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THE GAME CHANGER:- My new Nobel ( Part -XXIII )

greater realization may have to be also made.As what God want is foolish persons having blind faith as He sees the heart and knows the evil spirit is there greatest enemy.As He choosed to sit in the donkey also;as it is better to know nothing then know everything and yet not recognize God.
                           As Baba Ramdevji also once told that the Donkey is beter then the Human being as it even don`t drink the wine put in its front.See once you join a football you managed to play it isn`t it no matter how it looked difficult from outside.Thus need is to keep God in the first position and just jump in positive side.See I am not intelligent that my work is attractive;but if my article is readable there must be God`s blessings.
                        And for the good persons who where also entangled in a corrupt system; is AAP not God`s plan to pave way for the good ones also?So for a family loving person he can do anything and he should for survival of his family members.As what one gain in the end if the wide road is choosen;see there are many rich Peoples who are said to be compelled to give drugs to there dying sons.Thus this bonds and Insurance kept for there Childrens have it helped them?
                             Thus prevention is it not better then cure?why sentiment on religion let the god save itself if it is real god.So the Mughals are said to have knowingly destroyed Somnath Mandir as there was too much rumour


around it.And after the Prophet Mohammad compelled the Madina Peoples to stop the Idol worship the Islam grow leap and bounds.And from there perspective they wanted to liberate others as spirituality cannot be monopolized;and may have been Ullahs plan also.
                  And the Ullah must have also used them to throw the rotten ones.As there may come when one start falling apart.After all the God is the owner and do according to His own whims and caprice.And also in fact few may have been only enjoying life from temple donations;thus there was non to protect the temple from invaders.
                       The problem seems here to be this-`Hindu Varna classifacations have give monopoly to Brahmans to make religious discourse and they seems to have used it for there own interest`.And see the same evil spirits which earlier come as they wanted where started to be rejected by the Mughals.Thus they also seems to have progressed for there ability to remove there false gods.How soever the Rajputs hated them, in there own way the Mughal Emperors where seen to be very religious and so they prospered much.
                            Thus we may be needing the  God fearing leaders to nuke the terrorists hiding in Pakistan.And for it we may have to stop decorating

our houses with numerous calenders with the photo of our deities which spirit the Publics used to despise in the vedic era and did not welcome in there own house.See the Brahmans seems to have told only one side of the Shastras as Lord Rama is heard to have even killed 4 Sadhus meditating in upside down position.And as the Brahman Vad/killing is said to be a very much sin this seems to have been done knowingly.
                                            But the message seems to be avoid one practicing witchcraftsy.And so the VHP may can atleast do better service to its Hindus by phasing out some cult practice.As who knows that deity and malevolent god /spirit may be always needing human blood also?As even in the Old movies the bandits of the Chambal Ghati alone was seen to prey the godess with postulated tongues.And blood oozing out.And the good part is today now there seen to be drive against one resorting to witchcraftsy and Jadu Tona.
                          And it is to be observed was man like Asa Ram Bapu was really resorting to Nar Bali or not?As whatever be the beauty outside but praying the creators creations have lead the human beings to do something real bad.Like the Sun temple in the Machu Pichu in Equador is heard to be

the Incas ulter for making human sacrifice.In fact in history all the symbolic buildings have been reason for human opression.
                  See many where put inside the Great wall of China.And even the main architect of the Taj Mahal was not left.His hand was chopped of.See in all the olden Hinduism philosophy also there was direct connection with the gods-Brahma,Bishnu and Mahesh.And they used to bless after lots of persuation.
                  Thus need is seek them by meditation or by selfless service;and by not making the Bharat Swabhiman party to contest in election Baba Ramdevji have also shown his greatness.See how all the Hindu brothers can be also bad;and he is such a powerful person that may can be also befriended to spread this message.As the real happiness is by seeing everyone else as more happy and this Babaji also seems to be spreading.
                          Thus the Manu smriti and all the scriptures may be needed to be re-studied.See it is not wrong to research and question the religion also as this Varna system have it not harmed the Hindus?The true God`s follower will dare to make it and then only may be the Baba Saheb Ambedkar`s soul may be happy.Even in the Holy Bible there was short of Varna as the Levites

 where made to only perform pooja inside the temple.But Lord`s sacrifice seems to have pave the way.
                   Thus only emphasizing on one class seems to have harmed the Hindu brothers.The good ordinary honest farmer may have healing power more then a Sadhu also.As a son of Sadhu alone will not necessarily become a Sadhu.Thus things have to be seen from many perspective even the Lord Christ told to His 12 Apostles tomorrow who have never seen me yet believe me my blessings will be more on that person.
                      As that will mean that man is a naturally a good person.As God knows all are sinners but even the worst of worst person from our perspective may be ready for change.And God is more interested on them as He seems to like one who make good choose out of two option.As good God gives freedom of choose.So the thief who was crucified with Lord Christ who never show Him doing numerous miracles like His 12 Apostles preferred to be in the positive side and was taken to heaven.
                        Whereas there was also Doubting Thomas and Iscariot Juda who sold Him.Thus even if greatest miracle is shown the human being will remain a human only.Thus one have to cement his spiritual life so that he don`t backslide.As whatever critics call but once overcoming urther temptations only God will give.


                          Thus time seems to have come to see what can be done to see this temple money.As large amount of gold find in temple is it not to be used properly for countries interest?And honestly right now the BJP and the Congress Party can never be trusted with this gold.Many thinks given chance they may put fake ones.See after this attack on the politicians by the AAP this subjects may have to be also taken up as our country is a great spiritual country and we cannot accept someone to hoodwink all.
                       As for Baba Ramdevji and Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji they atleast don`t claim of healing power.Thus they need to be respected as they are telling to be preferred for illness;thus those who are searching for the ill and diseased one`s are they also good spiritual persons;thus more need seems to be praying for no such problems.And it is pertinent to mention that the Christian Preachers also only quote which is written in the Holy Bible.And never claim of healing power.
               Thus the charlatans may have to be taken care of as for long they have duped others for there innocency.Thus who are against practical discussions are those who don`t want to loose there fake power and positions.See if there is truth with someone who can stop it?As the Publics will wait for him or not?See more the BJP distance itself with Ponga pundits/pseudo religionists more it will be better.

                           As Hon`ble Gujrat C.M Narendra Modiji took right decision by indirectly criticizing one Sadhu called Soham Sarkar who was predicting large gold inside the well in Zee T.V.See for a real spiritual man unless there is strong conviction he will never want to hog the media lime light.
                       As once you become the famous persons on spiritual ground then you have to be also always be a good man and this is really scarry part also.As God is always there and may be more hateful to a successful man if he commits breach of trust.Thus for years I never wanted to say this things also;even if giving testimony was my duty.As sometimes you feel like why God only helped me so much and by telling His glory I may be seen like praising myself indirectly.But can I also not maintain Christian duty and do some good work more then the bad also?
                                Thus all is in the way of glorifying God only ;some say His glory when it is too late;see even we don`t want to keep even an old maid servent yet we want to spend our youth for ourselves only.Thus it is said in Holy Bible it is said leave even dead father;as for some death may be very near.As for me henceforth I may atleast live a happy life that I have done what I always wanted to.
                         As master have definitely better plan and will use us as He wishes.And thus we are accepted to have love and respect for each other as


everyone is in His duty only.And see If elites don`t respect there own who else will?see someones parents may have become successful as they where also obedient to God one`s upon a time.Thus they need to be told and reminded of there earlier blessings from God and asked to be changed.
                Thus time to remove old chains,sometimes for this revolution there is need of self Independent decession.But more question is definitely going to fall on some previous leaders; as once they were also poor and where seen helpless yet God and Publics had pity on them also.And at that time there was no paucity of funds for development also but why gross mismanagement,if the money was only goal why they have not settled in Delhi and Bombay and done business there?
                      And so some conscious Publics have already start acting now;its not that all the A.P Publics are fools.The successful cancelling of the allotment order of the fish Pond of Basar town applied by a top leader,cancelling of large numbers of fake voter list in one top leaders Village after complaining to the Election Commission by some; are the outcome of ones excess who seems to be only concern to enjoy the power by hoock or crook.
                   As directly or indirectly a unity and consensus seems to be now


arriving between the elites; as the good man need not to be seen eating together.But they do have certain ethics to respect there own kind;specially more elderly one who have read in D.U and have so many good plans for there own peoples.
                                See in this part of the world the educated man have been universally seen as less corrupted barring few;it is time the area Peoples start counting on them also.As given chance normal development any one can do as a leader ; but there is certain fit work only educated man may can alone do better this days;more so if leadership is in his genes.And today other educated leaders from other Constituency they may also favour an educated leader in top position like Cabinet rank.As with money respect can never be always buyed;but respect will follow scholar and statesman also.
                     And those great Galo society why it have made to fall to low now?Is it not by power obsessed leaders who want to derogate the educated ones and are they not indirectly hurming all the societies future for it.As it is tentamount to indirectly discouraging the students.And also what advise they can give to the students unless they have no professional know how;gone is days when only appeasing the Hon`ble C.M was

enough.Today Publics can never ignore the elephant inside the class room any more.
                     And when the Intelligentias have been endowed with more qualities why not go inside the Chakravyu and break it.As the role of Youth is not only complaint but to go inside the system and change it so they must support us.And even the uneducated leaders why not hear there conscience;as why they are sending there kids to study abroad and want to harm all the Publics.
                    The election of the uneducated and visionless leaders in todays time itself may be greatest set back for a constituencies future.As keeping B.A pass certificate purchase from unregistered college of Assam and Bihar how it will help a person?
                     And shame on those educated leaders who are trying to bring back stone age in this great society;as one two term chance on the ground of equal benefit to a region is different case.Honestly when I started my own blog there where too many pressures from top echelon of power corridors also.And today thanks God that more or less every one have accepted my brand of opinion.
                    And this is as because there is less of this kinds may be.But see

tomorrow there may be danger as there may be no person left to be gospel by you also.Unless you go to Pakistan and tell all the good things.As in my initial spiritual years also I also used to laugh at other believer thinking why that Guy is wasting time.
                      And today when some of my Publics now miss me; then our good time may have also come a friend was opining.But I need to be forgiven as I have no money and waiting for right sponsorship.And as I was busy washing head of the top leaders as the Ganga snan/Baptisma have to be started from top only.And surely it will fiddle down also;as for aam admi they are already with a good issue now.Yet the top Peoples are also our own and must be given one time chance also.
                             If the Lions itself is Baptist then?thus even if a film is made on my life and experience I will cooperate;as for long I have enjoyed the God`s blessings myself and I suppose today is the time where I need to come open for others.After all some have to call spade a spade;and mind it this will be the most challenging part also.As I have been also mightily used so far even if I was a ordinary man and see there may be tomorrow many rich man in the death bad also who will need Him.Yet they may die with regret in their heart.
                  And our Publics whom I want to meet so much need to know that there leader was burning mid night lamp for them;as he have to also explore


area from which atleast help for his campaign will come.And so I was trying to be the master plan politicians to convince the elite of whole world,as my party also is lacking in this resource.But the destiny and time is very crucial in life;and even many rich man are made street beggers by it.
                   So after seeing all the sudden change in the Delhi the local haves class should have been one to request me to remove this Noble from the Blog and promise me of there help.As like the school days story of the Ram Feel Still Skin where the devil who wanted his name to be discovered for not taking life of young prince and was finally traced singing his own name inside the Cave in jungle.The future is really bleak for some.
                         So the world is watching now as honestly the haves class have it also not left other option for us, then to say this openly?the 2nd option left for the unemployed Youths being joining the Ultras in jungle who atleast seems to be more sympathetic.And are the frustrated unemployed Youths are not praiseworthy for still remaining peaceful,calm and have postitive attitude like there more spiritual leaders?
                              See in good time all comes naturally and some Urban voters some of whom may think that the midas touch is with them; mind it Village

Peoples; they are always seen to be the one making U-turn after seeing Rural response to a party?And after taking all there pending bill from the Govt.they may again project the same leader whom they are now despising to claim there credit.
                            Thus this time the Rural voters now need to see there own interest now;not see the Urban response.They are clever lots and make leaders suffer a lot as very few have one tongue.And see ones you join them according to there term then you are going to be squized.Thus joining PPA will be best as this party is not aversed to be made friend by any national party also.
                          And both the BJP and the Congress have been tried and have been found to be unwanted now.Thus for simple voter atleast even if he want to run can do so after Lokh sabha election result when the real picture will be clear.Thus the God seems to be merciful this time.
                        And have some Basar area leaders have shamlessly already not said earlier in Public gathering in Basar town-,`if the Dist.Hq. will not come by previous april of 2013 all Panchayat leaders should not contest,` and see what happened?It is pertinent to mention that last year after election was over the top Congress man in Basar organized a large Public gathering.

                               And the selected speakers where made to blame the GWS –Galo Welfare Society for the delay in giving Hq. to Basar.But few like me openly denounced it and gave a ultimatum to the Govt.Today why Govt.should say there is equal demand from other place also.And there is fund crunch etc. for this projects.
                         Thus the A grade contractor leaders should have also accepted the Panchayat leaders resolution by boycotting the rulling Congress party;as there is heard to be a decision in principal taken by the Congress Panchayat leaders to boycott the coming Lokh sabha election for this breach of trust.Thus atleast in this coming election they should not be seen working for the ruling Congress party.
                      In this serious views also how the Publics can be also seen to have anything to do with any member of family who seems to have taken the Publics for ride?As I was incidently present in the Urban Hotel where the lunch was given to the Ex-Hon`ble C.M Dorzee Kanduji before he made a declaration in the Basar general field to elect Congress party MLA and MP and get Dist.Dist Hq.
                          And see in that lunch I show 3 top Peoples of area ,barring ex-Hon`ble C.M Jarbom Gamlinji who was refraining Kanduji to make a promise of which outcome he was not sure of.Others seems to have been for go

ahead.And thus at least in this matter of false promise of Head Quarter to Basar area publics, I atleast absolve present Hon`ble C.M Nabam Tukiji and Hon`ble M.P Takam Sanjayji of any blame as they did not I suppose knew the master plan.
                              And even didn`t knew that it was going to be declared by the Hon`ble C.M in the general field.And so just endorsed previous Hon`ble C.M`s view when there turn for the speech come after all boss is always right.And thus it is wrong to make such promise in the future the leaders must think thousand times before making any comment.
                       And this false Dist.Hq. manifesto seems to have been false from the day one,concocted and enacted to give perenniel headache to the Publics of the Basar and Likabali area; as after election was over most meticulous and well planned attack was ploted againt the opposition leader like me to suppose buckle under pressure.And the present leadership seems to have audacity to undermine the great Basar area Publics.
                      See today PPA is also best middle way for the poor State as it is unclear which party will come in centre;after all this was the earlier argument put by the present leaders to be continue in the power and position.Yet the critics are now saying alleigning with any power in centre must have been for fear of CBI.As see like AAP in Delhi the BJP or Congress


may not to alleignment with the PPA party even if it manages 30 Hon`ble MLA.
                 And so in this Lokh Sabha election for the Arunachal Publics who need to be very careful now why not to be in safe side.As like Titanic Ship all the haves class is first time seen to be sinking in the Congress and the BJP party and why there tension which is due to them will be borrowed now.
                                     Why we have to be bothered about them now as it is there own self made destiny believes many now.As the ruling party have always used State machinery and CBI fear to suppress other.So a friend sujjested me let other campaign nicely this time so that later they are unable to run back; as this time we want to trap them like the Russians Kosaak troops trapped the Hitlers Panzer Division in the Alaska.
               Sound`s interesting but war experts have also said never open two battlefronts;and some precicely seems to be doing this.And mind it there also now heard friction in the Congress camp of A.P also;as they have never seen bad time;and as for us we have become street fighters and Solai Rench/multi not bolt adjuster Rench which can fit in any Not Bolt.As the Titanic made final roaring sound before noose diving into oblivion ;the Congress man is heard to be making lots of sound now.

                            Thus how can be offdated ruling party and the Publics aggrieved with the excessive Political fatigueness,rampant corruption,nepotism and price rise  can digested any more the monotonous party in this State of A.P?And only a foolish leader will excessively bank on his earlier tricks as today non can be undermined and like a floating tip of iceberg beneath it the Oppossition leader may damage any gigantic ship now;and this have been now shown by AAP success also.
                     And interestingly some Publics also develop boredom if there is always meeting with them;so surely some shamless leaders nature to roam around may not work now.As they may be seen as frequenters and old timers and self praisers.See every dog is said to have his own day.
                             As today Peoples see the merit of a person and his capability and may think his limitations in election time is compensated by his other capabilities.As man who have come by his own can alone be the Bharat Bagya Vidhata.As every one is suffering from depressions and cannot afford to see only one family as fatty and may see rich sons initiative as same game plan.Even if non will say this in there face.
            As after Barrack Obama everyone seems to be liking leader like him and to talk like him one have to go through whole lots of experience.And the


meritious man will shine any where as sky is limit for him.So my earlier financial constraints may be pardoned by my Basar area Publics and many from my own place is accepted to help me now; as time seems to be ripe to meet others now.
                    I am appealing to all the family members of the world to sponser this mission as this is surely thy mission as repeated God`s help in my life is evident.As for truth to triumph all must unite; as said by Edmund Burke-`the rise of the evil is due to silence of the good peoples`,the spark neglected burns the house as said by great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy.As this days small incident here may have greater ramification in other part of the world;as world have become never as close as it is now.
                       We cannot afford to have 3rd world war now and so small matter which may trigger it must not be neglected.As some place may be truelly devils last bastion and world will be better if it is eradicated like Small Fox.And see the happiness if we have again a King like King David.As to work for His glory and eventually regoicing in the end time after its success, imagine how wonderful it will be?See for nearly 5 yrs. I have repeatedly contributed new ideas to the world through my blog;and as such thinking it is my right time as well as right to ask for my own help now.


                  And thus who don`t harp on issues but are trying to make volleys of allegations against the oppossition leader may henceforth get beating from the angry mob who are fed up of the anti incumbency and monopoly by the rich and powerful.And  whole the world`s civil society need to now know the unique developments in the land of the Basar town.
                 As this Basar area may end up as the capital of the civil society movements;as if new idea grows then that credit can also be not denied to Publics here.As some friends told me that there was short of a need of Holy Book like Das Capital for the Civil Society members also;and this Nobel may end up as one; one never know future also.
                           And who know`s Lord is helping me to create a master piece as points seems to be coming to me ceaselessly this time.As today non is interested in hearing irrelevant,immaterial gossip and time have come for direct action plan for the civil society benefit;as water have crossed the neck.And for the small works left with them to be undertaken ;the political workers also need to know when there top leaders have opened the mouth of the mighty Lions;smaller steps the lower rank leaders should also take.
                   As every time the Oppossition leader cannot be accepted to do everything and they have also limitations with finance.And here the rich

class who have never joned unless they have there own axe to grind is not accepted to come.Thus it is better to make this fight between the the haves and haves not.As for long there have been injustice to haves not class in this society.
                       And see unlike earlier Congress leaders telling lies of highest order we will never do that;and this smart Publics also now know that the much needed investment and Bussiness opportunity only this new kids in the block can bring.As they now want realistic solution to the never ending price rise and unemployment problems.And for this work inborn Galo quality of coordination; why not be used for everyones benefit,instead of my own benefit also?As it is possible to help all the world through cooperation of every one only and if God bless me to trigger it then is it not good also?
                         And it will be foolish of so great a constituency like 29th assembly constituency Basar to try to make some one not as Hon`ble leader only because he is from other religion or community.As mind it this will be like apartheid practiced in South Africa years back.See the graph is really against injustice to minority here;as today Christianity have reached 40% population in Basar constituency and out of dozen A Grade Contractors not a single have been made by the present leadership from this community.As some may try to impress the world that the condition is very good for others but it is not so.

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