Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Firstly the lack of coordinated attack like always , than secondly Kiranjis emigration to Congress from BJP . The 3rd reason may be Candidates mainly Officers relative trying to seek Congress Party ticket and wasting their time in Delhi and later joining a national Party citing alliance Partnership in centre whom no body believed .
The lack of co-ordination was evident this time like always . To defeat Congress Party there is absolute need to make a coordinated attack on this Party like which happened in Nagaland . Peoples Party of Arunachal should be the best forum for spearheading this revolution in future . As Peoples identify with this Party as most of the locals are having emotional connection with this Party . Some leaders from Congress Party should even realize that how hard it was to get Congress Party ticket and to spend disproportionate wealth in campaigning as Peoples see this Party and candidate in terms of money even if they are honest . Those candidates basically Officers relatives who could not manage to get ticket should also realize that - What they got from the National Party was Peanuts in compare to what they spend and it would have been better for them to contest from PPA Party which is liked by Publics , as whatever have to be done by ruling Govt. against them it will be done as howsoever they try to justify Publics that they are ally Congress will treat them as Opposition after all after alleged crores of rupees spend for purchasing party ticket will they keep mum , and thus NCP and TMC candidates seems to have messed up their election prospect by lacking clear cut Party ideology for which about 30 % gives vote freely. It is surprising how prospective candidates seek Party ticket of Party based in West Bengal and Maharastra . And for poor leaders there is absolutely no prospect that they will ever get a break in Congress Party so why don’t they join PPA is a surprising element . Of course one cannot wake up a Person who pretend to sleep and ofcourse all cannot become a great man . For the money Power seems to be Congress Parties heritage with the Party itself alleged to be sponsored by Pt. Motilal Nehru . And 3 rdly Kiranji one man solely responsible for debacle of opposition in this election should have either stayed in BJP completely as even in his absence likes of Sri Tamio Taga and Sri Tapen Siga have won or he should have blackmailed congress Party to give ticket to his supporters . The Star campaigner of BJP was seen to be responsible for Political murder of many of the Opposition leaders this time . He should have responded to my proposal for coalition of BJP and PPA as with popularity of BJP in Urban Belt and PPA also appealing rural voters it would have been nice combination . This time neither Kiran camp mattered for Congress Party ticket neither he came for campaigning for his earlier friends when they needed him most .
This time good part is some Old leaders are seen to fall , is it possible for other leaders also to follow like them in future ? Yes , it may be possible for the powerful leaders may be in actual term may be cut from Publics and are surrounded by Chamchas to give them all short of bad advise .The Publics seems to be fed up of Old and redundant leaders monopolistic Politics , alleged manipulation and audacity to undermine the Democracy . Apangjis fall is a bitter lesson to other leaders also who resort to similar tactics. Those who try to use State machinery to arrest , get reject the nomination paper and disturb the election process should realize that their days are numbered Publics will never tolerate their audacity to undermine Publics civil right . Next time a proper opposition leader having image and properly projected in time by the PPA Party will make sure that those Crooks are thought a good lesson . Next time PPA will also ensure that Polling agent are not purchased , ensure that Incident like Perfume and Vix used in EVM are stopped to protect the identity of Voters , Ensure that Postal Vellot are not manipulated as it is alleged to have happened in Aalo 30 West . And Party will champion the use of button Camera to stop money distribution to lure the innocent Voters and make sure Officer who are relatives of Candidates are not transferred in same constituencies where their relatives are contesting , IRBN and CRPF’s are not bribed as some senior leaders have alleged to fall that low , Govt . does not misuse its power during election by violating election code of conduct .I challenge those seniors Leaders to conduct free and fair election if they have done good development . By undermining Democracy they are digging their own graves like Apangji who lost his long time prospect for his short time gain .And now our senior leaders like Kanduji , Jarbomji and Tukiji may get similar fate if they don’t show their utmost sincerity in this regards . As after many seniors lost this time leaders who have been declared uncontested may have more difficulties due to their disconnection with the grass roots and daring young and dynamic leaders ready to explore the horizon inspired by Persons like Purpa Tsring .


This years Political trend is quite encouraging for the Publics who are eagerly waiting for right opposition Party . There are many critics of the ruling Congress Party but due to lack of Political Platform Publics are now silence . The present Public mood seems to be liking the fresh candidates credit for it cannot be denied to Kiranji though he was the one who mostly hurt the cause of opposition . Next time Peoples Party of Arunachal Pradesh is all set to harness this future Political potentiality . The success story of the Padi Richo Hon’ble MLA Ziro should be imbibed by all the opposition . Nani Ribiaji is said to be happy even after loosing as fed up of the regular strike organized against him by former whenever he did any thing wrong now that he can sleep well . The Apatanis are class apart in everything they do and their policy is worth taking by the Publics . The PPA is committed to fight against the rampant corruption and nepotism and expects the similar cooperation which Ziro Publics gave . Nothing is impossible success of Party even in Dirrang will inspire other place specially in those place which remain uncontested this time as determine prospective leaders should see them to be more easy prey as who knows the leaders their may have remain cut of from the Publics contrary to the Public perception . This is nothing personal but Party ideology which one should respect after all the State interest is prime and lack of opposition has made the matter worse as development is not only making money but rise of human dignity and participating in Democratic process.
It is time for developing right kind of leadership in right Political Platform from now itself . The honest and deserving leaders have ample scope in Peoples Party of Arunachal as it has been proved beyond doubt that money alone speaks in Congress Party . After all election is all about winning , there for why not go the easy way by going to Publics rather than 10 Janpath . The party ideology of the PPA will ensure minimum 30 % free vote and rest can be by Individual capability and Richo technic . In election Publics have been also seen to sympathies against one sided money spending therefore today money cannot be also assured of full success.
The seniors who have lost must take political retirement and take advisory post in PPA this way they will ensure the Party tickets for their relatives . After all in congress only chaplusi of the Hon’ble C.M will last and they have outlived that age when they can be so much shameless . Even those who have won from NCP, BJP and TMC should think about Parties future prospect . As day by day it is going to be competitive age and Publics are not expected to be as blind this time . It may be a rare case with those grass without roots Parties to survive but one has to accept that there are traditional Voters of the PPA which can alone outsmart ruling Congress Party . Why because Tomoji and Bakinji were our own native leaders like Gandhiji inspiring the Congress of Cow belt . Today Publics are searching their roots like Nagaland . The corrupted ones will pooh pooh this statement but they should ponder why some of their Colleage lost miserably this time . Because Publics sees them and their Party as money Bags only and they cannot now purchase all the Publics who want large amount at the cost of not voting honest Candidates . Fed up lack of transparency and rumors of shady deals in Mega Projects Publics may also show them the door bell one by one. But it has to be also accepted that the present leaders have changed quite a lot from the previous leaders and they also need our prayer support for we public also need to rectify ourselves. The days of torturing the relatives of hardened critic should stop. Personal popularity has limitations even the active supporters should realize it it is the trust of the Publics that matter eventually. Will Congress Party evolve from its British Raaj technic to suppress and torture the genuine opposition . So long as development alone is not made the core issue intellectuals and elites should not keep mum . Let us be practical see what happened to Arunachal Congress Party which was solely responsible for death of PPA eventually true regional Party evolved . Those who lives in fools paradise will have a big fall its time all the Publics make a introspection of highest order .


Saying is easy but to fight for what you believe is Divine . With the greatest joy in our heart we welcome the most esteemed Hon’ble MLA ‘s of PPA who have come back from the battle field against the odds . The most esteemed comrades will be always remembered in the annul of the Arunachal History for their tryst with the destiny. They have done what others failed. Namely to give a hope to this State that the future is ripe. The regional feeling was the last thing Arunachal Pradesh needed badly . For that can alone bring love for our beloved State that is only the greatest booster for development to all the Peoples from Tirap , Changlang , Mismi , Kamti to Abotani and Buddhist belts .
The fighters have broken the myth that the Congress Fort is impregnable , this tremendous achievement is capable of bringing Political revolution in next election like in Nagaland where many of the Hon’ble MLA’s from regional Party have become Cabinet Ministers for the first time . Fortune favors the brave , our most esteemed Hon’ble PPA MLA’s have proved this once and for all . Gone are the days when the Arunachal was called as land of Kushi kushi . See how congress misrule have been exposed like non funding of Trans Arunachal Highway , partial fulfillment of the Rs. 24000/- ( Rupees Twenty Four thousand ) only announced PM package , Chinese development supremacy in its border areas etc. While each time Congress mislead the Publics that relation with centre is important for State funding. As if sikkim and Nagaland most promising State are not ruled by regional party.
Today all the Arunachal Publics are with this 4 great leaders who have become most popular leaders of our time and may almighty God bless them to go ahead . As the honest are feared and revered they are expected to unearth numerous Govt. scams through RTI and PLI and motivate others to join the party. Meanwhile the other Party will spread false rumors and try to divide and rule us for which they were always good , but their days are numbered as non of the committed PPA should believe this . See what happened to all those deserving Congress leaders falsely promised MLA tickets never to be given and made to waste their time in Delhi . The senior MLA ‘s who have lost their election will they not make sure that they get the Congress Party ticket in next election ? after all they are still rumored to be very rich which is only passport for Congress ticket ; therefore it is better to be with Party which has future or get misleaded and bring bad name for oneself , family and Society . The Hon’ble MLA’s of the PPA has tremendous prospect in the next election as all the Publics blessing and expectation is with it .The leaders like Legendary Tomoji and Bakinji are more revered in this part of the world . Unlike earlier leaders our leaders should look to long time interest than short time gain , they should teach the innocent Publics the prospect of the Party after all being the PPA leader it is your duty . Accepted that this time Party could not give much helping hand baring prayer support but being a new party with your all cooperation things should change for good . Today is your day and credit solely yours nothing official about it you have made it against the odds and will again do so in spite of what critics says and next time together we even better . I don’t accept the Congress double speak that PPA leaders where supported by establishment . If so why they don’t come up openly . It is a classic case of taking credit by senior Congress after each election . Even if a friendly helping hand came in my dear friend think it that it was your destiny and karma that some body spare his hard earned money for the Publics as God also seems to be fed up of our beloved States corruption which is going to sure eat it up . Therefore time to see your own interest and not misguided by someone . After all future belongs to you .
Day by day all the Congress misleading is being exposed how two candidates can be assured Party ticket at a time , but with some Congress cadres they seems to be not minding seeing broad day dream but our promising future leaders cannot afford to be misleaded as you have long way to go
The graph speaks itself which shows that PPA ideology is working our Hon’ble MLA Candidates specially with limited resources have won with better margin this time , this shows Party has better prospect than the Congress in coming days. The rumor mongers are already trying to distract us , they are saying lots of money is given by National Parties like NCP and TMC etc in election . Howsoever Congress Party tries divide and rule tactics this time to divide joint Opposition spearheaded by PPA it should be difficult if my Colleagues stick to gun and make a history like Nagaland ; if you Hon’ble PPA MLA stand firm like rock you will surely make a place in Arunachal history. It was not for money but basically prayer support of the Publics and love for regionalism that our Party was voted to power in 4 MLA constituencies this time . Man , it is impossible to purchase all the Voters, we stand better chance next time being in this Party : after all Peoples love and affection matter most , today what Peoples think in one part Peoples also thinks similarly elsewhere . The Mithun symbol is all encompassing it reflects the partnership between Christians and animists , abotani and Buddhist belt after all mithun and yaks are look-alike .If PPA can manage MLA in Dirrang also what to say about Late Tomojis and Bakinjis bastion Aalo , Basar and Pasighat from were all the Political revolution takes shape not to say about Nishi belt where Congress may be finished next time. The alliance with NCP and TMC may be Political necessity in Maharastra and West Bengal for the Congress Party but out here it seems this Party is used by the ruling Congress to dilute the opposition as they have frankly less takers and disrupts the rise of genuine opposition spearheaded by PPA thus Publics should also realize now. Next time none will want to contest to loss and none will support the party without the future . Even many hardened Congress Party workers are seen to be silent admirer and cross voted for the opposition leaders who are honest , dynamic , daring and fresh .And many are ready to come to greener pasture called PPA if we bring back Mithun our beloved Tata Bo . Long live PPA .

Speech by Adv . Togo Basar PPA Gen Secy. ( State Level ) on 16 th Nov. 09 in Doni polo ashoka


The Peoples Party of Arunachal like the new Independent Indias first goal against Britishers in Helsinki Olympics Hocky match is all set to make its maiden opening in a state which was waiting for a genuine opposite so far, as report of
Minimum 4 MLA winning prospect have given party think thank in PPA Camp War room a cause of smile. The parties strategy to give ticket to clean image candidates seems to be working with those Publics waiting for heavenly intervention tired of rampant corruption. Ideologically also it has an edge as regional sentiment is in our tribal blood and rightfully every thing is not purchasable like our conscience, and publics seems to be in no mood to pardon the redundant and power obsessive senior leaders who may not even dare to contest next election due to their tainted, affluent and rich image in front of Publics as Publics are seen to be giving them sleepless night in this election finally devils getting its own due. The loss of good image, loss of valuable time and money in Delhi and nightmare of past themselves shamelessly trotting the 10 Jan Path roads for Party ticket where many of the disciplined Congress man aspiration and dream murdered like Gumke Riba will be a thing of past. The threat of similar betrayal in crucial hour, as chances of more better option for Publics to elect better Citizens as their leaders or to fight with more corrupted like them following the line who are seems to be only favored by Delhi will either make the matter worse of exposure of alleged draining of public money to get ticket will unnerve the conscious Publics. Those so of the Bitch whose motto only seems to save their own Skeen thus there modus operand seems to be praise the ruling Govt. As State is yet to have permanent CBI and if a honest regime like PPA comes than they will have problem. This theory seems to be uniting all the Crooks as for now but their days are going to be numbered, they may regret why they drive so costly Cars as too many hurted Peoples to lured by money and Publics also want slice of good Cake from them not small amount at the cost of poor but good leader.

Ironically whenever there is danger for the Government in the Centre than the fund collection rumored to starts in our State, instigating infighting among the Congress leaders for CM post are said to be common tactics. This make the Central allocation meaningless which in an any case never reached the poor and downtrodden; unlike Sikkim, and Nagaland both regional party going places CM’s getting most popular CM award whereas our State tops in corruption its genuine achievement. Our State is only resorting to punish the honest officers thus this makes the Regional Party the need of the hour. Good part is many officers are today daring to say spade spade and field their relatives as MLA Candidates against the odds surely next time they wont be misleaded and seek PPA ticket as punishment will be a thing of past only the development will be issue. Today also what Publics are getting? In the name of ruling only rich and powerful are flourishing, not a single job for poor without bribery ad supporters given contract works with no fund. Giving bear and liquor in election like British earlier giving Opium to Chinese only is achievement of this Govt. whereas there is rumor of shady deal in Mega Projects. As I had predicted once AC Party will one day lost in oblivion it is no more with us today like Akbar the Greats Din E Illahi religion after his death;

The days of illiterate and out of this world leaders must stop for the shake of future generation. As they are the root problems why publics are seeing them in term of money and corruption increasing may be they are lacking to inspire Publics in any front and lack charisma and only spoiled the Publics by starting the money culture themselves. The conscious Publics now want absolute transperancy in PMGS and other projects therefore genuine contractors cannot be harmed any more even if he is in which even if he is in which ever party as next election the Govt. will be accountable.

Great things are done in pain remarkably PPA has withstood the worst repression and persecution along with the Christian brothers during Lt. Governor K.A Rajajis time and have thus, Dard Ka Rista with later. PPA has reborn against the adds as earlier opposition was subject to untold misery and probably that situation will never come again due to the sacrifice made by Late Tomo Riba ji, Late Bakin Pertinji and Kamin Ringujis time our PPA Party Presidents and others. Earlier PPA had some basic problems as most of the Officers and Business man at that time were non tribal, who were skeptical of regional party: But today things are different even non tribal officers and Business man are not averse to PPA as corruption free state will increase the economy were they will also benefit. As rich and powerful are today seen, the question of Business man survival has raised worst hit is our Buddhist brothers who only have to depend o Business.

Today even some good Samaritan Officers are searching their roots ad have become messiah of Social movement like Nishi Elite Society and Galo Ban Keba etc which is indirectly an indication of regional feeling Vis a Vis paving the way for rise and rise of PPA. As today if one party get at least 30 percent free voter due to its ideology it is regional sentiment of PPA party for others they have to purchase voters. Even Congress slogan of secularism is meaningless here in our State as there is no religion infighting in the State. The successive Congress regime in Centre, Assam and our State has given more boundary problems from Assam side whereas Nagaland a regional party jis effectively saving their sovereignty, if this is not solved Publics may lost patriotism and it will be danger for Country in view of Chinese threat. The Congress propaganda that Gandhi family have given Azadi but refusing to comment on Lakhs of death during partition is making us to wonder someday similar thing may not happen for Arunachal Assam boundary.

The present Political scenario cannot be compared with earlier situation as earlier when PPA was launched issues like corruption and nepotism were Ethiopian idea during the time of legendary Tomoji bujt nevertheless he used to manage to win; the epi centre of Political revolution Abotani belt is once again waking up. The Kiran Saab had disadvantage of not belonging from this belt, but with PPA even in non Abo Tani belt it is making ripples like in Dirang where PPA Candidate Purpa Tsring is expected to win. Time for true business with our equal partners of Bomdila and Tawang where great Congress betrayal have bee seen so far. Thus danger bell for Congress regime as even in this place Publics seems to be seeing Congress as corrupt regime and seeing absolute failure I law and order front only VVIP’s getting Z category Police protection specially in capital Itanagar. Politics apart today there is also a need for a positive Tribal chauvinism so that locals have dignity of living and excel with confidence in whatever they do.

PPA alone will remove the barriers based on religion and other man made boundaries and eventually unify all the Abo Tani groups in particular and Arunachal in general as regionalism is the only sentiment which can bind us and help us to change ourselves for motherlands sake;

Today PPA’s endeavor to launch different leaders like Obama having speed and logical conviction power armed with mobile and Internet hi-tech gizmos will give rich Leaders run for there money. Smart Publics have learnt to cheat the corrupted leaders who are utmost seen as last remaining chamchas of Apangji when Publics has to digest them unwontedly. Publics have also realized that those who complain to rich leaders only get paid and they want maximum bargaining as associating with rich leaders itself make them number one suspect of selling the whole Villagers, thus they are shy of associating with rich leaders as there is a rumor that even rich and powerful get paid in election. Poor Publics are also not wrong as after each election they see no jobs, and even future policy for employing the future generation of educated Youths who are in berge of explosion due to there chronic frustration. Thus unless they get good amount they are not supposed to be satisfied and vote for poor but honest le3aders, this is making the earlier untouchables leaders vulnerable as today every one think themselves equal and want personal relationship with their leaders kudos to religion awakening, demand for self respect, media and mobile; The legendary Tomo Riba ji need to be appreciated for his brute physical and mental power in absence of those facility which limited his endeavor.

Today Publics have realized that the leaders are not giving from there own pocket it is Publics own ML Lad fund which is right fully publics own which was used to fool them in election. PPA’s attempt for a coalition partnership with other opposition groups to make there attack more lethal with the PPA having major say in tribal dominate places is a tactical and good move; other parties have to realize that eventually it will be Congress Vs PPA the dedicated PPA leaders who stand to go a long way is expect to show their patient as tomorrow belong to them better be a king tomorrow than servant today. Due to the unpopularity Congress Govt. is getting owing to price rise, the danger of Inner Line permit lifted at the central Party hand due to bulging Countries Population which will only benefit the rich at the cost ethnic tribal like Tripura and reducing Arunachal Boundary at the pressure of Assam; the days of single party majority in the State politics is seems to be numbered as next time no one may go for Congress ticket also as saying goes once bite twice shy, this time also state Govt. may go for a coalition but PPA will prefer to be a good opposition; henceforth PPA will be compelled to be recognized by other party as today Government change so quickly that no one can afford to go for witch hunting like earlier regime and get the similar punishment if PPA comes to power specially with tainted leaders abundant in Congress regime as they themselves stand to suffer more if Govt. change. Regarding the PPA’s Mithun Symbol I think it is better to have a logo of ours States symbolizing our root for promoting tourism which is the most important economic prospect. As our unique and distinct culture and tradition like Red Indians will stand to ear lots of revenue like Bison’s reserve of America in Montana region are doing for them. So better to join the ideology which your heart believe wherein lies your happiness, as it can be never sold or purchased so future definitely belong to PPA.


It is now time for Hon’ble Chief Minister Dorjee Kandu to fulfill his election promise and give District Head Quarter in Basar immediately .No amount of excuse will now satisfy the publics who have given clear mandate to Hon’ble MLA Gojen Gadi this time to win in 29th Assembly Constituency Basar basing on that issue as Hon’ble Chief Minister wished . This time , for District Hq .issue many friends have become foe and relations got effected . But finally will of the God also seemed to favor this issue . It is wrong to believe that it is Hon’ble MLA Gojen Gadi Saabs and IAS Sri Tabom Bamji only who wants this . It is the wishes of entire 29th assembly Constituency Basar that is reflected in the election result . Therefore there is no question of dissention view as majority Basar has voted for the motion .The need of the hour is inter party meeting of Basar citizens regarding this noble cause . Nothing is more noble than to forget our differences for mother land .
Some of the Basar citizens like me could not be blamed as they waited for the Hon’ble C.M’s second affirmation regarding Basar as Hq but it was bit late . Besides Gadi saab himself failed to meet them and convince . By that time they had already decided to back other candidate and as they had also asked smty Dakter Basar contesting candidate from TMC for supporting this issue therefore they cannot be blamed also . .It will be wrong to blame Sri T. Bamji only , more so one who is one of our Galo pioneer in development . who thinks for all the Galo belt being like father figure . He had earlier done so much for the Galos specially foot hill areas like in boundary dispute when he was DC West Siang Dist. Arunachal Pradesh Aalo . Only later on may be the system have changed him to some extent as he have to see all the state interest . But in heart of heart Bam Sir I know is very good Person very much a family man and a traditionalist and if times come I personally hope he will show us what he believes . Soon I am accepting to work with him in saving of our cherished Mithun wich symbolize our distinct identity of Galos in particular and Arunachals in general. Though some Basar Publics may had initial reservations regarding the Basar as place for District Hq. but they should now unite and strengthened our leaders . Fortunately the report of Governments inevitability to even receive the PM Package and latest report of construction of Chinese Dam above Brahmaputra have further strength the claims of Basar . As paucity of fund of the Govt. and Likabali being a danger zone if Chinese Dam bursts will definitely go in Basars favor in addition to the fact that this is a place where abundant land is available which is secured from neighboring Assam , having abundant water and electricity .
The Foothill Peoples being enlightened ones believing in Christ is expected to be merciful and considerate to the Basar who are yet to be evangelized . And this will show their Christian character which highlanders will appreciate . But all the Likabali , Gensi and Tirbin prominent Persons must be allotted land in new District they should not feel alienated in new scheme of things. And Basar Publics should be ready to sacrifice any time , they should be satisfied that Dist. Hq. is coming to them . The earmarked land for their allotment should be at the disposal of SDO Likabali and EAC / CO Tirbin and their respective Committee should be allowed to look their own internal affairs .Good news is persons like IAS T. Bamji himself is ready to give his additional land if need be to those outside Persons it is heard . It should encourage other rich Basar land lords to do so . Specially those who have covered lots of unalloted land .
The Country should also realize the importance of the Basar and Likabali from strategic point of view as if there is war with China than this NH-52 road routs is going to be very important . As danger zone from Chinese perspective is Mechuka and Taksin where recently border skirmishes are reported . And those far flunked area has to pass through Basar and Likabali only . It would be prudent for the Govt. to broaden NH-52 highway and immediately make Basar as District Hq . Inter District Highway connection is also important but Country immediately need Likabali to Aalo NH- 52 broadening in west siang dist. Of Arunachal pradesh . Later Basar can be elevated as winter capital and Likabali as District Hq. for National interest as this are strategic points for the Country . Earlier many District where created based on political consideration only . The large area and the maximum population of the Galo dominated tribes of the west Siang Dist makes it fit for another 3 Districts .Therefore let us wait for the best and not divide the Galo further though Likabali demand is also genuine but a decision has to be taken as for now .

Sincerely Your’s

Adv. Togo Basar


The China has made a strategic move by making a Mega dam above river Brahmaputra . If its additional waters are opened during Flood than great catastrophe will be seen not to say about an Earthquake . Govt . is caught unaware this time like always and there is even unconfirmed report of Boarder fights in Taksin area above Basar . The Congress regime is seen to be insincere regarding this National issue . It is very surprising that instead of giving stress on NH-52 highway between Likabali to Aalo which can play a major role in event of war . It has given more importance to Inter District Highway connection of arunachal Pradesh . That is also needed but for National interest NH-52 broadening was more important . Regarding it also Ministry of Surface transport cancelled it on the ground of paucity of fund .

The long expected settlement of Army Majore Geneneral in Basar is also under cold storage . The poor land donators have suffered most humiliating and frustrating moment in their life . It is things like this which might have made arunachal intellectuals to criticize the Govt. policy in Outlook magazine . The land Donators now want Govt. of India to say categorically weather Central Govt. is really interested in this project . Though earlier some NGO’s had voiced their concerned of its effect in Environment and safety of the locals also but those questions could be dealt after it had come .The Countries defence should come first and Publics as a whole want anti air Craft and anti missiles stationed because if there is war than any place will be obviously targeted . In an eventuality of war in any case we will be sufferer than why not be preferred . Our prodigal son of the soil who is awaiting his promotion as Brigadier Lt. Col . Jarken Gamlin of the Gorkha Regiment can be send as first Brigadier in Pagi Village of West Siang Dist . Basar Arunachal Pradesh if the proposed army Major General Hq. is opened up here . As Gamlin saabs posting here will renew the Publics with Nationalism and Patriotism .May be an Airport can be also opened near Basar with provision for Sainik school. As no where there is large chunk of land near this border region where Dragon is fuming .But has our Defence planners any idea of ground reality ?


The Chinese making Mega Dams above us is going to be a major headache its like monkey trying to piss in your head . As they will be always in the vintage position to play with the right of the lower riparian like India . It is to be accepted that it is a major diplomatic victory for the Dragons as for now . The alleged Mega Dams above the Brahmaputra river has unnerved us , if we don’t stop them now later similar projects may come up in Sibunsiri River above Taksin where they have alleged to have made 20 km encroachment recently . This is no time to play politics when Country is going through a bad phase ; But Congress Govt . has definitely erred in claiming our Countries right in first instance . About years back when devastating flood wiped the bank of the Pasighat than only our Govt. should have woken up . Fortunately my uncle Sri Goken Basar who was ADC Tuting immediately informed his counterpart in Pasighat and Aalo through wireless and many lifes were saved . May be that flood was also made in China like many of its products which is flooding the Indian market . The Govt . should have than only made an investigation and should not have believed Chinese justification in face value that their was a huge water collection in Chinese part . Don’t our Country has a Satellite Camera to take stalk of the situation .
Unfortunately Congress Party is always seen in poor light whenever there is a important issue regarding National interest . All it did was to make sure that our Patriotic Kiranji was made to drink bitter pill in M.P election by means of deceit as alleged by him in Hon’ble S.C . Even last time when the rumor of 20 Km encroachment of the Chinese army was doing the round in Taksin area of the State : the State NH- 52 Highway was stopped by some Assamese miscreants for couples of days . In this National emergency situation how come Assam Govt. allowed this . There is absolute lake of coordination against Chinese plans . It is surprising why Lt. Col Jarkar Gamlin who is waiting for his due promotion as Brigadier is not promoted and transferred in the sensitive State of Arunachal Pradesh to motivate the local soldiers in the National interest . The sensitive border area has to be treated differently , Centre should direct even its Government to be tolerant and respect the Civil rights of the State Publics . It has to be accepted that the rehabilation of Chakma and Hajong in the State , Poor road communication and the Corruption which has reached record high with gap between the haves and haves not becoming like in Nepal which become the green pasture for the development of the Mao -wadi like situation for the Country is presently the worst scenario . If Government continue persecute the Opposition and controls the media not only Publics will see Govt . in poor light but in long time it will help the Publics in alienation from the Govt . Therefore in sensitive area like Arunachal Central Govt. should also promote genuine opposition for national interest after all ill will develop only due to rampant corruption and non promotion of democratic revolution by National Party . The removal of the SSB from the State by BJP was also a great loss as the Chinese Peoples Liberation army in Patrol duty seems to be completely having Psychological advantage over the ITBP . Like the Japanese Nikona Koki in the 2nd World war SSB our Secret Service Burro had so many advantages to know the Chinese move like knowledge of the Terrain and similar speech and looks with the natives which Chinese are said to be taking advantage now .
The Chinese pressure will continue it is time for the Govt . to take all the State Publics and the Nation into confidence as Congress regime is always seen to be operating in hush hush manner which creates lots of doubtful atmosphere as rumor of death of Indian army is doing the round . Even if some of our State Leaders may be honest but Govt . watchful eye in the press and the fear of the journalists are creating a notion that Govt. must be very corrupted . The plausible Countries strategy may be either friendship with America or opening up border trade with Peoples Republic of China in border areas to strengthened our friendship . May be time for selecting a permanent friend has come basing on our benefit . Fuming and talking big within ourselves is not the solution a practical solution is to be founds which will be beneficial to both the Country . Promoting Mongolian kinship theory may be beneficial to both the bordering States after all today intermingling due to globalization is inevitable . It should be possible within the ambit of Indian Constitution as Social interest is also important if local interest be in border trade so be it before things go out of control . We definitely not like our State to be battleground like it happened in Kargil .