Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chak De India In Common Wealth Games Delhi 2010

First time India ne really Chak dia and the country man have felt so proud to be an Indian like never before . The commonwealth success have shown that country have really become independent from the Brish raj and the long hang over seems to have finally finished.
This is nations win and none can take credit and every one can rejoice in it be it congress or the BJP . The confidence building seems to have started with the winning of the Oscar in Slums Dog millionaire, making of the movie - Chak De India , the selection of the good sportsman and right training this time as the rich sons who earlier used to hijack the foreign trip and where seen doing marketing more than their commitment towards their sports seems to have been totally thwarted by the vigilant Publics , press and the opposition . The aware publics today want non of the nonsense any more . The Delhi audience also need to be appreciated. Manmohan Singhji for his love for sports as a Punjabi can be accepted , Kalmadi for being best of the worst Congress leader may be fighter pilot in him helped . And Rahulji for his pro-youth attitude though it is literarily dividing the congress party .
The miracle seems to saved the kalmadi in particular and the congress in general from facing more embarrassment as later even they are caught by CBI they might get forgiveness from Publics in principal this time only due to quantum of gold medals . The congress will try to harp on its achievement but the real test will be in the Asia and the Olympic games .As the Public expectations have to fulfilled from now . The opposition will also will benefit if the issues like price rise are also not solved or it will prove to be the shahi dawat for the Congress party to hide their weakness . The Congress should have also shared the glory of the nation with the leader of the opposition as everything should not be politicised. Honestly the country would have prospered more if we had someone like Baba Ramdev in the helms of power as he is working with a single mission to make a healthy Indian with his yoga .
Next time Country man are expecting similar miracle even in the World Cup football arena. Truly time for saying Jai Ho .

The Defective Human trafficking

The Defective Human trafficking
The latest report of the defective human beings who are suffering from a genetic disorder locally called yebo where after birth the wife starts to tilt towards one side while walking and its trafficking from the Missing community to the Galos is unnerving . Similar thing is now reported from those Galos who are seen to merry Missing community wife’s from Lakhimpur and silapathar areas .
It is believed that there is a community in the Mishing tribe of Assam who are suffer from this disorder and the local in the Mishing land like Silapathar refrain from marrying them . And even after marring without knowing them they are said to divorce them immediately .But surprisingly when they are married off to the Galos they keep mum . The community which think itself smart by marring the cheap wife are being cheated by the smarter Mishing’s .
It is surprising to know that other community of the arunachal are o not that attracted to the Mishing community girls like our galos more particularly old ones who have lost their wifes . And a whole lots of the middleman are also said to be surviving on this arrangement and thus keeping mum . Though this is a personal issue but this need to be known by the innocent Galo Peoples as already the Mishing / miri Publics are said to be joking that after many years the whole galos will be walking in shaking manner . In fact they have a term for this clans – Yebo that means one who shake while walking .
This symptom seems to be coming after giving birth to a child as such when the husband realises it become too late even child also get effected by it .And even many Missing are said to be its victim as they are also unaware of the family background as due to intermittent flood and breaking of the community system in the Missing they have remained cut of from each others . May be this need to be made as the focal point in the Galo bane Keba at least one who bite the hook have right to know the consequences as tomorrow there is fear of all the Galos shaking while walking like Mithun chakrabarty and Devanand .This is nothing nothing personal but for my Tribes interest .



Der aya Drust aya . The journalist fraternity seems to have lastly risen from their kumbakarnas sleep . If this was started during Apangjis time itself than non would have the guts to rise finger on the Arunachal journalists . Any way they have realised that their real duty is to be the moral watchers of the society . And the media houses are henceforth expected to target all the outstanding issues not only those which sooth their masters and end up being HMV – His Masters Voice .
Years back I remember I went to all the media houses to publish my articles mostly against the Politicians but non was willing ; fed up I had to start my own blogspot . Later when it become bit popular I prepared to continue this as honest readers wanted more of my articles . Until of course recently when they have shown guts to unmask the goons and some requesting me to publish my articles in their press and as my respect have also increased on the members of the 3rd estate of the Arunachal Pradesh e,i- Press fraternity soon I may have to think upon their proposal . Sometimes what Baba Ramdevji says seems to be apt . Don’t make the baba to join the politics and since the country was sleeping many professionals have to sacrifice their profession like in Independence movement days ; so today in this transitional and leadership society many sacrifice is needed .
Today the common Publics innocence have inspired many freelance journalists to be their guardian angel . But the poor journalists cannot be accepted to clean the system over night ; but a sincere coordinated approach is definitely developing which is willing to dislodged the corrupted ones like the civil right movement of the Martin Luther. By operation halla Boll the PPA is planning ambitiously to unearth all the truth and on 25th oct. it is with Galo Student Union and the west siang District Student union in its strike against PDS accuse who are still running their firms . The more we tell the truth and expose it the more this evils can be fight . That myth have to be broken that congress will always become ruling party . It cost nothing only we need to take this issues to all the Publics at all the levels . the French revolution like situation has today come and every sacrifice is needed to make our future secure . It is difficult but not impossible . Remember Vir Tum bare Chalo , samne Pahar ho … ……………
The greatest power God has given to the human being is the power to think . Never undermine the one mans power to change the system . How long the intellectuals and the elites will be mute spectators to it . To change it be part of the this revolution . Remember French Revolution kind of system is today present this itself was demolished by few mans initiative in the table tennis court ; one man army like Gandhiji is need of the hour and fortunately every ones blood is boiling as such none can suppress the truth any more . Tongam will become the cynosure of the publics if more attack is made on her . The kind of the popularity she will be gaining will make the accuse more vulnerable . May be time for packing of the corrupted souls who must have been earlier behind the misleading of the innocent villager from interior place like Koloriang and seppa etc to threat and intimate the good officers and Publics bringing ill reputation to their own community .
I as the Christian leader being the adviser of the Peace and Justice dept . CBCNI appeal to all the Baptist Christian fraternity to confess their sin and live their life more righteously and once again be proud in called themselves as the worthy son of the living God who can alone confess the sin like king David about whom Holy Bible says their was no sinner as King David and also none who made confession like him . Even if one get punishment from law a humble confession will make him more peaceful and righteous in the eye of the God and man . A temporary protection from the ruling party will never give kind of satisfaction in ones conscience and forgiveness of the God in the day of the judgement . Every one is our own one who have harmed and one who were the victims , their for Gods way of asking forgiveness and forgiving may be the most apt way .
Provided the accuse abstain from all the political activities in the future as this issue seems to be going to be nemesis of many rich and powerful who were involved in this shady deals . As in politics every dog has its days and bad days definitely seems to have started for this PDS syndicates as sometimes money and power also becomes meaningless specially when all the Publics rise up in arms .

Regarding the Galo Student Union and the West Siang District Students Union, A.P Proposed Relly on 25th Oct. 2010

Regarding the Galo student Union and the West Siang Dist.Students Union Proposed Ralley on 25 th oct 2010 :-

The great Galos of the West Siang Dist. Arunachal Pradesh who were sleeping hitherto have risen finally from the long Kumbakarnas sleep . The tribe who was earlier the real fighter’s in all the outstanding issue , took too long to rise against injustice . The psychological ruling phobia fear infused during Apangjis regime seems to have lasting impression on the common mindset.
And as the so called ruling phobia in today’s time is seen to be unwarranted and highly condemnable as it is our fundamental rights to express our view and Publics alone makes the ruling . Publics are questioning in which constitution it is written that Congress party alone has to be voted ? Is the corrupted party like Congress using gala events like Common games game only to justify their misrule ? therefore even good Congress party man must come forward to fight this corruption which is going to eat us one by one . And some Congress whimsical leaders may have temporary benefit earlier , but it cannot benefit today when the whole lots of the Publics seems to be with the opposition and jealously feel the need to guard our civil right . Accepted greed have also increased but so is the awareness due to mobile and the Cable network connection and to some critics more than greed it was mindless ruling phobia that the redundant leaders imposed on the publics that they were enjoying the power .
It is fervently hoped that Publics across all the rank and file will support the Galo Student union and the West Siang Student Union in its endeavour to sweep the worms of corruption and the nepotism on the 25th oct. Time to make halla boll against corruption which is making our education system redundant as job not given to the meritious , Business deals less prospective for the Entrepreneurs as tender not given to the deserving contractors as past records of the farm and the contractors are not seen ; and corruption has resulted in the high officers less respect in the eye of the publics . Together we can clean the system and it is not only Baba Ramdevs fight we are the worst hit .
Remember good Peoples are always in majority only is we need to make a coordinated attack and good leaders need to have smartness and shrewdness like cine star Sunny deol showed in movie called India . When he fixed his police wala before hand among the goondas fixed by villain Denny before arresting him . After he shoot his own police which was stage managed all the innocent Publics gathered to collect sari and within them Dennis goondas to check Sunny from arresting the boss had to run after they show he was really a tough coup . The moves of the corrupted has to be countered that way what best they can do is target the relatives . But now that this PDS and other corruptions have become high profile case it is impossible as the greatness of the person also ensures his nemesis sometimes . See the Sanjay Datta case therefore it has to be taken as fate as Jaise Karni Waise Bharni after all the PDS wallas have also lived like a king earlier .
A critic opined – it seems earlier Congress Party was voted more out of the fear than even the money temptations , fear mostly propagated by officers most of them who are in verge of the retirement therefore it will diminish . Other friend said earlier it was justified to be in the ruling party as their were too many benefits than but today that is not the case . The jobs , contract works , party ticket only for the rich peoples than give a damn as what 90 percent poor Publics are getting from Congress party . The outfits who are targeting the rich and the powerful are better than one who eat up poor mans rice . Therefore in this changing world when the Congress Party is in its verge of common publics fatigue ness in the State like in West Bengal to may be time for searching the greener grass . Only the Opposition has to come in a common platform like PPA backed by the student community .And in the next election only a fool will

like to contest from NCP and TMC which have no connection with the State society . Hope the Student community will take this fight till its logical conclusion .
Thus now the time seems to be changing and as the Quit India movement come to Alipur Publics lately due to the rumour that the Dogs biscuits given to the Publics in the collectors house . Similarly suddenly Galos seems to be ready for Halla Bolo and as such the proposed strike on 25th Oct against PDS by student body is a welcome move . As for the Peoples Party of the Arunachal it was always associated with the student organisation and support their genuine concern in the issues where the aam Publics don’t dare to say . Our more privileged galos should stop living in the make believe world that they have the divine right to enjoy the power and the position and respect the will of the Publics which is supreme as it is for the future cumulative benefit that a resounding and magnimous kick has to be given in the ass of of some over corrupted sons this is nothing personal . already Galos have lost valuable time due to our emotional tribal bonding which should be only for good reason not for adoring once foreign imported car purchased by surreptious means . After all some of them where also the ones who suffered during early regime thus must accept their moral responsibilities . The administration should think thousand times before taking a partisan stand so long as the law and order problem is not breached from both the end on the 25th oct Bandh call .
If things snow ball into major crisis some of our Beurocrates also better see their own credibility as Publics are increasingly becoming restless and may also target them ; as some beurocrates are alleged to do omission and commission always to sooth the rich and the powerful . Earlier also they are rumoured to benefit some in election for which some section of the publics are heard to be still angry . Though manipulation can be made to get State and national award to hide their shady deals thanks to their political masters but time for making a mass introspection from top to bottom more so for the highest Beurocrates who swear by constitution of India and their religious books to rectify their misdeeds as this Publics seems to be now ready to question everything only a trigger is awaited.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Ram Janma Bhoomi solution better be left to the Allahabad publics

The Ram Janma Bhumi solution better left to the Allahabad Publics

Though Muslims will not like the judgment but better they accept this for the greater interest of the Society after all the Hindus would have never get such kind of favor in Pakistan . The Muslim brothers will definitely feel let down by the Congress party as each election they are the instrumental factor for the party as such their belief of let down by the party is also reasonable . And the Political party itself are responsible if today this premier institution is also doubted . But Hon’ble judge in its own capacity is seen to give the best judgment as their could have been none better judgement for Countries peace and tranquility .
Today when the leaders are hell bent on making mountain out of mole hole . When more serious issues like corruption and nepotism are being sidelined this silly issues must be forgotten quickly . Specially when the Country is in the threshold of making history . sometimes seems like smart Congress party which have inherited the divide and rule British policy doesn’t it was not behind it in this mess . As emotional atyachar have been always its forte .
There are all the reason to compromise for two great civilization Hindus and Muslims . After all there is more Muslim in India than Pakisthan and most of the Indian Muslim are of the same Aryan race . Nothing official about them that historically Lord Rama seems to be also Indian Muslims forefather’s as conversion or no conversion they have been always historically seen as Aryans by blood and not only that most of the Muslim earlier where idol worshipers like Hindus till the Mecca and Madina war this is according to the historians .
Who knows Rama was also Muslim inlaw ? after all in the end of the Ramayana ; Sita mata is seen to burry himself in the soil like Muslim does . As everybody knows how religion more particularly Hindu is serious about its last funeral rights , after all Hindus scripture also accepts Sita mata was found from some unknown place , though Hindus are very particular about their gotra even today and there is threat from Khap Panchayat for inter marriage within the gotra . The point is when lord Ram and Prophet Mohammad have no problem with each other why we should have ? with all the majesty and goodness Islam survives and if some followers who may be Kafirs themselves from gods point of view is misusing it than who can help it .
As for some who have made violence as its profession Quran is meaningless just a way to spreading their terror . see Sura Al - Bakra where violence have been denounced . Even in Hadis of the Quran Ullah alone is said to be right jurisdiction to punish the Kafirs in day of the judgment . And Quran defines idol worshippers are not only who worship idols but who does list of evil things like killing the innocents . therefore this wrong interpretation of the scriptures are highly condemnable so the good mullas , Qazis and Ulemas must be publicly supported to make a coordinated move for spiritual unification to fight the pseudo Muslmans and later encouraged to join the Indian religion conclave to be lead by ones like Baba Ramdevji .
After worst of enmity one also become a best of friend . May be time to forgive and forget the past and go ahead in life as Hindu and Muslims are at least spiritual brothers in terms of strongly seeking god in right perspective . Narendra Modi showed his magnamity to appeal to the Hindus to refrain from any violence before the Hon’ble High Court verdict , that is worth praise worthy he seems to be a changed man and that repentance should matter after all every ones commits mistakes . Now the need of the hour is make the modalities for the successful implementation of the Hon’ble High Court verdict . The respective land has to be nicely fenced . And baring on special occasion each party should make a joint rule on display of muscle power and refrain from making the place like Wagah border and use the microphone in its normal tone even in its festive occasion. In this regard all religion conference can do a major role to user in a era of peace.
The religion Institution can play a major role in development of the country after all each time the govt. policy fails due to strong mechanism for its execution . Thus the religion institution can become a strong executing agency . I fervently hope the Ayodhya Muslim and Hindu brothers are most capable to solve this issue . As it is none of our business to poke into their internal affairs . More we talk about this issues more sensation and political issues it become . Non can Individually change the Society be he Gandhi or any body else unless religious leaders are actively involved after all they have tremendous clout in Society .Remember Maotsetung said – Religion is opium of the masses as communism was also unable to deal with it . Those who are criticizing ones like Baba Ramdev is the ones who are jealous of his growing popularity .
Future is bright for ones like Baba if he convince the ulemas and the Moulvis to work with him . But he should gain their confidence . May be praising the Muslim brothers in India for refusing to burry the terrorist can be a good statement to begin with . Later he should be able to teach them to change their ways as the religious leaders also have to make themselves small as Holy Bible says to become king become small first . As the father in heaven who created the world seems to be lover of plurity of Society and thus may be each religion must be loved way he loves every one . And as he only seems to bless who seeks the truth diligently in all the religion to become righteous and holy to be called as his worthy son .
Therefore self pride and judgment is beyond our jurisdiction and we should become like small child more so when we sit down to solve this peculiar religious issues which can be only solved by taking divine power from God as Holy Bible says blessed are those who are peace makers . That is to be accepted that in spite of its tremendous potentialities religious leaders have so far failed to harness the potentialities to take the society by surprise . Today when all the elites and the Intellectuals are scarred to tie the bell ones like Baba Ram Devji must be respected . We need him more than he need us . Our slogan ought to be -Babaji lage Raho Bharat apke sath hain .
The Christians are also praying day and night for the Countries peace and tranquility may God give lasting understanding and friendship to all the Hindu and the Muslim brothers so that their misunderstanding never ever be taken advantage by the outsiders in election who are neither a good Hindu or good Muslim and Christian who are the real kafirs who are damaging our Society . And both community work under the gods commanded principles to make this country more great by spectacular performance in Olympics games also . Time to love thy neighbor in letter and spirit whatever may be the culture and tradition as our God , Goal and soul is same as it is the real will of the living God that we worship him in spirit . And those who worship him in spirit will not fight for the wordily name and fame after all issues like moksha , nirvana and salvation are not jocks and in its diligent persuasion only we will find the betterment of the Society .

The Congress party has yet again committed grave error for thinking in the line of giving PRC to the non tribal . It would have been different if it was for the consideration of PRC to Tibetans and Chakma and Hajongs that too if the local MLA’s in the effected region have no objection and the Publics at large are preferred , plus it doesn’t become precedent for other districts ; after all one like or not today many from their clans are flourishing in the State. But timing is wrong today when Publics at large clamoring for blood of Govt. for PDS and other corruption this proposal seems to be a bad jock and a nefarious design to divert Publics from such issues . Even Congress leaders themselves more out of political compulsion must not be themselves convinced in their heart .
Whatever may be the reasons- Time is too early for this solution as the Congress party is always seen as over centric and is seen to mismanaged this kind of issues . As the Publics are least preferred for such a drastic step which smells of Buddhist lobby which seems to be covertly supporting this issue and making good leaders once like Setong Senaji as scape goat . See even if America is a Christian Country but they have a strong Immigration policy as individual forgiveness for personal fault is different but when it is for greater good it has to be thoroughly discussed . see the result of the inflow of the Bangladeshi Muslims in Assam after Assam accord . Even if a middle course is applied than the Old settlers must be identified who are truly based in State and other outsiders must be dissuaded . And than this should not become precedent for the other non tribal for getting the benefit in the future .
Sometimes forefathers misdeed affects us and nothing can be done about it. May be most prudent punishment to earlier leaders responsible for keeping mum when the Chakma and Hajong where rehabilated in the state is by giving a resounding and magnimous kick in the ass of the leaders responsible for it in election . As for the Publics if the Chakmaand Hajong develop the regional feeling for the State in the long run that me be possible but till now no concrete step have been taken to interact with the both the original and settlers . Through democratic means alone this issue can be solved . It is better more we talk about it it is better . But for it right kind of atmosphere must be created by the Govt . Unfortunately this Govt. who always seen to violate the opposition leaders right only seen to appease whenever things goes out of its hand .
Not that we believe in opposing for opposition shake . But where is that moral responsibility when in more important issue like PDS Govt. live aside step down is it taking action against all the culprit and not seen to divert this issue by hacking up other one . If this modus operendi is to be stopped than the Student communities should coordinate with the opposition party to pave way for the parties like PPA which have say 30-40 percent free Public supporters for its regional ideology and should also make their honest Congress M.P and MLA’s to contest from PPA next time kicking out all the tainted leaders from whatsoever party. That alone will be the practical solution by a revolution only a new system can be set up . If this was successful in Hon’ble MLA Kumsi Sidusi a APSU Dist. President who contested and won with record margin than this will be also success in all the Arunachal .
But will they do this ? If we make a Congress Govt. we also have to bear the dadagiri of the Gandhis how one can have both the things . Each election we vote the Congress party as if it is our constitutional duty . We hate our Opposition leaders as 3rd class citizens . Mind it if there is no check and balance worst is coming . Sometimes the popular Public demonstration also make the Hon’ble Court to take sui motto decision on that issue after all the Public will reign supreme in democracy and for it election must be win and plans have to be made from now itself . But Panchayat election a coordinated attack blue print against the Congress must be made . After all practice does not makes a man perfect . Perfect practice makes a man perfect . A coordinated attack alone can make the congress think thank helpless . to change the system good Peoples must join the system .
Today unfortunately congress party have become rotten beyond redemption . No amount of therapy can cure it . Therefore the alternative must be searched . I appeal all the APSU leaders to work together to unite all the opposition towards common umbrella . And who better than the APSU to do this after all there was a time when the APSU and the PPA was seen as identical . In the coming days time to show real guts by the Union whose certain section in dist. Have been severally criticized by the media for keeping mum in PRC and PDS issues . fortunately many opposition MLA’s have already shown their inclination to fight from PPA by next election sensing the favorable regional wave . .
Both APSU and PPA have similar ideology better work where one believes . those senior APSU leaders like Sri Domin Loyaji who have remain committed to APSU ideology even after settling in their personal life is really worth praising . And since if we want to save our region we must make our regional party strong and the election of good leader and good party is only the answer to solve all the problem than why not hit the bulls eye . Our present Leaders also need not be not as greedy for the investment , so desperate to take anti society stand ; that investment will one day come naturally as the population explosion and the global warming is reducing the water label and agriculture area in the Plain areas of our Country. Thus the obvious investment destination within 20 yrs. time will be our State.
Therefore this extra hypertension for investment by planning to increase the work population will be seen as opening new ground for corruption by haves who are few in number but are always seen to be enjoying the real fruits of course in the name of the haves not . May be a public memorandum have to be taken for PRC issue and that mood can be gauged if Congress party again comes back in power in next election with the issue of PRC as its party manifesto . They cannot mislead the Arunachal publics any more as they did earlier like premature demand of statehood for personal popularity . And since they did not included it in their last election manifesto therefore they have no locus standi to do so after election . If they are really bothering why don’t all the present leaders not promise to retire by next election if this PRC bill is passed . And even if they don’t retire they will have lots of answer to make after all they where the ones who created the mess barring few good leaders from Tirap and Changlang .As for the Publics of the State will not be prudent for them to support party like PPA which is committed to regional interest and believes in taking publics with it in true sense of terms .

The Need for the Baba Ramdev in todays Politics

The Need For the Baba Ramdevji in todays politics
After Gandhiji Baba Ramdev alone can only rectify the deteriorating political illness of the country which has really fallen to such an extent . The Baba must form his own political party , symbol or no symbol and must target the most corrupted politicians from Congress as well as BJP party. As the Country desperately want check and balance and who else is more credible and trustworthy and better disposed than the babaji who have clean past and present who can alone start the operation – Halla Bol in true sense of term .
Time seems to have come for hammering the nail on the corruption , nepotism and political highhandedness . If the Country man are made aware by great man like baba ramdev who seems to bead mix of all the great mans like Swami Vivekananda , Gandhiji and others than their will be Desshara every night were Societies Ravans will be burnt each time before developing ten heads . Today in this corrupted world we forget that mobile and cables have also given us wonderful opportunity . Halla Boll revolution should not mean at only creating law and order problem but exposing the corrupted ones which Baba is doing . And none can match babas character as he is far greater than Gandhis . As today someone not falling into temptation and starting one man Industry that too through righteous means is awful . Who knows like Jhon the Baptist he is paving way for someone more powerful to come .
He can’t be neither termed as fanatic Hindu nor anti Muslim . What matters for most of the Country man is gandhis have been give enough chance and they are seen not to do enough . Like the none declaring of white paper on money rotting in swiss bank etc and many more issues . Swamiji is in vintage position to unite both the Hindu and Muslim and divert them to core issue like fight for dignity , bread and butter . As he was never in controversy in any religious issue he may be able to take both the Muslim and hindus with him . Need of the hour is both the Hindu and Muslim needs Messiah or Pir to lead them . As the Sufism is also one hell of the good side of the Islam next baba is expected to be seen visiting one of their holy dargah .
The greatness of baba lies in praising his adversary like he did of Rahul Gandhi recently though the most of the corruption is seen to be done by Congress party and in Public flatform Baba never sphere this party which mostly don’t dare to do . His formula to stop the corruption is also marvelous . He strongly recommend the calling back of all the big currency like Rupees one thousand and Rupees five hundred currency notes . As he feels if only small notes are made than it will be difficult to give bribe in lower level office at least . As for one crore bribe one big bag full of money have to be given as bribe which is not possible . And since the Congress party doesn’t endorse it even after being convinced to the Hon’ble Prime Minister he feels corrupted party like Congress party need to be removed as this theory is endorsed by all the developed countries .
Today with the changing mood of the resurgent publics other great mans importance have also not diminished as Mahatma Gandi himself encouraged plurality of the thought according to the changing and new demand a great man will definitely born . The Baba who is different from other Baba may finally nail the coffin on the monopoly of the Gandhi parivar which has developed an aura of divinity around it which in a way have made the country to lack bold and innovative idea due to its dependency syndrome within the congress ruled State . And Baba need to continue like spiritual Robin hood for the publics even if others despise nothing official about it .