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GAME CHANGER -Part-II ( My New Nobel corrected version)

tribes of the Uttarakhand areas also.See there is also some bad custom and tradition in all the societies which have made some deep rooted impact.But today this is no more practiced and only matter of joking with same class.
                           Say I am in the 18th rank of the genealogy made by the KAWA- Karko Aao Welfare Society, who are sons of common descendants of great Ato/forefather karko.And Sri Ninong Erringji Hon`ble M.P and  MOS Govt. of India is in the 17th rank.That is I have to address him as Chachaji/Uncle and have to respect him.
                          And each rank was allowed to take liberty with the wife of each rank only;honestly today this culture is confined to jock as non does it now;may be barring in some interior places where here is Valentines day all the year.But earlier also the Person is heard to have always cared for the concubine;she was not seen as mare play game.
                     And earlier there is also report of a short of night club called Moshup where the Boys and Girls used to interact.And see the older Peoples seems to have married one whom them loved at first cite;and unless the batch of spoiled Graduates from the Shillong and Guwahati arrived this clubs was perhaps running successfully.                
                        Earlier there where too many jungle animals and birds to savor;that today also most of my family members seems to have developed gastritis for over eating meat.As father made sure all the meat went

Inside our throat as he watched over like an eagle.My mother was always upset about father purchasing cartoons of 12 bore bullets for hunters.
                           And the hunters who where given bullet and sometimes even our gun; always made sure that the portion of meat always reached our dining table. And at that time the killed birds where honestly our toys;as birds of all the shape and size used to be seen in the evening around the fire place.
                    Thus the Childhood memoirs are completely different from other part of the world.We used to spend our time more in angling and hunting with our catapult as this was all taught to us from day one.And once when my youngest sister Topi favouritely called as Mina was inside mothers womb father shot a crow.And after my sister was born there was black sign in her leg.
                          This is called Chinam/curse  in our Galo language and as such during pregnant time hunting is forbidden here.Father had to also face the consequence of terrible mistake committed by him.As when once my house was caught in fire the Publics feared to come and save the important properties as the gun bullets where flying everywhere.
                          And this fire accident seems to have been too much for my

mother also to bear it and she started not feeling well and felled sick and was always seen crying as she had lost many precious traditional material`s.My relatives like Abo Tobi Bam now married to Sri Tabom Bam I.A.S Secy.Inter state Govt. of India ,abo Jyoti Nguba and abo Gomo Kato CDPO Govt.of A.P and SSB officers where always seen trying to comfort her but invain.
                         The Peoples where very simple and used to take the issues very seriously then.As this part of the land seems to have been completely isolated from the world and this Holy fusion with the environment since time immemorial made the common Publics facing pathetic condition specially in there Bus journey.
                       The Bus was a halluva lot of a smelly place and most of us end up vomiting as we seems to had little immunity against this pungent odour of Diesel.And it was also worst thing for me when I was taken to be joined in the boarding School of RKM School as rising early in the morning and having to be satisfied with small breakfast,lunch and dinner was bit too much for us.
                              The RKM school days was mix reaction of happiness and bitterness for us.The small kids we were very much harassed by the seniors there and we used to wept for missing the parents.And from this days itself I had the feeling that the God was very close to me as He was my sole

solace.As in times of worst problem also He was the security perhaps it was my faith to have so much sadness in my life but to feel God`s presence also.
                    See from the aim of orphan school for the poor for RKM  also the economic gain ultimately seems to have become also the motto.And this seems to have increased the students and with it mental tensions and burden in a populous hostel.The never ending hunger in school days was too much for us God knows where those hunger have gone now.
                        My Childhood friend is Mikar Gamlin.I remember meeting him in the dining hall sliding with his white shocks on.It was a platonic relationship and we are still friends;and sometimes I also wonder weather I have not inherited his introvert character which was needed more when my perfect time was there to propose a girl friend in College days.
                             Yet everything is destiny;marriage is made in heaven only.My other close friend was Sri Tumpak Ete who is now very ill and I am requesting your all prayer support as he was such a nice Guy.
                        Among the class mates Sri Lemli Loyi was the best pampered student by the teachers.And he have also been successful now being the Manager of the NEDBI if I am not wrong.And Vijay Verma is seen working in USA other meritious student Durik kamduk is Executive engineer;thus the

young generation students must be also studious in there life as there is no alternative to hard work also.
                   The class mates were very fond of me and many a times we proved as perennial headache for the Institutions as one`s we organized a drama called kalyug ka Ramayana which made the Institutions to call Ram Sir for questioning.As the script shown to him was changed overnight.And the funny Ram Lila is heard to have landed some students to medical for there excessive laughter also.
                       Though I was named as Director but in fact it was a commulative revenge by the class VIII students against the managements favoring class IX in football match final.I suppose I was spared only because my own relative was a Hon`ble Chief Guest. And this RKM School days was the time to make good relationship also.Pritta Dutta,Nimisha Rawat, and Kiran Singh used to tie me Rakhi and till now I have brotherly feeling for them.Kiran is now in Toronto and Nimishas parents also loves me very much.
                              From the day one I was interested in playing football and this was the playgrounds in RKM where all my depressions where ventilated.The teachers I am indebted to today also is- Ram Sir,Sr.P.K Roy sir,Jr. and Sr.S.K Tripathi sir and Jaha Sir etc.The P.T Sir and Pegu Sir also made a permanent imprint in our life.The foolish ones seems to have

developed H Shape for hearing his more demand for making maximum push up in the morning.
                             Among the numerous Swamijis Gautma Nandji is most respectable as he had a divine aura about him.But the way the students where made to take Ratta of the lesions only to get good marks was bad.I think what is important is what later student achieve in there own life.
             Plus there was less guidance about the future visions and honestly in our College days we had to face the consequence;we where like Broiler chicken just placed with the normal Hens ;as things in Delhi was so much for us.Honestly PAO TALE JAMIN KISAK GAYA THA,e,i-the earth shocked especially after seeing the rock show.While everyone thought the NE students were like westerners but in our case we were more Hindi expert then the others also.
                            But in many ways this RKM also helped me to shape my future course of actions and I have to acknowledge that what I am today is to many extent due to it.The problem with some People seems that moment they take other religion they seems to hate the previous one`s;it should not be that.
                        As all are like our Guru and deserve equal respect also.As the Swami Vivekanaadajis message seems to have been infused in my blood veins this

hunger for spiritual truth.Specially His clarion call-``Up Indian wake up and conquer the world with the spirituality``seems to have touched me.
                            And see once upon a time my memory was also not bad.As memorizing the Chicago address of the Swami Vivekananda was not an easy thing.But yet I managed it.After class X I left RKM as I developed a difference of opinion with one swamiji; as he insisted I make ratta of notes.And he may have been right as well;but may be God had other plan for me.And after doing class XI from the Basar Govt. H.S.School.completed my class XII from the Govt.H.S.School Aalo.
                        The most memorable moment in the RKM was the Subroto cup final;here we could have won only for the injustice as many good players of our side was removed in the Semi final on the over age ground.As the final was against the Madhyam Gram School of the West Bengal so the Bengal lobby seems to have done this trick.As the air force of Delhi which was organizing it was filled with Bengalis;one have to definitely learn positive communal ism from them.
                       And at that time there where less aware Arunachalees in Delhi also.In todays time may be the Hon`ble H.C or S.C may have been prayed for justice in case of injustice in this national level games also.But there was also reason for the organizer`s to be upset about as there was a unnecessary

fight from one of my team side in the mess. A day before also;and honestly this anger was  really unfounded also.                      
                                         My father was a innocent man;though he pretend to be tough from outside a very clean man saying what he wants to.And so all respect him in the Basar town as he alone calls spade a spade and thinks and speaks same thing everywhere.I seems to have inherited his uprightness to some extent.
                      My father`s innocence seems to have been exploited by his own close friends also as he was short of a Land Baron.My family is waiting to see the outcome of our fathers past good deeds also.And even those political leaders and there families for whom my father and mother  have suffered like anything;will they also look us back in our own times of troubles also?
                      Lets hope for the best as in historical time all may be changed for good also;as this days even if the greed have increased and corruption and nepotism but the Peoples awareness also.But have to accept that Sri Eken Ribaji Ex-Hon`ble Cabinet Minister only seems to have still certain amount of respect for my father for his earlier help to him.
                               And also my village relatives have always stood by us like the musician in the Titanic movie who played music till there last

breadth.And lately Sri Tabom Bamji I.A.S is heard to be appreciating me in my mission to bring good leadership in the 29th assembly constituency Basar.If this is truth will be a major change in rich Publics outlook also;as Bam Saab command good numbers of supporters also.
                   And thus in new situation I need to be more secured also as from many front encouragement are coming knowing fully well that I have no money for my own family also.My father was a great Social thinker; he did not wanted to live merely;and wanted to be remembered for his good works.And he is one who have same thinking,believe and action.
                     But the best memorable thing my father did was in helping in finshing the NH -52 road in late 1970`s,he told me once he was given one chen which is equal to 30 Mtr.only as  a contractor in this road;and from the money he set to make the Govt.quarters in Daporijo town from there went to work in Zero Platue.
                And told me that the large Village in Ziro was a sudden and amazing cite for him when he and late Gohen Bamji reached there; he told me that he taught angling to the Apatanis living in outcurst who where seen very scarred lots at that time.As earlier there was regular inter tribe wars in those area and the outsiders seems to have been seen with suspicion.And he was the one who brought horses.And ride it like genuine Western country Cow Boy with can made white cow boy cap.
                    May be my fathers true love for my mother seems to have

encouraged him to clear many hurdles;as he may have needed money to buy her out from the old Galo marriage practice.Where the already married wife have to be buy out with much money;as my mothers previous husband had died and his Kombo villager`s where refusing to let her go.
                           As my father was the most successful business of the Basar town in those days and it is due to my mother cooperation alone;as both seems to have loved each other dearly.The man who helped my mother in the Bango level Keba in the Aalo town of the West Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh Sri Boken Eteji was telling me once;that for helping my mother.He was even targeted by the Kombo Village Priest who was made to perform a ritual called Donyi Bonam where the hated person`s soul was offered to Sun god as sacrifice.
                    Regarding this Boken Eteji told me that in his dream the sun god refused to accept the Boken Etejis soul by saying that he was his own son.And the opposite thing happened the man who tried this evil witchcraptcy on him he himself died.As my mother was in right position and perhaps Sri Boken Eteji was also right in trying to save her.This is according to his version;thus God seem to have been always there in this Society also.
                 This great man Boken Eteji was also instrumental in the completion of the NH-52 Highway road completion from the Aalo to Likabali in about record 3 yrs.And that too for mare Rs.500/-per mile.He exhorted all the 

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