Wednesday, June 22, 2011


                                       The fight between the Civil Society and the Congress Govt. have reached a decisive battle . As accepted the Congress has refused to accept the Civil Society Lok Pal Bill proposal in toto. As it seems to have become difficult for the Congress Govt. to make a U turn of its image , as it seems to be not courageous enough in coming clean. As the Lok Pal Anna Hazare team is persiststently demanding the disclosure of even the assets of the MLA , MP and officers from IAS level which seems to have made Congress camp restless . Lately the fissures also seems to be appearing in the Congress camp as the pro and the against camp even suspecting to be secretly monitoring each other. As some congress man specially the Punjabis and the Bengalis will always keep the God and the country above everything else, even the party discipline this seems to be unnerving some congress man , as for most only Political propaganda of party discipline is the secret of success as they mostly don’t have grass roots presence.

                                                  And this days lots of hate mail defaming each other is available in the net and reading it one smells congress division in the party, the party seems to be in position of imminent break up . Some e mail saying Sonias Gandhis two Italian sisters got 18000/- crore from 2 g scam. And some critics doubting even the P.M of the beneficiary in the 2 G scam. It is but natural after all their will be also good and bad Congress haves and haves not congress. Thus their will be divisions always within a political party also a civil society member jocked.The doubt of the P.M office itself as the epicenter of corruption what makes the civil society members to demand the inclusion of the P.M within the ambit of the Lok Pal Bill. And similar demand from the civil society of the respective State makes the Anna Hazare team to demand for the Lok Ayukta in the State following the fundamental principles of the Lok Pal bill passed in the Parliament. But as some critics dub when the Congress representatives in Lok Pal itself may later go to gallows there is no question that the Annas proposal will be accepted . And if it is truth one feel bad if the Govt. representative cleverly says – What if Annas team members are also caught in corruption. Classic case of ULTA CHOR KOTWAL KO DATEN. A Hindi speaking person joked. Beware the team Anna are highly sensitive souls for the welfare of poor and downtrodden ; at this stage even if they had committed some mistakes earlier, it takes guts to accept the truth and be with the camp seeking truth. And we as civil society members forgive all their earlier misdemeanors. And even if this allegation did not deter Anna team why Congress now want to back up which shows that they only want to enjoy power and obsessed with it.

                                                      As committed soldiers like Anna Team thinks this time or never the Publics at large should also give them what ever support they can fasting and praying for this good Samaritans. The problem with the Congress seems to be most of the corruption case is accepted to be against their own cadres and as such the suspected crooks may be also lobbying against the bill staying in Delhi which said to have completely polluted the environment of the congress office. It seems bad day for the congress has come ; God sees the truth but waits seems to be most apt for them. As this was the Party which earlier enjoyed the world and give damn about anything. Telling others as bad mash who don’t toe their line howsoever good they where. But this modern Gandhi Anna Hazare cannot be treated like the Baba Ramdev and his groups where treated , as he is more simpler and effective than Gandhi himself. In whose name Congress have enjoyed power so much .

                                               This is historic occasssion and life time opportunity to make a history as a clarion call from great man comes seldom . Therefore the non- violent protest march from 26th june will be most welcomed for those who want to do something for the mattribhumi. Remember the poem of great Indian poet Ram Dhari Singh Dinkar which can be modified as -`CHAH NAHI SURBALA KE GEHNO MEIN LUTA JAON , CHAH NAHIN BIND APNI PYARI KO LALCHAON , MUJHE TOR LENA OH VANMALI , US PATH PAR DENA TU PHEK MATRIBHUMI PAR SHIS CHARANE JIS PATH JAYE ANNA KA TEAM ANEK.`Thus even the flowers desire itself to be thrown down in the feet of the great Country freedom fighter like Anna Hazares team.You can be also be part of this epoch making history a life time opportunity enough to wash your all the sin. This time Delhi police and all the military is accepted to bath in this river of nationalism more pure than ganga by refusing to act anything, as it will be an insult and disgrace to oneself his father and mothers always for a petty salary. If hitherto thought foolish and uncivilized Arabs can compel the UNO to open the Swiss Govt. account of their dictator why can’t we?

                                          To many, Baba Ramdev incident will help the opposition in long run and the Baba should now concentrate on managing fund for the anti congress candidates and should give the Black money issue to Anna Hazare also; as we also need somebody to counter fund rising by the Swiss Bank scam crooks to back the congress . The Baba Ramdev incident have also not gone down with some congress think tanks it is heard- who think that now the angry Baba will directly tie up with the BJP contrary to the earlier hope that they will be able to break the Hindutva card by grooming up two political party from the same vote Bank. For the Civil society who have nothing doing with the congress excuse this time , has last hope in Anna Hazare who alone seems to be messiah and even if he is also malign by the Congress at least his defamation will be always seen as congress made as the trust/ NGO made by Anna may be also made to commit mistakes by the smart congress . But the supreme court which have always taken pro- Public view should absolve him even if the Congress fruitlessly try to defame him as everybody respect great man and he have no motive for richness which is his strongest point . As for the rumor that the Congress representatives in the Lok pal Bill where themselves filled with the Swiss scam stars, later if found should they be hanged till death on rarest of the rarest case for stopping the national interest effecting crores of Indian Publics ethos have to be seen later on . And it is only possible to find many secrets of this magnamity if the boycott of the Congress party in future elections is undertaken if it does not satisfy the Civil Society members this time. Remember Congress Seva Dal cadres will be only 10 percent of total Indian population.

                                          The rejection of the civil Lok Pal Bill by Congress definitely is seen to be a step in this way to continue its policy to hide all the secret deeds. Before the Black money lobbyist project Rahul Gandhi as the P.M candidate to save them, it is time for the members of the Civil society to strike with a vengeance said a active member. I personally have no objection even with Gandhis if they come clean on Swiss Bank black money issues by giving the CBI go ahead and compelling the America congress to pass a resolution that havala transaction is analogous to spread of terrorism . My Other suggestions where compulsory narco analysis test of those who mostly frequent the foreign country and it will be best if the one in helms of power start this noble cause in live T.V coverage . As even if the Congress may come to power but they definitely will always lack the credibility if the Baba Ramdevs issues are also not tackled . As he may have weaknesses but his issues are worth pondering by any sincere leader. Sonia mam can use her catholic roots to appeal the Pope to direct the Swiss bank to open up the secret of the Swiss bank account for ever only than may be this countries suspicion will stop.

                                   It may be also that already most of the money have been shifted to some other place and leaders mysterious death have something to do with it . After all European will be accepted to be thousand times ahead of us and may be sending agents to kill the depositors in the Swiss bank to take the money who knows? their fore all the rich man who have anything to do with this evil things should now confess their sins to nation. It will be really appreciable as it takes lots of guts to confess also . Definitely the Lok pal bill should have provision to reduce their punishment in that case . As it is time for reconciliation also we should also not criticize for shake of criticize. Mind it congress can also create mayhem before abdicating throne like Col. Gaddafi and we should be better ready to talk everything in a free and fair manner also before creating civil war like situation as unlike one in power we are accepted to be sensible . If the Govt. also want me to be a inter locutter in this regard I will be proud to serve my country as Holy Bible says blessed are those who are Peacemakers. And as a Christian Leader peace and Justice Dept. CBCNI I am compelled to be personally friends with even BJP , Baba Ramdev and congress mans this connections should help in this case. But in this particular issues even if the Congress man does not like to hear I am compelled to say the truth which is the most important thing now as the country is passing through a transition phase.

                                  The congress will try to defame even Annaji saying that he has connection with the RSS and BJP but this time the Public of the U.P first who are facing the state election should reply with a thumping majority in favor of the BJP if Congress doesn’t deliver, as at least it is unaccepting the civil Society view in principal. Unless the Congress are shown their position they will always undermine the Publics its not question of congress but their long rule where they are sure to develop whimsicalness a critic opined . We need to teach them a bitter lesion for undermining us like always he said further , as days of divide and rule are over. Barrack Obama has shown that if given chance even negro can do for the country, so the majority Hindu who have today become like political minority in India must be also given chance if it helps India, at least when Congress party seems to be insincere in pressing issues do we have any option than to batter them like WWF fighters . As deliverance is what everyone wants , remember the price rise and rampant corruption are hitting minorities also. If Gandhi family are true Christians why they are also not coming clean on Black money issues. As love thy neighbor is important quote in Holy Bible so Hindus also must be loved than only they will know God, so money from Christian Countries must be brought back this time every Christian also seems to think. Please don’t monopolize religious sisterhoodness/ brotherhoodness for personal end we are for Universal brotherhoodness a believer also opined.

                                                      It is time for love of the God and each others to overcome all our shortfall like what happened with the Hindus, Muslim and Christians during the historic partition of the Bengal. The Congress mans have a misconception that the Country belong to them. If all the Civil society are against them who will vote for this party , why they don’t realize that. Now it seems even Baba Ramdev was badly beaten up by Delhi police and made to wear the girl dress to defame him unfortunately Baba could not have said this as a sage will be definitely be in a shock to get such type of treatment if he had. If Anna Hazare is also planned similar plan beware this will be end of congress party as the jealous civil society may uproot all the congress party office. After this Lok pal bill is passed Anna Hazare tem must also concentrate in Black money and modifying the Peoples representative Act I wish him best of luck. And we should give a damn weather country goes to Congress or BJP so long as the Country mans interest is served.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


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Friday, June 17, 2011


                                    The Congress has won the Quarter final but the semi final and the final is to be played. The Congress with its batteries of think thanks always seems to be ready for plan B . Any way a brave front by a party which is going through worst transition phase as this way that way Party seems to be suffering . As it is the only Party where 70 percent members are accepted to be Crooks . that is other matter that the civil society are also responsible for their near hell gate accepting money in each elections. But there are also good Samaritans the incorruptible who are our last hope. As a much needed mechanism should stop corruption as Indian Publics are not that bad only for a lack of credible stop mechanism. And it is needed before a fight breaks up between army and the publics like in Arab Countries.

                                         And even before Baba Ramdev said many good Publics seems to have already made up their mind in the line of the naxalism if this last chance is missed. Thus after the talk the civil Society members alleges that Congress representatives filled with the jugglery experts are all set to make joke pal out of Lok pal , the allegations by Jai Lalita on Chidambaram has definitely made the case more critical seeing the Govt. representatives as Jackles in the gurve of the donkey .The Annas threatened satyagarh from 26th june 2011 is worth observing. It seems the Govt. is still shy of taking baptism in the river called Lok Pal bill.
Definitely their will be pressure from new leaders who want to be rich like their earlier predecessors and some Gandhi psycho pants who will like to protect their senior by hook or crook. The Public at large will be not amused they will even see attack on charitable trust of the Anna Hazare to later legitimize the large fund of the Congress trust.

                             The innocent Baba Ramdev was definitely taken aback by the congress dirty minds as he seems to be successful in garner the Public support like Mamta Banerjee in the grass root but definitely lakes the nitty gritty of the Indian corrupted politics , which has fallen to such an extent that Publics are made easily confused .how Baba Ramdevs wearing a women dress anything to do with the core issue of the black money laundering . after all Baba is also a mare mortal human being prone to commit mistakes. Nevertheless unlike other Babas and swamijis his sentiment for the corruption is respectable. Not for his faulty medicine and deviation from yoga but atleats here is a man who is ready to fight against the might of the Congress party which seems to be sitting in mountain of corruption. And howsoever we hate the RSS and the VHP they are at least in the ride side than congress in the corruption front. The minorities should not fall into Congress communalism and must give equal chance to BJP also like the south Indian Publics. Our Institutions should be more important than an individual. From the day one I had rendered my free advise to the great Baba Ramdevs team who may not be probably always right. But in front of the Congress pre-meditated plan was their any option to save their face? Is this seemingly orchested drama not an insult to all the Indian.

                                            The innocent Baba seems to have fall to the orchested drama by the Congress think thanks who seems to be always planning mischievous plans and thinking ahead of others. But this time deep down in the heart of the publics the Publics seems to be still favouring babaji and even seeing the death of another Baba fasting for the Ganga Bachao andolan as match fixing. So this is the case when you fight with an establish party like Congress party in which all the defaulters in the country will trust as they have always survived. Today also Babas demands stand merit as their must be a clause to take action against the Black money hiders no less than a special investigation on who went to Switzerland for number of time and making them sit in the narco- analysis test will bring out the fact. May be this has to be specially put in Lok pal Bill to control black money transaction by not putting it the Baba wave will be unable to be curtail by the Govt.As the Congress will be always suspected of connection is swiss Bank .

                                          The time for the monk and sages seems to be good with the record size of the shivling occurring this time in kedar Nath.His Holiness Sri sri Ravi Shankar is playing a good role of a peacemaker . The great Gandhi families are accepted to resign gracefully if they fail to convince the Congress cadre to give the Country a decent Lok Pal Bill . After all their name is at stake this time and also a golden opportunity to wash their sins if any committed earlier after all what has not country also not given to them? whatever the critics also says Nehru Gandhi family have also the will power to sacrifice whenever the situations have arrived ; may be due to strong faith in Lord and savior this is possible .It would have been good if such powerful persons have become missionaries like Joyes Mayor to save the souls as the country seems to be needing more spiritual leaders in politics also ; as the sages are preferring to come in politics why the disciples of living God be lag behind.

                                        The India being a Hindu dominated place they also deserve to be given one chance by the minority to rule and show their governance , who knows they may prove as good as barrack Obama black the negro black leader. If Ram rajya means against the poverty and corruption and nepotism so be it. As it will be impossible to dream high without minority help as God may be living with us their fore there is no need to worry for Hindutva which even most of the Hindu seems not to believe .

Friday, June 10, 2011

Is Bal Krishna a Nepalese Citizen? The lies and lies of the Congress will be exposed day by day . See today they are telling the Baba Ramdev aid Balkrishna as the Nepalee citizen but this is the same party which used them as vote Bank in Assam and Aruachal Pradesh . Not only that they gave portion of land in Vijaynagar where no Indian can even settle as in Arunachal Pradesh where the VI schedule and the Assam Frontier act even make the Indians to be difficult to be settle here they did the unimaginable. This shows how they will twist even the constitution to sooth their party . The AGP has been all along crying foul on the Manikumar Subbha case a millionaire , that he was from Nepal but congress made him M.P only because he had tons of money or why? Who knows tomorrow after using Bangladesh Muslim as election tools they may also ditch them. This is first time that the civil society are asking for a deterrent system against the corruption and Congress party completely submerged in it specially in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh from where maximum Party fund also seems to be coming are finding themselves in worst situation. And finding itself between deep sea and devil. Therefore all the allegations against the Baba Ramdev is seen to be concocted and fabricated as for the Congress party the clock seems to be tickling backward . As one day all the sins come back to question . And within the party itself strong fissures seems to be developing with those having loyalty to the God and the nation siding with the swamiji and Anna Hazare and those with the party vis- a- vis madame . At present Digvijay Singh is trying to give brave front to the nation by telling Baba Ramdev is influenced by RSS . But is the nation amused who are also seeing the RSS as no nonsense party specially in the case of corruption. See when Sri Jodik Tali of the Volunteer Sena Force filed PIL against the high up in Hon’ble Supreme Court , RSS where the only party to give him logistic support. It is wrong to infer that all the minorities are always against the majority for the shake of opposition also that all the majority publics are pro- Hinduism. Therefore time for national reconciliation and this corruption issue surely seems to be uniting all of us for the first time . Today political Party is in worst situation as A.K Anthony said the country is going through a transition period. He is right as the time for the honorable exit for the Gandhis seems to have come. As the monopolistic and one family dominance era seems to have harmed our country in the form of lack of transference and accountability. If the Congress mean business it can still open up all the deal from top to bottom even spat of recent arms purchase spending billions of rupees money source has to be shown , as the Country man will now suspect everything was that a move to hide the Swiss Bank money? This time the Country is not accepted to forget this famous betrayal that easily as there is always a suspect that there is black money in the Swiss Bank by the high up Politicians , honestly this makes the lecture on other development issues meaningless. The nation should feel it privilege to be connected with the great man like Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare against whom Govt. will make any case to defame them. After all the congress think than aided by the Swiss Black money Crooks may spend day and night to make funny ideas to defame them . Who knows Baba Ramdev was given women dress by few Congress jeolot a common Public opined .See coming elelctions lakhs of national feeling Persons will definitely come up to counter few misleaded Congress sewa Dals who may be right now living in fools paradise this is what countries supporters sees. Lately Congress Party seems to be extra interested to enlist the anti congress man in their party fold but will it work against this mass hysteria against the corruption in the coming election . The anti Indian activity was also due to the corrupt-tion and nepotism it may increase after this last chance fails after all even in Communist China 3 months negotiation was tried by the Govt.before resorting to Tiena Mein sqare shot out . But in our largest Democratic country which still seems to be ruled under a despotic ruler it took no time. It is time the Peoples Representation Act is also modified to stop family monopoly over the politiucs which decides the millions of Publics fate.

Monday, June 6, 2011


                                  My dear Chigo Basar son I am proud of you for securing 98% marks in CBSE Class - X examination. credit goes to cousine Karchi Basar and your mum also. Son your life has just began never let proud come up in your head . You have still many miles to go, the real litmus test is to be crossed in your life as everything is good if the end is good. I pray to almighty God for your future success.

                                                                                                                Chach Togo

The country is with Baba Ramdev :-

                                                          The Country is with Baba Ramdev in this times of his personal trouble as truth is with him and this is deceisive battle against the corruption and nepotism at highest level.What happened to Baba called  fasting mission is really unfortunate as he was representing our all aspirations and demands .The Congress had earlier bad track record of suppressing even peaceful agitation but this was unthinkable in circa 2011 , seems they have inherited their enemy number one Britishers mindsets , this time as their interest is at stake are they any different than Britishers? Does most of the Congress Leaders have account in Swiss Bank?or what was the need for this arrogance or is this undermining of Publics whom Congress sees as always purchasable in election. Now they will make all short of excuses which is highly condemnable. I appeal all the premier institutions like Christian Institutions , Ramakrishna Math and Mission ,Art of Living groups , Sai Babas groups and even the Muslim brothers to support Babaji in  this great historical time , it may be last coffin in the nail of the decaying congress party and if they not come now publics have all the reason to also doubt their credentials. Why Congress only resort to ruthless suppression as if thinking it is the master of the country.Later if any of the Union Minister is caught with the Swiss bank connection in case of change of guards should they not be hanged till death on rarest of rare case.
                                 The same adamant may have been responsible for the guillitone of the King Luis the XVI in French revolution as the Jackobins higher class always mislead the king to save their own interest. For me Baba has a special place, on his maiden visit to Arunachal Pradesh I remember him touching my head and saying - ` Togo you are in my hit least .` Babaji remember - ` Ragukul Rit sada Chali ayi , Pran jaye Par Bachan Na Jaye `. I have great personal acceptation from Babaji in future . I appeal to all my christian friends , face book great friends like- Rahul Gandhiji , Pt. Ravi Shankar , Tarun Vijay and ShahRukh Khan, my almamater school Hq. Ramkrishna Math and Mission , Hindu college , D.U friends etc. to support this great mission as it is this time or never .Remember none is important than the revolution , as first time countryman is rising from sleep . This can be never seen as a political movement as Shah Rukh bhai apprehends and so what Baba forms Bharat Swabhiman Party for national interest , after Congress continue its dilly delay tactics after similar promise was last made to Anna Hazares party and cheated the nation do we have any option left.What about the fundamental right of freedom of speech and expression.

                          I Personally hope that present  Gandhi family will be without any blot but definitely time have come to come clean on Swiss Bank issue as Quttrochi have been already proved of money transfer earlier making the issue more doubtful. Why no names visiting the Switzerland for last 5yrs. Can be displayed. The Lok Pal Bill will be definitely inefficient to enquire this facts. The high handedness on the Peaceful agitations shows how Congress seems to be protecting and using the defaulters as greatest fund contributors. And shows the extent of the undermining of the Publics whom they seems to be seeing as purchasing commodity. Has congress has right to monopoly over the Publics and rule over only taking help of the rich and aristrocates. More so in State like Arunacal Pradesh and Assam where serious overhaul is needed. As this will be for Congress own goodness as the most of the Hon’ble MLA’s earlier manipulated contract work  themselves may go to gallows if the Lok Pal Bill is passed in letter and spirit.

                                The Country cannot be taken for ride any more. Even the minorities have also earlier given blind support to the Congress on the misplaced apprehension of the majority . But today honestly this is the main threat to everyone; even in terrorism which is related to black money and havala transactions minorities end up becoming worst victim . And to critics those who are not supporting this cause may also have something to hide. And I appeal to misdirected minorities that the country now needs us. Pro- Hindu party have been taught enough lessions in elections , now time to work with them for common good . Now time to decide one is in which camp like in Mahabharata days when kings had to made bitter choice. The well disposed congress Party may cater to Individual needs but do we have no obligations towards Country.Leave aside sitting with the VHP cadre in dies Baba can even sit with demon to save the nation this seems to be Poor Persons demand who are seeing last hope in Babaji.

                                The political Parties have always distorted the history to misled us ; had Muslims have been so successful without the integration of our forefathers – Mongols/ Mughals like Akbar the Great who where of Mongol blood contrary to popular misbelieve that they were only Muslims . Therefore instead of quarrel we should make a unified contribution to the growth of Country, we should refrain from having parochial view and fight over trivial issue. Why before each election attack on Christians increases it is orchested by Congress or RSS God knows. Why we have to resort to this cheap politics. The question is now plain and simple if Congress doesn’t delivers publics has also learned their tricks. As some cunning Congress workers are seen to be interested to win the U.P Assembly election by hook or Crook , killing two birds with a stone may have been their plan . None passing of the Lok Pal Bill in monsoon session will be properly explained due to the time constrain for passing farmers land Acquisition bill. But the Indians fed up of this political dramas seems to have decided to teach a lasting lesion to the Party , that may have brought feeling of political fatigueness towards the Congress like in West Bengal , see the coming Lok Sabha elections what Publics says.

                                   As monopoly in any form is bad and as the Congress party today seems to have become the centre for the corruption and nepotism. When it can give billions to African countries as aid why it cannot influence the Swiss Bankers to disclose the Indian name like the Germany govt. did . Today the litmus test is upon the Nehru Gandhi family to come clean over the issues . But I personally believe the Rahul Gandhiji the great Gandhi scion may also show his magnamity to even sacrifice his future prospect for the Country interest , which is in a worst transition period . As for a new house to be build , an old one has to be destroyed . As honestly in this transition period where even Arab countries are changing Congress Party is seen to be against any change by Publics, for which they themselves are responsible. As earlier Congress man where seen to be excessively abusing the power , their promise to change is now seen as too late, as lately many Congress men have flourished at the cost of the name of the great Gandhis .

                                                    Thus Rahulji have all the reason to abdicate the throne for a place in heaven . As he seems to be brought up in a good spiritual environment to fear the will of God. As  Dooms day scenario is also predicted by the prophets thus sacrificing power should not be a big deal as he is a good guy seems to have born in wrong time and place . As already lots of sacrifice have been made by Gandhi family which will ensure their honourable exit; but if they want to stick further, it may be seen as power obsession by some critics and having even suspected possible cash deposit in Swiss bank after all to some critics they were first in everything .Thus time is ripe for making a honorable exit in peak of time if they have something to hide and if clean to completely accept the demand of the civil society .Also all the powerful persons are accepted to come forward and help the nation grow and refrain from making loose talk. And even if they are also caught later it is better to sit in prison rather to be left out in heaven as Holy Bible says . But Mritudand/ death sentence for the swiss bank Black money holders is bit too much a demand . As many is accepted to go to gallows why hypertensions by those who had also once share of their enjoyment in compare to other Poor and downtrodden. Have some Politicians were not living like super stars.

                                                 Oh Man , take it sportingly- more you try to fight more revolution will come up . May be this is Gods plan that this demands were needed to save the world from more sin. The rich man will have different views as they will never like to sacrifice their vintage position.But in democracy how long majority view can be suppressed as they have become extra careful and not ready to be easily give in , even if Mahatma Gandhi comes back alivethey could have not trusted Congress after what happen now in Ramlila ground .Today every one seems to say enough is enough . I have great expectation from Rahulji who seems to be down to earth and definitely hear the Peoples demand as all the earlier king and Queens have been removed in world , will it not be in Countries interest that aam admi are left best to be with himself and God.As divide and rule tactics from black money reserves in swiss bank may be easy and good for one Individual and Parties health but what about others ? will their be no reaction if there is excess use of money in election specially in place like Assam and Arunachal where mushrooming of Insurgency seems to be its direct effect.

                                          It seems like all the allegations are tirade towards Gandhis, after all they were in helms of power so long. But is not this is democracy to talk your feeling out, have they not ruled since ages taking this advantage . It will be wrong to keep silence with the fear that the Gandhi family will take personal interest to finish your political carrier in future . If God wish who knows whole India will come up for you tomorrow . But definitely for glory of God I will like to work with this family for which I have great respect and fervently hope for the good of the country this family should stay out of politics at least for one term and devote to work for Gods kingdom as lots of evangelization has to be made . Gandhis have reached such a position that they need to only work for salvation of themselves and country man if they really love us ; as lots of dependency seems to have been built up in country by a single family name who seems to be more powerful than God also. And definitely God fearing first family may be unaware of this facts.

                                             for some who are seeing Gandhi family only as savior in view of Baba Ramdevs demand for death sentence for black money accuse , they will never let my point of view reach them.And like Jacobins may make their king go to guillitone like  in French revolution time. The Anna Hazare and Baba combination is accepted to do what Ajay and Biru did in sholay .We as Christians should also support them as after removal of corruption and nepotism people should start seeking truth that’s what I believe and important as Christian . And mind it none can fight the Gods mission be it BJP or RSS, we will remain owner of our destiny and thus should not stay behind to fulfill this challenging God commissioned mission with leaders like John the baptist of our time – Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev.And during this time better become Peace maker instead of being the trouble makers as after all the Gandhi family also deserve decent retirement.The the Christian brokered peace initiative will be invincible to even appeal the Swiss govt. that the poor Christians in Indians are also suffering due to this evil practice of money stashed in their bank.The  section of anti Christian RSS and Bajrang Dal have to be beware of future case like Graham Stain , never undermine the power of living God.We can do more worst to their religious leaders.
                                      Honestly Baba needs a PR man probably from a Muslim or a Christian background to remove the misconception that  his revolution is filled with Hindus. As everyones does not understand his sentiment for the country and misunderstand his forceful arguments and besides it is good to have someone elese to say for oneself. And regarding his Bharat Swabhiman  political card he need to start his blue print from now itself . He should help in demolition of the Congress citadel in UP and unite all the anti congress force even Mayawati who is against Manuwadi vichardara than only his credibility will increase.The honesty and open talk of the Baba was earlier seen as his weakness by some Congress man it is time to act more and talk less.And time to make an offensive war against corruption and demand PM post also under Lok Pal ambit and large currency note bane as earlier demanded . Seems like Congress earlier show his accepting some points as his weakness.To fight Congress a coordinated attack has to be made , financing in Panchayat election in Arunachal pradesh as from this far away secluded state more party fund seems to be garnered for Congress.
                                     Baba has all the right to form his own political party country belongs to none single Person or party and specially to those who will be  once again ready to use the black money through ISI and D. company channels to use in election . Baba running away from fasting centre shows that he  fears law , this shows he will not do mistake in future . While the Naturam godse has killed Gandhiji physically , the congress has killed Mahatma Gandhis atma in Ramlila ground; if this time anti congress party don't unite why we should think so hard for a dying country.Time for all the good Publics to unite who are not less than Baba Ramdev and sitting ideally.


                                                 The rank and file of the Emmanuel Baptist Church is really thankful to the Guardian angels like- Sri Setong Sena Hon’ble Minister Power , Er. Markio Tado Hon’ble MLA , Sri Purpa Tsring Hon’ble MLA , Sri Kumsi Sidiso Hon’ble MLA , Sri Takam Tagar Hon’ble MLA , Er. Tomo Basar S.E PHED , Er. Markar Bam S.E PWD , Dr. Mikar Riba and Sri. Komkar Riba Gen. Secy. PPA for their helping hand in just concluded GBCC Youth Conference. Their good Samaritan work has been wel acknowledge to complete the Youth Conference Galo Baptist church Council from 27th may - 29th may 2011  . Out of the total contribution Rs. 29000/- is the balance amount and the Church elders have decided to use it for beautification of the Emmanuel Baptist Church May God bless the generous givers.
                           The Baptist missionery usually runs on local donations of well wishers , it is wrong to accept the foreign contribution behind growth of Christianity  as others speculate without any basis . Remember giving is not easy so God bless the generous givers , be part of the other programme which may come in future and be also blessed like them.

                                                                                                    Adv. Togo Basar
                                                                                                   Camp Director YCGBCC


                                    After the mass condemnation over Campers proclamation of the Dooms day arrival few days back based on Holy Bible numerology, the world is shocked at the incident in Australia where the water fall is flowing in reverse way towards the sky . Not only that even the assurance of the Holy river Ganga to Lord Shiva that she will never leave the bank of Kashi in the Shiv Dam is seen to be betrayed by the Ganga. This is according to Hindu mythological book - Purans claim.

                                                 One thing is for sure that everyone is going to die a slow death , due to rampant corruption which is making the poor farmers to put more pesticides to thwart the price rise .Therefore the Country need to make an introspection of highest order .The Baba Ramdev call may be Gods plan as in Holy Bible also God is seen to be despise corruption and nepotism and send his Prophets for one last time . And after this spiritual revolution the Publics may automatically seek the truth and as such the great Baba Ramdev can be seen as 2nd John the Baptist.And this is the reason the Christians may cannot be accepted to be against the great Babaji who may be representing the will of God. After all has corruption has become not too much today? As it has surpassed all other agendas, it is said God did not destroyed Sodom and Gomrah for idolatry alone but basically for injustice to poor.


                            Our Hindu mythology is also filled with stories where hard core sinners has become great sages like Valmiki and Parshuram . no one is sinner by birth only the situation makes him one. If he repent for me I have no objection howsoever he is a sinner. Even not our father of the nation Mahatma Gandhiji did not said hate the sin , not the sinner.

                           But there has to be a way out may be a committee to certify that the man has really changed , may be a certificate of Committee of great religious leader will do . See the case of the Bhullar who have been ordered to be hanged and all the political parties in the Punjab is demanding his release on the ground of the coming assembly election . Mind it this is going to be a major constitutional crisis in future and other dreaded terrorist will also later like to avail this chance ; after all they may have also some genuine sympathizer with them.

                                For me the modus operand should be lobby by other community members as well . As the Holy Bible says love thy neighbor, it is Human tendency to love one’s own family and friends but to love others is divine . In holy Bible Lord and savior Jesus Christ went to the most hated Persons Jacheus house because first - he shamelessly requested Lord for dinner , 2nd he must have also done some good thing in life which Lord alone may have known , 3rd God may have seen that he was really a changed man and wanted to use him . In the view of the adamant position of the Pakistan and our weak Govt. do we not have a different way to bring a lasting solutions to all the issues? After all if the one is so much gifted in harming our Country how much he be also talented in making it developed.

                                The Hon’ble supreme Court direction in Binayak Sen case is a possible way in this regards where it says sympathy with the People doing anti Indian activity is not anti Indian activity hence case under Sedition Act does not apply . Hope this is a way also to start the talk in a different way if the present govt. is unable to make American style of tackling the issue within another one month . After all a way has to be also found out as the issues like terrorism , drug smuggling , Black money and fake currency cases are also related with this great man for different reasons used effectively by ISI now . If we can change their mind will it be not also better?

                       The writer is Adviser Peace and Justice Dept.Council of Baptist church North East India.

The need for autopsy with the AGP :-

                                 If the AGP wants to survive in near future , it must make a surgery with highest precision . The Old leadership may have to pave way for new generation of Leadership as they have been found to be redundant . Those Delhi university graduated who alone can excel today in this fast changing world may have to be invited . As today it is high teck world one has to be apt in Hindi and English as well besides Assamese. One cannot accept the Party leaders to even not know what is internet , also one cannot accept the PIL to be filed by a social activist and enjoy the reap . If they don’t want to work hard better to leave the dias for serious parties like Baba Ramdevs Bharat Swabhiman Party which has acceptability and ability to fight the deep rooted party like Congress in Assam .

                                   From the day one there ought to have been an alliance with the BJP. One has to cut his coat according to his size . There is no scope for egoism in politics I have warned of this dire consequences several times if they make late . Now the reign of the proposed North East Democratic Forum must be immediately given to Hon’ble C.M Neipo Rio, who alone seems to have the Midas touch now. Specially in tribal belt of the Assam he may be an instant hit and should start liasioning with the small groups for the North East Democratic Front to succeed. The opportunist politics like by NCP will do no good for new confederation , only party that work will excel and which have regional roots . Neipo Rioji should use deserving and available leaders like Zoram Thanga to be his subordinate to revamp the NEDF .

                                                   Days of self pride and harping on past glory is gone unfortunately BJP and AGP seems to be slave of its customs and traditions they need to evolve quickly , everyone wants delivery now and the Congress with the perfect match in Baba Ramdev will be in more troubles which should be taken advantage by NPF . The AGP may have to accept the fact that the regional ideology in Assam has received a major setback and have to make a serious introspection .Next time in the coming Lokh Sabha election the party is accepted to make an immediate alliance with the BJP and Bharat Swabhiman party if it is really serious about coming back . And those who are against this grand alliance are the secret agent of the Congress Govt.they must be find out and thrown inside flooded Brahmaputra river.