Saturday, March 1, 2014

THE GAME CHANGER -Part-VI ( My new Nobel corrected version)

knock and corner may today make the Public more allergic also.And even if they win but the whole Public is going to loose as there will be more price rise and economic injustice.Thus what a opposition leader with passion for doing something for own public should do?
                   As leaving the dais for other rich youthful leader may also spoil the society.As the one obsessed with the power and position will he also not only enjoy tender works instead of catering to the Poor man`s small schemes?And it is also felt that the dark forces also disturb the way of the truthful leader.
                  But in some place where there is acute need of miracle God also shows his power.Thus unless the end is seen sometimes all the prophesy cannot be also accepted.But this days this is also fact that the bad time of the haves class seems to have started.And after this Lok Ayukta Bill soon something may be also done regarding huge money of old denomination reportedly kept in house of some rich Peoples.
                              As this old denomination which is printing of at least 10 yrs.before need to be brought in the bank to use it for the Public interest.And the huge money source need to be questioned and if not deposited by march 2014 should be declared as black money and there status be declared as null and void by the Reserve Bank of India.And soon a

new law of something of this nature may be passed by the Govt.As this days everyone seems to be after appeasing the Aam Admi peoples views.
                            And the Arunachalees being very cautious may this time like middle mutually acceptable party like PPA.As non want to have additional tensions in there life;and time is right as well as the members of PPA have also weakness in monetary front also.And it may be better then to make surreptitious MOU with the Hydropower Companies to the peril of the land owners.And in this games the Congress and BJP alone seems to be better also.
                    As for Lord also giving political power may be a small thing.In right time He may be also ready to give better thing;thus the prediction of the prophets for my better life in coming time is not surprising also.As God have been always there also and His promise also never fails and whatever my critics also says but it is also difficult to stand for the Publics in letter and spirit in the opposition post in this State.
                    Thus my salute to all the Hon`ble Oppossition MLA`s and leaders of this State.You have loved the Aam Publics so you have Slogged.Thus even if other BJP leaders may be not that respectable this batch of last of Mahicans have to be appreciated.
              And the senior leaders who have apprehensions that they will have

problem in BJP should have also joined PPA.But a BJP party man was saying that this time the Congress leaders will be never allowed to join in to the peril of there senior leaders.And it is only that they are trying to use the rich congress man for Lokh Sabha election.
                         This warning need to be heard carefully by the stake holders as non in the BJP is today as powerful whose promise can be accepted as truthful.And even if there is try to topple the Tuki Ministry ultimately I feel non will try to bell the Cat.And even if his Govt. falls down most of the earths wile Congress party supporter will like to merge with PPA instead of the BJP.
                                       Thus perhaps this was time to seriously think the option of retirement for some;as a Governor post may have been at reach of some senior leaders if the card is played nicely.And for all the man in problem the only solution lies in reading Holy Bible even if one does not want to become Christian also.
                             As this is word of wisdom and will help.The weak believer also get entangle in the word of God and get confusion sometimes because they need to always read Holy Bible which they don`t do.As then only the Holy Spirit will talk to them or show a way out there can`t be pick and choose method.

                 The Preacher who uses the Pulpit to solve his personal score will never benefit himself also.And why others even myself have been very a bad Christian so far;so whatever I am telling is for myself also.So honestly I am also waiting for a right break through God`s blessings, only this time things seems to be more easier now.See Lord Christ He even made water as wine in one place as He may have respected other`s sentiment also; as unless one knows and does according to others point of view also;how other person is accepted to also reciprocate.
                           Thus this where ,when  and with whom awareness is also very important as after all the Public's are the also the reflection of God.But be a naturally good person believing in what you do.Not one saying different things in different places and it least in my life 95% of prophesy have so far also come true that I have to also accept and the society is also starting to recognizing that.As world is a small place now and one cannot bluff other as easily.
                  And may be it was for me to be concerned in Lord`s service as even if greatest of miracle is also shown; some Peoples who don`t want to believe will never believe it.why?because it is said the devil is also the prince of the world and can also give many blessings barring,life,death and salvation.And the above comment was for the serious spiritual seekers.And as for the common man they have to be simply made to see that the culture

and Traditional is a common property and must be practically preserved without saying much.
                             As in religion those who seek will find it and those who don`t what little they have will be also taken away.Thus I also need good publicity from my well wishers that what Togoji is thinking is not that one is compelled to follow any religion but –JEO AUR JINE DO.Live and let live and see there is indirect method of killing someone else from other religion also by not giving political chance also.As may be not for me alone but for other co-believer also I may be till now supported and protected by the Lord.
                              But spiritualism which is basically self introspection have been always there in society since olden time also.Today it is in the form of Christianity which seems to have come suddenly ;so there may be apprehensions against this religion.But mind it apprehensions where earlier also and everyone benefits from this interactions.
                     As the society in worst transition period have been always seen to be the cradle of civilization and birth place of great man`s.As the negative and positive energy is seen tussling like the Samudramanthan scene as depicted in the Hindu mythology when the Devta and the Raksasa where competing.Which in fact seems to be an ideological confrontations.

                        As the Muni Sukracharya the political adviser of the Raksas community ultimately frustrated tried to make a parallel heaven for the Raksas.As the Devtas always tried to manipulate there entry to the heaven/Devlok.But Brahma interfered and told there is certain way which the Asuras /raksas where seen failing.That is lack of love,patience and forgiveness etc.
                   See the spirit which is showing this good virtues of human being as weakness is the real enemy.As there is good driver so the Passengers are seen sleeping fearlessly in the journey.Thus all the Public's will in fact benefit from the good spiritual leader.
                                             See unfortunately the real problem in accepting portion of the local culture and tradition by the new Christian converts is they cannot accept that UYU which means also - the evil force is the main centre of gravity of all the human activity.Today even the Neo- Donyi Poloists are saying that new name should be given to the benevolent god`s; such as- YAJ YALO which have been always used for it.As both the   malevolent and benevolent god have been address as Uyu only in Abo Tani culture which confounded the confusion.
                         But earlier as there where perhaps limited vocabulary and no knowledge about devil also; so this word seems to have been used to

Address all evil force.Like Horse called as Gura as it may have been seen for first time brought here and same Assamese name may have been instantly used.And as the forefathers seems to have been nomads so there is seen lack of rich word vocabulary also.        
                           And see this language definitely matter in shaping the future of a Child.Never say Uyu will come to crying Children let him fear God, parents or atleast Donyi Polo.As there is time to fill Child with positive energy.And though this topics may be very irritating for some local Galos.But knowing it nicely alone will give all real happiness,closeness ,prosperity and surety of salvation which clarification should be alone shown by a good leader.As he can`t afford to have surety of salvation alone and have secured money in the Bank and spirituality is more then that for sure.
                   As true leader will like to take all to heaven towards prosperity and perfection in all the fields and the fearing a God alone will make a Child covered with His graceness. Do.Do you like your Child also to be failure like you?See most important is redemption then only God forgives and gives a 2nd chance in life.
                        As ultimately it is the God who is going to be the game changer and interestingly the great Galo Civilization have been unknowingly following His commandments even before the Gospel reached here also.As

interestingly in Galo practice there is one Kotir Tirnam process.That is breaking of stick with confession of sin by ill persons in his death bed ;here Priest put sticks one by one in front of the sick person as he confesses his sin one by one;see the stick represent one sin.
                                    This can be seen as last confession;as Galo also believe that one can never die peacefully with so many secret sins in there heart.Thus this are precious lessons to be learnt as in the death bed ;the problem of sin will be faced by oneself and so good Galo specially older one`s never criticize any religion or any religious man also.Thus other religions features may have been our forefathers one time practice also.
                  Many a time we live as if we will never die and this makes us careless;but in fact this life is free gift from someone and every 2nd will be one day accountable.My experience in life is Buddhism is emptying your mind through meditation,the Christianity is filling one`s mind with Holy word.And for others they are on the way to reach a perfect place.And it is only the Christianity which gives lots of quick answers about the divinity and saves time;and so the elite seems to be preferring it now for its result orientness.
                       But it is also not a fashion most difficult part is faith promise without it  is better to not become a Christian also.As more you take time to fulfill the aspiration of the God more you alone will suffer.But one thing is

also there the love for own`s life also change many a person.So next time you meet a spiritual leader who talk with much elan respect him.
                     As speaking loudly in spiritual arena can be alone done by a man who have crossed so many miles lonely, dejected, hungry and helpless yet not allow the torch of light to extinguish.As telling lie in the name of God is greatest sin and see I will have never perhaps richness as much as Hindu sages but there will be seen nevertheless His presence behind me.
                            It is said the great magician and Priest Late kachi Yomchaji of Arunachal Pradesh proved the other magician like P.C Sarkarji in Calcutta that they where toddler`s by bringing alive fish in the stage show.And it is said kachiji could even become Tiger when he was young.
                     And so I am also trying to reach that perfection for the benefit of the Publics who are so poor and down trodden.And mind it this Siddi /power also don`t come quickly.As for me I have no power at all;only citing the love of Lord who need not die for our sin in cross also.But He did so and even if someone have half of this character in him may have pity on us also.
                            But see when we were growing up we made lots of commitment to God and now is trying to cheat Him.And thus we get cheated instead as even some disciples money get wasted by the false Guru

also.And as spiritualism is a journey where the person want maximum happiness within short time.
       Atleast that feeling and happiness only the master can give according to one`s own merit.Thus one targeting Gold medal may atleast get silver;so the religion should be seen as a goal and we need to wish best of luck to others as wish we receive from other also encourages us;and we feel good about it.
                                 And mind it in olden times also this courtesy was reportedly more and mind it in earlier time also the religion seems to be not followed according to his family background.See the Hindu mythology story of the Prahlad where he was saved by the Vishnu Bhagwan in Narsimha avatar.So it is wrong to criticize other without seeing his own.
                     So the religion that is based on vested interest few officer, and Business man  who are scarred of transfer and want to appease there political bosses as hidden agenda will never survive.But this may be not the majority view;and if it is so the coming election is the perfect time to show it also.
                     As for a religious man even in the Donyi Poloism he is not accepted to blame other for not changing.This is always seen as plausible explanation by the voter before election blaming other while himself should be ready to come forward if he is a really good man.Thus all have to start