Thursday, March 31, 2011


                                                                 The Nationalism of the North east publics can never be challenged ; as we have accepted it as our faith accomplished that it is best if we stay in India ; as we have eaten countries roti and daal thora hi sahi . Also there is so much scope for us to excel here as so much agile ground for our mission field for the faith we believe in  . In transition period their may have been some misunderstanding but in compare to JNK we have a much better past .The misconception that the Publics in North east have a inclination towards China is completely wrong . After all today we are surviving due to the country only , specially the fatty rich Politicians and Beurocrates do they have any reason to be unhappy ? only after passing of Lok Pal Bill it will be vise versa . The co-Mongolian gene pool have ruled India like  Mughals also descendent of Chengiz khan like us , theirfore we can compete here we should have firm belief specially after Lokpal Bill even a North Eastern may succeed in any field and rightfully claim back our glory .

                                                                                    But nevertheless we want friendship with the China , as both the Poor publics in the border want the benefit of the globalization . Sometimes feel like why not benefit from each other ; as China has excel more in the field of the transportation . And the Poor and destitute in this border areas may be taken good care of in China ; see a poor lady called Likir Tasar in Gori Complex P.O/P.S-West Siang Dist. Arunachal Pradesh India is in her near dead bed for the kidney failure and have to make kidney dialysis each month much to the helplessness of the family member . will she not be happy if the China Govt. propose to help her ? For her politics will be secondary only help from whatever quarter will be more interested to her she can be contacted in +91-3602222490 or +91- 9436238258, unfortunately our own rich mans are not that charitable ; I at least respect the Chinese in this field that they are more responsible see what the Pakistan have done in satlaj river pouring the lethal nuclear toxic waste China is a responsible Country , they have never fallen to such an extent like Pakistan before . We should still not live in our 1962 mindset . The good fencing make a better neighbor and if the fencing is of the belief in the love that exist between two mongolian brothers  will it not be better . As one like it or not the china and India has a common destiny we have many things to learn from each other .

                                                            Few Crooks interest should not come in way of the good relation with the neighbors ; they seems to hell bent on making the America and China to fight with each other to keep their Swiss Bank account secret . Therefore whoever comes in power in the centre should take a good stock of situation . As the underground elements are also coming to the negotiable table because they are also realizing the message of the Holy Bible ; see any body can be convinced provided if proper way is applied . But for this for a greater result sometimes the National Parties like Congress and BJP should also show its magnamity like in Rajivjis time when Assam accord was signed . The political power can be also given to the regional parties after all strong federation will also make a strong nation . In the future the regional parties in NE will have to make new coalition partners after seeing other national parties response . For in each earlier election their seems to be all the logistic support from the centre to help the corrupted regime in the NE by hook and crook . Sometimes even Vellot Box seems to have been ordered to be changed for the party interest as the Election Officers seems to have been well fed .
                                                                                 Mind it one day it may lead country to a big mess after all the Country have to be content with JNK alone now . If the parties like Congress could not change itself and encourage the honest and deserving within their party ; should it not respect one time change not kind of change the rich and powerful congress man floating their own party after removal . I appeal to both BJP and Congress to be very tactful towards the NE problem more than loyalty to their senior leaders , obedience to God and family elders should be criteria for selection of good candidates after all - are Gandhi’s also not surviving by grace of God ?


                                                                         Yesterdays historic semi final cricket win against the Pakistan have shown that our country India is land of unity in diversity and this has been cemented more recently by Cricket . The players played as a team and that was the reason the country won empathetically ; though there is Individual talent in Pakistan Cricket players but they fail to work as a team . The Pakistani should be aware of this mindset even if there is a war with India as divided house can never prosper and place where there is excessive sin will God even bless ?

                                                                 Time to change for the neighbor before it collapse like Arab countries as deceit and lies won’t last ultimately it is governance what matters . Even if Congress misrule may be their in India but it seems to be much much better than Pakistan . The full credits to our player for such a magnificent show for which everyone is proud of them . Such short of achievement acts as adrenalin for the Nationalistic emotion to rise which helps in unity and Integrity of the Country . We the North east publics are also lovers of Crickets specially my elder brother Er. Tomo Basar is a die hard fan of Sachin Tendulkar and this time he did not failed him , sachin really seems to have some divinity around him need not say why fans see him as a cricket messiah . Hope he die a happy man with World Cup feather in his cap .
Manmohan Singhji also deserve accolades for his Bazigar and dabang image ; Singh King showed his guts to call none other than Pakistan P.M this was a big risk . This guts have first time show him as one who have an Independent decision . It may be a good confidence building measure for the Congress Party which have been facing series of scams to their name . The pale and discolored looking Pakistan President has nothing but to drink the humble pie . But nevertheless he deserve for his magnamity to come to the Mohali mother of all the battle . This visit it is hope was only for Pakistan sincerity to solve the issues like Terrorism for which they are also suffering . It may be high time country forgive them and work together for common good whichever Party comes to power in centre .The Pakistanis played a better game that was best they could have given in that situation . As the kind of violence we have in our neighbor can they show any more better .

                                                          Time for the Pakistanis to introspect it - do they have the right to bully their own players for poor show when they are cumulatively responsible for violence and chaos in their country ; which will never allow the sporting talent to evolve. Time for the two neighboring countries which has many things in common to fight together in other war namely against the poverty and terrorism . The joint force should hunt down all the wanted persons both by the Indian and Pakistan Govt. who give sports even war like image for their own survival . For they are the crooks who have tarnished the name of Pakistan and Islam and in the name of brotherhoodness for which Musalmans have emotional weakness they are forvading the friendship from which they can gain more .appreciate congres senior Leaders who don't fail to take the limelight each time in such important national occasion .
                                                                                       But we as a Country should also not be only confined to Cricketing world and forget other aspects as this is time for renaissance in our Country for which real solution is needed specially to Poor and down trodden after all cricket is also legacy of the rich and powerful family . But leaving this argument now time for the Cricketing Heroes to give their best so that tomorrow when they become senior citizens ; they can say – ` Khele Hum Ji Jan Se .`

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


                                                           The Peoples Party of Arunachal Pradesh symbol declaration Party on 10th April 2011 at 10 a.m in Nikum Niya Hall Nirjuli near Naharlagun is going to be a historic occasion as it is going to be day for launching of our new Maize symbol. All the Publics are invited to bless us on this historic occasion . To make the programme more of a festival and cultural occasion all the cultural troops of the State will be invited as per our limitations . It is now nearly accepted by all the critics that regional party is the only party which is going to be party to matter most for Arunachal Pradesh in particular and North east in general ; therefore it will be privilege to see this historic occassion when the PPA's maize symbol will be opened .Also for those who like the party ideology it will be a memorable time to enlist their name in the party membership list.

                                                                                        As the Country is lately poised to change due many factors like latest being - Fast Unto death fasting challenege by Veteran social activist Anna Hazare for implementation of Jan lok Pal Bill .which is all set to clean the society and remove  corrupted leaders like sharad Pawar as within time bound high level corrupted person have to be tried .Thus PPA is going to be best bet in future if things goes according to our plan . As by next election public heat may be too much to content and money for circulation in election  may be seized like it is being done right now in Assam and Tamil Nadu . As North east NCP supremo P.A Sangmaji himself is heard of promising to start a new regional party in his hometown by next election .Therefore it will be foolish for the Arunachal leaders to follow Old ill health and corrupted central leaders and unpredictable Parties who may be soon redudant if not change according to new demand .
                                                            And if they don't rise to new occassion , they may make themselves as scape goat of congress party like always which try to devide and rule . Who knows  the the corrupted Congress Party  may show even Sharad Powers name in first list of the corrupted leaders list having money in swiss Bank , to save their own skeen.Mind it by money Congress can never be defeated ; only by Peoples support it is possible as they have made so much inroad , the good part is all the good Persons and Parties are uniting and are atleast in that line of thinking  .

                                                                  Even BJP fed up of Aya Ram gaya Ram culture of the Arunachal seniour leaders earlier are exploring PPA as the best friend in Arunachal it is heard .We the PPA workers should stick to our ideology ; As it will be fooling oneself by showing himself as psuedo-rich candidate to publics who may be against Congress and its allies in the future . After all new Political dynamics will make one with clean image atleast in monetary front to be the agile candidate , mind it NCP and TMC friends  may be incurring identity crisis among themselves if they don't take right decesion in time . As its risky to project oneself as rich as Publics will give them sleepless night and how to get it back after this Lokpal bill where officers will be seldom ready to cooperate . It may have helped earlier but not any more in the future . And some fools are precisely trying to be Kawwa Chalein Hanse Ki Chaal unaware of new developments .
                                                                                But good news is most of the TMC and NCP candidates are talking in terms of joining PPA and thats the spirit ; as for thwarting Congress we must make a united and formidable opposssition and in the platform which Arunachal publics like more . Thanks to the rising mis-apprehesion against the Congress lead UPA Party misrule by the Publics where good man from Congress Party are also supporting holy Peoples like Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare .The PPA after symbol declaration will not only make meaningful press release in state ; but try our best to fulfill our comitments . And above all Publics have trust on this Party that it have most promising future like in Sikkim where congress party have been reduced to a non entity Party.Therefore it is time for joining the Party with difference ; which is pro-poor and also leave scope for repeantance of the rich Peoples .

                                                            The regional ideology of the love for the region have taken Nagaland and Sikkim Govt. to new heights . And if the brotherly bonhomie improves between NE neighbours due to our shared past cultural and tradition and common future destination what is the harm ; after all today we are living in a global village and we have much to get from each other .
It is pertinent to mention that the Neiphorioji HCM Nagaland can be hailed as the peace maker as he have earlier been instrumental in brokering a deal between both the faction in his own home town . And our regional leader from sikkim HCM P.K .Chamlingji can be heiled as the pioneer of the North east in the field of the Bussiness enterprenership .As for the majority publics today it is not only leader with money but with the missionary geal like them that matter .
                                                                                                                As in our Tirap and Changlang Dist. Have we any other option left now ? Before blaming the outfits we have to see weather the rich congress mans , Politicians and Beurocrates where not the ones also who used them earlier .
Therefore please poor Publics wants a real solution rather than leap service therefore this PPA , NPF and SDF interaction will also do State much good I hope . Our other prodigal son of the soil Chamlingji HCM Sikkim has also shown his leadership in the field of Bussiness enterpreneurship like Tourism , hope regular interaction with them in future will help all of us .

                                                                     Hope this great occassion should be seen as a ray of hope for us who are not seeing any way out now in insurgency filled and wasteful day's without even AOP . And hope this PPA symbol declaration convetion will start the process of making the future of the North east promising for the Investment and tourism in long run to come . As the State is going to see the worst phase of transition and need to learn from the Nagaland and sikkim to evolve from it very soon .Mind it ,only democratic way like Political change through peaceful means , election , RTI and PIL is agile for expressing personal and social grievance . Therefore before many young man likes of Jodik Tali form their own outfits its better to make a introspection of highest order and give  support to them with proper political platform like PPA .

                                                                                     The political party crossing across all the party lines are expected to cooperate us in this good vision for our common good , as a great man can motivate us to make a new beginning thus in future we are looking forward to organise meeting with HCM Nagaland Mr. Neipho Rio who seems to be now more busy in Assam Election , Pawan Kumar chamlingji HCM Sikkim is also in our list to address the importance of regionalism to make Publics more possessive towards the state interest . The Arunachal Political parties should not discriminate other political entity as check and balance is imperative for social benefit ; we may have ideological difference but their should be not personal enimity as this is beauty of democracy . Those who don't toe this line are not even civilized . As we should be only concern with states welfare theirfore transperacy and introspection is must.
                                                                   Note that important is not someone becomes MLA or HCM but to see how he benefits the State , important is how he brings a change we believe in his tenure ; even if at present - we may have political differences which is not important and it should not come in front of our Human relationship in view of same geographical background and past blood relationship and above all share destinations as we are from common Indo- Burma Mongolian blood stock this should be our common thinking of all the North East brothers . As we need to make a great future for our future generation worthy of the great grand sons of Chengiz Khan and Mughals our forefathers .


                                                                  The position of the India in corruption is 87TH ; The Lok Pal Bill which was lying dead have been suddenly become alive and active as famous anti corruption Social activist Anna Hazare is demanding a new Lok Pal under Public supervision much to the discomfort of haves who have been enjoying the countries property . As he and his friends who are going to stage a dharna in jantar Mantar suggests all the machinery of the Govt. under its like CBI , Police , Judiciary should be made under the active supervision of the Lokpal which should be answerable to none . And within 1-2 Yrs the accuse who are responsible for scams of huge amount should be convicted . The Lokpal should consists of half of the Govt. and half of the Public representatives the Public representations should be from Social activity field , eminent personalities like Bharat ratna awardees etc .

                                                                            That too the Public representatives should be appointed in a impartial manner through advertise in the website . This way the neutral Publics who really want to take action against the corrupted Persons are selected for jobs without ruling parties influence they demand . As the country is in ill repo of even bribing the highest pillar of democracy like Hon’ble H.C and S.C Judges and CBI Officers according to them therefore this suggestions are mindboggling . This Bill if passed will make the Lokpal Institutions autonomous body like Election Commission or Supreme Court and will be answerable to smallest corruptions and will be not much under ruling Govt.
                                           As earlier the Govt. only seems to control the system to its own advantage . Anna Hazares threat of fast unto death just before election in five State may keep Congress Govt. in most embarrassing situation ; as the Old man who earlier given sleepless night to the congress in Maharashtra which made it possible for opposition to pass 3 important bill . And it is pertinent to mention that he was also the one to compel the central Govt . to leave its idea of modifying the RTI Act ; thus old Gandhians threat cannot be taken lightly. His promise to go for fast unto death if this proposal are not accepted by 2nd April is already unnerving the ruling Congress party .As even if the parties spokesman Manish Tiwari was seen justifying its innocence in its – Vote for Case issue but majority will tell that Congress party is always doubted in eye of the Publics and for Public it is case of Ulta Chor Kotwal of Datein.Only was that earlier due to lack of coordinated attack from opposition parties and intellectuals the citizens were keeping silence and the Blitzkrieg of the Congress party just before each election seemed to have worked .

                                                                                         The latest deteriorating situation of Japan where Nuclear plant leak has polluted the environment million times have made the earlier Nuclear plant deal in india under US pressure as the thorn of Public content . As the agreement which allow the foreign nuclear power to invest in India has shown how corrupted India is ; after even note for vote issue was exposed by Wiki leaks which is respected by both the parties elites there is no reason for the country to trust the Congress unless its top brass join the Annas fasting instead of enjoying the cricket match .This is extent of corruption in India that even the food are contaminated even before nuclear disaster . God knows weather or not polluted satluj river water in Punjab where nuclear toxic waste are said to be thrown in Pakistan are still used for irrigation to export to ignorant place like North east with this country nothing can be said . The Gandhi family cannot absolve itself anymore from this corruption of epic proportion even if they were not directly involved but being general they will have to take all the blame if they also take credit for its performance .

                                                                                         Already reeling under pressure from likes of Baba Ramdev will Govt. will finally give in to Anna Hazares demand is a million dollar question . As the corrupted and manipulative rich citizens earlier went away scot free without any punishment after committing scams after scams . The Congress which seems to have lately become rich and aristocratic party will die both way ; if this Bill is passed and if not passed may be sin always comes back to punish . As if passed it may pave the way for the Likes of Bharat Swabhiman parties and if it doesn’t it may effect the election in this five States . Today the Social activists who are fearless and committed their influence have also increased ; none can challenge their popularity today , as earlier it was also so difficult for genius man like swami Vivekananda to become famous due to absence of media as today this fearless Persons like Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev have become icon in their own rights much to the discomfort of the haves .

Saturday, March 26, 2011


The true heir to the Publics king the young prince Yubraj of the Country in strict sense of term is Cricketer Yubraj Singh alias- Yubi ; he is truly young prince in making for a king he is the – Man of the moment ; this is no mean business to consistently make the Country win 4 match in a row in world cup ,man he is the real ideal everyone was waiting for . The underdog has proved everyone wrong ; his obesity and tantrums in the parties could not deter him when he is in the Cricket ground ; seems like media where only busy pampering sachin and Dhoni earlier . The Aryan pure blood and the robust and Lion heart of the Panjabi breed makes him the most deadly player . As his height and confidence is class above others . Honestly I had also poor opinion about him earlier for his party and merry making habit as critics thought he will end up like another Salman Khan but both showed their Dabangness in making a triumphant comeback .
And more than Dhoni and sachin he become the hit to everyone’s surprise . The Mohali semifinal may be a waterloo for the cricket lovers . As already the critics are saying if we lost we should better leave cricket for good as even in the presence of sachin if we loss what is the value ? My elder brother who is a die hard Sachin fan may not like this comment ; Hope Sachin also die a happy man after winning a world cup. And for the Manmohan Singhji it is a good move to show is boldness as senior Singh is after all the present king .As for the Prince who says that he want to win this match for special person , speculation is ripe, it for whom ? Is what many are questioning . As the bull was lately seen dating many actress. As for the coming 30th Quarter final match one thing is for sure this may make a new beginning of friendship for the Indo- Pakistan relationship specially if General Kianni turns up and the Bazigar Prime Minister Manmohan Singhji make a secret bet with him to solve all the outstanding demand of the India if country wins . The way Russian KGB won the jet engine from English tycoon in a chess match. The Cricket obsessed Mohali Publics who are accustomed to see passing parade between the Indian and the Pakistan army in nearby wagha border ; their emotion should be difficult to control , after all Sardarji like sunny Deol can pull up hand pump with bare hand. May God bless India and save Pakistan and make this game a true friendship festival as the emotion positively ventiliate may stop many of the Young Pakistanis to join Terrorism.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


                                                                    The Congress must be a divided house by now rich Vs Poor , moderate Vs Extremists , the new world order have spared none . And in compare to Arab countries it is at least better or after Japanese Atomic plant accident the Congress Party office would have been completely vandalized for playing with the life’s of the People for earlier purchasing the vote of MP's for passing the Bill of International Atomic Energy Organisation that will allow the Country to make Nuclear Plants as danger as japans .

                                                       The latest Wiki leaks attack known as wiki bomb by Indian media is all set to compound the threat for congress Party . As it is exposing one after another all the evil deeds of the Congress say it the rejection of the Pranab Mukherjee as Finance Minister by the Americans or the case of the Purchasing of the votes of the RLD MP’s by the congress to save its Govt. It is pertinent to mention that the bill was passed to ratify IAEC bill as per as American Companies interests which allowed atomic plant for peaceful making of power to be aided by foreign help . Now that all the safeguards have proved to be helpless against the natural disaster it is now a tickling time bomb .
The credentials of the Wiki leaks is well established after it disclosed the black money of high and rich in German banks . The problem with the Congress is that the new moral watchdog of the World may be further infuriated by the loud threat by the Congress Party now that it has already tied up itself in india through cable of the - `The Hindu`.And everyone are seen net enjoying this days seeing the Wikileaks exposure of classified documents like picture and video of E.T.and other interesting leaks much to the discomfort of the Congress Party .
The Wiki Leaks Website channel buffs are the personal fan of Jullian Asang its owner and are also seeing the rape case leveled against him in British Court as an act of revenge by those who are effected . The crooks are also said to have haired millions of hackers to check the website before it bombard the Indian cable with the name of the Swiss Bank Black money lists . Thus there is all the reason to be apprehend of it by the Crooks who seems to have taken various Portfolio in the Congress Party and for Public like always we expect a sudden disclosure in Wiki leaks within short time .

                                                           The Congress which always seems to be banking on its American ally now may find little rest , after so many death and destruction in Japan after the leak of the Atomic Energy Plant and the new world order where media is playing a major role may make this a major issue unless ofcourse Party invites honest leaders from other Parties things are not accepted to change . And henceforth the continues Prophesy in Gods channel citing more of it may refrain the super power from supporting the corrupted 3rd World countries by being silence spectator to the black money of western ally in Swiss Bank and German bank . Today the water have gone above the neck and none of the Super Power Country will like to take the wrath of the God like Sodom Gomorrah after all by 2030 even America is predicted to be effected by water drought. The Judicial activism is also now seen to be completely siding the Baba Ramdevs views in Swiss Bank case after Burocrates like Kiran Bedi and others are seen to openly supporting Babaji .
Therefore unless the Gandhi family come openly and disown the ones who may have money in Swiss Bank the Publics may be also of the opinion that the Country may be suffering for Poor foreign policy and scams due to the blackmail by the super power Countries .Therefore Gandhi family who should not be corrupted themselves are accepted to come clean in this issues or Congress may continue to come in power but the moral of the Country will suffer .
And for those if they have really something to hide in Swiss Bank it is better to run away to other country taking Political asylum in time. The religion brotherhoodness should be not an excuse to vote for one Party or help other brother who is sinner beyond point of return . Remember Soddom and Gommorah was not only destroyed for the Idol worship but for the injustice to the Poor basically . The Baba Ramdevs mission should have been our Christian mission as we are commissioned by God to fight for the Poor and Injustice . Our real boss is Lord and Savior he is also above Party High Command so better we all mind this before playing Politics .

                                                              As we all might have already politicalised religion to sooth us , if we are saying BJP are playing Hindutva card we may be also playing indirectly ourselves the none Hindu card ; but the spiritual part mattering to our soul needs to be at least kept clean and being biased to one party we will not do any justice to ourselves who have to one day face the God in the Judgment Day how so powerful he / she is . It is easy to mislead the ordinary Christian to refrain from getting the fruit of the world by saying to forgive his enemy , but may be Biblical meaning may have been different to forgive for oneself's mistreatment but not to forgive for injustice to other poor and destitute thus time for the Christians to tell love of God to all . As by love only corruption can nbe minimise to a great extent .

                                                                   Remember today Congress parties clever and fox like attitude will have certain limitations even if the rich and powerful later make a ploy to pinnpoint Hasan ali as the scape goat in Swiss Bank Black scame by exposing him now ; it won't last as truth will always come back. tomorrow Public will question - where is Rs.300 Lakh crore Swiss bank money as allege by Baba Ramdev in compare to Rs.70000/-as suspected scam by Hasan Ali.Thus time have come for the Congress Leaders to completely come clean and refrain from earlier smart tactics as People want a change they believe in . In future deserving Leaders may only join the party when it answers all this typical questions after all their are also too many risk to contest from a ill reputed party for honest but poor candidates . For one thing though corruption has increased its exposure has also ; earlier Bhagat singh had to throw a bomb in Parliament to become famous but today likes of Baba Ramdev are fortunately born with Aztalk and Z- News . God save India .


To me Circuit House is not the issue the real issue is who is the boss ? the students or the administrators . The Officers who are seen to be tools of the Politicians and the students who feels themselves to be the real Robin hood the fight may go on for long . But the facts seems to be lying within this two point . The absence of good opposition Party seems to have given the moral authority upon the Student leaders to be in the forefront of all the revolutionary work . Sometimes of course they exceed and similarly the IAS officers will feel themselves class above others as they seems to be groomed to think that way . Both attitude are needed also after all there is a need for check and balance in Society .
As in its absence other will be a menace for society see how some IAS Officers made thousand crores in other State . In earlier election it was so shameful in a civilized place like Galo area even the election Ballot Box seemed to be tampered with this ACR does influence the Public opinion though DC Saab may have not been directly involved . But who was responsible for this ? thus some have to definitely call spade a spade . Therefore in this context Sri Tujum poyom Gen. Secy. AAPSU’s argument that why he only is pinpoint for overstaying in circuit house is worth pondering . As he allege that their were other People close to DC himself who also overstayed and who where doing all the contract works which he wanted to find in RTI. And if it is fact than shame to Aalo Publics for their silence .
Now that it has become a big issue we need to deal everything in detail for future interest . DC Saab may have been right in his step . But henceforth those Politician and the Officers who rise fingers must also be clean themselves and not give the impression that they are willing to stay in prime post like Aalo West Siang Dist. Arunachal Pradesh by hock or Crook. . As there is a apprehension that lots of money have been made by high ups in the issue of the Compensation to Hydropower construction.

I blame everyone even Publics as we have cumulatively failed which become evident in each election as aam admi take money rejecting the good and deserving candidates so there will be naturally side effects . Those Publics who are now blaming the students , where they also not student leaders earlier ? The Jodik Tali success seems to have sideline the ones who think they are the king makers , as the greatest gifts this young lad have is strong motivation coupled with the favorable judicial activism and media . Its not that young generation are always bad , many are really seen to be committed specially from good spiritual environment . Can we deny the need for the one to fight for justice also ? Howsoever some Publics whose land allotment are not clear may pooh pooh this allegations .
The student body if they really mean business should bring all corruption issue to a logical conclusion which is only possible if they engage in election directly or indirectly whereas in each earlier election they where also seen to be sidelining with the rich and powerful . The concern authority should not only use the media to show their point of views only . The interview of student leader Tujom Poyom seemed to be tampered with and his voice are not laudable . why there is fear in Galo belt in this modern world ? Are we more foolish even than the Arabs ? The Galos need to look back to their past glory . The RTI copy must be given to the sincere groups so what hundred tom dick and harries have been already given .If there is a problem right to the the Govt . for TA or DA for the RTI Officers . Howsoever qualified one is he should use his temper in cool after all this is already a peace loving place see how many outsiders are benefiting in business field . Officers will come and go but any communal colour may spoil our relationship for ever . The IAS Officers who are accepted to be class apart and swear by the constitution of India to do for welfare of the State should henceforth refrain from greed and lust like others or it will be case of – You too Brutus .

Thursday, March 17, 2011


The Japanese incident should be an eye opener for the mankind as time and again the Environmentalists have warned us of dire consequences but due to our greed and lust we continue to damage our Planet earth. But this is the time to prey for them with tears as they need our prayer support like never before . As today no amount of money can save their woes the situation is like destroy of Sodom Gomorrah by Gods wrath in Biblical era . A friend jocked that ultimately Japanese Peoples got effected by the curse of the excessive fish catching as they were seen to even kill big whale as in Arunachal there is a believe that the excessive hunting of any big animal and fish in particular has its own side effects .
Other friend said the super power are getting curse for always doing things for their own benefit even waging Oil wars and becoming impediment to non disclosing of the swiss bank Black money by the corrupted Persons from 3rd World countries ; this are also point to ponder as the rich and powerful nations are predicted to be hit most in this age where population is going to double and the the water going to become costly . As in Japan whatever left of the earthquake the water ensured its damage and whatever left of water now nuclear disaster ensured its devastation . The Uranium particles which never ceases to act for thousands of years may finish the 80 percent of the Japanese territory the expert believes . so it is better for the Japanese to move towards green pastures .
Japanese have been unlucky as in 2nd world war also it was devasted . A through investigation has to be made to see how the Tsunami started . In this high level political power struggle a secret underground bomb blast in the cost of the Japan cannot be also not negated after all many are envious of this world number one Business Profiteer like Banias in India.
The fact is that the Japanese territory lies in the seismic Jones and howsoever they always come back like ants they are always susceptible to future disaster and this time the countries will to live itself may be devasted . A solution can be only find out by the Asian neighbors spearheaded by India as well as china who being from same Asia region and more particularly all Mongols of common stock need to do something . Why not they can be also accommodated in Mongol countries even in place like North east and in Arunachal Pradesh of India by giving them lease for long period ; after all hard working and good business man as they are both stand to gain as this is time for the world to unite . This issue can be taken up to Japanese ambassador and I on my part is ready to do whatever I can do from my side and sooner it is better .
Meanwhile other Asia country are also need to be cautious from acid rain as the uranium particles may come to our side also , more particularly for one month from the first monsoon we need to be vigilant . May God bless the Planet earth and help us find alternate solution to Nuclear Power Plant and Mega dams where risk are also as much .

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Nothing can be told about the current political developments , but it would have been good if a compromise formula have arised between two Camp of the Congress Party as the critics predict magma building inside the Rajiv Bhavan . This is no politics as something like societies benefit should be kept above politics. My friend jocked even Laughing Budha cannot be underestimated , as he  can still make all the equation upside down ; if a honourable solution is not hammered out . But as per the allegations which come up against Tako Dabiji Hon’ble Minister Home last time regarding corruption in recruitment  of the APP constable majority will  find little truth . Not that I am a Galo or have been known  anti kandu govt. from day one , but as People mostly seems to say  that Dabiji  is a man of unblemished record  and a good writer has to write what majority says. Only because he is poor does it make him less respectable if he has other virtues . Those who are always trying to make leaders fight are the ones who are in fact friend of none.
                                   To Dabi saabs fans  He is a short of Bhism Pitamah among the flocks , that may be bit too much to us but some  foothill publics really seems to keep him in high esteem . Need not to say that it may have been the reason the post of the vigilance Dept. was not given to him . As his colleagues also seems to have feared him . Therefore regarding his hand and globe in corruption issue in kick off in job in police Dept. their should be little veracity . But when system as a whole has collapsed he cannot be blamed only as Publics are you less corrupted behind our leaders sin 70 % fault is our own as each election we forget our gods and culture and take election as Mopin or Nyokum festival we might not have a better place in day of judgement . Recently I meet a top leader their was virtually tear in his eyes .We should not laugh at their pathetic conditions as they are also human beings and will be prone to commit mistakes . if it is so difficult to run a family how much it will be difficult to run a Govt .
                                  The majority conscience feeling of the Publics  is very important in politics and majority seems to believe  more out of political jealousy Dabijis name came up ; as he is seen as potential threat and as the present Govt. may like to bring all the leaders in poor light and give  tainted image to make the scene as the Hindi saying goes like – `sanam Ham To Dubenge Hi , Apko Bhi Le Dubenge `. But for many wrong acts Govt. top brass may be not also always  liable ; their overzealous supporters may also do many things detrimental to their boss . Like some known suspected anti Christian officers on my querry pooh pooh this allegations and said that they have studied in Christian school and  Colleges. But the weakest point of the  old Ato Tako Dabiji  is he need to develop his P. R like other who have either Arunachal Times or Arunachal Front loyal journalists to back them up; and like Atal Bihari Bajpayee little removed from this fast changing generation seems to be more engrossed in his wine though I have no personal interaction with him much  .
                                           But  I remember him once in a marriage party of my chach Komjum Riba proposing me to sing once more as he seemed to have been moved my Moge Dojis song singed by me namely - Sigi Moko Si Kuena which tells of past glory of the galo society . If the Govt. changes Publics have a great expectations from Dabi Dangoria as his friend calls him fondly , as he is only one person who can do upside down to the system to some extent and have genuine respect for Opposition leaders as well and as such Oppositions leaders have no problem with him  . As lately the Gandhi family seems to be moving cautiously and now ball seems to be in Gods grace ness .
                                 And to some ardent believers a good Person to replace Hon’ble C.M is not objectionable if he is a better person than the present one  . To some Christian critics also ,  unfortunately our own believers who have been seen to enjoying  minister post at highest level  have been seen to be  mute spectators to the injustice in place like Basar of the West Siang Dist. Of Arunachal Pradesh . Where in spite of Christians being in 30-40 percent not a single PMGS , Tender  coming from Tourism Dept. , Tender in Urban Development Dept.etc is said to be  given to a Christian , this is in spite of facts that there are even Christian deserving contactors in ruling congress party as well . Hon’ble C.M was surprised at this practise when I rised this issue . This may have been a unintentional act but some critics site that even officer seems to have been transferred from Christian community only why so much injustice ? We need to be sensitive to minorities right as it is unethical to have a hidden agenda if any in today’s time . People seems to be  taking portion of  Biblical saying in  face value which sooth their interest .
                                                   The Old Leaders should not only think of power and sometimes talk of sacrifice like present C.M is making after completing his tenure .The Publics are today more vigilant and may be even watching the use of Special MLA Lad package where their seems to be a special clause this this should be also tendered as in garb of local public interest non tendering seems to benefit a few at the cost of poor infrastructures as deserving contractor having good record from opposite parties seems to be marginalised . Even if a Christian leader becomes Hon’ble C.M by Gods grace ness must give equal treatment to others and must repent for misdeed in place like Basar where their seems to be religion based discrimination knowingly or unknowingly .The Leaders should not again mislead Publics that Delhi are taking this much percentage to fill their own coffers and should give work to deserving persons from any community on merit . Many a times Christian brothers may not be able to drink with leaders and  bribe with money and do other shady managements which is said to be happening in contract world . And precisely for this they must be treated as special .It is easy to start an argument but to challenge this allegations better check the facts as it should not be a precedent and a political topic tomorrow as we don’t want to vitiate the atmosphere whereas others are the ones who are practising this immoral activity and if not there is still time to show their change image.
                                           And definitely someone like Dabiji who is at least said to be good in this regard if he  gets the highest post he will come up as undisputable leader in the Galo belt in West siang Dist. Area in particular and Arunachal in general. But he really need to change with the time to live up to that expectations as there are other regional satraps like Gamlin brothers who will go to any extent to protect their citadel . And in this transition period ethics seems to be irrelevant but if the Congress Party crack up it will definitely give a major boost to party like PPA  . In fact good Leaders like  Dabi Sir should use his claught to give more justice to the People of Tirap and Changlang which need our imminent attention ; as barring few like him and our Power Minister Jarbom Gamlinji who at least once gave one press release against the outfits  , many of the Hon’bles don’t have the guts to visit those place also . Recently I was on a Peace mission to this Dist. as I am also Adviser Peace and Justice Dept. CBCNI and felt so sorry for them .
                                             Hope in the future genuine leaders who not only don’t want to enjoy power but work for the Publics are selected by the Publics and better we do so, if we want to keep our state united as nothing can be said of congress party who started all short of problems say it chakma Hajong and may also fill the state with Muslim labours someday like it experimented in Assam . And having said that I want to say that there are also better persons than me  in my own place , only because I can write doesn’t make me the best as life is a learning process . And with continue prayer support only I can progress in life . May God bless me to be less boastful and filled with  less pride to continue to get his blessing and also admiration of my foes who are also good Peoples . Hope in future we should be able to work together for better interest of the Society . But for academic discussion sometimes it may sound I am taking all the credits howsoever I always try to not bluff and write the adjact meeting and my connections for historical records .But if unknowingly I hurt someone please forgive me . As I will write what one has done .
                                             Lately some Galo tribe members like brother Jodik Tali have shown that Galo truly deserve praise as the British Project Officer Hamilton during his time once predicted – `Galos are the most intelligent tribe`. Though critics will smell of chaubanism in this comment also. But I am writing it as it is historically fact document . and it should be taken as a challenge so that other also thrive for civil rights , transparency and justice and this comment is also for evolving of my own galo tribe brethrens who have lately forgotten their past glory . The  Galos being one of the most intelligent tribe a call  for fight for Galo values and pride will help in changing of the face of the whole state as now Beurocrates seems to have a say in the state and being mostly from galo belt seems to have suppressed free thoughts  . And being the General Secretary State of the Peoples Party of Arunachal Pradesh that is our party stand as well to make a better society developed in mind body and soul . Development does not mean only financial but moral uprightness and having  prides in his inherent societies values for which others are looking towards us for inspiration . And precisely here our brothers in tirap and changlang seems to be needing our help and prayer support.
                                 Fortunately for us the earlier forefathers have sacrificed to make our inner democracy e,i- local keba very strong and today we are reaping its benefit . But Galos had also its share of problem as it was in the threshold of the transition period . Earlier  the corrupted Politicians and officers seems to have taken personal advantage of this fast changing society where publics were in mad rush for roti , kapda and makan and  wanted to control it for their own end like dictator Col . Gaddapi of Libya . But the time seems to be coming when the power is going back to the local peoples  .Thanks to like of jodik Tali social networking like face book , twitters and bloggers  this is going to be land of RTI and   PIL  which shows inner democracy in the society is very vibrant . Today greatness of the culture can be seen by the moral uprightness of the Publics not by capturing president of any NGO , union or association . With the imminent retirement of few Officers who have been manipulating society for their own end Galos are in for a major change . Thus this should be a lesion to other community Publics specially those who want to captured power by hook and crook without showing any responsibility this is nothing personal as I feel I am more other than a Galo , being a Christian leader for me all is mine and mine is others  .
                                But Galos - Gods chosen tribe has also a tremendous responsibility . Mind it the  Tirap and Changlang Dist . problem is going to be the worst waterloo for the State .The Govt. seems to have failed in having a clear cut policy regarding the Dist. Of Tirap and Changlang. If the Publics there are happy and develop strong bond with the other place by getting a chance in the Chief Ministers post than what is harm? As sometimes a sense of achieving something tangible also helps so is not Arunachal interest more valuable specially to  those leaders  who swear by it in election.  Plus the leaders there are not that corrupted like in other place so may be they can be a good example and  manage it if the Public as a whole think for united Arunachal pradesh . We have able leaders like hon’ble Finance Minister  Setong Senaji with  whom the veteran leaders will enjoy working with after all he is a harmless person and seems to be close with both the camps . Therefore in case of question for change it will be in the state interest to explore this possibility and mind it this is from core of  heart of a neutral writer and  not  a shear politics .
                             Later the history should not blame the PPA for accepting the proposal for alliance with the Naga Peoples front – NPF in Tirap and Changlang dist. As the election commissioner have already permitted them to do so  . And in  Hon’ble chief Minister Nagaland Neipho Rio’s maiden visit to the state in the auspicious occasion of the PPA symbol declaration ceremony in 10th april 2011 this topic may come up . And in view of our present leaders inefficiency in tackling Outfits creating mayhem in this Tirap and changlang districts - will it not be a better option to take help of a neighbour who have been known peace maker ? As Neipho Rio seems to have been honest in his intention to reach his close tribe members without any intention to harm the Arunachal interest .It should have been a welcome move in this juncture when we need a Peace maker to broker a deal for us . As lambasting to poor and hungry public  is easy but real man come forward and speak his mind to the person who matter . buzz word is if you can’t fight them befriend them for mutual benefit . Is their any other suggestions it will be most welcome as let us at least spare suffering masses in Tirap and Changlang Dist .Publics  from political issue .