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GAME CHANGER :- My new Nobel ( part-X )


 will always make an excuse this way or that way.But there was more need to generate hope even in the poorest of poor Children to touch the sky as lately the haves class monopoly have become too much in this part of the world.
                            And Publics are unaware of future danger due to it.As in places like Tirap and Changlang which is not that far away the unemployed youths have joined the anti social element.Thus this is time to act or tomorrow it may be too late.As unless there is a coordinated attack from all side there will be no result and one cannot leave a single family for all the good work also.
                        As the political leader will be also helpless to do something by himself unless NGO backs up thus this GRK is an important element for future prosperity of Basar town.And see for the corporate and business house also they will need a good NGO to back up a leader also;as the prospective leader also need to have a blue print and vision document for development.
                             As unless convinced beyond doubts the Investors are also not supposed to come in this interior places.But the new young corporate

Leaders should also have pan India mindset and should help us.As if the border is secured then whole India will be.And those who have the test of smart moves have to accept that. After all one can never take a smart man for a ride and more so a smart constituency.
                        Thus whoever becomes political leader should back up GRK and keep it above politics.And this alone will show the commitment of the Basar area Publics to woe the Investors,tourists and the enterpreuners this time.
                               And hope this Power point submissions by GRK will be tried to be imbibed by all those Peoples who love there own society.And I may be always not right and my mistakes may be forgiven.And tomorrow let us see a dream where GRK may keep a permanent resource persons to educate the enterpreuners of other place also.
                            And they should as earlier all the planning in this part of the world is seen as self centric only for the haves class interest.The tourist buildings have been seen to be made in wrong place without proper planning.And there was no endevour to market our society.And many Urban Building in the Basar town seems to have been made like a Jail.
                              That too in a place where People will seldom visit as the

 Mall concept seems to have been applied.Whereas it could have been used more meaningfully if it was made as rent house.And here the leadership failure is completely seen as there is no vision.See even in the recent project of trans Arunachal Highway double lanning connection between all the Dist.Hq.The big electric power grid tower is needed to be again relocated.
                           And this is at the price of heavy money and even the present Higway compensation money may not cover this.So there seems to be no reference/study of the consequence of the project in the future.And this also shows the laziness of the Beaurocrates as even the legislators where uneducated.As for the regular power cut`s see if all the earlier micro Hydel have been made nicely then this condition may have not come.
                              And those uneducated contractors who earlier used to address the officers as Sir.If today they have become Hon`ble MLA and say become Incharge of particular Dept.where the old boss have become the Chief Engineer.Will he respect that man in helmns of power from true sense of term?So there seems to be a big difference.
                         See respect is something which cannot be purchased or can be gained forcibly.While in lower lebel this can be possible.And even here there

 is seen difficulty as the Power Dept. of Basar town is seen spending horrible time persuing the villagers of the Darka to Doke village to allow them to cut the trees near the express line.As this is always disturbing the power connection.
                              I being a Memo son as my late mother being from Doji Village appeal all the Memo clan members like the villagers of Angu,Bagra and Pusi Doke to have ercy on us.In fact this is out and out the leadership problem as there is no provision for taking electric connection from the express line.It is said once there was a big party in Bagra village for the promotion of a big officer.And once electric connection was started taken it become precedent.
                             And the Basar area leadership have also been late in not allowing a proposed big transformer in Bam Village.Thus the Public interest is seen to be kept in abbyence.And as the critic dubs many redundant and offdated Generator from other place have been placed in Basar Power Dept. after proper Painting and Denting.Thus there need to be a through investigation as the Generator engine No. cannot be not changed as easily.
                                               After my elder brother I am the middle brother from my mothers side and have tried to contribute in my own way also being a blogger.The passion that was gift of God.As after 40 days fasting

programme in Chate Medziphema Nagaland I felt that this was God`s gift to me.
                   And after the editor Echo refused to publish my highly volatile articles I was compel to make this Blog.And today even many Youths from the Basar area is said to be writing this articles to the mental tensions of the establishment.And honestly it is there own mistake as earlier the freedom of expression was short of stopped here.And even the BSNL service in Basar area is very poor.
                                       And the internate users are unhappy with the pace of work for the establishment of main BSNL tower near the Esi Chiku Village.As the contractors are unhappy that the project site is 2-3 km. from the main road and the road provision was not made in the DPR.Thus it is a inadvertent mistake or mistake knowingly made God knows?I am right now more a political activist being the State Gen.Secy.PPA ( Minority Cell).
                        The day I took this job of State Gen.Secy.honestly non was daring to say against the ruling Govt.Even some of my Colleugues where against me for writing against the ruling Congress party.And more where my own relatives as they felt that I am being used.And moment the good time of the PPA comes I will be dropped like hot cake.But perhaps my contribution are also being acknowledge.

                            From day one honestly I had no much of political ambition but if there is injustice to me it will send a very negative message to the sincere cadres.And I have been also made as Adviser Peace and Justice Dept.CBCNI-Council of Baptist Church North East India.
                        Someday as the Publics and friends are demanding for my comprehensive life history; if this present story is popular I may again dare to write another story on my thryst with the destiny in detail also.After me my younger brother Tojo Basarjis turn comes;he is a born business man and right now A Grade Contractor with numerous project work to his credit.
                         He is a popular person on his own right and have been pillar to the family.As being left out from academic persuit`s he unfortunately went through more misery and that seems to have made him more matured also.Right now he is also considered as great King maker of my area and critics are also wondering which way he is going to make his next move.
                  And honestly he is more a grass root leader then me but perhaps also understanding that days of uneducated leaders is gone.It is the Public interest for which all have to give magnanimity to the new elite class.But for a winning team all the ingredient is also needed and hope in my time of crisis also many great man will bail me out.
                       Thus it was hoped all the great man of the Basar area would

have united as time like this is real crucial as future is going to be more challenging for all.And thus we have to forgive each other for any mistake and unite for a better future.As the top haves class representatives may have a hidden agenda to save there skin or relatives skin;or may have less inclination to serve the poor class from true sense of terms believes many haves not Publics.
                               And they are not wrong either atleast going by the previous records of the rich haves class leadership.As specially the uneducated ones seems to be uncomfortable with the file movement of the poorer class projects also.
                     Thus only the time will tell what will be the respond of the Publics this time;but the Collegians is already reported to write many articles against the present leadership in the social network cites.And some officer groups have also come out openly which was not seen earlier in this part of the world.Some critics are saying the leadership is now only banking on few A Grade Contractors and there loyality cannot be also granted after the Lokh Sabha election.
                      After Tojo my sister Topi`s number come who is right now the Professor of the Law faculty Delhi University.And have made good use of all the love showered by us.As she was a small baby when my mother died with

lots of concern for her in the death bad.May God give her absolute happiness and continue to lead her to new success.
                    But honestly the North East students are seen to be benefiting more from her job.And good also;as we needed a guardian desperately in our own time in Delhi.As we had lots of mental,emotional and psychological problem when we studied there.This mindset of hatred need to be changed;and at the same time the N.E students must be given councelling by the Parents,Student union and NE Bhawans before admission.
                                   My 2nd younger brother Toli is also a good upcoming business man and is a best person when he is not angry man;and meanwhile have used his tempertment in the positive direction in business being called as small Vijay Mallaya of the Basar town by the critics.
                  And sometimes I am really concerned if he bashes up someone especially who is talking some bad thing against my family.My 3rd younger brother Er.Tonya Basar only for his intro vertness is also ready to make his career as he have also cleared his B.E in Civil Engeeneering.
                 The youngest of all brother Er.Todar Basar (A.E Power Dept.) is the cynosure of the family.And I wish him all the best as he did family proud by managing A.E job in this time when there is lots of job crunch.But may be her girl friend Dr.Nani seems to have inspired her more for his success.

                        My younger sister Togam Basar (Lollen) have been lucky to have a good life patner may God also bless her.But above all it will be also unfair if I don`t appreciate my present mother Smty.Yai Basar( Kamdak) who have looked us well in absence of my mother.She is really a tough and very labourious lady that have to be accepted.
                                   The credit for distinct personality of all the family members definitely falls more on my late mother Tumbi Basar(Doji) and my father Sri Dakto Basarji.And one mother who is alive Smty.Yai Basar( kamdak) have to be also credited for bringing us up well.We are indebted to both mother and will be perhaps unable to repay there debts.
                      And my Abo- father`s sister Abo ojum Kamdak W/O Sri Mento kamdakji have carried me in her back and brought me up,in fact my nick name Tadam is kept by her only.I have lots of respect for her and today our relationship have increased with his son marrying my younger brothers daughter Miss Jopi Basar also.As for Sri Mento kamdakji what he wanted was only further relation to grow and he wanted nothing else.
                           My chachi Ane Nyijir W/O my uncle Nyajum Basar have also made us hale and hearty by cooking food for us several times.And uncle /chacha Nyajum Basarji who have done all thing possible to upbring us,it

was time for us to see them hale and hearty in there old age.May God soon give me that chance also as they are also in need of help now.                            
                If knowingly or unknowingly there have been any hurting to them from my side also; I pray God for forgiveness,as in my young age I was perhaps problem child for them.But today when I am grown up; I regret for all my misdenemours;and realize that non should hurt his family members when they are alive also.
                      See my elder brother Chief engineer Er.Tomo Basarji have been also very instrumental in inspiring me;his volley`s of letter in my younger days kept me motivated to do something great in my life.And my eldest sister Smty.Tokir Angu was also one who took care of us like my mother after she died.All the little discipline seems to have been imbibed by her.
                         My late mother who born me along with other four sisters-late Toter Basar,Mrs.Tokir Angu,Mrs.Topu Angu and Miss Topi Basar.And three brothers-Er.Tomo Basar,myself and Sri Tojo Basar.My mother late-Tumbi Basar(Doji) was someone before time in place like this;when today also the domestic violence is seen excessively against the women folks.
                        Yet in her own time when the male chauvinism was the order of day in her society she stood against the system and always fought for the

Social justice by beginning revolt against forced marriage herself ;when she was about to be forcibly married to another person.
                     It is said in the District level Bango Keba against her everybody had turned up and wanted an strict punishment against her for refusing to defy the force marriage.It is said Ex-His Highness Governor of the Arunachal Pradesh R.N Haldipurji when he was Deputy Commissioner in the West Siang Dist.Aalo and Sri Gamken Eteji then jamadar helped my mother very much and she won the case in the Aalo Hq.
                     As her fight was not only for herself but perhaps for all womens as things where too bad at that time;as here there was earlier not only Child marriage but forced marriage in mothers womb itself.
                        Thus my mother was a great lady;as today also the stories of her torchure feel us with so much concern for her.And after losting the Keba/case the Kombo village relatives of her ex-husband is heard to have organized Donyi Bonam.A sun god sacrifice where her soul was given in sacrifice.
                            And my mothers grandmother always used to say that it was only because of that she died soon.And today this secret sacrifice is banned by the Govt. also.And this seems to have been earlier a true story as Boken Eteji once told me that angry with him for siding with my mother.His soul

was tried to be offered as sacrifice to Sun god by a Kombo Village person who told in dream that Boken was his son.
                  And instead that man who organized this Donyi Bonam/Inviting Sun god secret sacrifice ulter he was killed.Thus lesion we learn from this was Sun god also despised the injustice and showed that Boken Eteji was a right person.As he had done many good things in his life.Earlier the hate for the women was so much that the women tied in hands and dragged through the market was acommon cite.As once the father or mother touched the price of the daughter like meat and apong a liquor then the fate of the girl was sealed for ever.
                           Thus even if Peoples where perennially hungry but used to resist the lust for hunger;this was specially seen with the loving parents.And the target was not the daughter but the costly materials called-Bati,barte,Tadok(necklace) etc.And one thing have to be accepted that some of the old necklace had magical power also.As they where so old that they can travel back to the forefathers souls who where there original master.
                        I have myself seen the Priest throwing the single piece of necklace and it used to fall back inside the Bati/container after some time

when special mantra/verse was chanted.And this power called Tago Nyigre power is nearly not seen this days.The single piece of necklace was put in the head of a ill person and it used to come out from the leg and from it the Priest could tell all the source of the problems also.
                          My mother seems to have accepted the challenge knowingly also as she must have thought enough was enough some have to stop this injustice.As she must have seen the good condition of the women in her Delhi tour when she attended the Republic Day parade.The soul of my mother should be very happy that her most favourite youngest daughter is now Professor in law. Fac.Delhi University which is a great achievement for women of this remote State.
                   I am really indevted to my mother for this indomnitable will power which inspired all of us.Honestly earlier the condition of the women was really pathetic.And as for us we always promised to love and respect the women after this pathetic stories told to us by our grandmother.
                                   See even if you have world with you but if your mother is no more there is always a void.And in the respect of my mother I always try to do something for all the mothers.And right now I am adviser Women Welfare Society Basar and feel that there is need for making good laws for the women.

                            The another person who really inspired me was my elder brother Er.Tomo Basar who have really taken good care of me.I really miss his love and effectionate in my younger days.His long encouraging letter always use to motivate me and that have always made me to think I need to do something for him to be proud of me.
                         See for a family to prosper the elder brother must be very successful not only in term of the materialistic way but in spiritual way also.And in fact he was the one who gave me a Holy Bible and today when the Day of Judgement seems to be nearing is himself conspious by absence.And may be like mahatma Gandhi may be thinking the Christianity is best religion filled with worst Peoples.
                      But brotherji today many Peoples are lamenting the country would have been better under the English rule.As it is easy to criticize the system but to join the system which is made by God itself is a great thing;as He knows all is sinner and need Him only.As from the Bibllical perspective judgement belong to God and in the human world we have to not judge other.
                        It is wrong to be like a clever fox who lead its pack get hurt inside a dark cave and still make other to crowl inside.This seems to be happening in our country as even some who have come back from near

Death situation may keep mum.But the one who warns other of future danger does he not belong to all?
                       The realization that the Holy Bible is the best is it not itself not ground to try it?Inspite of praying so many god who have perhaps different expectations from the devotees.So problem is everywhere the Peoples rejects the  narrow road which is more difficult is way to heaven and the wide road the easy one is way to hell.
                             And this all chooses and thus our country is not progressing and even many Vivekanda is born unless we make truth as the national character we will not progress.The problem in Mahatma Gandhijis time was he seems to have himself fail to hate the evil power working in the body of the Britishers who where rather seen as Christian opressors.
                           And so where have Singapore and Honkong gone today when we are seen to be still living under Banyan tree.As Mahatmaji seems to have donned like a poor man only to make them more poorer.As in the time of partition where lakhs died the Public`s needed desperately was thing like forgiveness.See moment a country man land in Europe and America he may be very discipline.
                            But while in India why indiscipline;as the air may be filled

with dead spirits who are always fighting with each others.And when the master is of that kind what to say about the subjects;as the spirit in many way seems to influence the Publics.And for the sake of greatness of my country if I have to speak the truth should I not speak also?
                        As we may have to now drive away all the bad spirit from our country and mind it they seems to be fearing Lord Jesus Christ only.And if it is truth then how long I can bluff also as by appeasement only even the Pakistan refuse to change.Thus for me after I was saved in an operation theatre after which I become a short of a born again person the greatest encourager for me was and is Lord and Saviour.
                             As He have loved us with an everlasting love and for His sake we must be ready to accept the truth.The truth which will be not necessary you will like to hear.After all there have been a terrible amount of price for saving us from all the sin and for this sacrifice by Lord and Saviour masters doctrines and views have to be accepted.
                      The one who completely change after accepting the truth will have a better life but one who make half hurted change may be in a mess.See the faith is only gift which depend on persons own credibility;it has nothing to do with persons background and bank balance.My

Experience in life either be a number one anti God or pro-God the mediocre persons have no place.
                            And this is fact in the Holy Bible the God seems to despise the idol worship and adultory more then anything else.This is may be because non of the idol have been made by god themselves but by the human beings.But all the majore sins have been also put in the catogary of the idol worship.And thus who have never cleared himself of all the sins have no right to chastisise the others way of devotion and prayer.
                 As the gods, angels and spirits know more about the God then the Human beings and some of them seems to have been send by the God Himself to check a person also.This can be seen from the Jobs story also thus religion is a passion not a fashion also;and it is a double edged sword before cutting other it cuts one who speak it out.
                             As more a witness hears one`s preaching more nice he have to become in rest of life.Rule is simple here even you can become Hon`ble P.M by devotion but you have to make a fate promise;and this is the harder part.As this friend Holy Spirit is very strict about something.After all many peoples are praying for Him.Other persons who helped me in life through encouragement in childhood was- Ato Nyiji paglin of Galu Village  our grandfather who was ally of my father.

                       He used to make bow and arrow for us in the Childhood and tell us many stories.And one Mamaji from Doji whose name I have forgotten.And our uncle Abo Gomar Basar used to be very closed to us from day one and we always used to ask for money from him in our young days.
                                Later late Ato Tomo Ribaji Ex-Hon`ble C.M he effected our life in many ways as he seldom used to come in election time.And when I was grown up Late Sri Todak Basarji he constantly used to encouraged me.And Sri Tabom Bam IAS may be if I have heard there advice may have end up my life in beurocratic field.Other great man from whom I get lots of love was Late Yimar Ribaji and late Jikom Ribaji where very fond of me;in Fact we where in same political camp.Had they been alive then I may have never get any problem in my political plans also.
                                                And one perfect gentleman Sri Hengo Basar P.D Govt. of A.P,Sri Gegong Apangji who told me many good things, Sri kanki Darrangji ADC Basar I am really indevted to him also,as it was only due to him that I got admission in the Hindu college.As he was a top footballer.And another person who was good to me and always advise me well was achi Omak Apangji Ex-Hon`ble M.P and MOS.
                                          I find him not to be a bad man inside.The State Publics are seen to be very much greddy when suddenly they are seen to be

Praising a person in height of his glory and suddenly neglect him when he falls down.And this is really scarry situations for all.
                          The Publics also need to change as for them even the genuine friends are also neglected.But for this system as a whole need to change the Politics should not be seen as place only to mint money and honestly had it been not for the Lok Pal Bill it have been remain to be seen so.
  VII. LESSON I LEARNT:-                       
                                           Life is a learning process I need to always learn and be well equipped as this vigilance is also needed in spiritualism field;so I also keep on seeing many preaching and sermons of the Hindu Preachers also.That same forefathers characters and my Parents values also seems to be in my genes; this made me to be a short of revolter.
                            As there is so many difficulties in our society only for our own follies.But this was not appreciated initially as the same great Galo society seems to have developed great many political apprehensions after debacle of Late Tomo Ribajis political career.
                 But honestly late Tomo Ribajis ideology was before time also as at that time the Peoples where so much uneducated.And in todays time even if initially many will criticize the leader without money but may later join in

 also.As the more the corruption and nepotism have increased more the Public awareness have also increased.
                     The rise and rise of the Ex-Hon`ble C.M Gegong Apangji and stopping of the Saw Mill timber operation by the Hon`ble Supreme Court and targeting of the vulnerable Galo Officers who where many may have been other reasons for PPA drubbings at that time.As in this part of the world howsoever haves class society is despised they have there own group also.
                        But let bye gones be bye gones Sr.Apangji have also done many good things also and is also was later found to be a nice Gentleman.As I was previlaged to spend good times with him and his family like family members.And I suppose was the few person to see both side of the coin.The problem is when one become very successful then there is seen cooterie/psychopants around him also;thus Sr.Apangji can be also forgiven as he is also undenielably the father of the modern Arunachal Pradesh one like or not.
                    So sometimes there is also fear to have many close dangerous local leaders around you and so the terrific orator like Modiji seems to avoid too many friends around him.As he seems to be knowing of his speech power.And the problem here in this State is many local satraps want the

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