Tuesday, March 4, 2014

THE GAME CHANGER :- My new Nobel ( Part-XXII )

been categorical about emphasizing loyality to Him and love as above everything as all solution is in it.And thus one loving other will always try to tell the truth.And God`s man will also be after all accepted to tell His glory only.See the Publics accept who come to Baba Ramdevji will accept Yoga tips only.
                                See one who is born in a place is sure to have emotional relation more with his culture and traditions also;and this may be also taken advantage by some evil spirit and bad precedents.But man have been given brain to see the best and the spiritual subject is universal;in fact truth is truth everywhere.
                          And spirituality is in fact concerned with purity of heart; then only he/she  will be seen as result oriented.In life there is certain priority and it have to be kept in all the respect.And God the giver of everything have to be respected as after all everything have come from it;see how you will react tomorrow your kid chase you out from house?And this will happen to those who laugh at this topics.
                               And those who cry out God`s name in respect no matter whatever other thing they have lost in there life.There is final peace and security in Him; it is like praising your parents in the old age even if they

have given less property to you.As the greatest unseen blessings coming from core of heart is it not beneficial for mankind to prosper?
                                  Thus man should be seen doing good work from day one from his forefathers time;not only when war/election is near.Or giving money and bribe will be like a bad student trying his best just before examinations.And also some new culture and tradition may also needed to be evolved after all the present system and views cannot be nullified also;as this is practical aspect.
                           And this trauma and ill effects due to the transition effect may also make one to commit more sin also.And see the old custom may be seen inadequate to deal with this problems.Thus all the thing have to be now seen critically and one may have to be now choosy.As ultimately we all are going to be sufferers;as the peace,loyalty,desciplines this are all linked up with divinity.And in many case Christianity is exhorting us to do which our forefathers have done arlier also.
                               If you want a obedient child then you have to follow this good spiritual manners yourself.Or in the old age the Donyi Polo culture and society or any other way of life followed by you will not come to bail you out.So think before what you say as your Childrens are listening and devilish persons will get his own due back very soon.See this spiritualism

Automatically comes in old age but it become too late for many;as money alone is not the guarantee for future well being.
                 See even in the old age who will not like his shop to be opened by a great man and the large congregation and the believer friends will compel the good caring of there parents.And every child will definitely also like great parents whom other revere.Thus this spiritualism and good work will never go invain;in fact they may be better then other materialistic gains also.
                          In young days we use to eat around;and sometimes now use to wonder where have that hunger and apetitie gone?So too much sins will one day make that person to be unhappy and that solution will lie in knowing the truth alone.And it is said more sin is in harming others and dinting on others portion of food.
                      Thus the elder son of Jacob was cursed for selling his food as seen in Holy Bible.Brothers the money taken in election is worst thing from God`s perspective as right have been forvidden to be sold;and it is the reason for the election of the crooks.And sometimes even the supporters may be misleading the leaders;for long time back they should have been made to retire.
                   As Holy Bible also says-` blessed are those who are peace makers also.For they shall have the Kingdom of heaven`.Thus in which side you want yourself to be seen in the end?And this truth is same for all the world;one like it or not it will have to be searched as there is little price for

everything.And what better guarantee you like if you have living God sending His Holy spirit to support your future if you repent now?
                 As the new beginning have to be made in one leaders place only in fact first in his own heart.As God want this inner transformation and no amount of sacrifice will help.And as in Galo tribe belief the Mithun/wild Buffalo is also considered as brother of the human being.As said to be made by godess Donyi.
                                 And thus in exceptional case in Togu marriage sacrifice where 10 Mithuns are allowed to be;here also it is cut in exchange for the price of the girl.But in other case this is strictly forbidden by priest,see Buffallo is also seen as the carrier of the Yamraj the god of death according to the Hindu mythology.Even the Galo critics see the excessive cutting of Mithuns/Bos fontalis outside the alter for giving the meat to allies as excess.
                         As this days excessive friends and allies have been made out of ones over covetiousness for power.But there was time when this friendship and allies where limited and considered very Holy also and once the meat was given till the death separate there had to be solemn promise to protect each other.As earlier emphasise was in merit identifying those who have stood the test of time.
                         Not one who comes in good time and come with lots of

presents.See this great blessing of Mithun animal bu the Sun godess to the Abo Tani have been in fact a boon and curse.As it is also symbol of ones power and myth;but also its downfall when there is excess cutting.As earlier the divine power seems to have respected the rearing up of this sacred animal by ones own physical power.
                         And this picture seems to have been completely change after the coming of the politics.Where the rich man purchase it easily to cut it to show there myth.See today the Publics at large are also fed up of encroaching of farms by this animals.May be for the curse of not been able to use it for which the divine power had given it for the first instance.
                                               So unless there is paradigm shift in outlook the condition of the society will never improve as there cannot be always two ways.The society should feel lucky that many great man who could have settled in England say in Totenham have sacrificed to live here.See even the common man also accept the success story of the Europe and Americas which are all Christian States.As Red Indians and the white seems to have immediately acclamatise there culture and traditions;truth which is evident can it be denied also?
                     As the God and divinity is perhaps alone the only thing left now which is not monopoly of basically the Satan`s true worshippers e,i-excessive

corrupted Peoples.But there may be also good man who where victim of circumstance and they must show there true repentance this time.But even if some have become a Christian by his personal experience he must give other`s space also and never impose his view point specially if he is a leader.
                    As over ambitious powerful person may also get the curse of a imperfect follower also.Thus fear from a good Christian leader from other community is also unfounded.As the God alone will help a good person; I suppose even from other religion also;as He is for all.But may be till now non have searched him as earnestly like Lord Buddha did also.So his religion also seems to be flourishing in this world.
                    Thus for a believer there is more responsible as non have right to show himself as greater then other;then naturally Public`s eyebrows will rise.Thus there are very few man with testimonial life and see if I am used more by God it must be also for other poor believers; some of whom must be better Christian then me also and who need help.And many Poor even in the Donyi Poloism must be groaning.As it is easy to identify the real Godly person once you touch his hand;thus the doubt on spiritual man is unfounded.
                       As there is a telephatic/positive vibrations in association with them;so if I gain anything from this Noble I will also try to help the other

God`s man.As I have long enjoyed there prayer support;as this is advantage of living with common man in there common state also.See this religion subject is also like a double edged sword before cutting others it cut`s you also.
                  As you being a spiritual leader is not suppose to do many things like other are seen doing in internate also like video conferencing to opposite sex.Thus the critics need not jelous at me; as by writing this volumous Noble I have myself accepted to drink the cup of poison.
                      See the almighty God wants to give us everything;wants to answer all the question that science is unable to answer;but for this humans also need to give more emphasise to Him rather then even the idol`s which is made by human only;and one should be concerned about the other genuine human being`s need in his life also.As God have always send His avatar in human form only as He knows Human happiness is what is needed most.   
                             As we all are His reflection and it is our happiness He want more and thus for that He sometimes uses great man also.To trigger that love and passion without which this world have become a void.As such we need to respect good man of this society and honour them so that more good person comes up;and not necessarily a saint and father will have

blessings even a simple clothed man can be a very blessed person also.As there is no limit to ones blessings through faith that is the unique feature of spiritualism.And the useless stone may have been made as cornerstone of the building now by God.
                    And does drunckard passengers atleast don`t need a good driver in the picnic times also?thus the Publics should give unconditional support to the good leader who don`t take liquor or live like them and is concerned with divine work.As all are benefitting that way;at least for the Hindu brothers they have reached that spiritual maturity to even make a spiritual person as Hon`ble MLA and MP`s.As they know all will be secured through them.So we need to also know that the money is not the ultimate aim;it is means to achieve our Human final goal.
                     See together we can definitely change the world;and that opportunity have come today in this Basar area Arunachal Pradesh and India.To finish that lies which we have built ourselves.In fact this idoless worship and worship the truth and nature have been the ancient Hindu philosophy also.As Peoples never make introspection so they are angry thinking new things are being said now.
                     As the propagation that without corruption non will survive is one who is in devils camp who is spreading this. But anger will never solve the problem see the ancient sages told of need of atma

chintan/introspection  and depicted it like samudra Manthan.The scene where god and the devil played tug of war where many gift from God come outside.Like Amrita the immortality nector;thus by engagement and accommodation alone we may find out a new way.
                      As the great Hindu sages they may have wanted the Hindu descendents of being ready to acclamatise in new situations.As they perhaps knew much better things will come in there life if they introspect.And so for all see problem also as an opportunity.And so we are not supposed to hooked to old ideas as a Sadhu Maharaj in todays time also exhort one to do new things.2 yrs. back a Sadhu maharaj was telling me,-`Beta remember within 5 yrs. Peoples will die to meet you, and you have to give appointment to others .
                         There will be initial apprehensions but go ahead was what he was exhorting me.As God is using you and speaking through you;this he said with great affirmity`.Thus I am optimistic as He can do anything nothing belong to human effort it is His and His graceness alone.God will like a person to be honest not fall down like angel Lucifer and make man to worship his own image also.As things like flowers have always represented positivity and the snakes as negativity in the spiritualism realms.
                                 Thus important is seeing the life story of great man specially if they are projected as god then question yourself.Have they

murdered in there own life?Have they committed others sins?As this is very important aspects more so after fall of Asa Ram Bapuji also.But never always be against for the sake of opposition.And honestly Lord Christ is seen to be having unblemish record and have to be accepted as He was.As it is said the God was frustrated to see the poor performance of all the avatars/incernations who have some weakness or other and send His own son to die for our sins so that those who accept Him will have everlasting life.
                      As God knew in Kalyug non will be sinless thus today the greatest merit of person need to be his brutal honesty.See Swami Vivekananda himself is never seen identified and connect his devotion to Maa Kali so as to Ramakrishna Pramahansa.As the new generations may have been programmed to have a different outlook.He show the humanity as the real prayer.And honestly this seems to have been shown by the Jesus Christ.
                     And who knows the great Swami Vivekanda himself have been not introduced to the Holy Ghost blessings when he studied in the Christian Presidency College in early days?Thus ones you have a direct experience of God`s power which comes by hearing His Holy words; there is a greater transformation and natural inclination to seek Him.Thus it is He who


chooses us;not we who seek him.But in other religion there seems to be contrast.But best must be knowned by us being elder and the young must be introduced to the best in the nascent age.
                     As all are not that great and sacrificing like Swami Vivekandaji to get Brahmatva by samadhi.Thus it is better to play safe and confined to our own limitations as follow the great man but don`t do like them as everyone have different life and have certain goals.Today some fake Sadhu Maharaji have taken Samadhi or he may be facing torment god knows;as the Ashrams have today lots of money to be left easily also.
                      As the secret and mysticism of this spiritual life have taken thousand years for great man also.Thus the meeting a great man matters;and sooner it is realized it is better.As there is no scope for pride and prejudice in this field;you have to always learn.See the applause one will get for a comment may have been for a different reason also.As definitely by love we are all brothers and sisters.And by Adams point of view of being from same descendents.
                      Thus though it is really important to praise Swami Vivekananda for his elonquet speech in Chicago.But it should make us more humble also;as we have Swamijis legacy.See great man are used by a great spirit

also;one seldom find spelling mistake and over writing in Swami Vivekandajis teachings and doctrines which he wrote in the note books.And so may his soul also bless me but definitely his soul may have also liked the India growing leap and bound in all the fields.  
                                See even if becoming a Christian is difficult from ones perspective practicing idoltry/Uyu only out of more hatred to Him is it not wrong?Then are we not used by the Luciper the fallen angel who is heard to be jelous of man who are planning to go to heaven?As for forefathers they where ignorant and they may be forgiven also.And there is reason to feel that a good believer can stop the sin of 7 generation forefathers also who died without knowing the God`s message.This is like Baghiraths bringing the river Ganga for the salvation of his forefathers according to Hindu mythology.
                As we are due to our forefathers also so we have to prey for there salvation also.Not only to respect the present parents but not to forget our origin.As that is human duty and today Peoples laugh at this issues;though in Holy Bible also like this there seems to be instructions.Thus I have always respect for my roots like Donyi polo culture and society and Rama Krishna mission School.In fact this may make me more popular also.
                                  But mind it this are very important point even in the Galo sacrifice prayer system like- Peka,Kale and Togu;here the forefathers souls

are also said to come to visit the descendents.May be some parol is given in hell for them;after all so many wars are reported in there own times.Unfortunately today also the man in mess never knows what pathetic life he is living.In America and Europe Peoples are living a life better then our dreams also.As not only they are rich but knows how to use it.So thrive should be trying to rise our all commulative life style.And that leader with that motto may be later given true Babajis status and may be liked by all dead souls also.
                         As there seems to have been tremendous amount of contamination and mixing of all the religious doctrines by the devil.And the man who wanted to become leader`s at there own account may be hurting even the dead ones.See no knowledge and talent of a leader may be even 1 % of God`s perfect image also.In fact earilier the Public`s used to ask God whom He want to make as leader;this same kind of story is told in Irish lagend.Where a prospective to be King was made to stand in a stone and it used to make a sound if he was fit for leadership.
                      As even if one is seen hale and hearthy in this world but have place in hell then what?Thus good leaders have always tried to dent on this issues and as the good God heal in open Healing crusade so for you all may be time to visit a healing crusade now.As may be time to ask Him only have


come as human being have been so manipulative that honestly we now even even feel ashame to join politics.As developments and prosperity seems to be ansillary to the main aim which God have commissioned to our forefathers to do.
                           That is namely to fear Him and worship Him and if not atleast accept His principals in real life.So the snake may have to be removed now as those who have taken there help have failed to achieve greatness also like –Adam himself,as you cannot accept it to bite the neighours only.As for Bhawan Shivji he seems to have wrapped it around him least it goes out and bite someone.
                       And all the negative things that represent anti Godliness.Like bribery,lies and deceit;see even if it cannot be removed immediately it should be tried.See when this is made as prayer subject in all the spiritual place definitely God will open up a way.And may even make the subjects hale and hearthy so that there is less need of money also.
                    But all may have no such power to control the evil;and even the great god`s is heard to have tried to murdered there own family members also. After all bad is bad and good is good;and one have to accept that the

Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is seen to have an unblemish life.As how you can prey a god who was a Casanova and a drug addict.
                         And when same is said about the Lord this is too much.But for this the desciples are more responsible also.As we are reflection of Godhoodness in earth.As we are bad so we have also helped in the spread of this hatred.And made the country man god of there our choice;yet one is seen after latest model car`s.So why this duplicacy in life.
                              After all this is a majore thing in life ,but earlier concern of the old Sages must have been seeking true God.Though the other gods are also His own creations but there have to be more tolerance towards the one seeking Supreme Power.In fact the Hinduism is so rich that this questions can be easily find.Only a great initiative have to be made.As by the scientific study also it have been proved beyond doubt that there is a one super power.And the country with same religion and language have also flourished more and unless a step towards that move is undertaken I feel this Country will never grow.
                                 Then unity in the diversity will be unachievable.Today we may laugh at this most important topic but don`t we need atleast a Supreme God/ PARAM PITA PARMESHWAR day.That is the day of the God;see when


 we have so many national Holiday and miss out the one who have created us then what?
                          This will be like chasing out parents in there old age.Thus the great beginning can be alone I suppose shown by the great Indian country.And for adjusting this the national Holiday in the rememberence of great man can be also removed as they are already dead and have done good and bad things.
                                    The RSS and VHP if they really want to make this nation great they have to ponder upon it.Or no matter how many Narendra Modiji is born the Biharis will they leave the open edifice practise,and will our Country man from U.P stop spiting pan?See moment one settles in UK and America from where the discipline comes.
                       Definately there seems to be lots of negative energy in the Country and need to be done away with.So all the god`s avatar seems to have been classified according to time as- Satya Yuga avatar ,Treta Yug avatar and Kal Yug avatar.And may be now time to seek the real avatar of Kalyug and if not mixing all the previous good God`s character and pray it.
                                 Mind it the Hindu brothers are very good peoples and very religious also and may be need to find the best in Baba Ramdevji and Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji there living gods.After all when they are alive may be of

better use then posters and calenders which God knows is the real face of there god or not?
                       See more the open discussion on the controvercial issue more greater Pandit may also come out from the Hindu religion.The genesis of the real democracy is in fact religion and when there is faith in one`s own religion then why fear in this comparative study.Thus Hinduism in fact said as way of life to connect with the God.
                        And whatever may be the view of the puritans as Swami Vivekanda seems to have addressed to the religious fundamentalists;the good person in Hindu may be thankful to me in rising this mind bloging topics.As if there is god then it will fight for itself;and right now we need to fight for God amd humanities interest.
                   The great Hindus one have to also respect there strong features is -Non will rise as early as them and take bath in the morning.But they themselves have to decide weather they are drinking suddh/pure  Milk or not?As main thing cannot be compromised for the other worthless things.In fact the Hindu brothers will have better understanding of the existing situation as they are the ones who are living in the problem.
                        And so may be someone from outside is also needed to directly make headlong collision with issues like-Dowry and Khaaf Panchayat

issues.As this is a free country and if I feel there is need to do something for my neighbours then should there be eyebrow?As what one reap in the life  is what he will gain in the end;tomorrow the zealots own daughters may be its victim also.Thus God have given peace and reconcialation chance through X Mass which is the goodnews of survival,peace and security for all.And mind it even in 2nd world war amidst firing.
                     The soldiers of both the camps have come out from bunker and have wished each other.And who knows some may have left the war also after this interection.And see even after devastation of the Europe within one years it come out becoming more beautiful and powerful also.Thus even if there is no paradigm shift there have to be a personal introspection.As this is the real gift of the Hinduism to the world.Thus Swami Vivekananda may have said-`Up India conquer the world through spiritualism.`
                   See the Britishers also suffered for not following God`s real doctrines and preachings to love others as they inculcalate heavy losses in 2nd world war.And this cannot be also gainsaid that the coming of Britishers have also helped in removing of much of the dogmas and evil of society like-Sati system where the wife was earlier burnt along with the husband.
                       Thus those who are challenging good things are few now like the pride ful Khaf Panchayat members and man like them.And soon this new


era will surmount all one like it or not as mobile and social network cites have finished the human distance to great many extent.
                           As even many Hindus are now seen accepting Lord Christ as Lord and Saviour and many even if not directly have started to believe in Him.After all eventually truth will only triumph as how long 32000 gods can be revered and main be sidelined also.And if there is always seen penick in appeasing the god at the cost of other god then how the nation will progress.Thus the Arab was made great by prophet Mohammad by doing away with all the ideols;only the black box in Kaba was allowed to be reinstate as god.
                      See only the minority believers will be angry for this open discloser;but if they are also told nicely for humanity and national interest then they will accept this.As the real humanity in the absence of which everyone is suffering is due to not seeking His will as shown in Holy Bible.And when we realize it is too late.
                         And for the Countries greatness can this minority be allowed to be imposing there views.And thus time to keep national interest above everything else and accept that have to be accepted.This national trend is now what is making Narendra Modiji to be bit successful.And the spiritual persons will be wrong if they think it is due to there Lord Rama.And if Asa

Ram Bapu and Sadhu Sohan Sarkarji had been aloowed then they have ensured the death of BJP.
                             And mind it this Holy Bible is emphasizing more on the justice and equality and so the Publics are may be seeing the futility of following the dynastic rules howsoever good person Gandhi family members may be also.And even if not following the Christianity directly some may continue to get His favour if he is loving and caring to others.See even if unable to help thinking positive about other may be a very good thing.I am so so sorry for saying this;but the great country must make a greater introspection as why the amrit should not be once again churned out?
                       As there is so much spiritual hunger in India and they need is real amrit/salvation only.So I am hopeful for this teaching the NE persons will not be seen as subject of more hatred.As the peace,justice and reconcialation may be in our blood.As we are also descendents of Mughals who have earlier also brought lasting peace during the time of Akbar the Great.Thus this is time we respect each other and not go by face only;as beauty is skin deep .
                       And the great man who knew God but did not told it have been seen to have dire consequences in there own life.As Mahatma Gandhi wept bitterly unable to stop lakh of death in the partition time in 1947.After all he initially himself confessed that he tried the Holy Bible.Thus for a great nation