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THE GAME CHANGER - Part-I (My New Nobel corrected version)

                            Adv. Togo Basar B.A/L.L.B
                   I. Introduction (Page -1)
                  II.My family story (Page-2)
                  III.My Philosophy in life (Page -40)
                  IV.Our Birth place (page -98)
                  V.My family is also trying to serve this society ( Page-101 )
                 VI.Peoples that influenced us. (Page-119)
                 VII. Lessons I learnt ( Page-129)
                 VIII.See God is really there ( Page-148)
                 IX.God`s miracle in my life ( Page-249)
                 X.My political vision ( Page-270)
                 XI.My Contributions to this society ( Page-306)
                 XII.My Opinion of life (p-312)
                XIII.The PPA Party with difference ( P-420 ).

                                                   I am thankful to Togoji for allowing me to make Introductory     comment in his Noble today when it is preliminary launched in his blog; and which will be later published in book form if God blesses.Honestly this idea too was after prolong persuasion also and ultimately I had to tell him,` if I am media In-charge for this Nobel endorsement at least that liberty have to be given to me`. As he is a great man, an asset not only to his society and any party he belong but to this world so my emotional outburst may be forgiven.
                                               As his philosophy and views can be answer to many questions in life and he is seen really used by divine power;as if he can be used to make dead rise and do all short of wonders; then for man with dangerous diseased, illness and infirmities he was the Lord send messiah.And see master genius is also a super star in singing,and dancing etc.And is heard to have been heartthrob of his Hindu College Delhi University in Mecca Festival days.And was member of the finalist of the Subroto Cup football tournament under class-XII also.
                                          His life Testimony is marvelous; his writing will surely help make a better world.Thus this Noble need our natural cooperation by one who believe in humanity.I am for Noble peace prize to this master genius for this spectacular work to bring lasting peace in this, society, Country and world.As for no man have perhaps done what he have done, the journey of Great man always make lasting footprint for the mankind to imibe it.                             
                        And accepting that all the readers will complete this Noble and benefit after knowing the truth which will alone liberate them.Surely this time this attention for an unknown Persons work will be your life changing movement for yourself,your family  and society also.See to become serious partner in  publishing this masterpiece in book form in various language even foreigner can please contact us in there is no FERA violence in this genuine business transaction`s,thus the serious future partners can immediately contact and make e-net agreement with Togoji which will be also accepted legal from our side.
                                                       And this DISCLAIMER Notice is put so that any hurt directly,or indirectly to any one dead or alive is asked pardoned of.And if there is any hurting to any ones sentiment then it may be also due to the hacking of this blog by internet hackers;the author can be contacted to see the original manuscript. And.And the copy right of Nobel -`GAME CHANGER`,is reserved by Adv.Togo Basar of kadi Village West Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh India pin-791101 in verbatim.
                                 One should immediately recommend this master piece to others in there social cites and share divine blessings from this divine commission mission as along with it will come -satisfaction,richness,name and fame which may always not come together also.See the present Noble should also disclose who is going to be real Game Changer in the Indian Politics in coming years.Hope Togojis unique social ,political and cultural contributions and friends and relatives in right place will also make this Nobels marketing a grand success.I wish him all the best and all the world Citizens also;as this is surely life changing movements.Time for good Peoples to unite to fight the real enemy which is in themselves to always stick to one`s own comfort zone.
                                                                          Sincerely your`s,
                                                                         -Rantu Roy ( Media In charge)
Copy Right Notice :-
                                      The Nobel -The Game changer is the exclusive Nobel of Adv. Togo Basar of the kadi villa. P.O/P.s-Basar West Siang Dist.Arunachal pradesh.And any one publishing it without proper permission will be punishable under copy right Act. 

                      This story is dedicated to my Lord and Savior Lord Jesus Christ the Holy Ghost who have saved me in an operation theater where I had once died; and my late mother Late Tumbi Basar (Doji) who was really bothering about my future.
                         And kindled the light of divinity, humanity and kindness in all the Children s she gave birth.And in spite of her all surmounting problem she faced in her life as a wife and mother in a semi rural place in its worst transition phase proved herself as a noble lady.
                                    As the Lord have given us so much and we should not be ashamed to tell His grace,mercy and miracle;and since He was always good and wanted to help all and so may have  made mother`s to love all.Today we are not only harming our today but tomorrow for our lack of knowledge.My en devour is try to removing this ignorance for all the mankind so that there is a better world.And for this a small man like me living in small place can also not do much ;unless you all also support me.
                      As we are same family in the world and related with each other through the cumulative karma also.And I believe what happens in small place effects the events in other place also.As this is the  divine mechanism in life so that man doesn`t live for himself but for others also;as who knows when your time will come to seek help from Lord and us also.And as non is picture perfect that way all will be blessed more in helping missionaries and one working in I suppose God`s will/commissioned program me.                                                                      

                                                                                                            Adv. Togo Basar
                                                                                                       ….Jan 2014             

                                       PART –I
                             If a small work of mine can help my Peoples and the humanity then my life have been blessed.I have never ever liked to hurt any one knowingly or unknowingly; and if there is an inadvertent mistake in that regard I beg apology in advance.
                                I am also a simple man and want to be continue to be a simple man and while writing this Noble I am targeting myself more then others.And will be at-least continually needing everyone's prayer support, as I am also a man of little faith.But sometimes the impending circumstance also seems to make a man to do spectacular work.If my writing for the unity and peace of the world proves to be ants step but proves as Giant leap in tomorrows better world creation nothing like that.
                                    As many a times we have stopped saying about the goodness the Lord have done for us.I for myself have also kept silence for a long time to say spade a spade a spade.But one have to start saying what ever be the consequences;as saying truth will alone help the society.


                                              My mother was a great spiritual believer of Lord Krishna and perhaps if today she have been alive she would have been a good Christian also like most of the man and women in spiritual pursuits in this part of the world ending up getting ultimate hope ,peace and happiness in Lord and Savior.
                                   It would have been a standing ovation to her  if the Women Welfare Society of the State of Arunachal Pradesh have posthumously awarded her a special prize; to be continue to given to all the women who made special contribution in the field of the women emancipation.As she was not only the first lady to face the angry community in Bango Dere Keba/case for her divorce petition against force marriage which was first time in the Arunachal History.
                            But also was the first to start a shop in Basar town and try to start the self reliance for women of her time by advocating self employment in business which was better then the hard work of zhoom cultivation still common here.And she was very particular about economic living yet always managed to give something to others.She seems to have seen the Can naught Palace and other main Delhi Bazar in her Republic day cultural programme where she was a member of ponu party from Arunachal

Pradesh.And this exposures is so much needed to see good vision for your own peoples.
                        She also knew the value of fruit and milk and gave us it from day one and today what we are is all due to her only.There was one favorite Cow of her called Rutu as she had only one ear,my mother had platonic relation for her; and after my mother died was always seen crying. This was something different picture for this region where the Public's are seen obsessed with the Beef meat.And the worst thing my Villagers sujjested my father was to cut her after my mother died;which increased our sorrow all the more.
                                As in our Childhood there where always ritual and pooja in our house and the Peoples in general always used to live in fear of Uyu the Evil force which was working too much in our house at that time, as our family clan called Marlis is heard to be graced by Bir Kale Uyu the god of prosperity;the divine shower symbolized by rain fall is astonishingly still seen there whenever this power are invoked in our family pooja and events by the Priest.
                May be my forefathers have been continuing the divine pooja since time in memorial not allowing the divine connection to loose;and may have got divine blessings or may have done something to repent about also;God alone knows ;but surprisingly the Abo Tani Society can be still seen as only society that still prays the evil spirit also. It is by the appeasement policy that

the Nyibo/Priest is trying to thwart its ill effects. Contrary to that the Christianity is advocating the driving away of this bad spirit`s as the via Media for the happiness of the believers.The Power of the Holy Spirit is believed to have more power then any any power in the world.
                                      So right now bit of confusion by some elites is seen; some advocates it is now better to become Christian as the same religion and philosophy seems to have developed the State like Mizoram more.And some are stressing the need for preserving the old culture and tradition;as for me I am advocating for the peace and reconciliation,perhaps the best solution will be taking middle path. It is better to see the present problem and try to find out a solution.See what happens in the end will be good only,as ultimately the will of God only will come we need to have that positive attitude.
                       The Galo tribe also believe that the forefathers sins also use to fiddle down to descendents. And.And as the accumulation of the positive or negative karma may transcendent down to the successors also,and if my family is now also seen to be doing something good then this is also blessings upon my forefathers;and love by the Publics also who have perhaps also power to change one families fortune also.
                         As after all they are also face of god in earth;and for my family

fortunately the Publics of the 29th Assembly Constituency Basar have earlier stood by us in worst phase of life also.This was shown when earlier the ASM and ZPM candidate was pushed up from the family side that too against the ruling party candidate.
                            And earlier it was the worst thing to do in this State as the ruling party wielded immense power.Today there is always certain amount of fear if there is bigger expectations also;as in this part of the world the help accepted by the voters have also meant the direct value added help which may also lead the leader to gallow in this days of Civil society movements.But both seems to be giving a damn now in some place as if HIV disease is knowingly invited by the careless truck drivers.      
                                                    My father Sri Dakto Basarji about 75 yrs.old now who is such a wonderful person and is not keeping well much this days also need everyones prayer support.This Noble is also a standing ovation to Him as I adore Him so much and owe everything to Him.He was always a tough man, life seems to have thought him to be strict to us to make us academically successful.
                            As he seems to have suffered a lot in his life for his orthodox thinking for which he seems to be blaming it more on his lack of education.And his vision to bring us up under strict punishment is now seems to be respected by many; as they also feel that the education is the

only way to change the present problems which have been always associated with land locked place like this.
                        As Swami Vivekandaji said education is manifestation of perfection already in man.He seems to have indicated that by education alone there will be real manifestation of perfection of human being as an Individual and later as a community.As a educated man alone will take any thing in right perspective.Today the promotion of the uneducated man is really disrespect and disregard to Swamijis philosophies.And see everyone seems to be suffering for it.The educated man alone will be also selective,logical and truthful and be not cheated.
                       But for us in Childhood days father was the most hated person; as he was so much obsessive in imparting discipline that we seldom get chance to see movies also. As whenever we run to see movie and after it was finished; he will be waiting for us with stick.And being more elder we used to let younger brother Tojo climb up the staircase and after he get good thrashing we used to climb up.But once father knowing our motive pretended to sleep.
                                                 And after younger brother Tojo was spared and he went to sleep suddenly appeared to us and myself and elder brother Er.Tomoji got good beating  black and blue on coming inside the house.And this Micky Mouse game ended.My elder brother also changed in life after he

plunged in class IX and got the worst beating by father;after that he did not looked back and become always topper.The Govt.H.S.School Basar was really respecting my family as there was 3 class XII topper from my family in series .
                    Starting from my eldest sister Smty Tokir Basar(Angu) to Er.Tomo Basarji and youngest sister Miss.Topi Basar who is now the Law Faculty Delhi University.But my father was in a way very innocent man and at that time the events in quick successions may have been unnerving.And like Java man put in the New York kind of situations he must have been wondering.
                         As honestly the Arunachal Pradesh earlier called as NEFA was earlier a Terra incognito land;and was in fact beyond the reach of the India and Chinese administrators.The Abo Tani the first forefather seems to have been lost in this wilderness for long until its descendants start to have strong liking for the Indian mainland.Specially its movies and Lata Mangeshkar and Mohd.Rafis songs which will always ensure that the Arunachalees will like the Country more.
                      And so unique and ancient civilization is this that sometimes we wonder weather this civilization was not part of the Mahadev`s descendants who lived in Himalayas.As  here so much cultural, philosophical and religious


 Resemblance is seen with the Vedic philosophy.
                       As the Priest in the ecstasy when the spirit comes called  Tago Nyigre in Galo dance in style of Lord Shivas-Tandav Nritya.Thus this ancient civilization seems to be very funny but earlier this must have been the origin of the Hindu belief system unless the Ramcharit Manas was written.
                       In our childhood there was always local keba/case for some reason or other. As my father was an undisputed ASM of Gori Village for many years and it was a post which may be also needed him to be tough also;as all the Villagers where so rough and tough then;as there simple life seems to have been suddenly disturbed by so many things happening at the same times.So this things seems to have given me exposure from day one to see the societies functioning and develop my own brand of leadership.And the NE Peoples have been like empty vessels and many a times got cheated.
                        And perhaps this is the reason I see most of the elite North East Peoples seems to be always searching an identical truthful religion and philosophy which also ensures societies dignity and integrity.And so seems to be ending up becoming a Christian as it allows lots of questioning and seen to be giving logical answers also.And as the Peoples here where already living spiritual life the spirit have to be just shift to the Holy Spirit.And thus

 many Priest working for the Evil spirit after becoming a Christian have been used by the divine power more.
                 But there is also class of Peoples who though remain in there old belief are also very good peoples;and on this groups come my father.When the time for giving leadership to new class come he did not hesitated.And celebrated in reather;this made him different from others.This days many leaders are unfortunately seen fearful of displaying this magnanimity.
                  This was time the society was in worst transition period and from boil vegetable we suddenly had to face haldi and masala as my father shifted from Gori Village to the Old Market of the Basar town of the West Siang Dist. Arunachal Pradesh India where I was born.As the State was newly discovered and was cut of from rest of world for many years and tactically was neither in reach of India and China.
              The Galo forefathers can be credited for making it join with the Countries mainstream;as the Bate and Cane business in the Dibrugarh made this thing possible.My father once told me that earlier  in  there younger days they even had to  wear tree leaves and barks also,as cloth was new thing for them.The thing which made other NE more successful was honestly nothing other then the Christian missionaries.
                                     There is nothing to be amused about it;as Bhagwan

 Shankarji of the Hindu mythology also seems to have lived that way.But at that time there was reportedly less crime and sexual urge also.As the discipline was strict and the law violators where brutally murdered also.As the rich Peoples preferred there Child to merry soon and honestly earlier the polygamy the Panch pandav`s using same wife like Queen Draupadi was used was accepted marriage form.
                        But from earlier point of view it might have been best way also.As even if some die in war or diseases there was security for the wife.And as the marrying was also a costly affairs and this way there was family bonhomie and in case of accident and death in war also seems to have helped the 1st Lady in the house.
                                  There was earlier instance when much older women was also accepted as wife and vice versa.But in todays time this have more or less finished as indirectly everyone have accepted Christian philosophy only joked an old timer who was reputed for trespassing others better half of his same genealogy. As.As in the Galo man of same genealogy of same rank was allowed to date the common wife.But this is hardly practiced now.
                                 But earlier also the dating was absolutely forbidden to the uncle and son rank`s wife.And only confined to the same rank like babhiji;this are hard truths and said to have been reported in some Hindu