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THE GAME CHANGER :- My new Nobel ( part -XXVI )

                  God seems to have been kind, I am technically the most senior PPA having resigned from the Arunachal Congress when Hon`ble Chief Minsiter Gegong Apangji was himself in power.Yet the credit for rebamping the party officially definitely falls on my seniours kamin Ringuji Hon`ble Chairman ,Prof.Asan Riddiji Hon`ble Secretary General and Komkar Ribaji Hon`ble State Gen.Secy ( Protocol Cell)etc.And today we always have that positive understanding among us;as life has brought us so closer.
                            Thus whatever the critics say`s our relationship is time tested and this have been the reason for the rising of the party.Later our Hon`ble Standing President Nick Kaminji come in nick of time and the party was made to grow more faster in leaps and bounds.And after that coming of the Hon`ble MLA Laita Umreji our Hon`ble future Chief Ministerial candidate brought so much hope in the party.
                         Then the joining of the energetic leader Sri Gumjum Haiderji,and 3 muscetears of the ex-NCP party namely Sri kafa Bengiaji present working President,Sri kalin jerangji and Sri Naksang Tsring have brought fresh energy in the party.As the Hindi poem says-`KARAVAN BARTA GAYA;MANZILEIN PASS ATA GAYA,`The need of hour is mutual respect and trust and if God blesses it will be there.

                 As now there is so much hope from this State Public`s that we are sometimes also fearful.As this are far removed from the older times when every one where laughing at us and where seeing us with surprise gestures as if telling- you fools.This Publics have now waken up and we have to fulfill there aspirations;and in many cases we be forgiven if we are not that energetic like earlier occassion.And by seeing Publics presence in multitudes in our ralley; it seems we have touched there psyche.
                   Honestly from the day one I had a feeling that PPA –peoples Party of Arunachal Pradesh; a regional parties good time will definitely come oneday if we work hard,as after all some have to begine the good fight.And for a poor leader like me it was better to be in one party also;as in place like this there is so much jelousy.And many now seems to accept that this quality of leader to stick in one party is now need of time also.
                 As this unpredictable and fickle minded mentality of old leader have made everything hoch poch in this State.As the Empreror Mohammad Bin Tughlaq technic seems to have ruined this State.And there was need for a systemitation and thus new batch of sincere,discipline and calm leaders should help the State much better now.As the earlier leaders are always


seen to be living in hyper tensions as if perennially  wondering when Govt. will fall down.
                       As the best of the business man seems to have united in the cabinet portfolios during the Congress misrule and they seems to be as saying in Hindi –ADAT SAIN MAZBOOR.But honestly few leaders like Hon`ble C.M and Hon`ble cabinet Minister`s with spiritual inclinations seems to be more coolers then others.See the common theory is if a MLA scold his ASM Chair person he will warn his ASM who will again rebuke her wife.
              Then she will punish his children unnecessarily and who will in the end kick the innocent Cat.Thus to all the mental trauma is passed if there is problem with the boss.And soon everyone developes different illness.So there is vicious circle and chain link thus the top leader have to be a cool person and this cannot be developed overnight.Only till now there have been no strong opposition does not mean that one is perfect and non is like him.
                         As earlier the rich leader`s shamlessly even used to purchase the ticket of the other Oppossition leaders party ticket once Govt.changed in centre.And this seems to have always hurt someone like us and made us the

ultimate victim.Thus two most important recent events like-starting of the Social network cites and winning of AAP in Delhi is God send blessings for us.As this remote place have more challenges but the earlier persecution seems to have helped us also.
                 As there is accepted to be heaps of proof of corruption and nepotism now against the whimsical leaders as we honestly filed no RTI and PIL as there was no time limit to finish the case.And we may have been branded as taking money and compromise the case.And one going to Gallow will not like to alone go to jail as there is already few case registered against top Politicians also.
                              And the main reason the PPA is now liked by Publics is that the Highcommand culture seems to have now hurt the Arunachal publics.As even if some of the local Congress leaders may be not bad; but there is also seen the sword of demogogles hanging in there neck from the central leaders.And thus most of there time seems to be spend in appeassing them.The enterpreunership and accountability seems to be the casuality for this.
             As the unfit person only good in parroting the name of there High command with great respect are this days only successful.And today Publics are unable to be campaigned as there High commands carreer itself seems to be in the jeopardy now.This over centric policy of the Congress party itself

may prove the reason for its nemesis also.One never know the future as even the AAP is poised to be putting there candidate in Raibellery also.
                      And see today the Hon`ble Oppossition M.P of this minor States may get more time slot benefit in the Hon`ble parliament of House debates also.This our prodigal PPA leader Laita Umreji also ex-Hon`ble M.P opined.See earlier Kiranjis chance for exposure was for a different issue;that chance will never perhaps again come to any one of the A.P even to Kiranji also he continued.As there is now much senior BJP leaders from Assam side also.
              And even within A.P Kiranji have no much clout left like in earlier days.But definitely he have also certain command in certain pockets like other leaders.But ideologically the Arunachal publics are naturally inclined to the PPA.Honestly his fate seems to hing more on the ralley of Narendra Modiji if organized in Itananagar.Neverthless we are still good friends since college days this is cutting across party lines.
                     The critics also feels that the PPA is only party which may later unite all the religion and community members of the A.P. The reason being when the Christians where officially persecuted by the Congress party in late 70`s it was the only party which stood by the Christian brothers and thus liked by the Christians.And the Donyi Poloists sees there spirit in this party.


                                As its Party symbol maize is seen as worthy to be respecting from divine angle.As Abo Tani clans Mythology tells that this maize was given by the Ane Donyi(Sun god)when earlier Abo Tani married her daughter Donyi Mumsi.And also the spirit of great man like late Tomo Ribaji seems to be still motivating others to love PPA.
                        As many are opining now that the 2013 belong to AAP and 2014 will belong to PPA.See originally even the critics have said that AAP will take 20 yrs.The Ex-PPA childrens have been always waiting for this wonderful occasions and should also support us now.See late Tomo Ribaji one of the pioneer of the PPA; his endevour was honestly before time.
                      As today all the educated elite see in PPA only security to all in the future.And some important PPA leaders feels that the job retirement age need to be enhanced by 2 yrs.And to increase the job joining age by 2 yrs.is needed to give chance to some strugglers.But all this depend on the Public respond to PPA which is truelly committed for them.
                          The brothers and sisters doing Job have to see that the Govt. of India is duty bound to give additional fund to all the States specially to our State which is the great wall of India against the mighty China how there can be injustice?And the middle party like PPA will be always acceptable to any

party which comes in centre;and will have more bargaining power then other place also.
                       And the judicious use of Jal,Jamin and Jungle e,i-water,land and forest may also ensure the source of money for Govt. servants salary payment.As the Sikkim State is an example for all the good act;and today more pressure will be in the centre to not discriminate any State in the era of coalition also.As soon the discrimination on the party line will be removed for sure.As this is era of lobby and we have really talented and committed groups.
                                As the 1st Lady e,i-Hon`ble C.M`s better half Mrs.Chamling is said to have brought a flower revolution business in Sikkim;this short of enterpreunership gives dignity and opportunity for wider Peoples.And have helped the Publics to go in other way of earning and this have to be started now;as there is no way other then this.The wastage of money in making various portfolios like chairman and Secy.`s and purrchasing of luxury cars can be stopped to make the deficit into surplus-
                     The I.A.S lobby als seems to be now more friendly with the Nagaland and Sikkim Govt. as the smart leaders there have made there presence felt in the Delhi and other place also.As see the top officers wants to be proud of there leaders.And in outside Publics see only the personality

as they know it is only fool who will make day dream of thinking about others richness.
                        And this positive team work is seen getting better response from the Publics;and after this AAP success like minded party alone may be respected more by other party also.As a political revolution alone bring a new thinking as non is that rich or that good to change all.As the member of the conglomoration of the vested interest groups how they can change the society?And who knows obssessed with this tecnics they may be caught by the AAP members in Delhi for trying to brive the Planning Commission Officers also.
               Thus the earlier issue of need of rich leaders is in great question now.See the respect doesn`t comes by always hanging around one leader only but by making a one;even the present top supporters have also good qualities with them.As some of them have made and helped old leaders in there bad time;and have no two tongues.Thus in this crucial time;if they also come in our aid have to be welcomed by the civil society members.
                       The telephatic relation and the voice of the inner heart is sometimes more important.As earlier even if the High Command of the Congress party if they have helped some corrupted ones unwillingly;this was time for them to repent.Or the guilty feeling may definitely catch them also.See earlier the reason for joining the Congress was free hand in

corruption and tomorrow this party may also compelled to become like AAP;with the exit door shown to the old timers also.
                    Atleast Rahulji seems to mean this.Thus for the leaders who have spoiled beyond hope non will like to shield them now;there own also.As Rahulji is now seen to be catogarically against them and they may be needed to show there real party discipline now to be ready to die before there master.As for them bad time to there master seems to have come.
                  The  risk with the BJP is it may enforce the Uniform Civil Code which may finish the age long practise like Keba system and in that case the numbers of Gaon Burah`s may be phased out.It is something on which matter the Arunachal publics should have the better say as even Innerline Permit system cannot be also left as easily also.As once there is absolute majority for BJP even if they make many explanation now future is always doubtful also.As already the Chakma Hazong have been put in the A.P by the Congress party without the Publics consent.
                                 And they where given citizenship by the BJP and what about the Beef eating Public of Arunachal Pradesh;as is this Cow slaughtering ban not in its main agenda.See some thing done in forefathers time may be not correctable now,but atleast new precaution have to be also taken.

               As give a damn of PPA loosing the Mithun symbol for the greed of the present leaders and Publics, even the indigenious Arunachalee may be lost soon if all are not vigilant.As if the half of the Hydro power is also made there is accepted to be damping of one crore labourers against the about 16 lack local population according to 1991 census if I am not wrong.
                   And who knows this may be again reason for future claiming by others for removing the 6th schedule given by the Britishers in the form of Assam frontier Act the rule that restricts the outsiders to purchase land in the Arunachal pradesh.And this is the greatness of our forefathers as even if they where uneducated and alleged as uncivilized but made Britishers to make good law.
                And today see the neglect of the most important issue thus some leaders need to be thrown stones for not attending the State Assembly sessions.Why they have to be seen busy with March ending only?As some of the RSS and the VHP seems to be targetting the non Christian and non Buddhist innocent tribals for there propaganda also bringing much complications.
                      The other important point to ponder is Art.371(H) have been hastily seems to be put in context with the state of Arunachal Pradesh when the State Re-organisation Bill was passed suddenly;where there is seen minimum right of the state in mining rights etc.While in the State of the


Nagaland and Mizoram there is better Article371(A &G) which gives more right to this States in there natural resources.Will the BJP make this amendment if it comes to power?as it have also some coal mafias who may be looking for new places.Thus saying is easy;all the dialogue baazi of the BJP and Congress is in fact an eye wash for this State.And is irrelevant as they are the ones who have spoiled this state.
                           Thus as Prof. Asan Riddiji says both BJP and Congress are there to harm the Arunachal Publics;one is like Tiger while other is like Lion both are ready to devour the Publics of this region.Who knows the Arunachal Publics condition is going to be like in the Sugriv`s time when his subjects where finished in the battle of Lanka in Ramayana.The war which in fact never belong to them in first place and for which they had to face ethinic cleansing.
                And they may have been our ancestors perhaps in stone age era when they may have been derogatorilly addressed as Vanar`s by the Aryan`s.After all does Likabali town near Basar does it not sound something close to the Vanar Raj Bali of the Ramayana time who was killed by Rama secretly?As the Hindu philosophy also seems to call the outcome of the inter mix of the Devta and human progeny as Gandharv`s.

                   As today also we are seen as Nepali by some outsiders ;this is hard truth.And are ready to be picked up by national party in fight that never belong to us.As Lord Ram and Ravan needed to fight for the Sita Mata themselves.But who died more the innocent Vanars of the Kishkinda Parvat isn`t it?And in the end Hanumanji is heard to have lived a lone life.Seems all his close one was anhalited.And even if great portrayal is made out of his devotion but harm have been done.And for what that war was waged? as even the Sita mata was heard to be divorced after so many sacrifices.
                      Thus this verbal duet between the Modiji and the Rahulji is in fact a noisense and worthless for place like this.As both seems to be ready to commit Kamikaze for there stubbornness,pride and prejudice.As they are discussing there own problems and we will take 6 months even to reach near Modiji and Rahulji.
                  Thus better not to seek appointment also.As the central leaders have become so much opportunists that they may even use the workers in sex rackets specially ones from innocent place believes some.Thus it is time to trust our own as many don`t know where is Arunachal Pradesh also.
                             And why it is famous this also plain country man don`t know;here Surya Bhagwan/Sun comes first.And Lord Sri Krishna married from here and the the god of creator Brahmas son runs here in the form of river Brahmaputra.And here is the Parsuram Kunda where there ancestor

Lord Parshuram have washed his sin from murdering numbers of Kshatriyas.If tomorrow there is a honourable appeal from any corner be it 1st front,3rd front or UPA for friendship NERPF party leadership will perhaps give a thought in right time.
                   As if there is dignified request our leader may see the situation;as it is time now for others to take risk as for long innocent tribals have been made to attack from front.Used as short of human shield.As our own lookalike party like AAP have also come now,so no hurry for alliance many NE Peoples sujjests now.
                                               As non can be said about powerful BJP or Congress in the centre specially in regard to there view on the boundery problem,passing of Lok Ayukta and on hydropower projects matter etc.As the High command culture have already heard to have deprived the State Peoples of apron money of the Hydropower money also.As they always seems to be willing to see the interest of the more populous place and there own belt.
            Thus it is time to think as NE feels many prominent Publics now. Today the PPA alone is the middle path which can satisfy everyone and it is perhaps time now to not only see the party from its hugeness but from its


 merit and merit only; as we have no leader with there hand myrred in the Hydropower MOU signing without consulting the Publics.
                           And we have also leaders who have sticked in the party and have shown great sacrifice.Our striking power is more flexible for its few committed leadership and will soon take everyone for surprise.See leaders like Sri Laita Umreji Hon`ble MLA PPA have shown that merit alone even before this AAP success story.This he did by defeating top Congress State leaders in his constituency for two times.Even if the whole Congress Cabinet is reported to have camped in his Roing town to stop him they failed.
                              And see in todays time with the fuure of the Congress in doldrum;in the centre and state and league of extra ordinary gentlemans ready to attack it in its various post.They may be soon compelled to come out of there bunkers in hands up position.As non is invinsible in this world as the Publics have risen up now. See only a leader  who seems to be obsessed with power and position will not like to accept this arguments ;as the PPA is committed to give feeling of pride and confidence to all the community.As under the Congress regime in this state earlier there have been seem to be number of communal clashes and perhaps doubt of political motivated murders also.


                 The condition is so bad in the Tirap and Changlang side that Hon`ble Ministers of other part seldom goes there inspite of there heavy convoy of police protection also.And when the PPA tries to talk peace with elected Govt. of Nagaland the congress man makes hue and cry forgetting who started this mess.
                                      And is there better option then political engagement also; as Peoples are suffering from insurgency in Tirap and Changlang Dist.side of A.P like any thing?while there is peace and tranquility in the Nagaland where it is heard to have started also.
                              So the time is for giving prayer support to the Arunachal Publics specially from those part also.As if border is secured then everyone is.The NE brothers also need to be vigilant also.As the army may be also used to make selective killing to make both the faction always fight against each other also;see nothing can be said in India.But in general all the army seems to be not bad only few who may be bad.
                  And fortunately there is still peace and tranquility in our side as because from day one the Keba/Case system have been very strong.But see there is also seen new change after spectacular success of PPA first rally

where thousands where present in the Khonsa General field.And see they came on there own and heard with rapt attention.It is heard only 300 audience where seen in one political party rally who camped in Khonsa field just after us.
                        See in place like Tirap and Changlang Dist.where hundreds have losts there life it is always better to invoke the God`s blessings.And as it was also our first rally I did the needful and hope the father in heaven will be blessing us and constantly guide us.As for Him also He will not take time to make this place as peaceful like my Basar town ;where only some virus in the mind of certain top persons need to be alone perhaps removed.
                As only animal will enjoy becoming rich for himself and like other to suffer;but true son of man will hear others genuine point of view also.As if one can`t fly should he try to also?As today greatest personal security is keeping everyone happy or no amount of Z-catogory can save oneself.As for us we can travel freely and have no future insecurity and till when the security will also protect a person if Yama is after someone also.
                                   And we all really need to prey for the Tirap and Changlang brothers also;as they are fighting for the worst transition period for which the Kingship theory imparted by the Congress Govt.And the extortion of the natural resource of the Tirap and Changlang brothers seems


 to be main villain also as ultras happened just now.
              This circumstances seems to have help the Ultras to fill the hatred and void of society made by the haves class only who looted this areas in Saw Mill time.But interestingly amidst the odds the central sponsored schemes like IAY,MG NREGA is heard to be more successful in this part then in other region of Arunachal Pradesh also.Thus shame on other parts;as in this situations others may have quit by now.
                    Thus the good ones they must be now compelled to be joined politics.The Publics have to stop thinking that by joining politic`s the leaders are doing them favour;it is also them who have to promote them.See the Minyong Publics are heard to be bringing everything for there leaders.And where have this courtesy gone with the great Galos.Like earlier the few educated ones where searched upon and the job was made compulsory for them;in fact today also they need to be invited in Politics.But first thing we will see is definitely going to be an empty treasury even if we are given political chance.
                 Thus new leadership also need to be given some breathing space.                                        So it is bad that due to fear of seen force who are operating like Robin Hood

in some place only our society is seen delivering.This shows power obsession and misleading in this part;as the uneducated redundant contractor leaders who are seen inadequate in performing how they can mislead others like always also?
            As if situations deteriots they will be seen hiding in the flats in Delhi and Bombay.But this time there cruckedness and well planned strategy to purchase vehicles and motorcycles for the workers long time before election seems to have harmed them also.As this AAP bomb have also jolted them to some extent.
                     As the opposition leaders are now facing scene of hated look from some of new car owners after Delhi Congress party debacle.And after proposal for passing of Lok Pal Bill.Seems as if some one is asking there new car and vehicle back.Thus the Publics of other part also need to introspect;as a popular leader may also get instant cabinet birth in his first maiden opening itself if the good Publics blesses them.
              Thus two side of the coin have to be always seen as even if the deserving leaders are unable to make regular round due to there fund problems they must be given chance also.As it is wrong to hate other only because he is from other religion or class or is economically not good ,unless given chance how one`s potentialities can be judged?


                      It is wrong to coin that terrorism have come for one religion ;in fact it have come from us.See in Nepal even if it is a Hindu Rashtra there is Naxalism called-Mao wadi.But one have to also appreciate that in place like Nagaland and Nyishi belt the Christian religion have also helped in peace to finally come quickly also.            
                    As the religion is also a forrum to ventillitate frustrations of the Peoples more then the democracratic Institutions also,and forrum for making this society a better place.Why all the agenda will be always hizacked by the haves class even in the Galo Bane keba.And after seeing so much hardship in leadership issue in challenging time like communalism,is it not time to think to vote for God fearing leader who fear non and have the guts and following to implement there views also?As the real leadership is it not to be shown in worst situations?
                           And mind it how so ever religion and religious leader is hated the solution will also come from them only,as very good persons like late Tomo Ribaji and late Bakin Pertinji is long dead.Yet they have left a legacy a formula for all.And unfortunately the haves class have compelled the deserving ones to be backed up by a lobby also;while it should have been

Publics spontenious reactions to there appeal.Why this Haves class don`t make a U turn now as will it be not in there interest also?
                      As see if this Noble is released in partnership basis there may be mutual benefit for myself and my patner also;as through the contract work it may have become difficult to earn money now.And besides money more important is tremendous amount of others good will.If there is a genuine star in this society see how much it will have benefit all.
              Thus now there is need of leader who not marely tells the importance of education but who himself is one hell of its exponent.And the sportsman also will be more inspired with the other sportsman who have become Sports minister also.Thus it seems time to change differently have now come.
                                 Thus nothing like feeling good for a maritious ones and getting inspiration from them.See there is one Eken Basarji in Gori-II Village of Basar town; he always made it point to live with elites.And the angels visiting there house also seems to have blessed him.His two son managed to get Gazatted Officers which is so difficult to get in todays time.Thus nothing like associating with a good man.As there is more blessing from them.Thus I

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