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THE GAME CHANGER :- My new Nobel ( part-XIX )

given more power to try something different;as this distrust may be more dangerous.As changed tectics may also make the enemy comfortable also;see unlike some JNK Peoples the Arunachalees will never like to cessede from the Indian mainland.
                      But in this global era we are also surprised why peace is not given a chance also?As there is so much medical problems in this part of world.As the Peoples are poor here and the other part of country is so far and this same problems is heard to be face by the Loba tribe`s in China border side also.
                             The China is heard to have made great advances in the medical field like Kidney transplant and Liver transplant also;so may be time for Country to work together.Atleast Chinese side they seems to have clear demand and this can be seen as good indication; only all the countries political party have to be united atleast in this matter.
                         So please for the shake of dying man and women atleast opening of a border trade can be a humble beginnig.See there is compulsion for the India and China to be friends as both have plans to make mega Hydropower projects in the rivers and tibuteries which passes through both the sides.And being the lower riparian even if the Brahmaputra is not

Diverted there is need to know when the extra water is going to be released also.
                                          So why egoism why not grab the opportunity as the China is seen to be in vintage position in this Dam case and may be able to support us with cheap machineries also.And the road condition in the Arunachal is really pathetic and for this long Congress party neglect is seen to be responsible as the BRO is heard to be so corrupted that roads are made in snails face; and so many money are heard to be wasted.
                          Thus the defence analysis RAW have all the reaon to warn simultaneous election in Arunachal Pradesh for the Lokh Sabha and State election in the april for this state;as there will be problem with paramilitary troop deployment for sure.As security concerns can not be neglected either;as lately China seems to be increasingly seen frustrated with the Arunachal Pradesh issue.
                            See for some CIA and Pentagon think thanks also the cooperation of India and China should be seen as positive.As the new enlightened China is now bankable as democracy will soon be hopefully be strengthened with this friendly exchanges of two countries.
                     As the cultural exchange and opening of border post will benefit our State more as it is heard there is great demand of maize and Soyabean

in China also;and this is find in excess in this State.And both can be preserved for a long time;and as for the PPA it is welcoming any company which is willing to invest in the Maize sectors to make it say as Kellog`s and dry maize chips.
                                The good Budhist should hear the new clarion call of His Holiness Dalai Lamaji for peace; as Budhism main philosophy is heard to be detachment from this wordly life and ahimsa.And this 1962 incident have also benefitted them if they see it from other angle also.
                      As today Tibettians are very successful bussiness man as they have International refugee status.And mind it after watching this movie 5 years in Tibet it is seen all the Tibettians where never against the Chinese specially the Serbs.And China have initially even proposed autonomy to the His Holiness Dalai lamas Potala officials in Lhasa.
                The Congress party more particularly the Gandhi family seems to have developed confusion in dealing with the China.That is after the 1962 experience Nehruji`s health seems to have deteriorated.See It is very important for the writer to also write the good side of others.
                                                                            As the truth may be tomorrow a great beneficial to our country also.See non is Mr. perfect;there is lot many good things to learn from each other.The maize and Soyabean reportedly in

great many demand in China may help in overcoming the trade deficit with the China which is heard to have reached 30 billion dollar against our country.
                As the Chinese goods have flooded the Countries market from Burma and perhaps from the Bay of Bengal side side.And opening of this trade root through border area may be better option as now threat to Indian Ship`s in Oceans have increased ever more.The China may be satisfied to be signed a permanent peace with India if some consession is given in Acksai chin area.As the China have recently also shown its sincerity to make permanent agreement with most of its neighbor`s where they are seen more to lost.
                         The VHP and the RSS may also have to leave its unpractical emotional claim over Man Sarovar lake called as Bhagwan Shivjis abode.As Bhagwan Shiv Shankar`s soul may prefer China after the pollution that the Hindu worshippers have made of the river Ganga.And from God`s perspective also Peoples are more important as there is no human dwelling in the Sia Chin area.Thus time may have come to adopt give and take policy.
                        Thus may be time have come to do something regarding the hydropower developers projects jeopardize who are getting there project sponsersip money from the WB and the Asian bank veto powered by the

China.As if you can`t fight make friendship may be better option.As time may have come to think as Asian as love thy neighbor teaching is seen an important point in Holy Bible.As if it is not there then both the Countries interest may be sabotaged by the outside forces also.
                                  The good part of the enemy have to be also accepted see you seldom see the Chinese spokesman make a loose comment in T.V.Even on the question of competition with America they are this days seen as saying we are still far behind them.
                         So this responsible moves have to be appreciated and thus from N.E missioneries side China border opening is no problem;as it may be a blessing in disguise.As the time have come for world unity and if there is a confusion this can be discussed in world forum so as to make a permanent UNO Outpost in say Mechuka side.
                       By declaring this disputed lands in Mac Mohan boundery as International Heritage sites;see there will be violence if there is no peace initiative.See the  China have been seen not calous neighbour like the Pakistan;and perhaps with its help this loos canon can be also tamed.As out of 10 border disputes most of them are heard to be solved now by China and in most of them China seems to be the looser to smaller state;so this time leadership in China seems to be sincere.

                           The greatness of America is due to showing its generosity to man in God`s mission also;so on common point all the world should also unite to make this world a better place.And as such we are accepting help even from the Chinese brothers as after all we all are bind by humanity and as VASUDEV KUTUMBAKAM have been Indias age old philosophy thus we have to explore friendship.After all mighty China is our immediate neighbour.
                      As it is wrong to infer that all the Mongol race are after violence as who know`s earlier Chinese Karate movies where brought in from Hongkong by Taiwanese ;who despised Chinese and this seems to have made a bad impression of Chinese.And the rumour of killing of the old man during Cultural revolutions may be exaggeration to develop anti Chinsese mindset.
                               Today time have come for a bold decesions in all the fronts ;as the Tibettian business man are heard to be prospering in Lhasa more.As the Arunachalees are very much nationalists but at the same time want to be part of International brotherhood also.And see the Lata Mangeshkar and Md.Rafijis immortal songs will be never be left by the Arunachalee Publics;only the suspicion have to be stopped.
                      And thus positive side have to be always seen;as we have to

appreciate the Chinses settled in Calcutta fusing in the countries way of life.The need is for identifying great Peoples on both the side; helping them may be the standing ovation to great man like- Confusious and Swami Vivekanandas souls.And this friendship will alone make this rashtra and world a great place to live as what human being is basically programmed to .Is it not to thrive to make this world a better place?
                  As Is human beings not bundle of thoughts only?and new idea may it not be better also?Provided we try to implement it.As good idea one day or other will be tried ;and so why not now.If the Berlin wall can be made to fall down.As many Arunachalees have settled in the Chinese side in Taksin area and vice versa.But for the good idea to flourish the good man have to be also encouraged.If he is made to feel insecure and demoralize this world may not prosper.And that have been so till now the good man with beautiful mind have been seldom given chance here in this world.So the God may be opening other avenues for them.
                              And by truth and logical convition alone will a person not influence others more which is the real need;but even the pearl if given to Pig will it be of any use to him?So may be time for all the Publics and Institutions to atleast give me prayer support if they are convinced with my appeal.As taking name of Lord some leader have to start doing what he believes;or there will be no progress also.As so many things to do but so less

                      And with this modern technology in my side atleast I should be seen to have done something substantial even if some will despise this.As our leaders in the nation is now seem to be also gripped by fear in making any move.And this logjam may have to be removed by encouragement and hope which will come by God.And thus good thing will be eventually beneficial for all.
                   And thus may be friendly and cultural exchange should be also encouraged also to increase the good will.And for this may be myself and the regional party should be also given one chance by all.As there is no other way then this also;as the Publics of interior places are now suffering so much and need a messiah.As who could have believe Gabbar Singh in the movie Sholay if he had changed in last scene.
                       Thus the old leaders in A.P have been already given ample chance.But tomorrow if there is seen to be a better plan I am definitely not one to be seen in the list of the greedy Peoples.But now there is immedietly need to do something here as the water have now cross the neck.And the present leadership definitely seems to be helpless now.
                           So humble prayer to Congress party and BJP please don`t play anymore politics over State of Arunachal Pradesh.And pollute this Holy land

like the other place where the divine power also seems to have been angered.Please give us some space to think as the society have losts its root and now walking like a zombie here.As from stone age like situation suddenly this Mobile age have again come to harm us all.
                                      Thus for a strong nation a strong federation is also needed and since earlier times most of the Congress leaders seems to have foccussed more in praising Gandhi family then saying-`DARIDRA DEVAY NAMAH` e,i-praying God in poor`s and working for the poor and downtroddens.And  as this party have turn out to be the party of the Jacobins like in french Revolution time.
                             So for sake of justice and problem to be removed in tiny and remote State only the Congress party may be having problem in country also.This some spiritual bend minded Gentleman have reason to ponder also.As it is always bad to take everything for granted specially when it comes to suppressing the weaker one`s.Even the Holy Bible have forbade the non Christians to be harassed unnecessarily in the Christian dominated place also.The earlier Congress man who pretend to be ready to jump inside acid also in command of Gandhi family like in movie called Mr. India.
                      The party High command will be in for a big shock if they see the narco analysis test report now.So why take chance now when the party

seems to be cursed for its excess manipulation in this innocent place.As through a spiritual reconcialation a way may always come out.And some critics have doubts that this perhaps may be the only State where the top brass Congress man may  be meeting Madam Soniaji not for asking for development work; but to save some corrupted leader also.
                               And more then the focus on doing the developmental work which may have naturally attracted the Publics; so far the Publics where forced into supporting the rulling Congress party by targetting the oppossition relatives.And as such the civil soceity is suffering like anything;as all the money is denied to the oppossition party who tell the truth.
                The condition of the Aam Admi party was better in Delhi, as the Mrs.Shila Dixit Govt. fear them and was also unable to even stop there sponsers from the outside country;as population is so vast there.As there supporters where too much and based in large area and People are real aware there.But for us the Govt. seems to be always witch hunting against oppossition leaders ;thus this makes you all to have more pity on us and try to reach out to us.
                       But more they tried to criticize me more I seem to be used by lord also.As the United State of America have become super powers by sponsering and sharing the blessings of man following God`s mission even in remote places.As this GUPT DANS to temple and man made idols will be also

 Meaningless if one don`t love his own neighbor in true sense of terms when they need it.Thus hopeful of our own country man to help us as Vivekandanda wished.
                      And this seems to have been the reason the great man like Lord Buddha also have reported to have warned against idol worship.As this tend to deviate the publics from core issues e,i-loving there own.As this practice is like hanging a punching bag used by a angry man when he likes it.See the Amitabh Bachan in the movie called Dibar.
                      So this temple are in fact for the non serious spiritual beginners.As in earlier Hindu culture and practice also there was meditation of unseen God only.The temple seems to have been started after the Mughals started making Masjid.But it is also fact that some king used to make temples but it was very much limited to art and culture.
                                           The official starting of the temple/idol worship seems to have been started by Bal Gangadhar Tilak by starting Ganesh Chaturbujh this is as accepted by a Hindu friends.The reason basically seems to have been galvanizing the devotees to have anti British sentiments.Today the powerful lobby will be angry to see this comments.
                         And see who is hurming the Hindu cause as great Hinduism earlier emphasized in helping one in distress.Remember Rishi Ved Vyashas commentary-``ASTADESHU PURANESHU VYASYAS VACHANA DUYAM

PAROPKARAY PUNYAY,PARPIDANAY PAPAY``.The meaning is in the 18th Purana the sage Ved Vyasas meaning is plain and simple.
                      To help other is pious and to harm other is evil.And so the good Hindu gives Gupt Daan/sacret charity to a honest person in a good mission.Not one like Asa Ram Bapuji?Thus we have to also appreciate good religious work initiated by by the Art of living and Bharat Swabhiman party.As they are again trying to take the Peoples to sanatan Dharma.Which seems to be also a search for the God only by act and deed though here stress is more on physical excercise.
                         And in fact they seems to be now doing better then the VHP and RSS also.In fact they should be happy to see there success.And should close there office after mission is accomplished.Mind it the RSS and VHP Peoples must be very good Peoples and till now they may have been not convinced nicely also.Thus there is time for everything this need to be appreciate by all.
                              Thus one have to see is he in the God`s camp or against it;for the intillegent and knowledgable one`s may never be forgiven for knowingly committing wrong.As when the other person may be laughed as fool then only the 2nd coming of Lord may happen also.So the coming time may be occasion to test His power and may be test yourself to see you are in

which side.As the intention of purchasing all the voters by some may be intention to remove the emotion and love.And when some speak good things there will be naturally finger points.Thus the Christian stand is accepting that we are sinner.
                                 But blessing of God is all that matter and if He seems to be with us then whom to worry?See though Britishers have been irritant for the Princly States but it also helped in removing many social evils of India.Thus send your helping hand to us and see the difference we need it not for purchasing the voters; as rarely some will give us that much money.
                         But to cater to our genuine poll expenses and mind it rest will be used for good Samaritan works only and every details of expenses will be put in blog.We may have to also appreciate the good qualities of Hindus as long as we are in earth they will be also there;as there will be certainly also good Hindus who will like to change for good also.Thus we may immediately need to make a world religious forum for the betterment of all the world also.
                           After all the Hindu way of life has also many good things like touching the feet of the elders.And respecting the Cow which is accepted by theologians to have saved the forefathers e,i- Nuas relatives in the Boat in the great flood as told in Holy Bible.Thus by using each other we may get done our purpose.The fact is earlier everyone originated from same


Forefathers but due to prolong separation the same forefather’s story seems to have been slightly changed.
                    Like the making of tower of Jerubabbel this is like the Muni Sukracharyas trying to make a parallel heaven.And the Nuas story is it not like the Hindu forefather Manus story who was said to be saved in the fish who wrote Manusmriti?
                            And some critics says even Lord Sri Krishna have said to have told to Arjuna that there will be a avatar who will clean there sins of the killing of near and dear ones in Mahabharata by quoting the famous sloka.`YADA YADA HI DHARMASYA GLANI BHAWATI BHARATAM…………………..`
                         Actually the time and space is so much that we forget that we are originated from same forefathers.Whereas for God this is small thing.So is not the Holy Baptisma not like taking bath in Holy river in special occasions?The Holy river Ganga is also said to have come from the heavenly galaxy.Thus it is better to see all the religious book very seriously without any pride and prejudice to come at truth.
                       And even the Christian also have to humbly accept its mistakes sometimes.As real litmus is in showing the emotion in election time for a

good leader in any place.As the God may want good person not any particular party to win also.Thus for a God`s man in fact party should be also immaterial.But it is special case in Arunachal Pradesh where the new hope can be perhaps alone bring by a new party.See there may have been easy way for a local leader.
                        So the party colleague need to respect the star campaigners also.As it is better to say something then saying nothing also.As other party may be also not averse to give chance to a genuine man;as the perception may change.As the party with money may now understand the need for genuine blessings;so we should be proud of our honesty of our leaders.As many Publics may be just waiting for the day there right leader is ready to file the nomination paper.
                      See little knowledge is always dangerous it will always harm the person himself first.As sin is coming to a person concerned so even the dreaded Dacoit is heard to have become Rishi Valmiki as he must have felt the curse.Who knows that there may have been another version of Swami Vivekandas writing also?Thus things have to be seen from totality.And the great man who did told half truth due to impelling circumstance had to themselves face hardship also.See some seems to have died prematurely.
                    See most important thing in the life is seeking the real God even

if the Publics of a country call it boring.See what will be the outcome of not praying the real God?As it is going to be the main stumbling block of countries growth and for Countries interest in which RSS brothers swares I give a damn as there may be same like minded thinking person like me.Who will atleast say Togojis motive is not bad.As whatever I say I try to say with greatest regards to Hinduism also.
                        See rampant corruption use of pesticides in the vegetables and selling mixture of samphhoo and refined oil as milk in the Bazar.As devils will have field day in Godless and loveless country.So the new beginning have to be made the new generations must be given freedom of choice.
                     As if the logic and truth is also not accepted then that country have no future.See problem of this country is there is many good argument makers but few sacrificers also.And each time we make no progress in Olympic games our head comes down in shame.Thus a great introspection have to be made and the leader have to be like King Dadichi first.
                                        And now we are the oppressed and are also compelled to be shamless to ask for help;but from whom not our own also?as have we not safeguard the nation for long being the frontier state?As we have also prayed for others also whenever there was report of

there suffering`s also.So hoping against hope that the good netizens will volutarily help sell this noble in all the nock and corners of world also.
                             And see there have been number of Hydropower MOU sign which seems to have increased the corpus money of the Congress and BJP party.Will they also donate us;as unless one makes charity for right cause that party will also never progress.
                     And bad time definitely seems to have come for them now.As both are seen to be hand in glob to loot the Publics and will surely be furious at my allegations and will try to hurm me.And mind it this nature will alone finish both as an elephant the ant have equal right to flourish.And for long the bigger have trampled over smallers right.As there can be mutual acceptance as already is it not coalition era days.As the monopoly policy seems to be against the divine theory also.
                          As charity is not self help;but selfless help without even meeting the beneficiary.You can`t accept the God above earth not to notice the shaddy deals made below in the earth;and if it is for one family only then see what consequence that family will face also?And for the Hydropower developers also they need to understand that the regional party alone have now credential to convince all the stake holders.
                        As the intellectual elites in PPA are seen as prodigal sons and

they are not the High command but the servants of the grass roots relatives.Thus those charlatan leaders who have  surreptiously made money they will jeopardize there projects also.It is time the benefits are also shared specially to the real land donators.As why apron money meant for the poor land owners will be eaten by few political leaders who signed MOU?
                             Thus there is seen too many law and order problem here in A.P in distributing compensation money to the land donators as the Congress man have losts its credibility.As there is now need for arrival of man who have credibilities.And for that kind of man the Publics should also if they are invited should respect there way of functioning also.As this feeling that the leader got to know me personally alone itself seems to be the reason for the corruption and nepotism of worst order.
                          As then we make a lier who make false promise to everyone.The good leader is also who interfere least in others style of functioning.As the duty of true leader is to pass good bills without any fear and favour.See some department may have to be made in all the Dist. Hq. if the condition of Law and order is not seen improving in the Itanagar area;as Arunachal belong to all.
                         This communal mindset of we are the land owner is completely against the Holy Bible doctrine also.Thus it should have been senior locals who should have taken stick against there own misleaded

youths.As the goodness of our Galo society have been the heavy punishment of peace violaters from time inmemorial; so here there is atleast absolute peace and tranquility and fight is done with pen rather then sword.And some few leaders who earlier banked on sword they need to be now ashamed of themselves.
                    And with the number of non tribal settled nead there town how much they will quarrel and with how many Peoples?Thus all now need united Arunachal Pradesh.But in many case even the anti social elements are the products of the corrupted Peoples of the outside area also;so the local Guys cannot be also blamed sometimes for being misleaded.
                         Thus we need to make a joint introspection and even take strict action against the conspirator,let bye gone be bye gone but in this sensitive issues henceforth let us all make a solemn promise.And accept that when I hurt someone I will get hurt from above.
                      Thus our Publics need to be educated about there political rights and the leadership should be able to convince even the devil by logical arguments.And the earlier leaders e,i-Priest where seen to do it successfully also.So some present leaders have to also think thousand times least in

Future they are brought in poor light.The system have to be improved so that any person in any profession will excel.
                      And the leader will be busy investing his time and energy in more important area.See the leader who won election by money losts his credibility;he will be again entangled in the same spiders net like the senior`s.As more then anything he himself lost his peace and tranquility.
                      It have been so good if all the upcoming leaders have sit together in a dinner table to discuss there vision and have magnainimity to give chance and work through the elder.And the senior leaders have blessed the agreement.See the way to godliness and devilness is in human being himself.
                            And by sacrifice and forgiveness one become more greater also.Today the problem seems to be young are seen to be more sincere in solving the social problems.And those who want to contest from haves class background with a good reason and goal then he is also appreciable.As there may be better plan and intentions also.
                       But God alone is the best judge and the Publics;as character cannot be faked.In fact for a good man there is no need of introducer or good worker also.See once a leader talks then the Publics can make out who


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