Tuesday, November 29, 2011


                                           The time for the Arunachal to go places has come in the field of agriculture. More particularly in the place like Aalo , Basar and Pasighat which is going to be future business destinations. The place which is fertile and scientific knowhow and technical backup in the form of the ICAR in Basar and Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry college in pasighat is available. Mind it supply of the organic crop is going to be future business of the State and these places inArunachal pradesh has ample opportunity. May be Gods blessings also to the hard working peoples of this place who need not regret the past guilt of loosing out other important developmental projects. As soon with the probable passing of Jan Lok Pal Bill and the stationing of CBI permanent office in all the State by the order of the Hon’ble Supreme Court the easy money will be thing of past. And good time should come to this place.

                                 As per the scientists soon the plains of the country is going to be devoid of rainfall and population is going to be doubled and as such NE is only going to be the vegetable bowl of the country. Hope soon we may finish the selling of contaminated vegetables to some extent in the country. Specially the rich man eating in five star hotels deserve our fresh organic crop and vegetables. Theentrepreneurs who are interested in this line can contact me. The NGO`s like-`WORLD VISION` need to ponder on this project as being adviser Peace and Justice dept. Council of Baptist Church North east India ( CBCNI). I may help this NGo to reach the Christian believers also in my place who are particularly economically deprived lots. We should remember Holy Bible verse in Old Testament –` Seven years of abundance , than will come seven years of famine’. The Christians have been always doubted of getting foreign aids which is certainly wrong. Our economic life style may have give this impressions.

                                   After all our Lord and saviorJesus Christ broke five loafs and five dry fishes and feed them to multitudes and order the remaining to be collected. Thus our Lord is Lord of miracle and also lord of economy we see here, we desperately need his miracle and mercy here which will be later good for the society and the Country. See Lord selected the hated tax collector Jacheus as his host on his visit to his place. May be Jacheus was a laborious man in his eye. Thus our farmers should be hard working and should adopt modern farming methods. The importance of agriculture has been defined directly and indirectly many times in Holy Bible. The organized Christian Churches should come forward in this mission. As society needs more of live example of success story and Gods miracle to boost alls confidence .The unvirtuous mans will fall to any extent and will be bad example to future generation by begging for money in election. As the God is against selling of ones right therefore through labor only one should prosper. .

                                   The private entrepreneurs are accepted to come in this field, and the good initiative has to be started by our own local entrepreneurs. Like in Mizoram where the rich officer sons and relatives instead of joining politics have gone in this field in a big way, we are also waiting for prodigal sons of the soil who sincerely wants to do something for the society. The new communication facility and the advertisement avenues make this business more lucrative. And it would have been good if I was a rich man to invest in this field . The sons of the nova rich Arunachalees whom the Publics are looking forward with great expectations they should not fail us , as they must have inherited richness for God`s special purpose. They should not misuse it as in this State 95 % money seems to be earned by dubious means. As even if one pretend to earn money by his own merit .

                                We have to learn from the Apatanis who seems to have learned from their earlier bitter past mistakes, namely- thelesion’s of pride killing of maximum number of Mithun in the enemies house front , which used to be reciprocated and finished only when other was totally broke. This practice seems to be retained by Galos in the form of pushing up of the candidate with excess money in election. It is not helping any body, only may satisfy the ego of few powerful once who may have outlived their utility. But to them I challenged -`Do you want to be written in your graveyard ,like this man feared ruling party till his whole life or he only worked for his own interest by the future generation. And with the Arab spring effect seen everywhere the new generation Youth may designate their burial grounds.

                                                      The reason for my starting blog 6-7 Yrs. Back was also to help the local entrepreneurs in marketing this products in small way. what I am preaching I must do also, my formula has to be more effective than others . And with the new policy changes which may compel the contractor centric public of the State of Arunachal to be more focused to the agriculture and horticulture. I feel my vision was not wrong. last time I chanced to hear the seminar on the water shed management in ICAR Basar. I liked theconcept of preserving the water in special polythene shed in pond in rainy season .I openly challenge some new generation guys to sacrifice and set a example in investing in Organic sector to make our mother land more rich. Forget that the present Publics are going to be forgetful like earlier occasion. Only Blitzkrijing during election will do no good as the critics are predicting dooms days for opportunists who want to follow earlier stories.

                                       Now some game changers have evolved one like it or not and Publics questioning abilities increased. And with the truth of gospel of salvation for mankind in some good leaders side they cannot be underestimated now . And even if one wants to contest my humble appeal -let all the political parties keep some issues above personal and parochial view. Can’t we not work together in these field for our motherland rich and poor alike to give better society to future generation, as some rich mans sons may be tomorrow poor also .And are we not contesting for making our place more wealthy for all to reap the benefit . But is it to only keep the monopoly of the son`s of rich officers and politicians who may have benefitted from our silence.And as clever old cunning father dupe his all sons of secret property kept by him till he dies , are we going to be put Gandhi topi again?

                                         The repented souls has to be also welcomed and respected and a popular support must be build up in their favor even if their parents have done anything wrong earlier. This is the last chance for seeking forgiveness before a revolution sweeps across all the State. This days you never know about the future.i appreciate sri Kasap Bagraji for choosing my place for starting a new plantation in my place ,more prodigal sons of the soils should follow suit.


                               See it is not easy to ask for money in election , unless one has also helped someone at a point of time. And also not easy to give either as some Villagers are more smarter than them and not accepted to come forward unless large chunk of money is given that too in top secrecy which is really challenging part, ethically also not correct to pollute whole society a old timer politician confessed. The large claim of money circulation in the election is also sometimes find to be a bogus call at times and useless also. As the new generation leaders have find easy way of popularity due to their creativeness , speed and agility. And thus best option is to give work to others in his service tenure. Here also the most of our officers are said to have given more work to others , rather than their own community. But nevertheless exceptional officers are also there.

                                But good part is-The Publics ultimately seems to make comparative study specially in educated and learned places like Galo belt a friend said. Think high of your own society it is fact, still we are not bad altogetherly.If others jealous us than there is also something in us also isn’t it? Interestingly in some constituency as reported , those who initially boast of excessive money were later were seen to be pretending as a poor leader, but this is seen to have boomeraged.Therefore better to go with ones image and bank more in friends and relatives. As by personal relationship you can also change anyones mind. As I have seen in my life with many Peoples coming forward to help me.In the coming time the buzz word may be - if one has not lived a sacrificing life earlier nothing doing a critic opined. Even Publics may be critical of his joining any religion in last moment . Everyone is watching and knowing everything about each other in a small society a good friend said. Peoples are projecting rich candidates to squeeze them specially in Galo belt which has reached a height of civilizationand who cannot be easily duped he further added. Let us see the coming time what he said was right or not, weather out of fear to ruling party earlier majority public voted as claimed by some,. Let us see .

                                And critics may not be wrong also,For instance in earlier Panchayat election in Basar out of 2 - ZPM Candidates from Basar clan whom the other`s might have accepted to lost as their was only one candidate from none Basar clan . But surprisingly one of the same Basar clan candidatewon who happens to be my cousin brother. That too from opposition platform . So once a candidate of his own matching is find it is difficult to predict whom the Publics are going to support. As the Public seems to decide waging every pros and cons and make comparative study before voting. It is not the previous performance that is going to decide but who is your adversary , therefore living in old glory may be harmful. A relative of mine was saying that he is going to stop his of-dated father to retire from the active politics. He may be not wrong as we ourselves are unable to cope up with new generations. Than what to say about some old Hon`ble Leaders who have never gone to school .

                                     In earlier Lokh sabha election my prediction to kiranji that he may probably lost due to Tirbin publics negative feeling against his party seems to have prove right. Thus with new political equations which may diminish the role of some smart politicians and officers, the political equations are accepted to change more as some critics says. And the society may see evolution of some regional satraps, one like or not. Who knows even Congress dominance may be severally questioned in coming elections. In fact even the political power imparted from the top seems to be not working in our State as they have also lost their credential ties to much extent for sending suspected corrupted Party observers .

                                                        As just before election many things goes upside down this days our State may be not exception as it is difficult to bribe all. As the elites who are difficult to be purchased may only go for logical convictions which takes long time to be convinced, which can be alone done by some one more knowledgably and smarter and perhaps by a educated persons one whom he respect. Honestly will other person win their heart , who earlier manipulated Apangji or some top beurocrates in their hay days . And to compensate for their weakness shamelessly running after boss instead Public may make their post more vulnerable. As today even position of top leadership is also vulnerable. And they may also prefer to side with the genuine man to keep their own interest. As some new kid in the blocks have become one man Industry to a critics view. In Hindu also there is a saying after Lion eats 100 cows his term comes to die, therefore all the tactics of some cunning old leaders may prove meaningless . And as for the general Publics this days nothing can be also predicted about their mood, they are mob and are unpredictable and may eventually follow Anna Hazare team blindly. Besides lobby politics has evolved this days, 60 percent is accepted to be loyal to their groups to the end instead of best of effort. As earlier in the absence of leader from their own community they may have been seen to be indiscipline.

                                Therefore it is better to use the rational mind and decide nicely before plunging in political arena. Specially if the future is unpredictable and sword of the demo ogles are hanging in some ones head in the form of likelihood of imminent passing of the Jan Lok Pal Bill and probable setting of permanent station of the CBI in our State due to Hon`ble Supreme Court order. And also soon CBI may be under Jan lok Pal members to much extent ;therefore nothing can be predicted. As a friend said some one may be in fact more fearful than us and giving brave front. And with the demand of the Anna Hazare for retrospective effect I,e- previous 7 Yrs. Old cases must be allowed for filing the cases , the danger bell seems to be truly ringing for some who have till now living a glamorous and effluent life in this rich place with poor Publics. The Haves will make all short of excuse but coming days seems to be their Day of the Judgment. Therefore what egoism to save oneself , his family and his beloved State . Specially if one really want to serve the beloved State realizing the past mistakes now time to change fences. Mind it in coming days danger is more from radicals and opposition groups as some believes. As the congress ill reputed of all the scams now its own survival is under question by critics.

                                After all privilege few have lived the best of life one could have imagined and they should now make a honorable exit , before things goes out of their hand .They have dig their own grave. Let us learn from the wrong investment one have made in other place like Itanagar, which seems to have invited enmity and jealousy from local community. Has time not come for setting up Industry and factory in our own place. Give a damn about what others think I will have more respect for those chaps who does it. As honestly we need more entrepreneurs than political leaders as he alone will be later respected and fast mistakes forgiven. Unless a one even from a rich family background had lived like a poor man and knows their sentiment who will respect. None is interested in slogans of-benefit to supporters as they have seen that ultimately leaders have made the Lions share. So Peoples now want delivery and are least interested in ones personal life so long as he maintains probity in public life’s. Please for gods shake stop more seduction of publics in wine and whisky to maintain your fiefdom in election is the common cry of broken families , whose relatives have died due to kidney failure as after election their leaders becomes absent .True respect won`t come by purchasing vote ; need not to say after retirement many whimsical leaders have a pathetic life devoid of Public visitors. As by their Old age they become addicted to Publics.

                                    At least for Hon`ble C.M Tukiji, at least he has a best platform in Christianity even after he is retired. And those who have earned crores by curtailing others right must invest to purchase that respect for rest of life .Remember it might be more smart plan to go like Sukhram Ex- union Minister who may have ironically volunteered in jail imprisonment for 5 Yrs.for telecom scam. Before caught up by Anna Hazares man and put for life imprisonment if the Jan Lok Pal Bill is passed. Remember Sukhram kind of persons may have been more smarter by developing Public relation and being pardoned by the Publics. And this is only possible if one shows sacrifice. I can be never seen as opportunists and camp changers as I have been always saying this even if one was in helms of power. And this honest discussions may in fact help them more who need to be fearful of the future. As things wrapped inside the carpet become more dangerous later , by not discussing the impending danger we become least prepared to face a danger.

                                        My stand is like Nitish Kumarji the one who is investing in his own society alone should be forgiven,equi- distance from both form of extreme views is the best policy. Those corrupted souls who want to enjoy for eternity and fundamentalists who want to also exterminate them, if necessary physically also , both are wrong to me- as this is not Gods way. And remember our blind obedience to them rather than God and silence have also made them so we are also passive supporters. Thus the way of forgiveness and reconciliation is best way, it is wrong to infer that they will not repent for their past mistake. As they are also human beings and in some cases may have better environment to appreciate this clarion call like Gautam Budha. If they are good soul may take this points in good note. Neverthlessly they will be also foolish to undermine this peace talk, first through love and persuasion which is Gods way must be used by us .I am personally appealing the scams tars to change as this is not the way of happiness. The evil persons have more sleepless nights I am sure, I have seen tears in eyes of Chief Ministers due to persons like Jodik Taliji.So if things are not easy to dispose a large money accumulated in your RCC house why not sponsor a genuine man.it will be shame to have a genuine leader sponsored by an outsider.

                                       The victory of rich candidates in Galo belt like earlier in Apang Saabs days should not be repeated when we claim ourselves to be more civilized than others as this is going to be blot in the face of Galo society. And chance should be also given to other religious members . A critics said that some had to spend more money earlier, because they were undeserving and got ticket only by appeasing either Apangji and later a top beaurocrate. In the coming election with the influence of the most of the officers poised to be diminished. Specially those who run away from Itangar as a local Galo Villager laughed ,who earlier had tremendous respect for the Galo officers and now sees most of the disloyal Galo officers to their own society as a major impediment to the societies growth. As he claims this class never does anything without a profit motive. Therefore it is time to realize the facts and stop creating bitterness in the society , as for power and position they may create more enemies. As ultimately in the fight between haves and haves not haves are in minority and haves may be outweigh in all the fronts by some terrific orators like obama . Though initially smart crooks will create an artificial dominance of haves but ultimately guru mantra is going to make majority vote whichever way . Man learn it now that it was for power and post one was being respected in his hey days, don`t try to purchase respect as every one has his own day , mind it this questions may come tomorrow. Interestingly the Peoples today seems to be also against mushrooming of leaders from same family members.

                                   Accept this bitter fact before a revolution of worst order come up , trailer has been already shown a paktu clan supporter said. Not that some particular family members are bad, but they may be too numerous and too dominating things unacceptable in the civilized Galo society. You can`t have 2 separate yardstick for Apangjis family and other family a analyst said . You have your days of enjoyment, others days are coming seems to be the clear message this days .This is nothing personal ;this is a urge for introspection and may be good for privilege few than us for making more friends in restless society. I may be wrong but if it is worth pondering for society so be it. Mind it , it is difficult to beat younger once like Apangji failed to Jarbomji and he to Tukiji. This is natural phenomenon, also the secret agenda of numerous Galo clans days are gone. God seems to be against it as this has become excuse for legitimizing the corrupt leaders, therefore nothing like talking about reconciliation between rich and poor , majority and minority before things are late. Talk openly what one wants to say and Publics ultimately like this shorts of leaders.

                            As ultimately our cumulative aim should be society and it should not suffer for one vested interest person who talk different things at different places. Already the Galos seems to have lost confidence with too many interference by politicians and officers. If today corruption and nepotism is a big issue than the family monopoly may have also increased it.I accept this sentiment and sincerity from my younger generation leadership with whom, even if there is direct contest some day. I accept some amount of respect for each others, a friendly contest and understanding more than older folks will be accepted of us. Critics definitely seems to see certain limitations for the old uneducated leaders specially their qualifications in this new world. As whatever his good work is in some field, he becomes a bad example for new generation to whom our responsibility is their to demonstrate the importance of education. Earlier Officers may have blindly backed them for their own interest but we are answerable to future generations. And having said that with utmost regards we should first try to convince them to retire honorably. It will be absurd to become power obsessed and also give ridiculous explanation to say – Let others also suffer like them before winning. As if their own ignorance where not responsible for their initial debacles. The deserving ones should be given immediate break even if he is from other religion or community as more he is sidelined society unity will be hampered and progress will be effected. By standing above parochial view ,than only we may have real Galo unity which we desperately missed earlier. The great Galos need to rise above double standard when it claims to have so many educated publics but uneducated leader. Should we have pride or shame?

                                                  Everyone is blessed by God in one field or other. With the business man background leaders, you have certain limitations- when your leader become dumb in Assembly Session and fail to handle controversialissues who is losing out. So whatever happens may be for good of galo also as some old leaders have exposed their limitations recently ,thereforeup to society to introspect it.And magnamity will be appreciate of the old leaders if they retire voluntary as they were good at their time in some field and we have many things to learn from them also.This they may tell out of love , and thus like father of the society should also give a good thought upon what I said before being angry. After all their will be some amount of goodness expected from everyone and for shake of future generation they should show magnamity. And on our part, we can give them a good farewell for what they did for society. With the use of money and muscle power they may keep all society in ransom nevertlessly,but in the new society when investment is desperately needed and new challenges have to be faced. They may ultimately also make sacrifice to new generation leadership who have also some good qualities commensurate to present trends. I fervently hope this is nothing personal as there are also good leaders who have earlier promised to retire by coming election .

                                                                      Are you also not one of the senior leader to promised a young leader of next chance in previous election? In that case this was the time that they should have been invited to share the power. We need to pray for some old leaders to overcome the temptations to stay in power as unknowingly some leaders devoid of visions may have developed excessive possessiveness for the post and taken society much backward and may be thinking they are right. Sometimes truth is bitter but good later on.As one has to also respect the patience of the new generation for not unearthing all the evil deeds of some senior leaders to send them to gallows specially the liars who told all short of lies to win last time. Even in some place it is heard that some are complaining of taking back of more money given in election in the pretext of giving job to their sons. Let everyone make sacrifice like some deserving new generation leaders have made and more so is accepted from some old leaders from whom younger’s have lots of expectations. As whatever we think ultimately we have to accept that their must have been also some goodness in them that they won in their own time. And through proper persuasion they may not be as greedy and self centric as we think they are.

The person who have earlier pataod Apang Saab and big officer may find it difficult to do so with Tukiji this time. As he is heard to be God fearing man and may not thrust his own decision unless advised by Holy man like Bishop, fathers , Pastors and missionaries.

                                                                                     Now since the Peoples Representation Act may be also modified, therefore the nova rich peoples need to ponder upon more pressing demand of the Public by opening up job opportunity in the field of the Organic Crop and echo tourism sector etc.As giving money in election may become legally punishable. And being expert in this some Individual and party may be out rightly rejected by publics - if they try to change this image. And unlike earlier it is also going to be difficult to earn back money lost in election this days after so many laws expect to come. More than the whimsical leaders I equally blame their supporters for so much wastage in election. As this could have been used meaningfully for society in sector like - Echo tourism and organic crop, especially when we have time. Is it not the real leadership to change Peoples life as a whole to appeal for the vote we believe in . Than to planning to enjoy personally and serving the interest of some vested interest persons. Today when ones like Pt.Ravi Shankar is saying take money from one who gives but vote according to your conscience can Arunachalee now fail behind.

                                     Is this the obsession for power , secret plan to save oneself from Jan Lok Pal Bill or what I am surprisedlamented my old friend. They have lied and steal the poor mans share and pretend to give from their own pocket. To those persons what’s harm if some Robin hood kind of persons come up against them a critic opined. They tell the worst lies persecuting Christians in their place and appeasing NSCN by singing praises of Christianity to them another friend was laughing .But today kudos to media that One like it or no some poor mans have evolved as great dynamic leaders like- Nitishji and Modiji; who has also seems to have given befitting reply to haves, as their P.R with the media was good and they knew how to sell themselves and for their daring character got the blessing of God , he further added. Those who hate this preaching, better be ready to hear more of this music if one wants to be a politician. As some friends are discussing demanding white papers on misuse of money in Hydro power sector by top politicians and Beurocrates.And many skeleton may be exposed in their cupboards. Thus this piece of hated article by the haves may be of some help to all. Please never expect this to be not risen by someone else. If not by me will be risen by more powerful person in more powerful platform.

                                                     Forget that the present Publics are going to be forgetful like earlier occasion. Only Blitzkrijing during election will do no good as the critics are predicting this will boomeranged in coming days .Now some game changers have evolved one like it or not. And with the truth of gospel of salvation for mankind and media in their side they cannot be underestimated for sudden game changing tricks. They are the friends of civil society and whistleblowers and to a critics only for few good peoples like-Pai Gyadiji and JodikTaliji only this society would have taken oxygen under intensive care unit. There are two camps one to harm the society more and another to rescue it;You are with which side?

Thursday, November 17, 2011


                                              The prodigal son of the soil has left us, perhaps the vacuum will be never filled up.Dr. Bhupen Hazarika is first person to break the barrier between the North and south. The Peoples of the North East and Arunachal in particular will never forget him.As he was our pride and instilled confidence and feeling of pride also in us. After long time we have realized our potentialities to some extent.

                                            And world record crowd presence has shown that Dr. Bhupen Hazarika after his death has become game changer. North east is not going to be same again, henceforth their will be victory of good over evil namely corruption and insurgency. He has truly developed pan north East feeling, which he always wanted to develop in his life time.

So powerful was his choose of words in his eternal songs that it mesmerized everyone . See the lyrics in song GANGA.---` VISTAR HAIN APAR , PRAJA DONO PAR, KARE HAHAKAR , NISABDA SADA GANGA TUM , GANGA BAHTI HO KYUN`.

During a time in 1970’s when the society in Assam was going through like now in our State. He seems to have criticized the elites who symbolized river Ganga for being mute spectator for silently witnessing the loot of vested interest- rich and powerful , ultras , outside business man and corrupted officers. By saying why the great Ganga was flowing mindlessly by seeing this misrule. When it claims of having cleansing power. Without staying and cleansing others the way today’s elite are keeping mum and only seeing their own interest . The elite and the intellectuals who where like Brahmaputra had to hear his plea and this songs triggered a renaissance in Assam. See in Assam unlike in our state, it is absurd to see only richness as once capability, though in many regard both the State are alike.

Seems like his state of mind at that time when this eternal songs were written was like never ending hunger ,like of many talented youths who want to do lot many good things for their society; graduating from abroad who are desperately searching for opportunity but getting no reciprocation from society. This passion and pain he seems to have poured in his songs and this has resulted in some eternal melody .see,`Dil hum Hum Karen,` of film Rudali. Unfortunately his own Assamese Peoples seems to have failed to give him due recognisation initially .The great man had his share of criticism also may be being from law caste , but can once talent be stopped for a long time .

This single mans hunger for perfection in musical field was destined to take him to a long way, Full credit to brother sammajul Bhattacharjee President NESO for giving him last farewell in most befitting manner. That was the best standing ovation to the master. Perhaps this is sammajul Bhattacharjees greatest personal achievement in life, get going brother Sammajul and NESO, we are proud of you and your team.

As whatever award after his death is meaningless , but for formality purpose he should be immediately conferred with Bharat Ratna. And Govt. of India should officially regret its late recognisation. Is it a small thing for country to have a moral preacher in a place where thousands died due to insurgency. The singers such as Jubin Garg need to learn from the great singer who have evolved by worshiping his own culture and tradition. One need not move in bare chest to mesmerize the Publics and making a permanent impression in their mind.

The Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh did best what it could, I appreciate Hon’ble C.M Tukiji for reiterating with the popular demand for immersion of ashes of great man in all the major rivers of the State. Which the Assam Govt. complied. We the Publics of Basar had rare privilege of honoring the mortal remains of legendry Dr.Bhupen hazarika on his way to mighty siang river on whose bank he composed many melodies songs. I thank Sri Nyamar Karbakji and his team for bringing his mortal remains to the Siang Publics on 16th nov. 2011. As Late Legendary Bhuphen Da was our own as he is said to have once himself claimed half Arunachalee , after once said to be accidentally Brest feed by a Arunachalee mother when he was lost in childhood in sadiya.

Perhaps to become BOJABOR for his whole life was his fate which he penned in a memorable song –` Moi Eti jojabor `, nevertheless others benefit may be even at the cost of his family members. Still Old Arunachalee Peoples remember him with great love and affection and emotionally remember the valuable time shared with him.The down to earth Bhupan Da is said to have savored many a apong and roksi glass with them like their own .The copy of the famous song – `Suraj Ka Kiran , Shis Ka Bhusan……,`has wonderfully projected our beautiful State. It should be declared as State song and rather made to sing in school Assembly session. The movie,`Mera Man Meri Dharm,` can be re-dubbed in different languages and released at our State expense. It should be only seen as great masterpiece. It may also do Arunachal tourism industry some good. Here director has tried to bring a reconciliation between the two distinct ideology in turbulent time of transition period in late 1970`s.

As today the Indian audience seems to be matured and want to see Hollywood Red Indian kinds of movie like –` Last of the Mohicans`. So this film made before time may now click. The lesion we learn from great man is get something from them when they are alive as they are priceless happens once in a life time. Lets learn from Assamese song -`Manuhe Manuhar Babhe`.Than only may be some of our power obsessed senior leaders may get inspiration to leave the dais for the new generation and more talented and creative once. Perhaps this will be only genuine tribute to the great man who seems to have fight all the life for this revolution for justice , equality and creativeness.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


                                                   The jingle bell for NabamTukiji as he is made as the Hon’ble chief Minister. This seems to be Gods plan also . It is pertinent to mention that in the healing Crusade at Aalo west siang Dist. The Christian Preacher  Brother Christopher had predicted that soon  a Christian C.M is going to be Hon’ble C.M and State is going to be a Christian State one likes it or not. And praise the Lord and  amen it happened . Only for the sudden demise of the Dorzee Kanduji and none acceptance of the post by modest brother Setong Sena we have to wait. Fortunate for the senior leader to be made as Hon’ble C.M in the fake end of his carrier as future is unpredictable. So their should not be any heart burn from outgoing C.M as well, as at least he have also made his name in hall of fame.
                                                    The temporary disruption on the will of the God seems to have been catastrophic. That Brother  Setong Senaji should have accepted the post of the  C.M from  the day one, must have  been point of lamentation for some Christians waiting for success of their leader. Anyway  lastly they got what they wanted as Tukiji is also our own . As today Gods dictum have been established in our State. Probably earlier at that  point of time brother Setong Senaji or Hon’ble C.M NabamTuki was not ready; but now that  opportunity have  come.The Nyishi community should be glad that they seems to have God in their side and they have genuine right to at least boast this. As with Gods graceness more intelligent community can be also defeated they have proved.
                                    Its Him who make them rich and powerful , not by themselves their faith has made them successful. Others have to learn this single minded dedication to God from them . And in acknowledgement to miracle shown by God , Nyishi brothers should organize a big Prayer meeting that’s my personal opinion .They should also stand for their co-believers persecuted in other place. As this is also their prayers for years that God seems to have created a peculiar situation .When  with the change of the guards they are in a better position to help their brothers in Christ and complete the plan B of making State as Gods own.
                                 For the cabinet colleagues and MLA’s also- they should realize that Tukiji is  precisely the one whom  they have been waiting for . Who can usher an era of development and convince the Publics. As new political dynamics compel  the importance of the Christian leader for leading society for  its well nit organization and powerful platform. Even if he or she don’t have too much wealth; a Christian leader cannot be underestimated , now that have been amply shown with this change of guards .
                                                           As in all the contentious issues like - the pending Hydropower MOU’s , trans Arunachal Highway connection , Green airfield issues etc.the leaders firm  believe in God alone  and Christian friends every where  may ensure their success as prayer support may come to them from all the nook and corner .Honestly for Jarbomji the star seems to betray him.And Galo belt seems to be in badly need of active evangelism to remove its ill fate. As eventually Sonia Madam herself probably being a  Christian this time  was best accepted to make the  things upside down .
                                            Hon’ble  C.M  Tukiji  and brother Setong senaji should help each other as Christian brothers . And need to make the State prosperous and  should learn from the incidence in Tirap and Changlang Dist.After what happened their, they are suppose to give emphasize to smooth democratic transition. And to a Tuki camp if made as C.M. boss may break the monopoly of Officers . He may even start talking  with genuine  party like  PPA , as this time  high command seems to be preferring a coalition with regional parties , after Wiki leaks prediction for congress compulsion for this short of arrangement before Lok Sabha election  or face being routed. And also he being personally indebted to some PPA cadres who surprisingly stand by him like the rock. The most of the PPA MLA`s being with the Tuki camp may also like him to have a working relationship with the Party. Specially when he have nothing to loss with the  PPA strong hold areas up against his detractors. The intra  tribe ill will towards the party for the change of the C.M post may also be neutralized by this strategy. Who knows in the coming elections the panicked BJP and Congress central functionaries  may declare joint cease fire over the PPA bastions to check its ambitious cadres. As pressure is much on both to have a formidable ally with the regional party and the PPA leaders may end up being game changers. Doing away with earlier practice of showing their bank balance security money to some notorious supporters.
                                                                         After all it is more a Congress and BJP compulsion than PPA`s  to start peace talk a active cadre opined. And for some having friends at both the camp may be more beneficial   . To some close Tuki aid , some black sheep’s need s to be shown exit door. And for them honorably exit is the only way, but if Congress gets  poor result in the U.P. election . The best way to stop them from coming back is coalition with the PPA . As in their opinion the Christians MLA`s may not  contest from BJP and prefer PPA and it is impossible for the Congress to give most favoured status to BJP. And also rise of PPA cannot be undermined with the Donyi Poloists also supporting this party besides Christians who have stand with each other earlier during persecution days . As such to them some selected PPA Leaders have to be given virtual cat walk . When there is no common enemy and future politics very unusual and it is an  era of coalition politics , why so much fuss? Let us see how far Tukijis think tanks are  correct.
                   But  Tukiji  will have to be obliged to the God who seems to have heard the deplorable conditions of the Co- believers especially in places where they have been marginalized. This fight for equality and justice mission is even accepted as the main contentious issues by most of the Christians even in the Nyishi belts. Who may compel senaji or Tukiji to keep interest of the co-believers in this place even above  politics ,like  earlier Kanduji had supported PPA in Dirrang.After all for them it is their prayer support also which resulted in this spectacular success. And to the point of view of some Christian Leaders ,the inter denomination interest cannot be undermined .Therefore Tukiji cannot afford to antagonize all the Baptist and Revival leaders at a time and may have to accommodate some even from other party.
                                  As at least things is better in Nyishi belt for the believers and they cannot be seen to be against the will of the God. As all the recent revolution and changes seems to be in liberating this places where Christians have been persecuted. And Tukiji may have also to clear some  personal mistake for unknowingly  overlooking his own people earlier  in some  tough areas. After so much help the betrayal by some whom he helped at his own co-believers cost  should be an eye opener to learn. That loyalty to God and co-believers  first  is better than loyalty to party which cannot be now taken for granted in this changing time should make him realize that today ball game is different.
                                                Since long time  back I have been advocating for one time chance for  the Leader from Nyishi belt, that way they may become more responsible ; as the sense of achieving something tangible within a community  can only remove their feeling of  alienation. And till now they have also not get any chance. As rise of goondagardi is also due to years of looting of natural resources  by the outsiders and manipulation by the officers who seems to have pampered them.As man devoid of God fearing nature seems to fear worldly danger more. But the good work of the Nyishi and the Tirap Changlang Publics cannot be undermine for few anti social elements  . As the Adviser Peace and Justice Dept. CBCNI that is my humble appeal to Nyishi community from refraining from any violence in future, we have a lots of responsibility to this society.  As whatever differences we have , love alone is the answer to all the problems and what better than seeing the success of our own fellow brother. If there is any misunderstanding the Arunachal Christian Forum should step in to hammer out a solution.
                                          As for Senaji when contacted he is least interested about the coveted post. Hope both the Christian Leaders will work together for the interest of the Christians in particular and others in general. And this victory will be a cause of happiness for all .And prove as successful fight against the Beurocrates and technocrats who have stand against the Bible and rise of genuine leaders for their own interest. The Bible which also talks about justice and equality have been tarnished as book against culture and tradition. But having said that not all the officers are also bad .There are some exceptionally good officers as well who were compelled to be victim of the system . The time seems to have truly come for the truth to come and  be accepted ,to appreciate ones talent and creativeness as he is . As God seems to have already punished Galo enough for their misdenemour, why my community should also lag behind, to work for thy kingdom and glory and be blessed should be now our primary object. Tukiji may not accept those who come to him directly before bowing to our Lord and Savior specially in places where Christians are still persecuted. As he should not afford to antagonize the co-believers and stand against the will of God if he has some semblance of regard for God. who seems to have created this series of opportunists only for some particular place hitherto deprived of his blessings  .
                                                                                                                                          Sincerely  yours ,
                                                                                                                                     Adv. Togo Basar
                                                                                                                                 M. No. 9436229344.