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THE GAME CHANGER :- My new Nobel (Part-VIII)

                         As the divine power also seems to see the characters  of worshiper more then there rituals and sacrificing ability also.Or the rich man can easily perform ritual to appease the Uyu;but even the big sacrifice chance to Uyu/god like Togu sacrifice comes to previlage few who really commands Peoples respect also.
                   So there must be a mutual respect between all the religious man of this State ,country and world as the God,god,goddess,angels and man seems to have been living together in this society since time in memorial in peace and harmony also;that is also one angle for a lay man who just want to remain as voter.
                         But for a religious man he need to fight against the principalities of dark force also because God can alone save a person in physical and spiritual way that is after death also.And for it he have to develop a separate mindset also;and initially so he may be not liked for his brand of style.Even some Galo saying believes that after death there is other three more death`s in life.
                                   And dead person rather are said to be crying for alive ones thinking that they have left them and have died.Thus this are confusing subjects and must be taken up seriously when well prepared only and right now the Publics only seems to be interested in immediate gain.But it is also

fact that the help with the evil spirit will utmost give successful political carrier for say 1 or 2 terms.As for now our Peoples seems to be wanting to live in a make believe world that they will never die and there leaders who eat or drink like them will never betray them.
                            And some may even curse me for giving them mental tensions;whereas some have to be voice of voiceless and have to feel the pain of the unemployed youths even if they themselves don`t understand it.And see now the crowd is increasing after this AAP success.See whatever the critics says this groups have shown the possibility of the impossible mission.And when there have been earlier lots of support even if it was thought impossible then how much support tomorrow will pour in when the Publics have now tested blood.
                       Believe me all the success and areas development have come when there was spiritual reneinsuance. See.See the growth of the Ashokas Empire after Kalinga war and he embarrassed Buddhism.As the fact is that man does not the God delivers is the guru mantra since time immemorial. And.And this need to be understand as the leaders will be always changed.
                         And for one who swear in name of God may be also time to accept that-`perfect practice alone makes a man perfect.`Actually instead of appeasing the High command more; it is the God`s will that have to be

brought in to make any area more successful.And mind it those who are trying to mislead others for there own end in future things may be too late for themselves.As in all the religious doctrines justice and equality have been the real guru mantra.
                           And divine power will never respect a bad man in heart whosoever power he prays also.And point to ponder is He may also not always keep some family in previlage position unless one detached with them.And one always wanting his family monopoly may be standing against His commandment.As the modern Preachers and the Priests not knowing this divine secret should not provoke the worshipers to hate each other.
                       As the political leaders in top command tremendous power and command.But it is upto Donyi polo brothers to make introspection of highest order as they are also filled with naturally good Peoples and I wish them all the best.As it is heard that the true meaning of Donyi Poloism was to leave honestly and as clean like Sun and Moon god.
                     As it is not bad to search the roots and try to systematize the spiritual practice;the 2nd best choose may be also not bad for charlatans who may have not joined any congregation.And many may have to now reject the rich man`s sermons in toto;as all the great man like Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji

and Baba Ramdevji have also warned to boycott the excessive rich Peoples who manipulate the election.
                        As a great man alone calls spade a spade.See in all the other religion also the bravery is seen as litmus test for a person and later his story of bravery become like folk songs and Odyssey.And the priest in fact seems to bring divine inspiration for a person and his descendants through this story of valor.
                                         And this moment of truth comes not always in life.And seems to be coming only in coming election and mind it this is much easier then the enemy in front of Arjuna in his own time.Why allowing one person alone as the Yug purush?See the great man like Baba Ramdevji is due to others giving him golden opportunity.See leave aside the heaven and hell the Cowards will never inspire himself and his own family also.God knows our limitations and send his helpers also;and in our case seems to have send Arvind Kejriwalji and team also.
                                                                        See this issues was needed to be clear so that Peoples be truthful to whatever divine power they want to

follow.As the freedom of choice according to one`s own capacity may be what God in fact want to give to all.But in all religion there is no shorter way and this life is politics and religion is always ready to be vote for right person in all the time.And see those who believe in God will make no much argument and will automatically follow the right thing even if they have never meet there leader also.
                             And as the Galo land is now in worst transition period;the introspection should be seen as best.As the only great civilization allows it`s citizens to come at the best and this will be by prolong introspection.Like a lady takes time to do shopping but this issues like choosing a good leader is more important.As our time have come to become choosy as future may be more risky.
                         But the real villain seems to be the rise of new excessive corrupted haves class as they have been always against the man searching for truth,enlightenment,Bodhisattva and salvation since time in memorial and today more so as may be fearing reprisal from Publics if all become enlightened and know there mistakes.
                                       See to know real God is said to be very important for a person and as development have to be all en composing and achievement have to be seen in totality so the crooks want to criticize a religious man in the politics.As the issues like conscious which develops by spiritualism seems

to disturb some man`s never ending greed this need to be understood.But on close scrutiny bad one`s are also slave of the negative forces and are worst sufferers also.
                        And are begging God for a good sleep and mind it the great man also accept there mistakes.And for there goodness God also pardons them as it is said that the egoism is the food of the God.The person in political power may develop this false pride also.
                             As they may think that this developmental sanction made by them have been given by them.And for this some Publics also is to be blamed who may even touch the feet of the political leader.But a good leader will like to keep critics around it.Thus many young uprising leaders finish there carrier by taking help of great talkers lacking spiritual commitment. And.And always keeping the leader in feel good condition.And need not to say by the time the truth is realized it is too late.
                          The earlier forefathers for them the goodness which is the main religion was there way of life and thus Donyi Polo religion seems to have evaluated from the concept like one should have crystal clear heart like Sun and Moon that man is respectable.In fact there may have been no need of making a Kargu Gamgi also feels some old Peoples.As religion is not showing something to world unless God himself shows his blessing in some.

                 And thus God sees the motive of the world as eventually one have to miss the burning sulfur himself.See there was always peace and tranquility in the society and later competition of short seems to have developed after seeing other religion;see there is no need of apprehension in religion.We are our own enemy specially all the bad element in us is only disturbing us we need to fear that more;as let God take care of issues like life after death.
                             As for a good man everyone will come eventually to him as finally everyone have to accept that this man is trying to make everyone`s life better;even if he has silly grammatical mistake`s also.Thus I am writing this Noble not to show myself different from others but to show that I a m number one sinner the worst person yet He seems to love me.
                          And if I can be also changed why not you?Today the games have changed the person displaying his wealth may be hated more by the Aam admi`s.As they will perhaps like someone of there own;and see who will tell this facts in the face of the haves class leaders who bumps in the Public's house?
                        But there is goodness in all society members by there blessings and by introspection we come to know the secret of the life. The greatness

of this civilization was our forefather knew God even before advent of gospel as there was always fear of a unseen God before doing any thing bad.
                        And as such the local Public's cannot be taken for ride by the groups which have no answer to many questions.The reason the Hindu philosophy seems to have been unable to make much inroad here in State is.They seems to be unable to explain the absence of the Mongolians in the Hindu Verna system ,and tackle the cow slaughtering and idol worship issues.
                               The reportedly calling of the Mongols as Danav`s/Raksas descendants in there shastras are also subject of importance.And this are genuine concerns for the Poor Publics in remote area who want to have secured of there relationships.And honestly this point may be good for the Hindus also who want to spread there ideology in this part.As unless the core issues are discussed how superficial surgery can be made as we had real difficulties adjusting in our Delhi days.There the house owners seemed to see the Arunachalees as easy prey for rising the rents.
                             Thus the students also need to be cautious least in future there is real problems.Thus the good one from other religion in NE is now also seeing the top Christian missionary and pastors also as everyone's

property; as every one is not that rich to go to Towns and cities for Medical treatment as the number of Priest have come down.And in the education field atleats the Christianity have given really landmark contributions and some like me is always trying to advise others.
                          This all now need to be knew that the good Public leader will probably be concerned for the poor brothers not himself;and they will perhaps appreciate the hardship of God`s man.And feel by serving them they will be also blessed and when the top have respect and regard for highest power then all the lower cadres will also develop this positive attitude in life.
                                      And when the top brass himself surrenders to devil and evil force then will the Publlics not play Jandi Munda /cards in festival`s and prayer occassions. As.As God alone uses a person as He wish and for the true Disciple there will be real proof of miracle through him also and so argument is meaningless who is better.But it is to be known by observation as the main fear need not to be for the man in helm's of power but from the stick of God.
                          As even the poorest man may have the greatest blessings of God also as in old age one getting good prosperous Children is it not better

 then to support a corrupt leader who will utmost send a calender.As for a good believer he may have sit for long fasting to show his goodness also;and this things matter as for a good man who fears God he will never grumble and peacefully wait for the God given time.
                            And for a rich son willing to become Political leader in todays time it was also needed to perhaps donate half of his property long time before election have come.As this seems to be the spiritual test in right perspective as many great man could have also earned crores of rupees;only what they have also needed was heartlessness like some rich Guys.
                          And instead of doing this other allegations will be beating in the bush,may be seen  as the evil plan of person concerned who may further harm his own family.As God gives money and may can also take it back by making one as stubborn also as one does not change his fortune by criticizing others.For some man may be it was time for them to accept that they had also seen good old days.
                                    As for the critics and grumblers who are thriving on hatred many of them may end up there lifes end in Christian Medical College Vellore in the end which is small glimpse of power of Christian platform.Thus in the garb of criticizing a disciple it will be wrong to criticize the Christianity

and Holy Spirit also.As I being more knowledgeable one must tell this truths to first all the near and dear one`s first.
                         As this blasphemy seems to be very open in this part of the world.And even the excessive criticism of a person may make an opposition leader more popular also; as it is said no advertise is bad advertise.And see what one feel`s about himself is more important.
                              The critics will never make name in there life and they are our best friends as said by great man like Kabir. And many even if not called by Lord and savior personally feels that this is right time for the Lord to send the gospel also as love is what is important now.That man with such good thoughts is most respectable as positive thought is what is culminating in blessing .And for this kind of man there children s will be always hale and hearty as he thinks others also as his own.As there is worship to God by practice also,and thus the powerful person need to be also respected who suddenly change in life.
                          See initially there will be thousand persons to stop a person to do good things but when he have been doing good work non was there.This shows the extent of the contamination of the world by the evil force and shows that it is only this which have to be hated.And for this cleaning process we must all give God,peace and friendship a chance.

                           And rich man have to also appreciate one who have been selflessly trying to give to world what God have given to him.Or he could have also made good money.As God`s good word for poorest of the poor is seen working more now as the powerful ones are seen to drink bitter pill.
                                        As I once remember given lift in car by an IAS Officer thinking me as Sr.Gegong Apangjis son and dropping me in the Ca naught Palace moment my real identity was kn-owned.This is a reality so much greed and sycophancy have covered this world.And for it if some don`t sacrifice also then how future can be changed?Today seldom even the Govt. is seen reaching in many interior places.
                       Leave aside the Delhi Govt. even in the nearby Arunachal towns the Govt. Quarter front building with window and door alone is the only show.But in the backside the RCC private building is coming up.And when it is completed suddenly the Govt. quarter building is suddenly no more this is reported from a reliable source.
                              And this is reality so will giving allotment to all the old Govt. quarters will be not more practical step? With heavy land tax on the land allotment holders in the urban areas to seek alternative source of land revenues for Govt.will it be not practical steps.As the ruling Congress filled

with the Gabbar Singh kind of leaders seems to have lost all the credibility to lead the Publics from the front.
                      And given chance it will be prudent for the new leaders to atleast not break the old Govt. Quarters which seems to be fashion here.And for the unfortunate non tribal serviceman allotted with the Govt. Quarters there latrines also is heard to have been encroached upon by the land mafias.
                     Thus there is now need for a coordinated approach and make the Public fear of bad moves in there life as someone is really watching from above.Thus need is also to reward the good man and women also. The true religion is now seen to be developing where there is mutual appreciation and no pride;and as necessity is mother of invention a world religion may soon evolve.
                      I am really thankful to some Donyi-Polo/Gangi brothers and sisters for helping us in the last Panchayat election I am truly indebted to them.As the good priest are also finished now;and few left also have to be respected may be from Christian side also.
                            As without hurting each other we have to go in life.Thus there is need to be a common meeting point like in Festival time; as more

persecution more religion will also grow; this also need to be understand by the Christian enemies.The religion related confusion seems to be imparted by some who are over ambitious and have no confidence of there own;and many a times they are spreading the poison indirectly.
                          As even social injustice is also anti religion and ones who talks out this problems openly with a suggestion for peace and tranquility without showing superiority then he have to be also appreciated.As for a more backward place more mind boggling argument may be also needed;as for long we have indeed slept we don`t know also?
                             And honestly I am telling this for our Publics advantage;as very less educated Publics are there in my place and they seems to be sleeping after selling there Donkey as told as –GADA BACHEINKE SONA in Hindi.And as some friends sujjested to me that I am made for whole world also so writing this in blog.As in my own place there is less medium and even the intern ate is confined to only 5% of the total population.
                     But mind it the man who don`t know the truth will be a obstacle for any religion he goes into also.As such we must respect the enlightened one`s of other religion also as they may have answer for many questions.And the Human being will always have quest for the answer to all the questions in life which the great man only can answer to some extent.

                      Thus the emphasize should have been appreciating merit not number of Person in particular religion or denomination;and trying to spread love which is the real religion.And the fact is also that all the good things have been already discovered and patented thus one like it or not.The western Peoples may have to be followed one like it or not as they have been advanced from the day one.As unless one is really ready will religion also help?Thus the changing of one`s attitude matter a lot;as unless one changes how he can allow the Lord to work in his life.
                                  As there is no small or bigger sin unless one accept himself as sinner and vomit it out this Holy God is not going to work.As we are bad so seems to have made numerous gods like us.But one single man David killed the giant Goliath why because he thought God is one and always looking at His heart.
                        And his belief was great and that amount of faith only a Holy man can have.The mechanism of God seems to be different it has nothing to do with physical exercise.Even a lean and thin man can defeat a WWF fighter with his faith.As what religion command is single enlightened person who can help all the society.
                              As enlightened Person alone will show that the master is real boss;he does anything for the master and master loves all.Thus that

man have to be respected as he is masters reflection in earth.Thus it is bad if even the religious man is politicized;the great man belong to all the party and society.But in some place where the Publics have lost the confidence then there may be need to do some miracle.
                            As howsoever irritating the Congress man may feel but the dependency on single family may have made the Publics more victim of the evil spirits.Thus the God may be seen secretly behind the political revolution in some place.After all for new house to be made some old house may have to be destroyed also.
                                                     See all the earlier misdemeanors of Lord Krishna was forgiven only for His en devour to side with the Pandavas in the historic occasion.And thus sometimes when the Great God Himself seems to be fighting the system then the prudence was hiding inside the bunker.As for long the innocent Publics have been looted and not only that they seems to have been compelled to keep there rich leaders calenders above there God`s photo also.And thus there is need to see everything from critical angle also.And as the rich haves class have been earlier giving untold misery to haves not class,may be it is time for them to face the music. 
                        Thus good man have to be seen as Publics cumulative

property as seldom common man can bring a spiritual,social and political revolution.As one who make all to think that they are mare mortal man in fact are doing all a great service.As all if tomorrow have a happy and prosperous life then will it not be better?And the man who can do so which is very difficult stand he could have well become a millionaire easily if he wanted to.
                           And must be given chance;as it is respecting the divine power and mind it all need Him.This is I am not saying as I am a politician but as a responsible citizen as lately telling lies and deceit seems to have become order of day in India.And see everyone is its victim as so much dilution in petrol and diesel.
                                   And there is too much pesticides in the vegetables that some have to call spade a spade now or the water have already crossed the neck;as amount of rules and regulations seems to disciplined the business community.See the real religion is helping even the enemies but not the power obsessed leader as in politics one leader`s obsession may be harming all the society also.
                           And he may be divine cursed person also one never know as he may be disturbing the coming of better person.See some old friends may

have also liked Raksas Kansa who was hatting Lord Krishna to core.But majority interest have to be always seen .
                         So the Holy Bible have to be seen and known in totality least the doctrines are tried to be used by the corrupted and there supporters for there own end.And for the educated man like me also I always seek your prayer support least I also tomorrow face the price of overconfidence.As important is not winning a political election alone but to be continue to be good.
                     The Arunachal Pradesh is still far better then other place as mostly everyone considers good person of other religion also as there own and soon it is hoped any difference if any will be also shorted out;as the communication gap is being broken now as other peace maker and unifier should also come from other religion also to help us.
                           As this need for peace is a big issue now but we have to believe in the inherent great legacy of mutual comederie of the Galo`community as why to give chance to others even in this field.As it is wrong to infer that our forefather have been always living like savage and have never encourage us in this line.
                         Thus all short of today`s clan ism movement like Karka Aao and paktu Aao is wrong.And mind it unless this difference are solved this Society

problems is not going to be solved; as one likes it or not we have to live with each other and work together.And mind it the director and producer of this hatred preaching may one-day may even face social outcast.
                            As this are temporary and emotional issues which non even in the heaven and earth will like.The fact that Narendra Modiji is seen bit different is he is focusing in development then the parties Hindutva stand.
                      See no one have that richness to change others fate;and non that good by himself also.So we need all the character with a leader;and there have to be a real atma chintan to come at a conclusion.And I am ready to face any one in any given day to come at a logical conclusion;as I mean for the happiness of my Peoples in all the time.
                      It is wrong to only use the Publics as canon fodder for ones political ambition as smart manipulative leaders seems to indirectly put forward similier person like him in the political prey.As he seems to like the issue to be continue on who have more black money.And eventually the candidates own villagers are seen to be asking for money and this man in political power can alone manage to certain extent.
                               As the innocent villagers even don`t know that after declaration of election there is code of conduct and the leaders power have been seized.Thus political education is very much need of time;some even

Wonder will the Govt. even pay money to the job card holders and give cheap rice Rs.5/- per kg.as declared by the Govt.
                      As in this State the lies and deceit have become the order of the day.As the political leaders seems to be helpless to face the sudden resurrected Publics.And the present Congress leader`s suppose tomorrow they suddenly merge to BJP then also there trick may not work now.
                     As everyone is now fed up of this Aya Ram Gaya Ram culture the smart Publics now perhaps know that earlier this joining ruling party in the centre was for saving there own skin from CBI.And today even after doing this there will be no preferential treatment to rich and powerful in the Lok Ayukta this all know.And in this situations when the middle party like PPA prospect is seen more promising in fact every one is looking at it with great expectations.As more or less every one believe that Political change is long overdue.
                             And given chance we are ready to take this mutual love and respect to new heights.As to remove this deep rooted mistrust between all the class which may give more worst scenario; we need good leaders who in word and deeds are ready to now work for State unity and peace now.And if this kind of souls are tried to be stopped will not all the divine forces will also not come in there aid?

                       As this days there is someone behind everyone.And some powerful groups are already sending there olive branch to whom they think as there own.And for the Publics also by the the time a right leader is accepted it may be also too late.As the same contractor lobby who is presently seen despising them may later project them only.
                             So God seems to be very aggressive this days to give a wonderful opportunity for the haves not class.As what some think in life is not necessary important and right from God`s point of view also.Thus who thought even the Arab countries dictators will fall down this time from there own publics revolt.And if this time this can happen in Arab land then what to say in other place?
                      And a good Christian and a good traditionalist is eventually a good person only;thus small difference of opinion which is only say 10% may be not considered.As in all the religion as Swami Vivekananda exhort the aim should be for higher spiritual growth;like in the materialistic life one have that attitude he should have balance in spiritual field also.
                         As this balance alone will make one happy;as one cannot accept his soul to be unhappy which seems to be aware of the future also.Who know`s the forefathers souls are tormenting in hell?and it is better to do something for them now when we are alive also.As how ever we

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