Friday, May 14, 2010


The beauty of the Indian democracy is even if a corrupted leader after finishing off all the public money if he survives he need not run like Idi Amin and Mussraff to other Countries .He will continue to live with much élan . This is encouraging the other corrupted ones to find out new ideas to dupe the Publics . Now the last hope for the public in the Country is Baba Ramdevs Bharat Swabhiman party in the centre and the PPA in the State of Arunachal Pradesh . As it is only a strong party with strong ideology and political will . Who will represent true opposition party characteristics to guard the publics interest , as each time with each successive regime corruption seems to be increasing many fold and benefits only reaching the rich and powerful .
Will that revolution come in arunachal only time will tell . As for now With the rich and powerful mostly trying to be the blue eye boy of the ruling party the last hope is in some fearless guys like Ojing Tasing , Goken Bam , Kaling Jerang and Naksang Tsring etc .
And if more of them comes up The PPA Party cannot be stopped any more as they seems to identify the Party and if rumor is ripe are planning to shift to PPA with many dynamic leaders with them . Today when the future of the Politics is getting confusing , it is also surprising to see the interest of more youth in this regional party with difference . Why more NCP and the TMC cadres are ready to join the Party ? the reason seems to be most of the cadres liking the PPA’s ideology and seems to be frustrated at their Parties senior leaders siding with the all the wrong policies of the State Govt . and deviating from opposition duties .
The realization that there is need to put up a formidable foe based on party ideology rather than individual charisma seems to be increasing as previous congress tactics seems to have given opposition a good lesion . If Party which have scope like PPA is properly guided than only something is possible is the common feeling cutting across party line . First assure a leader of party ticket and later make him redundant as voter get confused if ticket not given is the Congress modus operendi . And who will be foolish to accept this any more , when he knows other person have been also assured of ticket by other senior congress leader ; whereas fact is in Congress party only gandhis can be assured of party ticket .
As some frustrated TMC and NCP supporters see the same thing in future ; they are openly saying that whenever it comes to rising corruption issues they are stopped by saying that they are alliance in the centre ; as if few MLA’s already given the slice of the cake of the mega projects like Hydro power etc .They feel they are in wrong party as unless one fight for his own region than what is the value . Besides regionalism espionage by PPA alone can motivate Publics to work for State interest they are said to be saying openly.
As recently the dynamic duo Sri Kaling Jerang and Sri Naksang Tsring filed an RTI regarding the commission given by the Company to the Political leaders for construction of mega Dams and they say that the pressure start to come from that very moment . And since they want no nonsense party when it comes for fighting for the Publics and regions cause there fore want PPA to give them full freedom in this matter . In case of PPA full chance is already given to such type of the outburst as unless we talk and do Public work how can we excel .
The parties symbol issue is also not deterring them as they say even in Nagaland the regional Party didn’t won by cock symbol it’s the ideology that matter . They believe PPA present symbol Maize or even rice if given won’t dampen the Parties interest among the Publics so long as it rise peoples voice and Party will always represents States identity and prestige more so when the rice and Mize are today more identical to the farmers for there utility and in future it is supposed to be more popular with the Christians and the Buddhists as well .
They say even if it hurts senior leaders and officers interest it will be meaningless as eventually the will of the Public will be respected who are overwhelmingly against corruption and may also punish TMC and NCP which is already seen as the regional party of other state and keeping mum at present regimes misdeeds. The PPA seniors should welcome those kinds of sincere quality workers in our party as eventually it is fighting for the Public cause for which our leaders are elected and youths from 25 – 45 yrs. Age may be more dynamic and active in compare to others who don’t come openly to work for Party and waiting for perfect opportunity . Give a damn to those opportunists if it the will of the God even if we don’t toe their idea our good time may come .

The Child Trafficking

The Child trafficking is selling of the minors for the profit .The Person who have harmed a child may not even get a place in hell .This is absurd and madness . we were so unaware of all the chaos and the mayhem happening around us until I had the chance to attend the seminar on Child trafficking .Recently I had the the chance to attend the International Justice peace Mission in 28th of Feb 2010 in the office of the CBCNEI I,e- Council of the Baptist Churches of the North East India as I happen to be the adviser of the Peace and Justice dept. of the CBCNEI . And we were immensely moved to see the horrible condition of the child trafficking in India . the documentary , ` when I lost my God ,’ made every one of us weep .
We come to know that THE CHILDRENS ARE KEPT IN MOST HORRIBLE CONDITIONS AND SOME GOOD SAMARITAN FELLOWS HAVE COME AS Guardian angels to save them . but for security reason they have to work secretly as there is lots many risk in it as People earn hell lots of money in this illegal business.
We had to make our own opinion and subjection on how to control it . according to me I suggested that as non of the accuse wants his family to know his shady deal why not disclose that to his relatives that his beloved one is a monster and is resorting to such crime . Other point I emphasized was let us develop spiritual democracy to introspect ourselves as unknowingly we are still influenced by our dogmatic beliefs . vivid ill treatment of the women in Hindu society even by great Peoples have been depicted in religious books . and lastly regarding the employment to the victim I said why not show them nice movie like Amir Khans , Three Idiots as the International Justice Mission IJM members complained of many recovered victims lack of interest in particular work like candle making and stitching .
I come to know that in our Arunachal Pradesh also Peoples practice worst form of the Child Trafficking by keeping the Child as child labor . Today the report of the ill treatment become so much that today Assam side does not want to sent there Child in Arunachal Pradesh . Now the social Department should do something regarding it and evolve a mechanism so that they can be monitored and if ill treated immediately send back . I was also surprised to know that in Tirap and Changlang dist . the small kids are forcibly made to join the outfits . It is results in death of there Childhood . I strongly appeal to the both the Party to make a joint declaration to that extent stopping it as it cast a doubt in willful joining of their cause by the adults .
There are many NGOs for taking care for the lost child till there Parents are recovered . The victim can contact Ato popo a local NGO in the Arunachal doing good Samaritan work in this field .

The American interest will lie in having a base in Arunachal

The State of Arunachal Pradesh can play a important role in the World politics in the future . The American interest will be also best served having a base in arunachal which is near to china . As the Countries relation with the China is fluctuating. For the future threat is going to be from China nothing official about it . Even today our ambitious neighbor is keeping mum in the issue of the encroachment of the Indian land and seen to be always siding with the Pakistan. So the Indian govt . may have to make a study of this feasibility if it wants to safeguards its frontier. A base in the State may not be unacceptable to the locals as well as they will also have lots of opportunity .
If danger will be from china it will come in any case one like it or not . The American interest will also lie in diverting the Muslim rich Country to invest directly in place like arunachal where there is tremendous scope in terms of Animal rearing , tourism , organic crop and hydro power potentialities . As with time if the Arab petrol reserves finishes then it will effect the whole world . As the Arabs are only dependent on its Oil reserve ; terrorism may spill over to whole world in the guise of refugees . Therefore not only finishing terrorism but their rehabilitation should be an important agenda and herein CIA and Pentagon seems to be failing in visualizing future threat .


The great man have sacrificed they have not become one overnight. The perfect example of a great man in Arunachal Pradesh was Late Tomo Ribaji he was a deep rooted person who was ahead of his time. He wanted to bring a harmony between the nature and the locals of the Arunachal Pradesh. He can be seen as Geronimo of apache tribe of Red India tribe of America who fought with white settlers . The present issues like green bonus and environment issues were muted by him long time back. He Successfully saved the Society from worst form of premature corruption and guided it in the worst transition phase .
The development does not mean monetary alone , it has to be development of Individual dignity as well as well as pride in society we live in . And Tomo Ribaji just give us that –even more than that he was instrumental in friendly relation with all the tribes of the Arunachal Pradesh and later Assam . As he started his carrier as circle officer he was able to interact and unite all the Abotani belt Peoples in particular . Later he married From Nagaon Assam this made him the unofficial ambassador of the state. There was hardly any Assam Arunachal boundary problem during his time .
Wherever he went he is seen to have made permanent impression with the Publics as he was really charismatic person every body thought him as there own .This was the time when Abotani belt Peoples were living in absolute harmony without any discrimination like true sons of Abo Tani our common forefathers addressing each other as achi , abo and ane etc .This can be said as golden moment of the Arunachal Pradesh as later more Peoples from outside community was also included in this social circle .
He along with Late Bakin Pertinji started Peoples Party of Arunachal Pradesh a regional party in late 70’s . It is said Indraji tried her best to persuade him to join Congress I Party but he refused to bujj and as such Indraji is said to have send Sri KAA Raja to destroy his political career . He made sure that PPA Govt . fall down and started persecuting the PPA and Christians . It is pertinent to mention that at that time incidentally most of the Christians and the APSU activities were PPA sympathizers . Therefore they also had to suffer worst persecution in their life .
And as most of the Officers at that time were also non tribal’s therefore there were absolutely no sympathy towards the PPA members from this community as they were misleeded by Congress Party that regional Party will sideline them. And also that time they seemed to have been very much patriotic without thinking that strong regional sentiment will make a strong nation. And Apang Saabs sycophants also abused the Govt. machinery to there fullest satisfaction minted money like any thing till the SC banned the Saw Mill where always seen to be against the old man . They made sure that both the great Persons in there own right late Tomp Riba and Late Todak Basar fight among themselves .

Though many suffered the worst phase of their life during PPA time but they had a divine influenced by Late Tomo Ribaji . They still cherish those moment , it was time when they were filled with spirit and really felt that they were part of history being made . It is unfortunate that today when the PPA Party seed grown by them have become a fruit giving tree many of them have become uninterested in PPA in spite of the fact that PPA means so much to every Arunachalee .
Today there have been tremendous improvement in civil rights and corruption has made the life horrible which is going to eat us very soon therefore it has become number one issue . So If we not hear the voice of our conscience which our leader tried in his whole life one day it will be too late . But things like the success of party also dependent on God and Publics and one day who knows good time of Arunachal publics and PPA will come once more . And we will get the perfect time to give standing ovation to the great man .
But today it is good to see the ex- PPA family members doing good , it seems God sees the truth but waits . Those leaders who have been seen to be very interfering in others work are eventually seen to have a private agenda and are removed by the Publics soon. But old man was different though he was Hon’ble Chief Minister for 21 days and during his time he got tremendous chance to make money but he refused to take commission from outside Businessman . And due to his Gandhi wadi in letter and spirit he suffered a lots . It is said that when he was asked to fight against the S.C ban of timber as Hon’ble M.P he had replied that ban should have happened earlier .
But as the saying goes truth always triumph today he is our ideal . We have to accept that unlike today when there is civil right and respect of Opposition Party has increased as at least they don’t disturb the Congress candidates for procuring ticket , earlier worst was against him namely – the Apang regimes abuse of power , less takers and sponsors of regional party and KAA rajas adamant stand and that precisely is inspiring today’s PPA members as there will be never any worst scene than that.
Though Tomoji had also certain limitations as his counterpart was in his peak of Political career and he being financially unsound had to do all the work himself . But one has to really appreciate his energy and stamina . There is hardly any Village left by him which he did not went personally . Today’s Youth leaders are born in a lucky time which is legacy of sacrifice made by civil right leader like Tomo Ribaji . They have to only get inspiration and motivation to do for the Publics if they aspire to be a leader .
Though Later Publics compelled him to make a humiliating compromise with the Govt.but he cannot be blamed altogether he always respected Publics demand . But he was never happy ever after and went for heavenly abode prematurely ; But left behind him legacy of high values for the present leaders , his memory will be inspiring the Publics of State to fight the issues like corruption and nepotism for ever .


Astadeshu Puranesu Vyases wachana duyam , Paropkaray Punyay Parpidnay Papay , the Sanskrit sloka meaning in the nutshell of the 18 Puran as per the sage Ved Vyas is - to harm other is the greatest evil and to help other is the greatest holy work . Therefore I want to challenge every one to join an ambitious project which will be practical and fruitful to clean the beloved State of corruption and nepotism which is going to eat us all one by one .
By corruption I don’t mean only monetary but fall of moral and health condition mental and physical . After so much hard labor at least we deserve healthy food ; but by rampant selling of poisonous vegetables and fruits we are compel to purchase the poisonous food for our family. without even knowing that how much we are harming our family by our ignorance . To help ourselves we few of my friends have decided to start something instead of sitting idly .This project will also empower the villagers in true sense of term and the benefit of the development reach them than only they can be protected from selling themselves in each election and help in electing deserving leaders .
This project will also help the Business man as the more richer Publics will increase the sell of the market . Presently outside Business man are the worst victim rich and powerful are doing there business outside and they are only becoming the target of the associations who seems to be send by the those leaders who made sure that their will be no AOP this year and may be even next year as well and making someone else as escape goat .
But blaming other is also not the solution all the good Peoples who were always in majority must have also waited for the right platform to bring a change . Therefore this movement has to be purely non political not against any party and people from all walk of life and Party is most welcome . As the Panchayati raj have been lately seen to be inadequate in addressing the grass roots problem as Govt . schemes like NREGA etc. are also seen to be misused therefore time to unite for all the good Peoples who want to do something for themselves and society .
But for every work money involvement cannot be denied . fortunately after great persuasion some good Samaritan Peoples have come forward . When I told my proposal sincerely to some great Peoples they accepted and have already deposited the corpus Partnership fund of Rupees 50,000/- ( Rupees fifty thousand only ) . The modus operand was to purchase the local products and do the marketing for them as the local have less time and expertise for marketing . The Partnership will be made after through discussion and agreement will be drafted in front of the Magistrate. The manager will be monthly audited . the Partners will be helped each other in time of crisis in terms of the logistic support as the team will have representatives from all the walks of the life . The emphasize will be in the export of the fruits , milk , milk products and Organic crop like Reliance is doing through Subicha to begin with fruits and vegetables that can be preserve for long time to be in safe side .
But In phase one we are starting a joint diary project in Basar and based on its success we will later increase our activity in other sector also . why Diary in Basar because it has best climate for animals most of the Zersy cow being from European cold country the unavailability of land in other suitable places like Tawang , Ziro and Mechuka which could have been equally good , and non competitive character of the publics in Basar make it suitable , besides local management which is the most difficult task have been kept to my supervision and diligently I have started the fodder plantation long time back .
Basar having largest natural fodders and having technical assistance of ICAR largest after Shillong . leave about other strategic advantage Basar strategically located between Aalo , Daporijo and Likabali where Highway is going to be broadened have other natural advantages like fertile land , non use of the fertilizer by the farmers , advance Galo community in farming and being consumer , no fear of the dam accident unlike lower riparian river area like Pasighat , Aalo , Naharlagun etc , awareness of the Publics , well educated citizens , organized society and close proximity with the train in Tinsukia after Bogi Bridge is completed etc . to name the few .
It is time for all the rich and influential Peoples to do something good for the Society . Specially for the Outside business man who are always seen as greedy and manipulative . this project will increase there image and besides they can be also ensured of fresh food for there own family .As the agriculture , horticulture and animal rearing has tremendous scope in the State in the view of the water scarcity going to be in the Gangetic basin soon owing to global warming . For which already dirty poisonous water of the factory is being used for irrigation which will shortened our life . Besides fresh food for their families the partners from all walk of life will be advocating for due recognisation from APSU , ANSU and other premier association for there Individual contribution to the Society after all they are for the State interest . Our party will be believing in grass root service and this practical approach beneficial to all the Publics should be an eye opener to all .So please let us do what our conscience permit and see a dream together of self reliant and prosperous Arunachal Pradesh .