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GAME CHANGER :- My new Nobel Part -XIII

many haves class will have insecured life with the rampant growth of Naxalism like in Bihar and Chattisgarh also.
                      As it is impossible to satisfy everything by the old system;so better one may be send also;as we also look for latest model of car don`t we?So person who thinks himself self sufficient is a fool.Soon he will find himself in a big mess as in fact he need the God most who live a lonely life.
                                See my operation was also outcome of my fathers refusal to hear the Priests warning that the divine power is against the cutting of more then ten Mithun which my father did not accepted.And today when I look back I being my fathers most loved one may have been targeted for his breach of covenant with the divine power also.So sometimes I tell my relatives it was only due to father I have become a Christian.As our family Priest may have been aware of the limitation of his power to convince the Togu Uyu.
                          And the spirit which tried to harmed me for my fathers disobedience was ultimately perhaps trying to stop the pride which develops in man.But for sure God forbade him to take my life.This need to be knew that God seems to be against a pride of man and He seems to tolerate everything else if this is absence.Thus from my side also if there is even remotest smell of chauvinism I am really sorry.As it is not my plan.

                        The Lord Christ come to help me in my death bed also;as He is a Lord who cannot neglect when His disciple is in problem;and in some place to save other he seems to call some.Thus instead of badmouthing against each other it is the benefit that have to be taken in life as I was also once upon a time the worst critic of Christianity.
                          Thus even if one does not become Christian but should not hate other religion,or one may have to face a dire consequences later on.Thus the old Hindu forefathers tried to mentally prefer the Hindus by telling the story of Samudra manthan to tell the importance of atma chintan.To perhaps prepare there descendents for new situations and circumstances.
                        Thus Murli Manohar Joshiji have called Hinduism as way of life;and mind it the Hindu brothers may gain more by going into the logical end of all this arguments.As before last door to be opened there is fear and confusion.So Swami Vivekanada seems to have said once,`the greatest insult to one`s own religion is fear of future.`As if one have guts he will do like great man like Rama Krishna Paramahansa did by trying to experiment with all the religion.
                           As the truth may be between two contradictory views also.The forefathers and great man have always tried to told in the parables and code the true meaning of which we fail to understand.Thus we seems to

develop confusions;but the real thing is seeking thy will and for little bit of pain have to be naturally endured.
                          And so for the greed of the haves class this generation seems to be suffering,and they seems to be the real reason for the debacle of the Doni Polism also; as for some greed never seems to end.As see even the Donyi Polo Poor brothers are now today seen unable to purchase there sacrificial animal for there poverty which is due to the misrule and lack of future plan for the Publics by there misrules.And as greed is now unstoppable so all need the Lord and saviour now,even Donyi Polism also.
                         After all in Holy Bible also it is written God made everything in the world.And so one can criticise an Individual but not an Institutions and in any case the Holy Spirit at all,and even criticising God`s close person will be counter productive.As even if they don`t want to see them,they will be compelled to digest them like Congress party compelled to support AAP in Delhi if He blesses.
                              As God is good God he gives freedom of choose to the desciples unlike the evil Spirit,He never compells to follow Him.But when He is despised for His goodness then His anger can never be stopped by human being.

                          The good man with His blessings will never digest the tyrant`s.Thus the fighting against the rich and powerful is seen from poor,simple,honest Aam Admi and they are in majority,and mind it they are less corrupted and more near to God.
                         Only they need a trigger and this can be alone be triggered by a Aam admi simple leader only.Who have credibility and mind it the Publics identify with them.Not son of a rich haves class or the political nomad who might cessed from the congress party also will have that charisma.
                            The more greater promise one make and rot like Job as told in Holy Bible may get more then everything in the end also.Or live the life in this world like the character like in the Milton`s nobel-`paradise lost`, where there is seen momentary pleasure only given by the devil.Many great man says, initially the evil spirit comes which the disciple have to be careful about.The message of great man of all the religion will also help;but it is the journey of a man if he continue earnestly taking best from all he may reach the final destination.
                         After all this way to nirvana/Bodhistava /salvation will not be an easy one and as saying goes perfect practice alone makes a man perfect.See the Ashoka the Great can make all round development only after accepting Buddhism.Thus this is the main thing;and how you will also feel so bad in the old age when the son`s don`t treat you nicely?Thus we

have to be more shamless in shouting the glory of God as more we are loyal to Him in our young age more help will come to us in our times of problem.
                        The reasons the Panjabis are seen to be more successful is that they never show any greed when shouting -`BOLE SO NIHAL,SAT SRI AKAL.`As at least they give first preference to the god they believe in there happy time also.And when it is so then in times of troubles the power be it will also come in there aid isn`t it?
                              At least there is a very feel good factor if one feel himself so near to Him; as if a man if he sacrifice his youth age for a good cause will not God also like Him?The problem with the nation seems to be now lack of true man like Baba Ramdevji;as why a Holy man should be seen from one religions point of view only.The man like King David the blessed man in the Holy Bible;inspired other subject perhaps because if the centre of gravity is itself good will it not effect the others also?Thus since time inmemorial the God have himself planned to put His desciples in top place.
                       Thus all this short of corruptions left and right can be perhaps alone stopped when the Publics give vote to one who have atleast sit for minimum 3 days fasting programme also.As a person who do not belong to God can never belong to any one also.As God He can alone save anyone;this all know but only the true lover of Publics will take pain to appease Him who

can alone change everyones fate.As for others they will lie of serving the Publics the lie there own conscience will reject.
                    The problem with the pro-Hinduism leaders seems to be now is not taking the publics to logical end of knowing the real Dharma;as this issues cannot be left halfway and only one side of the coin will never change the desciples.So there seems to be always unhappiness in the Country as Peoples have been never ever given chance to make a selection from there heart.
                        As unless a leader is truelly indapt in all the shastras should not hake up this issues also.The opportunity must be given to the new generation to take the best as they wish specially in religion matter.As the globalization will bring much more challenge for them making there blood adrenal sore more also.And we have to be pity for them.
                         And should plan best thing for them till class IX.But they must be given ample chance to make free move after class IX;see then only they will excel.The thing which have been good for the forefather may not necessarily be good for the descendents also.As see there may be now better medicine then Sanjivan Bhooti used to heal the Laxman in Ramayana also.

                          Thus a good father will perhaps not insist in this matter as world have changed overnight and the Kids now need best of everything.And mind it those who have made no contribution to humanity may never be happy also.As there may be need of proof of ones great work even in heaven.
                        And as such according to new circumstances may be a new world religion seems to be evolving now.As even if one is not Christian also but in principal they seems to be one.Today even a small Pan Dukan holder accepts that in X-Mass he makes more profit.And he is happy and it matter`s more.As God want to give all happiness and so many Peoples are now celebrating X Mass,31st December,New year,Valentines Day even if they have less clarity about from where it all come.
                           The joy and positive energy God want to give to all in abundance;so why other should also not reciprocate to Him;this is plain and simple.As for the wife one choosed to merry and with whom many quarrel is now made;for getting them also what not many have not done?And for Lord and master we should be ever ready as He seldom ask for any sacrifice also.
                      In fact the prophesy of will of God should have been seen as our previlige to appease Lord.As He have already done so much for us and only a charlatan will wait for his further miracle.As being master His order should

have been enough for us.The coming of God`s will through prophesy should be seen as our failure as are we so bad that He have to interfere now?It should be seen as warning to future danger if it is not complied with.See Lord warn whom they love also;so only a foolish person will take this warning as a prestige issue.
                       See a human being will never warn unnecessarily.My own experience in life shows this as I have been made to warn 2 Hon`ble C.M and 3 Hon`ble Cabinet Minister and all the warning have come true also.See unless a higher divine power was not motivating me I am also a small man.Thus this prophesy and warning through missioneries and Prophets can also not be rejected outrightly.
                           Thus it is time to evolve from old mindset;as so many things need to be done to save the humanity which are more important.Like the fight is needed against poverty,illiteracy and dreaded diseases like AIDS.So hope they are made the real and common enemy of all the Institutions.As earlier the religion was the centre stage which is nothing but urge for man with justice equlity principles in the helmns of power.And this was also practiced in olden Hinduism Philosophy also.See the story of the King Dadichi of the Hindu mythology who even is said to have donated his bone also to the Indra Devta.
                         And soon that perfection may once again come after this AAP


success as Politics needed to be cleaned now.As more practical sacrificiers are now seen in the political horizons of India as if the 2nd Mahabharta is inching nearby.And like Bhism Pitamah who made historic blunder in the crucial hour it may be upto you to become mortal or immortal now.And mind it in the crucial time like when the Lord Christ was passing in the town of the Jacheus the tax collector.He realized it was his golden opportunity and climbed up the tree to take a good overview.
                             What this shows is better to be in the positive side;as the man who was crucified with Lord in the cross atleast believed in His salvation mantra.Bhaiya when there is no other option left now;and when the life is so short why that egoism also?Many a times we fail to see our past life and forget how many times we have harmed the God`s interest also.And want His instant blessings without doing anything for Him.Sorry there is no preferential treatment for the rich atleast in this religion;thus He and His desples have to be also believed.Ofcourse the past credentials of the believer have to be also seen;as only a good man will have testimonial life.
                       Thus the prophesy from the religious Peoples of Hindu and Christianity that the 29th assembly Constituency Basar is going to be an important place for Lords activity in coming State election may be the

chance to feel the real Holy spirit of Lord.
                   As the khumb Mela is still celebrated in perhaps hope for the last drop of Amrit/nector of immortality which is heard to have fall down in this four Hindu Holy place after Samudra Manthan.That is other matte that amrit drops it may have been already finished by the earlier Devtas. 
                             Thus coming time may be the time for the pilgrims to test that divine spirit here as seldom also God`s will come this days as Increasingly we have also become corrupted. See Lord have already also blessed us with our hand and mouth and many things and His one command should have been enough for us to change for good.Man is master of his own destiny thus choose is your ownto be in which side.
                              And honestly I have been always preying God to make me an instrument of change for His glory also.And may be it is time He hear and bless my prayer request.As our Peoples have become immune to our prayer support for them as oh Basar area do you know how much we have cried for you?But this success of AAP seems to have truly put test for success in the Publics mouth like after Lion develops after testing blood.
                        And thus the haves class seen in defencive position are seen to be trying to even putting forward the relative to checkmate a poor man`s

Leader.Thus the flooding of calendar of the candidate can be seen as there helplessness.But only time will now tell now.
                             And mind it all the rich and successful persons you all have been also successful as earlier you have been always in positive side also.Honestly I will be not unhappy that someone have not helped me;but if he have missed the Lord`s mission it is his own loss also.
                      And after writing this Noble will this Congress leaders in the State of A.P who seems to be always united when it comes to witch hunting and harassing the opposition leader.Will they also not telephone tap and check my Bank Account No.also?only time will tell.As my testimonial life cannot be also as easily neglected also.
                             I give a damn of my critics anymore as enough is enough;I suppose after this Testimony non will fear the present Govt.to some extent also.As utmost it can do is transfer someone but one have to fear who can transfer one from this planet also.And now those making executive decision there own time for facing day of judgement seems to have come now.
                      As when you don`t acknowledge the master in others front also will it not happen also?As what believer he is if he is even scarred to acknowledge His glory in front of others.Interestingly more then the present

Christian leaders others is heard to be interested to repell the Indeginious faith bill the anti Christian draconian law of this State.
                                           And see non should feel insecure of coming to man in God`s mission; for whom God also seems to change the rule sometimes;as unless he is down to earth he will be never be blessed also.As the numbers of one`s life testimony cannot be neglected as easily that too which come repeatedly against powerful peoples.And for them also it is sin and not sinner which is the work of devil that have to be hated by Aam admi thus all deserve 2nd chance.
           And they need to also realize that God must have also loved them so warning them also.See other also have to see that unless one`s heart is good he cannot be made to given powerful and attractive speeches also;as powerful word is also a great responsible job and it also matter.As the Publics want clear message of the leader;and respect the honest and truthful heart.As truth is initially bitter but eventually everyone accept it.And for the poor leader also is there any other way then to praise Him also.
                     As there is leader whom some pay to hear the speech also;thus victory belong to God only. There was time in my place the opposition leader was considered as mad man.But for this the stake holder may have spread more rumours so the punishment will come more to them only; as

the fact is the innocent Publics are yet to see the better day and may be made to lost the hope also.
                      And this hopeless world is the worst and this have to be fight together;and for Lord He seems to be very much against it.As He is one who want to see all hale,hearty and prosperous society and may be seeing the new generation leader as better equipped according to new time.
                                              As anything is possible through God and as such this should have been the greatest political agenda;we are not progressing because as Swami Vivekananda said we never make an introspection.As once Swami Vivekandaji climbed up a tree when there was rumour that there was Ghost in the tree.
                    Swamiji is also have said to have said how long the dirt will be swept  inside the carpet.Thus this is time there is all short of revolution in the country to make this country great.As this only will be standing ovation to great man like him who is heard to have once said growth is life and retadation is death.
                    On my part there is a strong feeling that only God`s graceness makes or break a person and what is important is what one feels about himself;what not others feels about him.As if it is God`s programme He will also send me helpers and friends also who will not wait for the miracle any


                     As they will be groups of persons that will accept that the will of of the father in heaven will be now enough for them to work for waking up the dying society and help it to rise up and walk as I was once dying inside the operation theatre helplessly.And as long as we try to be the like the cruel passerby like the Sadusis and Pharisis not becoming like the good Samaritan who took care of the dying man.
                     The story as told by Lord Christ.Then mind it there may be curse and problem in your own house also.See there was no organized religion practice in earlier time like beautiful Holy Church we have now.But then also the good where always good and the bad always bad.And the blessings where always there for the good ones.As if a person love a poorer brother God will also bless him this is the spiritual funda.
                       As I have felt in my operation theatre when I was dying that the love for the poorest of the poor person in my heart seems to have gave me power to wtstand the pain in my death bed.This consciousness may have come to great man after many sacrifice.The God seems to have made me to experience it so that I always try to be good in future.As this true love for the poor and destitute may make one immortal.

                       And thus one who seems to be very much doing for the Poor but in fact is pariah for them.And one who seems to be not doing anything but may be better for the Poor ;the God alone is the best judge.See fed up with the shrewedness and cunningness of some leaders in election .The great man like Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji have also said take money from the corrupted leaders as it is belonging to Publics.But give vote to deserving one as all the great man are now telling that this era is era of God called Sangam age.The time where the spirit of man will meet with the Holy Spirit.
                      This even Brahmakumari was seen to say.Thus in this occasion how divinity can be taken easily;when there is problem in every family?Only the one who don`t want long life for there parents may like to stand against God`s declaration.See the value of the spiritual man have been always there and something Lord have done through them alone.
                  And only one who have something to grind will like to make an excuse.In fact the question in election should have been who have black money Vrs. Who have non?And the person who have married a poorest of poor wife alone can really call himself to be the messiah of Poor.
                   Thus as long I believe that there is goodness side in my enemy I will continue to write;as this is only thing I can do also.See there is a story once one mouse living in a house was happy to see a bag of corn brought by

the house owner.She thought that she will have some for her family.But next day a trap was brought in .
                  She was agast and requested the Dog then the Hen in the House to request the master to remove it.Both flatly refused and asked her to prey her god by saying master is a angry man and they themselves are scarred of Him.The Poor mouse cried all the night and prey to god she believed in as her family was starved.
                                That night a snake was caught in the trap and bite the house owners wife.Immedietely the priest was called in who performed sacrifice.And before doing this ask the deity/god  by chicken liver test and for this the Hen was killed.And after the liver test the Dogs turn come to be killed in altur/Yidum.The lession of the story is ,`don`t laugh at others pathetic condition as eventually his misfortune may come to you also`.
                 See this commandment`s are already there in other religion also; and mind it for communication gap many life is also spoiled.It is possible a best girl and boy only for communication gap may never meet also.Thus this open exposure of what one feel is important specially when it comes to humanities interest;as some have to after all drink the Halahal/poison.
                       And if one feel it as a divine responsibility then He is very near to Boddistava.See if God plans to use you He will compel you to do His work you like it or not;thus better to come running before being pulled in forcibly


 by the mob.And for me more important is tomorrow in good time also I need to be not effected by the bad spirit that finished many great man.
                             The great Hindu Political thinker Chanakya have also said ones-`RAJASHYA MULYAM NITI,NITISHYA MULYAM DHARMA,DHARMASYA MULYAM VRIDHAM`, e,i- the rule is more powerful then kingdom,religion is more powerful then rule;but enlightened one is more powerful then the religion also.
                      As they may be reflection of God `s view in earth themselves,and probably only a good person with God gifted qualities will have long life and continous wisdom to benefit this world.And those who hear them will be very much respected in there own life also.See the spectacular success of Jamshedji Naroji Tataji who become not only materially rich but respected man also.After sponsoring Mahatma Gandhiji in his crucial time in liberating the nation.
                           See there are many more blessed persons in my place also; please do visit this Basar town and get divine blessings.As God dwells in the heart of a pious man;as this is the first kingdom of God.And see there are many good Peoples who have not yet received God in true sense of term and in the future who may cry also.And so soon before the Lord`s power


 work for good or bad they should forget there all egoism and join us;as there is 3 success mantra when,whom and where.
                         This is also same in the spiritual arena also and mind it all the great man have been in the positive side of the teaching;and why not when even the thief nailed in the right side of Lord Jesus Christ he have done this.Than are you a not much better man also?As if tomorrow if whole world have knew the master there may not be any place left to gospel also;and this Biblical commission cannot be neglected also.
                  After all even if a Person is disrespected the word of God can it be doubted?Thus as much as the internate is used for a bad reason some may have to also use it for better reason also;so that it benefit all.And in the Day of the Judgement others will give testimony that he have atleast tried to warn us.Interestingly there is also spiritually hungry people in all the religion and in the social network non is compelling one to accept his/her point of view also.
                   And when I feel very less is written about my super star Lord and Saviour who can do anything then I have to do the beginning.And this is in fact of relevance for mankind.As the whole the world is united by His graceness and His modern gift like-Internate,Mobile and TV;and by joint


Fellowship alone we can benefit the mankind.
                           Thus my endevour may benefit many peoples as the life testimony helps a person develop the obedience to Lord and Savior.And mind it there may be still many prayer support and good wishes for this endevour;as so far I have also no reason to doubt my own credentialities also.As one have to also think thousand times before standing against His might.
                                 As the time seems to have come to climb up the tree like Jacheus the tax collector did in Holy Bible;as if he had been present today also atleast may have knew that when the Lord`s spirit is going to visit in a place he should stop all the sins and welcome it.As supreme God`s spirit will work as He wish and everyone have to eventually bow down in His knees when He pass by.And He will not necessarily pass by jeruslam as this world is His own.
                      See in the Christianity unlike in politics it is not those who will come first will be loved most;but Lord in fact died for everyones sin and love them as they are.As there is no sin which Lord cannot forgive.And thus Lord promised to come to Jacheus house much to others criticism as in the right time atleast he was not found unwanted.See even the Hindu prophets like


Brahmakumari is predicting this days that the Satya Yuga is going to be now ushered in.This I showed in awakening with Brahmakumari T.V programme.
                          This even the Buddhist philosophy accepts and seems to call it Kalchakra which says after a long circle of life truth era will again come back.So we are also previlage generations as so many sages and Holy man have died to see this days.Thus the falling down of even the Dictator in the Arab land is it not surprising also?As when the Lord`s spirit will come the least may be made to make rhetoric rise;as unlike us he see no bank balance of a leader and party also.
                                         As Lord doesn`t want to miss any one of the world but have also to show his sign and wonder in one place only;and so when the Lord is going to work in one constentuency it is the privilege of the Publics living there; and there cause of shame also.As they have to perhaps also think have they fallen down such low that Lord have to eventually intervene.As if the sinner like us is going to be used then it means other have also become pseudo good man,and  are now least bothered about Him.
                         See for the good believer there is no cause for him to even meet the excessive corrupted political leader also.Once I meet one Youth

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