Tuesday, April 8, 2014


               God have been real kind to me by opening up the scope for my promotion as the MLA of the 29th Basar Assembly constituency for which the final voting will be on 9th april 2014.But I need more prayer support as this 2 days is very crucial for me as the Congress party is trying to distribute money like anything.The PPA cadres in Basar area are accepted to stop the Congress man carrying money , confiscate the money  if they can.As one cannot carry money more then Rs. 50,000/- according to new election guidelines.The other avenue is accompanying the congress man on the ground of there own security who will try to distribute money in your village.
                         The PPA workers  are appealed to SMS Sri Moli Basar my Election agent in the current Assembly election of the 29th Basar Assembly Constituency in which I am a candidate for MLA.His Mobile No. is 9402785944,he can be contacted when  if there is any strong suspect is there against a person  who want to bribe the voters.That law breakers whereabouts can be send in sms with the car number also in the mobile number of Smty.Pooja Jain I.A.S /Returning officer in Mob. No. 9436288733.The Returning Officer  have promised to send the Flying Officer`s and I.O to nab the culprit,but in ground reality this seems to be not materializing as the local officers need to be vigilant and given security as there is lesser Police security in the Tirbin Circle .
           The PPA also promise to suitably reward the Informer who lead to busting of shady deals.Returning officer Smty.Pooja Jainji  is further accepted to check the rampant money distribution`s and try to make a strong case against couples of Gojen Gadijis supporters who have been earlier caught with money and still heard to be distributing money like Tomi Dokeji the ex-DDSE Aalo West Siang Dist.Arunachal pradesh.
                            Whereas when the  West Siang Dist Aalo Deputy Commissioner have catch some officers and Public leaders for carrying money more then 50,000/-.Thus the R.O Incharge of Basar 29th Assembly Constituency need to be personally present when the checking is made as some persons are heard to be making free distribution of money.Further the Returning Officer Smty. Pooja Jain I.A.S ,ADC West siang Dist.Arunachal pradesh Basar of India   is accepted to provide me adequate Police security also,as O.C Basar have refused to do so.This is even if the Congress candidate Sri Gojen Gadiji  is given the Police security,so why this injustice?She may be helpless as the local officers seems to be still fearing the present leadership.The Sector Officers and Flying Officers seems to be not provided adequate Police security also.
                           She is further accepted to beef up the security in the Tirbin circle Pooling stations specially the -Deke Village ,Degam Vilage ,Kagi Village , Zirigi village,Gako Dapo and Bege Vilage  Polling Station and put one shadow camera man with Sector Magistrate to stop any excess as this area  have earlier poor track record of law and order problem.But the series of events also seems to be favouring me like the - The support of Toni Bamji earlier prospective candidate in my favor,PPA`s alliance with the BJP and laters support to me in absence of there MLA candidate,My close family members back up to me  in the last minute,the joining of the villagers of the Pira,Yegri and Ratak Gamlin of the Tirbin Circle in my favor and also the villagers of the pagi Village.
                              The anger of the Basar Publics for not giving Dist.Hq. as earlier promised to Basar Publics in previous election.The giving of large money and  Scorpio and Alto Cars only to the ZPM and ASM Panchayat leaders seems to have irritated the Basar area Public's more,the joining of most of the officers in PPA may be for its equidistant character is seen to be other reason which seems to be rising the stake of the PPA.The joining of the KKSU student body in my favour and my acceptance by the MLA Gadi Saab`s own villagers also seems to have brought quick luck.So the Gadi camp seems to be mad now and is heard to be trying there best to woe the voters.
                         But the commitment by the PPA cadres and the support by the Christian co-believers seems to be making my position better.Thus so far  I seems to have been given edge in the opinion poll.Please prey for me further as Let thy will be done in this heaven and world.As who knows , this may be time for divine power to check the good human being also so please join in this divine mission as tonight me and my team need worst prayer support for the world body.As the prophesy of the Lord to change the leadership in Basar area should not fail.And this may be our luck also as in this mortal world its previllage for working for glory of God isn`t it?Thus pliz pray for us and make us successful and to make the world see the Glory of God.