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GAME CHANGER : - My new Nobel ( Part- XXI )

this family will also not like to make a headlong collision with the owner of 3 world.Thus seems it is my own right time to ask for there help now,in fact they should all have also given there helping hand voluntarily.
                      As many great man of this State have to accept in private that all are obliged to me in one form or other.And only if they refuse me then it will be because of there vested interest, power obsession and anti Christian outlook ;why make further excuse now?As when we are not sympathetic to our own can others can be accepted to be good to us?
                           As I have spend sleepless night for my own Peoples;made the worst sacrifice which non can do also.Thus bad to see other undeserving one from my perspective in the prey;honestly the day I see a better one I will not take a second to leave the politics for good also.See the age old Galo culture of peaceful reconcialation why it should not be shown to the world also?As why only the Poor man will have the burden of doing all the good things?See this may be last chance for giving a peace a chance as worst may come.As the whimsical leaders and there supporters are they immortal?
                    Never allow a negative force to develop;see the more the present leaders may be seeing themselves as messiah they have messed the society more.As today due to excessive corruption and nepotism the Youth seems to have lost interest in studies.As when there is no respect of merit

Then what is need for study they may be feeling.
                    The meritious ones even if they have no job may have got private job in outside area.Thus very cleverly all are tempted to become contractors which have so many limitations.This is only because the present leadership have been its exponent and role model.It was time for the senior leaders to accept that they have already gained enough.
                         See for God`s shake I request all to take my case very specially above politics also; as I have been made to suffer so much in life- was hurt in childhood,lost my mother,lost my bosom friend,near and dear one`s and see great pain in death time and perhaps even my profession and that too for the lies and still suffering for the emotional relationship with this Basar area Publics.
                         And if I say bit too much is it not out of love to the Publics?and want them to fear sin and prepare for the best.As in Arunachal Pradesh fed up of the Contractors in fighting some projects seems to be allowed to go back by the leaders also.As when the character of the top man himself is uncompromising how he can be accepted to be able to be the peace maker.In fact this is the pertinent question?
                     Thus this is time all the student leaders take lesions from

Gumjum Haiderji and realize there mistakes.As if the pressure group like APSU also get corrupted then the society future is real dark.See politics is not only procuring power by hoock or crook but get the genuine respect from unknown Peoples also, by seeing all as our own isn`t it?
                            And that vision and charisma is needed now when the future seems to be more challenging.The public have to decide soon who is better leader Jelly Sonamji who is seen as a nice person and a God fearing person.And from the communal tolerance point of view also Naksang Tsring is he also not a good M.P material also?
                       And thus all the top Peoples are accepted to submit there view soon within one week.As this PPA is party with difference and only believe in the grass root politics and there decesions.And as PPA ticket was in great demand so there seems to have been little delay;but whatever happens it is for good only.As things will happen in God given time only.
                       I also dare the Hon`ble MLA willing to contest once again from the 29th assembly constituency Basar without bringing Dist.Hq. as promised to Basar area Publics;2nd condition if they really love Arunachal Pradesh then without even security let them first go to the Tirap and Changlang Dist.and meet the Publics for one week.
                       And they need to bring proof of there visit, my 3rd condition

being let them visit all the Assam Arunachal boundery disputed place without police security and meeting the Publics.And other condition is as I have told for donating half of property to GRK under my supervision.And for the leader of other constituency to do short of similier things.
                          And I think this will be also accepted as mutates mutandi by the civilian of the other areas who now want to make narco analysis test of there leaders.See the Crooks may be already spreading lies and deceit against me of the worst order;so this have to be cleared once and for all.As I have never taken single paisa from present leaders and my inability to visit my own Peoples is purely financial.
                      As this batch of leaders is seen as wors then the British East India Company also.As I have done myself what I could have do for my Peoples in above matter;and in there position would have definitely done better.As it is days of face book and blog and leader unable to use it is a offdated person and will alone blame other for his own inability.
                       And for one who is obsessed with power and roaming in the secured areas let them now show the real sacrifice;as fuming and showing anger to top supporters alone will not do now.As some of them have also promised to resign from Panchayat leadership by April 2013 but why contest as ASM leaders again?And this points may be also followed by the rich lobby

blue eye boys.As this leadership is serious issue;the Publics now want who can be with them in thick and thhin times.
                 Then why this mudslinging about the personal character is reported to be enjoyed by rich political leader.This is meaningless and deviation tectics from core issues and the Publics will teach them nice lesions for this misleading.
                        The man who have directly hand in flooding the State in future have they even right to contest also?As so many MOU in the Hydropower seems to have been signed by someone and there relatives.This unfortunate allegations should not be allowed to be rised by us;as soon some civil society supporters may furnish us documentary evidence also.As for the whimsical leaders and this rulling class, as they goes to any extent for there power we can also go this time to any extent to save the Publics.
                        As when the haves class gives a damn to relations and friendship for there own interest then why we should keep mum also?And also accept there good will and helping hand,as for long we have been seen as fools for our emotion?Though it was time to respect the fate of a person;as how long the God will bless a particular family and community?
                              See I truelly represent the minority community as they have been never ever given chance in this part of the world.And when my

relatives is not seen with me why again and again this need for me to be helped by the rich relatives is raised.As I have true believe that my own poor brothers and sisters and few great officier friends will come in my aid.As truth is what is most appealing;I believe it pervently.
                              As Life is politics and mother of all the politics is participating in life changing movements;and doing something which will remind some of you of this good time in future.See the best option is to prefer for the time when tomorrow your own time to face hell will also come.As the day if all know this fear then there will be real development;it is alleged that in Arunachal Pradesh earlier many projects where made to go back as unless leaders gain something they seems to lost any interest in a work.And honestly we are so clean in this field so far and so can`t we be respected?
                       And see by this arguments alone a way may come out for the haves class also.As they are the one who need to be scare of the divine curse and the restless Youth who may go any way after coming election.As man is after all a mortal human being and should he have duplicate life inside and outside Holy Church?
                      And mind it for a leader congregation/ large Public gathering itself is a Church but here also lies have been made.And the D.T Cable my

question is will it also cover the PPA ralley also?And those Institutions playing partiality the Publics need to boycott them.
                      See all the time some leaders seems to be making important time like election as Mopin festival; because they may have been manipulated by the evil power.Can this drama can not be also done by new generation leadership also?as signing all the application for job and land allotment in election time by the cunning leaders how far this is good?
                        Thus time may have come to cut the hand that made this false signature in previous election.As truth is it not better then lying also?See as easily we are immune to news of death in our neighbourhood,we also forget that there is so less time to love;and do good work also.
                       And see many may die just after coming election also thus good things all should try to do now;this is more by the pseudo Christian many of them forget Lord in election time.Thus nothing like telling truth as for long in this State hyprocracy and lies have been made as order of days;see one in top position doesn`t exempt himself from the divine curse.
                      And this fear to Lord alone should make a way to find out a good way;and as the opposition life is also criticize this main topic why it should be left out?As is it not the main thing which is going to effect the Publics and the present top leadership also?

                    See some of you may be in waiting list of the god of death ;and perhaps this may be last warning from non other then Yama also;or some of your dear and near one may be going to be victim of excess.And specially the pulling of leg is by the close friends only who are need to now grow up also;as time for serious business have come now.As motherland need our blood now.
                                   Please  I love you and want you to be relieved of much of future pain also,so all learn to hear the truth and try to avoid the sin.As Swami Vivekandas philosophies have been also infused in you and his soul will torment you if you don`t change.
                    See in todays time non will give large money in election probably only calendar and a lunch also,so time for all to change.And those who boost of money let them pay openly.And let us see the crooks name in this historical time. So how long you all will be fooled?So please reciprocate as that is the main reason for which I have taken pain to write my life story;as there can be hope through a leader in spiritual journey.As there is no test to find ones intentions only other then by his life testimony and family pre-degree chart and for it he may be banked to some extent.
                   As there may have been earlier easier way to become a political leader also but for a good leader Public should be subject of divine

interest.As in the true spiritualism there is nothing called those who come first will not become last,thus time is always not late for starting good work.As great man also accepted his mistakes and will have no egoism specially in the spiritualism field.
                                   This moral education is now more needed for making our Society more successful.And as Swami Vivekanadaji says-`What is education?is it book learning?is it diverse knowledge?No,education is manifestation of perfection already in man.The divine reason for writing this Nobel is may be there is more talented Youth then me in this Galo society and I have to open the path for them.
                               That perfect leader have to be searched and paved the way for.Though I consider myself as worst peron but atleast in the corruption and nepotism field there need to be done something urgently.And may be for time as this God let me suffer earlier.And today I have to gracefully accept everything as His plan only.
                      As all the great man`s teaching`s which have mingle with my blood vessels will torment me if I don`t share it to other also.And need not to see why Bengalis are more advanced as they have Guru`s like Tagore?And so may be it is my forte to become Guru Tago for my Peoples.In fact

Interestingly the I am called as Tago/Tadam by the elders.And the Galo meaning of the Tago seems to be spirit.
                             As it is said in association with Nyigre which is Tago Nyigre which means the spirit when comes in the priest body.Man here you are getting this doctrines freely.See man who want to eat the daily bread of God without using it brother you will have more problems.As the Human being seems to be always liking to see the Lord and Saviour in the cross in the hanging portion for cine die.Thus atleast even the prayer support can be given to us;as this time I really seems to be in His mission.And so far had I said this also?
                                        And for sure my co-believer may have been also exalted in high post in the State of Arunachal Pradesh, India and world to do one good work for the last time before they exit out.As personal achievement may be there but-more then it may be the personal satisfaction to act according to concience for the first time.
                   As all the great man had to face this dilemma once upon a time.And thus the truth must be conveyed to all least they harm there own in rich position.I have always worked for all the denomination and sections right`s and interest as well;even though trying to be good Baptist leader

also.And if you are good to someone below you then the above one may love me also?
                    And I have the distinction of personally meeting Sister Nirmala of the Missionery of Charity and seeing her divine blessing work in healing my sisters in her illness.And attend the rally against the minority persecutions in the office of the Hon`ble P.M of India after burning of the St.Stains also.And was instrumental in formation of CCB in Basar e,i-Christian Community of Basar.
                    I belong to all and to non also as I am a soul as you are.The promise to work for the Poor and downtrodden developed in me when I was dying in operation theatre about 15 yrs. back and was saved by Lord.And for this Promise to serve the Poor brethren seems to have made the God to bow down to save me also in each moment of life.
                            As that was a genuine promise as God seems to love the Poorest of the poor more then anything if he have a good heart.And seems ready to do anything for them.Thus honestly I don`t regret that I have no large bank balance as if I think myself as part of Bramhatva is not your money mine also?This passion for poor brothers in me have ever since disturbed me also;as you feel so bad when you are unable to help anyone.
                             And worst have been faced by my better half Smty.Liken

Basar and baby Miss Goshen Basar.But some may have to be also obsessed to work for the poor brothers and sisters.And in right time alone God may give His blessings when perhaps everyone will think that man is gone case now.This we see in Jobs chapter in Holy Bible also thus hope you all will give me best X Mass and 2014 new Year Gift also.
                     As the society that has stopped loving his own genuine person one day mind it will be also hating you in your old age also. And when all the world have given there helping hand to the civil movement cause without even knowing Arvind Kejriwalji also,as you all may be not knowing that the Holy Ghost of justice may have been alone working.And so I am sure there will be good man even in the Congress party.As the spiritual person is every ones property and should not be seen in party line.
                               As earlier Congress leaders they have enjoyed life so much for our cooperation also .So many Guardian angels are accepted to help me this time,as truth is impossible to share unless one himself does truth;and on that behest I am daring to say this things openly.As there is need of big testimony of love and sacrifice now in this world as love have become so scare now.And for it the God seems to have also stopped the blessings.See even the USA is now seen under the snow why?May be to see His work through me also isn`t it?
                             And also to much extent I have given a good fight till now and now want your active support;as all the good Citizens of the world can

you afford to sit silence when there is going to be historical fight.And see unless AAP have not made a promise to refuse further help after Rs.20 crore corpus fund and really meant it also.The Lord of host may have also not touched the Publics concience to help them.
                       And so the faith promise to God like after receiving 5 cars as presentations I will stop taking new car for myself;this short of promise are important by a spiritual person.As ultimately Lord if convinced alone will make one find favour in other powerful Peoples heart also.As all the good believers they prey and act according to God`s will only;and mind it man in misisonery duty alone is not God`s man.See Joseph was a carpenter and yet find favour with the Lord and the human beings isn`t it?
                           Thus I always ask a believer if you don`t believe me ask Lord as this is the proper way.Please don`t criticize me just like that.If it is Lord`s own programme then you may harm yourself.As then He may make even the non believer like Jacheus to climb up the tree and wait.See some Peoples are very expert they will say something and do other thing.In the school days also some have duped others by playing in the evening and studying in the night.Brothers and sisters life is a competition and more so in the spiritualism.
                There is no other work then the hard work this is also in the spiritualism field also.See in Arunachal Pradesh today the leaders

 themselves are seen to rear a costly lizard called Toke Geko God knows is it in real demand or a hox in internet.And even if demand is genuine it is illegal I suppose;thus there can be more meaningful time to serve the God and Publics.Thus why the main creator/director and producer of the whole world will be denied for only one man`s whims and caprise.This will be honestly like the later desciples of the Asa Ram Bapuji getting identity crisis problems in there life.As the God knows the person inside out and gives when he is really a nice person.
                      And for those who question my credentialities in fact they have also right.As myself is not saying I am the best man and neither you can say this of yourself.But it is equally truth that His grace covers all the mistakes and not acknowledging His power may be the greatest sin in the world;as there is no sin like small or bigger and all have sin according to Holy Bible and sinner need Him.And see He have pardoning power even for the murderers.And whatever others say now I am under His grace and will that alone not matter tomorrow also?
                                               As for my chronic critic`s, thanks for making up for my inability to make calendar to give to other.As you have made me talking point in all the nock and corner of the world.As a friend told no advertisement is bad advertisement;as long as the Peoples talk.Thus I may be also helped indirectly by this gossip.

                    But the real need was talking substance and my views.As a Hindu preacher was saying don`t talk about what Lord Sri Krishna did in his adolesense in Braj Bhumi with Gopis.Thus it is time for the world to help one waging lone crusade in perhaps the modern Soddom Gomorrah of world.
                         As the prophesy encouraging a radical leader is not seen to come quite open in this world.And Unless there have been grave injustice also it may have never come also;as why is this is not lack of love by the vested interest groups who have finished hope in this Soceity?And for this may be the proposed strong bill against the corruption and nepotism in the form of Lok Ayukta Bill is it not God send also?
                              Thus the sword of demogogles is in whose neck now?And what better example of God`s miracle then this.And see even if from a rich and powerful family myself;I have incurred more hatred for my religious beliefs.Thus minority Peoples of 29th assembly constituency Basar have reason to in fact see me as there genuine leader also.As myself and my Christian community have already suffered lots even more then other also.And honestly this time should have been never allowed and for the critics also coming time will be time to see there new avatar.
                                  And tomorrow due to haves class society unclination to share the power the civil society members of A.P may be compel to make a vision document to do something against the excessive corrupted one`s.As

some seems to have become millioners overnight without even good family background also.
                         Thus was it not time for pondering by the haves class also whose common interest may be sabotaged by one man`s power obsession also?As one can`t always blame other to hide his own weakness also.As for personal sin God alone will give judgement.But non have right to always increase his wealth by dinting on others right as that is business of parasite.Love your own do business in outside like many Nyishi brothers are doing is simple sujjestions.
                     And if do business inside State do something where others will also gain.As the future is in the factory and Industry and atleast here I can help in the advertisement section.As God have given something to all.And see for the have class members also;they have to know that there earlier pampered representatives can also change overnight and start blaming them in front of Publics after this new political developments.
                  To show that they are better then others;as this is not a big deal for them to change like chameleon .As they seems to know that they don`t know anything other then to do this contract work by hoock or crook.And if it is not so let them show there love and effectionate also.See for there visionless and directionless and non addressing the core issues there may be

future problems say in the boundery issues between Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.
                           And as the situation is very bad here so everyones help is appealed for;see unless you start faith with action how do you feel divine blessings also?As all have certain advantage and certain limitations.As the Americans and Europeans may need better mission field also.And for one needing blessings, he may have to just think that why to always give chance to someone else only in great outreach mission work?See tomorrow if we succeed then also credit will go to Lord and the wonderful Peoples in the world;who where earlier also not bad but enslaved by the devil to make us unable them to cooperate with us.
                        See we are the descendent of our common forefather Adam and it seems this joint fellowship through God channel seems to have helped the humanity more.As He is seen to be more active like never before and may have in fact given social network cites for good reasons only.And thus time seems to be ripe for making a final jump.As the problems will take care of itself if the master is appeased.
                      As more the body of Christ more miracle is promised thus this will be joint fellowship in faith and deeds.See this was the reason we lived in all our life to let other also see the glory of God and be benefited.As He is for all and those who think He is for Christian`s only will surely go to hell and

doom the future of whole the community and his tribe also.And so see the progress made in other place where the Peoples are aware and conscious of activity around them;as the true believer is supposed to help where in one place God will be seen to have special interest.
                                   See if the Plan A is not possible nothing like accepting Plan-B also.As immediately taking all the religious believers to the real spiritual doctrines seems to be  needed now which is living selfless life;but in some places this may be difficult.So there seems to have been natural work of God in some religion and places.
                           The Sufism in Islam can be seen as this development also.As the aim should be the real transformation of believers character and his hunger to meet Him.This is honest fact as the Govt. have limitations and the behavioural change can be only brought by the divine Institutions like Holy Church.
                         And thus the work of His Holiness Dalai Lama,His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji etc. are also appreciable now as in fact great Avatar`s duty have been always taking others to higher spiritual realisation.Thus they respect Christianity as a very Holy religion and accept all the followers to be very good.But question is are we?But honestly I have tried to mature in Christ.

                        But it is better to learn from big Institutions instead of criticism as the critics themselves are seen as later fans of whom they criticize meaninglessly also.As for some even if they are chastised as Dog may be God`s dog will be better also;and when His hand is above him who can harm him also?
                            So for greater good even if one is hated so what; as whenever there is great plan initially there will be problem also.As the false and lies may seems very good initially also but this may doom the person himself.After all the source of all the power the alpha and omega the Lord and Saviour why there should be shamness to appease Him?
                          As later most of the Priest themselves are seen to have accepted Christianity religion in this part of the world also;and more so by the one who have been earlier number one critics.And this issues are important in this part of the world to clear the confusions and misunderstanding one`s for all.As if there is hatred in name of religion then this becomes breeding grounds for future problem.
                       But there is also stale fish in both the Pish fonds;and have to be removed.The Tribal society is very outspoken lot so sometimes the jock have to be also avoided in sensitive issues.As this days things can change any time;thus need is to encourage goodness and respect the goodness.

                                As all may be not maganinimous like an educated person like us.And for the Peoples who enjoy other`s secret criticism they need to know that in there absence they may be also butchered,guillitoned and hanged also;by this same man.
                     See this are meaningless discussions and anti God there is more better ways to spend time in world by helping others as much as possible.And for spiritual person also once he is bind by the constitutional post he cannot perhaps any more say anything on the controvercial issues also.
                                        So this writing`s may also help the Publics to know about God.As even if you get the world but miss the salvation then?After all so much previous sacrifice should it be allowed to be go invain as easily also?As I dare to say spade a spade;and perhaps one who made a contribution in the world only his name will be taken for good or bad.
                   Yet there will be always one group who have to fear him.And thus the true son will speak openly in some one`s face and this he will do without any reservation even to the rich and poor alike.See in fact we seems to be helping our society more by removing this veils/mukhota of some leaders.
                          As unless one know a leader how he will work for him also?This will be like praying some unseen evil force.And thus Lord have

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