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                                    The Abo Tani was the first man of the world the Galo tribe of the Arunachal Pradesh India think this way, this is going by the genealogy counting of forefathers of the Galo.As the Galos have a unique system of memorizing the name of the earlier forefathers. But their seems to be some errors nevertheless from anthropological point of views, this are interesting and is made to be subject of academic discussion right now.Hope none will mind it as it is not aimed at criticizing a great civilasation which I am proud to say is my roots. As some issue has to be studied, least the misunderstanding may not harm the society to make the Peoples outlook parochial and rigid. Their seems to be a missing link between the Adams story of Holy Bible and the Galo forefather`s name , as the first human being Abo Tani from Galo perspective ,may have been the Adam himself one never know .
                          The Biblical first forefather Adam may have been the older Abo Tani , why because the Galos only can recall the forefathers name of 30-40 generation .The Galos who jealously protect the great grandfathers name through unique way of the naming of son, say I am Togo my sons name will start from Go say Goto.This way one can easily remember the name of previous forefathers of say 30-40 pre-degree chart as there is a sequence which is easy to mug Up.And all the Galos are made to feel proud about their origin in their nascent stage, and mostly know their family pre-degree chart /roots.

                                                                   In my own case say my forefathers name from Ato is- Topo, pone , Nu-ur, Urchi , Chikar , karko , Koreh , Rihar , Hara , Aka , kanngu, Nguchi , Chimar,Marsen , Sengo , Gomar , Marli , Likar , kardak , Dakto and Togo.The sons of Rihar where later called as Basar`s . The critics still have reservations as the name of the place where Basar`s are predominant is also called Basar which some claims is name of a place; and some that Basar town and Basar clan name was the name given to the grandfather Rihar whom others wrongly spelled as Basar.This unique Galo naming practice unites all the Galo clans and community who where earlier living as brothers. And the Galos feel very proud about it, and some still despise the Christians for bringing foreign name as they fear this age old tradition will be broken.
                                                   Some Christians respecting their sentiments still maintain this Galo naming system, its good in a way that there is a mutual love and respect and desire for co-existance.Hope the none Christians will also appreciate this endeavor .But for academic discussion it is always better to make an introspection that we know the truth before acknowledging. To many critics , the forefather Abo Tani must not have been the first forefather their must have been older Abo Tani , as at this same time when the Abo Tani who can be traced 30 generation backward was living , the other Mongolian counterparts the Mughals where perhaps making Red Fort and Taj Mahal in India.

                                       Thus the Abo Tani who is considered to be the first Human being comes only under say 30-40 great grandfather genealogy list counting backward , it means either he was the first one to start the Galo language or he was not the original forefather .And their must have been Abo Tani -2 and 3 etc.Even the Galo trace back the roots before Abo Tani to zimi which means- silence. Than perhaps word of God as said in Hoy Bible come after silence. Thus there is need to systemize and coordinate the oldest belief in the world with the Holy Bible than only the true picture may come.As even the forefathers in the Old testament period have maintained the list of the earlier forefathers name, which shows that the Zews where much later forefathers before that all Human race seems to have been from Gentiles only.Even the Galos accept that the earlier list where eaten up during famine, as it was written in the Skeen of the animal. Thus the original forefathers name along with his immediate relatives name seems to have been missed by the Galos , which may have been a good point to see the missing link in the Holy Bible.

                                          But the story of the tower of jerrubabbel is important incident , as it is said that till the forefathers decided to make a big tower in place called jerrubabel.They had a common language but after their tower was demolished by God.They separated and migrated from each others and forgot the common language. Thus this story seems to be more plausible, after all the human being of the world may have not started from an ape but a common forefather only.And Charles Darwin has told us how the Environment will effect a particular living being if it migrate to some other place. And not only that there are too many language similarity also between Galo and other language of the rich civilizations which shows that we after all had common heritage .Like Galo term of father is Abo which is akin to Abba in Hebrew. I even wonder the word Allah must have been derived from Mongol.
                                                                                          As the Mughal roots can be traced from Mongol Chenghiz Khans descendents who where also Mongol clan members.Mind it the Mughals the Mongols relatives were not Muslim Khan; the khan term was later said to be given by the Britishers to the pathans.The term Allah can be seen in the Akbar’s personal autobiography- Din-e- Illahi , Akbars autobiography where famous quote of Muslim-` Allah Ho Akbar`, seems to be mentioned firstly. Interestingly Allah is an exclamation word in Galo also.When someone is suddenly getting pain this exclamation word comes naturally Allah which means save or so painful. The Old Prakrit language before advent of Sanskrit also has a similarity with Galo language , here Ma means No in Galo.Thus anthropologically the Galo culture is seen to be very rich.

                                   The British explorer Hamilton termed Galos as most civilized tribe of the NEFA as Arunachal Pradesh was earlier called as North East Frontier Agency. Another interesting point is the Donyi and Polo sun and the moon God , whom some locals worship now was perhaps not in the adjact form they where worship earlier. In the olden days sun God was seen as one who took human sacrifice like Incas sacrificed humans to sun god in Machu Pichu of Peru. The myth says that the criminals , physically underdeveloped , poor and destitute where earlier taken as sacrifice offering by the Village elders rich and powerful. Though their was a parallel belief that the sin of killing of human being , tiger and an elephant was also not easy to wash also in the Galo belief and practice.
                                     Today also the hunters refuse to shoot this animals for fear of curse of jungle god.But it seems this bad custom emanated from the Jeal to preserve the right kind of gene pool in the tribe and may be also a cult practice developed by some rich and powerful Galos to continue their hegemony .As earlier their was prolong inter tribe warfare and physical fitness must have been the need of the time .In some case symbolic sacrifice was also done, when the spirit of the hated Person who defied the Village customs where sacrificed. Thus this practice was like black witch cult practice even in Hinduism in the form of Narbali. Later on in the time of Lt.Governor R.N Haldipur this practices where banned. The Old bad practice naturally get phased out in the society this we see here.

                                                But later the sun and moon god has been symbolized with the benevolent god and goddess of the Donyi Polo sect of the Galo tribe of the Arunachal Pradesh India, though it seems to have been earlier used to symbolized with the man with pious heart by some initially .The advent of the Christianity made the Animists to revive their religion around this view that the sun and moon is the real creator. The contradiction between the Hinduism and the Donyi Poloism is eating of Beaf by Abo Tani followers, and the making of sun as female and Moon as male god,Or both the religion are more or less the same .The genesis of all the Old religion is nevertheless the practice of Donyi poloism type of religion , but it was not organized as it is now.Thus the Galo rituals and the practices are the treasure house of anthropology, and many anthropologists come to do research on this Oldest form of human worship practice.

                                                This is not adjactly a religion and seems more to be a way of life. The Christianity is considered a taboo here, because they think it is a threat to their cultural and tradition. As the custom and tradition is part of the thousands of years of evolution of Galos and peoples have seems to have engrossed to its belief and think themselves inseparable from it.So much so that the Peoples have become slaves of customs and seems to despise others .But slowly the society is evaluating and are appreciating each other .Thus there is need for mutual admiration rather than hate , as both community has to live together here.And nothing like learning from each other is fast changing world. Thus the need of the time is not only saving our culture and tradition but also enlightening our inner values like filling oneself with the love for the poor , destitute and minorities supporting justice and equality, which only Holy Bible teaches. Thus good part of the Old beliefs and Christianity can do wonder for our Peoples ,so we must keep this communication open . The totality of an achievement has to be seen to judge a culture as truly civilized .
                                   Thus the Christians and the none-Christians must co-exist.And their has to be a mutual respect and magnamity.We should not directly intimidated each other in the name of religion ,unless there has been real manifest injustice to some.And other in the formidable position should also should show their magnamity , without creating brouhaha over it.As why whole societies peace and tranquility suffer for one mans egoism.The deserving Persons from any religion should also be given one time chance.The Galo has to show its magnamity to show that it is truly civilized. Mind it the future relation between the Christian and non-Christian is going to determining the Arunachal Society to many extent.

                                               The peaceful reconciliation is today the duty of the elites of all the religion as God alone knows what is right and best.Thus subject like conversion is best left to God as it is his jurisdiction. The religion topic is unending and emotional one too.Thus unless a person is really interested one should not discuss this .It is difficult to educate one with the gospel alone , as the God is a spirit and those who worship him must worship him with spirit. A educated man will take his own time; there is beauty in all the God`s creation we should think meanwhile, society is in a transition period therefore it must be given time also .It may have been so that Lord and Savior Jesus Christ priorities love over everything else as he wanted us to co-exist. We need to take the Mizoram model of Christianity even if we have Christianity believes some .Another friend said -mind it peoples are not against the Christianity but some believers , as one has to have a master worthy to be respected.
                                               Thus appeal to all the Christian and none Christian to love each other and co-exit in spite of our minor diversity which is nothing in compare to our common love and similarity and shared future vision. This is a humble appeal to all the good persons of both the religion , who should not be misleaded by some rich and powerful to make them rich cinedie at the cost of the majority who wants deliverance. By unnecessarily trying to create a rift between us and deviate from core issue of deliverance in which some seems to have miserably failed.

The Chanakyas Opinion :-

                                              Today if the Chanakya would have been alive what he would have advised to the NDA team.He may have said make a honest introspection of the political situation. And may have honestly advised the BJP to declare categorically to do away with the Verna and the caste system in the Hindu society if the BJP comes to power. As the rise of the Mayawati madam within the Hindu is basically against the anger of this practice.And madam may not be pleased anything other than- this promise before any olive branch is offered to her; as she may know, this time or never for salvation for her community .As in this historic occasion the Behenjis support may be crucial for NDA success , as she is smart enough to kick out all the Crooks before election, though she may have been hand in glove with them earlier. After all our Publics are so forgetful and she may cash on in her avatar of new jan lok pal bill messiah.After all the action speaks louder than the word, and she has to also respected for her guts.

                                        And contrary to her, BJP seems to be doing what it should have done long time back.That is giving chance to the deserving backward caste members , but today it has to be content with the tainted Khuswaha .Sometimes BJP really seems to be slow in coming to a conclusion. But it is never also late for a introspection. In this world one never get something unless he makes a sacrifice. And when one demand for a political change , this changes has to be also ready to be accepted by them.As Publics will like impartiality of demand in letter and spirit , than only Publics will respect them.After all this is the crucial and historic period of the Country.And in no way the Peoples can be demarcated on the basis of class and caste which is also a no less important issue than the corruption issue.It may be not possible for the Hindus to change instantly , but nevertheless it will be a great gesture and political stroke if the BJP acknowledge the need for change which seems to be effect of the excessive glorification of Lord Rama by Tulsidas and Manu Wadi Vichardara of the Hindus.

                              Interestingly in other religion like Christianity,Muslim and Bhudhism also their was earlier a similar practice but later on this was removed . After all how one can claim themselves part of same Hinduism and divide themselves in the line of caste and creed.Thus BJP may be seen by some critics as the part of the only religion in the world which openly practice this evil practise , thus before blaming congress it should also introspect itself.Friends it will be not easy but not impossible as well, is politics also not all about public welfare? And how long this facts can be overlooked.If we don`t love our own how we can expect the world leaders to love us and press the Swiss govt. to cooperate us in black money issue.If the Hindus is revolving over this evil practice than honestly this has outlived its utility.Unless the real problem is addressed it is doubtful that the BJP who reflects Hindu ethos will get benefit.

                          The only problem of the BJP seems to be themselves being seen as slave of its own custom and tradition; today whole world has changed and the globalization is their to stay one like it or not.And questions will be raised on many issues not only corruption.The Khaaf panchayat fatwa on intermarriage murders are temporary .This frustrations won`t last , one day the victims may become martyrs. Tomorrow the more will like to marry from other culture and ethnic background I am sure .I remember in the Delhi University days the outsiders were dying to flirt the Mongolian girls who were called as Chinkis.As the latest interest of the new generation seems to be liking to do something new.

                                             Even biologically inter caste marriage is said to be very good from point of view of incorporation of good genes. The reason most of the poor Muslim are seen to have diseased , malnutiritioned and orthodox mindset progenies is said to be due to inter family marriages. Thus time for the BJP ruled State to give prize to one who resort to inter caste marriage with other communities and religion followers. Earlier Tulsidas may have wanted to have jealously protect the Aryan blood purity but things have changed now.In the present multifaceted society ,this though itself is seen to be evil and God will never bless this mindset also, as hating Dravidians may show indirectly that they are still Ravans descendents responsible for Sita Matas kidnapping.Man unless we forgive each other we cannot forge together. See many South States have today better track records.Honestly some publics thinks the BJP have still that Tulsidas mindset , who seems to have never digest the fact that Sita was kidnapped by a Dravidian- Ravana.

                                         And Mayawati mam may not be wrong in her own way ,as Hinduism in spite of its beautiful culture and tradition seems to be dogged with this dogmatic views for long.And as the BJP is basically the outcome of the Hindu philosophy majority thinks.The orthodox hindu way of life itself seems to be disturbing BJP`s growth now.I appreciate uma Bharti for her guts to say that Ram Janma Bhoomi are not in her agenda.Thus this favorable change in circumstances need to be use by the party effectively to show a new face.After all as Hindi saying goes-` Dar ke Age jeet Hain`.Earlier I also advised my close friend Tarun Vijayji to organize a healing crusade for the BJP and RSS cadres.As the Hindu forefathers seems to be one who seems to have certified the birth of son of God jesus Christ.As such today time has come for introspection of highest order , did not even the hindu Devtas earlier organized yagya to appease some god, may be time has come to try some one when everything else has failed. Today unfortunately the same Hindus the son of great rishi Munis seems to be sleeping – who where the one`s who told the story of Devta and Raksas pulling the snakes in samudramanthan ; which in fact may have been the introspection/ atma chintan to explore new horizon from where only the best result/ amrit comes.

                                            And for this one hell of a boldness has to be shown.See earlier masterstroke for the Congress was its theme song-` Jai Hon, of the movie -`Slumsdog millionaire’. See sometimes being a youth,the Gandhi son and the being master also matter a lot.As it helps in quick and bold initiative ; the experiment rocked as in politics one has to do something which yields maximum result in shortest time .I am sure in the BJP also there are lots of good think thanks within the party.The seniors need to also hear their innovative idea. The Peoples cannot be expected to convinced without addressing the main issue and cleverly defusing it is an art.The recent Salman Rushdie protest was a good political gain for the BJP though it is doubtful the party have that ability to master mind it.As the none welcome of master of Satanic verses seems to have cleverly divided the Muslims into educated Vrs. uneducated , good Vrs. fundamentalists. The new movie called ,`Gali Gali Main Chor Hain,`may do the trick for the opposition also what it did for the Congress, one never know.The new Uma Bharti is a major shift from her earlier tantrums, she looks more mature and talk senses now.Contrary to her some members of Congress party in U.P looks to be very rude, brash and abusive in her compare. Thus bit of more senses has t be incorporated by the party.

                                      The time is precious for the NDA the movie-` Buddha Hoga Tera Baap`, seems to be favoring the Old Advaniji , they should still now make a introspection of highest order. The senior leaders may have to still now make a secret deal with its potential allies. Sacrificing weak areas to potential allies and concentrating in their strong hold is need of hour.In this regard the Persons like Baba Ramdevji who is equally respected by the Mayawati, Nitish Kumarji and the BJP should be used in this field.Mind it the women from the Italy is enjoying the power only for this hatred and infighting within the Hinduism as she belong to none of the camp .And unless this real problem is addressed than their seems to be no way out for the BJP.And also years of indirect persecutions to the minorities and the Christians seems to have angered God and the Publics of this communities.
                                                                   As more the hatred is more the blessing of the God is seen to some in disguise.After all the minority majority will be not convinced of future security if there is categorical statement in this regard.It is wrong to see the voters only from the perspective of the number , as their may be Gods loved person or a party .As in the State of the Arunachal Pradesh where untold miseries where earlier given by the Congress Party to the Christians there is lots of soul searching to do by the Congress party.As temporary silence is also not golden always.

                                            Though the corruption is also an issue but in the end the Hindu vis a vis BJP have been seen to be more marginalized in their own place due to this caste reasons. The God and the Human dignity demand`s required that this issue has to be addressed. The Anna Hazare team seems to be helpless against the kind of resource mobilization need in the election. They did the worst thing by thinking themselves more powerful than the Baba Ramdev earlier .Who knows they were used by the Congress to divide the civil society also as they have this expertise. But it is never late, the helpless Anna team has no option than to tie up with the Baba Ramdev now.The Baba alone is seen to have the guts to criticize the Congress at impunity. One likes it or not, he seems to have outsmart the congress in the fund collection and may have not knowingly benefitted from the black money crooks also even if unknowingly some fund may have come to him.As the Congress are alleging him to be a thug, this I personally think is wrong , as man with evil heart cannot lambast someone with much conviction as telling truth is more difficult specially by a holy man.
                                                              As the word of the God is double edged sword , before cutting other , it Pearce oneself first-Holy BIble.The fact is the Opposition have also never dared to attack the Gandhi family directly so far and the congress man knows if Gandhi dies than Congress is finished. Also Babajis resource mobilization ability seems to be feared by the Congress, for it may fall into the opposition hand.After all Baba Ramdev can alone be seen to be going all against the Congress to any extent.And he has sure secret sympathizers among the Congress man also.This is atleast majority publics thinks, but it is equally truth that the Babaji seems to have failed to make major inroad with the minorities.

                                             The word of advise also for the Congress, it is time it stops its self obsessed nature and stop treating the smaller parties as slave.After all in spite of the best effort it is only the God`s blessing this time it is going to be mattering .As odds are also against the party not due to strong opposition but the new mood and fashion world over.The demand for change of the political party all the world over is danger for the Oldest party.The Punjab poll success may be due to prime Minister Manmohan Singhjis position in the Congress , but what will happen in other place, only time will tell .The Congress should at least have an ally to broker a deal in the future.In its quest for perfection , it should not kill all the lesser known parties in the region who could have really broker a peace deal for it in troubled time. In the case of no win win situation honestly persons like Nitish kumarji could have been used for both camps benefit by someone like me as blessed are those who are peace makers –Holy Bible.As my PPA was the only party who stood for the persecuted Christians in the State of Arunachal Pradesh in late 70`s .Will it also not get blessing by God today?And time also seems to have come for that as the alliance is not our compulsion like it is to some central parties, forget the days when Arunachal was land of kushi kushi.

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The solution to the swiss Bank black money:-

                                     There is a common Publics feeling that the Govt. is hiding something in the matter of the black money said to be stashed away in Switzerland. Even the none accepting of the Independency of CBI in the failed jan Lok Pal Bill earlier is seen to be fruitlessly tried to be a step to save the names of the Crooks by the ruling party. The doubt confirmed by the speech of M.P Adv. Ram Jetmalni in the Rajya sabha upper House. This issue is most embracing issue for the ruling congress party.

                                    As the more they are trying to deviate from it , more the questions seems to be coming in this regards , as peoples like Baba Ramdev also cannot be undermined, they have also some loyalists , that cannot be denied.At times may be more dangerous after all the religion is opioum of masses as said by- Maotse Tung. The Anna teams allegations that the Govt. refrained the Bombayites from joining the Anna rally recently seems to be proved right by the black flag shown to Hon`ble P.M Manmohan Singhji even by co- sardarjis in Amritsar visit. Unfortunately there are less number of Peoples  who speak the truth in India or this condition may have not come today.Everyone is to be blamed for the long stoic silence not only the Congress.Atleast Baba Ramdevji is praise worthy in catching the bull in its horn.

                               The only way to pass vibrant Jan Lok Pal Bill as demanded by the civil society members followers of social activist Anna Hazare may be defeat of the congress in the coming State election. But is Indians preferred for this ,will the wave of Arab spring effect us in coming elections? And the political fatigueness like we showed in West Bengal also go against Congress this time? As years of begging nature of the voters seems to have made Congress think thanks to undermine the Indian voters and made them to give their side with the rich and powerful.Some close to political bosses is said to have become millionaires within short time. So much so that the congress party may be now be caught unaware with the Arab spring type effect everywhere with the restless civilians . If what happened with the revolution world over even in Uncivilized Arab Countries is to be believed, the congress party may be in the historic occasion to be phased out.As after pinnacle of glory one`s downfall also come , but things are also different in India , the Gandhi family have also sacrificed and seems to know the pulse of the Publics for long .Today the Congress last line of defence seems to be also breached with the party taking out all its arsenal in this election, this was never the case earlier also as reserve forces have seen to be exausted.

                                                             Therefore this 5 state election in India may prove as the litmus test for one of the oldest party in the world- Congress party. And Baba Ramdevji who is the master and the pioneer of the Black money issue is expected to make his presence felt also , after another civil society activist Anna Hazareji is taken by ill.In fact Babaji seems to have better organized following, physical fitness and energy and may have visit many places by now.And even in the days of media the hard work alone is going to count.And one cannot undermine the supernatural power of a Yogi . Anna team may have did right thing  to tie up with him or it would have proved to be one day wonder.The Anna team seems to have done a wrong step earlier by sidelining Babaji, organizing last dharna in busy place like Bombay.They should have chosen the venue in revolutionary place like Calcutta in its place , this was even if Delhi permission was denied. And in the 31st December when People go to their home town they would have naturally got poor response. And to make the matter worse Baba Ramdevs presence was missed which gave the impression that their was a misunderstanding between both camp.The Civil right activists also need to make an introspection of highest order or it may be a political hara-kiri without it, and they should also show their selflessness. One thinks some tainted members of the team Anna who is seen to be  lacking  guts against Congress for their own past silly mistakes , should announce for retirement after Jan Lok Pal Bill is passed.As barring few like Kumar Viswasji most of them have been shown in bad light by the Congress party.This ready to sacrifice image may further win the Publics as enemy cannot be undermined,but the corruption issues are their neverthlessly also, so the fight will be interesting to see and the victory will ultimately lie with the God and destiny.

                                                                               One has to accept that there is more party discipline with the Congress even if one family politics is seen to be outdated concept in other countries. Thus the Congress cannot be easily undermine as well. Even if they fail to form their own Govt. they may be still be in a formidable position to form a Govt. of their choice giving outside help. The situation right now seems to be right for rise of a neutral person like Nitish Kumarji whose JDU have so far maintained equi-distance with BJP and INC.Thus one never know about the political future of country. If Congress emerges victories it will be also difficult to be dislodge for say another 20-30 yrs. Also.The anti congress groups has to win the minority votes as soon as possible , this is the only option left for them. For this some real confession of sin may be needed for all the injustice done earlier from high caste to the low caste and minorities. And the Baba Ramdevji has to be able to unite the spiritual persons of other religion also, and thus smallest of smallest persons have to be personaly invited with financial assistance.As ultimately it is the grass rooted leader who is going to be mattering.As Publics are also fed up of Blitzkreiz in national media .
                          And for this he may have to show his charitable work to  others also ,as it is easy to criticize others but difficult to sacrifice , so this aspect have to be shown by him also.As in India the Hindu Charitable trusts have been more previliged than other spiritual charitable trusts in Country in the matter of donations .One can`t afford to loose the organised Christian lobby in this historic occassion as  the most of the Publics secretly appreciate the  Christians yeoman service.And today it has been proved that all the allegations of the Countries development benefits  and  foreign aid to the Christians where nonsense.Other Hindu trusts being seen to be  the number one beneficiaery.The Bharat Swabhiman members may recommend my below article below, seeking world help from good peoples to Baba Ramdevji. After all did any Christian from Europe and America  deposited money in India , thus what have to be appreciated has to be appreciated .
                                                      And the Indian Citizens should also learn from our past mistakes and refrained from giving leaders and rulers status to our representatives, also any political party should also stop taking credit for taking any development initiative- as if all the Country are its subject and money was used from its party fund. The development work is basically galvanisation of citizens commulative tax collected to be used for overall benefit , unless the political party also share large booty in their party funds to the genuine persons they can`t be respected either.As charity which is done in selfless way only need to be respected and God will bless them those who does it secretly.lately the Political Parties have been also seen to be only selfish.Giving State and national awards also to the undeserving sycophants only.Thus time for repeantance with all, beginning with enlightened one`s of all the Political parties.
                             One cannot also criticise political party like Congress at impunity without doing charity himself.Today the enlightened Publics will not like two dfferent yardstick for the enemy and oneself ,in any case we have to hate the sin than sinners.The God will only bless us if we have no vindictive attitude in future, thus personal enimity we must discard .And not only that, all the spiritual leaders may have to give assurance of equal treatment in future to all the religion, specially if the political changes happens in India.One`s like the  Hindu enlightened leaders like- Baba Ramdevji and Pt.Ravi Shankarji should catogarically affirm this in national media.Mind this , no catogorical statement on this subjects in  earlier election have strengthened the Congress hand.As the Party filed with crooks also take no time in confessing it`s sin a critic was acknowledging this special trait of the party.

                                Whatever Congress senior leaders has said of justice and equality has to be shown in letter and spirit. As in the state of Arunachal Pradesh , earlier their were worst kind of persecution meted out to the minorities and opposition members. Who knows God may be punishing Congress party for this whimsicalness in this helpless and hapless places. But, I also appreciate the brutal honesty of Rahulji in communicating with friends from various fields, who call`s spade a spade.And he seems to not mind.Incidently all of friends in his face book from none congress background may be indirectly giving him right feedback he always wanted. And in times of troubles those friends from different class may also help him to broker a deal for him also.As you cannot bank on sycophants and political traitors as there are ample of mark Antony and Brutus this days, worst is enemy within.`Lean and thin and hungry looking Peoples are always dangerous,` as said by world famous novelist- William Shakespeare. And only a inner democracy within a party will help in evolution of ones personality.But honestly the  congress leader is seldom seen as groups of rubber stamp sychopants. The congress man`s sense of fear to Gandhi family rather than respect seems to have engulfed the cadres so far , and though Gandhi family members cannot be blamed also for the dumbness of its cadres but party is seen to be suffering in this new environment.

                                               Thus Congress seems to also facing worst transition period, the situation`s like this also keeps party in dangerous situations as it increases palace intrigues, as silence is poisonous or kills a person within. And also in this new world one has to be well equipped to make new friends and advisers, one can`t expect other to tell only one part of life as gospel truth .This may have helped the party earlier , but seen to be harm the party now.Mind it Rahulji may be Congress strongest point or the weakest point.As he represent the 3rd generation Gandhi family.In fact in the new public mood the parties strong point seems to be persons like-Mani Shankar Aiyyarji, Sashi Tharoorji, Jai Ram Rameshji and Ajay Makhanji who speaks truth.Not like other`s who only spell venom.But they are also becoming game changers and trying to prove that all are not yes man in the Congress camp.This internal democracy are also important to bring a vibrancy in the party but also dangerous in the long run as after all the congress is a one man family party.But if the world over is today for a revolution can anyone stop this?Party loyality vis-à-vis belief in hierarchy have been its strong point so far, let us see will it remain so or not? As the single family politics in world have become long obsolete.

                                   As for Ram Jetmalanis allegations I say only one like Baba Ramdevji has also moral authority to criticise the black money holders , because in India none is clean , saying is easy only God has the power to punish as he is alone clean and judgment belongs to Him.The problem with India is everyone is blaming others with impunity. I also suggest the Anna Hazare team to completely abstain from taking any post, after they succeed like the Gari Baldi who played majore role in unification of Italy did ;than only people will respect them.Neither Congress or Anna team can take the Country man for any ride as they have become far matured .God alone give justice though in many a case`s it is late.
                      Thus we should also forgive our senior corrupted leaders and also defeat them democratically rather than planning to harm them physically .As if they had earlier purchased the voters, Publics also allowed this .The corrupted leaders tomorrow will have also more problem motivating the supporters specially if a strong Lok Pal Bill is passed .I believe by love alone one can be changed ,or everyone will definitely try to save themselves and their interest and this confrontations will always go on between have`s and have-not class cinedie .

                                Friends it need halluva lot of guts and power to resist the bribe money thus the Jan Lok Pal issue may go a long way if the national reconciliation is not shown by all of the sinners who where also silent creator of present monstor.when Late Dorzee Kanduji Ex-C.M Arunachal Pradesh was repeatedly offering me some bribe to convince a whistle blower. I have seen that it would not be easy if I have not sit for 40days fasting earlier to say no. Thus one has to be really a born again person to refrain from the temptations. As such I have many a times also advocated open democratic discussions evaluating our spiritual beliefs as well. As if we pray the wrong God itself will it have no effect in our Individual . famility , society and countries health.The main source of corruption has to be addressed or it will be a difficult task. 
                            Thus better not to discuss certain topics which belongs to God like judging others.And if we discuss let us discuss to logical end and seek the real God also, than only we will be perfect , as unless God bless we will never be hundred percent holy .I have always tried to bring peace and reconciliation even if it harm me and my party.Well the strong party like Congress can easily bang it now as our`s is a small party but that may be not God wants after all.Will a loose federation also make a strong nation?But the God will expect magnamity and charity even from big Political party and in this absence also today all the parties may be in worst horrible transition period.I am ready to work for real political peace if the Congress and BJP calls me someday.

                                With time more congress silence in Swiss Bank issue will also bring more rumor that the sincere , foreign educated ,vocal and senior leaders are not allowed and removed in the congress because of their danger of divulging some secret of the party that may be hidden in the Swiss bank.And with the opposition given one time chance the Publics will be expecting lots of secrets to come up.And this protection of some alleged secret if proved a reality and exposed will be most challenging point for the party if it looses the election. Mind it the real question is search of identity of the Indians this election will prove that. And if the Gandhi family again wins than it is to be expected to be divine blessed family also.For me honestly both BJP and Congress is friend , my friendship also cut across party lines. As finally it is the will of the God I am going to respect.So time alone will tell us who is right , as for now both the parties have lots of time to confess their sins to God and publics.

                        As in spite of better resource and think thanks and advisers the solution to the swiss bank issue for the Congress should be in telling the whole facts before the U.P election, as Publics seems to have smell blood and may not be amused with justification of agreement with the Swiss bank authorities forbidding the disclosure of secret.And telling other things like earlier they always did.Today Publics want clarifications on issue which they want to hear. The age old tradition of the Congress party to side with the rich and powerful may boomerang this time, if immediately lots of crooks are not put in prisons. What at least the Govt. can do is to make polygraph / narco- analysis test of the finance minister of country and alleged international business man who have invested in Foreign countries compulsory .

                             This too with live telecast, asking them this questions like- was agreement with swiss Govt. fixed and weather business community having business interest in Europe have ever stashed money in Swiss bank or not?And this has to be underataken by a neutral agency. And to begin with it should be experimented on the relative of the rich and powerful ,who become rich overnight. After all does any foreigner deposited black money in India?Thus one cannot denounce Baba Ramdevji also.He may have run or stage managed to be shown as eloping from Ram Lila Maidan , God alone knows the truth, but is his black money issue is not worth pondering also? And the Congress party should not be experimenting with the jan Lok pal Bill with the success or failure of the party in this 5 State.

                                 Innocent Seva Dal members like it or not, the removal of Congress party in this 5 State may alone ally the doubts of Anna Hazare supporters.And for the party last chance is- good Samaritan work alone will give the Congress justification in not having the CBI under the Jan Lok Pal members.As even if the kushwaha issue may have defamed the BJP.The civil society members may also make a surprise U- turn in ensuring the win of less corrupted and genuine person like Nitish Kumarjis Janta Dal united in the U.P State election. One never know the sudden reversal of fortune for some who have been maintaining good ACR for long to be neglected.

                                            As Country also not belong to a single party, if Narendra Modiji is criticized. Is their any reason that all will hear same criticism heaped on by Congress Spokespersons on other more deserving leader. Friends It is wrong to think all Indians is filled with Congress seva dal members , as eventually the undecided Peoples decide the politics. Is their a better option for the Country man than Bihari babu this time ?in spite of the fact that Rahulji seems to be a nice guy and some cannot garner media blitzkrieg like others.But today the price rise have broken the backbone of the Publics living on jungle vegetables and fruits in State of Arunachal Pradesh , than what to say about the marginal farmers in U.P and Bihar who have inherited bad custom like Dawri system from their forefathers. Thus God bless the India with a good leader as leaders heart He alone know , as too much of talking have been already made, and most of the countryman are now  matured to decide right thing who knows?

Sunday, January 15, 2012


                                    I must acknowledge the good Samaritans who helped me during times of troubles , as it is wrong not mention some sponsors behind me. They have proved that there is also some few good Peoples who value relations and sacrificial life. As since the day one I have been doing social activity like one man army. And the persons who inspired me most was my father Sri Dakto Basar who was richest man of Basar area once upon a time. Only for his quest for justice and equality he never progressed , but I am proud of being his son. And another person who was my mentor was my elder brother Er.Tomo Basar (Supt.Eng. PHED )he is best man in this planet .And it is also worthy to mention a person who bear my tantrums for a long time my younger brother Sri Tojo Basar now a business man for this unique adventurism of mine.

                                        It is better to be in the place where you enjoy doing work , than to do what other`s want you to do. From the day one I have been a socialite .In my Hindu college days in Delhi University I was made as the president Arunachal Student union Delhi. Than I was made as the Adviser- Women Welfare Society Basar, Adviser Emmanuel Baptist Church which is my parent Church, Adviser Galo Baptist church Council , Adviser Christian Community of Basar , Adviser peace and Justice Dept. Council of Baptist Church North East India. And State Gen. Secy. Peoples party of Arunachal Pradesh. And henceforth I am refusing any more post and even requesting friends to remove me from this posts.

                                 As this extra-activities took much of time of my professional time , and I was increasingly finding this difficulty to take this extra burden any more in my life, as I have to look after my family also. And being a social person I had to compromise with my professional ethics. It was this time that the following persons come as guardian angels for me:- Sri Tabom Bam IAS my high profile relative being the Hon`ble Chief Secy. Govt. of Arunachal pradeh India ,Sri Mento kamdakji my relative and top business man of my State , Sri Setong Sena Hon`ble cabinet Minister Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh a co-believer in Baptist Christian denomination and a very genuine man of our time. Whatever help one had rendered I must be obliged as the drop of rain makes a mighty Ocean.

                                  As today it is better to donate openly than to do any omission and commission in a secret manner, as this secret practice have spoiled the society. Is in America also the donations is also not openly made to the politicians? Though it is far less than what my mission work demands but I am really thankful to this peoples, who have believe in me when today I am no one.I have learnt in life , it is up to one`s personal relationship also to get one`s favor, and there are secret admirers of one`s good work. May God bless this generous helpers who are seldom to find in this part of the world.

                         In this transition period we must forgive each other and give second chance , as God is already their to punish also.As some officers may have limited power with them earlier and could not have stopped the prevalent injustice in soceity.And I am sure many of the good mans become victim to the total failure of the state machinery. It was cumulative failure even if their was a mistake, besides any intellectual and elite, barring the animals can be rectified- I fervently believe. And when even some officer have specially studied in the Christian Colleges they can be our future asset. And today their name may be unnecessarily dragged by the critics without verifying their personal involvement in persecution era .
                                      This is an era of reconciliation and we must also win over some genuine supports, whose support will be also very much needed for this society in the transition period to make this place a better place.And as such all should also show much needed magnamity.And we must work together for a better future of the state and the world to make it a better place, where the Christian and Donyi- poloists in Arunachal Pradesh India , Hindu and Muslim in India and Muslim and Zews in the Jerusalem can live peacefully. And remember love alone has the power to do this unthinkable.

                      And one who sponsor for the cause of love and justice, their name must be remembered also.As the good persons work are recognized.Nerverthless, we must be prepared also as peace has a price and a spark may start from a small neglected  place.


                                           It will be worst on my part not to tell the glory of God. This is to glorify Him alone who is the real God and living God. In the Day of the Judgment I will be at loss if I don’t say this today, when I am already writing too many others thing with His mercy and graceness.Friends God alone command life and death it is our privilege to work for him as on death bad our all shame and egoism becomes naked and proved meaningless. Howsoever famous and successful we are, some thing in life alone remain fundamental principles like loyalty to God.Even if some laugh at you initially this alone will make one successful and ultimately humanity have to come back to it.

1.God`shelp from turbulent life :-I was a introvert child in my childhood my mother died early , their was too many who bullied me in my convent days .But finally God helped me to evolve from childhood trauma. After my graduation in D.U, I was floating like a rudderless ship as some dreams never fade. Even if one like it or not , after all every young man`s have crash on some point of time and first distractions are not easy to go away that soon .And for long I was like floating in Sea like rudderless boat helplessly floating, like character mentioned in Homer`s epic Nobel-` Iliad and Oddesey`.But lastly God helped me forget the past and get ultimate peace in him.

2.God helped in my operation:- Once When I was getting operation , I virtually died in the Operation theatre but God saved me .I felt the bitter truth in life that- everything is temporary only Gods love which will reach anywhere even in death bed. Friends I had near death experience when I was being operated alive , as the anesthesia medicine failed .It was so painful as if thousand snakes biting ,I am few person to see this stage according to a Doctor relative .This is hell you want to die but could not. But there were worst pain than skinned alive, that were the sins I had committed earlier. Friends one is really willing sincerely to repent and take Baptism when its too late. Remember the story of the rich man Lazarus who wanted to repented in hell as told in Holy Bible. This is fact for rich or poor alike I am privilege few to be given a second chance in life you may not be that lucky, more so only in Operation theatre I knew Lord and Savior . As I went through hell and have seen that lord Jesus Christ alone can save me from this eternal pain. So beware of death it is hell to the sinners.

3.God helped me clear my LLB:-after operation it become increasingly difficult for me to clear the LLB.I was a brilliant student cleared my first year Law easily which is considered as the hardest. But after Operation it become very difficult for me.lastly I undertook many fasting programme 3 days in Jipu Prayer centre -Likabali , 21 days and 40 days fasting in Chate pasting Centre Medziphema Nagaland India and God showed me the result also.This was a very positive spiritual experience and good for me in future so that I rely him in alone . After fasting programme God used me as translator in the healing crusade of Brother Don Gosset , a Baptist missionary from America in my capital Itanangar Arunachal Pradesh India.

4.God showed me vision for warning some peoples and some top leaders of my State. This can be verified from the Person concerned most of them who are alive should not deny it :-

                  A.God show me snake curse upon the body of the Mr. Mihuk Taipodia of Gensi town of west Siang Dist. Arunachal pradesh in the Chate prayer centre when I was in 40days pasting programme.After a prayer in broad day light I show snakes in Mihuk`s body. Her wife accepted that his husband killing 3 Python before he become Christian. There is a belief in our Galo community of West Siang Dist. Of Arunachal Pradesh India that unless old curse are cleared by ones old system of prayer and sacrifice to deity.One will have problem becoming Christian. But Christian belief is through nice repentance and fasting everything is possible. And some times we have to make specific prayer to get requisite result and for this holy spirit Person guidance is needed I learned after experiencing it myself.But it is very difficult to get this stage.

                      B.God Show me that my friend Adv. Goke Ori was making a building quickly. I told him to seek Gods kingdom first, he is now suffering from a brain disease and needs our prayer support, A vision come to gospel to Late Gohen Bam of my home town Basar also .He was ill than, when I visited his house. Though I wanted not to, but I had to go to his house to proclaim God`s greatness he should have accepted Him when alive.

                     C. Soon God Show Gobin Bus owned by Late Gohen Bam , was falling below road, told the church members of his native Bam Village to pray. Next day the Bus had a narrow escape, though the family members were said to be upset with me thinking I brought the bad omen for them .

                     D.God made me Warned Lijum Ronyaji Ex- Power Minister of the Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh India not to criticize Christian`s; when he was in the verge of becoming the chief Minister of my State of Arunachal Pradesh of North East India.If BJP had won second time under Bajpayji he was a sure shot .This happened When he was staying in room No.3 of the Basar Circuit house and this advise was heard by Mr.Modak Riba A.E Basar.The rumor is ripe that he criticized brother Neelam Taram a veteran Baptist leader contrary to my advise and also Ex-Home Minister of our State who wrote famous book-`A glimpses of Baptist Church in North east`, and fall down with the central Govt.

                          E.God made me Warn Sri Gegong Apangji Ex-Chief Minister who ruled my State for two decades not to promote his family members when I was working with Omak Apangji his son in his first M.P contest. But I was rather sidelined by the Sr, Apang for this brutal honesty. Later after lots of family problem Apangji seem to have repented a lot.I have also lots of expectations from old family friends who may have not forget me either.

                       F.God made me tell late Dorzee Kandu Saab Ex- chief minister of my State that one Buddhist leader was going to become Hon’be C.M of Arunachal Pradesh india very soon; this was on his repeated query in Borjhar Airport ,within ten days he become. This was witnessed by Hon`ble MLA Tswang Dondup from Tawang Constituency on my way to Delhi in Gauwahaty Borzhar airport Assam India.

                      G. God made me to tell Hon’ble cabinet Minister of my State Sri Jarkar Gamilinji present Hon`ble cabinet Minister Transport and Cooperative Dept. Govt. of A.P India that he was going to win as MLA this is in DC Office Chamber of the West Sian Dist. Arunachal Pradesh, this was one days before the counting of election results. God showed the victory in his face itself. But going by what he is facing hardship from a other clan member. I think it is pre- destined as also in vision I show some barking dog after victory announcement of his name.

                    H.God made me told Dorzee Kanduji Ex- Chief minister to repent when he called me before he died for a personal help.He should have repented may be God could have saved him.This was witnessed by Sri Kembom Riba of pagi Village.

                    I.And most recently I was warned in a dream that I need to be careful in the journey and I survived break fell of my old car.This is after attending the Healing crusade at Aalo.God ensures that even death is thwarted in his duty.

                     J.And more recently I was warned regarding the illness of my daughter Goshen Basar in dream, she is now hale and hearthy after prolong illness. Hope the good and gracious God will again help me in collecting fund for my future visions.

This are some important miracles of God in my life, many of which I even don`t remember. The facts can be verified as many of Peoples are still alive.The making of this blog also, which may help me quite a lot in getting favor of great peoples like you in troubles time is also God`s plan.This is also God`s mercy alone , this God is really living God.Let us work together for his lory.Praise the Lord.


                                       In the last article I wrote how the Christians where miserably persecuted in the State of Arunachal Pradesh India . The years of persecution seems to have developed a kind of inferiority complexion like never before to some.Thus the time to rescue the co- believers of little faith in persecuted place like mine , who have become increasingly escapists and fearful and take one side of the Bible for excuse for non involvement in politics for their own candidate or place their communal commitment above God out of fear and greed .I appeal this as an exceptional case where we have to change our tactics to help our co-believers where the healing crusade and preaching seems to have been meaningless. This is by directly funding our deserving candidates in elections.

                                                For long we have been criticized and wrongly alleged of getting foreign aid whereas these places have never received any .And worst the seldom reached some christian places. And inspite of our maximum cooperation to others if the doubt and ill will persists, so be it even if they allege us of outside help.The condition here is like Male Gibsons movie-`Apocalypse`, where the Spaniards are seen to arrive as guardian angels for some minor tribe in Peru in dire need. The things here in some Assembly Constituency in Arunachal Pradesh India during election time is worst. The deserving ones never get chance only for the paucity of fund ,this is unlike in other place where there is no Christian persecutions in my State and other place in my Country. See today God himself seems to be behind the revolution to fight for justice and equality worldwide , so it will be chance to work with God to make this world as one devoid of injustice. See the Arab spring revolution and fight for Jan Lok Pal Bill in India.Than how God can now tolerate injustice on Christians in some places, where they have been persecuted since long time.And so this S.O.S. to you all, not only the Christians but good Persons of all the world over.

                                   As my Christian brothers are so poor in my place, that they need a good political leader which is only possible with your help.As the rules are different here we have to make a Moses here than a Levites, as the belief system here is like in Olden days.The problem with the Country is acute need of the God-ordained leader , more so here in my State.We should treat this as the integral part of the mission work to sponsor a political leader in such place. As in this part of the world it matters a lot to have our own leader. Better to make a fish Pond than giving a fish as we have so many problems as the society is in worst transition period. Only in 1947 the People here saw the sudden surge of civilization and still yet to cope with it. The Christian believers here in my place have unfortunately started to feel that only the poor man becomes Christians this mindset is dangerous and have to be removed. Why our rich Christian Countries can remain mum from this painful scene in some places.Doesn`t Jesus` command,` to preach the gospel all over the world `include such places?
                                    It is pertinent to mention that my Publics in state are completely dependant on Govt. projects , and as in some places none of major contract work given to Christians so far.And not only that more than 80% of officers from Christian background only targeted in some places recently in transfer . Therefore our local leadership have to be encouraged as believers now seems to want a miracle of different short. As in our places this alone seems to be mattering as the Politicians carry lots of claught and the present non-Christian representatives are failing in delivering in the front of justice and equality, yet by money and muscle power each time they come back.Thus the best way is praying for their repentance and praying for the confidence and welbeing of the co-believers .

                                     And to some critics who opine that some power obsessed senior leaders seems to fear the doctrines of Bible, which talks about justice and equality and so indirectly and secretly rising anti Christian activity so this appeal also to give them befitting reply by prayer and fasting . As inspite of giving them utmost cooperation earlier it is doubtful they will show their magnamity for us by reciprocating also. So we do trust that only God and his power can fill many readers with pity for us.Some expert believes, Sodom and Gomorrah, the ancient Biblical towns were basically destroyed by God for injustice to poors more than the sins of its citizens .Thus it may be time for becoming guardian angel in some of my assembly constituency in Arunachal Pradesh ,India (Asia) as for long there is open injustice to poors and believers during elections.

                                      We may have to give a damn to one who says we are fanatics, as for God`s work this is but natural that we will be criticised.After all Christianity is not a fashion, It is a passion , the way the God has for us. Remember God is not asking us for killing our son like He did to Abraham to taste his loyalty; he is telling us to execute our right affirmatively and help others do so in places where Christians brothers have been directly or indirectly persecuted for long.And where so far Christians have not got their fair chance . As going by Holy Bible it is seen God is definitely against selling one`s right, if one takes money for vote in election it is against God`s commandment. And yet years of injustice seems to have developed that beggars mindset in my place,to remove this we need the support of the guardian angels like you.

                                            As the others mock Christian community as poor and downtrodden ,may be this is the time to show them who the sons of the God are.And this mission should be a beginning of intervention to save political minority of all religions in long run. I fervently hope one day this dream will come true.Only the United world religion can make a better world , and since one has to spearhead a good revolution I am appealing to you all.As this Arunachal case is different , for so long the Christianity was persecuted here. And my credentials as spiritual leader can be verified in the previous testimony, it is up to you to trust me or not?As lately accepted their were too many thugs. But my long endurance in writing this blog for you is testimony to my sincerity and story of one- man struggle against odd`s even if I could have earned crore from my rich relatives help .

                                  The propagation of gospel of God the issue is so important that some genuine leaders in my place have to sacrifice their own profession, relatives and friends also.This have made some genuine leaders without much financial stability to pursue their goal with much difficulty. And having come so far I accept my Christian brothers in particular to be loyal to God till the end and back us up. The more challenges we have ahead more we will have greater blessings from God and will have miracle and testimonies to be seen by others. As today all the spiritual leaders may have to unite to face the challenging time ahead. As the dedication to God is decreasing day by day due to some pockets where some devils have made their last bastions and operating in whole world from their. Thus like holy crusade we are waging war with the principalities and dark forces here so this S.O.S.This should not be misconstrued by none believers friends to thinks that we are planning a secret war against them.But this is basically a clarion call to fight the immorality we have in world ; beginning from my place, which can be a world unity spiritual centre in long run,as lately world has also never united for a common purpose that is good and noble.

                                       Remember the Lord never like to forsake a single Sheep and same is accepted of his disciples to look for us also who are in verge of getting lost.Besides God like one who gives from heart.The amount is not important, we want someone who gives willingly from his bottom of heart. Fortunately for me cutting across party lines friends like - Rahul Gandhiji Youth President INC , National Spokesman for BJP Tarun Vijayji  and Baba Ramdevji should be supportive to me  .The evils need to be demolished with prayer and financial support and unity in diversity .May be the reason Lord told to doubting Thomas-` I will bless them more tomorrow, who believe me without seeing me`.As He might have been perfectly aware of the rich and powerful Christian believers dwindling interest in Christian cause.And for that God`s graceness, today we need to believe more in Holy Bible and regard our leaders as modern prophet`s and do charity in really deserving places and purposes; which will be in fact best investment for yourself. As it is easy to criticize but difficult to tread the hard paths of the genuine leaders.

                                                    In this challenging places, leaders have to be respected and supported, as many missionaries and pastors go to bed without food.And out of poverty some believers in my place has been made to accept the election time as money making time.And the greed has become major stumbling block with the poor and innocent here who seems to pray their representatives rather than God.So much poverty, a God- ordained leader alone can repair the broken wall of my State . Basically due to prolong manipulation by some rich candidates who are yet to know God all the walls in my State seems to be in broken condition like in Nehemias days.The Corrupted one`s only seem to remember Christians in election and use them as voters. And for years they have been dividing my fellow beings in the name of the clans and tribalism to serve their own interest. It is time for all the co-believers in this world to be with us in this testing time. Whereas God wants us to do good thing all our times and those gentlemen seems to have perfectly stood as the anti Christ making others to believe them more than the God. And worst the innocent Villagers are starting to think that they are helping them from their own money and are more trust worthy than the God ,missionaries and pastors.

                                  But in fact it is not even 10% of what they are individually helping to themselves, their family , their supporters and none believer contractors , this is in spite of the fact that there are even Christian Political party workers with them, who seldom get any benefit. Truth is bitter but God seems to be also angry with this injustice, so presently as per God`s prophesy which come to Evan. Christopher in the healing crusade in Aalo town West siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh. who conveyed God`s message that- initially we will get one Hon`ble Chief Minister from Christian background .The present HCM Sri Nabom Tukiji is our first HCM from our community , he is from Roman Catholic denomination. But he also seems to be helpless to change everything suddenly , as such this appeal to fulfill God`s 2nd will that the State is going to be Christian State soon.

                                           To some it means most of the Christian has to be promoted as Member of Legislative Assembly-MLA to remove the much draconian Indigenous faith Bill, based on this untold miseries earlier fell on Christians in State of Arunachal pradesh. Incidentally last time when Hon`ble Ex-Chief Minister of my State called on me, I had warned him regarding this injustice to the Christians and Poors who are synonymous with each others.He should have done something regarding this, unfortunately he died in choffer crash. Remember God wants us even to vote for his chosen ones, he is the owner of our life ;we can`t afford to keep some thing secret for us.But all this things have been cleverly sidelined by some crooks in some constituency, threatening and luring the poor and innocent voters before elections. Basically unemployed and troubled youth`s are said to be well financed with wine and money to protect their interest during election time.The condition in fact is no less than in African countries.

                                            Therefore,this may be the right time to highlight this injustice to protect the Christians from desperations even in present era in some place in State of Arunachal Pradesh India, which earlier show unprecedented persecutions to Christians and this seems to be continued indirectly now also. The rich and whimsical may always use their money power , and those co- believers and good persons of world over who believes in my vision of a united and happy future world are accepted to help us.As fortunately for some, though they have been blessed with good family background and knowledge, but they have burnt out themselves in the process to be voice of the voiceless. And have not earned much as they could have and need all the good Peoples World over to support them. After all can a Christian leader can overlook this evil practice anymore? as tolerating injustice to poor and downtrodden should be a great sin to my believe. Even if you forgive someone for personal harm to you, can you overlook the injustice to poors?And thus I am appealing to all the world because this is not only our problem but the world problem. As the God must want us to use the new globalization scene to help each other and prosper together. As today God has made us as global village and our body of Christ constituting the believers of all the church of the world are part of same extended family. And it is my duty to tell my problem to all of you. As if there is cancer in one portion, mind it all may die soon.
                                                  Today the good part is , the world inspite of rampant corruption is also seen to appreciate the one who is waging relentless war against corruption and nepotism. Specially waged by those who could have enjoyed best of their life.As saying goes truth always triumphs, many a times I have been also offered bribe to change my ways but I rejected. Friends, if you are a person of pure heart , can you afford to neglect the suffering brothers , and God who is ever willing to help the righteous will he fail us by not blessing those who support this most important God`s mission? As he says love thy unknown neighbor as thyself.Once roaring professional success has a limitation, Public tend to see them as opportunists giving time to themselves. Today need of the hour seems to be, a leader - who have come up from pain and excelled against the odds influencing so many peoples. The more the corrupted refuse to budge and try to portray others in bad light, more the good Peoples should unite and back him up, as there is evil in the society because good people do nothing.Who knows for a one good man , whole world may also prosper tomorrow.Thus to show love thy neighbor theory in letter and spirit. I am not at all filling with shame and appealing you all to send us financial help in this great mission. After all if the corrupted one`s are shameless in doing corrupt practice can we sit silent also?


                                   The time has come for all the world Citizens to support the logical, rational and practical mission`s which have far reaching ramifications. As a one sincere man may prove himself as one man Industry and game changer. The good things of each other has to be taken to make a better world.There is no scope for egoism and pride in the modern world, in my earlier article I have written that Lord Jesus came for sinners of all the World , and Christianity is a World religion as it is all encomposing.But the God is a good God as well,he gives freedom of choice , but it would have been good if all the world community have also searched highest form of spiritual truth besides quest for modern development, to begin with even if the spiritual perfection as the Holy Bible demand is not possible, atleast a beginning is to be made in that direction.

                                       We have to change our attitude for it, beginning with what we have with us like the short man called Jacheus the text collector climbed up the top tree when the lord and savior Jesus christ was passing by .As one great man said- if you can`t run walk , and if you can`t walk crawl, the point is one should always move ahead in all the field`s in his life.It is pertinent to mention that all the great mans like prophet Mohammad , Mahtma Gandhiji and Swami Vivekanadaji is said to have initially tried Christianity futilessly.As they were great man thought it as impractical for common believers .But for us who know we are sinners, God is the best refuge for us as , he have cleansing power and we need to renew again and again with His graceness.

                                               After the repeated failure of the astronomers on the mission to moon.When the Appolo -11 mission was finally successful .On landing on earth Astronaut Neil Armstrong was asked a question by a journalists. And on his reply they where taken by surprise when this question was asked? What was the highest feeling of achievement in his life.The answer was emphatiticaly- when he took baptism in the name of the father , son and holy spirit. They thought he will say it was reaching moon after so many had died before. Friends the fear of God alone can develop an Individual , family and community , no amount of nuclear and missile capability is going to give that super power stardom. As to a educated and rational man devoid of prejudice and dogmatic views I fervently hope Lord and savior message can alone logically convince him. There has to be a spiritual torch in the world to lead and inspire others and one like it or not Christianity is doing that, and this may show that he is real living God.

                                                 Even if the Britishers are hated for subjugating India for long , but Mahatma Gandhi used the philosophy of Bible I,e- non-violence to give independence to modern India also .But see the son of God Christ Jesus he showed his magnamity to talk about love to others, he never wanted to finished other`s viewpoint.Infact he appreciated that good Samaritan who took care of an unknown strangers who was dying in a roadside Jericho. The Lord seems to have really come for all, as he show his love to Jacheous the tax collector who was perhaps a non- Christian.As the devotion of the Lord of the Jacheus spirit seemed to attracted Lord. And He who alone have the super power to give salvation to some one who make nice confession in cross along with Him alone is the real God and treat all world as his own . This we see when the thief crucified with the Lord Jesus Christ repented truelly and his spirit was taken to heaven ,but this are also exceptional cases . So though the Jesus Christ alone is the truth, all the religion in the world seems to be mutually complementary also, and as such the Jesus Christ at least cannot be monopolized and patented by any one community or Country.

                                The world over not only respect the United State of America for it`s high-teck arsenals but for their good Samaritan work also , as they are number one when it comes to running charitable institutions and fighting for the Poor and destitute. And they soon find out the genuine one`s who are really working in ground reality , this makes them class apart. As God pity the poor and bless those who love and help them only. And as such to get the God`s blessing by the good work it is time to be hurry, one cannot rear a snake in his backyard and think it will bite enemies only as Madam Hillary Clinton said to Pakistan Govt.

                                  Even the three Georges dam may come under God`s fury if the china always harbor ill will towards the Dams in India. But one has to appreciate them more than Pakistanis as they have seldom felled down so low . Thus the will of the God has to be followed in letter and spirit, least there is a natural catastrophe , remember the movie 2012 this can be a grim reality also. God surprisingly says love thy neighbor whom you have never met. Thus the hatred and anger is meaningless , love and charity alone will make everyone of a Individual , community , State or Country prosperous. That too to one whom one has never meet this alone will make world a better place.

                                      I am sure there are good peoples even in China and Pakistan. The word of God alone has the power to change them, we can`t do anything about it , thus the nationalistic feeling persons should have appreciated Christian missionaries earlier who always think of developing positive energy for the Country man. Did any corrupted foreigner put their black money stashed money in Indian banks? as our traitors seems to have done in Swiss bank as Baba Ramdevji claims. But unfortunately in our state and country Christian mission was always seen with doubt , earlier unfortunately the Hindu mission centre’s where only pampered by the Govt.We have to accept that there is need for everyone to be given chance equally.

                                           It is a fallacy to think that the active evangelism will convert other`s only. It is will of the God alone who can do any wonder. When God`s calling come one will become a Christian one like it or not. The Christian missionaries are also doing yeoman service, why one don`t appreciate it? please see the best in the Country say –St. Stephen college or Bellore medical College. So they have to be really appreciated as ultimately who is benefitting? Due to this doubting Thomas nature , today so much corruption, nepotism and ill will in the country , see the black money stashed in Swiss Bank may be benefitting the foreigners rather than the country. Thus do unto others what you like other`s to do unto you.

                                      The mothers of the military serving in Chinese Govt. also must be bothering for their lives as blood is precious everywhere. Thus the war scenario will be equally unwelcomed their, thus their must be peace in the India China border. The rich mans who have always manipulated in their life also are seen to be dying of dangerous diseases sooner than others, so also have powerful nations like Germany collapsed for anti Christ activity. Thus the only answer to enjoy one`s richness is charity and selfless work as an Individual , community and Country. The capitalists in the look out for a good prosperity , the politicians who want to repent and the religions like Buddhism which earlier benefitted immensely from the Western countries. The time for them also to show similar magnamity to Christians in troubled places like mine ,as it is meaningless to love animal rather than thy neighbor.

                                    The business man , does they also not owe something’s to the son of God, as this charity alone may be the solution to live freely without any fear thus they need to try this religion one time .The top political party of the country filled with my friends must advise others to refrained from seeing Christianity as the Britisher`s left behind sons and grandsons. Specially Tarun Vijayji National Spokesman BJP, cine Star Shahrukh khan and Rahul Gandhiji Congress youth party president my face book friends are you two hearing? As for years their seems to have been injustice to Christians whichever party come to power. Mind it the prosperity of some Christian close to Delhi durbar doesn`t make all the Christians prosper in interior places. The best Govt. should reach the poorest. Though we are alleged of receiving foreign aid always which is a true lie. Accepted that some Roman Catholic missionary get some foreign aid.

                                  But here also the believers get back what they give as thanks and tide which goes to Rome first and comes back. Besides the catholic Church is filled with mostly disciplined fathers and nuns and use judiciously what they get. And most of the top Indian Institutions are run by them .See when other religion are allowed to do their mission work without any hindrance in other Country, so why this kind of discrimination to Christians here in India. I have earlier rendered my best cooperation to my Hindu friends like- Baba Ramdevji, hope in times of trouble he will also help us. It will be wrong always to increase one`s own property without sharing with others. I requests my high profile friend`s to unitedly fight for this injustice, as one cannot have injustice least in spiritual arena.

                                  The way to prosperity for China and World is also through gospel of God.As Holy Bible also talks about justice and equality on which democracy and communism is ultimately based, so hope one day the Chinese Politburo comrades will realize their mistakes also. The Hindus have to show magnamity to us also, as their forefathers where said to be one to identify the son of God Jesus christ of Nazareth first.The Muslim`s brotherhoodness cannot be also completed if it does not accept the Christian`s ,as sons of common forefather Abraham. And acknowledge the great achievements of Mughals our Mongol relatives who were basically responsible for increase of Muslim name and fame symbolized by the rise of Mughal empire which ruled India for centuries. Thus it is pay back time for all as the peace in the world has also a cost. And this can be by helping the social activist of the future spiritual capital of the world I,e my beloved State Arunachal Pradesh, where only solutions lies to whole issues like environment protection- good management of last water reservoir in the Planet earth and friendly relationship with both India and China by engaging them in peaceful way.As fact is also that by working together only this great Countries can progress. one day it is hoped china ,India and Americans can work here peacefully for a better world.And I may get a role for this good work when I am old , noble and virtues.