Friday, March 7, 2014


                    Dear Public's of the 29th assembly constituency Basar; I want to contest as MLA from PPA in the ensuing election which date is fixed on 9th april 2014.Please help me as I have nothing of my own to later take credit or being proud of or to do corruption.As I am starting from Zero income and promise to never do contract work which seems to be spoiling today`s leaders.
            See the dark can be only finished by the light that is truth and I believe is somewhat with me.The core issue can be not deviated by making unnecessary personal attacks.The more honest person alone can even benefit the contractor voters and workers.And some will say I don`t know the nitty gritty of contractor line.But it is good intentions that is needed.
                                See the leaders who have no other qualities will like to pin the topic on money Vrs no money,Christian Vrs. No Christian .And who knows already game is fixed and a richer man may have been already decided to be supported by haves class.Thus time to be cautious as what Poor man will see is what is happening in Tirbin area where the private Bulldozer of few Persons are seen to hit the stomach of poor villagers.The little bit of talent I have got must be due to your all prayer support also.As the only wearer knows where the Shoe pinches;so you must have been giving your secret love from day one.See I tried to share all problems with the Poor Public's and that seems to be my fault from rich class angel.As they have lied in Dist.Hq and have been seen to be greedy to even not left the Cabinet post for 4 days also.Thus this time we have to also make a world record by defeating present Congress candidate with record margin.
                    The rampant corruption and earlier corrupted leaders and business man can be only perhaps taken care of if I am better then others at least in probity of Public life.Thus myself refused 3 crore bribe offer from a top leader also. I refuse to be helped by my own rich family members also as this mission of justice and equality is every ones fight as need is for rising everyones self confidence and self respect. As this seems to be the best way to make it peoples movement to help the Poor brothers and sisters who have been always cheated in election.Who only need to be with me to get there real right now as I have been now made as official PPA ,MLA candidate.See even here the haves class members have tried to deprive me from getting the ticket.See if God and  Publics is with me who can be against me?
                 The point is  they must get justice this time,and for it they have to also bear some uncomfortable with me. Mind it I am there in the prey so the rich are going to be  pampering you all,so if you want to take money take large amount.And for it you have to only praise me.In fact the Lok Ayukta have been passed now and the crooks will only give leap service.Besides the simultaneous election have made less time for campaigning and have given golden opportunity for poor leaders.And the Election Commissioner is supposed to be very vigilant this time.Our positive side is-PPA is middle party and I have no fear of Lok Ayukta cases.And please for your own sake at least pray for me; for some seems to have no shame so seen  ready to hurt the Poor brothers and sisters again and again.How long you all will be hearing big lies in election? Thus is it not time to stop the big lies of the spoiled  haves class who have in fact no community and religion and only knows there interest.See spending crores of money for putting there point of view in election have made what is the place like Tirap and Changlang.But there also the Poor man`s file is seen to be cleared more.See I am ready to have open debate with any leader any place in any language they understand.
                                                                                              Sincerely your`s,
                                                                                               Adv.Togo Basar
                                                                                             (The man who is taking pain for the  Hungry brothers and sisters of the 29th Basar assembly constituency.

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