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THE GAME CHANGER :- My new Nobel ( Part-IX )

                       As this days there is someone behind everyone.And some powerful groups are already sending there olive branch to whom they think as there own.And for the Publics also by the the time a right leader is accepted it may be also too late.As the same contractor lobby who is presently seen despising them may later project them only.
                             So God seems to be very aggressive this days to give a wonderful opportunity for the haves not class.As what some think in life is not necessary important and right from God`s point of view also.Thus who thought even the Arab countries dictators will fall down this time from there own publics revolt.And if this time this can happen in Arab land then what to say in other place?
                      And a good Christian and a good traditionalist is eventually a good person only;thus small difference of opinion which is only say 10% may be not considered.As in all the religion as Swami Vivekananda exhort the aim should be for higher spiritual growth;like in the materialistic life one have that attitude he should have balance in spiritual field also.
                         As this balance alone will make one happy;as one cannot accept his soul to be unhappy which seems to be aware of the future also.Who know`s the forefathers souls are tormenting in hell?and it is better to do something for them now when we are alive also.As how ever we

                    Despise this but this something which is going to be felt by human being himself when he is dying.As all the great religious scriptures talks of it.And I have myself realize this pain in operation theatre when I was dying some 15 yrs.back.Thus that man and society who are symphathetic with me must be good Persons and society.As the community that have fallen to such an extent in the matter of there personal aggrandisiment will alone hate me.
                                 And was perhaps spared as Lord may have seen that oneday I will tell this facts to all the humanity.And mind it telling truth is very difficult thing it took years for me.And hope for this truth alone I should be seen as different and accepted by all.As one wearing a different dress alone attracts the crowd also.
                      See unless one is educated he may harm his own religion also;as if hatefully issues like -`Loss of culture is loss of identity`,is I supposed used to insult the Christians ;someday it may boomerange on the religion which supported it also.As many alleign culture and tradition seems to be already incorporated in the Donyi Poloism since forefathers time also.
                          See Togu Uyu e,i-cutting of the ten Mithun sacrifice in Galo marriage to appease the spirit called Togu system is heard to have been started during time of Ato/forefather Takar Tazik`s time only.And the

sacrifice in alter/Yidum is said to be helped by god Donyi Jilo to Abo Tani and Ayo Donyi Mumsi when she was ill.
             Thus this culture and custom was also seen to be a new thing in earlier forefathers time but have been accepted.As a Galo saying goes don`t remove the skeletons in the grave;as many more may come out.Thus one should not criticize the Christianity as easily also as changes have been also accepted earlier.
                                Thus changes for better seems to have been also made in the Abo Tani culture and tradition as the folk story says.Thus the aim have to be for betterment this have been always shown by the earlier forefathers also.And while trying so one may even take back his religion to an era where there seems to have been no animal eating also;and in fact this will be the goal also.As the God seems to want to take the love to animals also.As non of the religion will propagate violence this is even the Donyi Polo belief system.
                        See the practical benefit the Buddist brothers seems to be cooly enjoying business success for this love of animal.As the excessive meat seems to rise body heat,dizziness and laziness also.Thus one should think hundred times before speaking out as God sometimes seems to be everywhere also.Only one have to be good to find Him in every place also.

                              See it is wrong to criticize a religion just like it one who have no guts to seek God will say so.While there is no sin which cannot be pardoned by God.As there is common feature of religion which need to be there with any religion like-love,respect and sacrifice etc.
                        There can`t be pick and choose as the totality of the philosophy have to be good as no religion allows preferential treatment to richer one also.Thus this open denouncing of the Christians in the Galo society should not be repeated.As even the Assamese Namgarh building have been tolerated in some place while the Holy Church where not given allotted.This have been fact and I am ready to verify this.
                     But also let bye gones be bye gones also.And for this others have also to show magnanimity to the Christian political leaders if they deserve it.It is wrong to complaint other for hacking this issues when these are seen as common phenomenon in this society.As it is pertinent to mention that in late 70`s also when there was official Christian persecutions.
                            The most of the Holy Churches was seen to be burnt here in this part of the world only.That is other matter that many who burnt the Holy Church where later the first Christians.And complained that they where the most targeted groups by the satan and was tried to be made to backslide again and again.As if there integrity where always doubted by Angels.


                                   And thus few of them when they where alive what they said,`never burn Holy Church and holy Bible even if you are staunch anti Christian`,as more a persecutor more God later seems to use Him.And when the God`s programme come one like it or not one is compelled to follow the master.And thus laughter against the God`s scheme of things may be later very much devastating.
                                    And those who unknowingly by themselves and trying to exhort there community to make a headlong collision with the God`s plans will harm themselves.As God knows the mastermind as non can escape His wrath.The message is plain and simple, even the excessive corrupted Publics with illgotten money is in fact against His doctrine.
                      And He was after all for all;as even if son of God He was so down to earth that never was boasting of His status.Lord Jesus Christ ones told in synagogue today all the religion have been fulfilled in Him.This humbelness make us all the rich and poor ,white and black to need to realize His greatness.
                       And this is a strong message for all as this way he was also giving credit to the contributions of the other avatars,religion and forefather`s contributions send by father in heaven.That`s the spirit of the true religion showing ones down to earthiness and so we need to also never

boast that Christianity is so much a powerful organizations even if my innocent Publics in Basar don`t know it.
                  See the greatness of a religion or civilization is seen from how its citizens behave.I admire one Sadhu acknowledging greatness of Lord jesus Christ in Zee news that,`one who died for other and forgive even his tormentor also, if He is not son of God who else will be also?Thus all the religion seems to have been made to ultimately lead all to the highest spiritual realization.
                         See non want to leave his comfort zone and don`t want to hear something different from his view inculculate since his upbringing.And non dare to hurt that sentiment for his personal interest as one is acquainted with the society.But if there is love and real result have to be gained then the fact have to be told.As truth is bitter initially but it alone will later matter also.
                      As change in attitude alone can change the fortune of person his family and society also;and for this I am helpless as like my lord who died for others sins without any reason.I am unable to content my feeling come what may for me in tomorrow I want to remember my past with a nostalgia that I have given my best fight.
                      As one may have committed many mistake when he was

growing up like thinking but never having guts to propose a girl.But this same mistakes can never be repeated with God.See the same love is in both the side and this time this mistake should not be done.As it is question of eternity;in fact even if there was no heaven as final prize for the true believer we should have reciprocate God who loved us with an everlasting love.As many great man have helped many Tom Dick and Harries just like that and for the man in His mission it was time to send all the support.
                               The Americans forgets all its cruckedness when they feel that a person is really doing a great work;and this is there alone Guru mantra which IIM and IIT cannot teach.As see the real unseen force of the tree is withing the ground its root;so is the power of the unseen God who can do anything.And thus man with 3rd eye can alone find the real Diamond.
                                Thus if fact cannot be accepted also which is true God His majesty at its best atleast why not praise each other;as if there is scope for Development by praising each other why not praise as truth may lie in between two views also.And every one is in journey and knowledge he will learn on the way will help himself.We have become so duplicate looking for latest car models but refusing to hear the latest sermons.
                            We seems to think that we have to be loyal to our forefathers religion and views.And this seems to be taken advantage by

some godman.Thus the religion difference itself should be our good opportunity to excel in life also.A good spiritual person will see problem as an opportunity to see things from others angle also;as Lord says,`Love thy neighbor.`
                           As Lord loves other also.Thus need is to take the best from all;but the genesis of spirituality is same only.And as non can do what Lord and savior have done so it is better to accept it as the spiritual model for all the other religion.It seems many other religion seems to be trying to justify there own god as per with the Biblical God.
                           Actually it seems to be more out of hatred to Britishers then anything else also.But there is certainly something in the Hindu Shastra also but eventually if the aim is motivating all to the perfect life why not take the more comprehensive and shorter root.If for the shake of believe that you have to leave everything else for the son of God then what is the harm.
                           As in the Christian values the main emphasise have been selfless service.And see the fathers and nuns have been really seen doing yeoman service;and unless There was real faith then they may have not committed themselves to such an extent.
                 And this shows either what is written in Holy Bible is truth or they are reading the best scriptures.As contrary to popular thinking many

missioneries have pathetic life but they are pulling on.And for there shake also I may be permitted to today write this facts.Thus credit is thier and thiers only as many great man are working secretly and refusing to even come open also.Let I also get the blessing to do this political leadership role with a missionery zeal.
                         See if non loves other specially more poorer and destitute then Lord will and then everyone may have to undmindfully come to him only.As the last minute change only the Lord can make in the heart;and brothers no amount of campaign or persuation can change a voter also.
                See what happened with AAP in Delhi.And mind it with the sword of demoggles hanging in the form of the Lok Pal Bill the haves class have better reason to have sleepless night this time.In fact the smart ones should have completely left there egoism and changed according to new times.       
                                 As said by a great Sanskrit scholar –`JANANI JANMA BHUMISCH SWARGADAPI GARIYASHI`, e,i- the motherland is more then heaven also. And for me also If there is place on earth closest to my heart, this is Basar town of the West Siang Dist.Arunachal pradesh North East India, where I was born and all my family members grow up learning to be a perfect human being and a try to become a source of positive energy for the

society. This Basar town is in the West Siang Dist.Arunachal pradesh of North East India.
                               The Basar name seems to have come from our forefathers who where called Rihar`s who was son of forefather/ Ato Kore who settled here.And seems to have migrated from the china side as there is folksongs and oddyssis referring place near it also.See this Basar land is said to be given to the Basar forefathers by forefathers of Ango clans who are our traditional ally and now in minority in Basar town areas.
                                Neverthlessly we have to be obliged to them and all the minority clans also as every one is our own.As today all the blood seems to have mingled with each other.The Basar township area is dominated with Basar and Riba clan,then Bam and Rirams population comes next.
                            And there are many minority like Kamdak,Geyi,Taba,Ango,Angu,Kamsi etc.and all are like United colour of Benetton.And for the minority they need to see me also as there own as more then any one my community based on religion is still subject of jokes and butts.And unfortunately for some even if we say they may say speaking too much and not say then may say why silent?But honestly in the face of successful Christian leaders there is lesser jocks this days.
                       Actually not all the Public may be as sporting as we are and

mind it there are even many good Donyi Poloists also who are specially from educated background.So the education also seems to be a need of time as there should not be any religious based problems;so this Noble seems to be needed to be written so that there is a social understanding and example of peaceful reconcialation.
                         In the Basar town all the communities are living in a peaceful manner, the Riba,Basar, Riram and Geyi clans who are from the joint Karko Aao clan don`t merry each other being clan brothers.And they now constitute about 50% of total area population.But all the locals are descendents of the Abo Tani and are coming inside Galo clan.
                   The great Tomo Ribaji and Todak Basarji the powerful politicians names are worth taking.As the former was Ex-Hon`ble C.M and M.P;and later was Ex-Hon`ble Cabinet Minister and M.P.Late Tomo Ribaji hailed from the Ego Circle which is in South of the Basar assembly constituency.
                As for the Hon`ble MLA Saab he is from the Tirbin Circle which is upper side of the Basar town and constitute about 30% of the Basar assembly voters.The unique topography seems to have made the Tirbin Publics less comfortable with the leaders of other part.
                        But the Christianity have become the unifier in todays time as this Tirbin Publics minimum 75% of them are reported to be Christians.And

today seems to have reached a maturity point and may prove the critics wrong in election time.
                    Another great person is Adv.Eken Ribaji Ex-Cabinet minister ,who was the first president of APSU in his School days and was the first Advocate of the State and is retired from active politics.And Sri Tabom Bamji I.A.S Secretary Inter State Council New Delhi Govt. of India is also a big person to be reckoned with.Both have always encouraged me in life specially the later.And today in this time of most important phase of life his open encouragement to me was divine as his point of view also matter a lot in our Basar area for sure.
                  The speciality of the Basar is it is very beautiful being a natural valley and have moderate climate.Thus this is agile place for vacation and keeping the Childrens in the Private schools as lately many private schools have come up.The speciality of this place is even if we have been here for long but its beauty specially culture and tradition never diminish.This is for us also then what to say about the foreigners who want to see unique things and is fed up by artificial beauty.
                                  The God have been kind to us so it is also good to share to others who are lesser previlage then us; this have been our family

motto.My family have tried to give back something to my society also as we feel it was Peoples love that have made us little successful also.
                          As we have always seen my father enjoying feeding other Peoples also ;specially to the poorer ones from day one.Once a neighbor who was very Poor took some maize from my garden in the night he was caught.
                        My father refused to take any action telling that he was hungry and in fact send one bucket more of the maize to that starving family.I was also surprised to see this and perhaps this things where effecting me.Thus the parents outlook matter a lot;if I have a small goodness in me then my father have been my mentor.Thus you see something in life IIM or IIT Kharagpur Professors cannot teach also;and as Rome was not build in a day the personality building also takes time.
                       Thus the M/S D.T Construction Ltd. Which is the symbol for all the good constructions this firm was started by my immediate younger brother D.Tojo Basar on our advise.The M/S D.T name is derived from my father Dakto and from T stands for all his sons.This is now a registered A grade firm and have all the vehicles and tools specified by Govt.
                      And like the Churchil brothers in Goa M/S D.T Agency is also trying its best for constructing best buildings and road for welfare of Basar

area.And supporting the GRK,Gori Open tournament and all shorts of the cultural and sports events in the society.
                                            The Urban Guest House Building in Gori complex in Basar town ,Gori to Piri PMGSY road in Basar,the PHED main water treatment and supply plant for Basar town is some of its making.The Urban Guest House Building in Gori Complex was appreciated even by the officers of the Planning commission when they accompanied Ex-Hon`ble Chief Minister Late Dorzee kanduji on his maiden visit to Basar town for opening it.
                       And honestly had it not been for God`s blessing and Sri Tabom Bamji (I.A.S) help it would have been really difficult to wrangle this plot out from the defence e,i-ITBP;though my personal friendship with commandant shah sir of 13th Bn.ITBP also may have helped in getting the plot of land;and the villagers in kolpo area need to be thankful to us;or they may have never get the allotment in this area.As many retired defence relatives have settled there.And thus this move was a good for them basically also.
                                   The D.T sons are also thankful to Sri Tope Bam now Hon`ble Deputy Commissioner Longding for giving 1st chance to the M/S D.T construction Co.Ltd for making the Urban Shopping complex in Basar

town.Today the big project such as the Todak Basar memorial stadium Project is with this firm only.
                    And having now stood for trust and good delivery of work for all the West siang Dist.Publics. The D.T cable Net work service, D/T Gas agency and D.T Market is result of families joint effort also.As the love and guidence and above all prayer support is also priceless which many tend to forget now.
                               The recent 15th Gori open Tournament had it not for the camera crew of the D.T cable network service; there would have been definite misunderstanding between both the GRK village host Gori and Soi football team who reached in the final of the 15thGori open Tournament.And had certain doubt regarding a goal which referee was unable to decide.And this was later verified from the Camera record taken by Bimalji the main camera man of D.T Cable network.
                     The extraordinery credit of spearheading the GRK work a upcoming NGO with tremendous potentiality lies on my elder brother Er.Tomo Basar( Chief Engineer Govt. of A.P),and this have been all possible due to our families bond and love and mutual encouragement also.And above all other Gori and Soi Villagers important Officers and Public leaders

Trust in basically our big elder brother.And even if other may see my elder brother’s commitment in NGO as my political weak point.
                   As being a big officer he is always under ruling Govt.scanning and may not be able to be seen with me also.But if he is doing good work I may also share his blessings of divine work.As what is more important is secret blessings from the core of heart as my elder brother loves me and and many of his close admirers may be knowing this also.
                    As for my elder sister Smty.Topu Ete she is a great enterpreuner and the talk of town now.As she have made business partnership with Rashid Habib`s Hair style firm and have opened up her shop above top floor of the Hot Ice restaurant in the Aalo town of west siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh India.
                       And she have opened up her Rashid habib`s academy near the Lakhimpur College in Assam.Her story is also great in her own right.As after my sister inlaw`s husband lost election in last time.And even if her first business venture was finished by the hooligans in the BK Plaza in the Itanagar in last political turmoil in A.P for which I suppose the poor shopkeepers are yet to get anything also.Yet she stood like rock of Gibralter.
                     She neverthlessly managed to make my two Beti/her daughter proud for Mamaji by making one as Air Hostess in Indigo flight and other as

Professor in the Govt. College of A.P.This shows that even if problems comes there is power also above us who seems to later replenish one for his bad day.Had my elder sister Topu Ete have been a male there may have been also no place for other political leaders for sure.
                                           If there is forced compulsion on a good person and family to live apart I believe honestly then the Lord of Host will certainly send his guardian angels from far and wide also; as those Birds of same feathers like me with the positive spirit aware of helplessness of there forefathers soul rotting in hell.They will surely send there white and black money also to help whenever there is injustice to fight on Lord`s behalf.
                      And in a way my rich family not seen with me may be better in this days of civil society struggles.Actually from day one I was absolutely clear about that I will fight for the civil societies right and will have nothing to do with my rich and powerful relatives.And see even if they have backed me up then the Publics may have seen me from the money point of view.
                         And those Peoples who ask why I am not being supported by my rich relatives.They rather need to ask this questions to some contractors who have benefitted from my elder brother Er.Tomo Basarji and have even not heard his appeal for support in last election for our Hon`ble MLA

Candidate Smty.Dakter Basar.Thus from our perspective politics is seen to be different ball game when good time will come all will automatically flock in.
                       And yes the leader will be always criticized this way or that way.But one feel bad inspite of my sacrifice and living like a poor man to see and feel there real problem I am branded as a rich persons lobby.But God seems to be kind now as many are openly coming in my aid also and seems to be Knowing my families problem.As I am not a fake and in fact is one of the original planner of the civil right movement with Baba Ramdevji.
                      This seems to be known now and those leaders who flooded the market with there calenders may have been unaware of the passing of Lokh Pal Bill after drubbing of the Congress party in Delhi.Thus today the clever haves class representatives is heard to be more confused.And as for me at least I have a good sleep having time to personally meet the Publics.And contrary to popular views todays rural Arunachalee are more aware as there is tata sky connection in perhaps every house.
                               And one should believe there is also love and positive energy in the world as much as there is negetive energy also.And I suppose this world is too big for a whimsical leader of this place to pathom.And perhaps also fill with good peoples who also bailed out AAP in Delhi election and will atleast have shoft corner for me.

                      As the true spiritual persons have learnt to make Gupt Dan to the Poor Publics called as- DARIDRA NARAYAN.Which is said to be Gods face in earth as in Day of Judgement God may tell I also asked for your help in the garb of a poor man but you did not gave.
                           See for a few good man also this world is surviving;and they will also find a way out to help us even if in State like this like the Ponyang Govt. of North Korea there is always witch hunting of all the opposition Activities.Any person doubting my credentialities can enquire in this address:-Adv.Togo Basar kadi Village,P.O/P.S-Basar West Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh pin-791101 –India.And for the spiritual person can ask the Lord and Saviour in his prayer and sufflication.
                                   And for the critics who think there is certain problems in my family; in the time of crisis earlier the family members have always come more stronger and united and disapprove the critics also.Problem with myself honestly I have been always seen as part of family.And family also matter a lot in this part of the world.
                     And need not to say when there is divine commission prophesy coming for a person to work wonder.The devil will also like to hit at the weakest point to show me Have been made helpless without the family

support also.But eventually the truth alone triumph so let us hope for the best.
                  As already I have been made notouriously famous for being projected and laughed upon as a poor political aspirant.But who knows God have made the present situation congenial for me only as the simple Publics want simple things.As easily I have been earlier laughed upon for my poverty this may also be now my strong point.
                  As I was always positive of God`s intervention and honestly right now many are accepting that I seems to be in the right track even if I am unable to give my calendar as this is seen As a common feature here.As the civil society leaders have been made talk of town everywhere.
                          But may God bless all my supporters and give them something which others have never accepted also;the hope,patience and sacrifice as it is our fight.This is time to bring out the best and great things are done in pain and hunger and this makes the fight more memorial.Thus every single youth and the Villagers are accepted to join freely with there own expenses in this thryst with the Basar areas destiny.
                                   Actually from God`s perspective election seems to have been always important as earlier opposition supporters have also seen to

have good successful childrens.Thus this is the time to show the real valour;as the sacrifice will never go invain for good work.
                        See the God`s plan will always happen this way or that way thus one should be hopefull that everything will be soon o.k.My elder brother Er.Tomo Basar is the 3rd in the row from my fathers side and is a great man in his own right and is right now the Chief Engineer under Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh.
                          And is doing wonderfully for not only himself but family and society as whole.As his story is what going to be matering in todays time also when the selfishness is at its zenith in this Galo Soceity against this his move may be the right answer.But unless there is a good leadership with similier mindset to back him up it may take ages to achieve his target also; this is also honest fact.
                       As the good officers who did not like to work under a corrupt and inefficient regime seems to have choosen clever way to be more focused in other way.An indirect revolt against the system some critics dub`s it.But my brothers thinking is plain and simple serve the poor;and he have also right to take his own decesions.
                        And as for those who blame him for not initiating on my behalf;from day one I was absolutely clear only bank on God.As the critics

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