Saturday, March 20, 2010

What about the Proposed Dist. Hq. In Basar?

The time is right to show the Hon’ble C.M saabs election promise in letter and spirit . As based on his promise some promising leaders in Basar 29th Assembly Constituency also didn’t contested last time and become buts of jock for there motherland. Though few of them had earlier declared there candidature also but everything is fair for motherland . Therefore this will be seen as historic betrayal by someone like Kanduji who is always said to be having one word and always different from others for enforcing it .
No amount of the excuse by Honourable chief Minister will satisfy the Publics of Basar and his own concience . The recent Basar Likabali tour by the Galo welfare Societies President will be biting in the bush ; as there will be non who will not favour the distrist issue in there own place . Therefore no tangible result is accepted from the visit of the smty . jarjum Ete . She should have not asked for inclusion of the GWS members in High Power committe and should have maintained the statusquo like her previous leaders . As in this short of issues solution alone lies with the Govt. which needs to show its political will . Because power is with it and fund is with it and they can alone convince the publics of Likabali and Basar. As such smty. Jarjumji also cannot be made as scape goat she is a great women activist of our time and should not be unecessarily dragged in controvercy .
It is only in latter stage after declaration of the District where Smty. Jarjum can play a positive role for discussing some concession to the Publics of the Likabali side . Fortunately for Sri Hujar Lollenji ex- President of GWS the Hon’ble C.M kandu Saabs declaration have saved him from getting unpopularity from Basar publics . Though Basar leaders where themselves responsible for there non action in time who was seen to be not vigilant towards the Basars Dist . bid in the Aalo Galo Bane Keba which has made the whole issue more controvercial. This all issues have completely exposed the claim that non educated leaders are more vigilent to the constiteuncies right . But atleast Hujar Lollenjis team were clear about there stand and Publics were silent in a way .
The Likabali Publics should show there Christian character and show forgiveness to a place where the light of the God is yet to reach . Don’t the Gods blessing will not follow those place where mission centre is not shifted ? The God may bless their place also in different manner, see how the Dimapure is prospering in Nagaland which is located in the border region . In the view of the Bogi bridge the value of the Likabali is suppose to increase evermore . Both the place Basar and the Likabali have similier peoples both have relatives in both the side . Therefore in the view of the unstable land in Likabali will it not be prudent for the Likabalites to make maximum gain in terms of contract work and the land allotment in the place which has more security ?
It is Hon’ble C.M saab alone who rised this issues therefore he should solve this himself eventually both the parties will accept his verdict as the Galos are not that bad as it is made out to be as a goodwill neverthless may be Hon’ble CM Saab may give a important project like Cold storage for food preservation for the Likabalites as eventually this place will be fit for this items .


Mopin can be today called as mother of all the Arunachal festival , as it is now the only festival which every one waits eagerly and participate . Tomorrow it can play a majore role in uniting all the brothers and sisters of the state of the Arunachal Pradesh . For the growing ups Young generation , it has become a short of modern Valentines day and for the seniours it is time to pray to Mopin god for rich harvest .
There is absolutely no question that it belong to all the Galos in particular and the Arunachal in general , after all once we must had a common forefathers and Mopin earlier must have been performed by all the forefathers who were common relatives than , only that earlier it must have been not celebrated in the present form. Therefore it must be kept above politics and petty interest .
As earlier - goddess mopin used to come to a particular house in a vision and dream through priest Nyibu or directly to the family members . The indications were very strong to be denied and that house used to organise this puja and People also seems to have benefitted , who waited for mother’s blessing with pure heart . Later seeing its importance the Galo Leaders specially in colleges started the festival every 3rd april to 5th april so that we get commulative blessings .

Those Galos who try to advocate that it belong to non Christians only are harming the Mopin and themselves , as it is time for waiting for the blessing of the Mopin goddess who is goddess of harvest with pure heart by all the galos . The Mopin who is said to be a cleanest god of all the galo gods are also Gods creation if we believe that everything is created by God. And also if a strong lobby comes out to seclud the members of other community they may be also not interested either in this stuff . But that is not the case and that every one wants to unite for greater Galos unity so this issues need to be dealt with sincerely. God will perhaps never like us to be unhappy and poor and enjoy the life .We might be bad ourselfs so develop a image of jeolous God if we are dedicated to God in our heart and soul we will also glorify by our deed where others don’t dare to go.
There is certainly some facts about all the religion ,if we want others to share our view than we have respects others also . In foregn Countries many of the foreign cultures have been incorporated . How can we be pseudo christians, didn’t most of the Roman cultures have been not incorporated by the Christianity. And as Mopin is completely different from other god and godesses which represents war and violence there should be no problem participating with it. So long as we use it as good opportunity for a friendship and peace which is what God must have wanted. But both the community leaders must teach both their community members .
And in case of the Galo who are class apart it will be purely nonsense to still remain in this controversy as Nishis have gone far away in this regard which is beneffiting its community . Now one has to accept that Christians are part and parcel of the Galo community , and in many way they have preserved our Galos culture and tradition more than anyone . Christianity is a personal relationship with Christ we are owner of our life but soul belongs to God . And being a Galo by virtue of Social order it is our birth right to inherit all that belong to our forefathers as it is our common legacy .
But one cannot also blame some Individual who are directed by unknown forces and some who wants fullness of their life by searching for higher level . Both the camps are right in their own way, but truth must be somewhere between two thoughts . Being a mortal human being we should appreciate each others endevour as every one useful to society must be appreciated as our Lord and saviour has also commanded us to love thy neighbour which itself is greatest reason for peaceful coexistance .This is part of the series of verses of the New testament which has mark deviation from the Old testament stand .

Some issues belong to God we should not have superiority complexions in spiritual matters as it belongs to God alone and this equally hold good for both the Parties , if we only criticise each other instead of rectifying oneself we will face worst temptation personally and do Society no good . We have to accept that both are beneficial to the Society in there own way ; those who are questioning why one being elite and knowledgable didn’t work for the upliftment of ones own culture traditions, may be indirectly undermining the Gods power to use any one in whatever way he wants and indirectly promoting communalism which will only benefit few one .
Also as this issues smells of superiority complexion and may create problem in long run . I appeal both the Parties to be tactful in this issues . As nothing can be said of future after all Nagaland and Mizoram were also once enemist States . Our lack of knowledge in scripture od Holy Bible are responsible for such issues . Sometimes I wonder Holy Bible is not written for the Non believers as what they are saying and expects from Christians is precisely there . As Lord and Saviour said don’t gospel to one who is not interested , love they neighbour , those who come first will become last , Don’t judge other etc.etc .so that it only belong to God to call any one at any timee .

God seems to have made spritual arena pool proof least it is taken advantage by someone which will prove detrimental for the general Publics . The word of the God is double edged sword before cutting others it cuts ones own souls thus danger bell for those who is misusing it . Therefore Christian brothers should glorify the God in our good act and deeds . Even though being the son of God didn’t our Lord and saviour showed his magnimity by acknowledge other great peoples contribution as well by saying – today all the scripture has been fulfilled in me inside the Synoguge a short of modern day Gangi temples of the Doni Poloists.
The positive and healthy competition will ultimately benefit the society therefore may be it is Gods plan only that we have a different beliefs .But it should be in the way of helping others not criticising others or campaigning like politician .
But both the relegious community should show their magnimity ingiving chance to each other in all the affairs . It should be like meritious Barak obama a Negro given chance to become president by white majority in America . There are some places in our places in our Galo belt where so far only certain saction has benefitted . After all there is something called justice and equallity , the GWS should play a pro active politics in rewarding those who are uniting the Society . By next election may be time for the enimist to show that they don’t lack compassion in our certain galo assembly constituency. For God also promise to bless those who are peace makers .
The Christians also cannot condemn our past roots as it has inspired us to many extent for realising the greater enlightment . Interestingly according to mythology also our forefathers have also seen to leave many of the Old practices to sooth the new need like- Togu cutting of ten Mithuns by forefather Takar Tazik seems to be later addition as Mithun was said to be initially given by Donyi- Sun god to Abo Tani – our common forefather along with Donyi Mumsi Sun god`s daughter whom he married .
Therefore God has made cultures for us not us for to be sacrificed in the altar of culture . As our forefathers themselves has made gredual changes according to new needs . thus those who make issue out of it have personal axe to grind which should be unacceptable to great Galo Peoples whom Britisher Hamilton has quoted as most advance tribe . Have we still inherited some of the anti Britisher campaignng by the Congress party for quick Independence of india including the Christianity which congress man thought was a foreign religion which in fact was made for the salvation of whole mankind .
As Mopin is our common legacy passed on by our forefathers since ages therefore it belong to all of us and there should be now absolutely no argument in it . And the Galo Bane Keba the apex body of all the Galos has to fix a fine who fight upon this trivial issues . By trying to project that Mopin belong to only one saction , some are doing more harm to the Galos unity and integrity .
I also appeal to the Christian brothers that God is more interested in your heart and devotion than external expression and are far greater than us. And will like us to be happy and by following culture and tradition within limit if we share our happiness we are doing the will of the God who must have send Mopin also for that purpose as every thing is Gods creation . Remember culture and tradition is dynamics , it will automatically change itself to sooth the new demands therefore we should just enjoy it as happiness is godliness and Mopins main motto got to be that in todays context . Like the farmer hoping for rich harvest we should prey for peace and happiness to God who will see your heart and mind of which you are only owner .
This time it is heard that the Mopin community Itanangar have invited even the christians to become the executive members in the central Mopin community that is a good move . We can learn from each other by appreaceating each others . some of my friends where saying that fed up of financial mismanagement we have been called for management the money as committee are fed up of corruption . Though this may not be the reason , this are the friendly way to incorporate someone- I appreciate it ; small things do matter in life and we should develop that courtesy to unite each other .
Remember development is a team work and for it absolute cooperation is needed , only is we need to show our sincerity in respecting each others sentiments . Like offerring the meat of the sacrificed Mithun for eating which have been dedicated to the Mopin Uyu this may be uncomfortable to some Christians . After all some of them will like to retain this fundamental principle of their religion to refrain from eating something offered to Idol god .
To my point of scripture again need to be throughly studied to see the middle way out ; as in Galo there is prayer of malovolent and benovelent god in our Donyi polo system , unfortunately we failed to identify them saparelty and clubbed them together under the same name UYU which literary means devil . The Gangi , Donyi Poloist and Galo Bane Keba apex body of the Galos needs to give seperate name to god and devil as it will auger well with the Christians . And this should pave the way for greater unification after all don’t both the community relish the cow slaughtered by a Musalman without any complaint .
Also my appeal to the Christian friends that it is the bad speech what comes out from the mouth that is more bad not the what you eat . The idol worship termed in Holy Bible cannot be compared with the ritual celebrated in Mopin in stricto senso. why because it is not replica of the prayer of human or animal idol which God was completely against but it is a short of burn offering practiced in Old testamament . And it is like waiting for a spirit like waiting for Holy spirit; remember God is a spirit those who prey it must prey it in spirit . But neverthless the Mopin Community should show their magnimity in avoiding small controvercial issues which can be easily overcomed .The way Christians are extracautious with the guest in Christmass .
By mutual understanding and peace only we can celebrate the Mopin without bitterness pleasing to the goddess Mopin and soul of our forefathers . which should be only Mopins main aim and God above us must may be pleased that he made everything in right way . Because in Mopin only we can take our relation to new level by discussing those points where there is scope for future discrepencies and enjoy the most appealing carnival ponung dance in the State where for which many girls have tirelesly practiced their dance for so l


Today the best leaders in the North east whom even the India is respecting is Hon’ble Chief Minister Sikkim P.K Chamling and the Hon’ble Chief Minister Neiphoriu from the Nagaland . Now who is the best is the million dollar questions ? while other States leaders are busy merry making marring new wifes ; whereas the responsible leader in this states are taking there States to new height. Situation for other States kind of, India missing gold medal in each Olympic games . The in dept study of the rise and rise of two great leaders of our time may help our future generation . The prodigal son of the sikkim Hon’ble Chief Minister P.K. Chamling started his political carrier by supporting the chogyal the Nepalee king , went through the worst persecution from the Nar Bahadur Bhandary the than Hon’ble CM . That whimsical leader who seemed to have smelled that this Lepcha - oriental and raugh looking Client Eastwood type face was poised for a big moment one day .
At that time anti Lepcha and Bhutia movement by the Nepaleese majority was at its peak the young man loved minority as his own and soon gain their confidence. The young MLA’s articulating and creative approach from the day one have always attracted the Sikkim publics though he was neither rich or even handsome a special trait of minority Lepchas as all the great Lepchas from Denny Denzongpa to Baichung Bhutia have inherited this genetic trait . But his goodness and simplicity could not be ignored any more backed by less but honest community of minority Lepchas he soon gain prominance . It is said that he once he come in the Sikkim state assembly with burning candle . When every body shouted that he has gone made and was going to burn the Sikkim State assembly ; he is said to have said that he was searching for the democracy in Sikkim and that for the moment it was lost in darkness .
True to his comment that once there forefathers were rearing Cow and Yaks and they now need to rear the Human beings , the Sikkim success in the Tourism is solely his credits . It will be prudent for the psycho pants and greedy Publics to praise for leaders of some other state , but truth they also know as most of them did not come a hard way and their future is unpredictable specially in places like Arunachal pradesh. As by earning money by hook and crook they have come and won with money power basically . as they never tried to create a ideology and lobby they cannot expect the Publics to support them with heart . And with their money they cannot expect hundred percent guarantee always.
Some exception leaders may be their but who are also seen as same side of the coin as they have no guts like Neiphrio to change fence . And as such one thing is for sure for most of the present leaders , if they don’t deliver now- they will also soon fed in oblivion like Nar Bahadur Bhandary . Today even most of his own Nepalese despise him , as power is nobodies personal property and can any one really stop the deserving ones ?
Next time even most of the national party in the centre may rise their hands above against some shameless party members of some state who keep running around moment Govt. fall in centre . Why so much power hunger ? It is the will of God and the luck which determines ones future this is besides hard work which everyone is trying. Didn’t God blessed David a small boy to defeat a giant Goliath . If somebody is destined no body can stop him ; so better have friendship and be friendly even if one is going to contest against each other .
Another person who have tremendous impact in our North east and who can be called as Barrack Obama of the N.E is the Hon’ble Chief Minister Nagaland Neuphorio who begin his carrier as the the Congress Legislators and resigned from Home Minister post and formed the Nagaland Peoples Front- NPF and won the previous election in Nagaland . His timing was great he smelled the potentialities of the regional Party in coming election . The Jamirs popularity was noose diving but none had the guts to tie the bell . His strong credential being a born again Christian image and in maintaining equi- relationship with both the Outfits NSCN - IM and K . That could have been the best step one could have taken in that situation .Today Nagaland is said to be fastest growing economy in spite of the fact that it has minimum natural resources .
Both Leaders are great in there own way and it is difficult to decide who is greater ; may be tomorrow if Novel Prize comes than both are equally deserving and both’s style beneficial to our state . I have personally attended the North east Donner meeting in Ashoka Hotel New Delhi and seen the kind of respect to the Chamlin by the Capitalists ,Secretaries and Under secretaries of the Central Govt . It is to be seen which of our leader will evolve from there comfort zone and achieve greatness like them ? as there are many challenges in our state to be addressed . Like Unrest in Tirap and Changlang Dist. , Law and Order problem in capital complex , bribery for job appointment , lack of clear cut policy for labour promotion and land allotment and worst of all goonda gardi in election this has to be seen as opportunities by some daring leaders to show their own charismatics presence as civil right movement they will work for now when they are in vintage position will also protect them one day .
Both the leaders being the regional party leader are expected to help the regional party like PPA in Arunachal pradesh . In the force able future it will be our previlige to invite them to give saline to our dying Govt. institutions . As they have taken their states to new height time for them to think for the whole North east as one of their own and let their political enlightenment clean all the mess in our state .


The latest BJP bid at changing its face will auger well for the Party , by incorporating new face in its team Gadkariji - Party president BJP has brought freshness in the party there is no question about that. From the day one Gadkariji seems to be a smart mover, his appeal to Muslim for considering sympathetic solution to Ram Janma Bhoomi case is appealing to neutral persons like us also . It need halluva lots of guts to ask for something that is tentamaount to acknowledging others ownership and greatness . Now the million dollar question is will the Muslim leaders give the mother of all the charity which Hindu brothers want . Charity which is greatest of all the religious act for all the religion . Now will Muslims show their magnamity ? If it means stopping all the disputes for ever.
With there spiritual centre safe in Mecca and Medina Muslims has nothing to loose . And now burden fals to Muslims to show their magnamity. Each one has to appreciate others point , from neutral angle I see Hindu brothers have suffered enough time to have pity on them . If Muslim Country like Pakisthan has never respected other religion so much so that even educated and popular persons like film actors who has benefitted mostly from Country is always seen to pulling the leg of the Hindu than will largest community from this country will not have some sentiment ? Not only that even the Hindus themselves have been criticising their own Hindu leaders in all available platform , who being a majority community and like elder brother don’t they also deserve some compassion? It will be wrong to opposse someone for oppossition shake .
Though I also hate some of Hindu ideology but don’t every one has tendency to see his own as best . But this days there is seen to be completely prejudice against the Hindus , only because one Muslim ruler by blood is in helms of State affairs . Should it create superiority complexion among Muslims and make them undmindful of others sentiment . See when the Tackareys starts war cry against the non Maharashtrians , didn’t the great prodigal son of the soil like Tendulkar also have not come forward to say that Bombay belong to all .
Does likes of Shah rukh Khan , Salman Khan , Saif ali Khan and Amir Khan who are so powerful should not also come forward to say against the dogmatic vies of their own Muslims before criticising others . The wrong beliefs that is eating their own Muslims like – uneducation , tendency to live secluded life , Polygamy and mindset to have excessive childrens that is the root cause of the terrorism which has resulted in tarnishing the Muslim image . They can really influence there own people and contribute the Country to great extent . For Shahrukh marital connection with Hindus and earlier film like – Swadesh is really appreciable but more in that line is needed .

I have nothing against the Gandhis but Country is more important . Today it is seen that a vested interest has grown around this family . That has made it detrimental for Countries future they seems to have mastered to servive in Politics but lack of check and balance seems to be harming the country . Contrary to the popular view the strong federation can alone make a stronger nation . This have been proved by Gujrat , Sikkim and Nagaland Govt. where prospered Publics have more national feelings . Thus eminent Muslims should work with Peoples like Baba Ramdevji for a great cause . For they should be obliged to God and their own Peoples for such tremendous success and must advocate for modernising Madrasas which will help every one . Or someday history will question them what have they done for their own Muslim brothers social transition which seems to be unfortunately today one of the main stumbling block to the Country .
Will be also not prudent for ones like Imam of Jama masajid and Muslim Board to show their spiritual leadership specially against the issues like terrorism and Muslim population explosion . Which is tarnishing the allahs image . Why always the Muslim leaders always is seen to wait for ISI and likes of dawood ibrahim to make next move . So much so that non dare to visit the Madrasas forget its reformation ; Govt. help which may go to the terrorists is the popular view. And unless there own influencial man teach them who else will . May be likes of King Khan may have worst stuation in day of the Judgement which Muslim also believe for not showing their brothers the light to their own brothers . Friendship with Priyanka and Rahulji is for Individual gain how it benefit our country?So time for each one to check his own community .
By living a loners life Muslims are harming their own cause . What contribution has been made by Muslims lately barring paving the way for their Bangladeshi brothers to encroach the Indian land and trying to make second Bangladesh in Assam . Time for muslims to show that they have great religion with them which is not controlled by terrorists . Terrorism in any form is bad but If a few terrorism has come out in Hindu also , we have to also see how long one will become victim , don’t they have right to fight back also ?
By starting the dialogue with the Muslim brothers BJP has made a new beginning . My good old friend Tarun Vijay editor Panchajanya New Delhi has been also made as the spokesman of the new BJP team. And many a times he patiently hears my staunch Hindu Fundamentalist bashing arguments . So today there are many Peoples also who are positively interacting with each other . Every one is good only we need to step up our coordination and interaction so that there is no scope for misunderstanding . But for one thing this new team need to gain others trust and to prove that they are different from those responsible for Godhra carnage which was a nightmare which we should forget .
Time seems to be right for a positive talk , this time Muslim leaders are also worthy of our praises to show their clear stand against the terrorists by refusing to even bury them who were responsible for the Hotel Taj massacre . Though the critics will term it as act done unwillingly due to excessive pressure from the media, but it has to be also accepted that our Muslim leaders also need our prayer support as they have remained cut of from social reformation for a long time . Today for the good peoples of all the religion to unite , Bharat Swabhiman party seems to be a good platform and alternative to congress party started by Baba Ramdevji . We should support any good initiative whatever his religion is , as Humanity is the best religion . See Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ dies for every one not for only few selected Peoples .
Only for lack of some soul searching which alone seems to be hampering our Muslims and Hindu brothers right now , they are quiet nice Individually and have absolutely no axe to grind. It is only when there is mob that some mistakes are committed they should think they are killing their own gods creation and their own concience each time they kill an innocent . And to many extent this may be politically orchested , as the sophisticated Politicians have lots of ideas to divide and rule .
It is also wrong to develop the pre- notion that all the Muslims and the Christians are against Nationalism . They are absolutely for the vibrant Country and if it means supporting a good opposition who understand their feeling they should have no objection . In the coming days if the general Country man thinks that enough is enough , we have never decided to vote for Congress Party led by one family for eternity than so be it ameen .
And why not only us even the Congress party workers also may be not against Bharat Swabhiman also . If properly told in the way of Baba Ramdevjis way , they will also hear the logical argument . After all they are also good human being and only for the lack of alternative they are silent right now . Earlier most of them have many a times made to drink bitter pill and were sidelined by the party which is increasingly becoming Party for rich and aristrocates . If they had respected a party which they thought had Gandhi name, now as it has been also exposed in the magazine -The Week issued in March 14 ,2010 that Feroze was son of Jehangir Fardoonji Gandhi and he was a parsi Gandhi and nothing to do with renaming by mahatma Gandhi and remotely connected to Hindhu Gujrati Gandhi. while innocent Muslims so far have been misleaded to believe that Feroze was a Muslim khan . While ground reality is Muslim are the most poverty striken and easiest political prey community. Today Baba Ramdevji who is real Gandhian in principal is preferable to pseudo Gandhi bakths who have again colonised our Country . Even if the Party has given us Independence it has seemingly finish it of by allegedly shiffoning off most of the money in Swiss Bank . As Party only seems to be run like a corporate house for bussines interest only .
Who knows anti- Christians and anti Muslim treck circulated in the name of the RSS may be also not the handi work of some Congress overzeolous activist . Today we have to see how much our Peoples have benefitted from successive congress regime . By seeking their own gods RSS are atleast in our same Boat of seeking thy kingdom , only need is that they know the truth and get liberated which is good for themselves as there original gods Brahma , Bishnu and Mahesh also seems to be identical to father son and holy spirit . So oneday they may also know the truth as eventually truth always triumph . Many Hindus themselves don’t believe the later addition of thousand of gods whose birth were as normal human beings .
The readers may read my another article Between God and god and it may help to clarify there view . The Hindus should also realise how swami vivekananda and Mahatma gandhi benefitted from Holy Bible . The large contigent of RSS and Bajrang dal have to just believe in themselves and develop spiritually also , they are far superior to Congress seva dal in terms of commitment to Social work and in term of numbers . Only was that they lacked managerial qualities and marketing abilities like congress party who have meet the worst enemy in form of Baba Ramdevji . Who is equally famous and grass rooted like Mahatma Gandhi and poised to finish his unfulfilled task .
By regular interaction alone we can tell them our point of view therefore some of my Christian friends should not make a mountain out of mole hole . as the motive has to be good because Gods love has to reach every one . The good news of the God is so precious that it must reach everyone and through friendship alone we can accept them to know the will of the God . What else should be appealing to us that Baba Ramdevji is always seen to praising Our father in Heaven I,e- param Pita parmeshwar . Precicely here other North eastern country seemed to have failed as they cant speak hindi nicely .
The coming days may see the resurected BJP if they play the cards nicely , as the present president is said to be quiet knowleadgable , rich and effuluent in all the filelds and the Maharashtrians right now seems to be controlling the countries politics . The problem with the BJP has been always seen to be unable to neither digest the Ram Janma Bhoomi issue neither being able to spite it out , as it was directed and produced by BJP during lean period . But BJP president Gadgari saabs appeal to the Muslims is a right move . If this proposal fails the Hindus should take use of other neutral leaders to apearhead the peace talk preferably a Christian who is not seen close to both . And even if it fails there is always 3rd option to take good help of Baba Ramdev who is said to be all set to launch the Bharat Swabhiman party which is seen as liberal Hindu face in comparison to BJP .
The outspoken Baba may be acceptable to even the Muslims and if he proposed to share the disputed land in Ayodhya in the ratio of the 70 to 30 to be divided for the majority Hindus and the Muslims . His party might also be voted nicely in Muslim dominated areas as he is atleast seen as different from those sadhus who are regularly exposed in the TV . And like Bajpaiji looks like father figure and will do corruption and surely recover the Swiss Bank money is what Publics expects as he have no family members to look for .

The intellectual of the Muslims can be also persuaded to support Baba , as by saying anti Hindu rhetorics Congress Party also instigate the Muslims and they become later victim of Police excesses and to a Hindu friend also communalism is very bad - had there been no CRPF and RAP all the Hindus have been killed . As initially the Hindus begin the quarrel but later the highly spirited Muslim brothers having more population and the weapons do the needful being the real life Sunny Deols. Best way today is awakening our own community members towards human dignity and vote for the change we believe in .
Patanjali Yog peeth branch of Baba Ramdev is seen to be different from RSS brand of nationalism . The Yogic exercise will also help the Countries youths as unfortunately our country is so Poor that we cannot efford play ground for the young generation . The chanting of Ohm may be seen as Yogic exercise not as Hindu way of life, only is while doing yoga one can remember his Lord and saviour in the mind .

Sound health and body is also important for all the religious followers , I hope our lord and saviour may not be against doing regular exercise even Yoga . Those who are saying against this are harming our relegion for God is a spirit and those who worship him must do so in spirit . Who can stop us from praying him in spirit . To excell in life there is need for sound body and mind and this definitely seems to be a cheap exercise .
As today one cannot challenge the nationalism of the Muslim or Christians and as such so far Baba Ramdev is appreciated for his neutrality and sincerity in approach . It is only few foolish Peoples who are spoiling the good name of great hindus by developing supeririority complex which is eating them first as it later make them to commit some whimsical activities as exposed sometimes in IBN-7 . By being loner one can never learn share his idea and develop is todays guru mantra , all the religion is complementary and need regular updating . Baba is a great marketers and his success is an example for others also , every one will wish him good luck for a good cause . Only in case of Cow slaughter in some place he need to convince it in a different way that beaf is bad for health as global warming is also increasing and milk good for countries economy .
Today Baba ramdev can be seen as Indian version of Barack obama for his terrific oratory , I liked his particular argument that those who are after wordly pleasure will never work for the Publics for they will always have their personal interest in mind . And those who will ask ticket from his party will be the one who will amass wealth for himself . And as the Alcoholic finds his friend by smelling he will smell the spiritual one and find the good candidates of his Party . May be opposition party in the Arunachal and other place may have finally received a alternative to the Congress regime , which in fact belong to one family only and worst than Brahmanical order of the Hindu manu wadi and seems to be stumbling block in non disclosure of money in Swiss Bank . Also a strong vested interest lobby around it seems to be taking Country towards slow death in the form of price rise and rampant corruption , which seems to increase in new form and much larger time each time it comes to power as if - the congress leaders may have done such courses in Cambridge and Oxford . Only publics of the Arunachal pradesh will expect the shamless Arunachal Leaders to be closed its door by the Babas Party if the Govt. change in the centre .
Now finally the Hindutva philosophy followers have a messiah for them but for a great cause good friends and patners are needed , and this time patners have to be nicely convinced of there good intentions . And given full security of all the religious beliefs of other religion in the future . As the Baba has the charisma and the guts to say even against the Hindu dogmatic views if necessary , the country may in general benefit if Baba say yes to jump in politics as today corruption in the country may need god mans to come to the politics to clean the mess .
The BJP may have to either completely merge with the Bharat Swabhiman party or make a post poll alliance with this party as both has more or less same kind of vote banks . Only Baba may be more appealing to the non Hidus as well . And till now a coordinated attack was also not made against the corrupted Congress regime by good Peoples , who was and are always in majority but never got a platform like one Baba is planning . Time to say – Jay Ho , Brast Netao Ka barbad tay ho .


The law and order problem in the capital area needs to be addressed with immediate effect . The Congress Govt.which is now in helm of power cannot make further excuses . Once again question like why vigilence department was not given to our Hon’ble Minister Home may come as their sems to be acute lack of coordination in the Govts approach .
The leaders need to be extra vigilant in their personal conducts , unless utmost need arises he is not expected to merry and flirt around . Than only our Leaders are accepted to have Public following with them . The present Hon’ble Minister for vigilence who ever he is should immediately act and show his calibre , he need to call for the best of the best to unearth this repeated crime of the similier nature which have made our traders live in fear owing to unpredictable future . Fortunately for him due to weak opposition party , now his resignation is not seeked .
All the angle has to be seen , it is to be found if there is any one lately who could be more vindictive towards the outside traders . The CBI should be the best answer to unearth this crime and if not even the Scotyards I,e - Scotland Police may be called for . I have a retired FBI friend who is working with International Justice Mission may be his expert advice may be of some relevance . May be the Govt. need to announce a good amount of reward for one who help to unearth the mystery and make narco- analysis test of some suspected criminals howsoever rich and powerful he is.
It will be not difficult for the Govt. to trace the suspects who may have hand in it , the fearful traders may say their names in privacy for they are not expected to say so openly as they have been also used and abused so much that they may not trust any one . Govt. just have to see some previous accuse who are roaming scot freely and making their past criminal record credential to get work from engineers . May be fed up of such things may be Govt. in some state depute encounter specialists who commit custodial death . In our state this frustration may increase as the accuse get Bail so easily due to the lack of Judicial seperation in our State where the Magistrates need not fear the Hon’ble Chief Justice High Court as there ACR is given by Chief Secy .

The Bussiness community also needs to be vigilant and protect themselves as the present batch of leaders mostly Bussiness man themselves are only seen busy in their own personal affairs and being paper tigers cannot be expected to do much . Eventually every thing comes to election of good leaders and as God help those who help themselves . we may have also Individually failed to help ourselves by electing good persons and good leaders . See why each time in capital area a leader have to be from a particular community . By having this mindset arent we are not lossing out to the miscreants from the day one. May be Itanagar Bussiness community may have also to declare prize on informer and depute Independent CID to unearth the facts for their own future good .
But accepted that for a responsible Govt. to come there has to be a mass revolution in State which is difficult but not impossible . Meanwhile the Govt. need to immediately authorise the DC and SP capital complex to show exemplory valour in booking the culprits and refusing the Bail . As those murderers and bank looters cought earlier are moving around freely ; therefore publics may expect strict officers in this region . Only the duvious and psychopant officers who help the Govt. in election and talk big to the opposition Party members only have been seen to be pampared so far by this Govt .

Good news is that this time all the oppossition leaders are trying to make a coordinated attack against the congress party from the day one itself . Because we need a new mindset and approach in tackling this menace which may later spill over to the locals and unfortunately howsoever sincere some of our seniour leaders are today they have become impediment to the new thought as they are interlinked in their idea and commulatively responsible for the mess . So will it not be prudent for them to stand down like our Kanduji has promise by next election before Publics awareness increases , after all there is something called honourable exit.
The Govt. may also need to play carrot and stick policy with organised crime doers even the outfits also have to be engaged in meaningful dialogues instead of the equi distance equi relation may be need of the hour like Nagaland Hon’ble Chief Minister Neiporio did. Guru mantra is if you cant fight them befriend them for mutual benefit.This incident seems to be handiwork of petty criminals as decsiplined organisation like NSCN have seldom done so earlier without proper warning . And if any indescipline lower rung cadre has done so than this is tarnishing the image of the Party which is seen as party with a difference , party with a cause . The outfits also need to take care of fake cadres who is tarnishing its image .

The Bussiness community should also participate in social organisations for benefit of whole society than only there image will increase as that of a friend . They should not confine there active participation in election only and their own festival as it is also for their own selfish interest and instead ahould participate in local Social issues with good NGO’s like Panjabis does. As Singh has seldom seen to be a king in issues of social concern . A spiritual man is spiritual man they should generously contribute for Charitable institutions like Missionery of charity Mother Teresas group looking after orphanage in Naharlagun .
Frankly they also need to make lot of soul searching as whenever there is any good programme like healing crusade and Christian leaders visit they have been seen to be least interested . And some saction of them busy making mandir in park area to the Publics inconvenience . And as the report of their richness in there own place comes which makes their image like that of the British east india Company . Therefore they also need to introspect their own fault and henceforth try to improve their image by having right kind of friends . Another place where they can gain goodwill is by investing in field of mutual interest .
Fortunately I am adviser of the peace and Justice department of the Council for Baptist Church of North East India CBCNEI . And this Peace and Justice dept. usually try to bring a amicable solution to this short of problems through reconcialation . It is time for the Young Outside Bussiness enterpreners in Itanagar capital areas to have a pro active role in this short of organisation where there community will only benefit as they have to live here eventually ; so pointless making much connection with other groups from out of the State . As CBCNEI is a powerful platform and will be able to direct the Society in right direction towards peaceful coexistence . It is time for the Bussiness community to contribute positively to this Society if they think that they are part of this Society .
Most of the locals here in capital complex are Baptist Christians and are expected to hear their senior leaders like Dr. Lama who is currently Gen. Secy. Of the CBCNEI and who is from our own State and should take special interest in this matter . Thus like minded peoples may interect with me to organise peace and justice mission in Itanagar for the benefits of all the relegious community . While in Rome be a Roman is the best option ; in most of the violence against the outsiders it is seen , there non incorporation of the local custom and tradition may be also responsible to some extent .
The locals also have to realise that it is only for peace and tranquility that outsider are staying. This has helped the state and Itanangerites in particular as unfortunately this is such a place which is neither beautiful , nor water available and climate soothing . The Bussiness community also need to develop there Public relation I,e- PR this can be done by making someone as goodwill ambassador for them . One having connection in media and have the platform to guide the Govt. and who is not from their community .
So far they have only trusted wrong persons and later got cheated . In my Individual capacity I will always work positively for my society and being the General Seceretary State level of the PPA- Peoples Party of the Arunachal Pradesh I will make sure Party endorse my view . Sometimes Opposition are more helpful in shaping the policy of the Govt . I may be contacted in And my movile No. 9436229344.
Unfortunately due to Party descipline many Congress friends honestly tell me there inability to criticise the Govt. and praise my endouver to guide the Govt. in right direction . Today the Individual benefit has to be seen , why to help those institution and Govt. which is of no use in the state . See in Nagaland it is regional party but outsiders are also flourishing . Best example is Dimapur town this is the ground reality as outsiders there are flourishing. But in Congress and BJP ruled state rich locals mainly Politicians and Beurocrates are only seen to be benefitting only . Who are also seen to be marketing abroad and the poors to whom less money reaches only can expected to market in the State which makes the conditions of the local traders more pathetic and worst if such kind of incidents happens.
Thus time for the Outsider Bussiness man to wake from Kumbakarnas sleep least similier things happens again .

Gamlin becomes first Brigadier from Arunachal Pradesh


The good gestures by the Govt. that it is now ready to fund even the Christian School who are doing charitable work in the line of the Rama Krishna Mission this is a good news . How long Govt. can undermine and violet the Directive Principles of State policy by sidelining schools run by our own Peoples.The Govt. is right now asking the whole Christians to unite under the common umbrella to avail its benefits .
In State like Kerela this is directly given to the school through the departmentr of the education as it become difficult for Christian denomination to decide which one to give more based on merit . In our case the ACF- Arunachal Christian forrum have been entrusted this work and in the board meeting it seems His Lordship the Bishop of the Itanagar seems to have been made as its Chairman . Now our leaders are expected to trust each others and cooperate His Lordship who is a right choice . If we fail it will be our commulative responsibility for mistrusting each other . Any Christian from any denomination should be not that bad as we have all come to Lord and saviour to rectify ourselves . And if we don’t like any person we should prey for him so that God change him .
But in our state may be to begain with it may be better for another say 5 years , to have a symbolic unity among all the Christians least others see that we have disunity , whereas we are same body of Christ and thus need to make a coordinated approach in many matters . Each denomination leaders should just control his own group . Fortunately all the ACF leaders now are very understanding . It is the magnimity of His Lordship Bishop of Itanagar Diasis to accept this responsibility , as true to a Christian character he have become child for glory of God . But after 5 years Kerela style may be preferable to ACF also as the board member may be not as good and understanding as it is now and many technical problem may also later come . Those who are doubting this system for them time will naturally come when every denomination may like Kerela style . But meanwhile utmost respect and trust have to be given to all the ACF Leaders who also needs our prayer support . If we don’t respect our leaders who else will . Before criticing our leaders we have to see have we ever lived like a Christians also . How many times we have taken pasting programmes etc .
The Board should be needing absolute maturity in giving justice to the deserving schools who are really doing yeo man service . They should respect each others points and discuss this whole issue with brutal honesty in front of the board meeting . It will be wrong to think each others as spiritually inferior , fortunately my Baptist leaders and Revivle fellow believers are ready to show there honesty and are ready to cooperate the mechanism by which the genuine ones are selected . The criteria may be charitable school ,years of service , quantum of staffs and the result of the students for previous 5 yrs . etc . If we don’t make such a rule than later misunderstanding may crop in . The deserving ones should alone get so what 80 % goes to a particular denomination we cant afford to antagonist God himself by disturbing genuine schools . As the matter is now regarding benefit to deserving charitable school the Catholic brothers can be sure of their benefits as they are seen to be fulfilling all the criteria . The money meant for the school should be in no way divert to other institutions .

The recent fire accident in the palin which is very unfortunate , it should also wake us up to need for rewarding the right NGO’s and Charitable institutions . The way Americas are selective in giving their help to the genuine NGO’s . It is to be really appreceated that the catholic Missioneries are really doing yeoman service by running maximum numbers of the charitable Schools and the Colleges and in right way . As they have no dirth of dedicated full time fathers and nuns to do the needful . It is unfortunate that for a single incident we should not criticise any one .
To some critics the Arunachal Christian Forrum inspite of its dedicated leaders is right now have neither the resources , infrastucture and acceptability among all the christians to share this responsibility as Govt. plans to directly give this power to united Christinas is near impossible in our state . This may be true but with Gods mercy everything should be possible . I have been always of the personal opinion that for another 5 yrs.
We must be united for our greater interest as middle course is always better , this is with due respect to someones who are also thinking for the glory of the God and may have different idea right now. But being Christians confrontation is never an alternative .We are not expect to criticise each other in the back and say straight in the front , this is world of forgiveness and prayer support , never judging against other . Catholic , Revivle and Baptist are our own - all the denomination must participate positively for the glory of God .
For those who want the power of financial distribution to go to dept. of education for them fact that we don’t have a central structure system of the Christians unlike other State may be point to ponder ; in which field atleast catholics are better in this regards as they are under Bishop and other point being that the charitable institutions need to be run for the Arunachalee interest , whereas there are many commercial private schools . Today many school are seen to be for a commercial personal profits and the Govt. may use this procedure to divide us in long run . Not that Christians are divided but this are technical problems which need to be really addressed by the Arunachal Cristian Front may be we will need to make a strict criteria as I said so that only the meritious will survive .
There should be no quots for any denomination we should be more happy if more soul are saved and educated generation comes up within quick time . As education is universially proportionate to receiving enlightenment of God. Fortunately most of our ACF Leaders today are really born again Christians and have no vested interest and take all the denomination as their own. Therefore it may be more prudent if we let the present system run for another 5 years and see the situation . Meanwhile all the representatives should never shy from speaking out there point of view as we are in one mission of saving the soul . There will hundred reason to argue once case like we are the ones who faced worst persecution etc etc. but that is not the Gods way . Remember to become king become servent first .
To my Individual view even after reading in a Hindu School I have become a Christian therefore there should be no fear from Catholic side to any body . Only through education many Peoples will be enlightened and glory of the God will increase that is also truth , therefore money should reach the right persons who works . See in Shillong how much education has improved the standard of the living , our State is poor so it is our previlige that Catholics are setting up schools every were . Those who are destined to become Baptist or Revivle Christians will become so whatever may be the condition .
Therefor there is no scope for murmering in Christianity . By becoming arrogant and developing superiority complexion we should not become stumbling block to the Gods scheme of things . I appreciate His lordship Bishop of Itanagar accepting the post though their may be some critics in his own catholics . And meanwhile he is accepted to be a peace maker against the odds before the Christians become ready to accept any other system .The other leaders also owe to show utmos regard to Bishop as in other state it is highly improbable that you can meet a Bishop just like that .
Instead of asking the Govt.for white document of all the money which have been given to other mission school so far ; we should not fell into temptation and get ourself divided that too for few mans vested interest . As we are Christians we should only appease our father in heaven who in return will ensure that every one has ample in time to come . Thus there is absolutely no reason to have apprehensive and work unitedly with more deidacation .

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Do you know how much I have cried for you , for you was part of my body of Christ , yet why you fail to know how much our Lord and savior endured for you in the cross . Ironically the place today we seems to have forgotten is our Tirap and changlang District of Arunachal Pradesh . For which our politics and greed is only to be responsible . It is time we make an introspection of highest order as we cannot always blame others . Before boosting ourselves as Christians we have to see are we even a good human being ? is what many Peoples are questioning us now and before God vomit us out we need to change .
Whenever a new govt. had to be made in Arunachal Pradesh Tirap changlang Public's were always assured in no unterm word that Tirap and Changlang is an integral part of the Arunachal Pradesh . But did our Leaders really looked after its problem after they get the coveted post ?We were silent spectators to the worst exploitation of the Jungles by the timber mafias earlier . Do we know that according to the Comptroller and auditor general report today Tirap is the poorest District in the North east .Per ca-pita employment of the districts are only 4.3 % in compare to whole of other Arunachal pradesh districts.In the state Secretariat Office of the state capital Itanagar there is only 0.34 % employment this data are from reliable sources .
This article will be rejected by some community and region of the state who are now in the vintage position , for them it is a great prospect for future richness if we have those districts with us . It is easy to criticize others but how many of our ministers have lately visited two forgotten Districts ?
when there is injury and bleeding in ones body does he not stops it by any means and if the sore has become a cancer what we do with that part of the body ?Does our cumulative greed also not responsible for this state of affairs . Was there any christian in Nepal than how Mao Wadi come up from no were . Do we have a sincere approach to stop this growing rich and poor haves and haves not gap ?
How long the Govt . will overlook this issue pray that one day this problem don’t spill over to other part of Arunachal Pradersh and situation like in Uganda and Somalia happens where even massacre was done inside the holy place. It will be foolish to live in make believe world and don’t try a lasting solution for future . Leadership does not mean only increase the MLA Lad fund but make sure that it is properly used , even opposition Party is integral part of the Govt. . Therefore I object the undermining of the constitutional provisions only to fill the leaders coffers . Do you know that - there is said to be no AOP for the year 2010 -2011 and than what is the value of being having a Chairman of annual planning commission in capital and Planning Officers in the districts .
And interestingly congress MLA's who have win this time is said to be given Rs.50000000/- ( rupees five crore ) , others Rs.3,0000000/- ( rupees three crore only ) and worst even loosing congress MLA's also Rs 10000000/- ( rupees one crore ) each. This is a great injustice to all the opposition Party . Are they from other planet and worst to the opposition MLA’;s specially from Tirap and Changlang district who have more financial need . God knows will the local MLA's ever consult the Publics , NGO's and the Officers to use this funds for development .

But to fight for justice the locals Publics should also rise above there parochial view specially in whole Tirap and Changlang dist. They should rise even above there party affiliation and should protest this injustice . As the Govt. policy is seems to be disturbing the equality clause of the fundamental right which may be even challenged in the Court of Law as unconstitutional . Many a times the opposition have better ideas to tackle the problem but why they are always sidelined this steps will not auger good for democracy .
Kanduji should initiate healthy discussion upon this issues . He should make sure that one community or the region have no monopoly over the funds in the Govt. department . A white paper document has to be released to show that injustice have been not mated out to other place as the Govt. seems to be basically surviving in minority goodwill . But in reality Govt. is always seem to be scared of some communities and region. The Christians from other districts should show there magnanimity to follow the love thy neighbor theory in letter and spirit .

The Govt . of India should also try there best to solve this problem . It should not make this to prolong as if to confirm the report that it is making our place as laboratory for rehearsing the hypothetical war with China .If there is brutal honesty from all the side why not there will be no solution , it is already rumored that lakhs of crores are used by the Indian army which went unaccounted for used by RAW’s in the line of CIA used secretly in the name of national interest which may even went to the hands of the corrupted Army General , GOC and Brigadiers etc. who will want the problem to persists ; this are short of stories that the countries enemy will take advantage of. I don’t accept this theory personally as our military seems to be very discipline and must be taking every region and People of the Country as their own . But if this violence prolongs than there will be all the reason for the Public's to doubt this allegations .Some even allege that army use one faction against each other carry them in there military vehicle therefore it is time they show their new sincerity in solving this vexed issue .
But as each of us are also equally responsible one way or other. we need to stop blaming each other and find out a viable alternative . The Tirap and changlang Public's need to be more vigilant of their rights in Govt. affairs , the armies must stop the infighting . The warring faction must come to the negotiable table for the shake of God , themselves and future generation .
The Council of the Baptist Church in North East India the apex body of all the Baptist believers will be always ready to be Peace maker if called for by all the groups .It is our fortunate that Dr. Lama is presently our Gen. Secy. CBCNEI and he is from our own Arunachal Pradesh .His marital relationship with Nagaland should also help us . He can be contacted in CBCNEI Mission Compound Panbazar , Guwahati Assam 781001 . Phones : 91 -361 -2515829 , Fax : 91-361-2544447 .
There is a strong feeling within leaders of CBCNEI now that warring faction mostly being our own Baptist Christians we need to really try our best to let better sense prevail on them , least we have no answer to the God in the day of the Judgment. And if our believers also don't respect the central leadership who else will . so at least we need to try for brokering a peace and want every ones prayer support for this en-devour Brother Atungo Sitri the President of the Peace and justice Dept. of the CBCNEI seems to be specially send by God for this purpose. Now that time is right , leaders are sincere and peoples prayer support with us than how can this be not accomplished ?

As for now the leaders of all the Tirap and changlang should unitedly work for the interest of there district and by talk and lobby put forward there demand . And we should have the magnanimity to listen to there view ; if we are serious about a lasting solution . Things cannot go that way cine die when in ground reality we have no control over those places . We may have to accept that Public's there have right to put forward there demand and if it is the root cause of unrest there than we need to address it in letter and spirit.

To a friend of mine issues like - separate Union Territory should be the subject of discussion as they see no other way than this as successive State have failed them . If both the outfits are ready for a peaceful dialogue than any issues can be decided by the present Govt.. After all we are human being and through composite dialogue only solution will come . To come to a lasting solution may be we have to look the whole issue from their perspective . They may expects us to be sympathetic to there cause as they have suffered such a long and are living in such a geographical isolated region far away from Itanagar and definitely feels they have distinct identity of there own as they have little or no resemblance with the culture and the tradition of the other part .
But we also should not forget that personally we have to fight the weakness within ourselves if each one does so society will be a better place; we cannot blame others for the mess . If we blame the senior leaderships we have to also see that today have we not become more corrupted than them ? You know , guilt is a form of disease which is source of all evil . We have to accept that all are sinners and have been already cleansed by the holy blood of Jeasus Christ . You cannot help others if you doubt yourself s . Thus we can be again normal human being howsoever sinister ones sin may have been .Since we are all son of God and his own nature is with us we have been given free gift of righteousness if we think ourselves his son. we can change any time so both the outfits should not wait for a moment and refrain from committing more mistakes. Take it that it was for the manifestation of Gods power that we committed so much sin but had the courage to come in his light .
Recently in the International Justice meeting in the premises of CBCNEI we were in tears after seeing the documentary , ` When my God died ,' here worst form of child trafficking was shown . Nepali girls are seen to be mostly sold in other part of the Country for prostitution. And to my and other CBCNEI members embarrassment we come to know from Madam Haseena of the IJM that – even in Arunachal there is worst report of Child trafficking specially in tirap and Changlang dist. Where minors are force to join in one of the warring factions. Also according to her child labor we practice in state is also worst form of Child Trafficking .As for the young ones they have all the right to live the best moment of life the way they want for one day they going to miss it terribly . My advise to Youths is to read 1John 2:28-29 of the Holy Bible.If both the faction refrain from making any more recruit specially who are minor and does not no ABCD of the issues they will have obeyed Gods order and it will be the first beginning to get his graceness .
Nothing can be said about future today's sentimental issues may be of little relevance tomorrow , time may also come that People will favor globalization rather than separation . Most important issues seems to belong to God and what ever it has to happen one day it will happen , one like it or not and that too without much sacrifice . See Russia has to sell the Alaska to USA after 2nd world war as they were having financial crisis than . The Quebec referendum I suppose is an another example where whole Peoples were made to vote for referendum weather they want to stay in Canada or not . So for the shake of God we the Baptist leaders are appealing to all the warring party to stop violence and fight the enemy within ourselves to be worthy son of God.

Meanwhile let us explore new ways to bring peace by exploring other arenas besides peace talks . joint venture in Business sector anywhere in north east can be a good beginning . where our future generation of both the faction can interact with each other , friendship and trusts will grow. Surely we owe so much to our future generations . The best test of food is one earned in an honorable way and best happiness in life is in having secured future . As it is always seen that eventually only the Outside Business man are benefiting from our death and destruction . See in Dimapur of Nagaland most of the shops are run by outsiders , can't we have a mechanism to let it run by our future generation .
If the future generation is ready to do so in promised land like Arunachal in peaceful way I am personally ready to give any logistic support at any given day if it helps in stopping killing of innocents . The problem with the Intellectuals is that we fail to take a meaningful and practical approach and out of overwork initially we become impatience and frustrated very soon and latter thinks that this work is not possible .The readers can also see my another article-` Paradise for the Investors ' in the same web . Contrary to the popular beliefs all the Galos also are also not rich and worst in spiritually arena . Though there is no dirt of local resources and human power but our own rich Peoples have never meaningfully invested here My place Basar has tremendous future prospects It is located in the west Siang Dist . Of Arunachal pradesh.. The Govt. has proposed to upgrade it to be a District , It is going to be nearer from tinsukia and dibrugarh after Bogi Bridge is made .
The broadening of Likabali to Basar NH 52 road is going to start very soon . Basar is also the Hq. Of GBCC I,e- Galo Baptist church council where we have mission centre in Nyigam village . GBCC have a mission Partnership with the Chakesang Baptists of Nagaland . Therefore it will be a wonderful place to start afresh in a neutral place , as there will be non to sabotage the peace process .But it should be purely business ventures of mutual beneficial concern than only local will appreciate glory of God . May be today business and missionary work has to go hand in hand that may be the reason the Britishers and Americans succeeded so much .
Let us once again remember that we are son of the great Chengiz khan who united all of the Mongols and invade china. We have tremendous expectation from the Naga brothers who are class apart for there bravery and love of God . Only they have to do now is act responsibly like elder brother of whole North east tribes . Together we can do miracle the whole lot of cities in country is waiting for us to be conquered by us , After all we have the same blood as Japanese and will make any other company run for there money . Let there be healthy competition between two warring groups , they can change themselves according to new need and act as corporate houses like Tata and Birla where they stand to gain more power , status, recognition and acceptability and above all help in the increase the glory of the Lord and Savior .See my other article – ` social Transformation in Japan' .
The Recent appeal of the Kaplang in his e mail for taking whole Naga Publics cooperation to push forward the peace process is really appreciable . He stop short of saying Hello to the President of India and the Issac Muviah his counter part which every body wanted to hear . Lets pray for the day when one among the great make the first move a personal call following the Holy Bibles philosophy . In any case from my point of view both stand to get Novel Prize if a joint declaration is made to that extent . Let God give our leaders the power to show there magnanimity to bury all there differences for the shake of God , themselves and future generation .