Tuesday, March 4, 2014

THE GAME CHANGER:- My new Nobel ( part- XXVIII )

                    As the worst setting/fixing  have been earlier said to be resorted by some Arunachal leaders. And on the part of the voters also they only want to see there leaders face also and this is there right as well;and if God blesses soon they may have this wish also.Tomorrow even if the PPA leaders forms the Govt.they are accepted to do less contract work.But they also need to be given some space atleast for 3-4 yrs.as the treasure must have been emptied by earlier Congress party leaders also.
                 And interestingly the present congress team have cleverly made all the developmental money come through themselves in the name of MLAD and MPLAD.Once Gegong Apangji Ex-Hon`ble C.M was telling me he never got 1000 digit for the State of Arunachal as its annual budget in his own time.But he nevertheless managed it;this is also right to some extent.
              Today when there is more money why on earth even the ruling Congress worker is seen crying?As the matter of fact today the official record need to be mainted nicely to get more funds from Delhi.As the central grants have become mostly performance based.So some of the delapated political leaders may have to be phased out.
                        See more there is injustice more Lord seems to be blessings to us also as earlier excess is seen to be exposed slowly and slowly.As some seems to have left a horrible legacy of watery grave ensured for all the Publics by rampant signing of MOU in the Hydropower sector.Where even

the cabinet decessions was heard to be violated in some places leaving out the name of the local MLA in the contract agreement with the corporate house.
              We are trying to be super human beings as we really love our Publics and will never see them as mare voters.As when the leader runs the Publics walk with them;and when leader walk public crawl with them and when leader crawl the public stand still and when leader stand still the Public`s will die.
                      As they are now seen dying in numerous Hospitals this days.Thus there is acute need of great leaders who are fastest developers and as our place is so poor that today God seems to have send all the good leaders in PPA.And as such the Publics are appealed to respect them and forgive there minor mistakes also;as in publics bad time it is few of them who have slept hungry with them.
                               As there comment have to be seen in totality and only pick and choose method should not do.The workers are also appealed to learn from good vision of the leader and party and always see where,when,what and before whom before making a comment.As the uneducated public will like to hear short speech and concerning to there interest only.As this noble doesn`t mean that I endorse the idea that if there is more speech then there


will be more benefit.
                     See for the rich haves class sponsers also the present non contractor doing educated and dynamic leaders may be eventually better also.As there election campaign bill will be lesser; may have less disturbing workers for there charismatic appeal;and should perhaps attract more investors also from the outside as they should amuse the Bussiness Houses and Corporate Houses with there personality.As prosperity is it not only dream now but fate accomplished in the regional ruled States like Nagaland and Sikkim also.
                     So there seems to be need for giving free hands to good persons and good Institutions also;as Gujratis have been also seems to have been benefitted from the NGO`s.And made good use of Amitabh Bachanji also as a brand ambassador.Who knows my college room mate cine star Arjun Rampalji may come in handy if I am given a official power and position to officially request him to do similier thing in my State.Thus this all have to be evaluated and for few man`s interest why all the society should be made to capsize;as time have come for creative leaders now?
                   And plus seldom you will also see a PPA leader wasting time in playing cards and boozing excessively also;and this aspects also are subjects


of intense discussions in our office war room in Naharlagun.As the leader should be always available to the workers and publics. See the good part of a honest leader is the good Arunachal Publics have  reason to be sure of no much shady work by the opposition leader and will give them also peace and tranquility.
                   As they bang the house of the corrupted leader even after 10 p.m because if the leader stay in the office even after 5 p.m then there is something fissy.Thus it is seen after giving chance of power to deserving Leaders ;the Publics are seen not to disturb the private life of the good leaders also.Thus honesty is best policy for all.
                               And all leaders need to be directly told of there weakness in there face also;as ours is Peoples own indigenious party,there is no High command culture here.And see many senior leaders are also curtailing down there peg also;that is good news.And may soon achieve zero level whisky in there own blood;as this is the greatest problem in this State as many family is seen suffering from alcoholism.Our creative senior PPA leader kaling Jarangji have even sujjested that the one marrying two wifes have to be also shown exit door from the PPA.
                      This idea may be a instantly liked by the women voters also;and


have been accepted in principal by a quorum.Please never believe in the rumour and gossip as it will harm the Publics only as they need is good party ideology and the personal view of the leader.Please whatever I say think it is for Public interest as unless we are brutally honest what impact we will make in compare to Congress party which is more resourceful then us.And this goodness honesty we have already displayed by staying in opposition party for Publics interest.
                           But fact is today for someone there own wifes and family are heard to be angry with them;hope this statement will even compel the Congress top leaders  to give 2nd thought.And this new Public in our ralley which does not come packed in trucks  paid in advance cannot  be cheated any more;they are more smarter then many leaders and now want deliberence.And want the leaders now to be a role model not inspiration for breaking families and bringing premature dooms day.
                       See the individual sins and mistakes apart which God will alone judge all will trust PPA; because this is filled with no nonsense leaders atleast in the matter of the probity in the Public life and there is tinge of emotional relation with them as they are common man`s leaders.The common man who can do anything and if necessary teach real politics to the

redundant leaders.And interestingly the Publics are now seen ready to throw stones at the haves class fatty wifes and sons who may come with the AAP cap in election.As after all the looting they cannot be seen to be making jock of a divine institutions.
                       See in times to come many Arunachal Political pundits are predicting that the ex-PPA childrens and todays enlightened elite class will automatically come in this party.And it was even if there have been no paradigrim shift in the Delhi politics also; as many now want not to further hurt the soul of Late Tomo Ribaji.Like the musician in the Titanic Ship unmindfully playing music when others where running hither and tether for life;this may happen here also with PPA ex-supporters making a 2nd thought now.
                              After all will all the good netizens of the world will keep silence this time where situation seems to be worst then in Africa also.As there is a point when boredom crops in;it is like someone throwing the can of Rasgulla sweet after compelling him to eat it only for 3 days in prison also.And that political fatigueness was shown in Delhi election also.Thus those who undermine the Arunachal Publics may be also in for a big shock this time.
                     Sincerely having said this long eloquent  ideas I am not the best and no much political ambitions also is with me;it is Public only to decide if I


have future.As if the other person does a more nicer thing tomorrow ;then God may who knows change His plan also.After all everything is possible with Him;thus for my supporters this is humble appeal to pray for me.
                         My personal liking and dislike is immaterial the need is for the master to show his plan clearly to me tomorrow.If one have worked with many leaders deligently his turn will perhaps come automatically also;but telling one`s life journey story and if it helps someone will be my greatest achievement.As mine have been also unique in many ways.
                                And every thing must happen in right time as this is mechanism of God and this seems to be the perfect time;there is goodness in all so everyone will be hopefully ultimately also attracted to us as non like roted apple.As atleast Lord of Host seems to be in my side inspite of my many deficiency.Who knows my detractors themselves may make the first move and declare there support also?                                
                       And in that case guess who will get the credit they only;and mind it if there is little bit of monetary support by any one will be surely used for a right cause.See many a time a leader could not be partial as he have to also respect the supporter who bailed him out in bad time.For that

kind of supporter his religion and community background don`t matter also thus all can be forgiven.
                           And God is great for choosing me to perhaps trigger that goodness in all please don`t be left behind as tomorrow the unrepented one may be branded as Raksas also.As this coming election period seems to be historic and seems to be tailored made for good person like you.As the world will be seeing this developments here.            
                   As I have written all the events in my life in blog and the world will always see it as authentic as I have always openly challenged someone who  challenge my claims to disapprove it.I swore that argument will be put in the U-tube in my blog.See the real time of the leader`s greatness comes in his fake end; and for the man with less resource his health problems also crop in.So it is a previlage to work under him as long as he is hale and hearthy.There will be always vested interest groups to mislead you but see your own interest according to the existing circumstance.
                           The same arguments earlier was used by the Congress man e,i-we need to have cooperation from ruling party in centre.This argument may now finish them as PPA have now more advantage of alleigning with any one in the centre as our NERPF decides.The best middle way is definitely

PPA now.It just have to have a honourable beginning in the MP Lokh sabha election.
                               As even some of the die hard supporters of other party are saying now-`LOOT SAKHEIN TO LOOT LO` e,i- if you are able to steal steal the workers now as this is the right time as the workers are now fed up of the High command cultures of national parties.
                          And many innocent Publics who have made prior comment to other parties leaders unknowingly are also seen to say in State election they will be with PPA only.See the coming election seems to be that occasion like Mahabharta that come after thousand years which compelled the Publics also to think for the first time.
                And this have been also amply shown in the recent Delhi election where the Gods divine power seems to have changed the Pulic`s overnight and made them to choose the 3rd option.The Congress party is now seen sulking and irony is same AAP party in Delhi that it hate more; it have to support it now.Thus the PPA is seen to be in same vintage position as this is like AAP of A.P.As the person who may have been fit in AAP is right now working for PPA.
                           And situation have not come where he have to say it bye bye to party now.See the Congress and BJP may be also need to send there olive


branch now to PPA specially in the seat of top 10 PPA leaders willing to contest in  MLA post;there the BJP and the Congress may have to even not send the M.P candidate for campaigning also.As in future alliance is desperately needed for them and our political alliance Regional Forrum of the North East with Sri Neipo Rioji Hon`ble C.M Nagaland as its convenor will definitely hear our point of view also.
                       As days of goondagardi and dadagiri is gone as all the Prakash Jhah`s political movies real top character are now in PPA.And more the Congress party tries to hurt ,they will not succed also.As if we can be friend of friend we can also become worst periah for some who think himself as over smart also.The day our PPA Hon`ble M.P candidate start making a round definitely there is accepted to be a game change and metamorphosis in Publics opinion.As the best issues is with us now.
                              As we are first to rise this violation of merger norms in this State which made the defection of the 12 Hon`ble MLA`s in last time;and mind it our State Publics is fed up with this AYA RAM AND GAYA RAM culture which have tarnished the image of whole State.But some Congress man who are ideologically seen committed  can be made as a good personal friend also;provided they see the State interest; as politics should be

platform for friendship rather then enimity also.
                 As common census need to be arrived in certain points to pass good bills in State Assembly also.And for some whimsical leaders who only like to see opposition leaders always as there personal enemy and  know nothing like helping back; it is there time to show there new changed avatars to the Publics also.
                         And in any case this time the senior Congress leaders will perhaps learn lessions from Rahulji and adopt 2nd best option like him also like he did in Delhi after Congress party drubbing in the Delhi election .After all the persons who have enjoyed so much in the name of Gandhi family is it also not time to hear there point of view also?As if Gandhis are good man they should be also concerned with the problems in this most challenging place of world.Where there names are being used for the national threat also.As when the Publics are unhappy then it will be greatest anti national activity.
                           As what some of Congress man here have spread is not patriotism or moral lessions; but the large suitcase filled with money if Gandhi families chopper land in election time.This have increased dependency and corruption all the more.And will it not embolden the

neighbor like China to take advantage of this unrest.See there is a national threat perception if there is simultaneous Lokh Sabha election along with the State election in this State.But will this aspect illiterate and unvisionery Congress leaders will see?
                 As the infighting of Congress in all the constituency is there to help us even if there is simultaneous election.See it is easy to sit in the air condition room and discuss various means to stop us.But there is now need for doing something drastic and very soon also for them.As we have the benefit of tilting towards NDA or UPA also and as matter of fact a top Congress man was also saying they are also not ready for april election.
                       Does the important groups like Congress and BJP does it still have no prayer warrior groups to know thy will?So for the national parties may be also time to make joint declaration of support to some genuine leaders from Delhi itself.As a good face book friend I have warned Rahulji long time back regarding the impending danger.And today he have reason to be more desperate;but he is also seen as one who is a quick learner.
                      As if you see other smaller party like ant and develop the pride like the Pakistanis wanting all to be converted to Islam; then how Lord of justice will tolerate it? in many cases one may even not know that the things are so bad in Arunachal Pradesh.


                     And for the business minded leaders of this State there is no more charm in politics anymore this they need to know also;and there future can be as said in Hindi-`LENE KA DENE PAR SAKTA HAIN`,e,i-in hope of getting something there may be loosing much more.Even my good friend Tapir Gaoji and Tarun Vijayji may also follow suit by officially accepting what the lower party cadres want to unofficially endorse also; as they are fed up of the scene of the top Congress man joining BJP;and are even ready to support PPA.
                   As in many place in A.P there is lack of top BJP candidate in coming State election;and thus if BJP gains in Lokh Sabha election also it will be a momentary gain.As everyone now accepts that the political future belong to PPA only.And as for top Congress Party ideology believers they have to also think now; after all this power and position is momentary and Holy Biblical dictum can not be as easily denounced by a believer also.
                                   As times comes in believers life when he have to show his loyality to divine power;as heaven is not a small thing;and rules are not different for the powerful leaders.And mind it all the common believer also have passed this worst temptations in life like-Job did;as it is not easy to segregate politics from religion.
                 As life is how you try to live righteousness in any


circumstances;and the greatest politics ought to have been getting others genuine respect. As non is above God, thy will and human ethics isn`t it?So I appreciated Sr. Gegong Apangji for putting Tango on new team of leaders when he was dethroned.
                             As it did not made him smaller as Lord Jesus Christ have also washed the feet of his desciples.But it should have been better when he did in helmns of power also;but man will be after all man.So Lord is the greatest leader so far born in this world;and if one is uncompromising leader then he may also develop suicidal tendency or think of murdering his adversary also.And is that kind of leader can be appreciated in modern days? Thus hope the man in the position will not like to become pariah for his party also;as this is time the Congress party specially needs sacrificers also.
                            Our leaders have never left the party and have full belief in PPA parties regional ideology which is for strong federation and against High command culture of the Congress and BJP also.And as an Indian also if one critically see; he will realize that all the party should be also given one time chance.Only those leaders who have political ambition of highest order may negate this.But the believers in justice in any party and position is supposed to be respecting the will of God.
                     See which party have seems to have taken crores of money from the Hydropower developers in this State as party corpus fund?And as our

PPA leaders have never indulged in any rampant signing of MOU; thus is it not time for others to see there own weakness before making elonquest speech? As the good work of the Sikkim and Nagaland a regional party is there to see now.                               
                                    The local need to realize that we need to understand and remember our past glory;after all we have same Mongolian blood that have made Red Fort and Tajmahal.Thus those critics who say this is impossible to bring political revolution it is time to show it is possible;we are so unique that God love us more.We have to make a congenial situation where tomorrow any child will never feel inferior to rise his view or propose a business or a relation he wants to make in his growing period.
             See this self respect and confidence is perhaps what our Arunachal is needed more now;as in any case the Govt.money is meager now and only the one doing service is seen to be enjoying.So there have to be pradigrim shift as why rich should become richer and poor poorer;see true son of the soil is daring he is the real Nayak.And world is waiting for him;it will be societies loss to not use him also.
                         Thus there is now need to save ourselves by voting our own indigenous party as when the Mishing brothers in Assam have shown there guts and love for there own regional party in there Mishing Autonomous election by voting for AGS party emphatitatically;then where is the great

Civilization claims of the Arunachalees brothers; will they will continue to be slave of the central party Highcommand ? And for long the Highcommand have used our own innocent ignorant Public leaders to commit blunder after blunder.And tomorrow your own may be made as victim also?
                                 Thus the PPA demands white paper on i)Hydro power & dams,ii)financial status of Govt.iii)law and order iv)Mines and minerals.v)Regarding Private universities.vi)Immediate devaluation of power to Panchayat Institutions and Municipalities.As we have been given no option then to do this; as the syndicate of the corrupted mafias seems to have also secretly tried to harm this last hope of Publics in A.P- the PPA the local AAP in true sense of term.And thus on 17th jan 2014 there was a procession demanding this in Itanagar which was majore success.
                                               As the PPA have got the best model for the State and we are ideological committed party and there should be also scope for the rise of honest leaders so this issues are going to be rised more vocally in the coming election.As each member of the PPA have perhaps done the greatest mistake by loving our own Publics by the everlasting love.
                       And when other big shot`s  more sinister sins-MOU`s,omission and commissions are forgiven; why we are not also given chance?This is the great question that will be surely asked by the History to the present Publics.And mind it that time will come soon; introspect yourself you want to be seen as great or as a fallen angel?

              As soon the Congress infighting may expose themselves as one group may be seen interested to get power for coverup in one scam and other in other scam.Thus it is time to give standing ovation to two great man Late Bakin Pertinji and Late Tomo Ribaji in letter and spirit who where and still hope of the society.Perhaps all the majore projects in the Arunachal Pradesh in fact deserved to be kept in there name.
              Thus be the game changer and the history maker and join the party with difference PPA.

                            The experience from my life shows that you the Public is the real Game changer;and from I mindset we have to come to we and our`s.See the Love of Christ was so much for all.Unfortunately the critics even try to bind it to few.But today also there should be serious believer of Lord`s philosophy to do secret charity.As the Holy Spirit was never seen to be in its best as it is now.
                  Therefore the critics are not supposed to be criticizing for the sake of criticism and unless first time try to help the man in His mission he/she should not do it at all.The aim of sharing this divine blessing with you in divine mission seems to be motivating me to write this letter to you.And for those who can`t help also please give your valuable prayer support also.                                                            

                                             As the Old Hindu saying`s have been always explaining for the Holy Spirit ;see while the Western Peoples tells of 6th sense there is referring of 7th sense/Indriya in Hindu may be other one

have been for the coming Holy Spirit.And see the story of Job in Holy Bible.The God wanted to test his loyalty and send devil and along with it angel to test him.If you feel like I have overcome temptations to certain extent as job did then only be my Guardian angel.
                      And thus on the above ground the world citizens are accepted to be sympathetic to us.As oh world brothers and sisters how many times we have also cried for your well being family in Christ alsoAnd hope this time you will give us more we have accepted from you also as there is goodness and God`s part in all the heart also.

                                         AN APPEAL:-
                       Praise the Lord, Dear believers in the humanity we are accepting your help as we have only last hope in you all;as the human being is said to be the true reflection of God.Those who really want to help us can send there money in the Account No. 31322837465 of Miss Liyo Nyodu in the SBI- ( State Bank of India)the Swift Code being -SBI NIN BB159,In case needed  MICRA No. being 787002502 IFS Code-SBINOOO6032 of 06032-Basar Siang Dist.Siang(W) Arunachal Pradesh -791101.The money should be preferably converted to Indian currency before sending and send as gift/donation.
              And in that case only IFSC and Account No. will be needed.There is no legal problem as it does not come under FERA violation.The SMS of confirmation of sending the money be given in 9436229344 this is for my own Arunachal friends;91- 9436229344 this is for the own country man and for foreign brothers in  0091-9436229344.Please the serious friends only make an SMS after sending much needed help;and it have to be send by the last march of 2014.
                                             And those reputed Publication house or willing to be partner in publishing the book in any language can also contact us in above phone number or email-togobasar@gmail.com in exceptional cases.And that will be on mutual beneficial basis and from our side e-mail agreement will be considered as valid.The advertisement of the partner if any can be put in the book.The 3rd part of Nobel will be only put in the Nobel when it is published in book form along with the photos.
                   Those who want to order the limited addition on the Noble made in local level can do so which will be send in the postal way in the
name and given address in above mobile number.Mind it all the money transactions will be put in this blog as our Sir is very clear about the monetary issues.Barring some persons/officers name who will  personally request not to do so.
                                                                                           And Sir is involved with lot many humanitarian end-over which he have also not told.our prayer warriors will be praying for all the helpers,friends and partners.And as our God is clean one and likes openness so hope all will join this life changing moment.We have tremendous respect for brother Togo as what he have said is completely true and for this only he seems to be disliked by some.But for a good man world should be family and hope so you will help us.
            And mind it the real game changer according to boss is you only;as human being have been given all the good and bad point and capability to accomplish any thing.Thus for all the good Peoples who really want to bring a change atleast give there prayer support so that forgiveness and healing may come to our Galo clan members.As all are not that bad and need real prayer support as devil only  may be using some of them.
                   please pray for all our clan members of 29th Assembly constituency Basar.Namely-   
             Basar,Bam,Nyodu,Riram,Riba,Geyi,Ango,Angu,Kamsi,Sora,Karbak,Amo,Chiram,Dirchi,Kabak,Ralen,Nyorak,Bagra,Ete,Bogo,Dini,Rina,Kai,Tao,Ngucho of the Basar town Sub Division.
                    And Gadi,Lombi,Doke,Gamlin,Kamdak,Tatu,Gako,Laye,Tatu,Riji,Badak,Doyom,Kali,Hokom,Taluk,Amo,Rumdo,Ame,Bomjen,Lommi,Yomgam,Hano,Rikar,Bozir and Lomri of the Tirbin Circle.
                  And Zirdo,Rumi,Chisi,Nyori,Ada and Doye of the Ego Circle of the Basar Sub Division.

                                                                   Sincerely Your`s,
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Sd/-                                                                                                                      Miss Liyo Nyodu
                                                                  ( finance In charge Togo camp)