Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The PPA is for justice for Tongam Rina:-

       The Govt. should immidietly nab the culprit of the shooting of the Journalist Miss Tongam Rina.As if this can happen to a member of 3 rd estate what cannot happen to an ordinary citizen.Hope this is done soon as CBI has good record of harrassing the Oppossition leaders.Then why it cannot be called to investigate this high profile case.
                                       Calling the CBI order alone will satisfy the Arunachal public's to some extent;it will be wrong on part of opposition leaders to be silent in this case .The PPA criticism any act of such violence.Amd appeal all to prey for sprat of violence that have suddenly increased this days.And may be for this all religious leaders must have to prey together forgetting all there differences.As also good point from some religious leaders that world violence and hatred will cease to exit very soon.                           

Friday, January 11, 2013

The PPA has only future in A.P:-

                                 It has to be accepted that the congress party is still showing brave front, though it is in verge of collapse now, as ultimately it is general Public's who make a Govt. but few State congress seems to still believe that People will vote for this party only ,even if they commit any mistake.

                              And some whimsical leaders seems to still have the ruling party mindset which non likes this days.As panicked with future uncertainty earlier it seems to have engineered the joining of NCP and TMC Hon`ble MLA in the Congress party which is a temporary and a clever white wash move .Come 2014 Lokh Sabha election result and again see the new re-alignment in Arunachal Politics .Where the Opposition party like PPA may play a major role as this is a coalition era time and everyone likes a middle path of peaceful reconciliation as future is very bleak now for Congress parties dynastic ideology which is off dated and harmed the regional interest.As this is days of strong federation for greater interest of Country.

                                                                   The smart congress workers have piggy ride enough on the shoulders of the innocent Arunachal Public's for long.For there still believe in dwindling Mahatma Gandhi legacy;see this have been also overused now.Today the 95% Public's are realizing that real power is with them.And surprisingly even the Congress Party Seva Dal and NSUI are realizing that that they may get training  in congress party but ticket they will get in PPA.which the real definition is Peoples Party of Arunachal Pradesh.But the critics term it as Pata Pat Aao Party KYUNKI BAD MAIN JAGA NAHIN MILEGA.Even the true APSU members are now realizing that it is pointless playing the pressure group card without attacking the Congress Party as already there is NSUI for it.And the PPA and APSU ideology is symmetrical so far so that earlier it was seen as same party member only thus good sense is soon accepted from APSU and ANSU cadres.     

                                      As the PPA is only party which ideology is now liked by Christian as well as non Christians and its party symbol maize is liked by everyone and is now in equi-distance position with all the party.And the Persons who have left the party have already left;while opening the opportunity of coming of more deserving leaders.And see long before civil society movement under Anna Hazareji happened our own legendary Tomo Ribaji and Bakin Pertinji had happened here in this pious land.And today they have cult status now;and real tribute to them will be by supporting there ideology in PPA.As unless we respect our own roots and our own family members how we excel in life.Honestly Tomo Ribajis mission was much before time.Today the vibrant media and social network cite is modern gift of God.

                          This time the Arunachal Pradesh Publics also seems to be realizing that it is time to punish the party who don`t deliver,as sometimes war has to be waged for Individual and society pride and prestige also everyone seems to be realizing now.As there comes a time when one have to decide issue based on his own conscience and make his own destiny uninfluenced by other`s.As it is question of future generation to live with pride and self respect which is more important then the few Govt. fund which goes to few and jobs which in any case is very less this days; and also only given on merit on supervision of Hon`ble High Court.Thus for the brave heart who wants to be tomorrow be called in history as- EK THA TIGER type persons of A.P ; the coming Panchayat election really opens up a wonderful opportunity for them .

                               As some critics believe that coming election is going to be like Mahabharata which also come after 1000 years.And so please don`t be like the Bism Pitamaha who died a frustrated man by siding with wrong camp.As all your earlier goodness may go to drain if in this historic occasion one make mistakes.See the divine power also seems to be fed up of more respect by some crooks showered on the central party high commands .And who knows thus may be setting the ground for political revolutions everywhere.As the rich and powerful are also unnerved at the revolution even in Arab countries this days .

                          See   the Congress party lies on giving party ticket will make sure many leaders may commit suicide this time ;like earlier Hon`ble S.C ruling in Saw Mill days finished many timber operators.And some of the stake holders have already seen good life earlier as Hon`ble MLA and Ministers and thus should also take wonderful opportunity of the PPA Chintan Shivir on 19th jan 2013 at 2 p.m in the Kamin Ringu Complex G extension Naharlagun.As will they still stand in que in 10 Janpath this time also and humiliate and be cheat of themselves by middle man`s?As much of there old sins may be now washed by baptism in the Holy river called PPA.After all congress candidate is only seen as money bag,and today it is improbable that non can bribe everyone in this days of enlightened Public's.As why they will like to vote a person who give back there own money just before election.As if some redundant leaders don`t repent now; mind it it will be too late for them tomorrow.And thus interested persons should contact for the detail of scheduled PPA programme in M.No-9436229344 and 9436639411.

                        As the person who probably contest from PPA Party or make there candidate to do so in Panchayat election in april 2013 stand a better chance.As both the BJP and the Congress should now feel the political compulsion to appease the PPA candidate.As it is era of coalition and tomorrow any Govt. well being seems to be poised in the ardent hand of PPA members only.As the Congress position in centre is too risky now.Thus the position of the strong PPA candidate will be cemented in this Panchayat election for sure.As even if we loss in some place, this may tactically benefit candidate in the future. As this place will be kept in non negotiable zone by the PPA High command.This is in case of any political alliance with other for which other should be more desperate.

                 See today ruling Congress party have been exposed to be pauper, it has taken state to natural man made calamity,it  can do nothing as it has no money left due to its earlier mismanagement.And whatever fund  which could have been meaningfully used for poor`s also not used properly and in many case said to be going back to centre ;may be for the busy schedule of the leaders in tender works and allergic to paper work due to there poor education background etc.as believed by some.

                     As surprisingly in insurgency infested place like Tirap and Changlang IAY,NREGA and RD funds are heard to be used better then here also. And this is pertinent to mention that this days few Govt. MLAD fund is only left now;also this cannot be denied to an opposition MLA also.Though the fact is today majority haves not class- constituting of the poor villagers  are in majority but they have been so far ruled by lies and misleading.And they have also now realized that earlier party like congress only thrived in there innocence and short time memory nature.

                So danger bell for old party as in democracy undecided Peoples decide the politics.As the cunning membership drive by the congress party will also not save itself.As each time earlier they have mislead the Publics by Govt. to submit nonfunctional schemes like-MIP,Old age pension and relief schemes etc.And now all congress party tricks is exposed.

                And as such they may tomorrow unitedly put the Congress party which have become conglomeration of the excessive vested interest haves and rich class in troubles ,as Publics are now aware of there new right.As the congress party is now poised to be capsized in center and State for its political fatigues,anti incumbency and non delivery, thus time to change for all before the Congress boat capsizes.

                      And before Congress party losses in center and before crooks runs  to other party, it is better for the haves not class to be with genuine party like PPA this time ;as this is time to deprive the rich and powerful to mislead others like always .As the CBI in the hand of the central ruling party will ultimately compel the corrupted haves class to change fence as usuall.As the Public's now know there rights, thus time to stop acting smart by some crooks as more draconian law may soon come against them if they remain stubborn.Like in the State of the Himachal Pradesh where many buildings have been seazed.But it is also have to accepted that there are very good officers also like -Er. Tomi Eteji Secy. PHED and Er.Lupa Lum Kri Chief Engineer Western Zone PHED.Whose goodness even in good position is appreciable.And lately when I meet Kri Saab his blood was also boiling more then any other unemployed youth to change the State for good.

                          In fact for rich class also this Congress party is unable to show a way ahead now making the future taught for them;as the Bill like Lok Ayukta  may soon be passed in the State also to the peril of earlier excessive corrupted one`s and haves class families,who will now need a peacemaker and a neutral leaders and party like –PPA  to bring a peaceful reconciliation for all.And above all a knowledgeable leader to negotiate for them as headlong collision between BJP and Congress will be worst they will like this time;as if suddenly the Gandhi family exit from political scene there may be sudden increase in witch hunting by new Govt.As this days politics is so unpredictable nothing can be predicted.As days of secret dealing is gone as it is time to come open and only man with some amount of integrity in probity in Public life field can do something now for others also ,as congress party credibility is very low now.

                As such the contractor leaders of this State  may ultimately fell prey to Lok Ayukta Bill eventually if accepted and passed by Congress High command in center.And even if it is not passed then there is chance of defeat of Congress in 2014 election as civil society member pressure cannot be also underestimated this time.Thus this way that way sword of demagogues is now hanging in the neck of the Congress man.And thus it is time for them to change there attitude and look for new friends and allies.

                                                              The PPA is not in hurry we are selectively making leadership block by block .And unlike in earlier Congress time when great scholarly persons like even IAS Thupten Thempaji was given insignificant role this will not happen here in PPA.The emphasis is on admitting regional ideologically truly committed effective leaders.We want say cabinet minister PWD,PHED,Power and RWD from engineer background.Thus though there are many applicants the Party stand is first preference to educated,more honest,youth and dynamic leaders.Truly repented one if even from the Congress Party background can come within this dead line of 19th Jan 2013.And yes definitely first come first benefit is the norm.As tomorrow the party wants to leave no scope for the leadership crisis in case of Public's mandate on us.

                The PPA have always played responsible opposition role and even the Green and Peace bonus appeal for additional State fund earlier appealed to the planning commission was PPA`s brain child.This delegation was earlier lead by Party Spokesman Proff.Asan Reddiji and myself.See if the genuine leaders are also not given chance now more redical ones may come up tomorrow,thus peaceful change is good for all as liberal leaders are also gift of God.As this days things are changing so quickly like there was seen overnight change in earlier congress stronghold in Goa State election much to the surprise of even Gandhi family.

                            Today the developmental schemes have become limited and only the regional party like Sikkim is role model now.As the Hydro power Companies are now satisfied by its Trista water project phase I-V.See the smart business man leaders will seldom contest this days , as they will see no scope in recovering it in this days of Public awareness also.Thus it is time for haves and rich class family members also to realize now, before ball goes out of their Court.Thus time  to stop showing there power obsession as there crocodile tears and emotional appeal non will like to hear now.As they can only remove there past mistake to some extent by supporting genuine leadership now and exploring honorable exit offer.

                           As no other excuse can save them now as it is now common peoples movement and sacrifice will be also seen as respecter to Public sentiment.Who now want the change they believe in,by seeing the chance given to educated,more honest,young and dynamic leaders who have today inhere tent advantages.And from whom alone Public have now expectations.For PPA it is committed to rural development and welfare of unemployed youths on priority basis,and we have been never given chance earlier so this is our right to appeal for this one time chance also;as party is committed to give alternative to the congress party and is now filled with qualified leaders.

              As how it is appreciable to make the Public ask for there own money back in election by some crooks.As it is time of creativity and deliverance like in Gujarat,Sikkim ,Nagaland and Bihar. As no amount of Congress Party blitzkrieg can now save them in election time,as only the wearer know were the shoe pinches.And as such the general Publics are now fed up of price rise,excessive corruption and nepotism.See the clever creative idea in the State of Tamil Nadu where the cheap medicine Generic store have been opened for the Poor Patience.Thus stop making other fall from there dignity by reserving all the money for oneself?As the uneducated leaders seems to only know this tactics;as a critics was saying qualified leaders qualities in modern time is also like worth of election budget of rich candidate.                    

                            See today only a better Person having right intention,education qualification and connection in the Corporate Houses and cities should comes up in leadership post.For their vision,expertise and knowledge educated one`s may be respected everywhere also which will help the cause of public's as today it is era of e-governance.And charismatic leader like Barrack Obama and Narendra Modiji.

                  So what is harm in changing as whole world is changing now, as unless there is change few will continue to benefit at cost of other`s.And as silence of Public`s have been so far responsible for the rise of the evil; the Public must introspect now.And unless other leaders are given chance how they can be evaluated specially the educated less business doing persons also?

                 The congress party earlier seems to have taken State for granted and giving a damn to Public aspirations who now craves for change for good, this is insult to whole Public's if few contractors cleverly want to continue there political job like a Govt. servants tenure.This Govt.is now said to have run out of cash; here even ruling party worker is seen to be crying now,so what is other option left?The best will be immediately removing the redundant leaders who are source of all the Problem, as they symbolize self aggrandizement and never seems to advise senior State leaders positively also.And must be behind drama of joining by some public's as a plausible explanation for their re –election bid,they now only seems to be expert in there political come back plan only.But it is highly doubtful they will succeed this time as everyone is now aware of there earlier mischievous plans to come in power.As the world have suddenly changed within this few years.It is easy to term right speaking persons as bad mash; but why our leaders remain absent in State Assembly and remain mum where they are supposed to show there real caliber?

              Thus it is now question of overall benefit of all as a redundant leaders exit alone will benefit us all,so we should not care any comment on dedicated opposition leaders as criticism is coming only from few;and in right time great Arunachal Public's are now ready to teach few monopolistic haves class a terrible lesions for jeopardizing everyone's future interest.As in democracy sometimes change of guard is everyone's interest.As the important post dealing with Hydropower sector need to be immediately given to a one having more honest image.As the future land donator`s have reason to apprehend about future alleged money mismanagement like in Gerga Mukh Hydropower projects.

                                          As mind it sacrifice for Public is difficult,so opposition leaders also deserve Public's standing ovation as great mission alone makes a man greater and love for Poor and destitute covers one`s all other weakness; or everyone have some weakness this way or that way.And thus the blackmailing of the Govt. servants,contractors and religious fanatics to organize per-election meeting must be criticized from now.As the senior leaders crocodile tears can it be still accepted as they will say they belong to a poor family and there constituency is too big to be served etc.And is it not itself the main valid ground to give chance to the deserving educated and enlightened leaders who have today inherent advantage for benefit of all. And they are in fact the true representative of almighty God and Donyi-Polo in earth the one asked by great Lord Gautam Buddha also to be also respect.

                   As the person who is enlightened and who attained Bodhisattva in any religion have been alone asked to be respected and revered.As Holy Bible also short of term the fighters of justice and equality as the God`s most revered children.Thus does one single person for his own interest does he have right to jeopardize all other`s interest by confusing other religious followers and his own haves class also by trying to make the fight even in the religious line,even if the genuine opposition leader is willing to work for everyone?

               The good Govt. is one who see the interest of the least, to see the interest of the marginal Poor Public`s and farmer`s and who does not accept the workers to have psychological satisfaction on the leaders property as there own.Also the need of time is –immediately addressing  price rise, improving condition of senior citizens for whom now old age pension is a big jock,making more Govt.H.S Schools, planning  to stop encroaching of animals in farm land by promoting private Ranch, studying feasibility of particular village and supporting in that line only,supporting the  decentralization of power in panchayat Institutions in true sense of term, as Congress promises this  before each panchayat election be fooling the Public`s sending some old timers like Mani Shankar Aaiyarji who eloquently always says this time more fund will come in Panchayat body. Also the proper distribution of PDS  and CJI sheet of BPL is seen not to be always done by Congress party.

                  There is seen to be acute lack of coordination among all the Govt.Depts.in achieving a developmental target.Thus PPA will do this by dovetailing all the projects like in Sikkim Govt.And taking Modijis single entry system as its policy for wooing the Private investors.Friends for a new house to make old one must be demolished first thus revolution must be supported.See even if the crocodiles says we have stopped eating meat who will believe it now isn`t it?

                                    Other Congress inability seems to be non check of dilutions of consumer items,making the AOP nil for the small contractors, tendering of the special package which is only looted by few A grade contractors .And misuse of the MLAD by few as the congress manifesto speaks of transparency and openness but where is it?Thus why the villagers have to support this corrupt regime any more where only few haves class only seems to be enjoying,as does Poor have also no school going children who are hungry also? As they can`t afford to go to private schools owned by the rich ,who always also seems to hike the school price as they pleases.So please for Children`s  future we have to fight now as we have nothing to loos only your shackles of chains of injustice.

                                  This pathetic condition God also seems to despise,see the success of the Children's of ex-PPA party workers,thus real prayer is fighting for justice and equality for others even if the present leaders are personally good to you.And are now helplessly trying to dominate the media.Believe that majority is with us,why we have to be impressed by few vested interest rich man`s campaign groups  like in each earlier election. As have you not eventually proposed the girl you loved?Our slavish and impatient mentality should not harm us now; as does all Village is under one person or does one have all the money in the world to buy all; as days of making big money in ruling party is also gone only few in top prosper here and seems to be still interested to keep this monopoly.And also are we not hale and hearty as free gift by God to more honest heart? So what to regret and look back for past;lets hope for best in future.As the money earned with Peoples blessings may be more enjoyable in life.

                  See by sacrifice alone one become a great man; now time to show this magnanimity by few haves class;as some section of the unemployed youths are very frustrated and this may prove dangerous tomorrow;as Arunachal Public` s now desperately need a change now as the violence have increased under this Govt.And only new team who are seen sacrificing now can be respected and accepted by the General Public's.

                    See also God is seen to bless honest one with- peace, security and abundance in life,this is the best reason for some of the haves class to retire honorably now as they have to accept that many of them have seen good time also.Or show there new avatar by supporting deserving PPA Candidate.As they cannot lie that for more then there hard work earlier innocence of public's helped them more.See from day one most of our senior PPA leaders have lived like a poor leader themselves to know the feeling and destitution of Poor man,and have the right to earn their genuine respect as well.

                   After all it is always not possible to sacrifice and need of time is one who deliver like film star  Anil Kapoor`s in his movie called Nayak .As corruption and communalism which is the number one enemy of public unless it  is faced headlong, it is going to be dangerous tomorrow.And one`s good mission should cover his all other weakness as he is with God this time for sure who have even shown magician Dynamo walking over river Thames also.

                                                  And mind it today's fighters will be tomorrows –EKTHA TIGER of State in true sense of term.And as such last time we organized rally in support of the Anna Hazare also and some of our PPA leaders were also first to reach Itanagar in earlier communal time.Thus the PPA deserve to earn the respect and trust of the great Arunachal Public's . See the worst  Congress Party have done is demoralizing and discouraging the good persons and this act is directly against divinity also,as the educated ,honest leaders and more righteous leaders are last hope of society or this is going to be another Sodom Gomorrah.Blaming the innocent Public's alone for asking money in election will not do, we dare the congress man to come open in Public forum to discuss this important issues with us in open platform.

                 See sometimes a big ship was seen to be sinked by a tip of iceberg ; as there is tons of support beneath them.As in this crucial decisive phase of history ,non will like to repeat strategic mistake like-committed  freedom fighters did in D-Day of Independence.As the good one`s who later made name where who even gave back the bribe money of Britishers to freedom fighters.See coming time is going to be political turning point of history of India it is your previlage to participate for a good cause.

                  Thus mission failure responsibility should be share by everyone also,as it will be every one`s failure also,as Public's like you have more interest at stake now.And when good persons like you also keep mum then who can stop some from playing money and muscle tactics at the cost of the Public's,so time to hear the voice of the young,educated and dynamic good vision of leaders of PPA for society interest.Above all voice of your conscience.

                      After all reign of power how long it can be deprived to more meritorious one`s in today's changed world?But the blame for corruption is as much to the voters also as it is to the senior leaders also,thus the choice is now your`s, merry making in election and face famine like situation after it or see a progressive place like in non congress party ruled State like- Sikkim,Bihar and Gujarat.Unlike here which is a failed State so we all need to wake up now and don`t see it only as a PPA problem as Day of Judgement have to be one day faced by all.

                   And to some persons in this world itself one will reap what he have shown; and to  some views ;even if the opposition fail this time. They can always live with there head held high in rest of there life.Thus like Garibaldi who united Italy singlehandedly the  chance to make history is at your footsteps now go and grave it ;this is your time now.









Who will change this Country of Rape?


                                                       After terrible amount of frustration after the brutal rape and murder of  Delhi girl Damini which touched the psyche of all the nation this is time to question who will really fight to change this menace for ever. It was time to say I will by all the God fearing person. And not emotionally also;but with great conviction. But see no amount of the law and preparedness can materlise this vision ; unless we are changed from within. And for this only will of God alone have to be re-seeked;the problem with our Country seems to be we seems to have even made our own god and goddess;and have fallen to there traps. This is dangerous as it is important to know his own master; least we are unknowingly praying devil to our peril. Thus earlier I had wrote an article who is real God?in my blog and it is improbable this time this soul searching articles will be rejected; though this is own Hindu account of true god which seems to be strongly pointing towards Lord and Savior Jesus of Nazareth. As hinted by Lord Sri Krishna and Swami Vivekananda.Baba Ramdevji have once also said-` AGAR MUL MIN HIN BHUL HAIN TO KYA KAHNA`.Thus roots need to be corrected now to minimum such kind of incidents for ever.