Friday, February 13, 2009


The Governments legal wife had been COSAAP till now which means Confederation of Service Association of Arunachal Pradesh this association is right now in loggerhead with the the ruling Government for non implementation of 6th pay commission in State of Arunachal Pradesh earlier this fraternity blindly followed its husband like Govt. in all the matter but now things are changing with the ripples in there marital life honeymoon in verge of finishing and there being imminent danger of divorce ; will the marriage survive that’s the only question . The Government dilemma being no clear cut vision to even collect that amount of revenue in future, as it is filled with leaders who can only jump from one party to another only to fill there coffers and fooling Publics that they are belonging from traditionally rich family and Publics are also as of now acknowledging them as traditionally rich Peoples, baba if someone pretend to sleep even in broad day light then who can wake him up? the modern Boka Shurs the Politicians and the Siphons’ of the creamy layers of the COSAAP’s own family members have been eating there share including Thela wala who bring daily quota of food to a Rakshasa named Bokasur as written in Mahabharata. The State is making good name in corruption and getting promotion day after day. Without having a target the future Govt. cannot be expected to do much ; future source of money could be transparent tendering of Mega Projects which seem to be impossible with the sword of demo ogles hanging above the neck of the C.M from Party high command of the National Party and his MLA colleagues to give them more and more and of course Kings own prime motive - Yeh dil mange one more term, that come in kings own personal interest to remain in that coveted seat from were there is no other political post left for promotion , thus unless someone like Anil Kapoor in Nayak film is given chance God only is the owner of this land ; The COSAAP arrear source could be imposition of wealth tax that can be successful if there is permanent CBI office in our State , and other making our State investment friendly that need strong Political will here also honest Person will never be invited by Political Party to do the needful .The Publics need to make a coordinate attack against the redundant leaders as they are themselves the major source of Problem as some old Cows have failed to yield Milk ; need of hour is Obama type leader who can bring a change in Publics thinking and carry the mass with him by starting a neighborhood business as termed by him . The COSAAP can play a major role in this Political revolution of different kind after all vellot rules in democracy and they being elite of the Society they were the ones who should have been not mute spectator to the carnage earlier which made the system so corrupt were Kawa is going Hans Ke Chal.
The Powerful leaders whose brain go more faster than Param Computer will do any thing to tackle the situation by moving around in Chauffer in seconds to convince other COSAAP that the strike is only confined to Siang District and at present it seems no amount of tool down , pen down , bow down or any yoga posture as postulate by Ram Dev is going to open the ear of the establishment . But the COSAAP members also need to convince the Public in this region were they themselves have been seen as icon of hungry jackals. The good thing about State is today Peoples are daring to explore in the secret life of the Leaders; hope some day there black money if any in Swiss Bank is discovered as Publics start to sing this nursery rhyme, ‘baba black sheep have you any wool? And one day expects the reply- yes Sir yes Sir three bags full one for my master at Delhi, one for Swish Bank and nothing for my innocent Publics. The present leadership is seen to blame previous leaders , pertinent question is why they keep mum earlier .The epi- centre of Political revolution Aalo and Pasighat may this time once again have to take the leadership in there own hand we should see that COSAAP ‘s job arrear is there birth right as the Publics have there share of money in election and will have to be definitely satisfied with what ever left going to the contractors that too registered contractors who are only enjoying; therefore payment to COSAAP should not bring a fear psychosis to Publics especially when if some leaders are rumored to be so rich that they can individually pay all the outstanding arrear of COSAAP; therefore all additional fund and PM package is seen to be end up in the belly of some Bokasur . Today Ruling Govt. Is is seen to shy from transferring the service man on normal way in the fear of facing the united COSAAP this was earlier the modus operendi to flex the ruling Government’s muscle,but those who are not sincere to there service and only ask for there right should also better change for the shake of COSAAP’s own interest as today the Public sympathy is also needed. The Political will can be shown by Govt. by inviting the honest politicians who can bring a revolutionary thought like Obama who can effectively advocates for bringing a practical solution to address this vex issue by imposing wealth tax on the rich, transparency in allotting tender works in major Investment and making the State Investment friendly and one having political will and guts and goes to any extent to do what he wants , one who follows what he says in letter and spirit like Obama who is recently seen to order for missile attack inside Pakisthan itself as promised in election . We should remember that to get something we must sacrifice also , we must prefer the State Publics to go for the hard way as the National Political Parties whom we tend to beg are themselves fed up of the Arunachal Political Parties which are like jumping frogs difficult to measure .And of course who knows PM package and other Central grants etc. may be going back to the Party high commands and observer to purchase party tickets during election and we are responsible for our own debacle so this time it is time for self introspection of all the Citizens of the State.

Adv. Togo Basar

What is hampering the development

A few great Peoples who have ill reputation of bribing others to toe there view have earlier motivate the Peoples towards lust and carnal desire for money to an unproportion hights making the majority Peoples to wait for election only , hope the coming election will be not that expensive for honest leaders, who are not as ill reputed as earlier leaders who were known for there excesses in there hey days when they gave a damn to any body, in the contrary the young face are expected to get sympathy, specially when today it has become impossible for senior leaders to controll such a large population specially through money alone and limited fund and the Acts like Right to Information Act making it impossible to make any further gaflas .The coming election is expected to be a waterloo for the Leaders who have earned disproportionate money through corruption alone and have the audicity to advice the poor Publics . Who knows Publics may be eveready to empty them of there richness as they have increasingly realised that those crooks have earned richness by laying hands on there share ; by letting the Poors to do MLA lad work in there name and taking the profits giving meagre profit to Poor Publics so if later there is enquiry regarding the non execution of work also ultimately Poor Publics will be the Victims . This time things are also expected to go in favour of the Honest leaders, because of the reason that the Publics are also fed up of the corruption and bribery specially in job sectors as there Childrens even the meritous once life are in jeopardy, now this is too much enough is enough is what all the parents must be thinking and definitely Old leaderships cannot shrug away from this responsibility after all they are the once who were in height of power once and have aggravated this to a gigantic proportion and as they were master manipulator themselves they are seen to lost the moral authority to control this. Whatever may be the fact, earlier leaders had tested the nector of the life and had a field day enjoing the life like a young man never to retire like our cine star Devanand Saheeb . Those were lucky ones , one who were born at a time when others were so foolish fighting among themselves and become there easy prey for they were easy prey for divide and rule, for the present leadership things will be never same again , as today the media have become very strong. So today the Old timers like Laloo Yadav and Mulayam Singhs have been shown the exit door for good due to the watchful eye of the General publics, besides the the judicial activism of the Supreme court and the taughness of the Election commissioner has made there life more miserable as earlier they were doubted to even manipulate the Vellot Box .
In Arunachal also things are expected to be taugh for leaders who have been elected earlier only because of money and muscle powers as the Peoples have increasingly realised that they have made Bussiness out of Politics and use to gubble up even the M.L.A and other funds ; they have left nothing for the aspiring contractors and above all failed to make a perrenial source of earning for the general Publics and are a total misfit being not well read and lacking creative mind to usher in a revolution , only duping Publics with promise of future benefits and money which will hardly go in the hand of few loyalists who don’t have a command in Society. The unemployment has reached a gigantic proportion and Youths are ready to go the Robinhoods way.
The most potent reason why earlier Publics used to take money from leaders was that they used to be feared and they were seen as unturstworthy for they were No, 1 crooks in comparison to Late Tomo Ribaji and Bakin pertinji, and besides out of fear they could not do anything to show there anger than to part away with some of there earning, now the time has come for Jaisi karni Waisi Bharni, as I had predicted long time back that some leaders are poised to become like Devananda spending all there ill gotten money to maintain there stardom , earlier they never knew where from so much wealth came from and probably will never know were it has all gone as well; if they have hurt so many peoples they deserve to suffer after all so much public money was wasted that could have made our Arunachal as Switzerland, so in coming days no amount of even Swiss bank connection can save Old leaders who try to be New wine in an Old bottle; only Publics had to be aware of fake currency and there great breach of trust forwhich they definitely need to be cheated as well is what majority Publics are thinking .Gone are the days when Pt. Jawaharlal sacrificed his Legal Profession to choose Political carrear, today Politics is filled with crooks so why mercy on them is what the general feeling which is definitely a point to ponder for the relatives of the power crazy and obsessed senior leaders as the ground is fertile for another Freedom movement this time though fight is with our own Peoples. And as such ground is fertile for making of a honest opposition leader after all what ever little development happened were due to the active participation of Opposition leaders like Late Tomo Ribaji and Bakin pertinji we need to salute them as a ideal for evolution of future leaders who can check and balance the entire system .

Sincerely Your’s,

Adv. Togo Basar.

The state of the Arunachal Media

Recently when I went to submit an article on COSAAP and other controvercial articles , I received an empathetic no reply from the editor of Echo ; he later wrote a personal latter to me citing his inability on the ground that the articles were too good and controvercial which may attract the rowdies. In that matter our Yomgo Calling of West Siang Dist Arunachal Pradesh is more good and our Galo Society is far more better for its readiness to accept any controvercial issue. It seems the establishment have fed the journalists like anything which have made them tools for saying those things which there masters wants to hear alone or have threatened them with dire consequence if they don’t toe there line .
If the moral concience voice risers are themselves such corrupted then what to say about others ; and need not to say why they are not flourishing as the media because they are not giving what Publics wants to hear ; today media are controlled by someone or others who are so powerful and are allegly having nexus with the ultras also . So if really someone not releases article on controvercial matters exposing the corruption of the higher ups than things are not suppose to change for this man with real guts as editor is needed like our Editor madam Smty. Hoksum Ori of Yomgo Calling who deserve to be given Governors award . But you can’t expect more from those Itanagarites who are living in make belief world and never want to leave there previlige position . Look why Times of Arunachal Pradesh which can be rightfully termed as His Masters Voice is unable to do much about its master because of its never say against your master attitude earlier ; had it been showing its impartiality when the master was in helmns of power than today condition would not had been that poor . So this is a warning to other press like Echo etc. which parties are said to be shy of publising even articles of Readers Forrum and if they do they modify it to soot the Govt. Baba where is now the activ Journalism ?

The Prodigal son of the Soil Sri Moji Riba

While the world is envieng the prodigal son of the soil Sri Moji Riba / Pakku who is from the Dari Village of Basar circle of west Siang District Arunachal pradesh for recently he have been awarded Rolex award for best documentary Director but few knows the pain and tribulation the hero has gone through in his life , his father Legendary Tomo Riba went through wort ordeal in life for the shake of Poor Publics and it seems God has ultimately blessed the family today he deserved to be cynosure of one and all Arunachalee and surely he must be acknowledged by all as he has earned his respect. Like father like son the guy Moji was destined to be great , the family has gone through worst hardship in life in his childhood days and that seems to have made him like the rock of Gibralter filling him with never say die attitude his teyst with the destiny begined with a local Galo movie called , ‘ Ane Ge Nyode ,’ and later , ` Between God and me ,’ which give him first recognisation . The family and friends have more expectation from him and surely he won’t fail us that is our prayer from all the ex- PPA members which is like his second family .
The young generation need to get tremendous inspiration from him , who has shown that sky is the limit if hard work and persiverence is put into any work. Today the young generation should not only pin there hope on Govt. job . In this global world there is absolutely no dearth of recognisation if one show real interest in whatever he does besides merit alone counts there . Like Japanese Film Director Akira Kurusevas movie like Five Samuries etc. his unique presentation of the subject may soon catapolt him in the big league because today the Bollywood is also now ready to accept unique movie like ,` Last of the Mohicans ,’ a Hollywood movie made on American Tribal Red Indian Peoples . while it will be real difficult for the North Eastern chaps to be accepted as Bollywood actor but in Direction field he may soon be in majore league like Subash Ghai etc.the rumour has it that Mr. Perfectionist Sri Amir Khan is in touch with him . The credit for his success also goes to her mother Smty Minoti Riba who seems to have inspired her against all the odds . Her Sister Smty. Moni Tsring who is an ADC , brother Mori Riba ( Bussiness man ) , Modon Riba ( Teacher ) and little sister Smty. Popsi Gamlin can be also no less responsible for his success as I have seen them closely through all the ups and down and how they use to support each others and last but not the least off course Nyanya Pakkus wonderful wife , the couple represent a perfect symphony of two Society Minyong and Galo’s better we learn from there fusion. A good family ultimately deserve perfect happiness in the end for everything is good if the end is good may God almighty bless Moji Ribaji with more of this kind for seldom we read about our achievement in Newspaper only our failure and downfall covers the front page most of the time. Hope the State Government will confer him highest award for his wonderful achievement I wish him best of luck in his life .

The New World Order

Its Obama all the way , within 5 years the man in helmns of power of the most powerful country in the world is all set to finish the Talibans for good as he seems to be man of commitment , after the Kentucky Fried Chiken is made of Talibans than will next come the turn of other groups like Al-Quaida and finally D.Company may be things of past. The elevation of Asif Ali Jardari as President of Pakistan who is the ex- husband of the slain Prime Minister Late Benajir Bhutto perfectly matches the scheme of things of the America and world body which is fed up with Pakistan sponsered terrorism . The terrorist centre of the world is Pakisthan nothing official about it, now that finally World has accepted Indias views and soon after fall of the Talibans pressure is expected to be too much for the other Insurgent groups they may be also later compelled to make peace deal with the Govt. of India like NSCN long time back ; because when Muslim Fundamentalists who are more committed and are the real source of all the terrorism they are showing the signs of cracking up than what to say about others . So it is time for the terrorists to pack up there luggage and become real bussiness man , as likes of Dawood and Paresh Baruah have made corporate houses in many countries and it is time for them also to make a honourable exit for it seems days of terrorism are numbered as most of the groups are seen to now ricruit tenagers only as there cadres.
It is good news for those who are willing to join the Indian army because they may not be killed in the line of fire after say 5 – 10 years where most of the Terrorist groups may be mostly finished or will make a peace deal . It seems American victory first in Afganisthan and than in Iraq slowly and slowly, plus globalisation and enlightenment seems to have even left its mark among the Fundamental groups who are seen to be felling short of cadres . see the recent annhilation of LTTE one of the most desciplined outfit in Sri Lanka. The America need to do something in the similier line after its victory over Japan during 2nd World War. After Japan was defeated later USA Army put Martial Law in Japan and changed the syllabus of all the Japanese Schools may be this may be needed to do with Muslim Madrasas were rudidant and off dated preaching are allowed without giving the kids chance to expose to the modern Education system . In other Holy Books also there are certain portions which are not made accessible to small Childrens as they are not in a position to understand its critical meaning ; therefore this teachings are kept away from small Childrens like Reveleation Chapter in Holy Bible. The Holy Books have divine meanings , therefore its interpretation is difficult , plus who knows some points may have been written seeing the peculier situations at that point of time. In Holy Quran if the Muslims were exhorted to fight agaisnt the Idol worhippers and infidels because may be at that time they were like Rakshasas , today many Idol worshippers have proved to be better in terms of Social peace because . Why Holy Quoran may be itself so popular because Prophet Muhammad was able to bring lasting peace between the warring Tribes of Mecca and Medina , therefore genesis of Muslim religion is not necessary due to the sword as popularly believed . Today Muslims need to intropect why very less Peoples from other religion is accepting Ullah as there saviour . Sura al Bakra says - Jehad is fighting against once own weaknesses , therefore Holy Quoran has lot many to give in this new world order provided proper interpretation is made out of it and poor Muslim childrens are not made as cannon fodder for Political gain of some monosters who have even politicalised Holy Quran now who is true Muslim it is for the Musalman to decide .

The Election Merry go round Chair

The Merry go round chair is ready for the aspiring Chief Ministers , no more dirty bussiness is accepted this time from all the senior Politicians who have earlier come united only to oust the earlier Chief Minister Sri Gegong Apangji whose comeback cannot be alltogetherely neglected as he has also proved his metle earlier . This time in fact the leaders owe lot many things to the Poor Publics who have great many expectations from there leaders as suddenly issue like unemployment and price rice have demoralised the publics . This time Leaders are expected to conduct free and fair election without the misuse of the State machinery and the active participation of underground outfits as they have already spoiled Tirap and Changlang District for there vested interest . It is very heartening to know that some of our leaders have covert nexus with the Lord of the Jungles . The brutal honesty can be shown by accepting the result modestly as excesive involvement of money will not only spoil the State voters but it will also finish themselves in the long run , this time many senior whimsical leaders may become bankcrupt as the things are not like earlier ; today Publics are judging instead of being judged earlier.
Earlier Some senior leaders who were not fit to be even 2nd class officers where elevated as M.L.A., kudos to the Apangjis popularity and whimsicalness and extent to which he made his sychopants happy by elevating many tom dick and harries which later on proved his own nemesis; may be this time lots of his products will themselves see there own fall now that they can’t blame other , good thing is today some of the small chaps who are more ideologically committed who knows nitty grity of Politics due to there openess knows to play isue based politics , they knows how to use the media, are more knowledgable than senior redudant leaders laking creative idea. Things have taken U turn today unlike earlier when Apangji made easy prey of late Tomo Ribaji and Bakin Pertinji more older leaders but he also become helpless in the face of Delhi university greduated Sri Jarbom Gamlinji Hon’ble Home Minister who though is rumoured to be notoriously difficult to meet in odd hour other than his office where atleast he is regular whenever he is in Itanagar : But he is seen to manage the show during elections may be kudos goes to batteries of his Pocker Partners , class mates and matrimonial alliances . And like him some of the smart chaps who are supposingly contesting this time are also from not only rich but from good family back ground and there family connections power have been proved in earlier Panchayat elections were rulling have meant nothing for them. Today Publics are realising that money alone does not matter , it is this rare combinations of this qualities which make the candidates deadly. Today though Peoples are greedy but recent Panchayat election in places like Basar have shown that they are also fed up of the corruption as only the rich and powerful are flourihing – jobs going to the son of the rich man , contract work confined to the registered contractors and with the ongoing COSAAP strike who were earlier blind followers of the Govt. things are difficult to predict this time and above all with the establishment of the

Court , coming of the media and latest technology like Movile days of uncordinated revolution is gone, the good Peoples who were always in majority earlier are united like never before. In this situation many senior Politician will think thousand times before contesting as money has become difficult to earn due to RTI and aware Publics . Today there is all the chance that the money will go waste and many senior Politicians may ultimately end up in Tejpur rather than the assembly if there is election, as Publics wants to punish them for spoiling the whole system where only rich and powerfuls are getting jobs and other benefits at the cost of Poor mans and they are seen to have enjoyed for long .
After Obama thing everyone is expecting a leader who is different , for them man from other religion or community will also do , provided like Obama , though a negro after getting the Presidential post he dare to send Vallentines gift to Pakisthan Talibans by reigning Missile in Taliban’s headquarter in Swat Valley , today leaders should be brutally honest in showing his political will and during time of crisis should be able to give a decesion this way or that way : earlier leaders were seen to play divide and rule tectics avoiding the controvercial topics as if they only come to mint money living Chakma and Hajong issue to APSU and other groups which were disturbing them . Nevertless today common publics have learned the rare tricks of there leaders and this time may chit there own corrupted leaders , finally giving devils there due. Today there is too many smart voters and every one of them cannot be purchased , the Voters today knows that if they have to eat they have to eat in large amount ; after all it will expose one day or other as asociating with rich leaders makes them vulnerable as villagers suspect them of surreptiously taking money and refuse to cooperate them for many days and smart chaps have also learned the bitter lesons that by saying against the rich candidates only they will get some money. Many good candidates are accepted this time whoes families have long treck record of being the best among the worst some of whose relatives not only being good officers but helped others thus they were never accepted to make that amount of money and retain there most favoured status , and there relatives did all the contract works nicely and as such Publics don’t doubt them of making huge money at the cost of the Publics so they have retain there integrity even though they are rich and influential in this category comes likes of Sri Eken Ribaji of Basar . Publics have realised that only the Crooks make good money therefore Publics may be telling some Politicians to contest and misadvising them, some leaders also who are real fearful from there core of heart are trying to fool voters by saying that no body is contesting against them , but surely this may boomerange later on , if eventually someone contest Publics will get the shock of there life ; some comments prove deadly latter on. Who knows the Publics are seeing any help rendered by MLA from MLA Lad as there due right , though some Leaders are giving say one thousand rupees to the sick and destitute , that is offcourse commendable but it will have been better if they have created source of earning and job opportunity for the future generations this is what the young generation are thinking , as today meagre amount is meaningless so this time rulling candidates who have only image of being rich are expected to part away with truck loads of money .

The Gamlin Family

Like Luciano and Gambini family in Godfather novel the Gamlin family has taken every one by surprise in Arunachal Pradesh . The family is class apart with every one quiet distinct and having class of there own . The Karka and the Paktu tribes Galo clans cross breading seems to have worked wonder in F-1 generation . Howesoever one envy the family but cannot deny there presence in the Society for they have become most cherished gene pool in Arunachal Pradesh with sons and daughters getting height like aryans and well disposed in top Beurocratic posts .
The family has evolved against the worst crisis , when the ruling Apang regime was at its zenit because large caravan of officers of Gamlin family also ensured its vulnerability to rulling Governments wrath . The Publics unfortunately fail to see tribulation and pain the family went through to reach this stage ; today they are the God father of the West Siang District of Arunachal Pradeh in particular and calling the shots like Cow Boys . As for now family is enjoying the nector of power and it seems for many more year there influence is not going to slow down unless of course they follow the same Apang way which they once desist ; with the Jarkar Gamlins first sibling of the Gamlin family who is at present President District Congress Committee West Siang Dist Arunachal pradesh who is supposingly bidding for the MLA ticket from Aalo town it is to be seen how Hon’ble Home Minister Sri Jarbom Gamlins position is effected , for till now he was been seen to be piggy riding on his big brother Jarkar Gamlins back who preferred to be perfect shock absorver for his brother during all this crisis time as fooding and lodging most vital part of the Arunachal Politics was seen by Jarkarji and her wonderful wife , while the elder brother Jarkar is more composed and rooted younger brother Hon’ ble Cabinet Minister Saab is seen to be very sofisticated liking everything western ranging from hearing Country Songs of Kenny Roggers at his young days and very stylish which makes him dashing and popular outside the State may be he retained his Delhi University St. Stephens College legacy like Rahul Gandhi . Bismark had also once said never open war in two battle front and precisly Germany committed the same mistake during 2nd World War by opening Western Front also . However to my view Sri Jarkar Gamlin is better person than all of them and definitely will see his own interst and also better preferred , his 4th brother Sri Jarsa Gamlin being Dist. Zila Chairperson thus unlike other family all the members have their own distinct personality which makes them lethal .The prodigal daughter of the family Smty. Jarjum Ete is also strong M.P candidate she had pionered the Women emanification in State as such have tremendous fan following . The family is also undergoing terrible time and need prayer support for Dr. Moter Gamlin who is undergoing treatment in Delhi .
The Gamlin family members are found to be very humourus , brutally honest and filled with positive attitude. The State have atleast one less fearful and daring Home Minister due to his family connection . Hon’ble Home Minister Jarbom gamlins brother being Cornal of the Indian army and is poised to be promoted as Brigadier within short time , thus the family is even creating news in National level ; my standing ovation to that mother who delivered this assembly line of great Peoples who are poised to stay for a long time in one form or other one likes or not .

The Death of a Congress Man

The true Congress man seems to be denied entry in Party if he has no God Father or financial back up and good Guys are refraining from joining this Party as they don’t want to live in supended animation . This is like today good Guys refusing to join the Indian Army as captain and prefering Bussiness Management courses. Though Rahul said Youth must be given priority but he didn’t said under what age the youth will come , earlier even old man were seen to take this benefit. For a Poor man even if he is in higher echeleon of Politics its difficult for him to get the ticket as it is difficult to penetrate three layers of sychopants that have encircled around Sonia Gandhi through whom only entry pass is tons and tons of money , chaploosis of highest order and Chamchagiri . And central party seems to look Arunachal Leaders as easy prey , last election also one Hon’ble MLA had to part with his one crore rupees for party ticket and failed to get it is heard .
Therefore what Lechi Lazy has done seems to be right as equation and record says that BJP has an edge in Non Tribal domoinated area specially in Capital and other District Head Quarter. It is surprised to know that when 3 Leaders are asking for BJP ticket from Itanagar 2 are only asking from Congress-I. Neverthless Folks might be seeing Rajiv Bhavan for the last time jocks a friend of mine , as the election is coming nearby . Those ticket loosers may bent there frustration on the building for they cant say anything to the Sonia Gandhiji or Rahul Gandhiji to whom this party really belong and truelly this party seems to be a Dynastic Party as said by by Narendra Modi who exhorted the Indians to remove monopoly the way Americans did after fed up of voting for Bush family and Clinton family .For the Poor Candidate once again time to drink the humble Pie in the name of most famous Congress- I quote , Sawal party Descipline Ka Hai and those leaders without mass based Public supporters they may be ready for becoming perfect son of the Bitch themselves if later on they are elevated as Party Observers in other place .Therefore it seems days of Tomoji and Bakinji seems to be once again coming back as no one wants to be feel unsecure as this time lots of resourceful persons are planning to contest this coming assembly election and are seen to migrate to green pasture unlike earlier days were they used to be knowingly get cheated by a senior leader .

Doctor of Doctors Dr. Moji Jini

I wonder sometimes angels of the God might be operating with Dr. Moji Riba , It is said that in operation theatre there is seen to be many occasion when death was imminent but the genious changed it other way round . The man deserve my fifteen minute of precious time to be given standing ovation on behalf of all the Arunachalee and it is nothing in comparison to what he has given to entire State , the nature of the Doctors duty is like an Social activist at point of timke Social activist also rest but not this prodigal son of the soil who knows no rest I wonder what sacrifice even her wife is making for him who is needed by all. Need not to say his office is always swarmed with Patient who only want him , he is such a simple human being and so different that he never wanted to take credit for his work , it’s the Downtown and other Clinics fitted with Ultra modern Operation machines who are doing the needful by being his fan themselves .
At a time when some Doctors may not be liked by Publics but his transfer may surely create a hornest nest for the rulling Govt . hailing form Jini Village of West Siang District Arunachal Pradesh Aalo he was destined to let his father Dagmo Jini known by his own name . I am sure his family is not minding rather proud father will spare me for this audacity . He is like angel in disguise , his promotion may finally give him some rest and frankly time to say enough is enough with your service to the State you need rest for God’s sake how State as a whole can be so much indebted to one single person .Recently it was heartening to know that some Guys from the some Union assulted and mistreated him that was very heartening to all his fans and Patients , better for the Guys to seek unconditional apology before the wrath of God falls to touch a Guardian angel of his magnitude who seems to be God ordained .
The Govt. need to faciliate him with States highest award along with other Moji I,e- Moji Riba for getting International Rolex award for best documentary its seems both the Moji are class apart, they have lately become ideals for the Galo Parents to keep there sons name sorry for all the Arunachalees .