.
                 As when we talk of community pride does it not necessitate to give justice and equality a chance and to stop one with the illgotten money to manipulate everything and always also?Having numerous wifes to influence the pooling station directly and indirectly,how long this via media alone can be tolerated?As their is seen lack of vision document and political will power.
               As money can be also used secretly to defame another person and even put remote controlled person to be in ones  position to continue to rule the society through some one else.But it is time to say enough is enough, see the blame game will be their but it is the Publics who will decide the future .See even if the top leadership was not directly involved in most despised work of some of his worker, but being General will he be not held responsible?
                                 Thus perhaps it was time for some of the old guards to invite the new generation to take the reigns of power and show their magnanimity, and set an example.Even if they hate some ,but only for the Publics who have been lied and abused like anything.As when the Publics rise they may take any decision one likes it or not.
                    And yet for this new change we as society must stand together leaving aside any communal and parochial view as enough of suffering have been inflicted  to Unemployed Youth`s and Poor villagers .Who only seems to be used as cannon fodder in election for  divide and rule tactics as an age old tactics.
            As for a great society we have to make some sacrifice and the history may surely also see some rep-enters with respect if they realize it fast, this is nothing personal also and the word of advise may be good for them also.As great man if true they are will also accept their wrong and mistakes.Even if some of them now habituated and obsessed with power they will be right now angry with me.
              But even if why try to interfere in others family?The Congress leaders have no right to interfere in the BJP Parties internal matter.And it is time the party High command pass an strong advisery to keep distance with the Congress leadership.As this political jumping culture has what have made this State as truly a jungle Raaj.
               See for the betterment of this world the quest for the personal richness should not have been keep as a priority.But the legacy that great man like Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modji will left for the future generation is to be appreciated when the great man is now alive and it is now previlage to work with him.I am sure the great man will take time to visit the Aalo town of the West Siang Dist. Arunachal Pradesh very soon the focal point of making the nation great ,as he have already come to Pasighat and Itanagar of the State of Arunachal Pradesh.
                   And he is yet to meet the Great Galo community the tribe as intelligent as Zews and Bengali to some critics view which is unfortunately passing through its worst transition phase for few whimsical leaders.The centenary celebration of the Ramkrishna Mission School viveknagar Aalo may be a good time for him to do so, which is heard to be from from Nov.- Dec. 2015.
                          Even the devtas in the Hindu Sashtras have been seen to have plan –B in their era to hit at some of the Asuras who secretly sneak into their dinning room to drink nectar of life –AMRITA with them.This is the time for the more righteous to sit together and chock out our future stategy as Swami Vivekananda would have accepted from his students.SAMAJDARO KAIN LIYE ISHARA HI KAFIN HAIN.