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THE GAME CHANGER -Part IV ( My new Nobel corrected version)

there; but other communities and religious groups contribution can also be not negated. Thus.Thus all society members is the inheritor of this common rich legacy and have right to it being the decedents.
                        And thus it is high time there is love and understanding;so only time will tell weather there is different yardstick for the rich and poor;as whole the world is now seen changing for good.Thus the Basar area Public are also accepted to change this time and give the chance to best.
                     As for now rich have been seen to been only pampered in this society;but for this to change the new leadership have to also develop friendly character also.As the overnight revolution like AAP is highly improbable in this society. The.The close relatives of mine called Marto Aao`s of Basar areas who are descendants of forefather Ato Marto Basar who was younger brother of my great grand father Ato Marli Basar have been really seen more successful in wordly life as well.
                                   With three top officers  -Sri Toli Basarji Director Urban Development Dept. Govt. of A.P,Sri Tajum Basarji Ex-Director Health and Sri Tago Basar Ex-Director Agriculture under Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh to there credit.And in there shoulder will also lie future well being of this Basar area and they seems to be now appreciating my ideas also.
                         As the real greatness is in working together for a greater cause

and my grandfathers seems to be ready to be bless me this time.As all the blessings have been given in different field to make this society more prosperous and thus non can be egoistic and prideful of his Individual achievement.
                         My Great Grand father`s,father and mothers blood in me also perhaps give this never say die attitude for feeling to do something for my society.And in fact I myself was earlier apprehensive to make a step forward without money.But today gracefully accept that Lord have been merciful in blessing the opposition leader like me with Internet and Lokh Pal Bill to be heard now.As without which perhaps most of the opposition leaders specially in this State would have been never taken seriously;even by the relative also,this is unfortunate fact here.
                     As though any one may be good also;but sometimes for greater interest of society there is also need to take help of the greater power as well for the benefit of the Aam Admi for which I am committed.And today the general awareness may also compel the top haves class members to also accept the ground reality;see there is need for critical analysis in serious issues;as the unemployed Youths are in the verge of frustrations.
                     As some of the haves class have been seen least emotional for other and seems to have always hacked up emotional issues for themselves.Thus time is perfect to take best thing from every side rich and poor, educated and uneducated and religious and irreligious one`s today need to ponder.As through introspection alone a solution will come.See why Bengalis are prospering as they seems to see the national party like Congress and BJP as basically party of the Hindi belt.
                              Only the other day my family priest Late Nyibo Tage Ango`s son Sri Gere Angoji was telling me that my forefathers sin which come after killing an elephant that curse once come upon my father also; and was successfully removed by prayer and magical chanting by his father who was our family priest.
                     And truly his father was my family priest till when he was alive and was a nice man.Earlier the priest who was really choose by spirit was also living a sacrificial life;and there was also lots of does and don`ts for them also so only the sincere one`s used to become Priests.
                          The Galo tribe considers it as a previlage to wash the sin of forefather`s and perhaps if God wish to bless He may also want one to repent even for his forefathers sins and mistakes also.Thus in many way there is resemblance in all religion and the culture and practice of Galos seems to be even more older then the Vedic rituals also as lot many similarity is seen with pre Vedic Hindu practices.See the bathing of

Parsuram in the Parsu Ram Kund in the Lohit river is in the Arunachal Pradesh.
                         Thus there is relation with the Hindu belief and mythology.As mighty river Brahmaputra is also said to be the son of Lord Brahma. It is said our forefather Ato Hengo who was the youngest of the three brother – Ato Henkar and Ato Henjum was a great hunter.While other one killed an enemy and other Panther.Ato Hengo who cut a wild elephant with his dao is said to have this curse from perhaps god- Ganeshjis spirit.
                         And it is said he was provoked by someone who wanted to give her daughter in marriage to him with this condition of first killing an elephant;and later when that man also come to collect the meat of killed elephant.In anger forefather/Ato Hengo is heard to have thrown  blood at his face and cursed  him and that family descendants are heard to have soon died one by one.
                         As for forefather also it must have been a scary and tiresome work to hunt a big elephant as he is heard to have lied down motionless for many hours after killing the big elephant.This killing is said to have taken place in Teru area now made as my elder brother Er.Tomo Basarjis WRC field.

                     Thus the mythology belief is also that those who slog will enjoy;and more sin will come on who provoke other to do the risky part and come to collect the booty himself later.And so hope my sacrificing life as an opposition leader will be soon rewarded also.As the Publics/Aam admi here are very much traditionalists even if many rich man will like to put them in poor light;forgetting that they have given them money in election.
                       And where the ones who tried to spread this money culture to remove the genuine ones.Had this three great forefathers have been not hunters and fighters the Basar clan of Galo tribe may have prospered more also;and even settled in Guwahati at least in Assam some critics believes so.
                          Thus how we live now will effect not only us when we are alive but our future generations also, this is the Donyi Polo philosophy also. Thus the other minor tribes and animals also have to be treated well by all;as there is perhaps there relatives blood in us also.
                        As the marriage with each other have taken place from olden times;as Abo Tani first forefathers of the Tani Aao`s is heard to have tried to merry all the living and non living beings before finally God made a wife for her.In fact the forefather Abo Tani seems to be all encompassing father of all the humanity perhaps forefather Adam himself.
                          As the great Paktus are said to be the descendants of Ato

Karkos sister also in fact all the blood of the North east brothers and sisters are intermingled.Thus we need to see others as our own.Interestingly few years back a Lama Monk told me to make a Shiva Linga as he told he showed a vision of Ganeshjis stone near Gori Village field.And at that time I was not a serious Christian and sponsored a Shiva Linga in that crude Ganeshji looking like stone front in my native Gori village.
                    Interestingly my village name is Gori which is the Hindu name of god Mahadev/Lord Shankar Bhagwanjis wife.There is a local story that there was once upon a time a tree called Gori in this Gori Village area of Basar town, who knows perhaps it was not a Kalp Taru tree also?As Hindu mythology also talks of a tree which used to fulfill all wishes.Thus in my own way I also seems to have cleared all my pending debts before joining the Christianity.
               As knowledge is very much important issue in spiritualism you can`t accepted to put a calendar of goddess who may have been short of Dracula and want regular blood.And in today's time with all the good Priest all dead this practice may later lead to a great setback.The problem with the country man is we are blind and prefer not to talk in the most serious issues.
                                        As the effect of the positive Karma/good  deeds of forefathers seems to really come to the descendants also thus the best one have to be chosen immediately.Sometimes we may be right and all the

other majority may be wrong;as in the spirituality also to get the best the worst sacrifice may have to be made.
                      But it was not so in earlier Hindu Philosophy also see Yudhistir what he answered to Yakcha regarding the question what is most surprising element in life.Did he not said death,as all live as if they will never die.See the society which have lost questioning ability is a dead society.
                        And the great man is one who makes others to ponder;as through it alone a solution will come.As after all the Uyu may be also God`s agent only as there is really ifs and buts ,do and don`t in this Galo practice also,and some bad Uyu it is said will definitely won`t leave a person as easily also.
                         And most of them seems to hate the evil persons only but there is need to do more research on it by the Gangi brothers;as unless one knows fully about the  spirituality he won`t get benefit also.And those who hate this introspection are the real enemy of Galo`s,as it have been Galo quality to question everything like Swami Vivekananda exhorted.
                                   The problem with great knowledgeable communities like Zew,Bengalis and Galo`s is also they seems to be seeing everything from rational point of view.But see the God is also above science and metaphysics`s also.But outwardly Donyi poloism may looks very primitive

for this parochial view only;as People are not clear about the list of benevolent Vrs. Malevolent god and there jurisdictions.But this Abo Tani civilization is really great.
                               Thus religion topic must leave to Individual choose if there is no intention to make a serious en devour like Lord Buddha.And in absence of that kind of Guru it is wrong to aspire for other instead of trying to learn from other.As what sharm in always learning;as world is a learning process?
                         As religion subject in fact belong to Heavens list and thus this controversial part like Conversion is best left to the spiritual leaders.And interestingly what we hear in the chanting of the Priests prayer in Donyi Poloism is basically heard to be the glorification of the forefathers valor besides invoking the malevolent and benevolent god`s blessings also.Thus the good karma of the forefathers of the family is also seen to be helping there successors to prosper and motivating them.
                           So the Galos are very particular about remembering there family tree and forefathers contributions;and so many feels reluctant to sell themselves in election also and do other bad work.And as the deities always seems to bless the good family also in times of troubles;so the Peoples are still not that bad and will surely help good person in his tryst with destiny for Aam admis welfare many Galo critics feel so.
                           This elaboration was may be needed as said in Holy Bible you

 know the truth and it shall liberate you.Thus the religion is mutually complimentary and only for few zealots a new religion should not perish for its audacity to clash with the divine God`s scheme of things also.That have to be also told as the God owner of whole world may be also needed tomorrow by a man who may be right now living in a well and thinking it as world now.
                           For His power is unlimited and may He also bless my present family members and all the dead one`s also who have died not knowing Him that motivate us to be trying to be maturing in Christ.Thus there is a communication gap which later seems to be giving chance to hatred. 
                                  As for my father even in those earlier PPA challenging days at least he never voted in communal line and have said same things in every place.And is still now loved and respected by the Riba brothers of Ego side also;as he stood by them even against his own in there times of troubles.
                          And perhaps it mater more.Today the children`s and  grandchildren`s of Karko Aao clan more particularly need to take lesions from the past misdeeds of forefathers;as this meeting  like KAWA should be a occasion to take others confidence also by making all to repent,propagating peace and justice.As others prayer support and blessings is also need of time.

                   Myself and my good friend Sri Komkar Ribaji have promised to never cut each others road in future.And why only Basar and Riba all the Basar area Publics must imbibe the theory –love thy neighbor e,i- ` VASUDEV KUTUMBAKAMB.`e,i- world is one family.
                     This only will make us prosperous and this I believe and this is the believe of my all family members also that this dream will one day become true.And specially my elder brother who is considered by many as the prodigal son of the soil for his immense contribution and his search for the peace and prosperity through a society called GRK.
                        I beg apology if there is even remote smell of chauvinism and superiority complex of myself and my family and any hurt to feeling of my near and dear one also.This will be purely coincidental and I beg personal apology if it hurt someone.
           But for the future generation interest and inspiration we need to write this incidents perhaps for academic discussion also.And I being interested and gifted in that line may be that work naturally falls on me as being fathers son I should also make him proud also.
                      Today I have realized that for me there is non other then Lord Christ but at the same time I must respect other religion as both are mutually complementary and gives wide scope to believers to know the

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