Tuesday, June 3, 2014


                      My Pic. with close friends Baba Ramdevji,Hon`ble MOS Kiran Rijiju and Hon`ble M.P Tarun Vijayji. 


              I am really thankful to the Public's of 29th Basar(ST)Assembly constituency Arunachal Pradesh for showing there tremendous support to me in recent State election. Though the lack of time for campaigning harmed my winning chance this time;but I gracefully accept the result as the total 40 % votes shares within one month of campaigning was far beyond the critics imaginations also.
                 As the INC lead Tuki Govt. was suddenly reduced to minority and declared simultaneous elections of Lokh sabha with State elections in the State of Arunachal Pradesh.And for this sudden declaration of election there was no time for campaigning .But I am really indebted specially  to the Youths of Basar area ,who overwhelmingly  supported me  for a change we all believed in as they worked overnight to try to change the Peoples mindset. And we have been partially able also to do this.
         And no amount of money and muscle power deter them this time ,as it is pertinent to mention that Honble MLA Gojen Gadiji who was the sitting cabinet PWD minister .He made a virtual carpet bombing this time with crores of money.As he was reportedly aided by Hon`ble M.P Takam Sanjayji and Hon`ble C.M Nabam Tukiji who may have wanted to stop the wings of some INC senior leaders also as rumored.
                It seems my party become the ultimate victim and seems to have been guardian angels for Kiranji and Gamlin brothers.As initially thought as without any opponent our arrival seems to have compelled the election overall incharge of the west siang Dist.Sri Gojen Gadiji Hon`ble MLA to look for his own survival after I contested from his home turf.
          And as the Gojen Gadijis camp initially tried fruitlessly to convince us specially me ,my wife and my proposer not to contest.See along with crores of rupees I was offered Chairman post in the ruling Congress Govt.My wife also was offered Rs.3 crore along with a job.My two proposers where offered Rs. 10 lakh each.And this seems to have triggered popular support in my favour. It is said about 20 vehicles where distributed and minimum 20 crores money was spend by the Gadi camp in compare to our camp which was struggling for its bare minimum need.
                 Even if we had lost but so many Publics seems to have benefitted due to our stubbornness that’s the satisfaction. As the look of respect is seen in the eye of the congress man each time they pass by.As according to the Times of Arunachal Pradesh Gojenji is the fastest growing richest man in this State.As he have so far survived all the political threat mainly through dubious means and through his ill gotten money many  opine so.
         As the man seems to have mastered the art of winning by foul play, beginning his tactics from the entry of voter list itself.By making all the minors to enlist in the voter list in his Tirbin circle while the critics doubts the Tirbin circle voters will be only utmost 25% of the total vote of the 29th Basar (ST) Assembly constituency.Which ultimately comes to 30% of the Basar ( ST )Assembly constituency as all the officers from top to bottom seems to be influenced.
                   And each time he seems to do is emotionally blackmailing his Tirbin circle which constitute of his clan members .And paying money to all the criminal minded Peoples to capture the votes some even believes.As the Polling agent of other leaders are captured/purchased in election time.
                 This time also he is heard to have brought about 900 truck loads of false non tribal voters from Ziro routs to vote against the dead ones.And surely for some critics, this things seems to be the reason for divine curse for the drubbing of the congress party in centre also and lost of INC M.P and Poor financial position of this State as there was even divine prophesy this time for leadership change in my constituency. 
                           That prophesy too had come from most of the religious man of all the religion Hindu,Christian and Nyibu/priest  of Donyi poloism .As Gojen Gadiji won by foul play many don`t respect him from heart,but shamelessness seems to be his basic character. And this may prove as his nemesis in the long run, the way the Publics continue to shower there love and sympathy for Sri Kiran Rijiju the Hon`ble M.P and M.O.S of India.After he also faced similar thing in his previous election as his election result was sabotaged. Any leaders should win fairly even if there is iota of cunning tactics this is really condemn able.

                          Thus the Arunachal Pradesh BJP camp may be also need to be more careful with entry of some leaders,even if the Arunachal Pradesh INC camp tomorrow want to merge to the BJP in toto.As the BJP party seems to take the religious warning  rather seriously and it seems to have been its guru mantra for success also. As it has exalted my good friend Baba Ramdevji.And the issue which have been proved as right earlier ,that cannot be easily nullified also.As the INC party fate is more dark today for perhaps there audacity to fight with the divine will also.
              And worst it should need is divine curse and the BJP have also point to refuse entry of Gojen Gadiji in party in future also as he have made most scintillating attack against Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji in his election speech. By telling- `KYA MODI SODI`. Unaware of the rise of the Yug Purush of India this foolish  man from Arunachal who have always cleverly always run to greener pastures by purchasing party president and Block president of ruling Party.Gadiji this times  seems to have hit axe in his own foot unknowingly.As the BJP is heard to give damn about issuing party ticket even if he is a master manipulator.As the Aya Ram Gaya Ram political culture have also hurt it earlier.
               As the cash starved ruling INC party of the State may soon have to join BJP leaving some dark Sheep's whom BJP are allergic to.As earlier the party discipline in this State have been made as jock by some contractor leaders.And see tomorrow when BJP condition is also bad they will be the first to run to greener pastures thus there is heard to be silence plan to stop one who have maximum number of running cases to other parties,in time of crisis.Thus many feel this vicious circle have to be stopped and see hope in one like Sri Kiran Rijuji Hon`ble M.P who may promote youth face also.As that have been his election manifesto also.  
             As shamelessness and political characterless of highest order is the forte of the present Arunachal Pradesh politicians.And thus for much needed revolution the BJP coming to power in center was God send.As the general Publics are so much frustrated and need a change here.As they are compelled to follow the leader whom they don`t respect from their heart. But as for Kiran Rijiju who happens to be my college mate and good friend also who he have charisma and appealing .Besides he may have the will to clean this whole system after all that is the clarion call of his boss- Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji.
                         After all he himself have been one times its victims and seen talking of fighting for the respect of the scholarly and knowledgeable person.And have to be seen how far he goes to liberate some place in true sense of term.As the BJP is heard to be directing even their legislators to learn the social network cites also much to the discomfort of few educated legislators also.One was heard saying in today`s time it is a sin /insult to give party ticket to an uneducated leader. And BJP at least seems to be respecting this Public`s sentiments also.
            Whatever have been political outcome I am surprised as the kind of love and respect shown by the Publics.As within few months they have started liking me may be for my bravery as many of the leaders who where claiming to contest this time from 29 Basar (ST) Constituency buckled under pressure one by one.And many is heard to have sold themselves at an exorbitant rate.
              See cleverly some leader have so far mislead the innocent Publics into believing that the need for knowledgeable and educated leader is misnomer. Whereas the fact is quiet contrary as in this days of lobby politics the educated,knowledgable,honest and visionary leader is need of hour.As Narendra Modiji himself have been selected for this qualities,he is seen as a honest man.And can be seen as a man from ancient Treta Yug who can be equatted with the great man like Bhisma Pitamah.And this I have been saying before he become Hon`ble P.M also that too in the face book of Rahul Gandhiji.
                 His followers in face book where outraged when I sujjested Rahulji to retire from active politics and become missionery.And the adverse remarks where notable as his face book may have been filled with NSUI and Congress Seva Dal members.Today Rahulji may be regretting for not hearing my advise. And see what his own Congress man is saying openly which I told when he was in helm’s of power.
                See when the election rally of Narndra Modiji was tried to be disturbed in Vanarash,what could have not happened in the State of Arunachal Pradesh.As the innocent youths exposed to the politics in the tender age to increase the voter of ones own community seems to be used as cannon fodder for his own political gain by leaders like Gojenji.Who is really smart but need to use his smartness for good reasons.As by manipulating everything by money and muscle power how it will continue to serve the society? 
                And in this State, INC party which have dependency on the centre, can it also last long after open challenge by Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji in his maiden visit.Thus the true INC discipline need to be now shown by the leaders.As till now they have been always seen telling Nehru Gandhi legacy.Honestly the Publics of Basar area also seems to have not liked me contesting from PPA which is a regional party.As it seems the time for regional party have not arrived in this State.I have done best what I could have done for the PPA and the earlier friends should have also no enmity with me.But have to seriously judge my voters suggestions.
                      At least for me I have been anti INC person from day one.And many are saying it will be BJP`s gain if I join it.But personally I feel it will be injustice on great country who have never seen great leader like Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji if I don`t join the BJP now.This man  atleast need to be given ten years to do what he is saying.As this great man have a track record of commitment and may really bring good days in country.
                       As the matter of fact my association with the BJP have started long time back.As I am pretty close with Baba Ramdevji and Tarun Vijayji earlier National Spokesman BJP.And we have always tried to have stand by each other in times of troubles. My open criticism of the Gandhi family when Baba Ramdevji was arrested may have been one of reason I have been targeted also. As I have been very vocal person and earlier any comment against the Gandhi family was unacceptable in this part of the world.
                  The senior BJP leader like Anant Kumarji have earlier invited me in the BJP also.Thus it seems my appreciation of the BJP and the Sangh in my blog when BJP was even not in power seems to have made me there personal favorite. Right now RSS Spokesman Rakesh Sinhaji is in good touch being facebook friend.And it is pertinent to mention that we where also instrumental in bringing Neipu Rioji in NDA fold.But it is the wonderful public's of my constituency whose blessings alone will take me forward. As ultimately things comes to grass root connections.       

                               My sorrow is more for my 29th Basar (ST) areas loss then the personal loss.As it was time that the area had an educated leader in this new world of lobby and popular opinion making time through media and social network.As the Govt. of India under the dynamic leader Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji and Hon`ble MOS Kiran Rijiju from this State could have been used to give additional development in this border area.As the BJP seems to be careful in giving top priority in defense field and the Basar town being strategically located may have also gained.
               As In this days of intense lobby I had ambitious plans for my beloved constituency making great strides like Railway corridor from Silapathar to Basar.And one defense airport in Basar area.As through intense lobby that may have been achieved ,anyway I will still try my best in this regards through my writings .
         But personally I feel I had to also learn my lesions in this defeat which I accept with much humility.And this have been perhaps God send opportunity for it.As the ruling INC party in State is also seen facing terrible fund crunch.As for now nothing can be talked of future; as it is the wonderful Publics of Basar Area to decide about my future in appropriate time.
         What makes this previous election spectacular was  when I begin my election campaign there was hardly few thousand rupees with me.And in place like ours contesting without at least crores in hands is surprising; as the critics tends to see you as a mad man.But some had to bell the cat;and surely the Hon`ble MLA will be also compelled to change this time with the Lok Ayukta sword hanging like sword of demoggles.
                     This election have been surely the most nerve breaking experience for all my supporters, friends ,family and God fearing Peoples of world over. As from the day one there was high voltage drama.As all the potential opposition candidate of 29th Basar assembly constituency buckled up one by one. I was also suspected that I will sell myself like other opposition leader`s thus till 26th april 2014 the Basar area Publics sit silently.
                It seems this was also the reason for my late act;as I was perhaps not seen as a serious candidate then.But after the time for withdrawal was over there was sudden rush in my support. Only there ought to have some more time. As we could not even cover 5-10 villages for paucity of time.
                   In fact I have no much grudge against any one but facts have to be displayed also which should come from all the corner. And as easily Gojenji is heard to be doing what he wants to do in his Tirbin town, he need to know that there is also world outside. And the truth have to be also told so that in this new world there is still no pressure tactics and blackmail like which happens in his place.As winning may be easy but to gain respect one have to sacrifice. And thus many wrote in face book Gojenji is a politician but you are our leader. Perhaps this time the looser won the heart, mind and souls of the Public's.
                  As for future though critics are predicting good scene for me,but nothing can be said about future.As politics involves lots of sentiments and heart break also more so here where the family is broken and unless the Public's persists I have honestly no interest also.As if the majority Public's don`t want to change I have my own personal life to see also.As non can make supreme sacrifice cinedie.
              As right now educated ones are less here and some elites have reason to be apprehensive also when the gap between the rich and poor here have increased to such an extent.After all one family members richness have heard to have increased 26 times within 5 yrs.But will there be full blown revolt against the present leadership only time will tell.
                       After all Gojen Gadiji is also a seasoned politican and it will be also wrong to always criticize other only because he is my opponent.His stamina and penchent for helping ill and sick person is also praise worthy.But what society now need is man like Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji who is fit from all angle.
                                              Here in this State which in worst transition period the party ideology is seen to be meaningless.Had there been first Parliamentary election and BJP had won as predicted then non may have seek the Congress party ticket in Arunachal Pradesh also.Hon`ble C.M Nabam Tukiji in a way played master stroke for his parties interest by dissolving the State assembly.
                 But his real litmus test will be now;as how he can stop his flock from running away to the BJP?As some believe by the next Panchayat election the real good time for the opposition leader will come.Honestly this time the BJP party cadres of Basar area  also supported me as I was part of alliance with NDA.And besides BJP got no MLA candidate from Basar area.And as for now they seems to be more then willing to invite me also.                      
                         Earlier some shrewd business man politicians had made sure all the leaders who stand in his ways where purchased or threatened by the ruling Phobia. This is bad as if there is no ventilation of frustration through democratic means like election then the youth may be mislead by anti social elements. See some of the senior leaders intentions may be not bad;but they have to also accept that every dog have his own day also.And in this modern world of social network cites they may have become off dated.                                         
                 See there are some interior villages in the West Siang Dist. Arunachal pradesh Basar which are still yet to be connected with road also.This is specially in the my Ego circle of West siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh Basar called as Dari to Jime road about 4 k.m in length.The sponsers will be provided the Bank A/C of the reputed NGO of this region.

                I will be very happy if some guardian angel`s come up to sponsor this projects.As this are small poor Villages and may be unable to take benefit from PMGS Package for its less population also.And for Jime villagers bold postures not to vote the INC party for its repeated lie regarding the road connection the villagers need to be respected more.The interested parties can verify this facts.
                 The corporate world interested in investing in Horticulture products,Tea and rubber sector and tourism etc.in my Basar area are also invited to invest. I will ensure that they will get lease of land for say 25-30 yrs.As there is Look east policy which guarantees 30% subsidy in project cost this is by the NEDFI Bank.And 90% subsidy in the to and fro of the products.And besides the land is cheaper here in this State.
                While this is now impossible to gain in other place for the passing of land ceiling act.As the new laws ask the land owners to be paid 4 times the price of market rate which will definitely make the corporate house to look to me.As I am ready to help what I can in arranging the land lease.For the serious investors I can be contacted in togobasar@gmail.com.

               Also unfortunately the PMGS road and other projects specially made by the senior leaders and there immediate relatives are in horrible condition.Thus coming of the Investors should help the locality also as the Narendra Modijis vision to make all get the fruit of development.Thus PMO office may be also extra helpful in this mission.As some leaders seems to be liking to keep others in absolute poverty to see there own interest. Only so far the rich class interest so far seems to have been seen by the establishment. 
                    The central Vigilance dept. is heard to be not allowed to check even the projects in Tirbin circle of the Basar area;and as such all the development schemes is said to be suffering.So Narendra Modiji beloved P.M is accepted to also accomplish this mission in war footing. And he have chosen right person Hon`ble M.O.S Kiren Rijuji to guide him.And after recent passing of Lok Ayukta Bill in the State there is some hope.
               Interestingly the definition of democracy here in State of Arunachal Pradesh and Basar area seems to have been changed and made as-Democracy stands for the A Grade contractor, by the A grade contractor and with the A Grade Contractor. The condition of Tirbin circle side is so pathetic that even in many villages there is even no playing ground for the Youths;see there was time when the fund may have been not a problem also.
               And the villagers may have been ready to give land as donations for making football field also.This seems to have spoiled the over all development prospectus of youth generations specially of the Tirbin circle.Thus it is bad to keep others in dark for one leaders own personal commitment in the contractor work.Thus said the great- the rise of evil is due to silence of good Peoples.Thus the Publics need to speak the facts and truth.And ask for fulfilling the promise made in elections and if not going to local Keba for justice.
                    And also need to realize that the money given in election to them more is taken back directly and indirectly. Sometimes in the name of the job which is not there at all.And mind it is the foolish Publics only who get duped time and again by leaders who have no hesitations to sign the agreement in election time.
             I dare the GB and HGB of the Basar area to ask for the promised colored T.V and Mobile handset by the Gojen Gadijis camp in previous election. And the Gori –III villagers to ask for the promise purchasing of the village land for them.And to all the Basar area Publics who have been promised of job is it not there time to give sleepless night to Gojen Gadiji for a promise for which they sacrificed there own relative in election?
                 This is important I am ready to print all the promise made in the face book and Times of Arunachal Pradesh news magazine.So that this jock is not repeated in the future.And as for the threat of transfer and posting one living in glass house should not throw stone at others.As there is certainly some crooks in INC whose job may be also finished if we start to act.Hope -`SAMAJDHARO KAIN LIYE ISHARA HI KAFIN HAIN`.
                   For long some few Peoples seems to have field day and for it all is responsible, as there was long stoic silence. Even then there seems to be also some weight in the claims of Sri Gojen Gadiji`s also that Basar area is too vast to cater to Publics need.As it may be time the Tirbin circle is separated as separate assembly constituency as he wishes.As it`s area is three times that of Anzaw Dist.And population also 3-4 times more then it also.
                    And new constituency creation time have come and based on merit this can be seen as rightful.And critics say in long run the Basar subdivision area specially the township and the Ego circle will be impossible for him to control also.As the Peoples here are enlightened lots and seems to be uninterested in him.As in this election also against odds there was slight leading and vote against Gojenji in this belt.   
                It is wrong to postulate oneself as a good person unless he delivers also,as mastering the art of winning election only is it fair?As soon history may judge one as it is easy to make the righteous fall down and deviate from godly life.But delivery is what is important isn`t it?And by not giving chance to a modern leadership how society can judge ones capability also?
               In fact this thinking have already come in our State also.And those who purchase the voters and use muscle power they themselves may have no respect in there own family also.See in coming election top leaders who have been so far elected unopposed may also see the dust.

                    The yardstick for leaders goodness should be not rhetoric rise in his personal property.Of course money earned through creative means without dinting much on Public money ,that is altogether different case.Thus it is also time that Publics starts respecting one leader`s other good qualities also.But here in Basar area when Hon`ble MLA says what Modi Shodi about beloved P.M Narendra Modiji in an election rally  then he is the one who is not accepting which whole world is accepting.And when a time will come when a better leader will accept others good trait then all the society might change for good also.
                     After all accepting ones good virtues alone will encourage the society to progress in positive field.Like a simple singer Sri karmar Ribaji his talent was harnessed by Hon`ble M.P Kiran Rijuji.His song called -`Delhi Main Billi`, seems to brought instant popularity for Kiranji also.Thus in this world everyone is needed and the good leader understand ones capability. But the uneducated filled with inferiority complexion seems to despise the educated and talented person. It is said the great leader makes more leaders but bad leader makes more workers.
                      The lack of opportunity for many seems to have brought in a demoralizing effect here in this State.As even the present BJP leaders of A.P are surely going to be seen with suspicion specially in 2018 election time.Today many peoples are seen not engaged in positive activities and look of frustrations is seen everywhere here in our State under INC rule.The earlier leadership seem to be have a mindset that they have divine right to rule.The condition of the Unemployed Youths is more frightening as there is no vision document for them.

      The buildings constructed by the Govt. in Basar town through contractors also seem to be of no much relevance.And some is seen unused as of now also;and some buildings is also seen not properly made also.Thus the contractor leader seems to have been harming the area more then helping also.Worst they seems to have created is notion that through all the evil deeds alone one can progress.
                I like one thing about Narendra Modiji is he is not from business back ground. And see there will be lots of cascading effect of positive energy in the country. As during the time when the frustration was at its brink He and Kiranji seems to have arrived as guardian angels. They seems to be god send and have suppose divine responsibility to break this monopoly of business community leadership who have only personal interest in mind.
                              And having said so I also promise to never do contract work in my life also, and is ready to put my personal property in Basar ADC Office notice board.I have to humbly also accept that my beloved Publics of the 29th Basar Assembly Constituency also gave there overwhelming love,support and affection which have made me there slave for ever.This story is also dedicated to all of them who have together made history with me.As even if we lost the vote,we seems to have win the heart and souls of the Publics. And.And from this is impossible notion seems to have bring the idea that yes we can do.
          In Lord`s scheme of things definitely He may helps in His own way and in His own sweet time.This one have to know and need to have patience ;many a times we get His grace and yet cry over split milk.As the real thing is place in heaven/salvation for a believer.But perhaps for a leader his duty is to to serve even if he is in opposition camp.And for the critics those who laugh at  prophesy which later proved to be false.I believe prophesy or no prophesy it was always divine ordained duty in all the religion to fight for a good cause.
            And contrary to popular view I have seldom gone to Holy Churches in Tirbin area before election and this seems to have been my mistakes also.Seems you need to do everything in earth to win election.And being a first timer you need to learn a lot in life.And for the new comer specially in place like mine things are real difficult.Thus I continually want the prayer support.
                I was officially born on 4th jan.1974 in the Old Market /Nyobum Village of P.O/P.S-Basar of West Siang Dist.Arunachal pradesh India.My Childhood days was more then Malgudi days as it is filled with fun and frolic also.My bond with my elder brother Er.Tomo Basar Chief Engineer PHED Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh was platonic from day one.I remember running after his back when he rode by cycle for first time.
                    And he always claimed that he loved me more then anything else in the world.My father Sri Dakto Basar was a very tough man; but when it come to social and charitable cause he was always ahead.He was instrumental in donation of ICAR Govt. land of the Gori Village of Basar town where largest agriculture and Horticulture research centre have been set up after the zonal head in Shillong.And ITBP land of Basar town was donated to central forces on my father`s behest.On this account he expects 21 Gun salute when he dies .
                He was short of true Cow Boy of the country who firstly brought Horse in the Basar town ;seems he have influenced me to much extent in style.As I have this urge for adventure and yet I am  remain rooted in this soil.Think global live local is also my Guru mantra.He was also instrumental in donation of the Staff canteen land to the Govt.for making market in Basar town.This is acknowledge by Sri Boken Eteji a very respectable senior member of West Siang Dist.of Arunachal Pradesh also.
                 As PPA was his obsession in his earlier years; father seems to have used most of his energy in it;unfortunately it seems regional party concept was before time in my fathers days also,and need not to say we had to also suffer with his adventure`s. As from being richest man he become a commoner by his stubbornness in politics. And thus honestly the politics was never my first interest, but the destiny seems to have other plans for me.
              As I was short of trapped in it,after all non can stand against the future happenings. Yet I joined this with all seriousness as non was seen standing against the odds. As I have also seen the sufferings of the common voters in election. And further you really need nerve of steel and veins of irons to become a serious political players. Thus non of my adversary can be also criticized also as easily. As in one point of time they may have also seen bad times.
                        And my mother Late Tumbi Karso of Doji Village was a very Nobel lady and advanced lady of her time.She is still remembered with great respect till now.She was also part of Republic Day parade Ponu Cultural troop in Delhi.And was first to fight for women right against the Child marriage in the Aalo Bango Dere; and she was also first to open a shop in Basar Bazar.
                        As she seems to have seen the good condition of the working women in Delhi and may have wanted the women’s here to know dignity of earning through a better mode.As the condition of women is still not good here in this State;and honestly I want to really do something for mothers to see the smile of my mother in some of there face.
                        Thus I am still associated with the Women Welfare Society of Basar town being the adviser of WWS.I feel the representative should not only think of doing contact work; but think of passing good bills in the State assembly also. Actually that is the main duty I also accept this;and slowly this believe is coming in some Publics mind also.But yet the Arunachal Publics cannot be accepted to be changed overnight.As this is a new State in making ,in fact we need to have a holistic view if we really love this.For the greater interest of society the senior leaders needs to be convinced to sit down next time.
                I am ready to be the part of peace talk for it and even if I have to make a supreme sacrifice myself no problem.As it is time a graduate need to be promoted in this prestigious constituency like ours.It is possible all the leaders may be not bad in the heart.But definitely there seems to be less Peoples to say let by gones be gones.But this egoism and pride feeling have to be stopped at some point of time.See the fighting will be in no bodies interest also.
                         See honestly from day one I was a short of a delinquent child that is in compare to other siblings; and my mother is always heard to have been very upset of my future along with my younger sister Prof.Topi Basar now teaching in  Law Faculty Delhi university who was very small in her death bed.In my child I  was suppossingly heard to be called as Matti Raja by few that means- King of Soil as I was find sleeping in ground,eating soil and playing in the mud whenever I was find absent.
                       And thus this grass root connection with the soil ;and love for my motherland seems to have been developed from day one.But for this unhygienic environment I have to be also taken to Dibrugarh for my treatment for my stomach problems.
                And the untimely poor diet seems to have also harmed me.As our society was earlier poor in this civic sense.And my father being rich man from that times perspective ,there was always no dirt of animal meat in our house.And my father used to always make sure we put it down the throat even if we like it or not.
               I don`t blame my parents for this health negligence; as at that time my parents where much better positioned to take care of us in there limited capacity. But the society at large at that time was in worst transition period.Non seems to have time for any body else.But my father was particular about educating us.
                 And my being evacuated in Boarding School seems to have harmed my health further as from boil vegetables I had to suddenly change the dietary manuals to fry and haldi mashala.And God knows where have those hunger gone now, as in boarding school there was always hunger of highest order.
                    I was brought up by Smty. Ojum Kamdak (Basar)my fathers sister/myAbo/pate, who was in charge of my care in my childhood; she is now my Samdhi as my younger brother`s daughter have been married by her son.She was the first to call me Tadam which short of means delinquent one,of course this was out of love.
                  As she was heard to be subject of much rebuke by my father who being his elder brother perhaps blamed my slow progress in walking in her lack of proper care.And so she may have been under pressure herself ;honestly I have to accept that I seems to have been affected by my care taker`s nature herself.As she is also very good and nice person yet something slow about her.
                  But I am really indebted to her and love her dearly. But this personal trait of mine which is bit of foolishness  seems to have made me to be hooked to anything I do.I have suffered in life for this characteristics also.But this seems to helped me perhaps to get the attention of the Publics also.As when I say no then I even refuse to hear my own also.

                      Contrary to others believe I respect all the religion and have sponsored a Shiva Linga in my village and helped the Donyi Polo brothers get there temple plot from ITBP.This was even when BJP was not in power;but it seems my Christian connections seems to have been unnecessary played by my opponents. But when it comes to fight against a rich leader then some also seems to make all short of excuses.

              See there is so much beauty in other religion also; so one have to respect each others religion. I appreciate the Hindus brothers culture of touching the feet of the elders in respect ;thus feel like why not taking good practice from all the religion also.Yet one may need a religion also which in fact is a promise to love, tolerate and forgive. And this seems to be in fullness in Lord Christ from my perspective.
                 And so He ones affirmed in synagogue that all religion have been completed in Him.And seems to have gain that right to claim also.After later He was seen forgiving His enemy also in cross. And on that behest I have no personal grudge with even my adversary and is writing this piece for academic discussion only. And as I have also written about others good trait, thus hope the readers will forgive me.As criticism is purely coincidental and mainly to correct other and before that to correct myself first to never do the same thing when tomorrow I am given chance also.

                                               ---------to be continued soon