Monday, June 21, 2010

What is future of the Opposition in Arunachal pradesh

The greatest gift a human being is given by God is power to think . Thus said the greats – fortune favour the brave , dar ke agej jeet hain , we think about what mistakes and wrong we have done and forget what we can do in the future .

So far the opposition party in the State seems to be suffering due to self introspection , leadership crisis and the lack of political commitment as the most of the oppossition leaders have so far migrated to greaner pasture moment he won the election . But they are also not wrong as so far their was no issue of changing the whole Govt. in the State in election only particular MLA was targeted . But unless one is a haluva lot of a rich person and having a forefather a relative who can influence the Gandhi family it will be also like commiting harakiri like the Japanese Kamikaze pilot did .

Kiran Rijuji had wonderful opportunity of uniting all the oppossition party as he tried to make a head long collission with the Govt. and to some critics he had already won only for the muscle and money power which Congress always seems to be using with impunity . As a lack of united strong oposition and lack of political consciousness seems to have harmed the opossition . Thus time has seems to have come to take a practical approach if we mean bussiness or to take political sanyas seems to have come for the oppossition .

As no pain no gain we should be inspired by all the great mans who did miracle when they where least powerful and money sufficient . Like the liberation of the italy by Gari Baldi so we have nothing to loose but only the chain of the central party politics .

Thus time for the oppossition leaders to decide weather they are interested atall to accept this responsibility nothing is impossible but they must be united , desciplined and have will power . Only they should be not swayed away by the false promise of Congress party as ultimately the Congress ticket is for sell which will never go to the deserving ones. Mind it most of the present Hon’ble MLA’s being not that rich in compare to whom they defeated may face identity crisis if they are misleaded by the congress where richness and chamchagiri alone counts . And a political guidance of a relative or friend may be also for their own interest thus it will be prudent for one to see his own interest .

Therefore it will be foolish to be seduced by the Congress party . Specially more so in context of PPA Party which have already won the quarter final e,i- Bye election of the ZPM in Dirrang and the Palin . If Congress have Hydro Power money with it the PPA seems to have peoples mandate with it . Who knows next time their will be divided Congress in the State as rumour is ripe that Govt. is suffering from internal dissidency this way or that way . Irony in the Congress is the rumour of the richness of the seniour leader ensure its downfall as expectation also said to be increases manifold from MLA side who welcome dissidency time and again this is taken advantage by Party high command untill the tired boss rise his hand .

The irony with the National party is though there is too many benefits initially but the seniour leader may also die prematurly due to man made tensions . That seems to be the way Congress runs . If the seniour Congress leader does not take advantage of the present unsatisfied situation , who knows the Tirap and Changlang political leaders cutting across party lines may be ready next time demanding CM post for their loyality to the State .

In the Centre also by next election price rise , Anderson’s extradition issue and fear of the Gandhi monopoly if Rahulji is projected as PM may ultimatly unite the oppossition . Already the firebrand BJP leader Narendra Modi is taking advantage of the Bhopal Gas tragedy . And with the richest corporate houses mostly from Gujrat , Ambanis promise to have back him it may be difficult for the Congress to stop joint oppossition headed by the BJP as its probable ally Baba Ramdevs Bharat Swabhiman Party may be made to erode the congress vote bank in Muslim areas where he is not much hated . Surprisingly Tatas also after its Neno project help have already shown his inclination to see Modi as new P.M .

With most of the corporate house said to be poised for Modi over anybody else isn’t the danger bell is not ringing for the Congress which had earlier used this as most powerful tools . As today money and muscle power is seen to be with corporate houses only and they are seen to be relieng behind Narendra Modi even before Anderson extradition issue . After challenging Soniaji – Who is Maut Ka saudagar ? it has challenged Congress to take any action regarding Godhra Kand as the Congress ex- boss Rajivji also under public observation things are definatly seen to be going in Modis favour

Though few loyal Congress may be angry like they always have been if any thing said against the Gandhis whom they are very much protective of . And Gandhis have also made tremendous sacrifice but they could also have made mistakes . The truth should not be hide . What the fathe of Congress party Mahatma Gandhi said , Truth always triumph than why bru haha on Arjun Singh . It has to be accepted the Congress party have a good top hierarchy like Amway bussiness and it is to their interst that they always remain secure and seems to advice the lower cader below . But did the lower rung dedicated workers ever given party ticket ? and aren’t they are not lured more due to money and playing communal card in politics whereas simultaneously playing the secular card as well . Why was the Muslims fooled all along that Feroz Gandhi was a Muslim .

See what happened when a spanish writer wrote a noble on Soniaji the Congress retaliated it was not necessary rather exposed the private lifes of madam . Lately is it meticulous plan of the oppossition or emotional fullissness of the Congress man towards Gandhi family that it is committing mistakes after mistakes .The emphasise should have been on Congress party rather than Gandhi family what will happen if Rahulji don’t merry at all and dies naturally now that he is already 40; than a critics jock that Congress will invite Varun Gandhi and he will come along with his BJP supporters .

You never know about future when Bajpae was at his peak he failed , may be a man without wife tend to be a alcoholic and emotional bankcraft in private life when it matters most . Undmindful of this development Youth Congress brigade seems to be extra hypersensitive towards seeing Rahulji as next PM . You can’t help some Congress who are really dedicated to party but Rahulji and his family members are also human being and not above God who alone decides the future . In our Arunachal also had our seniour leaders remain in Congress after it fail to form Government in the centre? So for overall interest may be one time revolution may benefit every one as monotomy is always bad as it makes the ruler lethargic and definitely in our State time for revolution seems to have come and change will not come by itself we all have to bring the change .

This may benefit the oppossition in the State immensly if they all merge with the PPA . Which instead may have to have a tacit understanding with the BJP by leaving few non tribal dominated place to it and the tribal dominated place to be contested from PPA. As most of the places where dams are commissioned may be soon dominated with thousands of non tribals . And if it is not possible for all the political party to unite it should atleast have seat sharing with the PPA . The seat should be nicely shared with the other party in the line of rular areas to PPA and the urban areas namely old districts areas to others .

The phase manner approach should help the oppossition as it has neither resource and power to go for head long collision with the Congress . Thus leaving the Tirap and Changlang to its own fate may be also helpful to the State and the party as critics sujjests . As basically PPA is more strong in Abotani belt and have lately made inroad in Budhist belt also and one should chew as much he can digest only . As there is near unanimity between all the genuine Arunachal Publics thet atleast once . A honest leaders from Tirap Changlang District may also have to be also once rewarded by giving them coveted C.M post this is a small sacrifice for State integrity , 2ndly the social , cultural , religious proximity with the Naga may help the peace process in this region if Hon’ble C.M post is once given to the leader from this region .

Besides it will pave the way for future balance of power as critics speculate that it will leave ideologically divided congress party . And it will help the rise of oppossition party as later the Congress party may be compelled to look for coalition patnership to form the Govt. even it likes or not .

Lately NCP and TMC in particularly are said to be fed up of step brotherly treatment . But atleast for PPA and BJP Congress members seems to be acknowledging it . Because a fearless enenmy is always respected as one can never predict the wind of change . So don’t fool oneself rulling ticket will be never given to them gone or those Apangjis days better be a good oppossition leader where scope is also no less better only for once greed and fear . Unfortunately in our state deserving ones don’t even have the basic expenses theirfore a mass uprising will benefit many new political aspirants thus every one should join this revolution .

With the able leaders like Hon’ble Finance Minister Setong Senaji and the Tirap Changlang leaders not that corrupted the above political vision of this regions Publics may be possible; and as plan is good for every Arunachalee . Sho want united State baring some few dreaming for power for himself and his own benefit therefore it should be a prayer subject for all the like minded Peoples , who want united Arunachalee and check and balance in the form of rise of strong oppossition also .

As the Congress have no plan for tirap and Changlang region and other leaders seems to have forgotten the places never visiting it after using it . Therefore why a wrong policy of few leader should stop the development for peace and reconcialition bid for the whole State . Is the Political party interest more important than the State interest ? Has time not come for the other part of the State to show their magnamity so that the locals of Tirap Changlang themselves appreciate the benefit they get here being in our State which will be never enjoyed anywhere else a friend opines .

Thus honestly the fate of oppossition in the State now rests on favourable events as so far unfortunately there is no seniour leaders to take oppossition leadership seriously . And the things seems to be slowly going its favour . Those cowards only waiting for the appropriate time their time may never come . Can any one Suffer for the Public cause like our Hon’ble MLA Tapen Sigaji and Tamio Tagaji hats off to them they are the real leaders . They should play a more proactive role for oppossition unification .

Though there is wonderful opportunity for the oppossition also but leadership has to be in right hand . In Arunachal financial stability is so far a majore issue . Therefore time may have come for making a introspection of highest order . In PPA also our able President is ready for supreme sacrifice if there is a deserving candidate to lead the party . But every one has to put their view openly in the party meeting to put their point of view and frankly and honestly put forward their point of view and the Central Executive members are ready to hear anything good for the party . Fortunately for the PPA most of the critics opine that it will be eventually PPA Vs Congress party due to its grass root popularity .

Lately the Congress party is said to be trying hard to make the PPA MLA’s defect as Congress seems to be seing PPA as its enemy number one which can make its future upside down . But the party Hon’ble MLA’s should not be taken for the ride as they have been given mandate by the publics to win from PPA . And the Bye election win confirms it beyond reasonable doubt . It is time that political fatigness and boredom which is right now sweeping against CPM in west Bengal similier conditions are taken advantage by young PPA leader mainly Hon’ble MLA’s who should be taking the leadership in this challenging time .

Who ever once thought that Apangji will be one day shown exit door , if God blesses , one never knows what future has store for the Oppossition . As the Publics knows that- if they were not competent enough than they would not have been choosen . But in politics more so there is time for every thing , since rolling stone gather no moss therefore those continuing in PPA may have their good time coming also for others who want to spoil their future tata by by . For a time might be coming when money power may be of little relevance due to one wrong move .

Gone are days when one could date two party at a time today one has to believe one is best where public grass root support is . Why they have defeated the rulling party ticket was basically due to their reactionary image not that they were mostly rich or from rich party like Congress . The public has by letting win the byelection has shown that they favour PPA more than Congress so Public interest should be more important . After all Gandhis are not going to vote for you history is witness that in Arunachal whenever a gandhi family come to campaign for a candidate they have mostly lost . So instead of defaming the family name of suspectingly taking money it is better to live a respectable life untill there is absolutely no scope . As still lots of time for Genenral election and who knows which senior leader will defect from Congress party or any thing happens in oppossitions favour .

Some BJP ,TMC and NCP members were heard saying that since 30 % voters are suppose to come volunatarily to PPA so they have to make a serious decesion before panchayat election . The PPA party should be in a vintage position regarding its symbol also as any optional symbol of the party is also seems to be appealable to the Publics . It has only to cash on its symbol declaration party by organising it in cladanstian way very soon .

As the TMC and the NCP cadres are right now leaving in a make believe world whereas they are in fact seen as less than 2nd class citizen by the congress party whom they have coalition in the centre . And their silence on controvercial issues like rampant construction of Mega Dams etc. which may later prove to be like Bhopal gas tragedy for the State will later finish them as there is no scope for silence in politics . One has to choose a stand this way or that way .

Therefore all the Oppossition party must be united for State interest and before it they need to make their house in order first and convince them of importance of unity . As Congress have to be only defeated by a coordinated attack or it is always seen to back up loose ends by its corpus fund . And if the PPA Hon’ble MLA’s don’t take chance of this historic situation by remaining united and leading other party towards amalgamation with it . The history may never forgive them and it will be an end of a dream for many who have great expectation from this PPA team and they may have to take political sanyas for sometimes .

So better to be in a party where we are secured and let us make our home work nicely , and Congress may themselves come for the coalition with us in folded hand . This line of thinking may be good for all the oppossition party as what I forsee that - eventually fear of Congress under Rahul Gandhi will ultimately unite all the oppossition party even in centre. so why not make the ground work now itself in our state . One never know about the new political friends in next election ; but for us since we are duty bound to see Publics interest we must explore the best way when we have time. And we must see our own interest way congress are seing their own .

And this time even if a political revolution comes in centre there should be no welcome of political jumping jackels of our State as central party and the Arunachal Publics should have tolerated enough of shamlessness character of our leaders . This jumping nature of the leaders seems to be for saving their own skeen from CBI and Judicial enquiry more than State interest ; so Public should say enough is enough . And their family members also should refrain them to bring bad name to their family . Thus by next election party descipline will be a majore issue thus without any reason harming ones own cause for some ones intrest will be foolish. Or congress will later say hey they were interested in our ticket . Thus the mature Hon’ble PPA MLA’s are expected to be able to decide what is proper for themselves .

Who knows next time ghost of the Hydropower MOU’s may be a lethal weapon for the Opposition as within Congress Party itself silent murmer is said to be heard regarding non white paper release of Rs . 11000/- crore which the Govt. officially received from the corporate houses as unearthed by RTI . Critics estimate unofficial payment much above it and says the congress party deserve issue of fatwa by spiritual leaders like Bishop and Rimpoches for playing with the State interest as later Bhopal Gas tragedy kind of accident may not be ruled out in our State . Man there is a limit to our greed is it should be above our motherland ?

This are serious issues State Publics are definitely interested in . Though right now out of greed and fear they will not come out prematurly in our favour . But time may come or why so much pressure on NGO and Oppossition relatives by the rulling Govt, if they are also not scared . Atleast in my Basar though we are not getting lots of compensation money from Dam construction but our land is atleast secured for ages ; after money is finished can one like to live in suspended animation for rest of the life . What can Congress do if there is mass uprising will its money really help . seeing the public mood will leaders relative not lock them inside the room to save the remaining money . As there is limit to ones greed what was the need to sign more than 100 mega dams at a time if this questions crops up next time than what? So regarding future God alone is the master .

With the rumour of no responsibility clause by the companies and in the view of the Dam suspectingly commissioned in seismic area and the danger of accident which cannot be ruled out . The things are not going to be easy for the establishment next time , the voters may take it their divine right to eat the congress money and not vote for it. Will the Dam also do what Bofors did for the B.P Singh and Singhur for the Mamta Banarjee is a million dollar question right now .

Is the Bye election result of Palin and Dirrang ZPM election where Congress badly defeated sign of that political apprehension and political fatigueness of which think thank in Rajiv Bhavan seems to be fearful of and hell bent on luring the oppossition leaders . And if few oppossition MLA’s fall to its game plan will they once again win so much comfortably by popular public support as last time . As Congress cadres , bussiness man , Officers and vested interest alone does not ensure parties victory . If one goes out , who knows more promising congress man may join the PPA itself . But if oppossition leaders are going to go to Congress party ; they are going to do this without any reason and may get the blame of selling themselves just like that .

In the State this future scenerio cannot be ruled out retire of some regional minded officers who were untill now helpless to help party like PPA coming to its rescue and some blue eyed boy of Govt. who will fail to command that respect for their master . As in state so far Burocrates have been also seen to be very powerful , Increase infighting for the congress C.M post may also make the matter worst for the congress party here in the state . Lately congress party in Arunachal which acutely lacked vision and political will was seen doing as usually persecuting the oppossition leaders indirectly but was this kind of politics ever lasted ?

And will this moves will not be see by publics to be work of helpless party its last ditch effort to save its sinking ship who don’t have plan for development and only resort to violation of civil right . And is it also not time for the oppossition leaders to introspect themselves and take the best decesion for every bodies interest . Remember some time one decesion change the course of history . By remaining non decesive Oppossition leaders may make themselves vulnerable oneby one . The fearless oppossition can do wonder though many openly don’t appreciate them but in heart there are many fans . If we are not serious about our united fight before next Panchayat election we should leave Politics for good . It is upto you to become like Fedal Castro or like most of the present Congress - I leaders who in fact never enjoy the power .

The way out for the Tirap and Changlang

The Tirap and Changlang Districts for them though critics seems to agree that their road, lifeline to development itself is so bumpy that even the Yamraj seems to have given the licence to kill to somebody else . The Publics neverthless should be not hopeless as they have great leaders like Hon’ble Finance Minister Setong Senaji and remember what is impossible with man is possible with God . And great things are also done in pain good time should be coming for the region .

At a time we tend to think that prayer is meaningless , and forget that all the problem can be only solved by loyality to God .We have to just praise God give him highest regard and see the result , don’t read the history make it is what is the need of the hour . Therefore the common Publics should be consious of their political right . There is a common unanimity among most of the oppossition leaders this time that in eve of the next State election pre - poll alliance they should leave Tirap and Changlang District to its own fate so what they want congress Party to still win their or unanimously join united oppossition if they feel themselves cheated by the Congress party .

As leaders there are not that corrupted and neither the oppossition have that resource to go for head long collission with congress in every trenches therefore phase manner may be more practical . Besides the tirap Changlang publics may demand for Chief Ministership post next time for their reward for their loyality to State; this may help the State in particular and Oppossition party in general as it may ensure a united State and a divided Congress .

As the congress is completely mum regarding the Greater Nagalim claim issue , thus will it not be prudent to leave the issue to the locals . And it seems nothing less than one time C.M post will satisfy the locals who also want to share the benefit of the State . The Naga elites are also said to be seing State more as a Bussiness investment destination which should be mutually good for both the State . Since before solving the Manipur issue the Nagas are not suppose to open the western front therefor the Tirap and Changlang leaders may be needed to be given due recognisation so that they use their socio, economic and religious proximity for the State interest .

Though there may be also more deserving Congress leaders but state interest which is supreme may demand some drastic measure . The Congress party so far is seen to be acutely lacking any plan on Greater Nagalim issue and even not discussing anything regarding this which is highly questionable to the publics . For the State interest if oppossition party make its present felt in next election it may be not aversed to the coalition with Congress party headed by Tirap Changlang leader as State interest is supreme .

The Naga counterpart may have more working relationship with the change of leadership is what the critics believes . Already some seniour Congress cabinet members are said to be uncomfotable with excessive interference in their portfolios from the top ups which are disturbing them to help there peoples . But since they are keeping mum and have no guts to talk the leadership issue , therefore the chance may ultimately go to the Tirap and Changlang leaders as the publics there are not that corrupted and seen to be united emotionally . Therefore all is not well in the congress fort . That united force for the party is vitally missing and last time oppossitions lossing seems to have more to do with defection of the Kiran Rijiju and luring district Hq. Offer to some constituencies .

Regarding all the important issues God alone can do any miracle . Since time inmemorial our tribe has been under non and God was alone the rightful owner of innocent tribe in the form of spirit communication through priest . There for time to sing his glory more so when today sin have multiplied to such a giagentic proportion than only he will bless us with everything in right time .

Being a Christian we have to follow his thy will , can we restrict his work to bless us only the way we want ? If Gods time come he will just give freely any impossible demand we are making now. Therefore my appeal to all the Baptist members being the adviser of peace and Justice Dept. CBCNEI to seek thy will . If you don’t respect your own leaders like Dr. Lama Gen secy. Council of Baptist Chursh North east India who else will .

Though some of the local may be fed up of the present situation and have become doubting Thomas but to me real solution lies in prayer only . As by prayer we get the power to overcome all the evils and temptations . The reason why we seems to have lost faith and filled with inferiority complexion is our believe in ourselves which can be rectified by hearing word of God and living a lonely life forgetting that there will be opportunity in mingling and learning from others also . Joint prayer and fellowship is best positive way to join with other and multiply our power . By that only one can tell his view point to others as well and start a revolution .

History is witness that all short of the civil right movement and revolution started by groups . Mind it non have the power to stop the group for fellowship for God . One need not use this platform to criticise others . But by prayer support alone we can change worst of the worst man . Therefore time to pray for pathetic condition of the Tirap and Changlang Publics as each successive Congress misrule have made it more poorer .

Today the Outfits like ULFA are coming to negotiation table . Therefore other party should not give a second thought to do similier . It should not be their egoism or fear of Hellfire missile attack from Drone plane attack which Central Govt. is planning to purchase . But it will be for the glory of God as time to take a different steps may have come as outfits have already amply shown their calibre in heroic activity . Didn’t the templers who tried to secure Jerusalem on the order of Pope also had to retire later ; as the God may have willed them to fight in different style for making Europe for Christ by going for ushering internal revolution in the form of Marthin luther’s protestant revolution . See how japan defeated America after 2nd world war in Bussiness field , may be time has come for adopting practical way to finish our main enemy .

As Christian which should be against the principalities of the dark forces which is not allowing the extension of the kingdom of God . If God has given one such indomnitable power why he is not using it for his glory . In my place specially lots of Guardian Angels are expected to become messia of poor and downtrodden and believers particularly who are fighting for social justice are waiting for our big brothers help in more positive way like the recent fire victim in Nyigam Village of the Basar in West siang Dist Arunachal pradesh who are still indevted to them . Similarly the Villagers of the Yiga Village of the tirbin Circle Basar west siang dist. also witnessed fire accident where 8 houses is said to be burnt and are waiting for similier help .

This kind of tragedy are well above our limitation as few Christians are helpless in this matter therefore it is where the Christian leaders from other part should come forward . Let us stop the Christians to be known for all the bad reason and work for the society so that we win the Peoples heart by love and way Obama a Negro accepted as president for the first time same thing may happen in our State .

The Naga and the Mizo brothers should be committed for the welfare of the christian brothers in particular and others in general in this part of the world as love thy neighbour is sine quanun of the Holy Bible . Before Greater nagalim issue saving the soul through gospel and Gods work should come first let us do Gods small commandment first and let thy will be done .

And it is each ones duty not only our political leaders to solve all this vexed issue , the common publics can atleast give their prayer support if they can’t give anything and look after their family nicely and let the Young ones start their spiritual education in Sunday school in church . As it is very difficult correct one after he is already spoiled . Even the non Christian should practice spiritualism in letter and spirit .

We need to have a common understanding and be beware of one who is trying for divide and rule without having any plan to give other any chance . The way the Americans gave chance to a negro to become president of America can’t we also show our magnimity as in many place still since ages other minorities have been never given any chance .

For any peaceful settlement utmost sincerity have to be made modus operendi should be roaping in relegious persons acceptable to both the factions . And see the results the God may work magnificiently this time .Today all the dreaded Decoits of the Chambal gathis are thing of past as they surrendered in the front of the Social activity like Jay Prakash Narayan and Binoda Bhabe . Who distributed them land given by the rich Peoples in Bhoodan movement started by later . This can work in North east also Mizoram is example the way MNF surrendered due to pro active interference of Church . Govt. has definitely limitations in this matter. .

Behind all the resentment is basically the poverty so even outfits are also worthy of our compassion and prayer support . And are waiting for a leader someone as dynamic as Lalthanwala who made his banned Mizo National Front underground surrender and come overground . And for the leaders also it will be not only their last chance to save there own life physically but spiritually as well . For them it may be time to show the world like King David about whom it is said that their was no Person as sinner as King david but also one who repeanted as him . The great things are done in pain and small things pave the way for bigger thing . So let us forgive and forget our wrong doings .

The Church can no more refuse its responsibility as it has tremendous power . The way Christian Community of Mizoram also played a pivotal role in surrender of MNF not to Govt. but to God and for local peoples interest . The joint Christian community of Tirap and Changlang must play a proactive role in this regard . They should do this in a missionery jeal for herein only their salvation lies as Lord and saviour commanded us and said blessed are those who are peace makers . Remember path of a christian will be never easy unfortunately today we are always seen to be an escapist. If we practically aply 5% of what we believe than we will go places .

If one can’t do a small thing how can he expect God to reciprocate with large blessing. To begine with in a small way organising joint inter denomination church services and joint carrol every year in a fix date to pray together this are surely not as hard as one thinks .Remember God help those who help themselves .

In our small way my town Basar which is in west Siang Dist . of Arunachal Pradesh . One fine day we the Christian members decided to form a joint a Christian Community of Basar e,i- CCB long time back and today it is regulating the working relation of all the Christian community of Basar . Like making schedule for gospel programme where leaders are made to access to each others church so that understanding and unity continuous , fine imposed on those members who shift to other Church without any valid reason like Gods calling or illness . As we identified this as a major impediment to our cordial relationship as it has stopped quarralling within the Church . As most of the Christians are in transition period therefore we need such cordination for sometimes .

The CCB we started about 6 yrs back in my home town we intend to see it united for another 10yrs. By that time other denomination will be also too populous to be monitered . The CCB success story this can be a role model for other Christian in other place as well . Time also ripe for all the Intellectuals of the Christians from all the denominations in Tirap and Changlang dist. Of Arunachal Pradesh to unite in a single ambrella for another 10 yrs. Atleast , to pray together to fight the dark forces and principalities as our fight is with it .

As all the other problems is its output , if we don’t defeat it by prayer unitedly than we are not Christians for in Christian way of life there is power in praying together only . And isn’t it more easy than carrying AK 47 and Kalasniokov rifles . And if the leaders also don’t want to do so we should stop being the pseudo religionalist . So why wait for good thing . Tirap Changlang leaders should start a Healing Crusade by calling a good God ordained healer it can be a ground for meeting of beautiful mind for good reason . Theme can be Unity for Christ .

Not that I am the best Christian but atleast I personally went to Tirap and Changlang and show the pathetic conditions there , therefore I have bit of moral authority to say . Why hate a man hate the evil in him . Today I advocate the promotion of those genuine leaders as cabinet minister who atleast visit those areas . And the NGO’s working in those risky places alone should be given top priority .

Initialy in Basar also we the Christians from all the denomination had initial problem but we the Baptist gave special presperance to other denomination who were in minority like CRC and Catholics brothers as this is the way Christianity runs . As one get others respect by praising others that did the trick .

Because by praying together alone we can get God’s blessings if we ourselves are disunited and bad mouth against each other what we can achieve . For emphasise in doctrines seems to be man made to politically controll and show ones wordly leadership and we have seems to have forgotten the mother of all the doctrines like love the God and Love thy neighbour .

For every like minded person like me who thinks he is Godly ordained to be Peace maker as directed in holy Bible time to put flower inside the gun barrel carried by both the outfits and prompting them also to work for thy kingdom like the templers did for rescuing the holy land during feudalism . And more so in my place also where fields are more but workers are less and who are also your own to be saved not killed time for joint fellowship from our heart and soul to receive what we want easiest and best way befitting of a true Christian and a true Arunachalee and a Naga .


The Bhopal gas tragedy was a horrible incident , we need to learn a bitter lesson from it; in our prayer we need to also remember for the victims and its families atleast once . Better likes of Arjun Singh redeem himself before comulative curse of the whole country make him find no place in hell also . The point to ponder is Isn’t the foregn company may be still not using off dated and 2nd hand machine in our country which is dying for foreign investors and does one wrong decesion of a leader effects all the country.

The worst in the country is People always trying to get political milage even out of such incidents . The country may see more of this kind so long as the national feeling is kept in back as for the country God alone is its owner with every thing in the country exposed to be diluted but Congress party so far manipulating all the election. As because oppossition are not united and BJP seen to be not flexible to see others point of view .

In this context the last hope may be in Baba Ramdevji , Bharat Swabhiman party like other issue it is time he spearhead this Bhopal Gas tragedy incident as he have been always sceptical to foreign investment and have the moral right to do politics in this matter . As there is allegation that the Union Carbide is still running in the name of the other company DAO of whose councel is the Congress Spoksman . So with such strong lobby in their hand it will be difficult to tame the corporate house and as such they always seems to make the agenda after the election . Now see the blame game when the judiciary – Police , CBI , legislature – Law minister and the executive – District magistrate and Chief Secretary are seen to blame each other .

And the man behind it Mr. Arjun Singh in the eye of the storm have maintained absolute silence as if his loyality is more to a man than God . Another question that should come to the Publics are can all the decesion of the Gandhis can be accepted as right . Though the name is not specifically mentioned but it seems the critics indirectly seems to be hinting at Late Rajiv Gandhi . For the Gandhis according to critics have been also responsible for lakh of death directly or indirectly in Partition of India , during emergency suppressed civil rights , gave refugee to Dalai Lama which prompt invasion of India , though operation blue star and operation Rhino can be seen as inevitable but even here critics say Akalis and the Ulfas are also creation of wrong Congress policies.

But operation Bajrang where many IPKF jawans died and lately Bhopal gas tragedy exposure may be later term as Rajivjis brain child as the press is after later like hunting dog . If the truth is not unearthed and the Victims have the right to know the fact and PM manmohan singhji have done the right step to call for joint Parliamentary meeting . The Gandhi family are no immortal they can also commit human error and not always reliable that have been exposed but we have to go ahead also forgive and forget . Aren’t we also responsible each time giving mandate to the Congress only because it manage immediate needs of the publics sidelining the deserving ones as if country belong to them only .

But having said that the sacrificed made by the Gandhi family cannot be also denied and more so the wrong committed by father cannot be passed on the progenies . This is a moment of challenge for the Nehru Gandhi family will they confess to the Country and step down honourably like the king in england for the greater interest of the country before political fatigueness which is presently going against the CPM happens to it . As it is also fact that many alleged goons likes of Arjun sing have thrived on them . And country have suffered teribbly in terms of dependancy syndrome on the family who may also make historic blunders like Simla agreement . But the oppossition should attack more on present Govt. misdoings than previous as there is skeleton in each others cupboard and for this each one will be Individually liable if confession is not made to God and for the Politicians to the Publics after all tremendous power have been given to them by publics .

But for now the congress which seems to be the richest party for them it may not have immidiate problem but the issue may prompt the Country to call for transparent CBI and Judiciary and later may help the disclosing of all the Indian money rotting in Swiss bank as the issue like extradition of Quutrochi kingpin of the Bofors Gun deal etc. may rise once again as the graph seems to be completely going against the Congress party. And than if most of the seniour congress leaders are suppossingly caught with their money deposit in Swiss Bank. Than it may be end of the party as it happened with Mughals and other great families . Thus keeping mum on this issues will also hamper the party the position of the Congress party right now seems to be between deep sea and devil .

Thus for the Congress party time may have come for making a genuine confession to the nation . Only for some power crazy senior congress man misleading Sonia madam who is seen to be a very brave and outspoken person and being from Christian root must be God fearing least the wrath of Poor mans curse fall upon his family. May finally gather strength to say spade a spade for there is power in truth . Or this way that way the party may loose its credentiality as enough is enough with the lies of our leaders . The man who may gain from this whole episode is Hon’ble PM even if the congress servive those who wanted to project Rahulji as next PM may have to wait for the political cyclone to subside .

The aam admi in India knows to what extent power crazy congress cadres can go for them politics is their life sustanance damn it even your own man dies in this kind of man made tragedy lately - dam break hypothetical futuristic view did not deter the congress party in Arunachal to welcome the Mega Hydro project . Before pooh pooh this allegation why the central leadership take no step regarding allegation of 250 lakh crore money siphoned and hide in Swiss bank by the creamy layers as per the allegation made by Baba Ramdev we are waiting for white paper document on it . Some saction of the Publics may be already wondering weather or not the the top leadership are not blackmailed by Corporate houses ,CIA , D .company , KGB etc. who know of their shaddy deals and blackmail them to do against the State interest time. There is also point in what oppossition are saying Congress are not always right is what Bhopal Gas tragedy has shown .

It should be high time we elect right leaders to lead the country isn’t it time to give Nehru Gandhi family members a decent farewell and to support a change we believe in which will never come if we wait . For them also may be time has come for honourable exit as after peak of once achievement once downfall have been always seen . When there is least acceptance than the party have been seen to come back more powerful see how earlier Atal Bihari Bajpae failed to come back and who knows just oppossit will happen ; with the Bharat Swabhiman rally in Bihar termed as superhit by the critics the BJP is working with new confidence . They seem to have learned their lesson well and may be step ahead than congress to project a minority like Shah Nawaj as P.M candidate .

The neutral publics view is more important in politics undecided publics are seen to be deciding the politics than the pro congress or pro BJP as every one cannot be never purchased .Don’t the Gandhis have been also given enough chance and it has rather increased countries dependancy on the leaders , don’t some of their cooteries running this country as a corporate house getting back enough more than what Gandhi did for the country . Is not the Gandhis knowingly and unknowingly toing their sujjesstions only and sidelining the honest and deserving congress workers . Does not congress seen to be against right to free expression after seing the protest on , Red Saree novel written by a Spanish writer . And failed miserably in the front of price rise and Chinese supremacy in frontiers .

The BJP and the Congress will always praise their own policy . But there is also something called political fatigueness . That is boredom with leadrship the present CPM Govt. in West Bengal seems to be its victim . The time for the Congress cadres to pray that it thus not happen with the party . As Narendra Modiji the man congress hate most is taking all benefit of the flowing current in BJP’s favour . And this issue may be of immense help to him as congress may have to maintain status quo regarding not rising Gujrat riot case .

In my State unfortunately the Congress man is always seen to be thinking the world as Dunia Meri Mutthi main . As for Hon’ble C.M he is atleast not a cowboy shooting gun carelessly but in the money front definitely it is seen to be confined to few during his tenure . If he is sincere in fiscal management he should release a white paper document regarding the benefits State received from the Corporate houses for making Mega Dams and stop the threatening of the Social activist who are filling RTI and asking for compensation for the Publics . But one thing atleast the shamless state politicians are seen to be ready to sacrifice its party ideology if the need comes .

The problem with the Congress party seems to be they have been seen to be excessively dependent on the money and muscle power e,i- corporate house as it seems today the Gandhiwadi and the congress ideology is not enough to run the show without the corporate big houses and the BJP also inspite of its popoularity in certain section of the Peoples is helpless to be its alternative as small time bussiness man and shopkeepers BJP’s support base have certain limitations . The good for the country will lie either in having a mission partnership of BJP and the Congress who are always seen to be oppossing each other for the sack of oppossition for atleast 5 years . But this is near to impossible .

So the best may be in giving Baba Ramdev’s Bharat Swabhiman party a chance and since he is a holy and pure man and earned in a clean way and doing good samaritan work the Country should give a resounding and magnimous kick in the ass of some son of the bitch by taking help of his present popularity so what his Bharat Swabhiman party contest from temporary symbol . Mind it congress party members , by not washing its hand and telling who was the one who called Arjun Singh to leave Anderson responsible for 20,000 death the party is digging its own grave ; for in politics the hush hush campaign is more deadly . And lately oppossition also seems to have matched the Public relation tecknique used by Congress party .

The Indian Publics seems to be waiting for either Arjun singh or Sonia madam to clerify the Country regarding Bhopal gas tragedy and Arunachal Publics more particularly waiting regarding commission of numerous mega dams in Arunachal Pradesh that too below Chinese encroachment allegation . Like always after each scam and accident which seems to be happening mostly during congress regime it could not blame other this time , more so this time as the country seems to be saying enough is enough with congress tantrum as the wearer only know were the shoe pinches and the poor alone know the curse of price rise and the Arunachal Publics alone know the fear of living below a dangerous man made bomb the mega dams can they really hold million of cubics of water ?


The repeated price rise seems to be have broken the back bone of the poor . And Darwins theory of servivle of the fittest is quite distinctly seen in our Country . Today time to ponder for the Publics wheather the coming of the Congress party is directly proportionate to the price rise as alleged by Nitin Gadkariji in patna ralley.

The party seems to be banking only on the rich capitalists during elections , as its ideology seems to have little taker with the Publics and each time after election the capitalist seems to be dictating the agenda of the 10 Janpath road and their seems to be a hidden agenda to benefit corporate houses by any means ; even interfering with Judiciary , legislature and exucutive . see the shocking disclosure of ex CBI boss in Bhopal gas tragedy .

As the lobby for the rich seems to be gaining ground and each time they seems to be making agenda of their own choice , time may be fertile for choosing some one like Baba Ramdev who like Obama may usher in the change we believe in . As Gandhis have been seen to be too good for India yet not doing something regarding 250 lakh crore rupees rotting in Swiss Bank as alleged by Baba Ramdev . This are critical questions which may soon be rised by the Publics . In the quest for the change will the Public tomorrow see Nehru Gandhi family as part of the problems only time will tell .

Some crooks who often makes Congress party as its ladders seems to have always planned new tectics to do corruption to pay back its election sponsers . If the comparative study of which Party made the largest corruption need not to say the party will get the man of the series award is what a BJP friend fumes . With largest numbers of selfless dedicated cadres BJP stand to be not under the influence of the rich and the powerful if it comes to power . May it also get one chance again after all for common man like us we need only deliverance its all the more same you have congress or BJP in the centre .

But for it BJP must have tachit understanding with the Baba Ramdevjis Bharat Swabhiman party or it may dint into its vote bank. But ultimatelty same philosophy may prompt them to cross each others line is what the nationalists believe and see Nitin Gadkaris lambast at Lalloo yadav after he said Tantrik should have no role in Politics as first step in this regard .

But for dislodging Congress party a lot of miticulous planning will be needed as most of the good People who are in majority has to be united . This time or never if the opposition fails to unite in centre politics may be never same again for 20 years to come . Baba Ramdevji may have to be convinced of tacit understanding which is feasible as he may identify BJP more than Congress . What is needed is to let Babas party campaign mostly in congress strong hold and BJP giving ticket to less prospective candidates in those areas .

Both the Bharat Swabhiman and BJP should also try to unite oppossition under the burning issue of price rise and non disclosure of the master mind for the release of Anderson by Arjun Singh than MEA , lack of judicial activism , CBI helplessness rise by the Bhopal gas tragedy may be linked with non disclosure of asset in Swiss bank as demanded by Baba Ramdev on behalf of the Publics. This is the last chance if the Oppossition does not mend their differences than non can stop Gandhis from becoming like Mughals our Mongol forefathers .

Baba has restrain himself from criticising other this is good as eventually this may help him to be a acceptable leaders for anti congress unification of all the parties . The BJP may have to also explore other acceptable leader for the P.M post . A Muslim leader like Shah Nawaj may be a best bet and may not be also aversed to Nitish Kumarji also who is uncomfortable with Narendra Modi . And this may take out all the congress air of secularism card which they make time and again before each election . The Varun Gandhi name may be less prefered to the party cadres as it may be falling into line of the Congress party against which family first policy. The BJP was always against .

The Laughter side of the Non Tribal bussiness man

The non tribal Bussiness man who have become part and parcel of the Arunachal pradesh so much so forth that they are said to be going to there house only for once in a month . To the extent that some of there own friends joke that sometimes in letter itself their wife becomes pregnant .

As sometimes they don’t visit the palace altogetherly and get the son but nobody complains. With due apology to them one of the teacher of the Hindu community recently in a Sumo trip was taking a dig at his own community that where as the Muslim could manage 4 wifes his community Peoples could not manange even ones and so living far from the madding crowd .

May be god has blessed the Muslims in a magnificient way four times power that of the Hindus may have been given to them is what that mischivious teacher was pondering to our great interest. Some of the non tribal Arunachalee domicile here has also interesting story to tell . One of chaps Nandalal whose father was a cobler in my home town Basar he unfortunately died a unhappy man , when he went to his hometown in Bihar for marriage . He was shown a very pretty woman but after Suhaag raat he come to know that his beautiful younger sister was made his actual bite in the fish hook which he could not remove for eternity . And he had to drink the bitter pill of digesting a behenji type ugly better half to his shock as his wife .

But for some anti Dawri activist it may be a good reason to cheat upon those who are after rich dowri for marrying there daughter and demanding exorbitant price , the non tribals who have aclamatised themselves in the North East State have been seldom made as the target for all short of fooling and goondagardi by their counterpart in UP and Bihar for they appear to be cheapest scape goat for them . But some chaps also end up become oversmart here in an open Society which is far from their home town . One case of simple constable telling himself as officers in SSB in Basar have been heard . Later even confining his wife in the house least the wife sees him washing the officers cloths in Basar .

Some non tribal some of them who have earned disproportionally from this remote State it is pay back time for them . They should now invest in Bussiness ventures which is usefull to both them and the locals least they become target here also . Sardarji are worth respectable in this regard for Singh are definitely king and others need to learn from them . Be Roman while in Rome the Biharis who are very laborious need to learn from this .The way they dress and talk should be identical to the locals or their may be some misunderstanding with some youths .

The locals need to learn from their labour as lately our Society seems to have become very lethargic due to the dependancy in the leadership we need to develop our self respect and know the dignity of work like the Biharis who earn ransom amount by being thela wala and Muthias .


The Political leaders should not have the misconception that they are the soul owner of the the natural resources of the State and think of later run away to other state after their tenure . The rivers belong to Peoples since ages and its land along with jungle , and the people the real owner has to have a final say in commission of dam and compensation matter. So the report of less compensation is highly condemnable. Whereas it is heard in the Gergamukh project in Sibunsiri river the publics of the Sibe Rite area were paid nicely by the NHPC .

The less compensation will bring doubt in the mind of the Publics and will help the believe in common theory that most of the compensation money was spend in kick backs and deserving company like NHPC where knowingly sidelined . The Govt. also need to make a all party commitee on the question of commission of dam and compensation as this are sensitive issues and if not later present leadership will be alone blame , later Bhopal gas tragedy like situation might also happen in our State . Already publics are unhappy with the non transparent way in which the Dams MOU signed . According to a friend cabinet decesion was passed to sign MOU with the corporate houses by taking local MLA into confidence but it was not done so in some areas , this are gross anamolities . This itself shows what kinds of our leaders and companies they are who are not careful with the legality of the agreement .

Lately many leaders are said to be running heather and tither with files for making Hydro power in their own District . Now who can stop them as rumour of million dollar made by some will definitely prompt them because in congress party to be in power you have to be able to feed the central master that seems to be the mantra . But what about the Publics are they really willing to part with their ancestorial land . The silence of the publics should be not taken granted of ,best example is singhur Tatas Neno project in west Bengal which is harming the CPM’s once believed impregnable Fort which none thought will crumble .

It would have been better if less Dams where made another pertinent question is some ancestoral additional land has been also taken by Companies to plant trees as the ministry of Environment require them to plant three times more than the Dam area where forest are damaged . The innocent publics who are traditional owner of the land is helpless as it have been sold in connivence of some panchayat leaders it is heard . The future has to be seen weather Apangji and Kanduji will be seen as a great statesman or shear bussiness man who made the best bussiness out of their opportunity at the cost of the Publics .

As for the people of Basar we are atleast satisfied that though we will hardly see cash as no Dam commissioned so far but atleast we are secured from natural disaster like Bhopal Gas tragedy as it is lying in secured area .