Monday, September 7, 2009

The End of the Islamic Virus

Everything is good if end is good nice that good Mussalman have realized that enough is enough the Islamic Fundamentalists are the ones who are harming their cause they are the real Virus of their Society. And I predict the world will be never same again. For Islamic Terrorists are the original source of all the other Terrorist activities, the day it is finished than others number will also come one by one. India Government should offer any type of logistic help to Pakistan in its fight against Taliban for they are also the worst victim of Terrorism which was time and again used against our Country . It is meaningless to refer the past mistake of each others our leaders need to show Countries magnimity this is the time to win their heart. We need to remember that so long as terrorism is their we are the direct threat. It is possible that moment terrorists get the nuclear bomb they will use it against our Country only.
It seems God himself was fed up of Islamic fundamentalists you see had Benejir Bhutto be not killed her husband present prime Minister Asif Ali Zardari Mia won’t have been that adamant to search her wife’s killers with Drone Plane . The situation has also compelled Jardari Mia to show a risk , after success of Nawaj Shariffs revolt it become imperative for him to show his leadership one way or other and mind it that man is in the verge of one day becoming one of the most famous person in the history. It seems Late Benejir Bhutto is still ruling Pakistan through her husband . Lets prey that ultimately she gets her justice and the news that the killer of her that son of the bitch Mulla Fazlulla getting dogs death be true . The Pakistanis should not panic during this time for the truth is most powerful of all and the truth is our righteous God will never let go the evils unpunished . Now the turn of the devils to get its own due, dooms day for all the heretics who were themselves Kafirs doing all short of anti Islamic activities like drug trafficking, rape , loot and murder in the name of Islam as if Prophet Mohammed was a butcher . We should not be shocked if later that son of the bitch Bin laden is found in Pakistan itself, than Mussaraf Mia will be definitely proved as real liar to the world. The Pakistan after finishing the Talibans needs to punish all the abettors who facilitate their growth. In this context best way will be modernize the Madrasas and remove all the anti social element Kazis and Maulvis who don’t dare to stand for the truth and have the audacity to call themselves Ullahs man another step should be reinterpret the teaching of controversial doctrines of Quran to shoot the modern era .As most of the controversial doctrines may be later addition it is wrong to believe that Islam has its foundation in sword after all prophet Mohammed united the warring tribes of Mecca and medina by reconciliation were as he could have exterminate his enemy . And during the time of Akbar the Great he did not accepted the Imam’s point of view in removing pilgrimage tax from Hindus by saying that no were Islam condemns other religion and stops other from reaching their own gods or goddess .
Therefore those maniacs and psychopathic are treated nicely by good Muslims is a great relieve to the world body which believes in religion of Humanity and believes in greatness of Islam which can fight itself from its enemies through great International contributions like Sufism and Sufi Songs which shows other side of Islam a religion that talks of love and affections as for now only our Muslim brothers has to believe in themselves that they can fight their enemy within .

The Catchy Political Slogan

I remember a story called How Quit India Movement come to Alipur? The Alipur which was still loyal to Britishers they were made to believe by Congress workers that they have been given dogs biscuit in evening tea, that did that trick furious Alipur Publics joined the Quit India moment next day . The Old timers again did the trick by ` Jai Ho , Jai Ho ,’ which was borrowed from Slums Dog Millionaire . The good part of the Congress Party seems to be free Political experiment which Rahulji can do without bothering the sentiment of the senior leaders . And this Blitzkriez mesmerized the Country after all one who graduated from Cambridge will be different. The BJP equation seems to have gone wrong the cash starved and poor Peoples to whom none of the Government policy ever reach were supposed to be horrified at the quantum of suspected money siphoned of to Swish Bank but it seems the Swiss Bank allegation seems to have boomeranged with those tax evaders financing their every bit against the party which could have nailed them in their Coffin if come to power. This controversial issue should have been discussed in the Inter party level . also it was highlighted in the fake end of the election . Other point to ponder is A Party could not afford to take panga with a major lobby like Muslim and Christians as its Hindutva ideology is uncomfortable to both and with Swiss Bank issue Industrialists may have also joined in the hate brigade . As Bismark said never fight in two battle front therefore it is time for the BJP to learn lesson from its mistake .
However even if Swiss Bank issue fails in election Congress will be under tremendous pressure this time to do follow up action now that it has come to power . As they also promised to see to it within 100 days if it comes to power it is to be seen how Manmohan singhji does something towards mother of all the issue . A practical solution has to be found If it is for countries interest may be D . Company may have to be brought by hook or crook either by extradition or given Political amnesty in exchange of disclosing the name of all the Indias most ungrateful sons those perfect sons of the Bitch who have used him for this havala activities or this may be a big political slogan next time as last time it was not popularized nicely .
The Congress Party can be credited for bringing positive energy to their advertise in campaigning which really attracted all the cross section of the Publics Youths as well as Old. They seems to have professionally managed the show . This was all and all Gandhi family day with the death of the Late Rajiv Gandhis killer , the popular mandate going to Congress Parties bag , the Sikh anger repaid by making Manmohan Singhji as PM for 2nd time at all something lacking in Gandhi family was only a Bahu to Soniaji , more than critics it must be Gandhi families dream ; we need to prey for Rahulji who may soon outlive his youthful desire for the wife like our salman Khan Bhai. Next time may be we will be exempted from seeing a PM without wife.

Voters Dilemma In Coming State Election

The Kiranjis loosing the M.P election is truly so much a shock for the People of the Western Parliamentary Constituency in particular and State in general that they are still marveling weather the EVM machine was also not sabotaged and for the BJP party it will take a lot of time to evolve from this jolt in the State. With the recent opinion of the experts that the EVM can be manipulated have brought a short of relief in the angry Publics mind and they will like non of this short in future a danger bell for future goons who wants to manipulate everything. But show must go on , this is part of the life the young and dynamic leader should wait for his chance as every dog has his own time. But the positive side should be also seen, earlier it was unimaginable for whole lots of Public to face the Ruling might but he has solely given a jolt to the whole system this have weakened the foundation of the establishment to the core after all establishment is not untouchable have been proved to some extent; sometimes revolution does take time it’s a slow process . However Kiranji had also certain limitations as the BJP Party is not prepared in some majority Christians and the Muslims dominated areas as they have certain doubts regarding this party. He should give a second thought regarding the Party which has some inhere tent limitation and should impress upon his senior leaders to follow the futility of issues like Ram Janma Bhoomi . Nevertheless In the coming State Assembly election his move to have coalition with the PPA is a good and tactical move as barring headquarters honestly BJP have limitation in our State unfortunately it should have been done earlier as I had advised him who happens to be my friend . The need of the hour is unity of all the opposition parties and this time united opposition may make this happen after all whenever their was overconfidence price had to be paid ; besides the Congress party may also soon see clashes for the most coveted post as some senior leaders are in verge of retirement and may make last ditch effort to taste the nectar of power . Even our wanglat Saab should realize now that he under estimated the popular hatred against our Apanji by his old chelas who are now in helm of power and the groups are seen to be bound more by fear of Apanji rather than Congress Party ideology , as for the aam admi they had always identify PPA more because political timing at which AC Party was made seems to be artificially orchested and also PPA has its distinct identity unlike AC which is seen to be Apangjis personal property even if some old Apangjis sycophants will pooh pooh it I don’t mind as I left the AC even when Apangji was in helms of power . But today one has to also accept that some AC members are introspecting things in new perspective as no body finance a party unless one come of itself through its hard labor . It is cheating oneself to live in the expectation that an Individual or National Party bosses will finance God helps those who helps themselves in Politics every one is ready to use other . The Congress Party in centre also seems to be more interested in defeating the Bihar and West Bengal Govt. than taking care of our State whom they seems to be taking for granted.
You know things that are made in pain lasts more see what happened to the ,` Din Eh Ilahi’, religion started by Akbar the Great after his death Birbal was the first to run may be because who could have the guts to correct Akbar in his hey days . The fact was that AC was never accepted in Publics heart also as they felt it was imposed of short it was only Apangjis chamchas who kept him in fools paradise who minted money on his charisma and run away to green pasture after he outlived his utility; as more than a regionalist persona Apangji and his followers had a Industrialist and Capitalist image and as such he even not fitted in his AC mould . As for the aam admi they see an exemplary leader in great Bakinji and Tomoji who were seen to be tormented by present regime under Apangji . Both the legend were seen to die fighting for the region and got martyred like image though they lived in absolute poverty during their time . Honestly the regionalism is more catchy slogan than the Congress parties secularism and much better than BJP’s Hindutva in Abo Tani Belt of Arunachal Pradesh in particular and other areas in general . As more educated Publics now are searching for their roots , like Nagaland and Sikkim the publics may give a surprise in this assembly lection by voting for this party as there is tremendous sentiment attach to it . Remember the path to success is always hard way . It is foolish to expect NCP and Congress Coalition success Mantra in our State as it is all about number game unless one get formidable presence he is not expected to get respect in Politics as well and fortune favour the brave .The Publics should encourage revolution than only good governance will come the fear of ruling seems to be execrated by the Politicians and the Beurocrates for their own end, see the sikkim and Nagaland which seems to be more developed defying the Congress party though they have also no Industry like us . The rich and powerful to keep their monopoly are misleading the publics by citing rulings benefit. My appeal to Congress party is stop misleading the youths to join the Seva Dal of which Meva will be eaten by only senior Politicians. Cite me a single example in which a poor mans son have been employed in recent days freely.
Little amount of financial resource would have made the difference for Kiranji . I wonder why the rich aspiring candidates don’t take lesson from him instead of hoping for the Congress Party ticket why they don’t join this forum of Anti Congress Party. The modus operandi is either you be with the Government or attack it . The time is also ripe for the hammer to strike in the hot iron . Gone are those days if one doesn’t get ruling ticket he used to contest from Independent Party in name of getting blessing from Hon’ble Chief Ministers of course our Apangji was once upon a time notoriously reputed for backing up his admirers and many benefited from him also . But will they manage this time as most of the Apang loyalist took advantage of the political wave than ? Remember there are equal amount of Publics who hate Govt. excess as this days even in ruling party only few Peoples are benefiting, all the Contract works being made tender and the jobs being rumored to be sold at an exorbitant price which is an open secret. And in the eye of the Ruling Party selling their ticket at a large price the good and deserving candidates specially without money are silently sitting in their house and as for the rich and powerful their good days are going to end with the ticket to be meant for only single person and the danger of their money being puffed up just like that; remember fortune favors the brave it is the Publics that should call the shot not the Party Observers. However the Officer relatives many of whom are supposed to contest this time are they really interested to win? In that case they should unitedly show their presence felt by supporting BJP , PPA Coalition which can only fight the ruling Congress Party . After all fortune favors the brave and Politics is art of sink or swim .It has more scope than earlier time when there was no free media , judicial separation , modern telephone and mobile facility , more local officers more than outsiders and above all lack of fear of Establishment like Apangji was fear one time. On the positive side Bureaucrats are also one of the most powerful pillar of Arunachal Politics they should not allow themselves to be used by Politicians to bring a rift among themselves and sincerely work towards bringing a revolution by sincerely accepting there earlier faults also and with tremendous resource the ruling ticket should be irrelevant for them and they may themselves form the Govt. if united they move ahead.

Scope of Hindutva In Indian Politics

The resignation bid of Yaswant Sinha a senior BJP leaders has brought a big question on future of BJP as he indirectly question the Hindutva itself and his doubt are not unfounded as many is finding BJP in worst identity crisis talking more about the glory of the past rather than resorting to discussion the present and the future . The rumor is getting bigger that by next general election party may be reduced to a small party . Though People want an alternative to Congress Parties monopoly but frankly BJP has failed to give an alternative due to its inherent limitations. Is it reduced to be a party which is not allowing a stronger party to emerge as a real alternative to the Congress party . To be precise it will be more prudent if BJP leave Ram Janma Bhoomi issue for good for this issue has suppressed all other important issue .What to say about not voting in the name of religion any religious community is ready to even commit heinous crime . In Ram Rajya every one was equally treated BJP better donate the disputed plot in the name of Ram to the Muslim brother or if possible remake the Masjid for the Muslim brothers . If the core issue is not addressed superficial treatment will never do . A party based on religion will never flourish in India it is not like a Arab country were Muslim fundamentalist can do any thing in the name of religion first Hindus are not in absolute majority , 2nd Hindus are not committed like Muslims and 3rd the Hindus themselves are fed up of this issues as it is over used. There is power in accepting the truth ; was Akbar the Great was not a Muslim ? who married a Hindu Rajputani Jodha Bhai and removed the Pilgrimage tax upon Hindus , therefore it is wrong to put every previous Muslim rulers in bad light. Let bygones be bygones by forgiving alone we can go forward in life or we will be always blinded by hatred . It seems in whole over India this issue was the core issue suggested by the BJP cadres to revamp the Party . Regarding Nationalism card with the finish of Talibans even the nationalism issue may be off dated due to good relation with Pakistan .In this context if BJP wants to survive it must be ready for supreme sacrifice after all no pain no gain .
Before it is too late and BJP is reduced to a regional party it should make an introspection of highest order. Just talking about by gone Maryada Purusuttom and Arya Putra Lord Rama filling oneself with superiority complexion and behaving rigidly thinking that they are descendent of Lord Rama won’t appeal the publics. To every ones knowledge Hindustan was in fact first inhabit ate by Dravidians and rightfully it belong to every one . The leader has to behave normal it seems overdose of superiority complexion of Aryan as infused by Tulsi Dasas Ramayana has always evolved batches of RSS motivated Hindu who are basically loners talking philosophical and Ethiopian ideologies who might not have single takers today , it should stop talking as if there is still partition like situation . Didn’t Ravana also did not tried to let his sister Mandodari merry Laxman and did not Bhibishan brother of Ravan helped Ram therefore it is wrong to misinterpret the historical fact and try to paint every non Aryans in bad light this seems to be philosophy of Hindutva nowdays . Remember this Vedic sloka ,` Astadeshu Puraneshu Vyasya Vachana duyem paropkaray punyay parpidanay papay’ in the line of Love thy neighbor as envisaged in Holy Bible . Those days of partition like situation were Muslims used to kill the Hindu emigrants and Hindu committed vice versa is no more so why there is so much hyper tense. The BJP should have the guts to dissociate itself from RSS and VHP and they be advised to act as NGO rather than a political outfit. The BJP and ABVP should alone see the political activities this autopsy may alone change the parties image . As associating with RSS and VHP was fruitful till Ram Janma Bhoomi issue was their, the moment the controversial monument was destroyed it lost its significance . truth is always bitter but in politics one has to show supreme flexibility .This seems to be the core problem in the previous election were BJP lost miserably , other issue may be lack of creative idea in exposure of the Indian money in foreign bank because it seems to have went in favour of the Congress party who knows they might have rather benefited from those who kept money in Swiss bank who were apprehensive about the BJP comeback . Such controversial issue should have been decided before election taking even Congress into confidence or it should have been made an issue long before the election before the Poor voters decide their mind . But it was good day for Congress from every point of view Man Mohan Singh like most of good Sikh is a good person also and had really worked it seems scheme like NREGA has reached the poor and the down trodden .The Gandhi family has also its own advantage and following after all they made number of sacrifice it is not good to criticize for the shake of criticism . The BJP may also have to rise above emotion to select a leader someone who match the style and glamour of the Gandhi family which also matter a lot as days of old and redundant leaders who go the Donald Duck way are gone. And above all the think thank of the party should be as per with Cambridge returned Rahulji who made most of the offurtunity by resorting to greatest Blitzkrieg ever seen in Political campaign by making lots of political experiments by say incorporating - Jai Ho song as Congress Party campaigning theme . The fundamentalists are bad weather he is Hindu or Muslim , God will always punish one according to his own time like Taliban is facing today therefore it is advisable to leave the fate of one like Dawood and Illegal emigrants issue to God after all they are major source of Congress parties prosperity . After all there is no scope for any emotionality in Politics its number game and – Jo Jita wahi Sikandar and who knows if properly planned next time it may be Congress turn to beat its head

Good Samaritan Swamiji

Swami Vasistanandaji who is at present Principal Secretary Ramakrishna Mission school Aalo is a great man like his name he is really class apart; though not a Galo he has immensely served our Galo Society. I wonder why our Galo Baan Keba has not yet facilitate this great man. This piece of article is a standing oblations to a great man who have done so much for us Our Galo Society in particular should be indebted to him .Whenever there is a natural calamity or relief situation he is the first man to arrive . Not to say about his medical services in neighboring Villages of Aalo where his popularity cannot be challenged by any one , old , young and Peoples of all ages flock to talk to him in Galo language in which he has excelled . He is recognized by each and everyone in Aalo and Swamiji is known to personally know all the prominent Peoples within 30 Km redius of Aalo .
I have the rare previlize to know swamiji personally who is a very down to earth person . He never projected himself for promotion in Ramakrishna Mission Intitution ; It is rumored that some have resorted to sycophancy even in this Institution to reach in high post . But our Swamiji only believe in selfless service . Swamiji joined to Ramakrishna math in Belurmath in 1965. In 1970 he took his training. He was later posted in Refugee Relief Camp in Meghalaya Bangladesh Border stayed their for 3 months. Than he was posted in Orissa 1972 – 1978 than RKM arunachal Pradesh Tirap in 1978-1983. In 1983-2003 he was transferred in Aalo than in 2003-2007 in Orissa than again in 2007-2009 in Aalo. It is heard wherever he went he tirelessly followed Swami Vivekanandas preaching in letter and spirit .For him Service to Humanity is Service to Divinity. It is said Social service is in his blood his father was direct desciple of Thakur Ramakrishna Paramahasnsas direct desciple .May be Swami Vasistanandaji will forgive me for publishing this article sorry for your simple living and simple thinking but Swamiji we need some one like you to be ideal of this Society .


Advocate Togo Basar

From the reliable source it is always learnt that Sri Mukut Mithiji is a nice soul a perfect politician and above all a gentleman ; need not to say even Gandhi family is said to have lots of affection towards him . Even his non elevation as Union Minister is seen as future plan for better role such as Hon’ble Chief Minister if time demands . The modest gentleman has uncanny reputation of harboring not a single enemy in the politics of the Arunachal Pradesh so far. It will be a lifetime privilege for any person to write his autobiography.
He is said to be a nice family person and a friend which are the most important above all quality to be a good politician . The gentleman is said to be very down to earth and like normal human beings enjoys cozy time with his friends in his favorite pastime Badminton and watching English movies . Contrary to the critics of his non accessibility in the office when he was Hon’ble c chief Minister for short stint to my point we have to judge a person from every angle for one thing no one will be hundred percent . It is seen that those who had slog extra time in the office were the ones who were making most of their time minting personal money. After all we also need someone who promotes Games and Sports in letter and spirit as this is very important aspect of society. The man has the reputation of loyalty to the Party after all one who is loyal to his family and friends will be loyal to his party as well. Not only that he is respected by other Political party members as well, this may be due to his sportsman spirit he learnt from games and sports.
In today’s time it will be impossible to get a honest person and more so in case of a politician but he is an exception. May be Rahulji may also seek his helping hand when he is ready for PM post next time if Congress party comes to power as Gandhi family may not want to open all the cards at a time so this time may be he have been kept as reserve . Today Kanduji in spite of his endeavor to keep his flock intact may be seen by centre as a leader with certain limitations and vision nevertheless he have kept the local MLA’s in good humor as of now. But in coming State election lots of pressure may come from Tuki faction to make a last ditch efforts to make the thing difficult for him as Tukiji’s supporters are hell bent on elevating him ; but Tukiji may also not cross the Laxman rekha being a Old timer in Congress party and may ultimately may be not against Mithiji if ball is in the Court of Soniaji. However regarding Tukiji also if he takes risk he may also change the whole equation upside down specially if Hon’ble M.P Takamji side with him; at this point even party should not matter for him as he is also said to be a perfect gentleman and have lately become an Institution of short and above all his seniority , financial security and Co-religion friends , muscle power and clan back ground makes him most lethal , however he need to tame some of his aggressive supporters who are notoriously ill reputed as Dada giri has its plus and minus point . But if Tukiji in spite of his numerous plus points doesn’t take that extra risk Mithiji may benefit from this political crisis as he is going to be seen as a neutral person plus this time Congress leadership at the centre may be under tremendous pressure to reward the senior Party member who were with the Party in time of crisis as well . With the defeat of wanglatji Apangjis bargaining power has also dwindle he might be regretting contesting from a party which have no takers today. Unless of course junior Apang Omakji take personal risk to project few candidates things are not going to be politically good for the family after all they are expected to continue riding the political tiger for their own good , the family have made lots of enmity by earlier projecting 3- 4 M.L.A’s in different constituency , however Omakji cannot be altogether undermine after all he is also filled with lots of youthfulness and vision and worked quite through his NGO Future Generation and unlike Kiranji he have no financial limitations he might manage the show let his presence felt and may be also exempted from anti incumbency factor of his fathers rule and may even be successful in getting few MLA’s and may at least manage Cabinet berth this time provided he risk after all Politics is number game MLA support does only matter from whichever party it doesn’t . However if he keep aloof it may be dead end for his families stake in politics sometimes hard decision has to be made as saying goes- offence is the best defense and fortune Favour the brave. It seems the present regime are united more against senior Apang and he being his progeny cannot dissociate himself from his family connection and should be in fools paradise if expects others mercy which word is absence in Political dictionary but Apang family are frankly expected to be quiet sound specially financially it may be its plus and minus point but unlike Kanduji and Tukiji today nobody have strong lobby as both belong to a religion community which has lots of followers . Back home our Urban Cow Boy Sri Jarbomji will prefer playing slow card by playing for his brother Sri Jarkar Gamlin though each of the family members are God gifted and cannot be compared with earlier regimes nepotism in promoting their own relatives but the Aalo Publics will sure give sleepless night to the 1st family of the State in true sense of term and he may be not able to campaign for other candidates in spite of his cat walk in home turf.
In the above context were confusion will confound the Mithi camp may be the ultimate benefactor now that Sonia loyalist like Omem Deori Medam is no more he is the last person whom soniaji can reward plus his clean image may make sure that he is not objected by any one .