Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Beware of Hackers:-

                                  I am thankful to Sri Sukhdev Singh running cyber cafe in Aalo opposite APST Bus stand for reviving my blog.Dear readers my blog was hacked for a weak so if there is any addition or subtraction to defame me I am extremely sorry.And it will be only work on direction of an anti social ,illiterate and maniac  person who can never stop me.
                                It is time to say spade a spade and I will never deter from speaking out the truth for the fear of  few self centric ,egoistic persons who seems to be living in fools paradise that due to there surreptitiously earned money they  can do any thing.Forgetting that even Tata and Billa never opted to become M.P or MLA and where only satisfied by the gift of God to them .It is time to realize ones limitations as even 30% vote in recent Tirbin Panchayat election is a very satisfying result to us and a warning to some who may be after me.As the critics where predicting danger bell for the present leadership if there was even minus of total 1500 votes and wth God`s grace we managed 2800.

Monday, July 8, 2013

The Tirbin Panchayat Report :-

                       A midst the growing unrest and infighting between the Panchayat leaders and there supporters  in ongoing Tirbin panchayat election  at least the good result is that the counting of the ongoing Panchayat election result of Tirbin  Circle of West Siang Dist.Arunachal pradesh India of Basar Sub-Division  have been fixed in Basar Sub Division as demanded by PPA.It is pertinent to mention that Tirbin constitutes about 30% of the total vote of whole 29th Assembly constituency Basar.And other parts Panchayat election is already over including whole Basar`s constituencies Ego and Basar area.This time the underage voters only seems to be more violent; it seems the aged ones seems to be shying from much of the violent activities as seen earlier in this places.And this also shows the growing maturity of the Publics, as misleading innocent kids is immoral and illegal even the divine power will despise this.As they are easiest prey but see using students who are immature what loss they are made to incur later in there life?
              They even don`t know that   threatening other may make them to stay in jail for as long for 7 yrs.also.And if already there is a case against them it may not help them  in getting Bail also .And thus all must teach and control there kids least one day there parents will regret for this violent activities ;thus each one must be careful and should not use innocent and emotional kids in name of religion and area interest.See the conspirators will also have same punishment as the juvenile offenders also thus non should provoke them. For the  short time gains of leaders  area as a whole  is going to suffer now.As unfortunately even the class V students of minor age name is put in electoral roll in this remote  place for interest of local leader.And mind it he will alone bear all the sin also as only some rich family son`s who can study abroad are now seen successful in academic carrier from this areas.Fed up of this kind of  law breaking Hon`ble Bihar C.M Nitish Kumarji may have to term  Lallu Yadavji as habitual offender also.And we must now call spade a spade as S.149 IPC exempt the Publics from criticizing Public leaders anything done in Public office if there is substantial truth in what he does.But non can intervene ones personal life and this also gossipers does.But this will  make a leader more famous as more important is open view of a person in appropriate forrum. 
             And mind it the one who is right now using gondagardi for there own end may  oneday  become its own victim also.And by depriving police protection to the Opposition leaders the ruling party leaders in Arunachal Pradesh may be tomorrow digging there own graveyard also.The young misleaded leaders also need to know that had there been proper development,Youth centric programmes  and sport field for the youths in Tirbin , they may have not gone ashtray and develop in positive line.See who is responsible for it? is it not the present leadership who cannot even manage decent football ground for Tirbin Town Publics also?As there was a time when land and Govt. budget was adequate.And for them who if using communal ism and sectarian issues without any reason to divert from there non delivery;they need to now fear the new resurrected Tirbin Publics.As enough is enough as why the need for beating PPA Block President Sri Pelin Lombiji?I dare the present leaders to come open in common press conference.
                      Why fear in facing open debate by present leaders in elections? NGO`s like GWS should organise this open Debate competition.As one like Adv.Eto Riram is rightly saying; the rich leaders with lots of properties in Itanagar areas seems to be buckling under pressure from anti social elements and is one of the main reason for Galo`s loss of pride.As if leaders himself is scarred then what will not happen to aam admi.He may be not wrong either also.Thus it is time many believe the Galo Ban Keba should evolve from this impression of conglomoration of the vested interest officers,politicians and bussiness man and moniter the ongoing Tirbin Panchayat election actively.As for us we are ready to release any video coverage in U-Tube and media channels if pol excess is found.See till now the  payment in check which is also heard to be bouncing back is said to be distributed to the innocent voters.This voters need to know this are punishable offence under S. 420 IPC and S.38 of the Negotiable Instrument act and should deal more smartly with the corrupted and power obsessed leaders.And must complaint to us if they still want to mislead  the innocent voters.
               The luring of the innocent voters by the false promise of job etc. have been also now seriously warned by the Chief Election Commissioner and recently Hon`ble S.C have promise to debar the contesting of MLA and MP`s who will be convicted for 2 yrs.and more for any crime.It will be  illegal and highly condemn able to think that only sitting  MLA or MP have only right to campaign  in his own place thus use of threat is highly condemnable.See in previous election many innocent voters are heard to be hoodwinked with false promise in A.P.And more so in the Tirbin Circle where earlier opposition leaders were reportedly man handled as well.And the State power was used blatantly by stopping coming of campaigner from other side by using Police and Local Gam Burah as well.And those not authorized persons where allowed to come inside ERO /EAC office in election time. 
              As this is grass roots politics and our duty must be educating the general Public's thus the leaders must try to resist from interfering here as much as possible.As for a good leader why need for Blitzkrieg during election time only.The Public's also need to know that today for the incapable leaders only money he is using is Rupees  1 crore from  MLAD,it is foolish to see his property is used for charitable work.And see this MLAD fund this cannot be denied to an opposition party also if tomorrow they make an MLA.And the MLA`s and MP`s they have no political  jurisdiction over the Panchayat Institutions also which have separate funds.And here also the fund will come based on merit only.Like in the State of Gujarat maximum MNREGA funds have to be given by any cost even if it is a opposition State as it delivers.
              Today it is time to repent and introspect by all as we need more visionary, educated and non contractor doing leaders having political will and time to participate in the Panchayat Seminars and Lecturers in Delhi and Bombay.And see in many case even transportation is free but our previous Panchayat  leaders never availed this and become tools of the corrupted leaders to rule other by force,lies and deceits by engineering election of similier like them as Panchayat leaders  generally school drop outs.It will be shame for us in this 2013 also to be rescued by a higher power as God has already given us everything to see our interest.See the great Tirbin publics cannot be dependent on some leader who have practically become Social parasite if critically seen as some critics dubb.As leadership should be able to deliver whole lot of thing which a God fearing and justice and equality lover can alone give.The present smart leaders even seems to be cunningly  preparing even a rich leader like them against them as there viable alternative as they know they can be only ultimately be  defeated by a honest and God fearing Person this some critic opine now.
              It is nothing personal but how long the elites can oversee this injustice just near us as love thy neighbor can this doctrine be negated.See why there is still no 3G connection in Tirbin town as in era of openness why the Publics here be deprived of modern gift of science and even 2 G connection always blocked.As all cannot be given job so is it not better for them to see the world of opportunity even if one despise Social network  for opening  free discussion.See in the day of the Judgement the punishment may be more for the cowards also specially the pseudo coreligionist and escapists thus who really love there society must say openly now as time have come for this.As divinity is openness, justice and equality and so why freedom of expression as enshrined in Constitution of India also given as Fundamental Right be taken away by someone.After all non can accept outsider to clean the shit in house.But see it is not only about the use of  money but the threat to life that is seen in this places in election time and bad thing is this is done by few Peoples who in fact themselves are living in wrong time of history.Thus non need to be fear now.And mind it this unnecessary fear will never allow the future generations to live with there  head held high also.And see a good citizen will only flourish in positive atmosphere only.See will the pressure tactics to make other subordinate will it last also?If the boss is of one type of character will his subject not inherit that today and honestly to many`s opinions the exclusive contractor leader seems to be  now the bad role model; the deserving opposition are now criticized with worst allegations and gossip but open view and opinion in the world forrum is thousand times powerful then this women folks character.And yes ultimately what one think about himself is more important then what others thinks of him also.
              .As one like Adv.Ito Riram recently lambasted  in facebook recently criticizing the goondagardi in Tirbin .And see soon many will follow truth if one really love his society and want to see its betterment.As who can guarantee non starting of Naxalism and terrorism  if the gaps between haves and haves not is too much in one place.As eventually truth only triumphs and truth is the underdeveloped place like Tirbin need better leader and this is need of time now.And I appeal all to please love thy motherland. I am expecting full cooperation from Sri M.K.Sahoo I.A.S present Deputy Commissioner of West Siang Dist.Aalo.But can the tall claim of S.P- S.C Yadavji to monitor the election nicely can be accepted with only dozen Police personal reportedly  deputed  in sensitive place like Tirbin.
                     I am sure for the shake of the Society each one will leave his egoism and pride and may be one day sit for a honest discussion also.As for me I am ready to talk to any one at any point and this may be the best thing to do also in this worst transition period also.As God have given some talent to all and together we should thrive to make this world a heaven by brotherly love and affection.After all a midst the difference we must see that we are common Galo`s only.Honestly I have never any intention to use this platform to hurt any one or to show my personal grudge against any one but to discuss how best we can take every one together in our Society which have lot many things to give to others also.For this we must show our magnanimity and yes Christian representative have been also never given chance here in Basar constituency as Hon`ble MLA.And the Donyi Polo brothers of the Basar area should also appreciate PPA`s giving ZPM ticket to there co-believer in Christian strong place like Tirbin this time in ongoing Panchayat election.
                        There is reason to doubt the election being sabotaged  from the anti social elements in Tirbin circle as the facts and figures is unfortunately going against it.As earlier election also there was a anti social group called Taliban controlling the town Publics.And see why the Panchayat election at Tirbin only got postponed also?See this time even the PPA ZPM candidate nomination was cleared with great difficulty.Thus requesting all the good Tirbinites to not to oppose us for shake of opposing.As all the Tirbin publics are good except few and what we are saying is for betterment of the all the Tirbinites only.It will be still futile to fear the ruling party or blindly obey it when there is definite policy paralysis and non deliverance by offdated leader. See by the time the tourism scope is realized may be all the constructed Buildings in Tirbin town may be ruined by then.Thus free expression is very much important point in democracy as this will only benefit the Publics truelly to come to the best.
             Please prey for the Lords will  to be accomplish in the 29th Basar Assembly election for a political change in State Assembly election as prophesy is reported to have come to few Holy peoples.Let the repentance come to all in  this time itself and let  truth win this time in Panchayat election to show that we are worthy son of God and ever willing to accomplish His will . And for the real Civil Society members and upcoming journalists who want to see the justice and equality nothing like visiting the hypersensitive polling Station like- 7A/1(ii)Sodo -Tedu doke,7A/1 Kardo Lete and 7A/4(ii)Tiri Ngensi Villages of Tirbin Circle of the West siang Dist.A.P on the polling day of 17th july 2013 where massive rigging plan is reported to occur. Please help us to bring pressure on E.R/EAC Sri Otem Jamoh the In charge of the ongoing Panchayat election and Sri Legoji O.C Tirbin .And like the few good officer who have taken great risk to side with truth and justice you can still help us by say providing us extra button camera to check the untoward incidents.Now upto the leadership to be tomorrow counted in the rank of all the Demon/ Raksas like-Ravana,Kansh and King Herod who refused to hear the divine warning or to say it a day by hearing good advise of there family members as howsoever rich one is can he really fight the opponent  with God`s in his side.

Monday, July 1, 2013


                       It is  time the senior political  leaders respect the Public's demand for the transparency and justice ,and for this it is important that he controls his political workers.Honestly the Public's at large of the 29th Assembly  Constituency Basar and Arunachal in general have a reason to be apprehensive of the top leadership of the Tirbin circle of the West Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh.As this place always seems to be a blot in democracy.See from where earlier a misguided youth called Taliban used to disturb the election process.And why this time also Tirbin Panchayat election was only one which got postponed and election not conducted in schedule?And recently after my Block president PPA Basar unit after tried to be nabbed in false land disputed case why he was assaulted in the day of the scrutiny by the Congress goons for no reason.The below mentioned official communication will show the ruling congress blatant abuse of power.And perhaps this is the Congress culture to resort to vandalism and hooliganism\m to suppress the Public's popular opinion but it is time to show that world despise this kind of tactics.It will be insult for the braveheart and Elites of the Tirbin circle in particular if they are unable to exercise there voting right in free and fire manner for the better future they believe in .The World will be also judging the performance of the  R.O,O.C and ERO of the Panchayat election.As per the available reports the culprits who assaulted Sri pelin Lombiji are yet to be arrested.


     To,                                                                                                 Date-25.06.2013
           The ERO/EAC
            Tirbin West Sian Dist.
            Arunachal Pradesh
            Sub:- A complaint against prima facie injustice mated out to the PPA party by the  
            Govt. staff`s dealing with the Tirbin Panchayat election.

    With due respect I beg state that there is prima facie proof of injustice to the PPA party by the Tirbin Govt.staffs dealing with the Panchayat election ,thus request you to immediately take action.
1.In the new electoral roll of the Lutak Villae in  Sl. No. 20 the name have been changed from Smty.Dampe Lombi W/o Taba Lombi to Smty. Yaluk Lombi wherea he is married and settled at Basar town.Whereas in the old electoral roll name of Smty.Dampe Lombi is there.It is pertinent to mention that the new addition was not even made in the supplementary list.And in the hearing for the addition and deletion the persons where not called.
2.the clerical error in writing the  name in th electoral roll is mostly seen against the opposition leaders.
3.Even in th Basar Panchayat election earlier the nomination paper paper was cleared in the day of th submission thus in the above ground we demand same to be done here also.As the nomination papers may be tempered with.Beides the counting of the Vote of the Ego circle was also  undertaken in the Basar sub-diision .Thus the Tirbin circle having 2- ZPM and less staffs and with the Staffs suspected loyality with the present Congress leadership we request yourself to take prompt action in above matter.And show lenient to us if there is official injustice to PPA candidate.
Copy to:-
1.DEO West Siang Dist.Aalo                                   Your`s faithfully,
2.R.O West siang Dist. Basar                                             Sd/-
3.C.I.C, N.Delhi.                                                     Sri Pelin Lombi
                                                                              ( Block president PPA)

To,                                                                                                                  Date-28.06.2013
      The D.E.R.O/DC
      West Dist. Arunachal Pradesh ,Aalo
    Over all  In charge of Panchayat  Bye Election in Tirbin Circle of Basar Sub-Division.
    Sub:-A Complaint against prima facie injustice mated out to the PPA and other opposition by the Election Staffs dealing in the Tirbin Panchayat Bye –election. And the goondagardi of the Congress Party workers and  in that ground prayer for counting of the election result in the Aalo or the Basar Sub-Division under your supervision and prayer for directing Tirbin ERO for maintaining equality till the day of voting.
Hon`ble Sir,
              I beg to state that from time to time there was political highhandedness against the opposition party in the Tirbin election. It is pertinent to mention that the Tirbin was only place where the Panchayat election got postponed also and Bye election is being conducted now.And there is now prima facie proof of the injustice which shows the election officer seems to be under pressure from the outside force. As yesterday Sri Pelin Lombi Block President PPA was beaten black and blue by some goons in the presence of the non other then ERO and O.C Tirbin in the premises of EAC Office itself in the final day of scrutiny.This is too much as it never happened any where in India.This is even if the PPA showed its magnanimity by accepting a Congress rejected GPM from Checkor Lombi. So we preay you to immediately arrest the culprits to keep your integrity also.A FIR have been already lodged in this matter.
             And there is many clear manifest injustice from day one as if there is pre-plan attempt to sabotage the Panchayat Bye election in Tirbin.As already a false case have been lodged against Sri pelin Lombi Block President in Land graving case.And see in the new electoral roll of Lutak Village in Sl.No.20 the name has been changed from Smty.Dampe Lombi W/O Taba Lombi to Yaluk Lombi whereas later is married to Sri Mori Basar and settled at Basar Gori Complex with two children’s whereas in the old electoral roll in the Sl.No. 20 of Lutak Village electoral roll the name of Smty. Dakpe Lombi is only there thus this change is wrong. As in the final addition and deletion date fixed only the change can be only made that too new name have to be put in the  in supplementary portion in the last column of the Electoral Roll.
               To our knowledge putting the name instead of already existing name in given Sl.No in between the other name in electoral roll other then in supplementary portion is wrong and it shows later tempering of the election document by mischievous person and is highly critical act.This is complete procedural error which the well trained election staff should have not committed error unless pressure from high ups.As how can the local guardian name can be same. And thus unless the Govt. staffs where involved this cannot have been done thus we have no faith in the Tirbin election Staffs.And to that extent a complaint was lodged promptly to ERO Tirbin and Basar praying for counting of election result in Basar Sub Division but till date no reply.
                As the E.R.O Tirbin himself accept the lack of less staffs and proper police protection and now after this assault on Block President they can be also targeted in the day of counting result for sure.Thus Your Honour is personally requested to supervise the case and direct the E.R.O Tirbin and Basar to fix the counting of the election result in the Basar Sub-Division itself under S.49 of Part –IV  under heading COUNTING OF VOTES of –THE ARUNACHAL PRADESH PANCHAYAT RAJ MANUAL 2002 ,Panchayat Act and Rules of Arunachal Pradesh .Government of Arunachal Pradesh DEPTT. OF PANCHAYAT NAHARLAGUN as there is prima facie proof of excess by the Congress party miscreants. It is pertinent to mention that  like the Ego-Dari Panchayat result was counted here in Basar even if there was only one ZPM seat in Ego belt whereas there is 2 ZPM seat in Tirbin Circle.Thus which power in earth /interest is stopping  this office order to be complied this time also as both the Ego and Tirbin is circle of Basar Sub-Division only.Your Honour is accepted to be harbinger of justice and equality and hopefully will not take any risk in view of grave situation in the Tirbin where the Congress Party is using money, muscle and liquor power with impunity.
    In anticipation of your kind and prompt action.
Thanking you,
Copy to:-
1.     C.E.C Govt. of India ,New Delhi
2.     State C.E.C,Govt. of A.P ,Itanagar


      1.FIR against the suspects who assaulted Sri Pelin Lombi
 1.Electoral roll Old and new of 7A/4 Lutak- Lido
  2.The Representation to .E.R.O /EAC Tirbin and Basar.
                                                                                                       Your`s faithfully,

                                                                                                       Adv. Togo Basar
                                                                                                    ( State Gen. Secy PPA)

   To,                                                                                                     Date-28.06.2013
      The S.P
      West Dist. Arunachal Pradesh ,
    Sub:-A Complaint against manhandling and assault of Sri Pelin Lombi Block president PPA and non registration of the case and arrest of culprits by the O.C Tirbin even after the FIR was lodged .And prayer for granting of police security to Sri Pelin Lombiji and JPM PPA candidate Miss.Meken Doke in the view of the threat on there life ;and seizure of truck load of motor cycle reportedly coming in the Tirbin to be distributed to the Congress party supporters and complaint against non compliance of election commissioners order of use of money,muscle and Cow slaughtering in the ongoing Tirbin bye election.
Hon`ble Sir,
              I beg to state that from time to time there was political highhandedness against the opposition party in the Tirbin election. It is pertinent to mention that the Tirbin was only place where the Panchayat election got postponed also and Bye election is being conducted now.And there is now prima facie proof of the injustice which shows the election officer seems to be under pressure from the outside force. As yesterday Sri Pelin Lombi Block President PPA was beaten black and blue by some goons in the presence of the non other then ERO and O.C Tirbin in the premises of EAC Office itself in the final day of scrutiny. This is too much as it never happened any where in India.This is even if the PPA showed its magnanimity by accepting a Congress rejected GPM from Checkor Lombi. So we prey you to immediately arrest the culprits as the O.C Tirbin is yet to take any concrete action.A FIR have been already lodged in this matter.
             And there is many clear manifest injustice from day one against the PPA party as if there is pre-plan attempt to sabotage the Panchayat Bye election in Tirbin.Thus the force may be directed to protect the PPA workers as the congress workers have already shown there intentions.
    In anticipation of your kind and prompt action.
Thanking you,
Copy to:-
1.     Hon`ble C.E.C Govt. of India ,New Delhi          Your`s faithfully,
2.     Hon`ble Chief secy.of A.P,Itanagar
3.     Hon`ble DIG,Govt. of A.P(Itanagar)               Adv.Togo Basar
4.     HON`BLE I.G ,Govt. of A.P ( Itanagar)        ( State Gen. Secy. PPA)

Enclosed:- FIR


      1.FIR against the suspects who assaulted Sri Pelin Lombi
 1.Electoral roll Old and new of 7A/4 Lutak- Lido
  2.The Representation to .E.R.O /EAC Tirbin and Basar.
                                                                                                       Your`s faithfully,

                                                                                                       Adv. Togo Basar
                                                                                                    ( State Gen. Secy PPA)