Friday, April 1, 2016


                           His Excellency Governor of Arunachal Pradesh Sri Jyoti Prasad Rajkunwaji who was recently in the national media have come as a boon to long suffering masses of State of Arunachal Pradesh.Not only for the human but perhaps for the Cows and other animal also he have become the champion.
                    As for long the innocent animals have been used as cannon fodder in election and party by the uneducated and visionless leaders who where waging short of opium war feeding lots of local wine call Apong and animal meat to the innocent villagers in election and other times.
                   And were not  seen to be non delivering and confused of their real role, as in State Assembly they were seen to be quiet , and in place like Delhi their old method of trying to bribe officers of Planning commission is seen to have boomeranged now after corruption have become a big issue in Delhi.Yet many refuse to budge and have not heard the friendly advise made by some relatives.
                 It was at this time when the groaning of the Poor Publics must have reached heaven His Excellency came as short of Avatar for the State of Arunachal Pradesh.Remember the Lord Sri krishnas famous sloka -`YADA YADA HI DHARMASYA GLANIR BHAWATA BHARATAM , ABHYUTANAM ADHARMASYA PARITRANAY SADHUNAM , DHARMASANSTHAPANAY NITYAM SWAMBHAWAMI YUGE YUGE.`
                        For long the State of Assam and Assamese have been like an elder brother of the Arunachalee with deep bonding between the great persons like Bhupen Hazarika with the State who was greatly inspired by the beauty of the nature of this State OF Arunachal Pradesh of the North East India.
                   Thus His Excellency the current Governor of the State His excellency Jyoti Prasad Rajkunwaji he truly perhaps knew his divine responsibility to act as a guardian angel of short and being the Ex-Hon`ble Chief Secy.of Assam surely knew all the problem of the State.As it is heard then he had also not succumbed to the powerful Congress Hon`ble C.M Tarun Gogoi.
                   The recent assault attack report on Him was truly something which the Ex-Hon`ble C.M Tukijis camp should have not done.And the plan to pollute the Governors area by the stomach offering to Deities of the Mithun animal made sacrificed near Governor house  gate was bit too much for all to digest.
                Trully the curse of the rampant animal slaughtering seems to have ultimately noose dived the congress party which indirectly is responsible for this by siding with the illiterate and charismatic less leaders who only seems to be good on short of waging opium war.
          The majority Indian have to ponder if this insult can happen to man in highest  position what not will happen to simple non tribal business man in this State?It is not that all the community are bad but few definitely seems to be trying to cash on in communal ism and goondagardi in this State.
              But we have also good example of good Peoples like-Kipa Babuji who forgive his mothers killers in road accident.Thus from now we must unitedly work for the goodness of State and see the rise of the evil is due to the silence of the good Peoples.
                            The villains is basically seen as some conglomeration of the vested interest business man , politician and officers .Who seems to go to any extend to come in power.Some even opine there is often nexus between some of them to stop the coming of honest leaders by funding more corrupted ones from their haves class denizens to cut the Voters.
             But lately the Publics have also become very smart and may be very vigilant also.The State of Arunachal Pradesh was perhaps earlier always seen as Goose that lay golden egg by the center. And thus all was seen looting it without seeing the fact that most of the vision less and direction leaders had no future plan for the Publics.                            
                         Honestly their may have been good Peoples but when system change for bad even the good Peoples get entangled.And recently the peaceful state was filled with more hatred of the highest order perhaps it was due to the intervention of the High command of the Congress who perhaps wanted to milk it more after it lost power in centre.See how long a Holy Cow can also give milk was the question as already this State have no permanent economy of its own?
            See earlier even the Audit team of central Govt. was heard to have been not allowed to come in Itanagar by the syndicates and mafias of PDS.The divide and rule policy of the Congress party created a rich haves class based on the communalism and regionalism of highest order.But worse effected seems to be Tirap and Changlang side where the terrorism have started.
           Earlier the uneducated and illiterate leaders who had no vision for the society was seen to be picked up by party highcommand and the honest made to suffer.The good officers who stand against the system where never promoted.And thus the situation was hopeless and helpless.Even the prophesy of the godman was denounced and money was all that matter.
                  I have  a feeling that Hon`ble Ex-C.M Nabam Tukiji will always have this unsatisfaction that he could not even help the more righteous co-believers in his heydays.Thus brothers power is a responsibility even the Hon`ble C.M Kaliko Pull camp need to know that if there is a worst person within their camp then he need to be shown an exit door.The running to always greener pastures by someone also means that man have been reason for drubbing of all the earlier party due to divine curse on him.
                     Thus it was at this dark age that His Excellency have take risk to back up some honest officers and remove the provision of the officiating system of promotion of the officers.Which was one of the stumbling block to usher in the culture of honesty and transferancy.It is also fact that unless the BJP party and His Excellency have not backed up Hon`ble C.M Kaliko Pulji his coming to power may have been impossible.
                Hope he will continue with His Excellencies good policy and will try to phase out the worst leaders in future by hook or crook.As this is need of time and lessons to be learn from great scriptures like Mahabharata.It is said the crying baby Duryodhana who was prophesied to be the reason for lots of pain to his near and dear one in future should have been not saved by her mother.
                      As he was so rich and powerful and was also good to his friends but later everyone his own suffered for him.Hon`ble C.M as for now he have won the quarter final he have won it by endorsing HE`s order of promoting few honest leaders.And Publics have greater expectations from him.
                        His semi final is how he accommodate some good Hon`ble Cabinet Minister and in the final he is accepted to do away with some 60 % bad ones who have always thrived on shamlessness,money and musle power and  Aya Ram gaya Ram expertise to be in power.Hon`ble C.M Kaliko Pulji also seems to be a very holy man and seems ready to do so in future also.
                As many critics see his frustration and unhappy look like the innocent animals clubbed with the Lions and Tigers in Nuas Boat in the time of great flood.And many even say for some getting chance of honourable exit in the next election itself is a boon for some leaders.As they have reason to be satisfied with what society have given to them and will have more trouble in future.As the Publics have become more vigilant this days.
                   The unique position in the present Govt. Of Arunachal Pradesh where the Congress and BJP Legislators have unitedly formed the Govt. shows that divine natural justice system seems to have clubbed all together.As their was real need for cleansing this State so the cow and tiger have come in same pond to drink water thinks some.
                      In the coming election barring some honest candidates even if there is multiple contest most of the senior leaders from either party may see drubbing. As besides the missile capping by both the camps against 10 most powerful leaders of each others ,the general Publics also seems to have learnt their lesions well.
                          And will either demand handsome money from earlier worst corrupted one or will side with the honest leaders who earlier contested against the rich and powerful and have earned their credibility. And as for Hon`ble C.M Kaliko Pulljis original team by standing for justice and equality in worst challenging time in history they have short of made a new revolution like France after French Revolution.
                                    And like its leaders like- Voltaire and Rousseau may from now send their Volunteers to fight for the justice and equality in the other part of the North East also irrespective of party lines.As when a man and his group is in the threshold of history making ,they may smartly choose immortality rather then mediocrity. As His Excellency the Governor Jyoti Prasad  Rajkuwaji choosed and history will remember him for a long long time for those great moves.
                                  As leaders in the interior place and Taliban area are fighting with God and for Him and humanity.As the expectations from the leaders by the hungry masses is high,and thus hopefully new Hon`ble C.M in the helmns of power will work according to thy will and will not make the prophets to also one day give him divine warning, as I seems to have been earlier used to advise three Hon`ble C.M and four Hon`ble Cabinet Minister.
                          And for the doubting Thomas like person who are not satisfied by my life testimony in the journal-`Gods miracle witnessed by me in can check some of my message in the facebook as the date and time of the message can be asked from the Google Inc. where the data are saved in the sky store and cannot be manipulated.
                       And father Thomas of SFS School Basar West siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh  is  also a witness regarding this.Honestly I am writing this to show that He is great and by His will alone one will survive.Need not to say why Pentagon is also heard to keep some 500 numbers of prayer warrior to get the divine advise in some crucial cases.May God bless our State as it really need His blessings as we have already lagged behind others and many have to digest some undesirable and less qualified elements in important post.