Thursday, September 30, 2010

To Save Likir Tasar

Today in this world charity has lost its relevancy, but it is only thing most pleasing to God as we human being also always want something from God without actually following his commadment. Therefore God may expect us to help others without expecting anything in return . So with the utmost hope that there will be still good person who will like to help someone whom they have never met in their life , This Tasar family is appealing to all the Human beings in this planet earth with the heart of king that Smty Likir Tasar age - 46 Yrs .suffering from kidney failure since 2 yrs. whose blood group is O Positive survives. Wife of Sri Bibom Tasar age 50 , mother of Miss Bombi Tasar age – 20 , Miss Bomyo Tasar age -19 and Mr. Bomge Tasar age -18 she is in the verge of her death bad .
Though her family members also tested their kidney to give one of their own as her both side is damaged but it didn’t matched with their beloved Likir Tasar C/O Sri Bibom Tasar Gori Complex of West Siang Dist Arunachal Prades Basar. Only a miracle can now save the poor family who has spent most of their money for her treatment. As her life hangs on kidney Dialysis two times a month which takes around one lakh rupees per month . They are so desperate that want to contact with even relatives of the Patients who are suffering from other Organ malfunction who want to exchange other organ like liver in return of one kidney of O positive suited to Mrs. Likir Tasar. Those good Samaritan Peoples may talk with the aggrieved family in the contact No. 03795222490 , 9436238258 ,9402220989. This adjustment seems to be the only option left for the family. We fervently hope in this world of evil still goodness and compassion prevail and help may come from unknown end. May any one who read this be compassionate enough to tell others and be the part of the mission operation to save Smty. Likir Tasar .

The future of india need to be made safe by Hindu and Muslim leaders

As said in Holy Bible - Love thy neighbor . And Blessed are those who are peace makers . The Ram Janma Bhoomi issue will be crucial for future success of BJP . The Party senior leaders must try to broker in a solution and should not give any scope for the critics . The misunderstandings have to be solved. Today both the religion Islam and Hindu need our utmost prayer support as they are in worst confusion phase . I appreciate pre- press address of Narendra Modiji and he seems to have got the forgiveness of all the Muslim brothers for Godhra carnage .
Thus to show that both are mature religion both must show that they can do what others do like fall of Berlin wall. Even after Hon’ble Allahabad High Court verdict may be some miracle can be seen after all both are two great religion followers . Contrary to the popular believe that Babur was a Muslim he was a Mongol related to Chengij Khan Family , Tamarlan and other Mongol decedents . This Mongol Khan meaning king was not Muslim Khan title give by Britishers to some Pathan Muslims. And in that case the Mongols were the ones who destroyed the Ram janma Bhoomi as till Akbar the Mughals were pure Mongol and cannot be termed as Muslims in stricto senso . As Humayan is seen to be reluctant to adopt Islam and for political gain only finally did so . The Akbar tried to start his own religion called Din – E – Illahi. It was only during the time of the Aurangzeb that the Mughals seems to have shown real interest in Islam. The imposition of zizya is also said to be mostly for recovery of the revenue as lots of money was spend for makingTaj Mahal .
The Hindu’s at that time seems to have been influenced by the re-writing of Ramayana by Tulsidas who seems to have exaggerated the earlier Aryan power to boost the confidence of the Aryans ; the tampering of the spiritual beliefs seems to have lasting impression on our Hind Bhais . Did not great Lord Rama accommodate Bibisan Ravans brother also , though he was in a position to kill any Lankans? The real Hindu gods - Brahma Bisnu and Mahesh cannot be sidelined to a powerful king whose relevancy have subside to a great extent as the rift between cow belt and the Dravidians have today decreased to a great extent ; therefore the Hindu reaction after judgment will be unfounded. Thus the elites of the Hindus can still try a deal to bring a lasting peace after all in religion field as Holy Bible says- to become king become servant first .
The Ramanisaton of whole concept of Hindu life seems to be always keeping Hindu brothers in a perpetual misconception that still there is a threat to the Hindus as if Sita mata have been just kidnapped .The Ram Janma Bhumi case even if it goes against the Hindus may also help the BJP to emerge as a party with tolerance if it accepts the Honorable Courts verdict and more so even after winning it jointly share the land with Muslim brothers for a good cause. It may than help BJP to beat Gandhis in its own game plan. As the Ayodya issue seems to benefit the Congress more than the BJP as in each election some section of Congress seems to talk of imminent attack on other Masjid also if the disputed land fall in Hindu land. And for the Muslim brothers also after its settlement it will be their time to receive the fruit of development as they have been only emotionally feeded so far including misquoting that Feroj Gandhi was a Muslim. Therefore they also need to show their magnamity in hammering out a solution even after the Hon’ble Allahabad High Court gives its verdict .
The kava in Mecca and medina is said to be the place where all the idols earlier worshiped by the Islam where buried as an agreement with Prophet Muhammad for lasting peace . As it is pertinent to mention that earlier Muslims are said to be worshiping the idols . Only the sign of the Moon was accepted to be kept by the Prophet . Therefore the Hindu and the Muslim beliefs are identical and there is absolutely no reason why they should not respect each others forefathers views one like it or not . Therefore the greatness of the Islam will be only seen by the Indian Muslims who can show the world that they are not terrorist in real sense of term by sharing the disputed land even if they win.
But for a honorable negotiation a neutral man may be needed who is acceptable to both the communities. Those days should go when a North East person may be thought of as a fool. Today may be a North Eastern may be needed to broker a deal as we are neutral lots and of the same clan of Mughals who started the mess may be we should be the one to be the peace maker ; of course if invited by both the section .
Thus both the two great religion must show their flexibility to adjust with the new world order and show that it is a vibrant and living religion . This is for Gods shake as the indications of tremors in many places may be indication of His fury . For whoever looses it is His for He must be never demarcating between a Person to person . if we cannot be a peace maker we should not be also at least one to spoil it .May God our father in heaven bless this country to know the truth.


It is the case of the Congress party in State of Arunachal Pradesh , the inter party enmity seems to have come over ground and two camps seems to be fighting among themselves . And in the State were opposition were never given any chance earlier , today state is media , Publics and the warring faction themselves are doing the needful much to the oppositions relief . Today Govt. seems to be confused - it can neither take action against the main culprit of the thousand crore rupees PDS scam were Poor mans rice were mismanaged and unable to do away the witness- Apangji in PDS scam who is demanding for CBI in PDS scam. After all there may be skeletons in each ones cupboards and it may snowball into major crisis therefore this silence over the issue.
The old Panther apangji this time seems to be prepared to blast himself like human bomb to finish everything with him as if saying – Sanam Hum To Dubenge Hi Aap Ko Bhi Le Dubenge . And it will have similier effects with case suppose to increase against other officers and Politicians . The Robin hood kind of Personalities who have remained in the Opposition party like PPA and NCP will have field day in the coming days as the embraced Congress High command in the centre may be compelled to give olive branch to Political Party like PPA and some Individuals in the fear of being routed in the coming election if this problems are not solved immediately. The NCP Party is at present spearheading this campaign as PPA is having some technical problem .
However party is soon expected to go beyond the NCP once it regroup . And good part about the party is many NCP cadres are planning to join the PPA as the report of infighting within the party for stand against the Govt. is coming . As for the PPA it will be never be under any influence in fight against the corruption. Those leaders who want to save their Skeen better go to other party is what majority cadres are thinking. In the coming days their will be major shift in PPA stand as many leaders on this line of thinking are planning to join PPA and contest in the Executive post of the PPA in its General meeting to be conducted soon as far the Party constitution as per as my knowledge. Senior PPA leaders should not fail the general Publics aspirations as even though we are in a vintage position in a position to get 30-40 % free voters any time in election but we cannot also be mute spectator to the corruption charges against the regime . Luckily for PPA most of the Party leaders are ready to make supreme sacrifice if need be and the Official stand regarding PDS is lets the law takes its own course . The best part of the PPA is as a NCP friend said it is ultimately going to be Congress Vs PPA or Congress Plus PPA one likes it or not . Because the Arunachal Publics are tailor made for PPA and Congress issue or no issue .Guru mantra is going to be either be with the Congress or be against it in PPA .
Today in our State neither Govt. can digest the PDS alleged accuse nor vomit it out. It is also alleged that the PDS lobby have fielded their candidates in all the party . They always try to blackmail the Govt. ; this way or that way . After all it is question of saving their Skeen but we have to also think that there was a time where it was short of jungle Raaj in our state and every one of us were also responsible one-way or other . As today also some crooks hate the opposition members individually if there is no check and balance this things will happen naturally may be worst is yet to come . The PDS accuse also ought to have earlier thought that if one rides a tiger , one day he will have to climb below and will be in danger of being eaten by it . Some believes , not only for ruling Party but also for the opposition party some tainted leaders are becoming impediment for the party as they will never do opposition work or resist their evacuation .
This should not happen it is better to go to heaven without the hand that make to commit sin than to go with full hand as said in Holy Bible . Therefore all the party have to come jointly with strong determination to take advantage of the situation and clean the mess for good . But it is very doubtful as this wonderful situation will be not exploited rather more of the brick bats ad mudslinging may be seen in coming days . It is time for Hon’ble C.M to show his credential ties as already FIR lodged against him was registered or not God knows . Will this issue be not the best time for all the leader to make introspection of highest order and if need be sacrifice all the moh- maya before taking actual sanyas and paving way for the better ones . Or Publics will always see them as power obsessed maniacs scoundrels who have taken refuge in politics. If the tainted seniors don’t realize the Publics may be prompted to kick them out and put one Tirap-Changlang honest leader in helmns of power for State interest . And next time all the opposition contesting from future Party like PPA may have to make a post poll alliance with Congress Party of Tirap and Changlag even if Delhi likes it or not .

Sunday, September 19, 2010


The Moses search for the promise land which God wanted to give to the Zews is a inspirational doctrines for all the Peoples of all the ages. It has proved that best leaders are one made by God. This story has inspired innumerable peoples since ages to fight against the corrupt and tyrant rulers.

The Biblical study shows that all the important issues like equality, justice and fairness are the gift of the religious books like Holy Bible. And the God seems to love it and orchest his own plans to impose it by tooth and nail from time to time like Hindu sloka – Yada yada hi darmashya glanir Bhavata Bharata, Abyutanam Adharmasya Paritranam sujambhayam, Darmasanspanay, nitya sambhawami- Yuge Yuge.

Mosses was having a good life in Nile having close relationship with pharaoh; but his Peoples where made as slave. He felt he was called out by God to take his Peoples to the promise land the place where the Honey and Milk flow. The Biblical meaning may be not adjectly the worldly one, which may be in the presence of God’s blessing their will be total contentment regular flow of spiritual blessing. Interestingly many people also did not toe the Mosses idea at that time, thought that he was misleading the community. Some even may have liked the Pharaoh’s slavery where at least they had acclimatized and used to get daily bread.

But liberation seems to be not only getting bread and butter alone it is living with highest devotion to God alone , and living with dignity and self respect than only People can pray God nicely thus God seems to have personally orchested Zews migration to better future . Like today’s time whn genuine leaders are initially rejected; many during Mosses days initially seem to have defy the Mosses clarion call as they don’t want to live their comfort zone. The way in each election also the common man wants financial help from their leader without defending on their God. But God seems to be more interested in changing the character than giving a temporary blessing. And since the zews ultimately followed Mosses e,I heard the will of God in tis historc time therefore today they are the most successful person . Not that God is unwilling to use other communities also but they need to hear Gods small voice many have heard and also benefitted in other communities. The change which we believe in will not come by itself we have to start it may be we Galos can be Gods more loved one in time to come .

you shall not take the name of your God in vain as said in Old Testament of Holy Bible e,i- one should not call the God just like that unless there is absolute need . Today that situation seems to have come where God only may change the present horrifying situation. Today our State is also at a cross road to be or not to be swayed away by glimmer and glitters in election is the question when in each election money starts pouring . The Christian leaders have tremendous responsibility in election ; as the God seems to be against the selling of ones right as seen in Holy Bible where one elder brother sells his birth right to his younger brother for morsel of food and later regret . It is wrong to think that Old laws have been completely nullified by the Lord and savior as Jesus said I have come to supplement to the existing religion e,i- old laws . Therefore Old Testament doctrines still is valid and we have no right to refrain from fighting for justice for which our lord died in the cross .

Besides Christians religion basically seems to be a talking religion thus we cannot keep mum regarding this issue like corruption and injustice as there are still many places where Christian brothers have been denied justice like in contract works and jobs . The Gods promise land will come when we leave our comfort zone ; the first kingdom of God should be in our heart first therefore we need to learn to sacrifice like King David did to defeat the giant Goliath not by his physical force but by faith in God for He is the omni potent Omni present Jehova Jire . Many a leaders have indirectly become anti – Christ during election by corrupting even the Pastors and Missionaries by giving money as bribe for vote not as charity for extending the Gods kingdom. Their timing of donation is bad; it also bring Christians in poor light if they receive it . Better go to hell with 5 lakhs than with five thousand. Some Christian friends are promising to pay 50 percent of election money to fund the good leader by next election. A good decesion as nothing remain hidden specially election matter can be seen as first day of the judgement and it is better to do 2nd best thing. But the Christian believers really need to througly study their leaders - like have he ever taken any fasting programme etc. but once decided he must be also given due recognisation as everything if done for glory of God and poor is good . May be presently society is also going through the same phase when Lord and Saviour was compelled to make water as wine to feed the drunkards they seems to have understimate the power of God by undermining the poor Christian believers .

The present Society seems to be only interested in power and money instead of the daily bread e,i – the word of the God and give a damn about the Healing Crusade etc . But let us remember the way to kingdom of God is narrow and no body wants to go through it; wide one is way to hell it includes merry making in election working for leader which ones heart doesn’t accept. Time to show the love of God to every one through gospel by any means. There are also good Persons from other religion who have seen the good work of Christians in Vellor and other premier institutions like St. Stephens they should be sympathetic this line of thinking seems to have swept across the Christians leaders . It is not for fighting other communiteis but to repair the broken wall of State by divinepower. It will be also welcome step if this divine sense galvanise other religion members also like Buddhist and Doni Poloists. As those seeking God are after all in same boat and spiritually akeen to each other. And didn’t Kanduji also start his politics by playing Buddhist card. It is a true lie to negete the role of religon in ones unimaginable success.

In this present world, does this story have any relevancy, yes? One can see the European Countries it was reduced to Stone Age during 2nd world war but come back becoming more promising. The basic problem seems to be leadership crisis. The untimely death of Mahatma Gandhi seems to have created worst kind of transitional confusion in our country. As even after death leaders like Jay prakash Narayan, Binoda Bhavey, Morarji desai seems to have been Gandhi wadi and refused to accept Nehru’s brand of Socialiasm.

Even the secret of the success of Gandhi mantra basically was repackaging of Holy Bible in Hindu context; after all Gandhi initially tried to practiced Bible and found that it is very difficult for a normal person. And being from a staunch Hindu family it must have been also difficult for him to accept every Bible word in toto. But something will always remain same the love, forgiveness, and charity as emphasised in Holy Bible because people still fear God in their heart howsoever they say against it ; that Gandhiji used . That’s why the powerful Britishers were also compelled to leave the India. We the Arunachal Christians seems to be living more like in Old Testament time of Holy Bible , thus we need to fight for our right as bearing injustice only because we are Christians is wrong . There are many other religion followers also who support our view of equality and fairness in all aspects of life as there are also some villages here in my place were they need cooperation from majorty Christans.

It will be misconception to think that all the Persons from other religion are bad. Most of the religion has common doctrines and teachings and in times they may be ones to help us. That situation should not come when other Christians from other place have to interfere for locals Christian’s right as our Galo Society is very vibrant and rational thinking is supported. May be till now they may be unaware that not a single PMGS and tender work have been given to the Christians contractors in Basar ; to my knowledge I hope this is not an advertend incident . In times I pervently hope that Galo community will show the seed of communal harmony by giving equal chance to other religion members also .

Because in the end the money also does not matter with someone. Had Mother Teresa liked to contest as M.P every one would have thought it their life time opportunity to support her. Thus the God still call the shots and its followers are flourishing in the entire field one like it or not. Other question - Is it good or bad for the Politician to identify with his religion? At least in Christianity that seems to be right, as everybody in the Holy Church is part of body of Christ, it is ones duty to ask for prayer support from Church members as in Christian life God must be given priority in everything .After all the Old testament stories are filled with political ups and down . Only today we have a poor idea about politics as it is so much polluted. But Gods man must come forward to clean it or who else will?

As in Christianity there is non other than the God and his body e,i- fellow believers. The influence of God vis a vis Church has ensured the prosperity of the state like Mizoram where Church playing pro- active politics have made MNF cadres surrender. Therefore it is also good for the country that religion works for the betterment of the society in that case it should .Those who denounce role of church in politics are indirectly paving the way for terrorism and chaos as with non to fear some of our leaders have brought class disparity to such a dangerous extent that one day civil war may come like in Nepal. It is pertinent to mention that Congress party was started by a British Christian A.O Hume. The Sati system abolished by William Bentinck Christian Governor General. It will definitely take time for two great religions to accept each other. Sooner the better; only because someone else is from other religion should we denounce him thinking why he did not work for our religion interest?

Don’t we have any responsibility to our future generation? Basically problem seems to be jeoulosy, but some times it may be also good to motivate other to also thrive for exllency. But in common issue we must be united and we must love other more so if he is from a minority community that’s what lord Jesus tells and that’s what may be Doni Polo actually may be wanting. You never know with what problem a Christian lives in Basar or Doni Polo lives in Tirbin. Therefore we should follow the almighty God above us who is God of justice and fairness and stop thinking Christians as Traitors as most of religion was started by our common forefathers. Even many of the Doni Polo beliefs are new thus change is inevitable we mayS have differece of opinion but no personal dfferences .

One never knows about the future it is Gods prerogatives. It is none of our bussiness to ponder as it is beyond our capacity. Even some of other religion belief has been also left with time like Sati system of Hindus. It is better to hear others point of view and use our own rational thinking. It is surprised to know that there are still some Samaritans in Jeruslam. Because they were good Samaritans even they may have been better than Christians. The servivle of a new religion will only lie in accomodating others like that good samaritan who save that Zew in Jerico who was badly beeten and robbed despised and left by his own fellow man.

If God wills every community will respect and lend ones active support like Mosses got, but for Gods mercy one has to be righteous in the eye of the God and man. And as easily he wins he may be also expected to remain a good person till the end as God ad Publics will not like him to be like others .A good Christian leader can be seen as good Doni Poloist and vice- versa, basic thing seems to be same only the motivating factor that is God for one and Doni Polo for other wo are more akeen. In our case more precisely ideal is non other than the son of God himself only if all seek the truth than all the confusion will finish. The ignorant can never become good Person leave aside being a good Doni Poloist or a Christian.

It is a misconception to think that Holy Bible and Christianity commission force converson as only Gods calling can motivate some one to become Christian. Thus if any thing of this sort is happening I condemn it with my strongest voice .The Christians should show that Christianity represent everything good . But in this transitional stage their will be many evil also which cannot be attributed to Christians also . That is same everywhere like Mao Wadi in Nepal . It would have been more better if rich and powerful would have also realised their folly . Holy Bible will help to bridge this gap; the other religion believers should also show their magnamity by respecting justice and equality. If they think that their god is also perfect from all angles. In that case a good Christian will be eventually seen as a good Doni- poloist and vise versa in their practical life which is more relevant. Thus who want to confuse the religion for their own end is the one who knows that they are not the ones who are individually deserving. As it should be the greater good that should matter to Christians , Hindus or Muslim as said in veda – Serve Sukhina Bhawanti , Serve Bhawanti Niramaya………………………… .

Fortunately 95 percent of religion is same unfortunately we fight over 5 percent differences. Due to lack of communication and misdirection by our leaders. May be time to check weather our leaders are also practicing what they are preaching . May God give good leaders to both the Christian and Doni- polo community dring this testing times.

The Ram Janma Bhumi Solution

Will lies if there is a Political will between both the Leaders of the Hindu andMuslim communities. The misunderstandings have to be solved. Contrary to the popular believe that Babur was a Muslim he was a mongol related to Chengij Khan Family. And in that case Mongolswere the ones who destroyed the Ram janmaBhoomi as till Akbar the Mughals were pure mongol. It was only duirng the time of the Auragjeb that the Mughals seems to have shown real interest in Islam. The imposition of zizya is also said to be mostly for recovery of the revenue as lots of money was spend for makingTaj Mahal .

The Hindu’s at that time seems to have been influeced by the re-writing of Ramayana by Tulsidas who seems to have exgerated the earlier Aryan power the tampering of the spirtual beliefs seems to have lasting impression on our Hind Bhais . Did not great Lord Rama accommodate Bibisan Ravans brother also though he was in a position to kill any Lankans? The real Hindu gods - Brahma Bisnu and Mahesh cannot be sidelined to a powerful king whose relevancy have subside to a great extent as the rift between cow belt and the Dravidians have decreased to a great extet ; therefore the Hindu reaction after judgement will be unfounded.

The Ramanisaton of whole concept of Hindu life seems to be always keeping Hindu brthers in a perpetual misconception that still there is a threat to the Hindus as if Sita mata have been just kidnapped .The Ram Janma Bhumi case even if it goes against the Hindus may also help the BJP to emerge as a party with tolerace if it accepts the Honourable Courts verdict and more so even after winning it jointly share the land with Muslim brothers for a good cause. It may than help BJP to beat Gandhis in its own game plan. As the Ayodya issue seems to benefit the Congress more than the BJP as in each election some section of Congress seems to talk of imminent attack on other Masjid also if the disputed land fall in Hindu land. And for the Muslim brothers also after its settlement it will be their time to receive the fruit of developmet as they have been only emotionally feeded so far including miscoting that Feroj Gandhi was a Muslim.

But for a honourable negotiation a nutral man may be needed who is acceptable to both the communities. Those days should go when a North East person may be thougt of as a fool. Today may be a Nort Eastern may be needed to broker a deal as we are nutral lots and of the same clan of Mughals who started the mess may be we should be the one to be the peace maker ; ofcourse if invited by both the saction .

The Quest for the Olympic Gold

The chronic famine of the Country in Olympic game is cause of concern for the Country. Is our Countries food habits and water bad? Or majority being the mix race are we have been genetically made redudant in F-3 generation? Whereas the pure Aryan race like Germany and China - Mongolian not seen to be doing bad.

Thus the search may have to stop in Arunachal where genetic is pure we being the pure Mongolian breed son of great Chengiz khan and Mughals , food is organic , environment clean , corporate house interested in Hydro project may encourage sports like Tata in Ranchi . And place where China can be engaged in friendly manner as they have excelled in this field and more near to us in this frontier region. The one important reason why China is leadiong is they may be also leading in production of fresh food than other Country; whereas others may be having chemically contaminated food as in democratic Country it is difficult to impose strict food quality for supply.

The China has also excelled in herbal treatment which does not create side effects for the body. During last time this was a cause of great discussion for the Western Countries media who seems to have been jeleous of Chinas medal telly.

The remotness of the Arunachal Pradesh will ensure that the fruit and the crops have retained their organic texture like in China. The Country should forget our past bitter relation with China as China is said to be claiming in net that Nehrus stubborn stand in encroaching one post in ladakh alone was responsible for 1962 war .Thus one mans folly cannot stop friendship between two great nation which can learn lot many things from each other .

The China seems to be also sincere in maintaining a good relation and though in vintage position have never fallen to such an extent like pakisthan as to contaminate Satluj River . They could have taken upto Tejpur in the 1962 war but went back because they seem to want to maintain status quo. Anyway past is past our Countruies pride is always at stake in Olympic games, theirfore we need to learn from our mistake and take Chinese help in this field after all the Communist China is trying to open up only for our inferiority complexion . If we cannot fight with someone befriend him time may have come to accept Mongolians as also son of great forefather Adams.

The Power of Speech:

The animal doesn’t have the language nevertheless they seem to communicate through body language. The most powerful weapon to influence a Person is speech. All the great leaders where terrific orator. In the end it is the charisma of the person reflected by powerful speeches that motivate the society. It is wrong to challenge the power of speech only those who does so are the once who envy others oratory skills.

The Political party in the country has also terrific orators like in Congress kapil Sibbal, Manu Singvi however things cannot be attributed much of to the UPA Chairperson and may be this may be making the party more costly to get Peoples support. However chota Nawab Rahulji can be called as good orator, In BJP Narendra Modi , Arun Jatly , Satrugan Sinha , Tarun Vijay and Navjot Singh Siddu etc. can match the Congress in any argument.And in context to Modiji it is fact established that he is currently the numero uno . It is not only once knowledge but making the crowd to hear with rapt attention like Swami Vivekananda did in his Chicago address that does the trick.

The Modis advantage lays in his Amitabh like dominating voice, situational and relevant speech to sooth common publics sentiments and his experience in life . In this regard he seems to be more appealable than Gandhi’s. As any rich person can manage crowd in Delhi where crowd are found at through away price but that naturalists for determination to bring a change we believe in seems to be in Modis voice . It will be always party discipline for 30 percent of the crowd who are congress loyalist but this is view of other 70 percent that is thronging the BJP rally without any payment especially when Modi is around. This is kind of phenomena once laloo Yadav carried with him. One likes it or not while others are committing grammatical error the Lion of Gujarat has arrived with big bang.

The Congress will try its best to show that Rahul is more popular but after NSUI debacle in DUSU election it doubtful that the Gandhi scion will do much . The choice of the word and the language is what is doing the trick. Sometimes blatant attack also don’t give the due result .Today in this global satellite age one cant afford to have loose cannon like Varun Gandhi to benefit his own constituency at the cost of the party in other areas . Most of the political drama seems to be sabotaged therefore the RSS and other frontal agency needs to be extra cautious in their approach.

The BJP need to tone down its rhetoric and say its point in a prayerful manner as today it is world of the diplomacy. The emotionally charged RSS needs to rectify themselves in their approach to others as non toe their militant view as others are from different background. It is same with the Congress overzealous Seva dals about whom the common man are least interested. Always remember people are interested in themselves not you, and more so this time fed of both Congress and BJP most of them want to vote for regional party is not the arm struggle in many parts of the Country its first indication.

The Political Party should be very responsible after the judgment regarding Ram Janma Bhoomi issue comes . The mandir going to the Muslim may be better for the BJP electorally ; you never know , as Ram Janma Bhoomi issue was the short time gain issue for the Party . Today it has lost its all relevancy . I would rather suggest if the verdict goes in Muslim favour BJP should congratulate them and accept it as gods verdict. After it BJP Party may be able to begin a new empire where Gandhis devoid of issues may be made to finally rest in 10 Janpath like English king in Windsor palace .

The perfect political timing

The man who hit the jack pot this time is Tapen Siga and Tamio Taga Hon’ble BJP MLA’s. With a clear cut party ideology contesting from BJP they won after long time. The critics believe if they have contested from PPA they would have won last time itself. what seems to did the trick basically was both had never say de attitude . Everyone has no such endurace ; also this time the powerful congress candidates were engaged in worst trench battle and it was like always seems to be taken advantage by the Congress observer to rise the price of the ticket and by the time it was given it was too late .

You can’t expect every one to be as loyal like Bharata or Eklavya to pray the sign of the master. In Arunachal personal relationship does matter it is wrong to say everything is all about money. Graph says that even Gandhi family campigning in Arunachal mostly failed as most of the valuable time was spend in Gandhi families arrival itself. Man it is local Public who determines whom to make. I even doubt that there is need of a God father as what ever is the will of the God the Hon’ble C.M chamchas try to cash on it .

Only the rich and powerful will be scared to denounce this theory because they may have many skeletons in their cupboard also , so they may be apprehensive to join wonderful party like PPA living ruling party. As for now there is time and they cannot be blamed ; PPA leaders as they also want to make use of present situation so they are also not wrong .But in proper time they will definitely take theresponsibility . Who becomes ruling , one who get the Public mandate does not he becomes one . And also did not some of the most powerful and rich candidates lost last time from ruling ticket itself ? Thus it is delivery that matters .

See most of the candidates who lost last time where either very rich or from influential family and even the rich candidates who won last time their margin where very poor . Even in bye election victory of the PPA in two ZPM seat may be indication of coming time , the Publics seems to be ready for a change. But sometimes one has to be patient as nothing happens before time . There is more than being a paper tiger if necessary tomorrow in right time PPA will organise Public awareness campaign , bandh calls and strike regarding Dams and other issues .

Who is not working to be successful but it is God, destiny and luck that is mattering. If Tamio Taga and Tapen Siga had contested for first time in their life this time itself who knows they may have won by shear luck. As timing is always important besides a opposition party has also this God gifted benefit of not wasting thetimein Delhi which the Arunachal publics seems to have forgotten. As for the allegation that all the PPA are keeping mum it is completely wrong . Before the Panchayat election it will come with a big bang I am sure .

Today People are expecting lots of firework from the PPA like NCP . The time will come forthat ; as the party believes in practical solution which is viable unless we have at least ten hon’ble MLA by next election we cannot be accepted to do much as for NCP they have limitation beyond a limit they will keep silence but once PPA undertakes any issue it will want to finish it to the logical conclusion .Right now party is more busy with working for internal matter of Party like remaking its Party structures . The Arunachal publics also knows that it is the party wit difference and Party with future. As far the allegation that the Oppossition party is also hijacked by those indicted in PDS it is completely wrong . The law will takes its own course and PPA in particular does not stand with the guilty if proved by Court of law. Our Hon’ble MLA’s have also reiterated its commitment for the party. As for some who wants to leave the party at this stage it is their loss not ours as more clean and promising once will be ready to join the party.

The misunderstanding if ay can be shorted out democratically. if need be my seniour colleagues may be ready like me to make supreme sacrifice for the party . As for the report of some inefficient leaders disturbing the growth of the party all the complaints are taken note by executive members and can be shorted in coming PPA party election. Party promotes inner democracy and aspiring cadidates may contest for any party post , jockingly someone has termed PPA as Pata Pat Aao party surely this may be last chance to get lucrative post in PPA Polit beuro membership . The think tank of the Party which is all set to bring a change we believe in our State .

The Pakistan Poison

We have heard of Pakistan sponsored terrorism but have never heard the Poisoning of river with Chemical waste. The Sutlej River flowing inside the Punjab is said to be mixed with toxic waste of Pakistan nuclear plant. Who knows the rice chemically contaminated are not send in interior places like Arunachal Pradesh. The Govt. must make a immediate study in this regard as the tribal Peoples of this interior place is seen to be dying prematurely .

The Communist State of the China is far better in this term as they never fall to such low standard, though they are in vintage position if they want to do so . And imagine what if it also does so . As the most of the rivers flows to the countries from it and are now mostly also going to be checked by dams where thousands of workers are expected to work. If the catch mant area of the Arunachal is too large for dilution of poison in water it is not going to be same anymore as most of the proposed Dams will be more near China . Thus a friendly relation with the giant neighbor is imperative.

It is pertinent to mention that today communist China is more capitalist than India .The Chronic labor problem in the Hydro Power construction in Arunachal Pradesh could have been solved if cheap Chinese laborers where called as suggested by Jai Ram Rameshji Union MOS for Environment . Unfortunately there was no takers of his creative suggestions than and he got lots of media bashing. As the Pakistan strategy to romance two power at a time seems to be benefitting the country. Tomorrow uneducated workers from Bangladesh which may flock the State may be a constant irritation to the state publics unless of course Congress sees vote bank politics here. The Govt. should not compromise its national interest to continue its vote bank policy as peace in this region is very important.

Mind it, it is in the Countries interest that common culture, tradition and aspirations of the Arunachal Publics and the Chinese could have been used positively for the Country. Only for the lack of clear cut policy the Country may suffer which desperately need Chinese good will in view of the numerous power projects coming up in Chinese border. Therefore it will be prudent to allow commonwealth kind of relation with all the Mongol countries which should rather increase India’s influence in other neighboring countries as well. And who knows with our neighbors help the country may finally save its prestige in Olympic Games etc. Today it is world of engagement and cooperation thus this view is also worth pondering.

The Most corrupted one

Fed up of loss of the self dignity to appease the politician the Utter Pradesh I.A.S

Cadres is once said to have voted among themselves as to ascertain, who were the most corrupted among them. After all there is bonhomie within the elite community so brutal honesty was show in sporting way to identify the best among the worst.

A high ranking officer close to the Hon’ble Chief Minister was indicted as the numero uno as anticipated ; need not to say it didn’t effected their tenure as they continued to salute their boss in jahapana style . Now when all the system fail who is to be blamed and specially in our place where there is no permanent CBI and full Judicial activism in true sense of term will not the most prodigal sons of the soil and elite force show how to enjoy life . But when other less deserving once also making more bucks their explanation seems to be worth pondering also. Unless Public as a whole come out open in arms which is highly improbable their act may have to be accepted as for now.

The audacity of the Congress party have crossed all limits as it is now only seems to be interested in appeasing the corporate house and in our state it represents some officers who are officers and Business man instead of being an Officer and a gentleman . Though there are lots of good officers but due to their insecurity they seem to be keeping mum. As the entire top ranking officers and Politicians will think it their divine right to make best use of their opportunity and will want none of them who don’t toe their idea.

Now the million dollar question is who is better a tribal or non tribal officer. At least for the non tribal officers they may be equally corrupted but may be not as interfering in local elections as their tribal counterparts who want to save their position and want a slice of cake in all the affairs . Even begging for extension of their job as reported . But the pertinent question is what have Society got from them so far ? But every body is also responsible even the aam Publics for keeping mum . Some Officers seems to even want to enjoy the power after they retire and as such seems to be planning to contest in elections . But it would have been better if they have retired and taken up Social reformation in true spirit . The outside investors will not come unless we make a humble beginning . I am surprised leave aside charity why rich and powerful are not investing in our own place in those sectors which will open up employment opportunity.

The burden will lie on some tribal officers who are at present in vintage position to do good work after they retire. As they should also give back to this society from which they have already gain so much. It is a wrong idea to again contest in election after enjoying so much as Public seems to have rejected out rightly such moves earlier ; as many retired big corrupted officers and their relatives previously thought bitter lessons in election . As electing this Peoples are again seen as giving this corrupted soul a golden opportunity to mint more money and disturbing genuine oppossition Party in the State as they seldom have the guts to contest from the oppossition party.

Some of the officers in their honest days where seen to be very much traditionalist and regionalist advocating for saving our culture and tradition. On their retirement will they really help deserving candidate and ideologically close political party like PPA is a million dollar question, or it was just a clever ploy to lobby for their own benefit for power only Doni Polo knows .But there are also few exceptions those who belong to rich family but ideologically are different from their relatives .In coming days all the Oppossition party should contest from regional party like PPA which ensure about 30 percent free votes and ticket should be only demanded for the genuine Persons who are ready to make supreme sacrifice for the Society . By only seeing once bank balance Publics will again suffer like they have always . Because new change must come and it will if the 1st generation leaders who are of about 60-80 yrs. pave the way for the 3rd generation leaders who are minimum greduate and youthful from 30- 50 Yrs. Today the 2nd generation leaders who are all of about 60 yrs. and above. are enjoing the power . It will be the most prectical as the Younger one has always seen to be defeated the older one . This is the natural phenomenon which alone can be used for the interest of State . I appeal to all the seniour leaders to accept the last time defeat gracefully and pave the way for their younger ones . It will be also praise worthy of the present leaders if they exit honourably in time .

Somebody has to make a new beginning how long Publics will be fooled . In our Galo belt the Officer lobby so far seems to have out rightly reject deserving candidates as if those honest chap will either let them be beaten by the anti social elements or send them in prison on corruption ground . As if their honesty is impediment to their ambitious plans which is of course unfounded as they also know that today that time has not come . But definitely their ambition to capture everything must come down and also corruption should come down bit by bit for the shake of future generation . Thus some one has to make a humble beginning and say I am going to sponser this and that candidate even if he is not my relative . Even those who have earlier resorted to corruption must make meaningful investment in their area . As in Arunachal the failure of system as a whole made some terribly corrupted but they also need to be given a chance to repent . In future times after retirement they may be the also once to sponsor the honest leaders and help to vote for the change we believe in which will never come if we wait for it .After all none will like them to be branded as traitor of the Society after they die .

Good times should come for the honest leaders .As they know that a honest leader will alone help other Business man and investors to flourish in sectors like Tourism , agriculture and horticulture where everyone will benefit . And as the self centric and selfish leaders will always think his benefit and will never cooperate others in true sense of terms . I am sure many good officers in the highest rank must be thinking in this line after their retirement . It is easy to criticize others who are in high position , but given the chance most of us may have been more corrupted than them also. Thus we may have to say give a damn what happened earlier let us make a new beginning as somebody has to say so . The quantum of richness cannot be only seen from the perspective of how much bank balance a Person have but also from how much he is loved and respected . That ensured persons like Jyoti Basu as immortal in political arena .

Thus the chance must be given to repent for everybody by sidelining them we will gain nothing . We must work together rich and poor alike for our Society . But so far non has this good Samaritan plan and let the money go waste instead of supporting a deserving candidate . How long one of the most powerful lobby be insincere and irresponsible towards the future generation . As the world is changing and there is demand for justice , equality and transference; is it not time for some honest officers to say enough is enough . And if officer fraternity does not do so , than opposition may have to completely sideline this lobby as in earlier election in most of the constituency candidates with this line of thinking have won with huge margin breaking the myth that they alone matter as 90 % are neither officers , Politicians or Business mans relatives .

It is better to fight this issues democratically than it is taken advantage by the anti social elements like Naxals and Mao wadis . Will rich and powerful intend to spend their old age in places like Delhi suffering from homesickness , lack of water , electricity , organic - vegetable , fruits and food instead of genuinely being seen as messiah by becoming Industrialist investing in homeland in sectors like as Tourism , agriculture , horticulture , tea Garden and animal husbandry etc.I appeal to rich relatives of corrupted Officers and Politicians to repeant as their can be separate ideology between one who belong to a rich family .

But those who have achieved so much success in their life must have been good man initially and in their heart of heart may still feel for the future generation. And we need to learnt lessons from Bhopal gas tragedy kind of things . Our officers in our state especially the natives need to be extra cautious in all the developmental issues as too much everything is bad . Though in our life time we may not suffer but later on you never know what will be consequence of rampant signing of MOU in Hydro power sector in seismic zone likes ours , as country has also turbulent relation with China above us which is in a vintage position to sabotage our ambitious developmental plans any time. And God knows like in Union carbide defective parts may be used in Arunachal dams .

History will always question some officers for bringing kind of money in election. Some officers are at present said to be like mafias manipulating everything for the ruling Govt. But none can be said about future. As People are increasingly becoming restless against all the facilities even the Political post and Govt. tenders taken away by officers relatives . The French revolution kind of situation has arrived the Beurocrates and Old leaders like Jacobins as termed as creamy layers of society by B.P Singh are enjoying the real benefit of being Indian . The united coordinated joint attack from the opposition may ultimately finish of the congress party if it still not mends its ways. And top officers are also accepted to be vigilant of which way wind is blowing and lead the society in a responsible way as future may question their present decisions.

The Lesson to learn from Spanish armada

The victory of the Spanish is a good inspiration for all the Country especially to the aspiring football players. The never say die attitude finally gave them the coveted cup the Spanish have fortunately something of everything good height , skill and traditional sports like Bull fighting which motivate them to be fearless and remain physically fit.

The Old traditional champions Brazil and the Argentina have been defeated in their own game plan. It will be no surprise if the similar miracle is repeated in all the other event of the world says it political or business. As the world seems to be changing their seems to be more prayer support for the underdogs and the God even seems to favor something else blessing less corrupted Baba octopus to prophesize the future instead of homo sephian need not to say palmist are fearing safety of their job .

The third world countries will have to wait for sometimes as their fate seems to be in creating noises rather than in seeing the games. Though the Spanish are not that rich but definitely they have learnt their bitter lesions after lots of home work and hard work they have shown – nothing is impossible. The opposition of the Country have also lot many to learn from this lesion.

As for the State the stage is set for taking benefit of the corporate houses who are investing in Hydro power sector but good leadership is need of the hour. Reviving traditional Babo games played in Abo Tani belt may also help the physical fitness of the youths. Today will power can take one any place as the technique have become open for all and not reserved to one family danger bell for Congress think tanks .

The Identical twins

There seems to be more than a political ideological affinity between Bengali and the Chinese peoples. The Calcutta boast of a China Town where the Chinese live with impunity from long time back.

The Bengali culture also resembled earlier with China which make us to wonder whether Bengalis have no connection with the Mongols earlier. Like earlier sati system can be traced to Chinese practice of burial of new wife with the emperors during Ming dynasty. The Bengalis basically seems to be direct descendent of Aryan and Mongolian cohabitation.

The Ahums claims that many of the Bengalis like Chakrabarty, Burman, Das etc. are product of cohabition of Ahum and Bengalis . See how the Mamta di also looks different from others some resemblance of the Mongolian features still looms large in her face says a hardened Arunachal TMC member. But yeh baat kuch hajam nahin hua. But nevertheless her aggression which only resemblance our forefather Chengiz Khan a Mongolian which seems to have been inherited by her from her forefathers cross marriage with Mongol may be not wrong as TMC guy claims.

The Chinese philosophy like Taoism and Confucianism have resemblance in Swami Vivekananda, Aro Bindo Gosh etc. School of thoughts. May be time have come to catalogue the DNA of all the clans to trace their original roots and advising them to refrain from cohabitation in F-3 generation and give biological healthy Children’s for the Country.

In the country also their seems to be many chinky looking Peoples after all Mughal Empire till the Akbar the Great was a pure Mangol breed . It seems from Jahangir alone inter marriage started . The famous story of Anarkali and the yound prince Salims love affairs seems to be outcome of that distrust between the Mongol and Aryan. The critics may term that in that way the China has more claim not only over Arunachal pradesh but over whole India . But this can be presented in a different maner to increase the brotherly relation between two great neighbours . So long as the People does not respect each others culture in true sense of terms we will never be able to benefit from this diverse background , culture and tradition .

The C.M’s Guards

Since time and ages the imperial guards where known for their notoriority. Like the SS of Adolf Hitler who were given all important role of finishing of the dissidence , and operation Balkier to arrest and annihilate any senior Nazi leader cons- pirating against the Furher and the Imperial Guard of Napoleon Bonaparte who where a loyal 30,000 soldiers ready for the Napoleon as his last line of defense . They have the direct access to the Fuhrer and king Napoleon and thus were very powerful.

The recent killing of a Lendo and Mismi boy by the state police will not subside easily and will make Police target of hate , specially the CM’s guard as they have been a cause of irritation since ages even to their own Colleagues who see them as blue boy of ruling party and have become instantly rich and famous for their connection it is heard. Though the most notorious Police IRBN basically filled with immature lads who are never heard to do good in deserving front like Tirap and Changlang are more to be blamed in this case like always, as the report is coming . Lately Govt. was said to be contemplating sending IRBN in Naxalite Infested Dantewara areas which the good IRBN lads are objecting . May be time to tell who are bad among them .

Even the rumor is ripe that the Arunachal Bhavan staffs close to C.M are acting more as dalal and least interested in day to day work. Harassment faced by the officers in Delhi tour is said to be so much that they are now least interested to go to Delhi as if the room meant for State is always occupied by Hydropower investors .Therefore those close with the C.M must be more cautious as they have a greater responsibility .

The real mantle of the person can be seen in the battle field if they are send in danger zone like Tirap and Changlang than they can be judged. Therefore C.M’s man should be transferred on regular basis to those areas as well so that it doesn’t benefit the vested interested Peoples who are only manipulating their good posting through chamchagiri. Whereas the deserving ones who are really ready for supreme sacrifice in the time of crisis may be now rotting somewhere. It will be good for boss as well, who knows Hon’ble C.M will be also not victim of sabotage by someone close to defame him.

In the time of crisis for C.M also his psycho pants may be of no help see what happened of Napoleon in Waterloo the imperial army were first to run away much to the surprise of the enemies. If the situation becomes critical no amount of bribery or manipulation can help retain once fiefdom. After all for the Political leader his credential ensures his power which is like nectar to him. Later Politician out of power is generally seen to live a secluded and frustrated life. Therefore danger bell for the Govt. which already undergoing popular criticism for rampant signing of MOU in Hydro Power sector and now this violation of Civil right where Publics from all corner of life have shown extraordinary sincerity and cooperation to oppose it .

Heard sometimes in elections helicopter full of suitcase are rumored to be refused to be carried by fearful Pilot due to overload and in future election it may be thing of past as it may also not help to salvage the image of the Govt. which is seen to be headed by Business man’s . Though there may be symbolic support by some sycophants , but it will be doubtful weather larger Publics will heartily work for the Congress party as there is limit to everything ; the virgin forest and pristine river in the nature is like our mother ; more so for the tribal’s of Abo Tani belt it is its lifeline Peoples basically depends on Zhoom cultivation , unlike in Tawang our People can never solely be dependent on Business .

By doing away with pristine jungle and forest on which our innocent publics sustains to the corporate houses without taking local into confidence where Govt. plans to go. In our State even BJP have shown how Party will fail thrusting on outside Business man. So what they sponsor the Party but local calls the final shot. But power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely , to fulfill the immediate requirement the State Leaders seems to be heading for facing the worst reality in future where they may find themselves in direct collision with the Publics . See the assurance of District in 2-3 places and ill reputed MOU due to which areas 7 k.m from dam is going to be reserved for forestation by Company and boating and fishing going to be banned and it is also pertinent to mention that after dam is finished within 5-10 yrs. It is the only sector where there will be less employment . Therefore it should have been made in phase manner .

May be one day for our leaders who are in helms of power now after their power is no more non to protect them and non to receive them what will happen to them. Thus leaders have to make a calculative move ; only because a Person doesn’t toy his opinion should he become bad and to the Publics also this responsibility lies to see - that only because a Person is rich by even dubious means should he be revered or not . Least later we cry like Himachal pradesh Peoples are doing after Bhopal Gas tragedy. Mind it Chinese proposed Dam above Brahmaputra may be the genesis of all the havocs of Arunachal Dams in lower riparian. Truth must also be discussed at length , our state doesn’t only belong to Congress Party who can do whatever it comes to its mind ; it is equally belong to all the regions and its inhabitant who have regional aspirations . By whimsically and arbitrarily doing and indicating to the Public as if saying do not to mess with the Govt. or leader it will make the Public more sentimental and situation volatile . The Govt. must come forward for publicly apolising and taking immediate measures as mentioned above to pacify the public’s.

Thus to be in power sine die the tactics may be resorted to use the State machinery; but will it last as the fact is some man in State have garnered unimaginable power within short time which they seldom deserved kudos to the appeasing policy of great Apangji who seems to have been obsessed with hearing his personal praises and blessed many who were even not fit for chowkidars as a critics opines. Today barring few Publics, officers and business man who are now in vintage position none is seen to be praising the Govt. from soul of their heart. See the graph of previous election the rich and powerful have lost more miserably or won with lesser margin in spite of lack of coordinated attack from joint opposition. In coming days even the Uncontested leaders may see worst challenges in their territory as some fearless youth may see more opportunity as in previous election rich and powerful candidates were seen to be too big for the local Publics to be approach and cut off from the Publics from years altogether which made them more vulnerable . It is pertinent to mention that last time some unserious candidates themselves gave some senior leaders run for their money and imagine what if a qualified and deserving candidate has contested in every constituency .

The Congress Party has a bad track record of losing to the coordinated attack by opposition even in North East State like Sikkim, Nagaland. Though the Publics have increasingly become corrupted but they have also become also equally conscious, kudos to modern networking and communication facility. As the senior leaders are seen to serve only through MLA fund earlier befooling the Publics that their personal money where at stake. But some leaders are also worthy to be praised for their social service only is that they miserably fail in other front like lack of vision , transference , creativity etc . Not that all the leaders are bad but for a new thought and a new revolution which will help everyone it will be prudent if they step down for the young ones in coming election as change is always for good . It is a establish fact that most of the earlier Apangjis camp consists of Business man more interested in their personal gain . And that nature still remains with them. Graph says a Hon’ble MLA becomes 15 times richer by 5yrs. Doesn’t it shows that all the Public service is crocodile’s tears.

And see their audacity to laugh at deserving candidate whose only weakness was he didn’t resort to corruption like them. And as the public’s are also least bother as of now how that money comes so those gentleman’s , they are having the filled day. The coming election will be waterloo for all the good thinking People Vs the evils. Not that corruption can be totally stopped overnight today or in future but it has crossed the limit in our State. But the opposition leaders has also not taken the tender to fight the system whole life the Publics should also rise from Kumbakarnas sleep ; if the Publics doesn’t reciprocate in coming election we might have to give a damn to this idea and live like others .

But in earlier election Public response have been also not bad. Man there is also something called anti incumbency and Congress party delaying issuing ticket in the centre, especially if both the aspiring leaders are rich and powerful; thus this is seen to be benefitting the opposition leader to get crucial time . In some places the Publics seems to have also blamed their leaders for their personal problems also thus making their 2nd winning a costly affairs. Today as suddenly living have become very tough with price rise sky rocketing anti incumbency feeling may increase in coming election with freedom of expression becoming more easy encouraged by Apangs arrest kudos to PIL which has made vulnerable the Untouchables so far , Partial judicial separation kudos to Hon’ble S.C . etc.

See in previous election the rich and the family members from good family who were earlier ruling like king are reported to have spent more money than others to ensure their comeback . And will this recent Lendo and Mishmi boy killing incident which may snowball into major crisis for the Congress in election is to be seen . After all the community system in the Galo and mishmi system is very strong and sentiment may not easily calm down . Hon’ble C.M may have to call for all political party meeting to address such incident in future . But will the Opposition members fed up of Congress violation of civil right hear this also it is doubtful , as in Arunachal the ruling Party member seems to be not bothering future consequences and curtail others right who are not rich and powerful .

The Dubai of the North India

Today for the Muthias and thela walas the Arunachal have become like Dubai in 70’s which was the promise land for all the Public of the poor India who were inspired by nova rich who came from Dubai . Today in arunachal Pradesh Muthias basically from Bihar are said to be easily earning say Rs. 500/- per day in any normal day in the State. And have made good houses in their Bihar and U.P. it is heard .The kudos goes to the lethargic and the lazy local inhabitant of this area specially youths. Who are filled with egoism and are yet to appreciate the dignity of work. But the parents , leadership and the environment are also responsible for this present State.

Other factor is seen to be habit spoiled by easy money and dependency syndrome of the publics on their leaders. Today the condition is so that many unemployed students, yet they are short of waiting for the godots. So it will be prudent if we also learn the Bihari style of getting their baby sun bath in winter so that they get acclimatize in scorching heat that too with physical message by mustard oil . Because it is highly probable that tomorrow the jobs will be more less and the global warming will make others lazy to work thus it will be survival of the fittest like Nitish ‘s man are doing .

Fortunately for the Manipuris they seems to have crossed that stage of this transition period . Way back in 1970’s the B.A and M.A graduates in Manipur where seen to drive rickshaw with muffler on their face to protect themselves from being identified by the relatives. The Arunachal youths need to immediately do something about it, may be best earner award may be started by APSU for those who toe Bihar style doing part time job in vacation.

The unfortunate part of the Bihari laborers are they fail to acclimatize with the locals and fail to inspire the locals in good field . in this point I personally feel the Chinese labors will be better as said by Jai ram Ramesh .

The drop of Water:

Is going to be precious very soon as the underground water reserve is going to be squeezed up . Long time back B. Santaram a film director have nicely depicted this drought scene in – Do Bigha Jamin. In places like Delhi already 100 mtr. Well is being dugged it is heard as water level is decreasing day by day. Today the pausity of water have made the Publics to depend on poisonous waters.

The report of the Satluj River poisoning by Pakistan is an eye opener. Sometimes feel like why not resort to tit for teth and do similier things to those rivers flowing from Kashmir to Pakistan. If it is no possible to make a dam over satlaj river and send back the poisonous water to Pakistan. Atleast why not let UNO moniter this issue by having permanent post in this river.

God alone knows how much stomack this poisonous foods have damaged in India. As surely the clever Panjabi farmers will never themselves eat chemically contaminated food and always the victims seems to be interior place like ours; where week opposition so far and no media coverage make it agile ground for this type of nonsense. But as the report of children getting ill after eating mid day mill is increasing. It seems today these issues have blown out of proportions and something must be done to check it.

May be a new law have to be passed to stop supply of contaminated food as this is a form of indirect murder. But with each population increase Countries condition will deteriorate ever more as open edifice and throwing of dead bodies in river will even make the Ganga myth a jock. May be time for starting an army coorp for protection of the rivers and streams is need of a hour. places like Arunachal can be last hope for the thrusty country, thus the Country must promulgate a proper plan to save this water source by may be fencing the catchment area of the river and streams where local animals like Mithuns – Bos Fontalis can be also be reared so that it helps the farmers as their dungs will make the jungle grow and it will check animal tresspass in farmland.

The Dark Side of Indian Army

The Indian army is going through worst kind of problem kudos to our lack of Political vision, the civil war like situation within the country and rampant corruption. If there is a war with China western critics believes that it won’t last for one month unless Uncle Sam intervenes.

The suppression of regional aspiration time and again by political system of the country and rising gap between the rich and the poor has given a Mao wadi like situation in country. The guru mantra need to be strong federation makes a strong nation so like United States of America time may have come to give more power to the federation . Today the outfits have the audacity to directly attack any army and CRPF convoy at impunity. There is report of ITBP jawans being killed above Mechuka along Meck Mohan boundary some dead bodies even rotting it is heard . Worst Indian Govt. seems to be hiding all the facts about body bags .

The army also are at fault specially the earlier army cadres were suspected of even raping the minor girls and killing that too while going in convoy in interior places . May be that is the reason in interior place like Arunachal Pradesh they are not getting kind of support of the locals in places above Mechuka, Taksin and other area where Chinese Liberation Army seems to be having upper hand . Besides the moment time comes for promotion from Colonel to Brigadier and furthermore the Army officer have to be in Delhi to manipulate his promotion it is heard.

However it is also to be accepted that lately the public relation with the civilian and the army has really improved to a great extent. Though initially there is paranoia specially to those army who are transferred from disturbed area like JNK . The need of the hour is to bring transparency even in Indian army and to cater to their need . Army may want a Nana Pathekar type politician to look into their affairs that is for sure , their fore they may be also given a say in whom to appoint as defense minister .

The countries defense minister and spokesman have been always seen to be unattractive , old fashioned and redundant only seen to be enjoying the lime light and some women secretary seen as if they are loving marketing in Islamabad . Therefore Military person may be made as spokesman who should be of minimum a Brigadier level. These things matters, even in America they make army to do the press briefing on war matter. After all this is Armies portfolio so why the Politicians and the Secretary like to hog the limelight.

The Country need a clear cut military strategy sometimes it should do and say like Israel. To begin with It can be send to add the pakistani Publics devasted by Indus river flood . As we have missed to oppurtunity to attack it with hell fire missile in Terrorist camp with US connivance upon likes of dawood Ibrahim against whom the Congress Govt. is always seen to be shy of saying anything. As the sanskrit saying goes - chama shovti usi bujang ko, jiske pas garal ho. Usko kya jo dant hin jo vish rahit vinay viral ho. It means only a snake with poison can forgive not one without poison, teeth less and humble. A clear cut vision is needed if you can’t fight him either give him general amnesty by bringing all party meeting to talk about it . As barring few leaders in BJP most of them are already said to be at the payroll of the big D in each election man is rumored to be the real financer.

And in the above context our magnificent Indian army must be feeling frustrated to have to wait like Air force in Longewala battle as shown in movie called Border ; as they have been made as political puppet without giving them any power. Thus time may have come to back up our army by a strong foreign policy . choose a friend ether china or USA or even both can be tried to be pacified by our Country by becoming peace maker between two power block as time migt have come to accept that Russia has losts its earlier position .

Unless one leech is drinking our blood how our condition will deteriorate to that extent Army sure want to pull out that leech. But have Govt. ever given it any real power . It may be time to rethink our peace initiative with neighbor like not allowing Pakistan Cricket Players if they don’t take concrete step in regard to Satlaj river poisoning , fake currency printing and extradition of Most wanted terrorist and other importat issues . As howsoever they deny , the burden of telling the truth always lies in Muslim Country as seldom they have done so and where always cought later . The great Indus river flood which effected 2/3 of pakisthan land is also seen as curse of God by some saction of Society .

If Pakistan promise to change they should be rewarded more than what they could have imagined may be this is rigt time to throw the card . To sideline the Pakistan other Muslim Countries must be engaged in joint business ventures. The different Govt agency and entrepreneurs should be coordinated with army , as the army will be also helpless unless we have something like Pentagon, CIA, James Bond and future Job securty to back its family after their demise . Who knows China weather bomb is behind numerous cloud burst and can be purchased for drought areas of the Country making it beneficial for both the Country . If they have one does our army can do anything about it ?