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THE GAME CHANGER:- My new Nobel ( Part- XVII )

jumping inside leaders house from vendilator in good time only.This can never be accepted in this great Basar area Society where even legendary Tomo Ribaji and Todak Basarji have been only given two term political chance.
                          As all are the son of there parents and grand parents and will definitely show to the world that they are not Bussiness man/Banias in this coming election for sure.As cutting 10 innocent Mithuns/Bos Fontalis a Bufalo kind of animal in marriage ceremony called –Togu does not make a man great.
                     It is possible that who without any question join me in this great heroic act in historic time may also get heaven also.As Hinduism claim`s there is also another heaven for heroic Peoples also you never know future;but positive side is always better.After all when there is non else to help the Poor Publics will the God also not intervene ?
                     As Lord Sri Krishna was also not criticized by certain section and was He not equally liked by some?But in the end After this Nobel is published I will like to Publish the life testimony of all the top 5 PPA leaders of Basar area who have come to change the system for good in my blog.
                     As only a Cowards who want his graveyard to be vandalized by the new generation with this slogans written by some charlatan that –`This

 man was most  selfish man and never left the ruling party for his own interest when he was alive`.Will like to pooh pooh this challenge in this important and crucial time as this.And for the ex-PPA supporters my appeal is-`Aa AB LAUT CHALEIN`.
                               See the worthless person only acts like charlatan in election;in my cousin brothers last election campaign for ZPM candidate also we show this.Eventually he won by 400 votes that too against the ruling party and even my cousin was complained to be a very poor speaker also;and in less populated place that margin is too much.And more then that there was another cousine from same Basar clan contesting from the ruling Congress party.
                    And as such some fool was saying that the lone non Basar candidate will win.But like AAP the Publics preferred it over BJP and Congress thus even putting dummy candidate to disturb the genuine one will not matter also if one`s real good time come`s.Thus nothing like a consensus selection for all as why not for a better future all the stake holders sit down.
                        As things will eventually happen like in my cousin brothers case.And so as  it happened in my brothers wife ZPM election also why not

be the poor and the minority leader of the same family be also given chance?As fight will be bad for all;as I have earlier sacrifice for congress party in area interest also,the Publics in the Congress also need to reciprocate now.Or the Basar area Publics will be seen as duplicates having two yardstick for the rich and poor brother`s isn`t it?
                    Thus those critics who want to dissociate themselves with God`s scheme of things; do so at there own peril.As mind it in there times of troubles non but God have only helped them .See interestingly all the earlier PPA supporters relatives have also become successful by God`s mercy also.As the good deeds of a forefather and father  also never seen to go invain.Today publics have understood that those Publics who make noise are alone given money  by the rich candidate and they see it as there birth right to grab it from rich leaders;thus this is also other side of coin.And many good man seldom goes to leaders house also.
                        As majority is not that shamless and wait for the right leader till last time.See gone are days when the rich leaders where seen with special respect;check the CC footage and hear what Publics speaks in there absence also.And see even if one is rich distributing money is also not easy thing and specially in this days of CNN; IBN Citizen Journalist show .
                                      And for the rich leaders relatives and Villagers also;

after initial reluctance seeing extortion by the other villagers will ultimately gheraoed there own village leader also,making him moveless and slow that too in crucial hour;so the earlier tactics may boomerange now.
                          As one who plays on others greed may ultimately be its victim also.This have been noted earlier also if a leader is only called for his financial status by the Publics.As one leader really decides to contest then only many questions starts coming in.And for a desciples the Lords blessings above Him will always answer all the questions.
                     And why one section will be always seen to be in vintage position;many questions is now also coming from Public`s side.For some atleast question will be where is his godfather?See the  common poor Publics for whom one have burnt midnight lamp are they not our greatest weapon also;as place is small everyone knows each others good and weak points also isn`t it?
                             And a genuine man being a neutral man and his party being neutral will he be not respected by all the camp?And even if haves not leader could have used redical motivational speech to rise the passion of the haves not class.Is he not appreciable to be seen at attempting to trying to

bring a peaceful transition for which haves class need to be worry more.And see with the kind of relatives for him in both the fence should he not be accepted as best middle option for all also.As is it not time to see maximum goodness and utility in all the leader to stop collateral damage?
                    Thus for the man like him the oppossition by the close rich relative may be also boon in disguise also; as many clever voters will they not like to take the credit  for making such kind of leader also?As everyone have to know in any case there will be many close relatives also working for there leaders secretly.
                  Thus ones ideology,views and family which is also very rich property can it be neglected as easily also?And as said howsoever one is perfect he always falls down without thy blessings as such all need God.As last time in a constituency in A.P a Hon`ble MLA lost an election as he refrained her wife to go for 3 days fasting programme telling that he have enough money.
                      And need not to say he lost to a believer and few days back he is heard to have sit for fasting programme in Jipu prayer centre himself.Having said that there is also good man in the Congress party of this State also not all of them are black Sheep.

                              As last time it is heard Sri Setong Senaji Hon`ble Cabinet Ministers engaged some prayer warriors in election and they prophesised that God have directed to pray upon the name of all the youth voters in the e-roll;they did and surprisingly reportedly he won by few votes.
                       This was even if he had reportedly very less money and had to kept the house locked to avoid Publics coming for money and wine.And thus God is not impartial he sees the heart of a leader and make last minute intervention also.And even being a Hon`ble Minister and having testimonial life is great as for us we are still strugglers.
                  His difference with other top Congress leader is that each time there is problem he is heard to be poposed as Hon`ble C.M as consensus candidate but he is seen to be refusing.And long before AAP success in Delhi have himself volunteer to come down on health reason.And for man like him the Public may also stand by him if he continue to contest isn` it? Thus few local leaders chamalion like changing quality is really laughable;as if BJP comes in power also,they may have some speech ready to be told.
                 But today even the Mishing community brothers in Assam have risen up and choosen its own regional party AGS in recent Mishing Autonomous Council election.So we should not be effected by the wordly glitters and see the Lord`s will as a duty as He commands us to love our own.This is amply reflected in the Holy Bible also.

                    Mind it even some old rich man are either heard to be scarred of death or want to die quickly,thus non is happy without Him.Thus be content with what you have as even if there is no money the divine spirit working in you is it not better also?as many may be suffering from dreaded illness and already getting protection from Lord may be for working for a right cause and His divine purpose.
                                             And for some after old age there donation are not perhaps accepted by God and may be they have to be thus psychologically content with making some Gupt Dan secret charity to some small spirit,idol made by man or pseudo religionists.See for the shake of closeness it was gross blunder for the lord  Jesus Christ relatives to refused to accept Him as savior.
                      As Prophets are always disown in there own home town.But man who planned this evil things to reject Him;may be more to be held responsible also.My advance salute to the rich and well equipped leaders who will also  join PPA tomorrow,as soon its bad time is poised to be over;and so timing is important.But they have to be respectful to the old leaders who have spend so much swet for time as this also.
                             As some whimsical ones they have so much to loos; but if they hear Lord`s command , they may be also be given everlasting life for eternity also.As in all religion more emphasise have been given for fighting

for justice and equality and make friendship with spiritual Peoples from where only right kind of sujjesstions will come.
                        As Satan can use any thing and seems to be using more which is our weakest point like cinema actors.As they are used as endorsers for Liquor and cigrate.Thus 6th sense is very important; many a time the real enemy may be eating and sleeping in one`s own house.See in war between the Devta and Raksas many a time even the Devta had also lost specially when the Indra Devta was filled with greed.
                     And thus only Baptisma without ready to hear Lord`s command how far that will help a person? God alone knows every thing and will use a person according to his capability.See Bhism Pitamaha why he wanted to die even if he had power to overcome death,this you find in Mahabharta the Hindu mythology.
                                   Friend`s coming election value may be only known by a person after its time is over for sure.The throne of immortality is at your door now just sit on it.As earlier the money and political power was alone used by the Congress Party and now there trying to say party ideology may not suit them anymore and they may be victim of there own making now.
                                  As they only earlier believed in the ideology of self

aggrandizement and have shown the door to hell.And this may be making the God and the divine followers more irritating to some old leaders for still refusing to accept the views of the civil society which is the voice of the God only.
                                                           God have been always merciful to me and it is difficult to write all the testimonies in my life.But for the readers I am writing few important one`s.See my story is true this are not concocted or after thoughts and can be verified from the Person concerned and the witness given below.
                          And this is being write for the glory of God who deserve our standing ovation.And it is upto Him to make or break a person- The Ex-Hon`ble Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh Sri Gegong Apangji was made to be warned not to give party ticket to his wife ,and brother in law.                   
                       With great reluctance Apangjis daughter Smty.Mone Yomgam(Apang) had accepted the writings to be shown to his father after repeatate request.As I had freshly come from the 40 days pasting programme at that time and Lord seems to have been really using me those days.
                      As this was the time non dared to warn the Ex-Hon`ble C.M.As

he was very much feared upon man at that time.Need not to say Apangji got pissed up ;as at that time he was only surrounded by the psychopants and he seems to have believe them only.And made sure I was removed from his son`s Jr. Omak Apangjis personal office after this revealation;within weeks the Govt.also fall down.
                                  And Ex-Hon`ble C.M of my State of Arunachal Pradesh  Late Dorjee Kanduji he was made to be told in advance that a Buddhist person is going to be a Hon`ble C.M.This was heard by the Hon`ble MLA Tswang Dondupji of the Tawang in the Borjhar airport Guwahati Assam.And he once told me that after 10 days of this prediction  Dorjee kanduji become Hon`ble C.M and they went to Delhi for a vacation and had even no plan to even make a Hon`ble C.M.also.Unfortunately Kanduji is no more with us.
                            And before he died also he was made to be warned by God,this was about a month before his accident.This fact is known by my friend Pagi`s Kenbom Ribaji who is now heard to be working with BJP`s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modiji`s close circuit.People denounce a person just like that;whereas all have some special qualities they need to know.
                              Lord also made me to predict to Ex-Hon`ble Cabinet Minister Power  Lijum Ronyaji future that he was not going to become Hon`ble C.M contrary to his claim.As he was saying he have made

Understanding with Hon`ble P.M Atal Bihari Vajpaiji and if he become Hon`ble P.M for 2nd time Hon`ble C.M post is coming in his kitty.
                          And next day Vajpaiji fall down from P.M post and along with this fall down Ronyajis dream.This argument in the Basar circuit house was heard by business man Sri Mento kamdakji.And Er.Modak Ribaji A.E, PWD Basar.The Hon`ble Cabinet Minister Jarkar Gamlinji was told in advance he was going to win in last election one day before the actual counting.This was in the chamber of the D.C Sri Amzad Takji.                  
                                 And last year before late Hon`ble C.M Kanduji called me for a personal help as told above; I had asked Hon`ble cabinet Minister of my State Setong Senaji to get ready to become Hon`ble C.M.After long pause he buckled down and it is heard after the death of Hon`ble C.M Kanduji he was also unanimous choice for becoming Hon`ble C.M but refused.
                           And see if he had accepted the will of God then there may have been no political violence which was seen after Kandujis sudden demise also.Thus will of God is seen eventually good for all.We have to see thy will not see the persons character on which His will comes;as prophet he or she is a mare messenger and is only used by Lord.Thus it is Lord whom


one have to fear and prey for changing of prophesy also;as every majore thing in the world seems to be under His supervision.
                            God loves all;as father loves his all son`s but the criminal minded son ultimately get the gallows.This may be the mechanism of God also thus always ask what He wills.The Galos also earlier more particularly used to see the chicken liver test to make any big move in there life.
                        The Hindu Kings also went for deep meditations to know thy will.Thus though it is equally true that some saints have also tarnished the sainthood image.But the value of the God will also never diminish in this world;after all He is the real master politician and game changer.And is above time and universe also we are mare mortal sand dunes.
                                          And He alone will make something happen one like it or not also;as the dead man seems to be crying more in hell and this may be prompting Lord to work in the world;so that other also repent when they have time.And he may exalt a beggar if He wants as He is the master;thus before any body else I am myself fearful of His next move.Those who cry afterwords are one who don`t hear the divine warning when they are alive in the world.
                          And see Inspite of untold misery the God have been also

 merciful and kind to me.This repeated accurate prophesy is perhaps God`s own doing; as for a normal person like me it will be really impossible as warning a Honourable Ex-C.M   before he died in an accident only Lord can have done.No need to make postmortem of a man who is no more;all should repent if they also want to get salvation.
                            As God may also punish whom He love most also as loosing life may be better if the soul have to be atleats taken to heaven.See many a times the Peoples and Publics may be more wrong for misleading a leader also.But eventually the karma is your own culmination of deeds and non can blame his parents and grandparents always.
                              Thus decision one have to make himself.As God have also given the power to realize and prey to human being to thwart some of the predecessessors negative karma effect also.This is seen from the Hindu and the Donyi Polo teachings.But there can be exceptional situations also when Lord pass by He may can say after healing a person that everything have been made to show the glory of God.Thus there is need to understand the religion in totality also.
                     As the spirit of God may be really passing by the Basar area in the coming election and so I may be used to warn others also.Please never hear only one portion of my comment unless all the writing have been

heard.Ask the page number in which my comment is written and ask any question to me before making a judgement.
                                     As the few will alone read this completely and they will alone change the society with me.And for the good man also Lord may be also taking them up before they commit further mistakes.Only a foolish persons will hate a messenger the message have to be told one like it or not.
                    And this warning may also come to those whom God wants to warn; as they may have earlier also done something good;thus this divine warning should be seen as positive.As even if body dies ones soul may be saved so the fool alone will like to quarrel God as oneday when non is with us He will be perhaps alone be with us.So the kind of friend one have around him is important as many may mislead and take you to death bed ;which timing you may never know also.
                         As for a good spiritual friend with him the evil spirit are said to be reluctant to attack when that man is near by;as what answer he will give to the God if there is a mistake.See the protection given to Arjuna by the Lord Krishna in Mahabharta.Thus never ever compel one to take apong/liquor etc. as sin will come on those who break the chastity of a good man also.And for the Publics which is more important free interection

previlage with there leader; or one who is really delibering even if he is different?
                    And this regular round of leader making supporters loosing so many money for going to Itanagar after election, is it also not Publics own making?As you can`t have two things either you will have one leader to show Mungheri Lal Kain Haseen Sapney/day dream for one month or one who can really change your life for better.You can`t have both as delicious food also which takes time to cook so it is upto Publics to test leader who gives immediate temporary relief or one who have the capacity to solve maximum problems.
                    Thus the Publics need to be vigilant;see soon there may be a stricter law by the Election comiisiioner even to make us stop writing in the blog while nothing may be done to stop the large calendar distribution which matter more in this part of the world.Thus when the election code of conduct is implemented I will like the non candidate/Publics to write for our party candidates more in facebook,twiter and Blog etc.
                       See earlier those was days when I used to be sitting  for long fastings and today I myself need more prayer support from your side.As atleast by missionaries terms I am in His divine mission;but many a times myself more scarred if I say something wrong.

                      So beg your all forgiveness as this life is a danger zone, I have always wanted to help others,and many a time have been misquoted as well.But this time I had to speak out as knowing the truth and not telling this may be also wrong;and perhaps this was the right time to spell the bean also.As future is really bleak in this part of the world now as the sentiment and emotion seems to have been finished this days.
                     And every one seems to have been made as lifeless machine.Thus my guardian angel may also get divine blessing`s as non is that rich or powerful that he will not need God.And if I am able to get yor attraction then there is also God`s mercy on me and you also as you are reciprocating as you must be a good man.
                        As even if the Peoples say a person is making long speech;but if he can attract the listener then his gift have to be also appreciated.But nevertheless others advise have to be also accepted howsoever big a man have become also;as they love you so advising you also.But please prey for me if you really love me and help remove my mistakes also.
                      Which basically loves the poor and downtrodden more then myself.As only the corrupted leaders short of tie up the poor Publics with hope of money distribution after speech.And they end up waiting for time to go home without hearing any thing.But this days the People may also see?

the totality of personality thus everyone need God for his success as He can alone give everything.
                      See this continuous writing is also due to His divine blessing`s as when I had 40 days fasting programme in Medziphema Chate Nagaland this writing skill was shown to me by Lord.Not that I am a good writer but regular stamina for writing also that man without thy spirit can perhaps can never do also.See this writing the normal person unless put in jail that too for a good cause will have Never have done ;and more so a lazy man like me could have never done unlessed bless by Lord.
                    I am really thankful to my young wife Liken Basar(Nyodu) also who sacrificed her everything;and along with her my daughter baby Miss.Goshen Basar who have also over come near starve situation with us.For this obsession of mine;and hope today this sacrifice will be recognized now as one family alone cannot be seen to always carry the cross.
                       And yet finally all my family perhaps have accepted now that I am really upto something also. But even then I am also a normal human being and was skeptical of the prophesy for great work through me in the coming election`s time.
                      But earlier when I was sitting helpless in the eye of the

Postponing of the Panchayat election in Tirbin which happens to be birth place of present Hon`ble MLA God gave me a Panchayat ZPM Candidate also and even if we lost but made a humble beginning.And here also there where lots of temptations; my Block President was beaten up black and blue.
                            And as reported to me my ZPM candidate house was also tried to be ranshaked .And day before the polling in the Tirbin Circuit House even the small kids where send to warn me of dire consequences.And now I am compelled to write this now for the security of Aam admis in this place;so that in next time even the national media should come in this region to stop this goondagardi.
                             So I was really angry and had reason to be upset about;as I was unable to do anything for my party cadres as no money and any logistic support can be given from my side.On the day of the evening of the Polling I went to my ZPM candidate`s house and was more agast when suddenly a women died.There was no heart beating and breath in her nostril.And we tried best to pump breadth inside her mouth but invain.I cried out to Lord in anguish -`if you really want to make me a big person please heal her.
                                  And while praying also there was initial doubts,but soon developed the feeling that Lord can do anything as He had also raised me up when I died long time back.And Praise the Lord the women got up after few minutes.And this was viewed by all the Ragi Doke Villagers and for A.C.F Sri

Dobin Dokeji working in Forest Dept. Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh; he was very enquistive.On his repeatate enquiry I told him that as the missioneries where saying that it was Lord plan to make me a big person in Basar area by next State election time.
                    So he seems to have shown His miracle to show that He is with me.As the Basar area Publics seems to have been made addicted to money; and the poor but good leaders made to be ashamed of there poorness.So the repentance time seems to have come for the rich and powerful families also.Even after that miracle I have little reservations;but passing of the Lok pal Bill after drubbing of the Congress in Delhi election seems to have shown to the world that the God of justice have arrived now.
                         See my writing this article is never intend to insult any one or to prove myself as better.But also put my side of story ;it is Public to decide now.And interestingly there is hardly any internate connection in most of the village of my constituency also and as such this is an appeal to good persons of other place only.Thus even in election time this appeal should not be seen as impediment to election code of conduct.
                             I have earlier tried to request the present politicians to help me this time as they also short of earlier request to me to not contest last time through a reliable friend.But this request seems to have angered someone more and I was tried to be harmed more;but in new change of

time there is accepted to be new introspection also.As the fight will be in nobodies interest.
                        But there is always scope for 2nd thoughts in Galo customs as after open darbar meeting case is always decided.See more persecution on me may be making me more vocal also.I am ready to talk if one believes in talking.And even being in powerful post this is first time I am writing this matters so clearly;as there seems to be no other way for me also.
                         And all the incidents in back date can be seen in my blog as I have maintained my blog like a Diary also;as such my credentialities can be also not questioned as everything is before the world.Thus can I not be atleast appreciated for believing in logical discussions and adopting democratic means even if I may have also support from some powerful forces of world if I had wanted.
                   See its wrong to let other suffer;I have to went through untold misery for this innocency of mine.And all this miracle in my life ;is it not showing that I am also not wrong in my claims and not that bad man in heart?As a elderly person was saying a good Christian should have a good life testimony also.
                                              And even though I was despised I still now promise to be good to them if they bow down to the will of God without making further excuse,as why letting me take all the blessings.As if there is a divine

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