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THE GAME CHANGER -My New Nobel Part -V ( Corrected version)

truth; as it is upto believer to take the best one willing to go to Heaven or hell is upto a person only.
                      As in the Hindu philosophy also the places referred as lesser heavens are –Brahmlok,Baikunt and Devlok etc.And Uyu Mock as told by the Donyi Poloists which should if God will should not be directly going into hell.So it seems for a person realization is very important to know where he stand and where he wants to go.
                                        As only the evil spirit possessed persons will make others not to discuss this subjects at length.And for the heaven and Brahmalok seekers they have to be perhaps respected more.And see this doctrines are not immaterial as this alone makes a much needed behavioral change in a disciples which later on helps the society also.See the more the believe in a divine power more discipline in the society then there is more prosperity also.
                            And why there is more believe by the common Publics;as there is committed missionaries and workers who will have not worked tirelessly day and night unless there have been real convictions that God he is worshiping is the true God.See there can be a man made God but eventually truth will alone triumph.So the good person will automatically come to good place,so need of time is hearing the voice of the conscience.

                       As this is the final journey which is most important as here the soul alone will be your friend.But the God seems to be not disclosing his all power and might as what Human being did in the times of forefather Adam also?So the God seems to be keeping certain reservations this days to see who is real good.For example after great difficulty if a person manage success and stardom will he respect a person who comes to thanks him.Will he not respect a man who stood by him in his times of troubles?
                           And the Yudhistir the eldest and most noblest of the Panch Pandav said that the most surprising thing of the world is that man knows he will die one day;but pretends as if he don`t know anything about it.And this God will hate more as how long He will be avoid as after all life and death is with him.It is seen in the Holy Bible God hate the Idol worshipers most;as He made the world and everything and deserve all the glory and praises.
                   See when even the spirit, Angels, malevolent and benevolent gods have certain limitations then this man made idol can it do anything?See in the ancient time only image was seems to be made of living person to appease him.
                         See the idol worship of Dronacharya by a tribal boy Eklavya in the Mahabharata era.Thus this idol worship should not be an excuse to cover ones all the weakness and sins.As the country man have penchant for

cursing and Praying idols when they like.As it is shown in the movie called Deewar where the Amitabh Bachan did so.
                       The fact that the old Hinduism advocated worshiping of nature and respecting the elders speaks in loud of its greatness.This need to be searched back to make this country great.And even if the 1st best cannot be chosen this 2nd best God`s commandment can be imbibed by all.See this final journey which have been also called as most important point in the life to escape from this cycle of re-birth by the Hindus.
                    This will be possible by always being good to other and hearing the divine will that will come through prophets or hearing the self conscience and God`s little voice.And in the old age for many Hindu ruler old age was time for Vanwas;but surprisingly in this State the younger Guys seems to be better then many older generations specially in matter concerning to spiritualism.
                             See many believe now and it have to be even believe by the senior leaders that there is more quality and hunger to give development by the new generation leadership.As non may say the truth in the face of the powerful leaders but this positive chemistry of the Public's with the new kids on the block cannot be now  undermined by them also.The God have given us brain to make this world a better place and I believe there is nothing

which cannot be discussed and solved.
                        This is if the intentions are good and see unless the real source which makes the leader and the Public's do evil is searched and removed then this Political leaders alone can never do anything also.Thus the lack of love must be removed as every one have something or other to give to this society.
                      At least both the views have to be always showed to the Public's this is so important and have to be kept in top priority.As one view alone may make the Public's parochial.And having said that the respect have to be shown to all the religious Peoples.See I have faced number of problems unable to visit my parents in there illness time due to the sacrifice to Uyu where many see our presence uncomfortably also.
                          And see what will be that religion if it does not permit to mingle.And for a good priest while praying he should be more concerned with his god and him.So is it not time to discuss this issues and finish it ones and for all.
                              As only a witchcraft and evil things is practiced secretly.If there is nothing wrong why worry.But the Peoples are dying of cancer and dreaded diseases and God promise them redemption through Christ and He

is also working in open Healing crusade.But one have to also make a strong fate promise;as we forget how much we have also made the Lord suffer for us in the cross in earlier time.Thus option is best for all as one never know what will be the scene tomorrow.
              See many in other religion is also crediting the luck for there success;but it was in fact God alone who have been seeing that persons,his Parents good contributions in society since long time and blessed him.As for example before giving an IAS interview there may have been anything like accident or diarrhea for a person concerned.
               Thus I appreciate Sri Amulya Abyankarji IAS for taking pain to come back to Daporijo as Guest of Honour in the Si Donyi festival after he was transferred in Delhi.This is lessons for other officers also.The Arunachal is also part of India and we are also feeling good to be treated well by other and so the hidden motive should not be bad.As this days one may manage to get the national award but may have done something real bad in there career.
                See unimaginable richness have been earlier heard to be earned in Arunachal Pradesh by some beurocrates. The.The People fails to realize that after a point of time there is no love between the husband and wife's also.As the mare formality make them to take care of each other in times of illness is

alone seen;as the geed for money and more for it have been allowed to surmount any other problems also.
                     Today this marriage life have become short of an agreement you scratch my back I will do your`s of short.This can be alone changed by welcoming the Holy spirit which is called as Vigor in theological term which will once again fill one with newness in life.And change him I feel so much pity for the stars many of whom have no family members to count on in there future times of troubles.
                    Thus the man can not alone live by the bread but daily word of God is true as he have refrained us to take forbidden fruit as He know`s His daily bread alone is what Human being need.See the role model for youths the cine star`s are themselves seen  helpless in family front.Why because there may be price of being agent of devil also;as  all the beautiful thing in this world seems to have been made as devils campaigning agents.See the beautiful poppy flower beneath it lies deadly Marijuana and Cocaine in raw form.And the most delicious of all the Pork meat this is the true source of all the Bacteria and Virus.
                                              But at least Shah Rukh Khan can be appreciated for keeping the balance in his life;but exceptional are also rare.See most of the leaders earlier seems to have buckled under pressure in his last stage of trial

and tribulation.As to appease God alone is our human duty and this alone will take us all to the prosperity.
                           Specially for the poor leader like us;as if I am obedient to Lord then only He will open the window of opportunity.And thus for kind of person like me even if the world laugh I should have strong conviction that He is with me.
                      As ultimately the human being I suppose will accept a good argument put forward effectively.As it is fact that a good leader should mean much more and be respected for there values.And for one with Lord with Him is he also not in a vintage position.After all do everything not come from him only?
                      The civil society members also  better to know present worldly leaders limitations; as tomorrow after election who will give him free liquor?The People should also respect the person as he is;thus better to be good in what you are.As praying for near and dear ones and making them fear God is it not greatest gift to your own community member also.This is if you don`t want them to have illness and diseases.
                      See non of a human being will be that good or that rich to change others future;and thus in each moment of our life Lord is

 needed.And as He really want all to progress thus the true leader who really want development for the Public will be obedient to God,in letter and spirit.And one thing is for sure the leader will be always criticized so no problem if he is criticized for being truthful also.
                        As God Himself seems o be rewarding more truthful ones.As the initial distributions of the calendar by the political leaders may be a drama which may not work also.As the smart Public's have now realized that seldom money is given in election.And if given also the villagers are told of this deposit by the leaders which make there life more miserable also .
                                               Today in developmental front as a matter of fact things are much better in Sikkim why?As perhaps a God fearing person alone will ensure there is no calamity and economic depression in his constituency and State.And as religion have been not taken up seriously in our place since many years so we seems to be already late.But more open discussions on it may make us take best from all for the interest of the State.
                This is like there is better version of cars with each year.And here we may have benefit to make this State as best;as still now our State is like a empty vessel.Thus nothing like open discussion this have benefited world and that is why Swami Vivekanda`s message in Chicago is all time great.As


his motive was never bad;thus those who have vested interest and want the society to remain in the dark may have temporary benefit.
                          But will always have no chance as the spirit of the Lord and all the great man who want to make this society great will definitely stop them.As the great Galo for that matter are programmed to be torch bearer for others.As the evil spirit and the economic injustice by devil possessed excessive corrupted leader is the major source of the illness and diseases in some constituency;and unless one give chance to better one how he can be judged?But they are so manipulative that non of the Public's are able to say there weakness in there face.Who knows for there own promotion they may even make agreement of the Public interest?The critics are doubting that in context of some earlier important promise pertaining to Basar area the crooks may make some compromise.
                         As now even the temporary District Hq. promise for Basar publics after last election promise is condemned by many by saying the leaders may have temporary wife;but how can the public's can be hoodwinked by promise of temporary Dist.Hq.?Thus in future if there is promotion of leader out of way; then many think already they may have sold the constituencies interest to other Constituencies leaders for there promotion ; or if they support a rich candidate in coming time; then there will be notion that; they have sold there voters and workers to other rich candidate by already making a deal with a rich leader.
           And senior leader in worst transition period if luckily get cabinet birth out of way should be also magnanimous to thank the God and public and make honorably exit with  good pension benefits  and good name believes many.See if you seek God He will bless and seek devil he will isn`t it?Thus it is said after God most important is seeking spiritual leader;and today matured Public's are serious and want spiritual leaders as they have been often cheated.
           Thus many of the senior Congress man may be themselves praying for a solution where  a honorable exit plan for some of there redundant colleagues can be made possible.As some of them who are heard to be even impediment for the alliance;and impediment for satisfying the divine expectations from there co-believer also.As they are heard to be willing to be Hon`ble Cabinet Minister for even one week also.And who knows God may make a middle plan most acceptable to all also.As some senior leaders who have come in politics for the coveted post;there wish may be also fulfilled.As may be 2014 will be last time for many as many new face with better plans for the public's are ready to take shot. 
               As Devtas made much better cities because they had much god`s blessed technologies with them.And this was because they always gave time to the God`s,see even the Mughal Emperors our co-Mongolian race they used to prey namaz 5 times and where blessed.See even the similarity of the language with the Mugals Abba = Abo = father.See only a religious persons will give more time to God and will have patience to hear the elderly persons advise.
                        Thus even if the Public's are taking liquor should not question a leader who is not taking it; as will a driver drive nicely if he is intoxicated?And the responsibility of the political leader is so much.See the other good side the new generation will say no to drugs.
                         Thus older generations who seems to have been obsessed?

with Liquors they should have themselves retired instead of harming themselves.See already our Publics  are suffering in there old age due to disrespect by the younger generations why?Because of lack of leadership in family and this is because of lack of leadership in State.
                          Thus making a right kind of political leader is very important thing.Thus a beginning have to be made along in GRK line to bring a much needed behavioral change;and mind it the person who truelly repent his own old age will be secured.As non of the Children s may like a lousy parents to take care.Thus this spiritual revolution have to be seen with much respect;as our Govt. have terribly failed us as Publics have terribly failed the Govt.This is vice versa and perhaps today best solutions for all will be giving one time chance to the young generations.
                       As need of time is who can usher in overall development.And other important point is the views,ideology and manifesto of the leader and party.  And those leaders who speak all short of lecture before election you will see they have no testimonial life for the God and the poor Publics.And thus they themselves are seen to be spending more money.And earlier there where no stiff opposition and no good opposition leaders so they seems to be doing not bad.But world have today changed apart within this 2-3 days.
                         And some leaders in last election have also reportedly signed many false promises also;so there big imposing posters and calenders in all

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