Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Survivors

Like last of the Mohicans a Hollywood movie , a few first batch of the Delhi University Students from Arunachal Pradesh are only surviving who abused their young days by resorting to alcoholism and drug abuse , the rest are sleeping in peace in their graves . Those poor souls who never knew the importance of time and get entangled in alcoholism and drug abusing which was once fashion there in Delhi University in late eighties . The transformation from a jungle area to New Delhi must have been so sudden like the Geronimo and his friends of the Apache Tribe of the Red Indians of America felt after they were evacuated from their original home Turkey Creek to Government reservation .The first batch of the Delhi Students were greatly revered by their Parents and the Society this also spoiled them to a great extent . Besides our Society was so simple and gentle that we failed to adjust in a new place , we all felt out of the touch of the place in Delhi in our Student days , frankly When we reached Delhi we were shocked to see the rock show which was completely a new thing in this part of the world .And worst was when we had to again face our Society after many years but for us fortunately we survived after lots of alcoholism .
The another groups of Arunachal Pradesh who show there worst transformation was the SSB chaps who were transferred from Arunachal Pradesh to other part of the Country . Obsessed with wine and debauchery the Poor Guys had tough time in other places like Bihar and Nepal . My Friend joked that one Bihar News Channel was saying that since when the SSB monkeys have come from one State in Valmikinagar Bihar , it has become difficult for the Bahu Betis to go out of the house . This may be a jock but many of them later got terminated and expelled for over alcoholism and indiscipline.
The need of the hour is counseling to the Students who go for farther education; for us we had hell of time when we first landed in Delhi University ; as our father’s were uneducated and without proper counseling we never knewed what we wanted to become in our life . Some of friends made lots of heart burn by sometime making one sided love to many pretty girls in University campus ; today when we look back we see ourselves as very foolish and Childish . The Tawang and Bomdillas Students were worst as Buddhist friends are very silent and end up getting admit in South Campus were Uncle P.K. Thungon had some personal connection . They were later seen to try hard to get admission in North Campus which was of course difficult issue as Vice Chancellor their could not be easily contacted even by Chief Ministers .
Therefore Students should be mentally prepared by their Parents to study in those place so that they does not get lost their in Metropolitan Cities they should be given carrier counseling , the rich sons and the daughters were seen to do nicely as they were more prepared . But some poor Students also excelled due to their perseverance and hard work like Sri Tabom Bam IAS and Sri Robin Hibu IPS who is said to have roamed around Delhi only after finishing their target .Therefore young Students need to imbibe their qualities and sacrifice their today for better tomorrow . However it will be prudent if Children’s are allowed to do their graduation in Shillong or Gawahaty and made to do their Post Graduation in Delhi .

The Literate Vs Unliterate

The million dollar question is who is better leader a literate or a illeterate. The respective supporters will say in their Leaders favor . The illiterate is good at bringing fund but literate is good at using it . But the main thing is sincerity by which leader works , lately it have been found that there is some inherent weakness with the illiterate as today everything is so high-tech that unless you know something about computer what to say about simple writing than it is very difficult for the leader and the State to prosper . He should be well equipped in all the field and highly knowledgeable or there is chance that he will be cheated by more smart ones specially Beurocrates.
The Publics today are very knowledgeable and it is also very difficult to give them money in election unless it is large amount general Publics want to maintain their chastity ; therefore the leader ought to be very well read , what makes Kiran Rijiju Hon’ble M.P different from other is he is well informed of all the events after all knowledge is power and knows to use the media the modern weapon . It is not that he is spending money like others but young leaders have also something which old and redundant leaders lack in this changing world . So also the popularity of Bala Sahib Thakarrey is only due to his Parties mouthpiece Samna ; and the rise of Mani Shankar Aiyar due to his column which he regularly writes in leading newspaper. The leader with money plays his money card and if they have to part with their bulk of money then it is there own making , for Publics see them as nothing less than money minting machines who have spoiled the whole society and want to give back devils his own dues . Today Publics knows that the crooks are cheating on them , purchasing them with their own money that too giving them peanuts . They have realized that supporting good leader who is educated , visionary , creative and revolutionary is better than Getting bad name for family by taking money from rich leaders who have mastered the art of political survival .
If one plays the card nicely no less effective is ideology , knowledge and relations rather this are sometimes more effective than money . For examples Peoples commitment towards Late Tomo Ribaji ideology was earlier notable but it need little hard work , fortunately for us we have now mobile , Judicial activism , newspaper and today there is also no need to fear anybody specially the Govt . And the 2nd most powerful thing is knowledge for example Apangji failed to control his juniors who studied in Delhi and Bombay like he use to do to senior ones as ones like Jarbomji were more smarter and finally relative is also most important aspects in Politics because blood is thicker than water . For a candidate who have this lethal mixture it may not be essential for him to have pot of gold . Its only for those who have nothing of this connection they need bulk of money ; and sometimes money also become of no use why many ex- bosses are sitting ideally it is for everyone to guess. Going by what mismanagement have been made by present regime which is run by a illiterate boss the Publics may be little bit uncomfortable with the illiterate leaders this time . As they may get so easily cheated by the Beurocrates and Technocrats that one day mistakenly they may sell the State also . To compensate for their illiterate image they are so engrossed in business to purchase his respect will they have proper time for governance ? this is million dollar question .

The legendary Sri Tomo Ribaji

The man could be equated with Mahatma Gandhi or Nelson Mandella of the State of Arunachal pradesh . Had he be not their than the Country could have seen worst nightmare like Kashmir , for he was the one man army against corruption , Nepotism and inaquality in the State of Arunachal Pradesh in late seventies which ensured regions peace as he helped in maintaining the equality of the Society .It is pertinent to mention that the large track of porous boundary of the state with the china makes it imperative that there is good governance in the State , for in other North East State Insurgency is at its peek due to the lack of visionary Leader like him .
Late Tomo Ribaji always stood for what he believed , he stood against the corruption to such an extent that in Arunachal if truly some development was made than it was made during his opposition time as their was proper check and balance . Being the first Galo Chief Minister he stood for corruption free State . His PPA Party was once the talk of the State with all the Publics with anti corruption attitude siding him , they have seen the worst situation in their life in this process in their young days yet it was their happiest days ; they remember those days with great melancholy and feel that whatever People says it was best part of their life . Legendary Tomo Ribaji was once invited by the Lt. Governor K.A. Raja to join the National congress-I party and enjoy the power but he have said to have refused it flatly. It was his own charismatic power that he managed to win couple of times as MLA when their was no civil right , media freedom , excessive corruption and judicial activism . Apangji was defacto as well as dejure ruler at a time when Tomoji lived , he was badly known for suppressing his enemies like a dictator , therefore his PPA supporters had to suffer like anything . Some sycophants were even terming Apangji as a son of the Yapom I,e- a beast that rule the jungle , that political propaganda was also creating an aura of supernaturalism about him which benefited young Panther . During seventies the Lt. Governor Sri K.A. Raja started worst persecution against the Church , it were ordered to be burnt and PPA as well as AAPSU Students were brutally suppressed by the establishment as they both were seen to be identify with Tomoji who was seen as main enemy of Congress- I Party . Tomoji was out and out a regional minded Person he knewed everything in advance that with National party and national policy our State could not prosper rather it will increase dependency ; the need of the hour was love for the region that was the genesis of his PPA Party. But it was before time the writ of the ruling Govt. was terrible and their was no resource with him at that time , besides newspaper and judiciary was badly misused by Apangjis regime who seem to have took a personal interest to finish Tomos Ethiopian concept of Political theory . Ironically former was later seen to start his own brand of regionalism in the form of Arunachal Congress .
Today for Apangji also the way to Political salvation seems to be through Tomojis blessing as his regional counterpart Arunachal Congress I,e- A.C have failed miserably , as most of the earlier AC members have run away to the green pastures as it was a political marriage when Apangji was in peak time. Today only suddhikaran for Apangji seems to be to acknowledging PPA Party . With the PPA Party the cadres who were really regional minded though they were temporary suppressed are now ready to strike back with vengeance as they feel like regionalism is still in their blood vessels and they are ready to display it in time . Why the true regional minded Peoples are with the PPA Party because there is story behind this party , this party have its solid foundation on regional ethos , their is story of sweat of legendary Late Tomo Ribaji and Bakin Pertinji behind this party. The seed they have once planted has become a big tree and giving fruits and it is now time to pluck it . Lately the progenies of Late Tomo Ribaji in particular and PPA cadres in general are seen to be blessed by the God they are doing well in their respective fields ; specially Tomojis son Sri Mokar Riba presently Circle Officers can be appreciated for his simplicity and endeavor to complete his fathers dream by doing good Samaritan work like his father . So what Tomo Ribaji and Bakin Pertinji is dead as a Person he has ignited lots of like minded Person in the state .