Wednesday, May 30, 2012


                                I think it is immaterial weather Anna team breaks or unites as the focus is basically on the Baba Ramdevji now.After all he is man with the mission and national hero, the Anna Hazarejis support in spite of his team mates reservations may make Bharat Swabhiman more devastating. Specially if the Diljale General singh joins up.Try what may be, it will be still also difficult to stop the general feeling of the Publics against corruption by any ruling party.The Publics are now fed up of referring of Aam Admi I,e-common Public interest by central party high command also.As it now seems to be fashion to do so,so the real need is to now show sacrifice.

                           The Anna team should accept gracefully the role of Babaji as he is a Yug Purush and a super star, though party discipline will not make Congress man to accept this officially.But fact is he is one of the greatest crowd puller that too for not only free , as Peoples are seen to pay in hard cash to have an appointment with him.In heart of heart I am sure ,even the good Congress man will see him as father figure ,as he speaks the truth , which is daily bread of soul,and very much need of hour in this days of corruption.As the Country belongs to all.The leaders have monopoly over their ideology also, that we have seen earlier with SP coup, after all the originator have slogged for it also.See ultimately what happened of Amar Singhji and Cine Star Madam Jayaprada who defected from SP in the end , as the publics seldom appreciate the manipulative steps.Thus the Baba Ramdevji and Anna Hajare team is enough for the revolution against corruption, as they are its original Director and producer.So ultimately things comes to be thanking good God for sending great man from time to time,as today it is not question of Rahulji is good or bad, it is basically sudden exposure of the simple man with media that have made them to feel that they are also human beings.
                          And none is born more privileged in society and have divine right to rule cinedie,this new thinking may be also good for positive development of the country;as many seems to have realized that now.Barring Congress who seems to be in wrong side of the history after the fate of the CPM.After all one eyed man becomes king in land of blind, their will be much better and qualified man also,and interestingly Gandhi family may have also no jeal left now.After all they have no point to prove now,thus earlier jokingly I have suggested my face book friend Rahul Gandhiji to become a missionary to save the souls . But it is also bad to hail Gandhi family responsible for all the personal failures of an Individual as well.But this is truth this things will be said by some,one likes it or not ;more so when earlier Babaji was treated so badly.If their was nothing in foreign banks ,Congress man should have been one`s to be respecting Babaji,after all he is also a great man of our times.So all have plus and minus point ,howsoever one play cunning politics , but victory belongs to God.And if the Anna team finally is able to nab the big M than other small fish can be an easy thing to catch.With Congress infighting it is also possible to get all the skeleton in their hidden cardboard.

                      But some have also good times earlier so tomorrow they should not regret if destiny bring them down in street, after all this is natural pheomenon.What Babaji is definitely successful in telling is that 400 lakh crore is really stashed in Swiss Bank to fuel more fire, that is other matter that is is still their or not.The congress man have so far uncomfortable telling Publics congress achievement .When mostly elites wants them to clarify on this position and if necessary bring all the Swiss Bank Account Book Ledger Folios once for all for Public display, this is brutal facts. See even in christian healing crusade venue none will like to take a water bottle written poison in its logo to be drinked with ease. As after all Peoples are still not that bad and foolish to bite same stale food again and again, as Congress man may seems to always think about others as manageable, this misconception ad overconfidence may finish them specially in Arunachal Pradesh ,which may be Goa in waiting.As the matter of facts was earlier Gandhi topi may have been carelessly put on Ravans kind of persons only, which may have brought this curse on this longest surviving party also .And so called collateral damage seems to be beyond repair now.The Congress which is in it`s worst transition phase honestly need virtual autopsy. As it has become a world phenomenon today for political fatigueness with same party,this is unfortunate phase of Gandhi family.Though they have also done many good things and deserve honorable exit also; which no body wants to say now specially Congress man out of self fear and lust.And with so many interest at stake specially of the Congress man,what best they can do is forgetting their own pride and reciprocate the coalition friendship by some , which in fact they need more .

                              May God save the Congress party from capsizing like a rudderless boat, the congress man should pray now sincerely. Please don`t take it otherwise ,take it as a positive sujjestions.After all Congress have also made slight positive moves also like inviting Sachin Tendulkarji for MP post, but things may be too late now.But I am for all who repent truly to God also, who alone can forgive any one and deliver miracles.Incidently most of great man who died suddenly, especially the excessive corrupted persons who are alleged of thousand crores of scams, seems to have died of accidents ,natural or man mad God knows.Who knows if not God their enemies or Swiss Bank Peoples may be behind their mysterious death also.As ones like good terrorists and Dawood Bhai may have become changed man now, and want to reduce their sin`s by cleaning this mess.After all kinds of different forces are working in this world one never know who is the ambassador of Yama.Thus time to be apprehensive of being over manipulative greedily eying on good post always to act as broker in sector like Hydropower, instead of becoming real representatives, which educated ones like brother Setong Sena seems to be perfectly delivering.


                                 The real man of the moment is one who is going to be loved and respected by all and one who have all the reason to cry for justice and on whom Publics have confidence that he will do better and may can start chain of revolt for good everywhere.See John the Baptist who predicted of coming of son of God never had a prior meeting with Lord Christ; and his heaping praise on him was not a setting also like in politics. And he never needed to introduce Lord also , as because there is sixth sense in all, to know that one is a good man.As one mans speaking, writing and body language itself will prove his goodness and this will be understand by the Publics instantly if one has little grace of Lord with him.We will never reach these stage of perfection being a mortal man and for someone having bit of God`s grace I suppose no amount of difficulty can stop them also to succeed.

                              As the best politics will be also making top politician friends also to repent, as this will make the Country so much good. As some of the top political family have nothing left to achieve in the world,only they may have to punish their own lower cadres scams stars to reduce their own sin committed unknowingly. And thus for likes of Gandhis time to help some genuine ones who are fighting like Akiri Kurusewas film actors against some regional satraps long dadagiri act,taking their godfather`s name for bad reasons.See did even Lord Shiva ultimately did not helped Rama to kill his disciple Ravana, as sometimes enemy is within also.Some time I wonder weather Anna Hazare camp is also not helped by top political family indirectly by giving them list of corrupted leaders. After all in fake end of carrier non will like to die with hand and glove in sin ,as the greatest Politics for knowledgeable person is getting ticket in heaven. The politicians needs spiritualism more as they are more knowledgably person and can excel in life in spite of odds by overcoming this temptations,the Americans have excelled only for prioritizing Praising God`s glory, as He only can give and also his desciples,after all there is non better way than this for any party to come back in power .

                                   Even today publics are good at comparative study of the Leaders and see 80% publics will take right decisions in right time , as situations have made them careful now-as they are fed up of tall claims in election, as now question is betterment of future generation.But it is also have to be accepted that their will be initial problem. Specially 80% who are poor and benefit of Govt. seldom reach them are fed up of price rise should ultimately side with honest leaders,even if some relatives ditches them.The leaders tall claim of charity will also not help as the charity by leaders is seen to have always vested interest reason with him; and they have made more money than other business man without political beck up and want vote for pseudo charity work.Thus the issues like love and compassion is still their because God is their, and more so to them who have ideological difference even with their family members for the shake of aam admi they have to be respected as sacrifice is divine; why good Public`s will not respect those kind of Leader`s as the Publics will decide tomorrow after hearing both side of story.The Govt. promise for transition to more viable income earning source like agriculture and horticulture can also be not fulfilled if the more honest leaders are not given chance.Which is impossible with the kind of set up of Congress party we have in State as Gandhis also seems to be helpless to control some.But Publics today know that a good opposition leaders carry much respect among ruling party also,and todays Youth and amateur politicians may tomorrow turn out to be great leaders of their time. And regional Party have been seen to be done better in State like Sikkim and Nagaland also.

                                            And it is a misnomer to think that all Publics are purchasable also, those Leaders who are apprehensive of their future instead of vowing down to Public demand seems to act more smart now,but will it last? As in my worst days as an opposition leader also, many great man of my place have stood by me, so Society is not that bad after all, as future is honestly bleak for Congress party as it is a sinking ship to many.And those who love my ideology they are the real man whom I need to trust also and they seems to have believe in Basar publics that we can show the world everything is possible; one need not compel someone else to join him unless he is in a real desperate situation, this seems to be the case of ruling party in my State now.And yet this tactics is also today off dated as the new resurrected Publics’ may be ready to support genuine leader as they have given enough chance to Congress which have become conglomeration of vested interest politician, officer and business man; as Congress is yet to fulfill many earlier election promise till now, and Publics may hate their muscle flexing more badly in todays world, which they used to resort in each earlier election`s . As today many hate the one who is against civil right ,after so many discourse on it on today`s media, as the Publics in general is seems to be ready to show that- pen is mightier than sword, as told through ages, and this seems to unnerve some uneducated and corrupted leaders who only knew pressure tactic`s for which alone they are artificially respected also. And to some critic `s if this kinds of leader`s lost once, it is doubtful weather publics will ever go to them or not also? As some Congress leaders tactics in State seems to be only controlling what little comes to State, instead of exploring other avenues for increase of income of general publics.
                                      They seems to be a disturbance on the openness policy and outside investors due to their lack of time and distrust on almost everything and seemingly common attitude of unless they get something personally don`t do any work a frustrated Youth was saying.Who was surprised by the tourism development in place like Tawang. As some basically business man leaders seems to be only busy in their own work and seen not having time for exploring other avenues like in Tawang and other areas, as habit is a second nature. Lacking selfless character,innovation,accommodation ,acclimatization and political will and above all having no moral right to motivate others also they are in fact impediment on great society whom Peoples look towards for great leaders like LateTomo Ribaji and late Todak Basarji. And some still try to play manipulative politics of worst order, but in coming election the new resurrected Publics may savor lots of Congress money with lots of delight, only to vote genuine party like PPA.

                        The love for the money is bad and the excessive greediness is worst as many don`t realize how much they have lost by running blindly after it.And before some good generation leaders are criticized this is to be understand that new generation honest and educated leaders have also many good qualities,atleast they have great vision for future.As love for God and poor compensate one mans all past misdeed . But as scriptures also says don`t forgive one who have done injustice to poor and downtrodden, so they are compelled to spearhead the revolution in this challenging time. And if Lord is blessing no amount of temporary disturbance can stop us, as great things where done in pain only,and none will like to be left in this historic occasion to be remembered for ages.And when the Publics starts thinking something is impossible the Guardian angels should start acting, as positive attitude and possibility is the will of God we must side this.As one man have no right to block the prospect of all the society, as society cannot be told lies in election without any adverse reaction for some crook. As leader are in most responsible post and this nonsense cannot be tolerated any more.

                                          Some of the earlier leaders excuse of hard days and financial problem they faced  cannot be a ground for anger at new generation. As the 50-60 tree permit from Tirap and Changlang was all one defeated leader needed from his godfather at that time.And in any case this past problem should be a better ground to see other`s problem also and sympathizing with them,especially who helped them in their hard days.More so when somebody is suffering due to one`s earlier false assurance also but no, some may rather like to die in their post, while their earlier demand was only one time MLA post. And thus instead of accepting one`s mistake it is wrong to commit more sin after sin and putting bad name for oneself in history. As it is possible adamant nature will one day ruin oneself as power is not something for ever especially if one use money and muscle power only to benefit his family.And if tomorrow the Public realize that, they may make sure the case is registered against the baap of badmash company like Taliban group which comes up in election in some place.And worst may come if the inevitable Lok Ayukta is also passed in the State as the opposition groups are filled with good Peoples their repeated request for creating a win win situation for all should not be seen as their weaknesses. In any case some congress man against whom already some cases are registered may do the needful to expose their own friends if the country suddenly change.And this days nothing can be taken for granted any more.

                                   The power of happiness is in sacrifice; few knows it,and more so needed by some who have never tried it also, mind it for them it will be a spiritual journey the source of real happiness also if they at least fulfill their promise, as some have better grounds for honourable exit.To show their commitment and appreciation to the new youth power. Today whole the world is watching and it will be difficult to sit and eat alone when others are hungry. Some can make all short of excuses earlier, but not now when the situation is like the scene in movie- Apocalypse; when the Spanish arrived in Ecuador to save some minority from imminent death. The Publics of Arunachal is not bound to vote congress cine die,more so when the Congress mans Paap ka Gara seems to be Phutne Wala Hain.The innocent tribal peoples of Arunachal Pradesh are trying to re-discover themselves ;for God shake the Central parties please don`t disturb them like the Red Indian Apaches of America where shifted from Turkey Creek to Florida during Geronimo’s time ,the mistake they are still regretting. Not to say about even the mismanagement of CJI sheet for BPL by UD and other Dept.the Arunachal is worst scenario case of corruption and nepotism and surprisingly some Crocodiles are today pretending as if they will not eat fish any more. And the way relatives of the Opposition leaders are compelled to join ruling party today,mind it one day the worst may also come to their own fate also.As the Opposition are at least clean in matter of probity in public life.And God knows what better time is also awaiting for them as scenen like East India about to be removed in freedom struggle days is seen now.And it is for congres mans own mistakes.

                               But the time today is unique in the sense that everyone are feeling the need to do something good also,even within the Congress and BJP this is truth, as more good work the better it is ,as with increasing corruption also increasing realization for need of spiritual approach with uncertain future looming large for most.As the time has come today where every corrupted one`s life is threatened also.And the best way is to be with God and righteous seeking new friends. And thus it will be not surprising if both the parties declare Most Favored Status, upon some Individual and party. As all the parties may be not filled with bad peoples after all and may show change ;and definitely the genuine party like PPA will be compelled to reciprocate with one who make a first step of friendship and thenceforth resists speaking bad against them.As non can remain defiant today, as who knows fed up of Public anger even parties like SP may ultimately reconsider its support to UPA and Country see the mid term election also to the peril of the UPA. As politics is marriage of convenience by some and what is guarantee that others will not support BJP under Narendra Modiji`s leadership if Modiji`s Jadu Chal jaye; as Modiji is seen to have also done lots of Sadbhawna mission lately easy to clean his earlier spot`s, which may serve as an easy excuse for SP to date him also. After all everyone likes to be with rising star only, as politics is really unpredictable also,thus the coalition with PPA in A.P will be good for all Congress man provided they make a quick decision before panchayat election. Mind, it is their desperation more than us as we are yet to open pandoras box of Congress misrule. And even some senior State Congress man are heard to be advocating for secret plan to help about 10 genuine opposition leader fromPPA for future interest of the State of Arunachal Pradesh,as future is unpredictable as one may need party like PPA to bail them out in case Congress is routed in centre they are heard saying. At least one need a party to land, as completely going to a new party without candidates may be a tactical mistake as A.P will be like fish without water due to dependency syndrome of centre if the congress dooms in centre .Good if the Congress high command show their magnamity now and stop this mischievous plan which will suit only some.And better support an open coalition where there is feeling of win win situation for both before the Panchayat election, as politics is after all social engineering ,both will get from each other .Congress have financial resource but lacks credibility and PPA vise versa. As the coalition is today a political necessity, after all some State Congress cadre also have the right to be seen to be loyal to State interest also after all non will vote against State interest, and the high command should see this as a positive advise. As some crooks will try their best to mislead the high command who never brief the facts to Gandhi family for their own end .
                                                         After all so far every political party have win only for their logical convicting plan and strategy made in advance. Today there is already common popular mood against the Congress party in State also, where the coalition of all the opposition group against congress may also make all the political equations up and down in the coming State election. As like Nirmal Baba`s prescriptions today political future of State of A.P is also unpredictable. Thus today it is better to have a safe side arrangement which will be good for both the stake holders , provided- some cancerous tissues have to be cut and thrown out. And this may be not a big gamble for the oldest party high commands who may accept some of their party cadres who have enjoyed their life without any responsibility also to retire with Honor in this coming Day of Judgment for Congress party, after all some pseudo party loyalists have yet to show their party loyality.Who knows ,tomorrow barring me - non of Congress man may even not sympathize with my good face book friend Rahul Gandhiji if their bad time starts in life.And for someone who have known the tricks of Indian politic`s for long , it will also take no time to make new friend by him, if someone fails to prove as a friend in need also,as mission to liberate my Peoples are more important.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

What Prospect is left for Congress Party now?

                                   Congress party filled with all shorts of goons who have known only  to praise Gandhi family which is easy for some seems to have made the popularity of the party all time low.And so much so for their evil that if necessary they will also kill angel type persons.The Congress lobby seems to be so much responsible for price rise as Crooks only seems to be interested to keep their interest; and as such the Publics are really agitated like never before.Best for the party now is to go for repentance many believe, and only and only way is to follow the will of God who seems to have made whole world upside down to prove that He is the real boss in some place, where so far their have been still persecutions to his believers. After all the family which can go to hell for fulfilling some spoiled brats ever increasing demands , have all the right to command the party to toe their line and throw out some bad element for overall interest of the party also as critics believe. As the Gandhi family seen from Christian roots may be also God fearing family still to the believe of some Arunachal Pradesh christians. Therefore the earlier plea for pre-poll coalition with still powerful Congress party by some opposition groups like-PPA, has to be seen as a great initiative from party,as the Lord bless the peace makers.

                           And more so, responsibility on bigger party to show their magnamity to bow down to will of God leaving its pride and prejudice before its citadel crumbles as things are unpredictable this days ; Sometimes the mercy of the God can be in the smallest party and leaders also.Incidently I had foretold Rahul Gandhiji in face book of poor performance by the Congress in the 5 State election earlier? as a good friend one have to tell the truth. The place where since inception of human civilization, some Christians representations have been never given chancein some place has to be sympathetically seen. The Congress man may do themselves more harm if they use muscle flexing to woe some relatives of opposition in their camp. As it may be counter productive ,as the frustrated heart are seen to help more from outside, and more mistakes local Congress party cadres do, more undue curse befall on the Gandhi family; who have the real responsibility with them. As the tall claims of their leaders of secular image of party will be incomplete without doing away with corruption which is hate mostly by almighty God.

                    And remember when time is tough all the trick will be counter productive for eg-the leader who have image of poor mans leaders , it may be a better bet even if their rich relatives are segregated,as the Lord Krishna type persons support is seen to be beneficial eventually. Not Lord krishnas money and soldiers where important for Arjuna who was already the best, their was nothing official about him.But what the world failed to see was he could have single handedly annihilate all the Duryodhans army as Lord`s power was with him. Thus for one evil man the war may spill over to other areas also mind it, as the Epic modern Mahabharata battle is going to be zeroed in this important place`s where their have been injustice so far.And today in this historic occasion ,one will be compelled to join one camp or other barring party affiliation, as sometimes question raises above seeing immediate political interest Vrs hearing the will of God. And non want to be caught off guard like Bism Pitamah to be seen with the more unrighteous one`s in historic occasion like Mahabharta. The Congress members who are praying wholeheartedly to God in this crucial stage have to also see this, will He be amused if His disciples are still deprived in some place after worst of persecutions by Congress man to the believers and Church in late seventies in my State?Where in some place where the Christian population has reached 30-40% now, is yet to get chance in political power.After all they have so far slogged for majority and also, this is Congress party manifesto.The PPA promise that in case of Congress ticket to minority their will be a friendly fight only.

                    The authority to talk in the name of Lord comes only when Lord have already used someone to great many extent. The miracle shown on the writer`s life by Lord can be seen in his earlier article by that name only.The witness can be checked to verify the events.The world eventually have to come back to fundamental `s of the life;see howsoever some will laugh at this this deep down their everyone fears and feel the need to make friendship to truth teller.As one cannot bash up all the righteous seeking ones from Baba Ramdevji to all Tom Dick and Herries .As some living a simple life does not mean that they are less loved by God. Friends howsoever some party man have money and power , say even black money in Swiss Bank, will it be of some use if Lord is angry? So someone who speeks truth and correct is a good friend and have to be welcomed.The solution will be not seeing them finished as this is psychopatic line of thinking.As the God and nature also  likes various thinking and philosophy which helps society.The Congress will be still living in fools paradise to live in their offdated ideology as if People does not know that Britishers where better than some present Congress man.

                    The present State infighting within the congress camp in Arunachal pradesh can be also controlled by removing some persons who have become like- cancer ,who may be one responsible for all the troubles in the party, as honestly they have outlived their utility for corruption and visionlessness and seen to be reason for price rise. Going completely contrary to the Congress manifesto of transparency and accountability they are looting the Publics. It will be other matter that some one in highest level will want to enjoy their chaploosy of highest order at the cost of the Lord to whom they decided to be commit on their Baptism, also they have to look back as time comes for all to be tested by thy Lordship -rich or poor alike. And who knows some party High command and observes , may want to get maximum price for ticket from the highest bidder of the party ticket. And this is definitely going to make the State like in Goa poll, as Lord also seems to be fed up of excess corruption and nepotism in this State.As two kind of persons dwells in this State one siphons of creamy layers and other destitute who are misleaded to believe more than in Congress high command than God, where this discriminatory policy have ruined Poors and made their cry reach heaven will He keep silence any more.This none seems to be realizing ,priding in all short of tactic`s used to befool the tribal population learnt in Congress camp.The new Villagers are today more knowledgeable than others this important point seems to be missed.

                         Today atleast one need a good friend, a middle man and peacemaker for the Congress party which have become like-rich mans party going to be rejected by majority haves not class. And mind it this is Congress desperation to have this arrangement in this historic occasion of coalition politics, not our`s.The Great man also accepts their past mistakes and seek repentance from God,and without this no amount of evil tactics will matter, as He is alone who gives real justice, and mind it ,sometimes His punishment will be too much for some whimsical leader`s, as some top leaders suspected of immense property is seen to be dying mysteriously also.So let us once again show love and sacrifice and this time burden more on some fatty Congress Party member in State of Arunachal Pradesh.

The Chintan Shivir in Bombay must discuss secret of Success for BJP :-

                       The battle field is ready but victory belong to God-Holy Bible.The time is tough for Congress party as the Narendra Modiji jadu seems to be chal gaya, even the Godhra carnage is justified by his supporters by citing also the Gandhi family success after the Hindu Muslim riot during partition where lakh`s where massacred due to the slow decision of Gandhi family. And before formation of great empire there is historically seen to be fight before peace and tranquility is established is what his fans are saying, Modi fans are also saying that the minority need not fear his rise, as he is a changed man now.And advise the Nitin Gadkariji to invite more resourceful Modiji instead of giving mischievous comments as if to invite only the crore pati ones in the party to fill it coffers.

                     This Modi fans condemn this BJP plans after the Bangaru Laxman case, as the corruption and nepotism is more suited to Congress man they think;and the BJP need to be like Lord Rama camp in letter and spirit they believe .The Bajpaiji experience is also cite as a lesion to be learnt for the BJP, as initially the Ram Janma Bhomi issue seemed to helped him, but in the second time the Rajiv Gandhiji`s freshness and Youthfulness seems to have better of him and Bajpaiji lost.And as such only the Modiji can beat young Gandhi scion what Modi fans are believing, who expect him to do wonder for Country also like in Gujrat.And ultimately for party interest all the BJP leaders are expected to take right decision’s the Modi camp hopes as all have at least one thing in common hate against UPA .As for the Nitish Kumarji the rise of other Mulayam Yadav from U.P and section of Public uprising against him may ultimately compel him to accept Modiji also, many believe.But things are not easy unless Modiji confess his sins from inside.As some section will also clamour for good man Advaniji who has to be also convinced without breaking his heart.And his support as Charioter like Lord Krishna to Arjun will be also invincible for Modis sucess.The problem with the Arya Putras seems to be a bigger egos with them.

                            The fed up Publics with the ever increasing price rise seeing the congress monopoly as it seems to be the real reason the angry Publics in general want even the surrendering of P.M post to Mulayam Singh Yadavji if he pull down the Govt. mid way.Thus this Bombay session may prove as the greatest atma manthan for the BJP.As friend of all and the respecter of will of God it is my duty to warn all.And being blessed also by a Hindu pandit who predicted my important role in shaping countries destiny in future, it is also my duty to do so to please God.As blessing from all god and godess  is also very important if the intentions is good for the benefit of mankind.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Where is 3 G Connectin in Basar?

            The 3 G connection in Basar is very pathetic , even if the social network cite is used in expoose of the corrupt leaders but it is also needed for overall development of society.Thus it is hoped the educated leaders in Basar is not behind Sabotage of 3G connection.
           The West Siang Dist. Aalo ever vigilant Publics are priseworthy for putting burnt liquid engine ( Jala) Mobil in the face of officers of BSNL after which every thing become o.k.Thus this situation like this should not arise in Basar also , and hoped the concerned Dept. will be careful from now.As the Publics are already fed up of prolong power cuts in hot summer.

The Youth Cultural meeting of the North East in Basar:-

             The youth Cutural meeting of the North East on 12.05.2012 ,held in Basar was really a gala event which mesmerized the Publics of the Basar of West Siang Dist. Of Arunachal Pradesh.More of this should have happened in whole North east to unite our Frontier State.

                The culture as such fills once with respect and admire for each other,this make one to realize to learn from each other valuable lesions .We got to see how the sincerity lesion is imbibed in the bamboo dance of the Mizoram to make them successful and discipline peoples , as any wrong foot will make the dancer suffer. The Manipuri Tabla dance and Asamese Bihu was also interesting to see at, the other lesser known tribes were also a surprise element. The new generation who intermingle with each other need to pave the way for future peace and tranquility where the issues like-terrorism, boundary disputes and the road blockade should be things of past, if more of such is organised.As after all we are mostly from common Mongolian stoke only, and most of the mischief seems to be created by outsiders.

               May God bless the organizers especially my College mate- Madam Indra Jai (Malo) I.A.S, my school Hostel and college Hostel mate for sometimes -Hon`ble MLA Sri Pasang Dorzee Sonaji ,And my relative- Director Social Welfare Smty. Moni Tsring Riba Madam.And last not least my friend Sri Sachin Kumar Shinde I.A.S Deputy Commissioner West Siang.And the Dept. of DACO including all of its officers and all the officers from Basar Sub-division.But the absence of the local top leader in this very important occassion is very much regretted, as this was a very important occasion not to be missed.As will this short of big event again happen in Basar?

Has time came for the Union territory demand by some?

                When the love is at its lowest level many problems come, but solution is not sitting silence by good man whom history may question them one day for their historical silence.More so by rich and powerful who should not be seen as parasite in the future for not coming open to air their view openly and only seen to use political system as tools for self aggrandisement.But good part to some is the dream of the united and peaceful Arunachal Pradesh seems to be more predominant as for now, especially with local Itanagarities with all agreeing to be changed from now ,and be ready to be sensible to each other`s problem.

               Let by gone be by gone thinks many, God is the best judge so let us move forward seems to be the common appeal by them now.But they have to really deliver in this front of peace and justice ;as for the present Leaders who seems to be sincere now, they may be also given some more time also, as burden to change is also upon them thinks some critics also.So hope they will deliver in this front like in Assam where the bad element in majority Ahums have been tamed by State machinery itself long time back. Interestingly that too by their own elites as the State interest was predominant. But equally the vested interest Political party members should immediately leave the divine platform like Galo Welfare Society, as it is a social platform. It should be run by non political goups, as they can alone be able to take right decision in social issues like demand for Union territory issue thinks some.

                            As it is a sensitive and emotional issue, as none may in fact like this in fact, more so specially if the Govt. delivers in law and order front with brutal honesty.So we are expecting a revamp of complete law and order system within short time by Govt. And they should be also cooperated by not telling provocative things by all as well. So that hidden anger against some local anti social elements in capital area don`t become an excuse for the division of our beloved State feels many.As some leaders are also seen to rise emotion and passion for shake of it,are they themselves responsible persons, helping the good ones to progress in their own society, that is a different question. Mind it , the haves and oppressor`s will be everywhere even in new U.T capital also ,mind it last political riot was not only of political nature but definitely also may have explode be due to long ill will between two dominant communities that was beaming secretly, may be basically for our long stoic silence also.As none seems to know the importance of Philosophers in our society, as they prepare us for future which is very important. And also for the increasing gaps between the haves and haves not class also ,that only seem to have needed a match to explode. So that way all was responsible for this mess, this way that way.

                           The way we are in opposition platform why can`t other`s also follow the democratic set up of the country and make a name for themselves. After all inner democracy is best way for ventilating the Public grievance in todays time. The political aspirants should join promising parties like our PPA as tomorrow belongs to one who is equally liked by all , be it rich or poor,BJP or Christian, radical and moderate etc.The day the party feels that separate U.T is real need of hour, we may definitely side with Publics also. But no body likes one who secretly hit below the belt ,and respect ones -who says openly anything like our party members .In fact none have a problem with a honest speaker who have no personal grudge against any one , and only speaks the truth.And as the demand for U.T is now in hush hush stage , so we can infer that the situation has still not deteriorated to that extent ,we have to wait and watch before taking a historic decision regarding this. After all everyone has to be given chance to repent also , and also cry for justice has to be a mass revolution also to be really seen as a revolution.And we should respect one who openly says any thing which he believes, specially for good cause, thus this piece of article should be taken sportingly. Having said that it is also time to realize the hard facts by the ruling party,that the adverse remark against the deserving uprising leader cannot stop them also in todays kind of politics.And for stopping this controversial issues time to do away with uneducated and redundant leaders who out of apprehensions create communalism in their own place which grows into this big issue in State level.

                            Why no this peace bid in the State by all? after all most of the Abo Tani sons in particular and every Arunachalee in general have so many things in common also , even matrimonial alliance is building up now.The locals of the Itanagar have also made some sacrifice we can`t neglect that also, and are they also not themselves in worst kind of transition period with sudden exposure to modernity and need our prayer support also? Some persons badness does not make all the society evil also, we should maintain our gentleman character in the worst condition`s. As even Holy Bible says,`those who fight with the sword ,will die with the sword only`.So Gentleman character is our strongest point of Galo`s, soon many will realize this importance. The Galo welfare Society was unfortunately confusious by absence in many of desperate period`s of the community. Thus it is bad to play politics in good times alone, while not pondering weather great Galos are not knowingly or unknowingly harassing some persons or religious minority within ourselves also or not.As it become imperative to treat more nicely to minority like Obama was given chance in America.As this is the real trait of great civilization.So magnamity is also expected of great Galo society.This, need of peaceful existence which will come by sacrificing leaders initiative , may be a deep rooted Galo persons will alone know its importance not business man.As today time to give emphasize on quality ,Peoples expect overall development, so the social activists living in grass roots area are best left to look after GWS work.And as they are also well versed in Galo culture and society, have the moral authority also to become its ambassadors.

                           Another point to ponder is regarding the boundary problem with the Assam,the GWS should also include the boundary of other place also like- Tenga valley ,Balijan and Banderdeva etc.within its scan.As we have to be united to fight the common adversery as our difference is not that grave that we become ununited in front of others.The talking does not make a person weak, it is good and visionary leader who begin the positive talking and categorically says his idea, today none will like a leader who is not clear about his ideas. Last time also I was first one to reach Itanagar in height of violence and also present in the meeting for peace and reconciliation in Ashoka Hotel with Nyishi brothers. After all they are human beings only and should have some genuine sentiments also.Thus we should not criticize each others for shake of criticism. The maximum numbers of Galo wife married by them shows how passionate they are about us.So may God bless the Abotani sons and make us to realize the importance of peace.This much is my advise being the adviser of the Peace and Justice Dept.CBCNI.

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Future of the NPF in Tirap and Changlang:-

                   In today’s politics which changes so quickly we also have to have a flexible approach in our view in almost all the matter. After all we have to see the best interest of the society also. And so our earlier meeting with Nagaland H.C.M can be seen as a welcome move ,where PPA accepted in principal to have alliance with NPF in Tirap and Changlang areas .Which again does not mean we are supporting their greater Nagalim bid. The constitution of India permits them, and if they are inclined they have all the democratic right also to contest from Tirap and Changlang.Leave aside them is TMC party also not from West Bengal? So this is upon local population to welcome them or not, for us regional ideology bind us together that matter for general party members.

                For us satisfaction is at least beginning a chain of communication with them also taking that idea in mind of peaceful reconcilation,and what better way is their than this also to appreciate each others sentiment? Who knows with God`s blessing we may have a better understanding with them one day ,those who are spreading the false fear of NSCN ,they may be themselves ones to use them now and secretly appeasing them. After all who have big big apartments and buildings the haves class is it not so. As Adviser Peace and Justice Dept. CBCNI we toured this poor area`s of Tirap and Changlang where have the one`s sitting in air condition have ever gone to see the pathetic conditions of brothers their? The Christian instead of being blamed should be appreciated also for trying this peace deal, as in their condition our own would have end up becoming a demon. The good part is at least the society is evolving towards equality due to outfits presence also.Was this not our State mistakes also as all the natural resources earlier during saw mill days where allowed to be looted by outsiders, keeping locals in lurches.
                    Who knows earlier some outsiders played Opium war over innocent tribal’s their also.None can be threatened by NCTC Act as our Central Govt. has also teeth to implement it? that has to be seen.It is by God`s blessing and a good leader alone who makes others to repent from their heart alone .And the Soceity should be magnimous to give chance to this serious leaders also , at least for the shake of innocent blood.The HCM Nagaland Neipho Rioji seems to be more inclined to have a cultural ties with the Tirap Changlang Publics more than anything else .Friends politics is for welfare of common Publics only isn`t it? And some leaders devoid of creative ideas may challenge our every move ,though not in open platform which will prove meaningless also.So I will give a damn to this gossipers for I am for a sacred mission. I will respect one who make open challenge of my claims in my own comments in also, as I also want to know my weaknesses, after all none is absolutely perfect.

                                      Having said this I also feels if the violence escalates the PPA may have to strongly think of snapping ties with NPF also .As the whatever step we take should be for State interest only.I also  find the Congress Leaders from Tirap and Changlang places exceptionally good Peoples, it is seen above some of them, God himself seems to have His especial blessing like- Brother Setong Senaji HM.Therefore as an Adviser Peace and Justice Dept.I will be happy if the NPF unit in the Tirap and Changlang Dist.  find a way out to make a peaceful co-existance plan, as also difficult to get HCM material again also. Honestly in the condition of showdown I will be with the God`s way Individually as shown in vision in fasting programme, as His way will alone keep all the N.E happy and promising. As PPA also wants to tactically confine in the Abo Tani belt for now, and so far their have been no any serious talking with NPF also.The report that the NPF cadres are also opining to avoid this head long collision by stressing more in M.P election is sense of relief to some Sena supporters who have his fan followings in whole the State.May the State have soon three M.P post to satisfy all the groups to some extent.

The Clarion Call to RKM School friends :-

                  The RKM school friends are probably the only right thinking peoples in the world who want to do something good but have not yet get the chance.After all the teaching and doctrines of the swami Vivekananda is enshrined in their blood also.So they must remain committed to the society in this visionless and directionless time.My privilege to have some good friends who are successful persons today and they may end up becoming friends in need also, one never know.After all when one take the name of Mahatma Gandhi they also take the name of JRD Tata.

                 Only friends have to give a logical end to their vision by becoming a practical man, planning ways to help the society and practically investing for it after all there is price for everything, as they are commissioned to be guardian angel for society.And if they don`t comply the master they will remain a guilty man till our death.As sometimes the unfulfilled desires also make one to go in negative way and be a number one critics,that if made in print media , could have served some purpose. After all open discussion alone help the society but criticism help the person criticized alone.Thus Narandra Modiji emerged as one man army.Thus the RKM colleagues are expected to maintain their class and not seen as pack of gossipers. Leaving one in a half way road also hampers some so it may have been not good for the school to impart spiritualism in nascent stage also .Unless truth have been allowed to be discovered by making comparative study of all the religion.I have a feeling this problem was always their with our batch, so spirituality have to be completed to its logical end, and unless we do this may be we will never get real peace.
                          And as charity have been called as real religion so many should help me.As we have to bring truth and justice in the world.The truth is discovering goodness and virtuessness within our society.Not to be misleaded by some who only says loss of culture is loss of identity without intending to clear our inner dirt as Swami Vivekanadaji said.Once one know the secret of world we are under God`s scanning also, so the student`s from spiritual school have initial problem adjusting in society, in earlier occasion when the society was least ready to accept the spiritualism.So I accepting the challenge set up by Swami Vivekananda to seek the truth and honestly,found ultimate happiness in Lord Christ,I will still credit my foundation for this higher realization.As Swamiji himself exalted us to seek for higher spiritual realization also.Friends we being from same alma meter must respect each other`s sentiment ,as Biblically also love is above all.The credit to my old almameter cannot be denied in shaping my personality also.As we have been brought up like pack of wolves, unitedly we can contribute immensely to ourselves and society. The jeal of the Guys from this school to do something good in their life from day one is most welcome .The RKM friends should give positive contribution to society and desist from childish comment which unfortunately have become its trade mark with some.Only the frustrated man will cry on spilt milk and criticize others Individually, this is childish , let us grow from our cocoon. The best way to serve the society will be to make a coordinated approach to clean the mess of the society ,for which our own leaders have to be promoted who can make the swami Vivekanadas dream come true also.

                    The swami Vivekanadaji have in fact encouraged the rational discovery of higher self by evaluating all the religions of the world.And may have wanted us to become peace maker in the line of Holy Bible in almost everything.So time to practically do his vision together , standing unitedly instead of thinking others as traitor, by this only this is possible. I exhort all my class mates in particular and friends from same alma meter to help me in my endeavor to get our cumulative blessings by some historical deeds which teachers like Ram sir also thought when teaching us about French Revolution in the class room which have still made us to cherish for a society devoid of injustice and class less society.

                              `Kuch To Log Kahenge Logo Ka Kam Hain Kahna`, thus for good work we have to be shamless, as many begine their morning thinking evil and don`t feel anything shame about it, so why shamness in starting a good work.As we are special elite class and have been send for a mission.From one volunteers will increase to two and from it four and thousands ,so and so forth .So Let us now cumulatively declare- `Halla Bol`upon the enemy of the society. After all we have physic of iron and blood of still also due to P.T sirs physical training in early morning.The Ram Krishna Math and Mission think thank at Belurmath also need to remove its bad name ones and for all if it has any.By siding with Yug Purush like Baba Ramdevji who is seen as modern Swami Vivekanada by some in this epic Mahabharat like battle in coming election.As in historic occasion historic decesions have to be made and really nothing is impossible as shown by the Yogis recently who showed they could fly and walk over water in Samay T.V.Thus time to show oneself as worthy sons and daughters of Swami Vivekanadaji by one`s who are in the Haves class now.And can show a change which everyone will believe in for the greater interest of Country and Humanity. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

The power cut in the Land of Highest Power Source in India:-

                  The continuous power cut`s have proved as pariah for the Publics, as reported the NEPCO is refusing to give more than the allocated electricity quota from Yazali Dam.More Mega Wat should have been demanded by the earlier leaders one Power dept.officer was saying.From Publics perspective who are in lurches ,it would be bad if later some leaders name comes up for earlier  self aggrandizement policy ,leaving the state interest.

                  The small hydel project also is said to be sabotaged by some contractors in connivance with the Officers of the Hydro Power Dept.This is really bad, the Govt. should at least make some one accountable. It is possible in this land of Kushi kushi some corrupt ones have become Ministers and parliamentary secy. and even Chief Eng. Also one never know. Now Baba how will Chief Engineer’s and other Officers will respect and hear their Political Boss advise, if they have been contractors in their same Dept.once upon a time. And who knows some may have been also responsible earlier for failure of couples of Micro hydel Project also.So will this Govt. make some head role, if it is real sincere with peoples problem`s.Or use it as pretext to sign more MOU for construction of Mega Dams by using some uneducated corrupted one`s who seems to be ready to take any risk for personal benefit as scape goat.Thus the Dam affected areas have all the right to doubt some manipulating persons.

           As for the Power grid connection from Aalo to Basar, which was supposed to be from Basar to Aalo.The express line have been interrupted between the Basar to Aalo by villagers which is illegal as per norms. And more than that the Villagers are also not allowing the Power House serviceman of Basar to cut the trees near the line.I appeal the Memo Aao clans to have mercy on Basar Publics , as it is filled with their own relatives also. The earlier tenderer who were allowed by the power grid has to be seen weather they have really done nice job from specially Daporijo to Aalo,including their officers.After all when even most of the privileged class are not even ready to accept the peaceful reconciliation by middle party like PPA .It is better to make a full scale war against some of them , for whose earlier mistakes all society is now suffering. And the danger is now real with them in the helmn of power in this sensitive time of Dam construction controversy. Whereas their should be also other good man in HCM Tukijis camp.
                      The role of educated and qualified man in  responsible post is invinsible for State interest howsoever someone tries to neget this.Should an important thing not told for a State interest even if some Individual calls truth teller mad , as if some one themselves have not become liability for his own party also.As he may have no trust left in  both the camp for his long act of disloyality.After all the Lions never likes to cross each other`s territory and ultimately make friendship to some ones peril also one never knows.As the voice of the Publics cannot be neglected any more.As the rumour that some ex-contractors who were always good at making poor projects and now in the helm of power in making inportant desecions may unnerve the Publics  least tomorrow ,pasighat and Aalo is swept away by Dam brust.

The gospel truth of A.P Politics:-

                             The gospel truth about the A.P politics is now we want a leader who have passion to serve society in this turbulent time.As the treasure is empty now, with only natural resources remains to be exploited ;so the Govt. should be honest in its approach as already in Saw Mill era their was virtual looting. The honest approach is best for future as days of unfettered power is gone.With many mini Hydel projects still in unfinished condition, in spite of so many money spend .The Govt. and the vested interest need most today is at least one middle party like PPA to broker a deal for all.As it is fresh and innocent and empty where the good ones from NCP ,TMC and BJP will like to join together to ake a united fight.
                       As it will be still foolish to look simple villagers with eye wide open as if to put psychological influence over other by some, which non care today.Bhaiya this will not work today as Publics today know everything, and may be only joining today to fool latter. The God`s power have been always the motivating factor in this life to all ,and those who credit to Him for all are praise worthy.He may get blessing on him and his society also, as a matter of fact present leaders have also once upon a time evolved by mercy of God and by help of  few good man.It is bullshit to bank on wealth and human wisdom alone and thinking they can do kushi kushi as long they want. Honestly the divine force seems to now personally supervising the state of affairs particularly in this Poor state. And as long as the corrupted try to act smart we have to also cry from roop top as their days are numbered.
                                  Today even the divine venues like Mopin are unfortunately made as election platform this is pathetic.The reference of Hon`bles as Pinku and Pinte is absurd ,the more funny justification that other new one will be more corrupted , as if some those not want to keep its monopoly.Today Mopins  spirit power also betraying them because mother Mopin may seems to accept that it is now time to give chance to the Christians in some place also.After all everyone is her Child as she is on God`s purpose only.The mother Mopin will also never like injustice as the good leaders even from the Christian will like to market this festival as tourism attraction in a more nice manner, beneficial to all.The godess will also knows the inner heart though others always get fooled by outer behavious.The prosperity will also come by paving the way for more educated and qualified ones.Howsoever the other try to justify their position by taking help of culture also.But the fact is what precedent we are setting for the future generations for not rewarding our own eduacted ones.Ones dream and hunger seems to have never diminished for power .They have lied and lied for their own benefit and mother Mopin also now seems to be hating this, as a Nyibo priest was telling me of anger of god upon praises to political masters, injustice to poor, debuchary , excesssive zandimunda and  violence in her name in Mopin fest.

                               The corrupted ones  don`t seem to realize how vulnerable their future life is, as most seems to be least sincere about their promise , even the olive branch extended to some of them for honourable exit,seem to be not appreciated so far.As God seems to tell us to love our neighbor, and never to attack other without a reason also,and this good deed have been already tried to some also.But some seems to be not knowing things like admiring sacrifice, while they have themselves benefited from others when they were in poor condition.Though this ougt to have been reason for apprciating one who is also suffering now,that too for their false promise. A good deeds is often seen to be blessed later ,so hope God will also do miracle later, one likes it or not especially if someone have complied his prophesy partially.So we need to be stopping making castle in the air now that through ruling party alone one will progress as Lord seems to be in absolute command.This money alone will can`t mindset is harming the State ,and the manipulative leaders are doing nothing than to counting even the commission of window grill in building projects says a critic. Barring MLA Lad which cannot be denied to the Opposition leader also,today what this Govt. can do now, besides this lies and lies and lies now?Thus everyone seems to be made today to make day dreaming in this society. But even if the corrupted ones wins the new law can not now forbade their exposure of misdeeds. At this time of crisis if the prodigal sons wants to take the responsibility for overall development of society, they have to be respected.
                                      As Edmund Burke once  said -`The triumph of the evil is for the good man who do nothing.` thus it is every ones responsibility to remove the barriers of development which zero in to some smart crooks.The Godly persons have been always denounced initially by citing their earlier mistakes, but in the end everyone where seen to longing to support them.Like Kuber coming to lend his Pushpak Viman to Lord Rama in Lanka war. The end product is for all to see his good work from day one like in Sikkim.Friends Rishi Muni -Valmiki is also said to have been earlier a Dacoit by some, so there is power in good thoughts, and may be some sinner have to be a changed man to tame some crooks.Some one`s past goodness may be cause of showers of blessing by thy blessings upon himself and whole society also through himone never know.Once removing Britishers where thought as impossible and enemies in our front is so vulnerable in their compare.And we think the story of Mosses is to be only read in Holy Bible.But Lord want us to fight the good fight in this world like those great man in this limited life.

                                     The group of Narendra Modijis loyal Hindu supporters were also initially criticized, the ones who come to your house in social occasions like baby`s birthday during times of troubles will also surely stand by you in tomorrow`s good time by grace of God.And so many have also good supporters from day one.Only he have to have a will power, today others are also appreciating Modijis functioning as gujrat HCM, after all delivery is that matter.The great man wants to take all with him ,not only sharing this worldly profit ,but want everyone even to go to heaven with him.But after winning alone he can show his acumen ship in todays world that is also fact.And one have to have atleast 30% support with him all the time this way that way.It is for the general publics also to break that caste or religious conglomeration , which society unfortunately always blames on their leader only.Without introspecting their own corrupt nature and not siding with the genuine one`s in times of troubles.But this negative attitude peoples are less and more than them good positive Peoples are also praising good deeds.But some seems to be only interested in themselves, and some may be thinking they need to have also done corruption before the issue have become very hot topic now.But Baba non will give that hard cash today specially in election ,so it is better to go spiritual for them also. As others who had good time earlier may have been also good persons, and if any injustice is their they will suffer also by Almighty`s curse.After all in this modern times corrupted one`s should be most fearful ones also, and honestly many are suppose to be caught in net in our State also.

                   As the demand for strong Jan Lok Pal Bill and Lok Ayukta is creeping in against which non can stand no more.And as such for the Haves instead of planning mischievous plans to control the power by hook or crook ,time for them first to make friends with underdogs.As better to stop the head long collision in this historic period.Even in some great mans mistakes ,they have a divine example for life.As any can be criticized for shake of criticism but dooms destiny seems to be sure for excessive corrupted one`s as Lokayukta checkup in other State is unnerving the Publics for excessive wealth of some.As they have minted money like anything at the cost of the general Publics earlier,and today Publics have woken up. And as for some enlightened committed ones they always knew the future and believed in Gods purpose through them, as He loves innocent Publics more than us and will like to have always right persons to lead them at right time.Who knows some envious Bhibisan like character was always ready to take advantage of tactical mistake by his brother`s also, after all jealousy seems to be still their with some which is of course a natural phenomenon.
                            But in the end truth should triumph, which divine power alone will ultimately make to accept that one who has God gifted power will alone deliver.And similier power can be earned by fasting and prayer not by criticism.It is wrong to single out the weakness of the particular Individual and community especially in election ,this is fascism , as the manipulative ones never says the good points, and advertise one joining as if all the villagers have joined. Specially when no political chance have been never ever given to some in some place,how Lord and His supporters will keep mum.There can be thousand excuses but fact is a fact that most of the present leaders doesn`t belong to any sect.And have been playing divisive roles so far, unless chance is given to a person from other community also how the capability can be seen.Today the co-believer friends have been matured enough to love and respect their own also.Today even God seems to be believing in FTC mode of justice in some place`s.For me it seems some State Congress members hypocrisy of giving divine status to Gandhi family seems to proving their nemesis also.As this is like idol worship as none can be priorities above God also.

                     In the present political world where influential persons alone can bring company and Industry beneficial to maximum Publics; it is wrong to harp on old system which have benefitted few.And few like Duryodhan in spite of utmost request with regard and respect to complete the promise, seems to be refusing to budge. Why so much power obsession bhai as some may themselves need to know that they have already got enough from this society. The temptation should not be that strong like the story of the man who tied all his gold in his body and died in boat wreckage in sea.The situation like this made the epic Mahabharata where the Peoples were compelled to choose one camp.As the situation like this once comes in life ,none will like to be seen in wrong side.Next time let us see where will be the Kurushetra. I will respect a person who will donate his all ill gotten money, if he really want to continue in vintage post.As for now all the help is only for a personal interest that too from Public funds.I fully agree with Sri Nitin Gadkariji the BJP National President that one who want to earn money in politics should not come.More so now when everyone is very cautious , thus honesty and Godliness alone will be good for all, as today none can satisfy all as this is hard facts also.As expectations of Publics have increased many fold and it is impossible for all to win by money alone, as none in Arunachal is that rich ,and those who pretend to be one will definitely fall like anything.Today games have changed it will be difficult to undermine young, educated,dynamic and creative new leaders.

                      The society have also evolve into lobby politics and want to see their own as leader .Though it is also accepted that non also will get more than sixty percent of his vote bank. And worst the Old vote bank have also shifted now with the co-clans anger with one mans own personal profit and their lack of interest any more in one`s personal aggrandizement alone,this are hard facts.Besides majore political power shift is accepted due to new developments.And thus worst is coming for one trying to potray him as Dan Vir Karna type charitable person, who have less other qualities.As today Pubics wants in crores, as they will never be satisfied with petty amount, and why Publics even the Hon`ble MLA`s themselves of most of places also seems to support the educated one`s for Cabinet Minister post only, as fact is today self respect have increased many fold.The Kalchakra have seems to be truly come in the world ,which is like Biblical day of Judgment predicted in the world.The world was never so conscious for the activity happening here in this society now.The adamant leaders may finish whatever they have earned also, as the publics today have become more aware,and may reduce them in lurches.And may like Sikkim Public may give a damn to Gandhi family visit also in election time to bal them out.As thanks to Tata sky and DTH Network common Villagers are also enlightened now and cannot be put Gandhi topi that easily ,after so much price rise and corruption. Thus the alliance talk with PPA may be good for Congress party also, when there is cancer in one portion best way is to cut it out.

                       The good leaders like Mamta Baneerjee have sold their books for sustenance , we can learn from them.And she also made progress step by step before final D day as great revolutions are made in pain and walking with human legs, not necessary by caravan of vehicles with some. If revolution has happened in foolish place like Arab country, it will definitely rock in more enlightened place like our`s .The aspiring candidates have to just wait for right time, as history is after all made by some.And it is our common duty to atleast pray for good things to happen which will be good for all.Those who think truth should not be said are in minority today , who are trying their last ditch effort to manipulate everything.But they need to realize after all this lies and deceit how they will live in this society after they loss.As for right now power alone is making them to be salute , real respect comes by sacrifice like others also,who have sacrifice for them once and for many more .Even if they were smaller.They better knows that is fact their own family interest now depends on this great man like Anna Hazare types ,hated like earlier Tamro patra receipent Great Moji and Moj Riba for unruple the national flag before time by some Jamadars in late 50`s.The gospel truth is friendshif with  small but powerful PPA alone can salvage Congress parties credibility to some respect.The Publics is going to see the Congress response in Panchayat elections, the choose is with them as PPA is not aversed to any talk on State interest. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The S.T for President of India may be better:-

                    At this time of million dollar question of who will be the next president ?why not the nation gives one chance to a S.T as claimed by P.A Sangmaji.As after the Independence of Country this tribe and N,E Peoples have never feel closeness with the Indian mainstream. Even the spate of violence against the NE students recently is also a point to be ponder by the nation. After confrontation comes the friendship also Sonia Madam also need to show her magnamity and evolve from her foreign origin question raised by some. As Peoples like P.A Sangmaji are also God`s own for being honest not even leaving likes of Atal Bihari Vajpiji.The regional satrap need to go regional if the mother luck does not click on him this time ,as their may be further no better leader than him from N.E.And ones like Risang Kesing first Parlimentarian of new Independent India and present Honble Rajya Sabha M.Pstill alive,  Sri Gegong Apangji and Sri Mukuth Mithiji may also rock.

               The great country treats its minority nicely, see what better reply would be to the countries like China by making one Mongolian as the president of India. At this time of globalization this will be a very positive step to woe the UNO for permanent seat , right now presided over by the Korean Banki Moore a co-Mongolian also. With many Hydro power proposal stake in the NE also it will be a right node for the common publics whose trust to the nation needs to be increased. Who have been so far only seen as vote bank by the central parties, and even though silently cooperating the nation now need to be appreciated for its contribution to the nation.

                In the time where in all the places the vote Bank politics have saturated the influence of the political party ,this may be a masterstroke for UPA in N.E also. The high profile nature of some persons of the North east may put them in better position to serve the nation. The tons of prayer support by the North East Citizens may also benefit country to a great extent in this matter. So far most of the communities have been given chance, so in this historic era it is hoped the political parties will take this issue above politics. The N.E everywhere need to pray for this issue as still there is time for God`s wonder to happen for our leaders and the place where the chance for national reconciliation is also seen at its best.

Big brother`s speech:-

                                         The time is now set for hearing the speech of the Hon`ble Chief Minister Saab Tukiji on his whirlwind tour as Congress party will be trying to take good advantage of State resources at their disposal like always . The time for him to address the publics in this historic occasion with full responsibility as earlier in hit of passion some leaders have committed some grave mistakes. That too just before elections which seems to have become Congress party trademark. As time to now panic for the congress as publics in this time of calamity due to price rise and dwindling of AOP will like none of this nonsense election promises never ever to be fulfilled. In an era when any one cannot be taken for a ride any more , it will be wrong to blame other now for sabotage or giving explanation that some who promised earlier to deliver are no more present in this world or some doesn`t want it blah blah blah, as if power is not with the State Govt.exclusively.

                   The congress party will commit grave error now by defaming their earlier leader whom they used as triumph card once upon a time. The overall true development will happen only due to God`s blessings and good introspection, that have to be accepted. Only because someone else doesn`t belong to other community his valuable suggestions doesn`t become immaterial. The outstanding issues like Hydro power MOU,Assam Boundary and refugee problems etc. can only be solved by God`s blessing and having a practical solution acceptable to all, as gone are days of hidden agenda and persecuting the truth tellers. The present HCM he is said to be a perfect gentleman who is accepted to know the value of democratic discussion .And will like more of discussion on this contagious issues least no blame or unnecessary sin is made in his own name by overzealous supporters. Who will like the CRPF and the Police force to compel the Publics to accept the Hydropower Company terms. Honestly that will be unacceptable at least in this places where publics are very much enlightened. Neither the State Govt. filled with corrupt siphon of the creamy layers of society have teeth to crush this democratic movement everywhere.

             Thus some critics suggestions for Congress need to have pre poll alliance with PPA should be seen as a good step in that direction also ,as today honestly the Congress seems to only represent the air condition wallas and aristocrates. And some seems to be not minding even if later they fall in terrible mess for all the scams against them and their family as they seems to be too late to change.But even if some act smart ,in their heart of heart they also need to fear for future. So inner democracy is important to thwart any future revolution ,so a visionary leader will like his step to have a moral back up by section of society which is deprived and voiceless now.More so when many of his Colleagues have become like Zamindars and have represented haves class which have never been their in State before. But nevertheless haves class also cannot be undermined in future as realization is coming among them also,as they many are all set to eat congress money like in U.P and Goa election recently, giving devil its own dues. But a ray of hope also from a God fearing person in helms of power now for taking his Colleagues’ to path of true repentance, let us see what is his vision is.

             As today the middle and the best course of step is good for all perhaps it is divine also, therefore he should not call parties like PPA as Ant like some earlier leaders have heard to have said earlier .After all none of our party cadres are going to gallows in case of strong Jan Lok Pal is passed ,which is now inevitable sooner or latter.Hon`ble C.M Saab should himself be first convinced of work of Holy spirit in his own rise now that good time has come to him, hope he will not laugh and mock at other poorer co-believers being. Who may be lacking in material weakness but not in God`s spirit, may be equally blessed in this regards also. Being a person trying to be maturing in Christ, I am hopeful he won`t do any mistake for which State will suffer later. And we are also ready to help in finding solutions prayerfully for over all interest. Even if a person is a Catholic, a Baptist or Revival but siding the thy will ,than only the person concern will survive in this life not to say in politics also.

               As the hidden agenda days are gone and such kind of persons will never last also; specially who are mesmerized by the clever and deceitful persons chaploosi`s of highest order ,who had earlier always hand in fall of earlier leaders and have survived like Indra Bagwan joining the victories each time. Their loyalty is bullshit and temporary, they will bite any one any time,and are source of chronic tension ,thus better to make friendship with other camp`s- visible enemies rather than this persons opine a friend. After all the good time the senior leaders have also seen in their life,this is so far deprived to many,and the good God will definitely bring a change .Today the things are complicated where deserving leaders should not be blamed later when things are too late later on for reconciliation. See the Congress own Maharashtra C.M unable to get compensation for his farmers in hunger. So one cannot mislead others cine die secretly eying on mother nature which belongs to all.This things is unacceptable to haves not class who have been always deprived always .In this historical cross road where situation is also like Britishers where just about to be removed , the senior generation need to show their magnamity before the ball which is now in their hand goes to the court of the Publics .

                Some of the Publics are already pretty upset by poor works made by leader contractors or their relatives ,the situation should not become volatile, thus reconciliation is best for all, instead of making blame game. As now publics know that the schemes like-PMGS and NABARD schemes will never come back again, and are realizing that who is real villain one who create small gangs in election or one who is opposition it to highlight this issues. And Publics are in fact waiting for right time to teach a good lesions to some, who have earlier misled them of their false sense of clans injustice etc.Before the situation deteriorates , hope the Hon`ble C.M will not fail any body and make redundant ones to retire, who have been only seen to work for his own personal gain all the time. And whose poor performance and enemity may spill over to other Congress bastions. As the grounds have changed today, it is going to be the Publics who are going to judge from now on. Today few money minded persons support ,need not represent the will of the average Publics ,they themselves may be seen tomorrow to be shifting for better future.

                           As like with Swiss bank issue in Country the general publics of State is also seems to be seeing other arguments as a deviating plans ,and wants need real deliverance in almost every front. The Govt. unfortunately is seen to be only eying on Hydropower MOU which it can proceed from publics perspective only if utmost transparency is made .Even to the extent of earlier commission and kickback given to some as alleged by Siang Bachao Andolan is traced back.After all Arunachal does not belong to few, who will think it as its own property, only one who love others can be bear to some extent by the owners of land.The switching of light of and on in the mid summer by Govt. secret directive if any will not deter the general Publics. As this is Childish act and also, we cannot be mute spectator to injustice in some place also.And the presence of suspicious Peoples with bad track record from Govt. side  in any of Public hearing from for Compensation will be also unacceptable from Public side.So what they are Secy. As everyone knows today ones hidden agenda.

                                               The Present silent Publics cannot be seen to support the leaders tomorrow just like that, as the silence may be indicative of coming storm. Even if not a single person openly stays with the opposition leader now, but in proper time they may give their emphatatic reply to haves class if they remain stubborn. As today many in their heart of heart owe their alliance to God and co-believers and righteous seeking one`s than Gandhi topi also, this is hard facts. The financial position of some need not means Peoples with the will power can be stopped. So nothing like friendship with some when we have many things to gain together. As real friendship is not knowing each others mind ,but avoiding a collision in future. And so why not openly show our love also when we are baptized by same holy spirit. After all everyone including the non believer want the reign of power to be taken by a righteous seeking person, as at least in the filed of probity in public life they are supposed to be good to some extent.

                    As some may be burden to society as who will cherish on their personal achievement which is based on lies and deceit , only a fool will do. Honestly today in this new era of enlightenment how do one can expect to rule with muscle power also.Thus one who wants to join ruling party in this time of no AOP and tender directives also for special package should take crores for joining the party. Or they may be tomorrow again seen shamelessly trying to join parties like PPA if lady luck clicks on it , much to their disgrace. In this era of transparency it is time to pave the way for the future generation leadership who need to be given chance also, who may pave the way for win win situation for all in various controversial fields. Also where Govt. has not make any breakthrough so far, they should not be blamed also when it is too late tomorrow. It is high time for introspection, as so far some seniors seems to have been seen to have been benefited so much for themselves and their family members only.

                Remember the silence criticism is more dangerous, the Christianity is more about sacrifice than proving a point, more so by rich and powerful to give a greater personal testimony for glory of God as what we do today is history, and it is basically evangelism work for Christian in any field. As Christianity is following the words of God in letter and spirit and there is absolutely no other way than this also, after years of persecution in some place can one afford to overlook their pain and suffering, for God at least He seems to be not forgetting them. And honestly things may be different in some place, unlike here where none have been given chance to become a representative so far, and this should be cause of concern for all , as some also cry for justice in other place.The guru mantra is -`Do Unto others , what you want other` to do to you`and this theory is also negated by some crooks who seems to have never sacrificed in their life.

                   And today’s best way will be also choosing the best reconciliatory move in this difficult phase of State. Coercing the Govt. servants relative to join their party forcefully, such muscle flexing will boomerang later. As the days of coercion and force is gone, it is temporary and Childish tactics ,if the hand of the Lord is upon anybody can any one harm him. Time to support the righteous seeking one`s, by rising above petty and even party politics than only one will rise in his self esteem and his family eyes and will be worthy to be called as the son of the God.Atleast Late HCM Kanduji was one hell of a person in this regard; he give a damn when he had to support his own Buddhist co-believer, though their will be always some point to criticize a new rising star.The greed make some smart crooks to be always seen oscillate between both the camps. And the good God above us does he not see all the evils and know the heart of the man even if he pretend to be good. Is He not aware of mischievous plans of some human being before hand; and may punish and not bless the manipulative man. The righteous seeking mans life in contrary is an example he openly witness God`s glory in his life .Who knows also tomorrow it will be too late to talk about friendship issue also, if the congress party collapse in centre ,that is for only one State`s injustice and mistake.

                     So there is time for everything proposing a friendship and accepting it.As the Congress need to realize for its already poor state for its earlier wrong strategy, so far for being so monopolistic by some family like in Goa.Who unlike Hon`ble C.M sir was never seen to confess their sins in front of Father and Bishop. Problem is the Congress seems to have made right person in helms of power very lately. The point is any one from any religion who is bad is bad ,goodness is trying to seek God that way a good Gangi and Monastery goers is also a one maturing in divinity.And as seeking god is more important we are like same bothers also.The concept of Christian State as predicted by the prophets is like Ram Rajya which is goodness for all.It should not be misconstrued to think forceful conversion. We ourselves don`t want bad believers in ourselves who may make everyone backslide also.The one who belong to none of this camp have no right to put misunderstanding trying to deviate from their personal failure. The real charity of person can be seen only after one is retired , it is wrong to be convinced by one who says that he also helps the divine institutions. As some politicians only help for a vote and from public money more in our State.And after retirement only their true claim and colour has to be seen.

                 So before regretting like not hearing Nuas warning which should have been hard by adamant Peoples as told in Holy Bible ,the congress man should realize now ,some of who may be now exalting in false sense of temporary pride to not accept the value of modern coalition politics, only for few persons interest. For not accepting their fault and trying to make lame excuses always ,after so many chances to run the State in their own way was given by the God and Publics. Some persons and party may commit grave error for not thinking others as human, only for their truthful discourse ,Only because he or she doesn`t belong to him Biologically or politically. But being a co-believer are we not from same family also? More so from divine standard ,which in fact alone is the reason for blessing of person. The Congress attitude to finish last of the dissidents is a psychopathic and maniac attitude and God will never like this, the friendship and love alone is best way for all. At party level if not at an Individual level also as who knows one may need a middle man one day to make a peace,the power is something which is not static, so one should not be intoxicated with it.The coalition may ultimately appease madam Sonia also as a visionery step by State leadership, as than only may be some chronic critics can be silenced also.After all Oppossition will do what i their best interest . The person who starts talking facts cannot be criticized in front of the innocent publics, after all democracy is all about talking a solution out, If God wills who knows the Publics tomorrow may again get chance to hear a new convincing story in the front of the new and better leader.

                     As finally victory belongs to God and there may be some chosen ones also, especially in desperate places ,come what may they may still make an imprint in history as Lord is more active here. Thus the peace and justice and reconciliation move will benefit all, and burden upon big brother to show his loyalty to divinity ,humanity or still prefer fading white cap; after all God has right now kept him in vintage position to may be make a historical decision .And big brothers speech may end up becoming a historic speech, that too from some who was never was known to be a good speaker until now, only one seen as Gandhi loyalist. Today when the Gandhi family itself is under tension will big brother side with Gods verdict or not, only time will tell. After all there is power in truth and it is above everything else also ,remember life is a chance to choose narrow road to go to heaven , the rule is same for all.