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THE GAME CHANGER :- My New Nobel ( Part -XI )

leadership to be made through them and may be while in Rome you have to be like Roman also.
                   Here in this State personal relation seems to be mattering more;even if a successful professional person may get the drubbing in the election.As we had already seen so much trouble as from political background family; as my father from richest man suddenly become very simple man;thus the political ambition is honestly not much in me.
                    Only the destiny have to be seen where I am leaded by God and my Publics;and unless one is real sincere should not come in political arena also.As the workers and supporters have too many expectations from the leader.As even if the prophesy of spectacular success for me have come from the prophets;I believe only Lord will show everything in right time.As tomorrow there may also be a greater incidents with far reaching ramifications also.And as for now I have to be only praying for more of His blessings.
                               And this waiting for the God`s commandment seems to have made me also to be not foccussed in earning money till now;as I was always sure of a great commission for me in my life.But this experiment should not be imbibed by other also;as I also endured many hardship for Lord also.And I have the reason to really respect all the great spiritual man also;after I also endured some hardhip and seem to have known some spiritual facts.

                        And initially I also got too many criticism and rejection also and thus word of advise for the new believers take the spiritualism seriously and more there is carelessness more there will be slow in progress also.Thus one should focus in where he is good in;as in exceptional circumstance alone God may interfere;and it is difficult for the simple man to see the pain of great man like father of the nation Gandhiji got also.As non see how much they have sacrificed in there life;but they really deserve standing ovations.
                           And may be that kind of role of a great man is also needed in this State also; as non like to drink the poison and this perhaps great man like Cabinet Minister Sri Setong Senaji can alone justify also.As amidst some who can say no anymore to power and position then I suppose Bada Bhai can be that soul; there is also some few good soul left in the Congress Party and the truth have to be accepted.
                      Other person who really inspired me was my elder brother Er.Tomo Basar Chief Engineer Drawing and Disbursment PHED Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh have been really instrumental in refining me from day one.As his love for me was phenomenal as it also seems to have spoiled me as well as I have been so dependent on him.And its now my turn to show something good to him also.And all the Publics and friends who love me and have expectations from me.
                          See the great man seems to become by fleak and past


problems they endure in life seems to have helped them.I will never reach even one percent of Swami Vivekanandaji also.As inspite of this lap top also I still make so much of silly grammatical mistakes.See I had to face lots of bully in my school days, lost my best friend early,and my precious mother,then this operation thing and academic disturbance etc.In fact I really deserve love and mercy from all as even then I have tried to live for others leaving my own comfort.
                And from my elder brothers perspective he may like me to avoid politics as it is filled with thorns.And this I also accept but if there is will of God then with little sacrifice I may be able to cross the surmounting problems.See I am also a simple man but some have to after all tie the bell in the neck of the Cat.As the conglomeration of the vested interest politician,businessman and beurocrates have eroded the confidence of the Publics.And soon in this State blood may also boil.After all this is a sensistive place so it was time for all to make a introspection of highest order.
                                         And there is a feeling that ultimately ones own comes in aid also;but if it is God`s mission hope in coming time some other Guardian angels from far of corner will also like to share the credit of divine

Commission mission.As it is fool who will like to lost his everything will Question the presence of Lord and His will.
                                   As dead have been rised in our earlier election campaign;and definitely this will be by Lord only;and perhaps after this no more greater thing is left by the Lord to show also that He loves me.And thus coming time will decide my future as this God is seen to be blessing more when His desciples are also criticized meaninglessly.As how long the Poor brothers can be seduced to criticize there own Poor leaders?
                      And so for those who want me out from political race can atleast never do so by the hatred for sure.As we tend to forget that ultimately everything is given by Him only and we are his mare tools.Thus it is important to know you are surrounded by what kind of peoples as the same Peoples who are encouraging you now may be making a dark pith for you also to fall down.As William sackspeare said,`always be afraid of lean and thin hungry looking Peoples as they are dangerous.`All thing done and said if one man is destined to harm himself so be it.
                      As the Lord`s will may be done in earth as it is heaven amen.As is there any dirth of deadly deaseases this days like pressure and stroke?Thus friendship with the new kids in the block is the best policy.Earlier in my Delhi college days when I was made as the president

ASUD I had no problem mingling with the Budhist brothers from the Tawang side also.
                      And this made me close with Uncle P.K.Thungon Ex-Hon`ble Minister MOS Govt. of India and I was invited in there Lossar festivals also.In such festival I had once chance to chat nicely with the cine star Rajesh khannaji also.Thus nothing like friendship as you loss nothing;so never hate a person only for his religious and communal background.As for the Bomdilla and Tawang guys they were seen busy trying to change there course in new college in the 2nd year.As the Uncle Thungonjis area of influence was perhaps limited to South campus only and each time a new Guy come he used to recommend to the South college principales.
                  And as the north campus guys were seen with much respect at that time thus they used to feel very dejected later on.Thus the Guys need to have learnt there lesions well that in life a good study needed to be made first to enter a field.And this Hon`ble MLA Sri Jambeji and Purpha Tsring who used to be my juniours hope they have same amount of love and respect for me still.As the real litmus test of a person is how he treats his close one when he is seeing good times.
                       The closeness with the Budhist brothers in Delhi University days

also enabled me to defeat my colleague Kiran Rijuji in ASUD election for Presidential post;to this days we are good friend and himself have reason to accept that I am yet to be helped by him also.Mrs.Sakuntala Gamlin IAS was praising my platform speech after I defeated Kiran Rijiju as she seems to have been seeing all the debate.
                  But Kiranji is also a very nice person also; sometimes the political success have nothing to do with ones personality.It is the blessing of the God which some calls as luck and time is also more important.The Delhi University days was good as well as bad as we managed to win NESPED football final 3 times in row for our State defeating Nagaland in the football final match.
                          The team Arunachal was so good that we may have even managed to win the Durand cup.And the surprise element was sudden rise of football star Abu Tayengji right now Hon`ble ADC he show what was sincerity and dedication by joining the magic team as number one striker within one year.As for myself and maryom karlo we did the best thing by preferring to be the defender and mind it the Naga strikers where calling us as Great wall of China.
                     To this days I have learnt to play safe;mind it the person who have no football background may never be able to become a good leader.As the discipline,team spirit and managerial quality is not something you will

Develop overningth specially one born with the golden spoon may have big physic but may still have to wait for there turn.
                           And after we moved out from Delhi it is heard things was never same again and the State of Nagaland started to be the champon of the NESPED.But the Guys in the outside the field seems to have better time with all the beautiful girls while we were slogging inside the field.As in the Hindu college field also most of our energy was taken out by Datta Sir the sport teacher ;and coming through sports quota was also a horrible thing.
                    After coming back from D.U I show Ato Tomo Ribaji Ex-Hon`ble C.M  was trying his last futile attempt to become an MLA.I joined him with the condition that he will never ever again take my father in his campaign as he was very sick and old and frustrated for his parties failures.He accepted it and we started making round of all the villages in the Tirbin circle.
                   And finally we won against the myth of powerful Sr.Gegong Apangji Hon`ble C.M in his helmns of power;and after this Late Tomo Ribaji he again wanted to contest as Hon`ble M.P which I warned but he refused.And this seems to have been genesis of his downfall;sometimes one single decision seems to ruin a persons carrier.
                 Neverthless It was a great experience to work with a great person of my time.After he died and I could not come to his burial ceremony.I show

a dream where I feel like he have given his legacy to me.And this made me sentimental to leave PPA till this days.All this experience and meeting so many Peoples and knowing there views seems to have been a wonderful experience for me.
                          And thus leaving politics may be a great blunder for me as the day I become president ASUD then my fate was sealed.The Collegians need to know what is there aim in life?never go by what friends call but decide as you want.As it is you who can make a best decision may God bless you all.
                            As the Arunachal Guy`s with the first generation education experience will have greater problem knowing about there future plans.Thus the need for the educated leader is imperative this the parents need to know as our uneducated leaders will be never be able to give carrier councelling to the future generation.
                           So they seems to have so many problems in the outside.There is now need for a top charismatic leadership,who can fill in the gap between this North and South communication gap this is for both the State and centre.As by fighting non can win as a small ant may retaliate in there own way if they are tried to be killed.Thus the neighbouring State of the North east State and country man must learn to live with each other.And

Reign in on the few jeolots who are trying to harm the peace and tranquility of the neighbouring State.
                         The central Govt. must immediately make a neutral zone/Laxman Recka between all the States with the help of a monument and Global position system and make permanent map in internet with the help of new technology of Googles.So that there is no more further encroaching of land towards Arunachal Pradesh side by the bigger State and future risk of violence and misunderstanding.As for long this problem is neglected by both the Congress leaders in the both side of the State.
                                                                   And see even if Mosses was a sinner and have also murdered the Pharoah`s man yet the God seem to have liked his love for his own Peoples isn`t it?Thus need of time is a God choosen leader as non can solve a pressing problem by money and muscle power only.See seldom that fire is seen in man for others this fire seems to have been also kindled to some this days by Holy Ghost.Which have to be appreciated ;and given chance tomorrow the new leadership is ready to show it also.
                               As the God fearing persons should have concentrate in the spiritual persuits;but at the same time the society should have been devoid of the excessive corrupted ones also.As social obligation also refrain us to make a spiritual commitment as how can all be escapist also?As when I was


dying inside the operation theatre the highest form of love for the poor and down trodden alone seems to have healed me.So I want to help the Peoples in my own way.And see as this miracle have been felt by me even if I was not a Christian thus there is definitely something to tell to others.
                       As the need seems to be glorifying God who alone will find a way out.As for long we have voted rich and corrupted leaders but they have made more mess of the society.Thus for the Publics to now vote on the ideology of a leader.See if there is too much attack agianst a leader then he may have also certain goodness.Thus his plans must be heard also.Even if he cannot be able to give the money which the Ponu party take also.
                     Honestly for a God fearing person best happiness is serving Lord and for it if necessary preparing to make headlong collision with those who think they have the birth right to enjoy life the way they want may be also permissible.As the consciousness that this world is momentary seems to be shown to great man.But as the Devil is so cunning and manipulative that they can even use the God`s man also.
                 This can be seen from the serial Da Vinci`s Demon where the murder seems to have been happened inside the Holy Church by the God`s man also.Thus unlike other religious man we can`t be careless and always

need to be vigilant even if earlier great many power have been displayed through some disciple.
                           My family have also reason to acept that they have been also blessed may be for my divine work also.And today when I also look back my brothers where also practical Peoples and there love for me is also genuine; which perhaps made them to warn me to be financially sound for times as such.
                     And honestly there was earlier good scope for making money for an ordinary person also.Yet I don`t regret as from the day one I wanted to test the pain of the poor brothers and sisters from true sense of terms and hope they will hear my heart`s appeal.Today when the good time for the Poor and the poor leaders have also fortunately come in the day of the civil society movement.But honestly here in A.P the AAP will also take time to excel.
                        And for me to be real honest; if the Lord`s blessings have not come this time it would have been also a brink of frustration situation for me.As the image of one concerned for the poor brothers and living like them may be now going in my favour now after this AAP success in Delhi the centre stage of Indian politics.But everything ultimately also depends on the Publics of the Basar area also.                    
                                My family members should also regret for not earlier hearing some of my prophetic warning also;as long time back I had asked

the family to  surrender our defunct Saw Mill before the Hon`ble Supreme court order banning all the timber operation had come.As there seems to have been a strong intutiaition working in me perhaps called as 6th sense of sensing coming danger from day one.
                     And after all one who studied abroad will have also certain advantage also.And surprisingly later it always seems to happen what I say in life as all the Saw Mill was banned by the Hon`ble S.C;and I feel any person who is truthfull, God will guide Him and always fulfill his wishes also.In fact this is not a uncommon practice even in other religion.So the enlightened soul one who have attained Boddistava/Nyijik Nyikok as called in Donyi Poloism have been respected in all the religion.
                        But the person on whom God`s special mercy is more the satan also seems to make him do some some foolish thing also;so always live a prayerful and holy life.As we have to be now different from others;the trial and tribulation alone make a person to see a clear vision and view His plan with much elan.
                                As speaking truth is a great responsibility;so God seems to be giving moment of glory in the fake end of his career specially in spiritual arena.As ensuring both finance,power and surety of salvation will definitely

take some time also;nevertheless every one should covet for it.As then only one can die a peaceful death.
                        As even if you have all the richness of world but the fake end of carrier is more important;as one who have initial problem may have better life in the old age also.The large property under your disposal may not ensure a good Children to take care of you in the old age also.My journey have been one filled with trials and tribulation but feel like I am now somehow near the goal.As the truth is Public wants to hear the truth only but the more truthful person have to be also able to sell himself.
                               And today this social network cites seems to be God send mechanism for us.This is small place and world have become closer the lier will be eventually caught.And the logical conviction will alone come from the truth and truth alone.And God fearing person and educated elites can be alone convinced by truth and there respect gained by truth alone.As the money and muscle may matter in this State but even here also many Peoples are now ready to change also.
                                      As realization is coming now that nothing like a peaceful life as even the rich ones are seen unhappy about there life this days.The great man like Sri Nick Kaminji Standing president PPA atleast confess openly that now he is much relieve man after joining PPA.As he

claims even if he was a very wealthy man earlier but there was always an extra burden in his mind a sense of guilt.
                  The man who live a duplicate life is harming himself.See so many problems is accepted to come to the present leadership as they have never solved pressing problem avoided it for future generation.And have definitely become man not programme to face bad time;as soon the Publics is supposed to ask many questions to them.
                       The complaint of the present Publics with the new leaders is why they are not moving around.And mind it ones they start moving around last chane for honourable exit of the senior leaders will be also lost.After all the truth is with the new generation Leadership as they may have done some personal mistakes but have never committed Himalayan blunders to the peril of the Publics.As there are so many mistakes to be told.
                             And thus many Publics are now truelly seeing PPA as party with difference and substance.And true repenters why they should be not given chance also;as if the senior leaders if they consider themselves as part of this society will definitely change.And in that case they have to be forgiven;as they are our own and tomorrow we may can use them for societies betterment as there is real need of good philanthropist in this State.And after there retirement from politics only there real goodness can be seen also.
                     As surety of salvation need to be there for a believer and as you

have slogged for it yourself you will enjoy it alone.So this election time is a matter of great risk for the Christian believer.And seeing the Holy Bible it is seen that selling one`s right is worst sin thus there should have been no need of propeshy also to change.
                            But my greatest fear is when I am also made popular and successful I have to be more better Person also;and this is the most challenging part.As one day each moment of life we live will be accountable.See greatness is at the reach of all the people only they need to realize there self.
                   And see the whimsical leaders who don`t want to use the positive energy in youths for a good purpose they may also have to get its consequences someday.And see as so many villages have even no football grounds;and there was time when the fund was not a big question.
                            And the land donators at that time where also not against land donations so the present leadership may have great problem in the future.As soon the questions will definately raised from many angle also and already the social network cite is said to be flooded with it.
                          And the present leadership seems to be uncomfortable with this new kind of politics when one have to show his talent and crativeness .See what a tremendous loss when in election time worst lies are used ;and

the youths are used to suppress the good leaders.It was time for the Youth`s also to rise up and be a positive energy for the social transformation.
                         This is even if they don`t get any money from any quarter after elction .As unless we also helps ourselves non will also help us thus it is time to vote for the haves not class who are in majority and have been deprieved for a long time.As there is possibility that even after a humble appeal to world the help may not come as usual to us.
               As God help them who help themselves.But the great work is already started by few and mind it in this historic occasions the haves class have reason to fear the future more.After all for them it is life and death case as there may be too many disturbing files in this State.As here most of the politicians are after all business and contractors only.
                          As even if some wons the election surreptiously they may lost it again as the Lok Ayukta Bill is there to be passed sooner or later.And the Hon`ble parliament have directed for the termination of the convicted Hon`ble MLA and MP also.As the top corrupted leaders sentenced to jail will again like someone else to go with them;as they know each other and there secret deals.Thus the pay back time seems to have come now for the good ones.
                       . Thus this PPA should have been seen as best possible honourable exit for haves class also;as it belong to the believer of Arunachal`s greatness as it talks about searching our great past and legacy;

and see unless we love our own nothing doing.Thus it belong to all-rich and poor,left and right,Christian and other religious members also.Thus it was time for the Arunachalee to once again think as one family before the things goes out of the hand of peacemakers like us who want a amicable solutions.
                    As already some feels when 90% Poor are already angry with the haves class and see PPA as AAP party of the State why not take chance by giving clarion call against the haves.Let them go to hell if they will.So the time is crucial by running away to the BJP this time the haves class can now never hoodwink the Publics anymore.As the Publics are now seeing the Aya Ram gaya Ram culture as the clever ploy of the haves class society members.
                                         And the Publics are today seen to be seeing the PPA leaders as heros and martyres.And many Congress loyalist may not go with there own leaders and prefer to vote for PPA if they run away to BJP also;as this is best middle bet.But this time some of the senior leaders may not even manage to get BJP ticket also;as there is already senior leaders in BJP.Thus for Publics best is secured PPA.And mind it for it Congress torture in the name of ruling Congress party itself is responsible.
                                    Thus some one`s political fate is seen to be unpredictable this days.As this is days of competitive politics.And so some should have accepted the best middle way as it is highly probable that there will be again coalition Govt. in centre and His Excellency Governor post may have been at some top leaders easy reach.If they have atleast remain

neutral also instead of seen as power crazy maniacs.
                                                          See my turning point come to take spirituality seriously when I had virtually died in an operation theatre and Lord Christ surely saved me for sure.As it is written in Holy Bible-`God is a spirit and those who worship Him must worship in spirit`as spirit is what is needed most for man.
                     As Holy Spirit can do anything;and can rise us one from our death also.Alas this is the truth the fact which one realize when it is too late,as in this world we are so much enslaved by the maya.As from time to time few great man seems to have been given this realization of the greatest power;and as this is a feeling and cannot be shown so this is a very personal experience.
                        The problem is the Human being emphasise more in the sense of seeing and even after God was close with forefather He was cheated.Thus this time God seems to be playing a different trick to know the real good person.So personally I feel we should not ask for our own well being in prayer;reserve it for bad time.
                 And this is needed to be told to others as it is only the most precious lessions.As who knows what greater problem is not awaiting a

Person.As what matter if another person is very rich even in election he may utmose give a calendar only talks many frustrated youth now.As in todays time since all are matured and want large cash it is impossible to win all by money only.As the people have learnt that election money is worthless as non gives large amount.
                        As ultimately the villagers are also asked to collect money from that person whom few money are given and there is so much ill will after that.As our Peoples are so much deep rooted and never want this misunderstand to come.Thus perhaps time have come for me to tell the truth that nothing like being good and believe in oneself and the community spirit.As the rich man belong to non of the class they will only be perhaps busy in there tender work.
                 This is atleast the observation till now.And some are also allegging that some surreptious omission and commission are tried to be removed by rich haves class lobby through there blue eyed boy.But in todays time I feel even getting ruling power may not help a person to wash his close relatives previous omission and commission records also.And more one tries to act smart more there may be eye brows also.
                                The true realization of God seems to be given in the end of the man in pilgrim.Thus there is need to seek the true and perfect God.The


emphasise of the Idol worship in Hinduism seems to be later addition.After the Mughals demolished the Somnath temple.As hatred seems to have prompted the rise of Idol worship all the more.As in the vedic age it was not so and the King used to go to junge to medietate.
                    Then later the coming of the cinema seems to have glorified this idol worship.And as we Indians think it only the work of the Brahmans to find the truth thus for long we seems to have harmed ourselves,family and the nations as this rich knowledge seems to have been twisted by them for there own benefit.
                       As if you don`t know the master then nothing doing;this is like knowing the Hon`ble C.M`s driver and not getting much benefit.See how long great man is reveared after he dies and is no more?thus some have to say against the lies and deceit in the life;as there is so much duplicate and psychopancy in our society now days.See movement a Parent dies all the Shawls and costly clothes are brought for there offering;may be to show that the Children have been taking good care of Parents when they where alive.
                            And thus unless this duplicacy is removed we will have never

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