Sunday, April 8, 2007

The Unpredictable Political Future ahead

The Political future ahead is going to be very unpredictable with the setback of Congress regime in many States and the final nail in the coffin may be with the continuation of the Mulayam Sings regime in the U.P. even after the Nithari incident. His servivle will be a great hope for Parties who wants to see debacle ofCongress Party; irony is whenever a non Gandhian becomes P.M there is a division of camp and if a Gandhi family claims the coveted post there is a threat of assasination of life , therefore the situation is like a deaf Sea and Devil for Congress party. It seems the Public prefers old Atal Bihari Bajpaiji more than anybody else as though bogged by ill health his sacrifice for Party gave divident . In Home front due to his dare devil attitude Sri Lijum Ronya has emerged as a Person to be reckoned with with his no non - sense and high moral unblemish record Party stands to gain like it gained from Nabjot Singh who single handedly demolished the forces of Captain Arminder Singh in Punjab election like one man Industry, unfortunately barring a few Press so far the Oppositions were never given due coverage in our State, but hope some more Independent Press and Journalists will come out openly to play responsible role of a Independent Press as particularly in Itanagar some journalist friends are said to be assaulted for there honest potrayal of some Persons so far considered Untouchables, need not to say they have failed to be as popular as they should have been; for journalism is all about taking risk and NEWS all about disclosing sensational things.
But the BJP got to be realistic as years of premeditated plan by Politicians to emphasise the role of money in election has spoiled the People to such an extent that they will be more difficult to be convince and more so peril at present developments the leaders no were to jump with all the Central Parties allergic to the Jumping jackles who have brought disrespect to Arunachalee Peoples as may promote money culture from now itself as they don’t have a single clean leaders like Sunil Dutt with them and they being only ill reputed for there manipulative skill and who cant change there old ways either it is also litmus test for them as many of such creatures have recently lost power in other States.Things will be not that easy for Old Panthers either as the overpopulace Publics cannot be trusted with there money spend on them as they are difficult to be monitered and most wants good governance at all coast ,therefore money may go invain as this day Palitics have become so unpredictable.It seems the BJP will have an edge in all the Head Quarters were there is majority Hindus as they are seen to identify with the BJP; in Circles and Sub- Divisions they will be needing Coalition partners as there are less number of BJP sympatisers specially Muslim and Christians seems to prefer other Parties therefor they will have to be cautious. But Apangji is also not a lamb that you go and catch he has also withstand many a thunderstorm.This days star campaigners like Siddhu who are from media background will be very much needed as the charisma of Apangji will alone be not sufficient this time as his ministry filled with loyalists alone lacking the vital creative minds who like earlier Lallus Ministers may be even unable to say the jana mana Gana properly, need not to say Nitish ensured that Samosa was continue to made with aloo even without Laloo for today the Political Buzzword is dedicated worker, team work, creative mind and crowd puller star Campaigner whom crowd really respect genuinly ; the Parties need to cautiously give Party tickets seing the winnability of the Person if one keeps good leaders in suspended animation there is a fear that they may even have a tacit understanding with Opposition as it happened with the Jamir as well coordinated attack by opposition left him no where .
But neverthless there is a other chance that Apangji become a NDA Partner as this a land of kushi kushi any thing is possible here as barring Lijumji who was speaking against him it is even doubted that few have even tacit understanding with Apang family but
with time they may also change colours; surprisingly our Arunachal Congress which is yet to take a concrete decesion and take advantage of present scenerio. In coming election it is expected that the Publics will elect a good leader from whatever Party as it is our Social responsibility as fear to the Ruling Party may calm down to great extent as Old Leaders who ruled with iron feast are seen to rule in there fage end of carrier . Today true repentance of the leader not the crocodiles tear should be seen, at the same time if our slavish mentality of electing one person again and again goes against State interest than we must refrain as what benefits Public gains by Political Party jumping from one Party to another it is all the more same with MLA and MP funds confining to few. Why all arunachalee be a butt of laughing stock for a single mans whims and fancies as today no difference in allocation of extra fund is seen by being a rulling or Opposition its all performance that matter.Therefore whole Publics should not be blamed for ones self interest. One can think himself as smart but not others as fool always, as others have also right to shut there doors for tresspassers; the practise of giving importance to ruling party by joining NDA for short time gain have today harmed the prospect of our own Leaders- unlike Mizoram were the Party stick to there Party Arunachal Publics have been made to salute the Centre this will benefit BJP if Congress also looses in UP coming election is expected to be most free and fair one as usually Ruling Govt. fearful Arunachal Publics is expected to participate in Politics with open mind that is good for State.I salute the spirit of freedom of some person who give a damn about the might of adversery, may be one day thay will help to protect tha Human right of those who loose the Power even though some are now angry at the audicity of there darring revealation who unlike Politicians have only want for the betterment of Society.The coming days will see Political campaign and justifications of highest order with the Ruling Party trieng to convince that Legislators were still behind him even when he was alone MLA, were as the Opposition will say, it was the horse trading inside as usual ; the ruling party will say that corruption was rampant when Party was no more in Power, opposition may reply that it was ones cunning Politics that made the innocent Mithi regime more corrupted as some wanted to save his own skeen. The Opposition may say that it was during Congress puppet regime during Lt. Governorship that actual persecution happened against PPA and Christians wereas the BJP may be termed as a Communual Party the lethal point for the opposition will be price rise and high texation and of course collapse of Apex Bank so allegations and counter allegations will be there, as People will prefer reading and trusting Independent Papers and taking advantage of present situation many fearless journalists are expected to come forward; but in the end jo jeeta wahi Sikkandar and a chance to blow final death nail in the coffin of the old adversery as the Political Leaders will today seldom leave an opponnent unpunised unlike humble Mithiji who proved to be a politician and a Gentleman, other Leaders like pack of Wolfs in Discovery Channel are seen biting each other and are seen to cross all the Political ethics, the Politicians making Political fight as an Personal fight of egoism is unfortunate, today may be fear of loosing power make the present Politicians more aggressive and corrupted as Laski said Power Corrupts,absolute Power corrupts absolutely, the future Politicians are also not expected to be as generous as P.K.Thungonji, Bakin Pertinji, Tomo Ribaji, and Mukut Mithiji as they may learn lesson from history as Moutse Tung said Power comes through Barrel of the gun .

Tuesday, April 3, 2007


The story of Big Foot and Tasmanian Tigers in Discovery Channels sometimes make us to ponder if are they were real, speacially in context of our State were there is stories of invisible Yapoms the stories which were exegrated by the innocent and illeterate Villagers

Who always treated everything spectecular and great achievement as done by Yapoms meaning rightfully son of bitch, so much so that some smart chaps were started to be called as son of bitch; Yapoms which is biologically impossible though it brings laughter now but earlier it was a previlige to be called sons of Yapoms. As Scientists have now proved beyond doubt that Human beings are class apart from other animal, even with monkey family never was there any cross other than with the Rhesus monkey with which People derived deadly disease AIDS instead of a progeny half monkey half man. So this theory seems to be highly exegrated basically created by Narad Muni and Tenali Ramas of a certain Leader who used it as a Political catchy slogan at his time. After all every body leaved in a fear psychosise in PPA time therefore this theory of this origin of legend is highly probable. After all quick access to modern amenities may have made previlige smart Peoples more successful in compare to others who were still living in stone age and as Politics is all about manupulating and misleadind the innocent Peoples.Thus it is not surprising that coastly medicines like Gensing which we are now only hearing were already used by some smart Politicians long time back, may be some were also using the Video Camera to moniter the visitors and we were happy at ministers knowing our name personally.

Though there may be less Peoples who will continue to believe about Yapom specially after reading this article , it will be in the State interest that the State still retans its mysterious belief in ULO Unseen Living Object specially in case of Yapoms which can be a good Tourism attraction the way the Tasmanian Tigres and Yetis are still attracting large Tourist flows with souveniours and Puppets ready to be graved by the Tourists.The Legacy of the Yapom may help our State though it smell of a devine theory of Kingship in Olden times which was created for a self interest and at the present time benifitors of this title will seldom like to be associated with it as with the rise and rise of Christianity the son of Gods as they claim giving a damn of spiritual views namely Yapom which they consider as evil force inferior to them.So untill a Yapom is caught they are not expected to toe there Forefathers belief and this Yapom Aao theory will definitely not go well with todays majority Peoples who will not like themselves to be cheated like there forefathers.

Sincerely Your’s,


Adv. Togo Basar


This days mushrooming of NGO’s can be seen everywhere good that Peoples are taking up good Samaritan work in a major way but unfortunately most of them are seen to be after money and hype and believe that there are lots of American money involved other than there true dedication as no body wants to drink the cup that Jesus of Nazarath dranked. As for one thing Americans are no fool, for that matter any other Donor will not like to associate with rogues; but ultimately ones like late mother Teresa can only attract there expectation of novelty and humanity as the Western Country Peoples are less corrupted and takes the issue of spiritualism seriously. My friends in says that today Social workers are so unpopular that it is short of a insult to be called as one. Therefore big names of NGO’s are not that important other than the missionary jeal of its activists. Ones a friend of mine was surprised to see no decoration of the sweet shop unlike others though his shop was located away from Railway platform to which he politely replied that his quality will attract the customers.

In this global world every one is knowing each others and as such those NGO’s which are really working for the Poor and Downtrodden are being observed not the ones who are like after Texas gold hunt in in American history. The international recognisation will automatically come later on ; initially give a damn about recognisation it has to be began with self satisfaction in whatever you do. I see lots of scope in NGO’s working upon poor condition of Old man in our State and judicious use of surplus like collection of cloths that are uselessly buried along with the graves by the ungrateful sons, daughters brothers and sisters who have never respected the family values in there life time and only in funeral shed there crocodiles tears, I mean specially those ungrateful sons who come at last to funeral rights of there father and mother with blankets made in Thailand or Korean whereas in there living time they are treated worst than enemy. Enough is enough with this hypocrisy – costly marble stone and death anniversary etc. what is there necessary after death . Give a damn about custom and tradition that have no human utility, for a Poor man he will not question about were from the cloths have come this will be atleast welcomed in Orphanage run by Missionary of Charity in Naharlagun run by mother Teresas group as our poor country itself is basically dependent on auction cloth from outside country only and some of which belong to dead mans so why there be any double standard. If we don’t do a small work in a serious way how we can expect God to use us in a major way; consider yourself being a bastard in the Orphanage in Missionary of Charity in Naharlagun damped by your real father and mother what will be your happiness be if you receive a full stomach lunch or dinner by a good Samaritan person who send his left over food for the centre or a doll which is kept uselessly in your house but so important for the unprivileged Childrens. I challenge each Persons to become a Guardian Angel for those Orphans damped for no fault of there, this is a privilege time to serve the humanity as our future itself is doubtful as we may die any time and remember dead man takes nothing with him; the Holy Bible says in day of judgment God will say I was hungry and you fed me , by serving the Poor we are serving the God himself. The smile of a destitute whom you help gives satisfaction which you cannot imagine to taste this go to Missionary of Charity with a packet of sweet were one can feel divine happiness. Unfortunately most of our rich mans are rotten lots, richness for what if Society cannot gain anything from them there richness is meaningless so for there callousness for Social causes things like Extremists are coming up and irony is that they are blaming religions which talks about right and equality; even in there idea of charity have a vested interest- Politician spend money for Political gain after he losses power he stops Charity ; spending M.L.A fund and which belong to whole Public is definitely not good concept of charity need not to say about others like Businessmen and Officers they seems to packing there property for life after death. The charity can alone solve our problems to a great extent those who can’t give money can also give atleast a word of advice.I respect the panjabis as they are a bindas lots in charity as well besides not minding being the buts of Indian jock. I challenge the NGO’s to do something in this field like caring the old age and destitutes as Society is degenerating in terms of loosing humanity as there is a rumor that some old mans due to indignation they face in there old age are committing suicide also and this matter are hushed up silently.This is a dangerous scenario as one day everyone of us are going to be old. Even the Govt.ought to make the old age pension more transparent or it can at least start some Old age Homes; earlier the Central Govt. was fooling the Public through Political propaganda that in China Old Citizens were shoot dead , whereas according to Human Right group survey the Old mans are taken care in best manner in Communist China; today the Govt.cannot divert its failure by criticizing others as all our Hon’ble Ministers are also going to became Old one day and who knows there easy earned money will one day as easily puffed of by there ungrateful sons so they also need to look this aspect this time for in future no body may give any damn about them one day.

Sincerely Your’s,

Adv. Togo Basar

The hanging of Saddam and its Effects:

In this world the Saddam Episode will be a mystery for ever, it can change the Muslim world once for all; but for the intellectuals who knew the pulse of the Uncle Sam I,e- Americans in dealing with the Arnosto Che Guvera of Bolivia episode the revolutionary leader killed by the American marines it was frankly no surprise as the pentagon Think tank seems to be well aware of the fact that the general Publics has a poor memory. The shrewd Executors choose the timing so perfect at the Holy month of Idd when even the hard core Jihadi refrain from any evil action and the worst adjact date and place of Saddams hanging was not said before hand in the fear of Public backless. And the worst saddam was hanged initially before other Co-accused as popular Public Pressure would have definitely compelled the Iraqis to abandoned Saddam execution. God alone knows who was adjactly behind the Saddam execution as later the Iraqi Govt. also accepted that the Americans wanted to postponed the execution and as George Bush is not suppose to get any good response from Voters for this act as the American Presidential Election is very near. But never less the theory that if due to Public pressure Saddam is made Iraqi President again than things would have been more difficult for Present Iraqi rulers. That regarding so called clash of culture theory between the West and the Arabs the West stand was always clear as after 2nd World War they even didn’t pardon the Nazi’s in Nuremberg trial which was a trend setter in the International Law. The Arab American conflict may go on for pretty long time and it may only subside one day if surprisingly a Leader like Mohan Das Karmachand Gandhi who understood the mindset of the Western Peoples defeated them in there own game plan by the means of Ahimsa . Though It will be impossible to defeat the Western Country in straight battle ,the way Japanese defeated them by keeping there nerves cool and diverting there energy in a positive way and by modifying there many of there redundant Okinawan and Samurai culture and tradition and finally succeeded in destroying there monopolistic International market specially in Electronic sectors, something has to be done in this line. May be Saddam realize this lately, this is seen by his last appeal to his Iraqi Publics to forgive even the Americans in the line of Jesus Christ. It is to be seen weather the deterrent punishment given to the saddam publicly makes the fear chilling down the spinals of one likes Laden and Dawood etc.

Unfortunately all the Muslims are not Terrorists but most of the Terrorists are unfortunately found to be from Muslim background. though Muslim brothers are not sitting idly specially to some Muslims credit lies for many of the amendments in Shari at- Muslim personal Laws. But they are in helpless condition against the years of isolation and wrong interpretation and later addition of Holy Quoran were excessive glorification is made of war and sacrifice things that not happened in Prophet Muhammad times as shown in National geography recently. The Muslim brothers need our all prayer support to fight this true Jihad to first kill the enemy within themselves I,e- Lust, greed, hatred and murder etc. Let they seek the true meaning of there original Great Allah’s communication to prophet Mohammad. Till than unfortunately more of Saddam and Laden ready to sacrifice as Genii Pig at the alter of there ignorance ,illiteracy and misrule; if they don’t do something about it soon than as Mussarraf has divulged in his autography that America had warned Pakistan of bombing and reducing it to stone age if it did not cooperation against Al- Quaida operation that may be a reality as when a Country having Islamic atomic bomb is itself well aware of Western Power it will be meaningless to boast on old historical glory by other Muslim Countries. The Muslim brothers should take there revenge in a Democratically accepted manner but before that let they fight there enemy within the Dictators and Tyrants that are ruining there Country in the name of Allah.

Sincerely Yours,

Adv. Togo Basar


The world of religion is going through a worst transition period and with the mingling of modern thinking due to globalization the orthodox Spiritual leaders are finding it hard to maintain there hegemony as today People has become very liberal in approach of religional topics and are seeing its utility rather than its doctrines, its good also as incorporating good of all the religion and seeking the truth by evaluating all the religion can only liberate us by helping us finding the truth as God must have given something good to all; In case of Muslim also it is seen that Liberal Muslims are trying to cope up with the Neo-thinking by modifying Shari at Law etc.; it is good for Muslim brothers also as from time immemorial Social reformation were not seen in Muslim Society as a result some bad doctrines and teachings might have become integral part of there religion so much so that Persons like Salman Rushdie who speak against Islam excesses are issued Fatwa by Powerful Spiritual leaders like Ayatullah Khumani.Whereas likes of Bin laden and Saddam hussains are prayed as heroes who have there own brothers blood in there hand. This may be due to the facts that there is paucity of exemplary leaders in Muslim community, all great Leaders being exterminated like Sadat and Najibullah.The Spiritual Books like Koran must be understood in its true spirit and any meaning has to be construed after comprehensive study or we might end up going precisely against what Allah command. The teachings dates back to thousand year back were things were different remember prophet Muhammad was fed up of fighting with the enemy at his time whereas today is there any jihad like situation , killing innocent people is an act of terrorism and shear Cowardice; even the weather conditions were different earlier so they have to be interpreted nicely or Muslim brothers themselves might end up being kafirs remember Sura Ul bakra were like day of Judgment it is said that sinners ( terrorists ) will be one day accountable for there sin.The problem with 3rd world country specially Muslim countries is lack of Democracy since time in memorial were Caliphs enjoyed uncontrolled power since ages. So what there is oil in Arab world, the richness is not going to majority Publics, so the Leaders keep fuelling Sectarian infighting like Shia and Sunni to divert the innocent publics; today things have gone out of hand as seen by latest attack on Pakistan army rangers by terrorists- evil deeds have boomeranged on themselves.

Today only the Arab is valued for oil ,earlier it was never a important place; more a place had commercial value more was war fought for its conquest and also more was of cultural exchange slowly and slowly for example Emperor Akbar might have become more Liberal by marrying Hindu wives. This process happened for a long period of time so much so that many of the alien culture was incorporated by the Society so slowly that it was accepted as integral part of that Society itself, for e.g- phallagus ( Shiv linga) was initially not accepted by the first batch of Aryans; another e.g- Buddhism surprisingly failed in its place of origin. All the religion definitely seen to arise from common forefathers this can be verified from the mark similarity of Veda,Purana ,Old Testament and Doni Poloism.The present Hinduism which is completely different from Vedic age is seen to be effect of Tulsidas writing of Ram Charitmanas- during the period of Mughal invasion as Tulsidas wanted to express Hindu Superiority against invading Mughals like our Talom Rukbo started Doni Poloism basically against influence of outside religion.Intrestingly Ramayana and Mahabharata were never as popular during Vedic times. It is officially documented that the idol worship was only systematically Started by Bal Gangadhar Tilak one of the Freedom Fighter in the name of Ganesh Chaturvud to unite the Indians against Britishers basically .The irony is Lord Buddha who warned against idol worship during his life time his own idol was worshipped by his disciple after death. The feeling of spiritual superiority infused by our leaders have narrowed our view by thinking that other religion are foreign whereas all religion are our common legacy as it originated under the hand of one of our own forefathers and are mutually complementary. The intra religious hatred are created by vested interest politicians who was since there form the days of East India Corporation.

The change is inevitable according to new need of Society there will be new equations and adjustment, you like it or not for eg-our freedom fighters had to play anti Christian and anti British card to unify the Country by emotionally charging the Indians though it had a desired effect but later it boomeranged with the raise of Militant form of Hindutva. Govt. must do something regarding the growth of Terrorism which seems to emanate basically from of dated and redundant doctrines which has no relevancy in today’s time which makes one utmost emotionally satisfied but gives little help; as by prolong isolation Muslim Brothers might be developing inferiority complexion which they want to hide by false show of boldness; plus misconstrued negative doctrines might be ruining Muslims themselves as today they are viewed with suspicion everywhere, unless it is removed and for which the madras has to be monitored as it is seen to be single largest producer of Terrorists by misleading and telling of heaven filled with virgins girls which one get after martyrdom this is pathetic and the worst Muslim Elites are keeping mum; the Govt. should and must start a separate ministry for observing and modernizing the madras as as it is now question of national interest; if the Muslims want pardon for those who attack parliament it must be kept as a pre-condition for his release, as this is not Islam country like Pakistan but a Democratic country were the motto is,` Jeo or Jine do’. The madras as should be officially monitored and helped if they follow the Govt. guidelines. The Govts. Failure to do so have left itself in a peculiar situation weather to hang or not the one responsible for attack on parliament itself. The Muslims in general and Arunachal Muslims in particular need to make an introspection why they are so ill popular as they are the worst victim themselves of this mayhem and destruction, though this topics will read to be unpleasant initially but more it discussed it is better as in India there is seen to be lack of Spiritual Democracy which is one of the main reason for the bad State of our Country.Even other spiritual centers which bread fanaticism should not be pardoned. Why young Muslims are growing up so emotional to the point that even intellectuals those who studied in London School of Economics are accepting terrorism as the way of Allah. The Muslim scholars ought to make a soul search. In Holy Bible and in Old testament period and Vedic period there were also narration of so many death and destruction as if the earlier Gods were after blood but later the Spiritual leaders in this Sects changed many of teachings according to the Social needs and precisely here Muslim seems to fail as they lacked a messiah a short of revolutionary who fought against excesses of Spiritual doctrines for e.g.- Christ Jesus by revolting against Old testament excesses has paved the way for future inner Democracy as according to him the religion is made for the people not the People for the religion. And also Raja Ram Mohan Rai who abolished Sati system with the help of Governor General William Bentick.May be Gods original dialect is so divine and failed to be understood by us the Muslims might be cursed for failing to understand the true meaning of Allah’s dictate as today’s People are sinful so they might be making wrong interpretation of one of the legacy of whole world. Or why the Muslim brothers are ruled by one they hate most USA the way India was earlier ruled by Britishers as may be God had wanted to abolish cruel things like Sati system through them.

For one thing the gun totting Taliban’s may be trespassing Gods jurisdiction as for example those who commit adultery there is chance of getting aids disease that is Gods way of punishment; only angels have the authority to jealously protect the Gods whip if God protect his kingdom in his own way than man and devils have to mind there own Bussiness.May be in Day of Judgment the Fanatics who have made Allah as the best Business venture may be themselves be the one to be thrown in Jahannum.

Yours sincerely

Adv. Togo Basar

The Healing thing

From time immemorial there is wonderful stories of healing of the sick People in all the religion and Society, the recent healing crusade in General field Along was a welcome move may God bless organizers and everyone associated with it. The God is for everybody and everybody is his creation, therefore it is high time we rise above our parochial thinking that there is no healing in other religion, as scripture says that Gods way is different from us, in this evil days when we ourselves might be in upside down prostitution we might be seeing other right Persons in wrong perspective; though every glitters are not gold but never less we are attracted by it. The Culture and tradition which binds us together should not be used to spread hatred and ill will, as our difference of opinion is not comparable to Gods eternal love for us. this is the only truth as a Society without love will be catastrophic. God loves for each of us is everlasting; therefore in a Poor place like ours were People cannot afford medicine and costly medical treatment, He has been merciful in sending His Prophets from time to time, It is wrong to deny the presence of God’s mercy in other religion also as some of my friends also honestly accepts .That though they perform sacrifices to evil forces but in time of crisis they cry to God alone, therefore the concept of good versus evil was and will be always there in all the religion, thus the Christians ought to think that oriental Culture is equally our legacy as the religion started from a simple belief of good Vs evil , so is the Holy Bible should be revered by the Peoples as a common legacy as unlike other things, Spiritual development is for every one- as a matter of fact not a single passenger in a bus will like the bus to be driven by a drunkard driver so who knows due to holiness of one single person how much blessing a Society is getting like Mahatma Gandhi who cause maximum benefit to the whole country for his spiritual open door policy, he successfully used the Bible verses to his and Countries advantage, Great man thinks life is so short make maximum use of all the Spiritual Doctrines and religious Philosophy, it doesn’t meant they had no weaknesses but they are definitely seen to place God above every thing else ; as the saying goes concern with eating mango give a dam’n about counting its seeds, after all our Forefathers were same and scriptures were written by one of our forefathers or thoughts were some of our forefathers therefore all the religion are our common legacy and today we are in the advantageous position of using its best part according to our need, so don’t let this golden opportunity go out of our hand according to all the scriptures seeking Gods kingdom has been termed as the most important work in life as worldly life is said to be temporary; some of us may be in this World for a very few days,Scripture says due to good deeds one is said to go to kingdom of Heaven which is eternal, Lets pray for all People so that they also feel absolute peace and gain surety of Salvation which is said to be the beginning of the kingdom of heaven in earth so that our Society become less corrupted ; the idea that Christianity have come to exterminate other religion is highly questionable- basically remnants of the Colonial nausea when some of the freedom fighters wanted to artificially create a Quick Pan Indian feeling by resorting to anti English and anti Christianity Political rhetoric’s as at that time Independence was the main issue which later boomeranged today in the form of rise of Communalism also , it is high time we appreciate each others beauty and leave other emotional and controversial question like Cultural loss and conversion up to God who according to scripture can alone judge. convert and punish each of us after death in the day of the judgment, and regarding loss of culture loss of everything theory it will be more prudent for us if we give more emphasis on more important issues like more growth of agriculture which is the need of the hour this can be made by our solemn promise during Mopin Festival which is the true intent for its celebration also, this can be of immense benefit to Society, excess emphasize on one particular emotional issues is bad for future Communal Harmony; things should be seen from practical utility point of view. Initial doubts in transition Period is natural, the way Holy Spirit possessed person cannot be changed so a Poor Person wanting worldly need cannot be changed overnight to follow even it may be a wonderful gospel ,therefore there has to be relegious tolerance from all the side so that only the calling of God alone is heard. The Christians should accept that had it not been for there strong culture and tradition they won’t have got the present spiritual realization and at the same time the others should see Christian revivalism as a spiritual development for the whole Society. One should feel fulfilled in wherever he is if he has not gone into depth of his roots where ever he is he will be always unhappy.

In any case Society will be always dynamic as we have earlier also derived from other alien Cultures and left bad ones like the evil practice of human sacrifice to Sun god has been left; but as this things happen so slowly that we did not felt its impact, thus change according to new need is inevitable the good things of others will be always incorporated that is why the Society survives that is the law of nature, it is the way it works for eg- Budhism failed in India were it originated; perhaps it may be the will of God so we being mare mortals should not tress pass on God’s jurisdiction when we should be concern with our bread and butter; therefore it is bad to hate and judge some body only because he is Christian or vice versa or it will not let a State develop as the hidden agenda of any religious groups claiming there superiority will later create a communal tension of worst order were every one will suffer accept few Peoples who are at present in the advantageous monopolistic position and might be allergic to concept of justice,transperacy and equality concept as preached by new religions to whose credit lies to a great extent French revolution and Russian Revolution etc. after years of Social injustice it is but natural that there will be initial tremor like it happened in Nagaland but later on hope things will be as good in Mizoram which unlike in Assam is prospering day and night and later due to lack of strong coordinated Spiritual belief system which promt meeting of minds the ULFA’s in Assam are yet to even sit in negotiation table with the Govt. of India; therefore it is bad to argue on those portion which suit one and not telling anything about other portions which clarifies that controversy, let us be beware against Politicians who always play divide and rule tactics everywhere to deviate the Publics from there misdeeds. Let all the religious followers of our State unite as they are in fact riding in the same boat; the critical subjects like religion should be understand in its totality or it is highly dangerous, meanwhile we should have respect for holy people of all the religion and whatever religion one belong must come together to make a better Society as no body can doubt the credibility of a Person searching the God if he does he is doubting himself; in all scripture emphasize has been not in eating and merry making together but to love and help thy neighbors during time of crisis; good for the followers that today they are also trying to modify there practices according to the new need, we should refrain from addressing each other in a provocating manner calling animists as Satan’s is highly condemnable as the Satan basically will like to control deeds of a Person motivating him to do evil things.Let everyone of us change our evil deeds which may be the main issue for the God and also accept that from Gods perspective no religion is foreign as this is certified by the common God above the earth and interdependence of all the religion for its growth as love is the ladder to reach heaven.Meanwhile I wish happy new year to all the Church and Gangi goers who are seeking God’s kingdom and aspire to make this world a better place.


Adv. Togo Basar

The Village Community Land

Lately the Village Community Land has become a source of scorn for the whole Villagers and Society with the old owners trieng to maintain there control and the raise of Land Donators Union have become a common features and the poor Villagers are seen to weep more for the place to bury than for there dead relatives eternal soul.This has further provoked making of rules for controlling of fishing and hunting as well ; this is good as well as bad good because our animal and fishes are also on the verge of extinction due to excessive exploitation and bad because there is already a Wild Life Act for that and by putting so much control we might be relinquissing our own right as Schedule areas has been given number of facilities officially and unofficially which we can lost by precedent we set . Therefore a thin line has to be drawn so that there is no mass uproar. Good for some Villages that they have made Village level rules for maintining the Status Quo of the Village land giving due recognisance to already occupied Village land for construction of house and grenarries by the respective occupiers, but still the legal battles are seen to be common features inspite of the atmosphere of the Society being vititated as a rich and Powerful man can be seldom stopped unless there is a clear cut amendment by the State Assembly as one way or other State is also responsible for appointing Gaon Buras based on political considerations alone leaving the deserving candidates .

In the eye of problems it has become imperative that Govt. does something as the time has come to enact a permenant Community land policy covering Village settlement areas, it is seen that some Peoples are misusing this legal Loopholes by donating a land for construction of Dere etc and after availing all the facilities take back the area surrounding it so that the donation has becomes meaningless. A new law must be all encomposing giving due respect to the Land owner by putting the land donors name in the foundation stone if possible along with the foundation stone layers and give an undertaking to give certain facilities to the land donators but the right of the land over private land other than Community land and land donated to Govt. has to be maintened at all cost only in case of Foothill areas different law can be made if possible as there due to failure of local Populace to control there land effectively many outsiders encroachers have came it is heard which is bad for State interests. The time is running out for us, tommorrow we wont get good land near Village for basic burial purpose even. Therefore the Village Communities should take initiative of procuring the land for this purpose at top priority. The Govt. though sometimes tries to control this problem through executive orders through D.C ,E.A.C and C.O but it is not sufficient as something more has to be done as sometimes the Public servant themselves are seen to co-operate with the rich and powerful Peoples in Local kebas.May be we have to have an amendment in Regulation act itself so that this Problems can be solved for ever as today no one will be that interested to give land to Govt. for development purpose and for other Charitable work as the rich and powerful take that back in the garb of land allotment; therefore we need to preserve what we have; why not the Govt.introduce this bill in the State Assembly as there will be lack of sincere officers like Tope Bam atleast in this field who have earlier also when he was E.A.C Basar was instrumental in passing an Executive order, and after becoming D.C Aalo vide an Executive Order dated Aalo the 18th December 2007 No.WS/JUD-8971/Vol-II has tried to dealt with this problem to do away with the Owners who try to claim back there donated community land in Villages.Lastly let atleast the dead ones rest in eternal peace.

Securing the Galo land

The Galo highlanders who are enjoying the security and peace must be always grateful to the brothers who are staying in low hill Foothill areas and protecting the motherland from Assam’s nefarious design. Though our forefathers have always frequented the foothill areas on the way to Dibrugarh and Sadia and showed extreme sense of intelligence though illiterate in dealing with the clever Plain peoples, in one occasion which represents one of the funny sides- a group of Villagers while cutting bate for there Contractors were caught by the owner of the cow which was slaughter by them and one of them showed his extreme sense of commonsense and sense of humor when they were compelled to swear that they had not eaten the cow in the name of God; this he did by swearing in local dialect by cutting the ground with the Daw and swearing in the name of Doni- Polo that they have eaten eaten eaten his Cow this is the translated version of the Galo language; the Cow owner was said to be satisfied as he thought the Villagers will not lie in the name of Dharti- mata as he could not understanding the language was convinced by his sincere act, in this way the clever fellow also saved himself from Gods wrath.

The credit for the settlement of Galos in foothill area can be given to the forefathers of Taipodias legend has it that lots of initial Tai forefathers were killed by man-eating tigers, however in recent case to Sri Jikom Ribaji and late Gumken Riba the Prodigal Galo’s who played main role to search for land and has secured our boundary to great extent , sri Jikom Riba still residing in Naharlagun and enjoying a happy family life may God bless him for ever and Late Gumken Riba though no more will be remembered for his immense contribution to the Galo Society. The present Foothill area was earlier thinly populated but the credit for mass settlement of the area definitely goes to both of them. In Present Seren Village which is located in between Pasighat side and Likabali this was discovered by Sri Jikom Ribaji; towards pasighat side other Galos might have been there but in Likabali side other than Tai area, Silli was earlier jungle area first occupied and cultivated by Daring Village youths under the leadership of Sri Jikom Ribaji .This happened on early part of 1963, while the prodigal son of the soil was on a vacation in his 2nd year St. Edmunds College days. He initiated a campaign in the Foothill area along with all landless Dari Villagers they went well armed carrying guns and dynamite for catching river fish and found the Silli area good for hunting animal, catching fish and rice cultivation but they found the Deories already cultivating the land who were very afraid of them mistaking them of being Chinese aggressors after hearing the sound of dynamite used by them for catching fish. They constructed a Dere and stayed there till they made there permanent house. On one occasion one Assamese Gaon Burah called Hojai met them and acknowledge Galo suzerainty upon those land and as token of acknowledgement of Galo Ownership of land gave rice 1No. and 10 No. of Ducks as posa as he accepted that Daddinpatta I,e- Rupees in kind was taken as tax by the Galo’s since time in memorial by the Galos in Likabali side and Koyu side. The Deories were given 7 days time to vacate the land and they started selling there rice to go to other place. Meanwhile Tamik Dabi the Base Superintend of today’s C.O rank send a warning that about 20 Assam Police was ready to strike and he has cleverly calmed them by saying that they were Chinese aggressors. Than before leaving the Silli Sri jikom ribaji is said to have divided all the land equally among the Villagers who accompany him from the Daring Village. Later on the young Jikom remembers that had hard time going back to College as there was threat perception from Deory sides. Another person who played formidable role was Late Gumken Ribaji who had to confront with the Nepalis for land.After Ribas kadus than Zirdo peoples came to settle in those areas. Unfortunately many Galo’s left the foothill leaving there land and some of them left there land completely at the mercy of there labors who later on claimed Ownership. This adventure attitude of Galos have been really helpful in Catering the ever-increasing need of land for our peoples need not to say today there is Galo every where and is contributing immensely to the growth of Local Indigenous Population as well today it will be foolish to reject the coming of quality peoples like America; good for the clan and state if its landless Peasants extend up to no mans land in Mechuka and Nacho side above Talia after proper study and negotiations with the local Population if any as the empty lands are better occupied by our own Peoples instead of refugees like Chakmas .Hajongs and Tibetans this project can be also backed by the APSU as the future is in the Snowfall areas in terms of Tourism for scenic beauty and costly fruits even though it will be difficult initially as the climate is said to be very hostile but no pain no gain like the earlier Tai Galos went through untold misery to secure our border for ever they are thoroughly worthy of our standing ovation. Today we have completely lost faith in our Galo dignity and failed to fight for even our due rights the Outsider are being preferred as Chief Guests for our Community meeting leaving our local senior Citizens in lurches, some Galo Community have shamelessly shown double standard Communal loyalty to other Community as well, every thing has become Politically and self interest motivated need not to say undermining the weakness of this Community it will be not surprising tomorrow even if the proposed broadening of National Highway from Likabali to Mechuka if diverted through other way the Galos will stay as silent like Caws.Inspite of the facts that Bogi Bridge will make our State very near from Likabali and State can also develop the Tourism as the Malinithan will be on the way and also in spite of the fact that some place have got Airport without any effort our representatives should fight for our Galo interests as it will be good for every Arunachalee after all this is the only most liberal place in State were there is marriage terms with all the Community and above all even outsiders have successfully opened there Business in Petrol and Gas sector without any objection whatsoever quarter other exception being in Capital. Therefore no body can be our enemy we just have to have belief in ourselves after studying the unblemished record of our forefathers and thrive to secure our future which has direct nexus to the well being of States future.

Sincerely your’s

Adv. Togo Basar.

You too Brutus

The good novel are store house of philosophy, unfortunately we have a less time for it this days. The Julies Caesar is a novel which is very apt for today’s political world . So an introspection is made on the novels character as one of us may be Brutus, Mark Anthony or Ceasar.May be Brutus who is Penned as the most famous disloyal friend in the History by the World Famous Novelist William Shakespeare the character who was shown as the most loyal friend and later turned as worst foe who is portrayed as the disloyal friend cum murderer of Julius Caesar the Emperor along with mark Anthony which made the Caesar to gave that famous exclamation, You too Brutus,’ that famous word which made the Brutus an object of hatred for the ages. But may be he was never brought up in his true perspective may be he loved Caesar but he loved something above everything else the protection of the system itself were even the power of Caesar was based that system which also gave right to the common Citizens which was ensured by Councilors as Greece was the first City State to do away with Dictators and follow Democracy by electing its rulers through Councilors.

Mark Anthony and Brutus must have earlier tried to advice his old friend to refrain him from being so ambitious but the changed friend might have given little importance to his old friends advice who had been responsible for the making of Caesar . It is to be realized that most of the Shakespeare work was made during the time of Queen Elizabeth-1 who was fighting a lost battle against the Constitutionalists who wanted to restrain the Power of the British Queen in the line of Greece City States. Shakespeare is alleged to be a close friend of Queen. So grim picture that is portrayed of Mark Anthony and Brutus is understood as like our modern Politicians who want to control the media and try to manipulate all the stories; the earlier Emperors also might have wanted to control eminent writers like Shakespeare. The Poor Brutus never get the chance to clear his name and still seen as a Disloyal friend but to many Greece Publics may be he might have been a hero as no body in Greece City State was supporting Dictatorship but there views were never reflected by Shakespeare as he was sponsored by Queen who was afraid of the Constitutionalists so there is a presumption that everybody was against Brutus. The old friend might have tried to advice the Emperor but who after testing the nectar of power become Whimsical and reckless so for the greater interest of Society may be he did this but at least they did not committed this when Caesar was out of Power this is worth pondering ; before murdering it is seen that Mark Anthony gives a very convincing speech which should have awakened Caesar to the ground reality and he should have repented, the message of the Julies Caesar novel is out and clear friendship is also important but nothing is comparable to the welfare of the Society. For all the power and glory enjoyed by the Caesar was dependent on his good equation with the Society and its system. Those Guys could have enjoyed good life themselves due to close proximity with Caesar but they were also Democrats as such they could not tolerate a stage when there own post were also at risk in the hand of a Dictator for a Dictator friendship seldom has any meaning he never likes a person happy in even No.2 position that is the typical feature of a Dictator as to became develop quickly if necessary they make enemy out of friendship and future threat was also there from simple looking Publics and other leaders who wanted to put Caesar under the ground alive which Brutus alone with his close proximity with the critics alone might have known. Remember how most of Iraqi senior leaders were ordered to be assassinated by Saddam Hussain to maintain his Leadership. Sunil Dutta Sahib was never elevated to the Union Minister Level during one Prime Ministers time time or for that matter Amitabh Bachaan dropped like hot cake by a Politician friend; in personal Economic crisis time only when he came in the fold of Mulayam Singh yadav which openly challenges the ambitious plan of Congress hegemony of look india policy by depriving the U.P below its nose than only Amitabhs new relationship with Amar Singh is criticized as today he has become an important man and a majore player in U.P Politics. At first there was greed and today there is egoism who to approach first that is the question as he is needed today so he is criticized .The challenge will be however to maintain personal friendship between two ideological dissimilar person which is difficult but not impossible specially if the rich friend shows little magnamity.Why in friendship one will always be at the receiving end ? If Brutus had anticipated the mob against the Caesar and warn him he had maintain his friendship but if due to a revolution his family itself was under direct threat than he was also right in spearheading the revolution against the Caesar for in Russian revolution Bolsheviks first of all killed the Rasputin the spiritual Guru of Russian Emperor before Russian Revolution whom they blamed for whole mess; may be Emperor might have also wanted to make him escape Goat. But how he can be blamed completely for the whole mess who joined the Royal camp so lately when the Russian Revolution was about to start whereas those who really enjoyed at the expense of Emperors name had already sided with Bolsheviks so it is wrong to blame Rasputin for that matter Brutus as the earlier old innocent friend Julies who have become a power crazy Dictator he could have never heard the advice of Brutus in any case ; Whatever may be the arguments Brutus also seems to have gone too far he should have definitely not himself murdered his friend, Unfortunately in our Society many Brutus are secretly ready to murder there friend that too without warning when there power is no more.

Sincerely your’s ,

Adv. Togo Basar

Regarding the Cabinet reshuffling in Arunachal Pradesh

It is surprised to see no concern for the dropped Cabinet Minister Jarbom Gamlin by Along Publics in particular and People of West Siang in general so far as it is an immense loss for the whole community that is very bad, People should be not that Dishonest and greedy and fearful ; however it shows the grim and dangerous reality to others also those who are at the upper hand as of now riding on the back of tiger themselves but a consolation has been also made in the form of re-induction of Sri tako Dabiji which is a welcome move , today the Society have become like the merciless spectator which watch the Person drawn without feeling the need to reach out for help like an incident in Rajasthan. Greedy to the core and lacking the morality and the guts to speak up the truth one day it will have a dangerous consequences, the silence of the Poor is the reason for the rise of Evil as already said by Edmund Burkey . I fear sometimes, that if he had not said this in context of us, who are class apart when it comes to sycophancy and chaploosi of the highest order and running out of sinking ship first like Rats at the first hand when your masters Ship start to sink ; this days it seems like the respect and regards showered to the Leaders are artificial, temporary and mare formality basically out of greed to stick to the comfort zone of privilege and position and fear of loosing it, not out of genuine love. That is the reason moment Official Tour of Minister finishes things goes as usual.

Who is responsible for it the leader or Publics God alone know, I remember the famous quotation of late Tomo Ribaji- You Guys keep on eating Cows ( in Assamese) but may be the leader being in the forefront of the system has failed to initiate something to get back the goodwill of the People like earlier Leader that is only possible if he keeps the interest of the State first, but that seems to be not possible in this Kalyug where all the Political rhetoric will be only in letter not in spirit ,as for now all the blame will be given to Public for taking money in the Election without evaluating who is giving money in spite of the Election commissioner Bane, if there is a Political will there be a Cabinet decision on action against excess Election expenditure, Calling CBI against all scandals- Lottery, Power,Subba project,FDR,PDS,Vana plantation Programme and Apex bank etc etc; but not in the interest of self Political score by persecuting adversaries relative who speaks truth- than only our State will prosper, by the way a honest MLA should be rewarded and under Right to information and Election norms all the list of Property of the Candidates be displayed in the Cine Board in DC office before Election, the Poor public have the Fundamental right to know how much rich there leaders are, but it is improbable – today the success mantra is divide and rule, money culture, Persecuting and telling ill of other who is not toeing your line ; unfortunately in our State instead of seeing the Performance of the candidate he is favored by how much loyal he is, but time is coming when you cant take the People for a ride any more as exemplified by recent lottery scandal . Those days are also gone when you cant expect popular criticism from public for persecuting the person and relatives those who speak truth as many Journalists who have expose corruptions have become Hero’s in there own right.And if a Democratic revolution does not come than one day a revolution by force may come which will be very bad for State as a whole unfortunately viewing the History through a revolution only a change may come as People seems to prefer a new wine in a, as the Old folks maintain there same character; today Politics have become art of clinging to power by hook or crook .

The Open hearted man who calls Spade an Spade seems to be not favored in our State and he will be dropped instantly that is bad for Arunachal Politics as we need honest and uncorrupted leaders as well so what they are vocal and brutally honest as the ruling Govt.Party without check and valance is a direct threat to the State as series of scams have rocked our State previously- Lottery Scam, Power Scam, Subba project Scam, tree plantation Scam,FDR Scam, PDS Scam so on and so forth the Corrupted politicians have minted money out of State Coffers and made disproportion wealth for themselves this can be verified if there is a neutral check by an investigation agency like CBI which is at present the popular demand this proposal will be definately pooh poohed by corrupted Peoples from top to bottom everything is rotten, let us accept the truth before it lead to a dangerous situation interestingly in other developed Countries also there are Constructive Opposition within the Party as the State is nobodies private Family property, the present trend of Corruption and Nepotism will have a dire consequences one day; for the Rich and the Haves who are right now justifying there monopoly by saying that leader is one who at least gives an impression of helping financially as peoples basically are greedy lots and justifying corruption and justifieng corruption, but in case of Mao Wadi like situations they will be first to migrate to green pasture as T.L.Rajkumar did leaving the Public in lurches who has to ultimately face the music so monopolistic activity in any form is definitely highly objectionable by any Civilized Society . Let us respect a leader from his performance not out of fear in this 2006 century when even the king of Bhutan last of the symbol of royalty in planet Earth has relinquish his Power and all the Dictators mostly exterminated including Saddam who is going to be hanged there is no scope for fear at present there is acute lack of moral uprightness by our Peoples they don’t enjoy the life to live with high heads so called dignity of living. Each successive Politician take no action against previous Corrupted leaders as there seems to have hidden agenda to lead a same life need not to say corrupted leaders are preferred for Chairman, MLA and MP tickets for reason best known to the Bosses.But I pervently hope a time is coming with growth of Spiritual Pursuits were People will be committed to live with dignity by following righteous path of justice, Equality and Corruption free life and at that time gone will be days of Chamchagiri and Chaploosi which is at present made the only mantra.The top Priority of all the Intellectual has to protect the interest of our loving State and definitely no son of the Bitch has right to spoil every bodies common legacy. The Galo Politicians in West Siang like always have once again shown there greed and self interests by placing interest of the Society below there personal interests; and like a Crab in the Plate they are seen pulling each others leg to come out first. But Man proposes God disposes, nobody can stop the God gifted merit of a person if he is really destined. At this time of crisis of his Colleagues bogged by scandals like Lottery the Jarbom’s capability could have been exploited to there benefit. Jyoti Basu used to take opinion of the majority Colleagues before taking any major decision- that way even the blame of the wrong decision used to be shared by Politburos, because in future everything is accountable so what people at present are evidently submissive by nature, when even Gandhis who have sacrificed so much for the Country there Dynastic hegemony are even challenged today one has to be realistic today the Leader should be more then contend with getting an Honorable exist as Jyoti Basu with no enemy in future against him. It is hoped ultimately, better sense will prevail on Jarbomjis Colleagues. Its high time the big Boss in Itanagar who will be solely liable as a General in future to do away with the Psycho- pants and misguides who have there own vested interest who are ready to change there loyalty like it happened in Nepal any time at any day.


Adv. Togo Basar

The Bihar without Laloo

The popular slogan of the Lalu camp that can Samosa be made without aloo and can Bihar be run without Laloo has been totally found baseless now that he has been weight measured and found wanted. This are the common fundas by which ageing Politicians tries to retain his monopoly .Like the initial doubts of non Ahums like mahantas had been now cleared by good governance of Ahum representatives lead byLate Hiteswar saikiaji and Tarun Gogoiji, who are seen to fight against anti Social elements basically of there own Community like Ulfa and Sulfas successfully; so to exaggerate the consequences of future is seen to be a mere speculation to make the People toe there own line. Biharis were once treated more than Untouchable, so much so that once in Delhi University the Biharis were ashamed of calling themselves as a Bihari.As most of the notorious act were committed in Bihar even the I.A.S officers family were not secured in Bihar remember the molestation of North East Students in train that lead to mass protests and unwanted repercation like mass murder of Biharis in Assam. As the Laloo Raj was more of a theatrical show than a serious Government it was sure to fail as he was seen more fit for acting in movie than his deliverance. As the Govt itself was based on its goondas and inferiority complexion of the Lower casts Yadavs and Kurmis etc. who enjoyed Laloos bashing of the higher cast and Muslims who were to some extent obliged to him for protection during Babri masjid Disputes . The dirt of Bihar which seemed to have increased during Laloos time, also seem to have ultimately polluted our Lalooji who was once a diligent follower of jaya Prakash narayan.

The good thing about Bihar is they are trying to retain there self respects, and a gentleman in form of Sri Nitish Kumarji have become the Chief minister who was said to be once a friend of Lalooji but did not sided with him as the man seems to be a God fearing Person as he seems to dislike the goondagardism through Pappy yadav and Sadhu Yadav; in the end he walked tall with dignity slowly and slowly that man was destined to become great as in initial stage only money is needed later common Publics manages everything who are keenly watching the show . In the later years Lalooji contrary to his stature was seen ending up in caste based rallies and he became started to be identified as a caste based leader without mass following ,as what is also accepted of a Person whose record are also doubtful; will any Person with a vision of development join in laloo sponsored development meetings when even the Public don’t believe what they speak and as such the naotanki didn’t last long and by that time laloos trump card of castism was also overplayed by him. If taking Peoples submission nature for granted if a donkey is made a Chief Minister will it lasts so it happened with Rabri Devi .As Nitisji was well aware of laloos whimsicalness of testing his Loyalties to the point of damaging other leaders self respect he prepared waiting which bear him fruit may be he thought that there are so many Laloo chamchas why not become his counter part.

The good thing about Nitish is other ministers forgets Election promises but he seems to stick to his gun to punish those found taking bribe and taking action against Peoples who have surreptiously earned money beyond there known source of income; from the day one he is seen fighting against odds. This will pay him in long run mass leader who is genuinely respected will have masses with him remember the Gandhijis Charismatic power he could have pulled more crowd than Jawaharlal Nehru any day and any time. Unfortunately in our State people has completely forgotten the power of the righteousness. In the greed of instant fame and money they get shadowed by there seniors typical image. The power of the Laloo was playing in greed and fear of the People. Nitish has rightly made a right move by doing what he is best known for- by bringing a fear psychosis among the corrupted Peoples who have been controlled to a great extent; but it will definitely take time to completely uproot a system which has made root so deep. The impossible was possible with Nitish because he himself must be honest to the core. If there is too much of everything than it may boomerang precisely Biharis were wakened by excess corruption ;The Nitish era has seen to began and is a challenge for other States- the point is if Bihar can change why not other. The success story of Nitish is a danger bell for other States were politicians dominates the States and treats its property like a family property by misleading the Publics that the next Govt. will be worst than theirs. Earlier Bihar was definitely fit to be called a hell as it was very frightening to cross Bihar by train specially in night time and list of our students who died in Bihar after getting mental torture in ragging was so much that Govt. ought to have refrained from purchasing B.E and M.B.B.S seat in this place like Bihar long time back as I am seeing 2 or 3 students casualities itself in my own place. Hope finally everything will change for good. It is not necessary that all the mayhem and chaos were product of Lalujis dirty mind but being a General today he cannot escape the responsibilities; that is also bad that when he was in helm of power no body had guts to advice him if he had been criticized initially than things like Fodder Scam were a duck was shown to eat as much as a cow and incident like Bhagalpur incidents could have been checked .But above all the worst the Lalus legacy is seen in the rise of Naxalism as when Social justice is deprived than one day or other there is a Social revolution may be he being one of OBC member had turned to become a siphon of the creamy layer himself by gulping all the Public funds without yawning.The Nitish experiment is keenly watched by Publics of other place- Nitish Bhai lage raho as it takes halluba lots of guts to refuse taking money at the highest level were only cancer seems to starts and can be removed as well.

Sincerely yours,

Adv. Togo Basar

The Social Transformation in Japan

The Japan can be a role model for our Country specially North East State as the People there are Mongoloid and are going places. The discipline of the Japanese peoples can be traced to the Kendo sports were the samurai warfare with the swords now made of wooden are very popular, this started from Bushido beliefs were sword was considered as culture as the Samurais the sword fighters saved the Japanese Peoples from invading Mongols. This seems to give them the focus they needed to fight the world 1st World war, 2nd World War and now the business World, as most of the famous Companies are origin of Japan like Yamaha, Toyota, Nippon Battery, Kawasaki and Nokia etc . The Samurai cult was later made more famous by a Roni short of a Guru in this field, Taizo Sakamoto the famous Roni later formed the famous Mitsubishi Company and uncalculated discipline in his Company which become a model for other Japanese Company as well. The famous Samurai Musasi’s Book of Five Rings are most famous book on Samurai fight he wrote it like our Lord Buddha in a spiritual solitude. In India due to lack of permanent Sports we suffered, the Kabaddi-the only native sports could have been a good alternative to Kendo in Japan but Young Guys are treating it as the way they treat Krishi Darshan. And Cricket is not cup of Tea for all as it is a costly game.

In our culture also there is a folk story of our forefathers fighting with the sword but in the absence of written record we have completely lost the formulas but still some good qualities sword are found in some areas like in Bokar areas of Arunachal Pradesh which resembles the Sword of Oriental serial,`Him giri Ke Wir’.The japanese virtually takes Samurai as a religion so they are discipline lot long before a India united under Cricket in Japan they had developed this sporting sense. As the Oriental seem to have always a penchant for warfare this is seen to be reason for liking of martial arts movie by Mongolians

.But there is negative aspect as well the tradition of hara-kiri suicide by Samurai in case of loss or order of master made the Young Japanese as a cannon Fodder in 2nd World War by committing kamikaze who was later known as the angel of the sky. The Japanese are also very interested in Sumo Wrestling so much so that even famous Japanese actress die to merry a ugly looking Sumo Wrestlers as they are treated so divine. The sports since ages played a major role in disciplining Japan . It is time that our Govt. give due emphasize to Peoples from Sporting and Military background a start can be made by a suitable use of responsible and discipline Ex-Army Officers who are in position to inspire the State.

Sincerely Your’s,


Adv. Togo Basar

The Spiritual Centre and Politics

There is always argument weather a Religion Centre should play Pro active Politics like it happens in some place a friend of mine joked once You see Peoples Vote them because they fear going to hell the Holly mans should be in Holy place but if need be if the Society fails in producing a genuine leadership it must play a pro active role as we cannot accept the corrupted Leaders to inspire the Society. The Spiritual centre in India have failed to maintain a theological balance they preach what they cannot practice . We try to spiritualize everything in our own way, but we do not recognize the Gods truth for justice and if some body fight for justice he will be criticized specially in some belt who want lawlessness to continue as they believe in a make belief World that they gain that way . When whole world is praying for good leaders the preference for corrupted once is really surprising, at least a God fearing person from any religion is expected to deliver much better now that all the Publics have been cheated by false promise of Promotion, appointment, land allotment etc. yet they may want to have the hope by welcoming another batch of liars; to get something we must sacrifice, if we resist ourselves from temporary Political Blitzkrieg during election than the way after Samudra Manthan Amrit comes it may be for our State as no pain no gain . The evangelism and Socio-Political environments are both part and partial of Spiritual duty and faith without work is dead.

It will be a shame on our part if we do not wake up with a new sense of responsibility for self- reliance and self-identity and response to the Prophetic call to fight for justice this is same for all the religion followers. For many years we have not been able to speak out our own rights , not to speak of writing something about it. The Church was preaching only about the future salvation as if it were the only role , and social responsibilities were set aside.W.C. Bannerjee founded National Congress in Dec.30.1885 and Rev.C.F. Andrew Christian missionaries’ played a majore role for shaping Indian politics later was even called as,` Traitor,’ by the Britishers but he stood for justice and was later appreciated by Britishers as well. A Country without having genuine Patriotic leader can never usher prosperity into the Country, a Patriotic Leader will call spade a spade this can be only possible if they are from spiritual background to inspires a high moral standard of living to others like Abraham Lincoln who even selected his enemy No.1 called Stanton as the war Secretary in spite of the apprehension of his adviser, his reply was,` I know that Stanton has said terrible things against me, but looking about the Nation I say he is the best man’.Very often we forget the word Life Service and preach soul winning but ignore the cry for justice. If the love of God and love to men is absent in our life, no gift , no talent or possession can substitute to fulfill the will of God. Than let us see the historical act of God from time to time which is seen in all religion-

At the Central point of the revelation history, God acted to liberate the poor and

God acted in history to exalt the poor and the oppressed and to cast down the rich and
the oppressors.

God’s People, if they are truly God’s People, are also on the side of the Poor and Oppressed.

The God destroyed Israel not only because of idolatry, but because of economic exploitation and ill treatment of the Poor.

Again , God’s word in Holy Bible through the Prophet Amos are also harsh-

………. Take away from me the noise of your songs;

to the melody of your harps I will not listen.

But let justice roll down like waters,

and righteousness like an overflowing stream.

(Amos 5: 21-24 )

May be this was same of Lanka during Ravans time; When Jesus said greatest commandment was to love your neighbor he mean to say each day we pass by the street were our own brother still lay injured like it happened once in Jericho road were so called Gods People passed by avoiding the injured traveler but a Samaritan supposing a non Christian in today’s time stop to help him; thus by not bringing the word of God to a practical utility we might have failed God as well. Martin Luther King had rightly said in his book,` Strength to Love’, that religion which concerns only with human soul and not his economic and social life is not a good religion. When the wall of Jerusalem were broken down and every thing was in confusion, there was no one left to build the defenseless city. Only a man called Nehemiah came back from Foreign land, filled with burden for his homeland and told his People,` Let us rise up and build’. Holy Bible ( Nehemiah 2:18 ). I challenged the so called born again spiritually awakened Person of all the religion to come forward and take the burden of cross of our Country which is going to be

crucified alone for our chalega type attitude as Jhon F. keneddy the young president of America once said,` think not what Your Country has given to you but think what you have given to your Country.’It is time for members of Hindu religion the majority Peoples of great India at they are member of great religion were there is no scope for violence and hatred; to love oneself and co-religion member is easy but the real taste is loving a person from other religion that may be reason God has made each of us so different to taste and find the real soul inside us in this temporary world so henceforth clarian call to all the religion members let us together make a better India amen.

Sincerely Your’s,


Adv. Togo Basar

The Golden Opportunity lost

The golden opportunity is lost for the Indian subcontinent with the death of Gandhiji who was only man whom the masses respected truly, the Country have become orphan in his absence. Can the Gandhi success story be revived now, no never will be the instant answer specially the corrupted Politicians will give a long lecture forgetting that he might be one of the main problem, when it comes to cleaning the mess -as a old building has to be first demolished , before a new is constructed; as a long monopolistic rule is seen to develop a sense of dependency and a lack of interest for experimentation and exploration in other fields a situation is not congenial for development as everybody is seen with suspicion like it happened in Nithari U.P recently were many Childrens were murdered under the very nose of Police as the Police fed up of Political interference sit idle ;The true introspection of soul is need of the hour, the way Japanese come back more stronger after the dropping of atom bomb, as unfortunately after a disaster and revolution alone a Country is seen to rise from long sleep or it is seen to be same old wine in new bottle in each Cabinet reshuffle for revolution can be never spearhead by one in power unless one takes a Political risk to fill his Cabinet with clean image Persons which is improbable as corrupted Persons will get the Political trust of his master easily or as they may have a common interest of saving there Skeen against a resurrected Publics who are at present sleeping, that’s why Mussaraf is being laughed at when he talks at removing corruption, it is a Human tendency to govern according to ones point of view not trusting others this mindset Aurangzeb even ruled from his bed, in fact it’s like maniac state of mind . The way the house owner spoils the party if he is not receiving the guests and and pock into affairs of all the servants. The way Pope generation survived our MTB generation Children’s may also survive one day, though there activities are very irritating initially to us but this was the way our father felt, this is generation gap. So some of our seasoned Politicians should not feel divine responsible to change the world without changing themselves first as they are the idle of the Society, as some Younger generations may prove better bet then there Predecessors given the chance, some smart Politicians by staying for such a long time may have become a bad example of this Society like cricket dominating the Indian Sports . Political lecture is easy but if they themselves are not from other background like agriculture, horticulture and business how can they expect others to excel in the various fields so does they have any moral authority to refuse Publics for Contract favors’ or a job? as they had diverted there talent only to mint easy money via Politics in there hey days and has today shown it as the easiest Business venture and never showed the Political will to clean the whole mess in there life time it is doubtful how the older folks who are basically the architecture of everything what is happening right now can demolish a system they have built so pain takingly, kudos to them that Politics has become the key to Palatial mansions and colorful life; the greedy workers have been reduced to become middleman for procuring any thing and everything it is heard and some even elevated to higher post it is suspected for managing immoral things for there Political masters. There is seen to be a pre-meditated effort to mislead the Peoples about the value of having them who are rich and established as if they have not earned it at the cost of State treasure and as if they are not afraid inside .By letting the People forget the power of righteousness and truth so that there Political shop continues to open which is exemplified by the way big bosses are favoring corrupted persons like themselves and surprisingly it is heard that even the opposition leaders are enjoying party together with them in Five Star Hotels need not to say such type of Party will they ever come to power. But Public are also not right either, by calling all tom dick and Harries and scam stars as Chief Guests in there cultural festivals who have earned pot of gold in a dubious way they have also indirectly promoted Corruption. For the all the Nova rich are seen to spend money like anything to get respect whereas original rich Peoples need not to have to prove there credentials for they were original rich Peoples when even there State capital was a jungle they earned out of there shear hard work though some will pooh pooh this claim specially those who suddenly come from no where and are the one who are trying to convert there black money into white. But some of the Young and Nova rich are also modest enough to accept there sudden rise and also said to be undertaking charity in a big way at least this is a consolation for them. Another weakness of the Public is seen in slavish mentality and jealousy of preferring the existing Leaders against a new dynamic once. This is because today publics have become immoral to such an extent ; our last hope is in Church and Temples which can be jointly used effectively against this moral corruption.

Unfortunate for India that it lost a prodigal son in N.T. Rama Rao who to some extent, tried to imbibe the Gandhian way by sacrificing the C.M.Banglow and staying in a cottage, though he lost the power but Andhra Pradesh gained so much as the revolution starts from top only and Ramarao show his political and personal will , but today will there be anybody so foolish enough to take that risk and leave that privilege position from were he can control and manipulate everything to his greedy hearts content; the way N.T Ramarao’s

relatives throw him out at his new avatar, no body wants to make that risk as no body truly loves the motherland he only pretends to get Vote, our Leaders are not following the promise he makes in Swearing in Ceremony in letter and spirit and that’s why some of the Politicians specially in North east have become too big for the simple poor mans understanding who are enjoying rich and living high profile life like Nar Bahadur Bhandari once lived with unlimited power that prompted Sikkim Voters to elect a honest person like Chamling who did not fail them either so danger bell may be also awaiting those who think themselves as Untouchables likeAlcappone the mobster of Chicago who was finally convicted in Disproportionate wealth case; have our Leaders overplayed there all techniques as is seen by dwindling small gathering of Publics in election Rallies and having to content with marriage ceremonies, Promotion parties and Communal meetings. Tactics like divide and rule and Political enacted dramas like pretending as if no horse trading was done for garnering M.L.A support are of course effective tools to fool the Publics but it has also its limitations ,what happened of Jamir in the end, the coordinated attack was the last thing he had anticipated and was not prepared for and similarly Laloos over smartness may have provoked the People of Bihar to be more united and let him face defeat in spite of his media Blitzkrieg by proclaiming ,`jab tak Samosa mey alu Hain,Bihar main laloo Hain.’ The furious Publics could not tolerate his whimsical attitude they made sure that Alu was continued to be put inside the samosa in Bihar even after Laloo was no more. What is the determining factor today in Election result no body can fathom , annoyance against too much of manipulating or the fast changing need of the Society, this days Political Pundits are unable to predict the Election results.

Amidst the chaos the good part is intellectual democracy is also improving, armed with latest facilities like mobile and telephone and above all willing to stand tall as an Individual and community as the Education and Spiritual realization has prompted us to question ourselves like never before, if the Nepali peoples could make their kings run for there money we have absolutely no reason to be fearful of voicing our views that seems to be the new mantra, as greatest freedom is freedom from fear, today as there is unity of thinking like never before and we as an Individual and community are more powerful unlike in Emergency days were they had to fight against odds .Today as we have also more or less crossed the transition period and there is no scope for disunity of mind due to our common goal and wants good governance at all cost as much talked about money Publics had accepted from Leaders in election has been rightfully found to be a mare hoax by the publics as the Leaders have increasingly realized that if they don’t play other cards now, the hungry Publics will probably devour themselves as spoiled by the Leaders now God can alone satisfy there need and probably tired of helping Arunachal Publics he is also resting as for

Now. Publics also seems to be fed up of as the saying goes- howsoever Wild Cats goes after Elephants its testicles will never fall. Therefore coming Elections will be a litmus tests for the Politicians.

In the front of mighty adversary the way Gandhiji become immortal you never know how much potential man have, he can do great wonders. Today we need to fight against that mindset that- if you have more pots of gold, palatial mansion and hefty Bank balance better that too even in Swiss Bank its best, for you have an extra confidence to bribe even the that have been disapproved by judicial activism, today many corrupted Politicians like Laloo have been sent to jail were is there rightful place by the order of Supreme Court and High Court, unfortunately today also some Duryodhans seems to choose Sri Krishnas large army and money instead of choosing one who is the embodiment of righteousness and thus lost the battle- for the battle belong to God. Let us together fight against those ones- serving expired Whisky and rums at throw away price and putting common whisky in Black Dog bottle to brainwash the innocent Voters and playing with there life’s, I appeal all the Ngo’s specially women NGO’s to destroy those stuffs in Election like it is done in Mizoram which is disturbing election of good representatives . The Publics should also not live in a make belief world that all of there sons and daughters will be saturated in job one day or other if they oil there Political Bosses, the seasoned Politician used to commit this to his numerous supporters but which ultimately are given to their relatives or are confined to Vicious circle, but if the job is really sell for cash or kind or for mischievous considerations which pertains to morality as it is commonly believed now it will have dire consequences one day as there will be a chances of revolution by undemocratic way .

But accepted that the Political system cannot be also not made full proof unless new batch of Guys who are less corrupted and less power crazy and at least from any religion background with strong conviction in God checked thoroughly the way the Nithari Killer was checked in Lie Detector basically from Professional background like Doctors, Advocates, M.B.A and Charter Accountants etc. who should continue there professional practices so that they don’t gobble up M.L.A and M.P. funds . Today Govt. tries to control everything, if somebody is an honest Journalist than what more to say, but things are changing one should respect each others Individuality if the Society has to continue. So much of controlling upon the Officers and Publics

will today show a negative results as they will lost interest in entrepreneurship, need not to say the Industrial houses in India are seen to favoring Coalition Politics as they are not in a position to control the State machinery which disturbs the Business as one Party Govt. serves only those who are in the helm of power.

But surprisingly even today if great persons like Gandhi had been born he would have cleared all the mess, instead of blaming others he would have started the good Samaritan work himself. And would have replied the press in the same way on being asked why you are traveling in 3rd class compartment of the train, that as there was as no 4th class compartment ,as he felt for the majority Publics who were unprivileged. His connections with the poor was his strength, unfortunately others fail to see this, as the greatest asset is to make a place in others heart not building a palatial mansion as our Country men are yet to make a decent house, the burden of richness itself will one day kill a person as the robust Nixon in the eye of Water Gate Scandal had to eventually resign on the order of Supreme Court; so the richness alone is also not the ticket to success. Had Jesus Christ been there instead of hating them he would have convince them like Jackeous the tax collector to make charity to the Poor’s before the day of Judgment after all they are the one who are having sleepless night and sick of all, slogging like donkeys and amassing wealth for there next life as well like the foolish Pharos of Nile those lunatic Pyramid makers.

The way Swami Vivekananda could excel in everything as he meant Business in whatever he did. I want to appeal to the members of third Estate to realize the responsibility and power of the media and stop being ending up as Tenali Rama to there Political betenoirs. The way corrupted Politicians shamelessly fight to keep there folks intact by hook or crook by giving all sort of explanation justifying there actions, using Carrot and stick policy why we cant fight for our Society as we are in majority and if Gandhi alone can do it why we cannot. Lets together fight against the decisive forces who use divide and rule tactics in the name of religion, caste and communalism etc, meeting the groups separately and poisoning each others and encouraging the Publics to take money as they cannot change and have no moral authority to change there already started ways in Society and want it to continue that way. There seed of communalism which they had planted one day when they had to compensate for there lack of money in there initial Political carrier have today become a big banyan tree, they are the new East India Company sometimes worst than them, ready to gulp others as later at least removed some evil practices like Sati system and left the Country in time feeling responsible like a good master without making an excuse to complete its Third Diamond Jubilee which would have been its own achievement as they had excel the art of manipulation, of course credit also goes to Nehruji who maintained his personal friendship with Lord Mountbatten and Family at the same time was committed to his mission . For ending the evil of corruption it is imperative that there is immediate separation of Judiciary in all the States specially in Arunachal Pradesh if necessary there should be a Presidential order so that innocent Publics are not cheated; Today a Political vendetta against the one who speaks for the Publics will have serious reparcations as they have large fan following it will be more prudent to appreciate each other. But may God also bless our Leaders so that they be able to repent and pave the way for smooth transition like Bism Pitha Ma in Kurukshetra; as there are also some die hard supporters who will like there leaders to retire respectfully resigning like Australian Cricketers in the helms of form and power ; not that the older flocks were bad always but it was good when it lasted but may be time has come to make a new houses after hold house whatsoever we have an emotional feeling with have become delapithed, destroying old before making a new will be more prudent, the Youth Leaders who are the Future generation must come together leaving all there differences for common good to solve the issue of future Leadership openly and honestly. It will be a great danger for the State if present Leadership suddenly leave the arena as they have hardly groomed any leader due there Political whimsicalness and insecurity , this is fact at all levels. Now the ball is in the Court of veterans to get a standing ovation farewell like Shane Warn in the height of achievement man you can now create a history as later it may be case of Azzaruddin.

Let us appreciate those Peoples those who fearlessly guided our Leaders at the risk of there personal life and who at least took up the issues of scams in a majored way. There are too many questions to be answered. If soon something is not done in the line of N.T.R of Andhra People the future of our States are in doldrums, will Publics be happy to face the increasing Govt. tax after each successive elections and facing dangerous grim situation of educating once relative without the chance of getting job based on merit this things if not improved it will lead all us to a dangerous stage were the interests of the siphons’ of the creamy layers will be first challenged .Hope this article will be an eye opener and a cause of spiritual re-birth for everyone including those in the higher echelon of Politics.

Regarding right to Propagate any Relegion

Regarding Right to Propagate any Relegion the Constitution is pretty clear.The Fundamental Right Art. 25 to 28 confers right to practise religion . In the code of Arunachal Volume also this has been supplemented under Freedom of Relegion act I suppose.Therefore it is settled that it is a basic and inaliable right of the Citizen to accept a religion of his choice since prohibition against discrimination on the ground of religion, caste etc. is incorporated in articles 15 and 16.Therefore misconception that S.T certificate will be denied to the Converted Christians are all concocted and fabricated basically remnant of K.A. Raja ‘s Christian persicution era. This notion has been disaprooved once and for all by maximum numbers of Christian successful candidates in the list of previous APSC successful candidatees .The objectives specified in the Preamble contain the basic structure of our Constitution which cannot be amended in exercise of the power under article 368 of the Constitution. Keshavananda Bharti V. State of Kerala, AIR 1973 SC 1461: (1973) 4 SCC 225, paragraphs 292,437,599 ,682 and 1164. And as in S.R.Bommai V. Union of india (1994)3 SCC 1, Paragraph 153: AIR 1994 SC 1918 it was said that Secularism whatever it may mean is basic structure of constitution therefore since part of Basic Structure of Constitution it can never be abbrogated therefore no body will dare to curtail this right at the danger of his own service or Political Post for it will tentamount to be a fight against the Constitution itself. In a landmark judgement of S.C preaching as been considered as an integral part of the Christian religion and faith any body can convert to his choice of religion but only in case of Shedule Caste after convertion they will fail to get there original right since S.C is a cast based right and there is no discrimination in other religion. so after Ambedkar father of the Indian Constitution converted to Budhism with his followers they were no more considered Harijan and started to be treated as per with higher caste Hindu relegion. In case of S.T besides Fundamental right and provisions those enshrined in Preamble Supreme Court is clear that they will continue to get there all benefit after conversion to any other religion. Only restrain regarding religion seems to be given in 153-A I.P.C which is also a Penal Provision which is not raised to the status of Fundamental Right it is only weapon to check Promoting of enmity between different groups on grounds of religion,race,place of birth , residence ,language , etc., and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony for which one shall be punished with imprisonment which may extend to three years or with fine or with both. And if the offence is committed in place of worship which will include even religious ceremonies like Mopin and Healing crusades than punishment may extend to five years and shall also be liable to fine . This case will be Cognisable, Non- bailable- Non- Compoundable and triable by a magistrate of the first class. Therefore the religious groups should be very responsible and understanding to each other before an incident like the burning of St. Stain in Orissa happens which may completely vititiate the atmosphere. I appeal both the Communities to be very restrain and the burden of Peace lies to the Peoples who are in majority in there respective areas the Christians in Tirbin and Likabali should tolerate the activity of the Donyi-Poloist to the extent of giving them Dere for temporary use similarly the followers of Doni- Ploism should also

show there magnamity in there majority area like Basar and Aalo, as the common aim of all the religion should be making a better Society. I dream a day when the Religious force of Arunachal together will come and work together to work for a better Society this may be a dream now but already having a common goal we cannot nullify this in future; though most likely initially in this transition period our differences will be taken advantage by those who are resorting to divide and rule technics which is worth pondering but hope one day we will be able to see our certain similiarities and work together for our common good. For a wonderful Society which is awaiting us we should do away with the Superiority complexion and do away with hate which will ultimately eat us all; only because of someones religious background, one should be not hated just like that- Why we don’t see that before a christian or Doni Poloist he is our own, way each part of the body has its importance Society works that way; if somebody is hated for hitting somebodies interest is it justified to hate him just like that specially if the Guy stands to some extends for all others right, does not all the religion teach us to stand against the injustice as after all somebody has to tie the bell in the Cats neck . If we don’t rectify this negetive attitude of us reserving praises and accolodes for only ones own son and daughter we will suffer the way like Tirap Peoples suffered; probably the curse for hating Galos they get in return by todays insergency problem as unending hatred against the Galos and Adis latter paved the way for the growth of insurgency as later when Galos and Adi left some thing body had to be made a punching bag and a common enemy and it resulted in fight between haves and have nots this hatred was taken advantage by Insurgents who are supposed to have a nexus with politicians for manipulating majority in the Assembly this may be also truth as leaving few like Jarbom Gamlin no body voice there opposition against there activities in Tirap ; contrary to popular belief it was not the Christianity and the Holy Bible which prompted insergency it was result of a long neglect and not addressing immidiately to the new need of Tirap Society which Undergrounds take advantage of ; Christianity never propagate hatred, it says those who fight with the sword will die with the sword thus Insergents have been today sidelined in States like Mizoram and Nagaland .

Thus ones merit should be appreciated some Peoples are unfortunately propagating hatred which will have a dire cosequences one day; if this Social hatred persists one day it may aggrevate class war like in Tirap were all the rich Peoples had to run away leaving the Tirap for good we definitely don’t expect that scenerio in our Society as later it will be bad for everyone. Oneday it is pervently hoped that both the majore Galo religion will come to term with each other, and if People goes berseck like it happenned in Tirap believing that all there problem had been always due to Social unequality rendered by the Haves than God alone is owner of those Leaders who are at present trieng divide and rule tactics misusing there Political platform for talking ill against those who don’t toe there line instead of working for the cause of Social Unification which is the need of the hour instead prefering to talk both the Parties separately with the evil intention so that they can be made cannon fodders against each others basically for there own never ending greed. There negetive Politics will though continue for sometimes as the religion is Opioum of masses as said by Moutse Tung therefore it is will be there best weapon as religious Politics are best medicine to keep calm hungry and emotional Publics who if come

to senses will be a real threat like in Tirap. We need to equivocally fight against there nefarious design as it will one day boomerange on themselves first and every one later at present though it a good way to divert there misdeed now which disturbs good governance which we all desperately want . Poor Christians in our Arunachal were earlier persecuted like anything may God never again give such situation to other religion , the puppet regime under the Leadership of Lt. Governor K.A. Raja were influenced at that time to try to pass even the Indegenious Faith Bill which failed even that time when there were no Christian representatives and today when our all Arunachal brothers when they have realised and are committed to protect the right of self determination of there and others right and after latest S.C judgement where the S.C showed its power of Judicial activism to the highest extent were in that land mark judgement it was said that even the provision in 9th Schedule vide which the State Govt. used to legislate certain laws passed by the Parliament pertaining to Fundamental Right and Preamble this was unconstitutional as it was a step to violate Fundamental Rights and Provisions of Preamble through a back door legislation in State assembly.

But one must not compell other to toe there own line for those who freely gospel around and to those who also provoke the argument and later blame the Christians as if they are not willing to hear the good news of God it is humbly appealed that it is a highly critical subject let us judge ourselves are we worthy of becoming Gods messengers and to those poor souls if they are really unhappy than there is a problem and if there is problem there must be a solution as well and by patient hearing and by being convinced of the truth by patient hearing you discover the truth ,happiness and peace of mind than you cannot later blame any religious groups that you have been forcefully converted as if you were tied with a post to hear the preaching if you don’t want to hear you could have well run away. So only a week person will blame other if you want to become a Christian or Doni- Poloist who is opposing you as you are the master of your own destiny and yourself will be accountable for your deeds; we should not blame each other as no body will today give initiative and money to toe there views it may happen in Politics but not in religion as one has to really go in the system to see the facts . Therefore the Magistrates must use there judicial mind in such kinds of cases . The State cannot discriminate on the ground of relegion, race,caste, sex or place of birth as per the Fundamental Right given in Article 15, unfortunately earlier the State was seen to favour some outside missionery Institution whose workers were mostly not tribals even, not that they don’t deserve help but today there has to be no preferential treatment or if after claiming there right if any religious Community is denied there right than they can move to the Court.It is a wrong notions to think that every Christian denominations are getting foreign Fund and so deny them State facilities this discrimination is highly condemnable at the same time the Cristians should not think every Public servents as anti Christians and shy from availing Govt. benefits.Neverthless we should be sympathetic to a new religions initially who need our passive and active support for its sustainence.The Public must be concern with quality education as Govt. has its limitations the way the St.Stephens and saint Xeviers are noted as famous Colleges and the Parents are dieng to admit there sons there even pretending to the extent that they are from Christian background therefore the yeoman service to the nation must be seen first. It is a wrong notion to think that all the Students from Christian Schools later become Christians did Swami Vivekananda studied in a Hindu school. The good God who must be a Gentleman must be giving us all a freedom of choice.Today we must rise above our parochial view in this Global world let us be concern with eating mango and leave away with this animal instinct of counting the seeds as hearing good things from whatsoever quarter benefit everyone .