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GAME CHANGER -PART-III ( MY new Nobel corrected version)

 Bango members of all the Galo clan to send there volunteers to help finish this.And not only that he was the one who requested Smty.Indra Gandhiji to set up the Ramakrishna Mission School in Aalo when other Delegates from NEFA as earlier A.P was called to Delhi tour where asking for the food and clothing.
             And in all this good works he seems to have been helped by Sri R.N Haldipur the Hon`ble Deputy Commissioner who later rose to the rank of the His Excellency Governor of the Arunachal Pradesh.It is pertinent to mention that he also seems to have taken pain to give justice to my mother.As her wife an educated  M.A seems to have been really concerned about the women s right abuse in the State of Arunachal Pradesh in those time.
                      After my mother died it was like father lost a Laxmi and could never ever see the same success.Honestly it was time when the other part of the Arunachal was yet to see the light of the day.That way this Basar and Aalo town of the Galo land was very advanced as we where using this Gramophone when others perhaps not knew it also.Another important work father did was donation of the ICAR land to Govt. in 1972 in connivance with late Tomo Ribaji Ex-hon`ble C.M.; pioneer leader of the PPA of which my father was lifelong supporter.
                         The loyality to late Tomo Ribaji by my father and others was phenomenal;as it was time when the leader was seen with great

respect.And the ITBP land donation in Basar town  was also undertaken by my father Sri Dakto Basarji  is verified by Sri Tumgam Bagraji who was then A.S.I ;I.T.B.P and Dr.Emi Rumiji presently Deputy Director T.B Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh.
                              As they claim to went to convince all the land donators along with my father.It was done during time of Deputy Commandant O.P Chaturvedi of the 4th Batt.I.T.B.P.And later ITBP was changed to S.S.B ;the same commandant Sri I.B Negi ( I.P.S) was reins ted as commandent of the 23 SSB.After long year this Company was shifted to I suppose Valmiki Nagar of Bihar.
                      And for this service to Govt. of India my father always desired 21 Gun salute for his effort after his death.As its also consider a great honour in our Galo society also to be given Gun salute after one is no more.As when my mother died I have never seen as much Publics and volunteers coming with private Guns to vid her last farewell.As she was true leader and seems to have touched so many lifes.
                       As my father and main land dona tors of the ITBP land in Basar have never received any monetary compensation from the Govt. of India also.So they deserve certain recognition;and my friend in ITBP I.G Shah,Commandant Mandhirji DIG Shillong may also try from there side to

see what can be done.And for a prodigal son its my duty to appeal for fulfilling the last wish of the dying father.
               So may someday he also may get special concession from Ministry of Home as special case to let my father die a happy man. Neverthlessly the SSB and the ITBP have been always helpful to the Publics in the time of natural disaster like fire also and seems fathers sacrifice have not gone in vain.
               And have been also a place for cultural exchange where many local girls have been also married to the service man.And with AAP wave this fathers dream seems to be near now,to give recognisation to the real sacrifice of the country.But nothing like rewarding a person in his old age when great man`s life is short.
               See this was also a significant contribution made by my father which cannot be gainsaid also.As the Secret Service Bureau in the line of Japanese Armies Nicona koki during 2nd world war used to earlier give all the information to Govt. of India through local recruits of the  border areas like Mechuka and Taksin the place near to the Chinese border.
                             As for us in our young days getting chance to see Documentary show in the SSB was the greatest kick in our life.As there was no entertainment point at that time;alas those hunger for entertainment

where it has gone now?Therefore everything too much also seems to be bad.
                           Thus the real happiness will be now seeing million dollar happiness smile in the face of a poor boy.And in our Childhood all the ration of the SSB used to go from our Shop and we used to be invited in the SSB Picnic parties also. It was short of a family relations with them.
                       The great thing about my house was it was the cultural exchange meeting point of all the great man of our time.Sri Tejum Paduji ( Present Director Higher Education Govt. of A.P who is also my nephew),Sri Tahang Taguji presently Hon`ble Deputy commissioner Daporijo, Moge Dojiji eminent singer and maternal uncle e,i-mamaji,Er.Marker Bam ( S.E PWD) and Retd.Director Sri Obang Dai who was then EAC Basar where the common face in the evening dinner table.
                                            And the great evening used to end with the song of the great singer Moge Doji who used to only be ready to sing when finally my mother used to say to her.TAGE GANA GO MENTO KE.e,i-Moge sing a song.Last time nearly tears came out automatically in our face when Kite Mogeji sang a last song on my request in the Nephew Karsang Basar`s marriage party.It was perhaps his last song as few days after he is heard to be suffering from the stroke.

                 The Arunachal Publics obsessed with his singing need to be really bothering about his health; his all time great song is-`Takar Tasim Ngo….`.And he can sing Mohd.Rafi`s song adjactly like him also.I am praying almighty God to heal him so that he can be again seen hale and hearty.The making of KVK Farm in Bam Village is also my fathers brain child;as he seems to have anticipated that future was in farming and agriculture.As the agriculture revolution alone can perhaps bring true regionalism/swarjya in Arunachal Pradesh.
                       The vision and creativeness of my father and urge to discover something new in his all life seems to have influenced all of us all; he seems to have the spirit of Christopher Columbus the man who discovered America.And for a man of his time who perhaps show many thing for the first time.Every thing must have been a very interesting thing for him like the character in the American serial- GOING TO WEST.
                   But what made him different was that he seems to have been in look out for searching a way to make our society always better.With cooperation with his business partner R.P Chabraji of Gauwahati he started selling the Rice Mill and Power Tiller of the  J.K Satto Company.
                      And this really helped the Villagers and he took very less money and even sometimes left his commission also;this seems to be imbibed in my gene also.As even if my family and friends says I have already done enough

for society and it is time for me to see my own interest now; the fighter in me refuse to stop.
                                                  As on many occasion I was taken by father in his business trips.And today also in my family my father is seen as the greatest encourage of me to be a political leader also;as he seems to have believe in me;and want to do what he cannot perhaps through me.And openly say one day everyone will flock to Tago as he is selfless.
                         And he is this days always not keeping well so I feel I should not also tell him the latest developments and works I have done.As he tends to be very emotional this days.He is a simple man and perhaps does not know much of my work also; as Internet is something there generations will never understand.
                         And being a prodigal son its my duty also to fulfill his last wish also.And hope other family members will also realize the gravity of situation as a great man also needed to be given and standing ovation also.The Abo Tani clan members which constitute about 70% of the total Arunachal population have been known for there leadership and friendly manners;and for few bad ones all should not be seen with apprehensions.The main tribe of same decedents of the forefather Abo Tani are- Nyishi,Galo,Minyong,Miri,Pasi,Miling and Padams etc.

                            It is pertinent to mention that all the Arunachalees be he Buddhist in Tawang may be direct decedents of Abo Tani only.As the established fact is most of Arunachalee forefathers come from China side.And in Fa hiens time Buddhism seems to have come and by that time Abo Tani`s descendants like Galo which name means to climb down may have climbed down from Lhasa side of the Himalayas on the way to Indian plains.Thus all the cultures and traditions of each sub tribe have to be seen as our common legacy and beautiful flower in the garden of State.
                       As all the other tribes like Khamtis,Akas,sherdukpans,Nokte,Tangsa,Wangsu etc. seems to have went in advance and remain cut off for long time from each other so there is seen little variations in culture and traditions.As the culture and tradition is dynamics and change also;but change is very slow so we do not feel it.So everyone is our own from Adam and Eves point of view also.And thus the Abo Tani clan members also need to come out from this communal syndrome as this seems to be its plus and minus point.
                                As it would have been better if there have been communal ism in economic matter.But here in Arunachal Pradesh we are truly waiting for one corporate leader like Col.Taizo Sakamoto who started Yama Moto Japan and fused the Japanese Okinawan Samurai discipline with the modern corporate sector.See Arunachal Pradesh is the only place which have been never conquered by the Britisher`s also.

                     See the specialty of this tribes specially Galo`s are ability of recording of all the forefathers name.It is good or bad from my perspective as the communal sentiment is still very much and good if used by a right leader for right kind of outlook.And it seems to help to take the name of the forefathers in respect and learn from there stories;in absence of good Priest some bad Karma may also come from forefathers time if there name is taken unnecessarily.
                                 As the Abo Tani clans believe that the spirit of the forefathers comes along with the Uyu-Malevolent and benevolent during time of the sacrifice like -Peka and Togu to Uyu/malevolent and benevolent god.But the Galo and Nyishi brothers of the Abo Tani belt since adopted the modernity so quickly the Tagin brothers folk story can be seen as more reliable now.As they seems to have even symmetrical story with Holy Bible in telling origin of the human and even seems to know the names of forefather long before Abo Tani who is considered first forefather.
                          They say the great grand fathers name before Abo Tani the first father of the Abo Tani clan as Koryum-Rumchi-Chetu/Si(earth)-Tuni(Abo Tani)-Nyibe-Bere etc.And thus earlier they also had this Galo pattern of keeping names and it seems due to inter wars and chaos in between;some forefathers name seems to have been lost.
                                   Thus Abo Tani was also not the first human being

according to them which seems more scientific as well.And the same pattern of naming was also heard to be used by the earlier Nyishi brothers as reportedly told by brother Nilam Taramji one of our top Baptist believer.
                                      The other religious Peoples like Buddhists are perhaps also our own lost clans only as they converted to other religion,started new food habits and lost the interest of keeping tab of family chronicles seems to be seen different now.As in many ways there religion philosophy like not killing undue animal is like Donyi Polo old practices and preaching only.
                      After all  the Arunachalees are after all from same Indo Tibettian Mongolian stock only and this can be verified by the DNA mapping also.And the eating habits seems to have changed the Peoples outlook also;as earlier Millet/Tami now still eaten much in the Mechuka and Twang area is stopped eating in this part.And the Galos have started eating more rice.
                        My family tree/pre degree chart as told to me from the Galo folk lore is from -Ato/Great Grandfather Toni(forefather Tani)  time note this ato is like Tat Sri is- Ato Nito  ,Ato Topo ,Ato pone  ,Ato Ne-ur  ,Ato Urchi ,Ato Chikar ,Ato Karko,Ato Kore Karko( father of Rihar/Basar,Riba,Rina,Rike clan etc. as such all called as Kore Aaos).
                            And there descendents are now today trying to unite under the aegis of-KAWA- (KARKO AAO WELFARE SOCIETY),Ato Rihar,Ato Hara

Rihar,Ato Aka Rihar,Ato Kangu Rihar,Ato Nguchi Rihar ,ato Chimar Rihar ,Ato Marsen Rihar ,Ato Hengo Rihar( Elephant killer),Ato Gomar Rihar,Ato Marli Rihar ,ato Likar Rihar ,ato Kardak Basar,Sri Dakto Basar and Togo Basar this is till me.
                                The family chronology is possible due to unique manner of the putting the name of the son in Galo system after last two word of father`s name;which  is put initially before the Galo name which helps to know the sequence.And this methods have helped all the Galos to know each others till now.And not in any way an endeavor to glorify the family as we must love everyone as since ages others have also contributed for growth of Galo land,Abo Tani Land and Basar area society also.
                      Thus this misapprehensions have to be removed as the humanity is the best policy.But in the fear of others misquotations this rich legacy cannot be also not be allowed to be lost by not recording this.As this are also rich knowledge and even help a person to perhaps become a better Christian also.As unless ones own root and legacy is known how the communication line can be opened specially with the old folks.Thus for overall development this love and friendship by all is very much needed.
                               But to tell the history and achievement of Individual forefathers in short is also important to get positive inspiration in life.The Galos are very possessive about there culture and tradition this will be also

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